As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Where are the Clowns

Thank God It’s Friday and Thank God it’s time for another Roast and Toast! If you enjoy being scared to death at fun houses, get a kick out of clowns and like carnival food, then you will love today’s party. Our special guest is


And we are celebrating her newly released romantic suspense

CAUGHT BY A CLOWN A book in The Men in Uniform series in The Wild Rose Press’s Crimson Rose line. As the saying goes, Come on Down! But forewarned is forearmed. So enter at your own risk.

Costumed as Jolly Jesters, Sharon, Lyn and Mary stand at the entrance to the House of Mirrors at a local carnival. Dressed in tight leggings, loose, blousy tops with zigzag hems and hats with points to represent donkey ears and tails on the three asinine fools, the jokers three perform an enticing pantomime..

Sharon is disguised as a Wicked Jolly Jester. Donned in black tunic and leggings, her mask of silver and black is adorned with jeweled tears spilling down her cheek.

Lyn, playing the part of the Deluxe Joker, a card playing fool, has on mullet-colored pants, a brightly striped shirt with card suite emblems, a hooded jacket and curly toe shoe coverings.
Mary, disguised as a Mardi Gras Jolly Jester, is keeping us in stitches in a purple and green tunic, shoe coverings adorned with pom poms and an elf hat with jingle bells.

Oliver hides behind the face of the Jester Mascot. Looking mysterious in a ruse of green, gold and purple, his large mask portrays Comedy and Tragedy.
On the side of the Fun House, Julian the Juggler juggles swords as he sings The Red Nose song.

“At all celebrations, for any event
Indoors, outdoors or inside a tent
For magic and mayhem and gallons of fun
Four clowns are eight times scarier than one! ”
Oliver, masked in his Comedy and Tragedy face, stands behind a cutting board counter where later in the evening, The Evil Jester promises to saw a guest in half. The masked Oliver serves carnival treats--soda, lemonade, corndogs, burgers, cotton candy and cheese fries. The Celebration cake is is German chocolate with butter pecan frosting.
                                  Oliver, knowing Sandra is a popcorn fiend, pops away. And knowing her fetish for lots of mustard and salt on her corndogs, has gallons.

As the guests arrive at the House of Mirrors, the Jolly Jesters three greet them, their mouths painted in upside down smiles.

“We’re always happy to meet you,” Mary lies, catching a sword tossed by the juggler. “We promise to make you laugh so hard you’ll cry.”

“Sometimes you won’t believe your eyes,” Sharon snickers deviously. “Especially in the House of Mirrors when it evolves into a House of Horrors! After all, we did invite the knife thrower - and the wire walker - look out, he might just drop his balance bar!”

“We tell you jokes you may not know,” Lyn chortles, shuffling her cards to unveil the Ace of Spades. “I read your tarot cards I may not tell you what you want to hear, but I will never lie!”

All three break into song as the scent of treats--popcorn,

peanuts, corndogs and burgers waft through the carnival air.

“We are three Jolly Jesters,
One with big fake hooters,
A second, a snappy dresser with a bubble of a butt
And a third living in denial of her oversized enormous shoes!”

But suddenly, an array of daggers and swords swoosh through the air, poor swordsmanship slicing off an ear or two. The Evil Joker dances, laughing like a hyena. More swords and more shrieks of hysterical laughter.

But through the maze of hysteria and mayhem, Sandra flies in on a winged stallion. Looking to die for in a sexy belly dancer costume of sheer red lace and spurs that jingle jangle jingle, she catches daggers wielded at her between her teeth. Thunderous applause as she shimmies in on a whisper of silk.
To win a prize by Sandra, please answer the following question as a comment.

What clown or jester would you hope to avoid in the House of Horrors?


Stacie Monroe’s spontaneity lands her in hot water again when her best friend’s little brother disappears and Stacie trails him to a nudist resort. To get inside the exclusive oasis and convince him to return home, she must blend in, a move tailor made to shock her oh-so-proper family and renew efforts to bring her in line.
That’s exactly what Special Agent David Graham intends to do when she interferes in his case. Yet, the soft-hearted temptress challenges his resolve, revealing the path to a love he thought impossible. Will that love survive when he betrays her in order to unravel the final twist in his case and convict a vicious killer?

Stacie tapped one sandal-clad foot on the floor while Agent I’d-Rather-Scare-You-Than-Confide-In-You ignored her. She glanced toward the bathroom, crossed her legs, and wished she hadn’t finished that last glass of wine.

“Aren’t you going to search that closet or open those two bottom drawers in the dresser?” she asked when he tucked his camera inside his pack.


A nasty suspicion raised its head. “Why not?”

“Don’t have a search warrant. That limits me to a visual inspection of what’s in plain sight.”

“I won’t tell,” she said, pushing, despite being certain of his response.

“There are laws.”

She groaned over the close match to a pronouncement she’d heard her whole
life. There are rules.

Boring. Snoring. Gone. Think of something else. Like how Agent By-The-Book caused this mess. If he’d mentioned being from the FBI when they met in the office none of this would have happened. He ignored her interest in Alan Walsh and her intelligence in favor of treating her as if she
were a child in need of a lesson.

Nature threatened to float her teeth.

She fidgeted on the hard chair and crossed her legs the other way. The backs of her thighs pulled where her skin had stuck to the wooden seat. That twinge of pain reminded her she ought to be thrilled Graham claimed a badge and not a rap sheet. Instead, she rattled the handcuffs that shackled her to the chair and worried how far
 he meant to carry her arrest.


Sandra Crowley thrives on challenge a trait essential for the creation of her romantic
suspense books. Her childhood was an education in transforming obstacles into advantages, which included attending thirteen schools in twelve years. Shortly after she turned twenty, she married a fifth generation Texan and prepared to permanently settle outsideDallas. Tough times necessitated a change in her husband’s career choice. During the next fifteen years, their family was frequently transferred. She used the lessons
of her youth to help her husband and two children understand “home” isn’t necessarily defined by a location or the length of time spent there; it can be a state of mind nurtured by those who love each other. Sandra and her husband finally settled on a few acres in the Rocky Mountains. The rural lifestyle furnishes ever changing measures of peace and excitement. Readers can find her website at www.sandracrowley.com
Her books are available at The Wild Rose Press,  www.thewildrosepress.com and Digi Books Café

CAUGHT BY A CLOWN, A Romantic Suspense novel


  1. I don't like clowns so I wouldn't like being caught by any of them. Excerpt is really good. Congratulations and many sales.

  2. Hello Sandra, welcome to your Roast.
    Congratulations onn our release, it sounds wonderful!

  3. Hi Patsy

    Lovely to see you. Thanks so much for coming by to join in Sandra's celebration party.

    I tend to agree - there's something a little creepy about clowns -not sure if that's the right term, but you know what I mean. It could be the fact that we know they're in disguise, which is psycologically a bit off-putting I guess. Anyway, you know you're safe at our parties!

  4. Oliver hands me a glass of lemonade. "Thank you, Oliver. And, thank you, Lyn. Caught by a Clown is getting a great start. Several readers emailed me they read it straight through, and it received a 4 star review from Vicky at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews." I take take a sip from my frosty glass. "Um, cold with a tang. Sorta like our weather." I gesture to her curly shoe coverings. "Do you have trouble walking in those? David complained about wearing them when he and Stacie were at the clown school."

  5. "Hi Patsy. Thank you for coming. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the excerpt." I shimmy my hips, trying out my costume. I must have looked this fab at some point in time. But, the jingle of my chimes didn't chase away Patsy's disquiet. I grab one of the corny dogs on Oliver's tray as he passes and offer it to Patsy. "A corny dog with lots of hot mustard will cheer you up. You're not the first person I've met who didn't like clowns. But, Lyn's right. Everyone is safe here. Look at the clowns from another point of view- not the inability to know who you're dealing, which can be unsettling. Rather an opportunity to pretend you're someone else for a short time. All a matter of perception, I guess. That's Stacie's challenge sometimes.
    Thanks again for coming, Patsy. It was really nice of you."

  6. Hi Sandra - may I say how lovely you look in that belly dancing outfit! Something I've always wanted to do!

    Oh, congratulations on that great review, and isn't it wonderful when readers write to tell you how much they enjoyed your book!

    Yes, these shoes are a bit tricky to walk in. I have to humour my sister hostesses by always wearing shoes six or seven sizes to big for me, and have to stuff them full of newspaper or they'd slip off. Sharon and Mary are darling girls and I love them dearly, but they just can't control their jealousy over my tiny feet! Of course the curly shoe covering makes it even worse! ^Sigh^

  7. Lyn, I love your first name. Hywela sounds very romantic.

  8. Sharon we do have to get Lyn to an optometrist! She is either in denial or blind as a bat. She sees tiny little feet, while we see... I can't even describe how huge they are in comparison with her body. This could be a serious mental issue. Or should we just let her think they are normal?
    Any how, who picked my outfit? It's hot as hell in this thing. And clowns, could be all those movies with the clowns that have sharp teeth and stuff? I'd avoid the juggler though I heard he pinches butts Sharon dear!

  9. Thanks Sandra. Hywela is Welsh - in fact it's a very ancient Celtic name. The male version is Hywel which is very common in Wales, but the feminine, Hywela, isn't used nearly as much.

    I've always been called by my second name Lyn, though, so I decided to use Hywela in my penname!

  10. Hello Mary, sweet sister hostess. At leat that outfit hides your oversize chest enhancements sweetie! *wink*

  11. Sandy, great roast. Terrific book! You're certain to have many five star reviews. Best of luck with sales. Have fun at the circus. LOL

  12. Hi Caroline, thanks for coming to Sandra's celebration. Have some popcorn and join in the fun!

  13. Hello, my lovely Sandra and might I be so bold to say I wouldn't mind running into you in the fun house. Wink wink. Seems I have a bit of a fetish for sexy belly dancers, and, sweet thing, you make my heart swing!
    Here's another corn dog slathered in tangy mustard and more lemonade.

  14. He's such a flirt!
    But he really knows how to treat a woman.
    I love my hooters, you're just jealous Lyn.
    Sandra watch out for the clown with the blue nose, I hear he's very fresh.
    Patsy he's the one to be wary of!

  15. There there, Lyn love. Your feet look the perfect size to me and perhaps you'll find out my fetish for big toes later on in the fun house, I'm incogbnito, after all, and the house of mirrors can be a maze of confusion. Mary, sweet cheeks, don't pout. I promised to liberate your hooters so that the jolly juggler can have his jollies. Sharon, my special pet, if I owned up to pinching your rather shapely behind, I'd be out of a job. But then again, clowns are never caught in the act. Let the good times roll.

  16. Oliver, you lovely man, you are not only the most delightful flatterer but also gifted with a silver tongue as well as a diplomatic soul.
    See you in the fun-house! :)

  17. Patsy and Caroline, my lovelies, you are both looking mighty fine and I must admit to being a bit of a rogue in a fun house. Oliver pumps his biceps and grins. Refreshments, my pretties

  18. Oh, Oliver. ^Sigh^ I take a big bite and lick the mustard off my lips. The fun house sounds...well, fun. The stables could be intriguing. I toss him a wicked grin and swish my hips again.

    Mary, would you like to trade costumes? This gorgeous 2 piece would enhance your endowments while your elf hat epitomizes my height challenge.

    BTW, Tripping Through Time is as catchy a title as mine. No doubt you'll be tripping through a pile of royalty checks.

    Caroline, Your encouragement is always appreciated and often comes true--bless your gift of sight. Be sure and take some cheese fries to your DH.

  19. Hello, Sandra and welcome to your release party! Don't mind Oliver, he can't help himself. But so help me, if he pinches my butt in the fun house, I'll
    Congratulations on the glowing review! I really want to read a fellow crimson romantic suspense, but of course. And here's to the success of the MEN IN UNIFORM series. I didn't have a storyline but when I submitted Her Biggest Fan, to my shock since I really didn't read the guidelines, it was a fit! Funny how things work out. But I'm a real sucker for suspense and look forward to reading this latest in the series. Best of luck with sales, Sandra. I hope you sell tons

  20. Heck Sharon, I might pinch your bubble butt in the funhouse just to make you wonder. HeHe
    Sure I'd change outfits with you Sandra, however, I fear if I expose my wonderful hooters, they will try to steal them. (boob envy). Help Oliver there is a huge clown chasing me. Oh wait, he's after Sharon. He has a butt fetish I think! Look out Sharon!!!!

  21. Air kisses, sisters. Lyn dear, Mary's right. It's a sad state of affairs to live in denial, not to mention what lying is doing to your honker of a nose. Wicked grin. And, Mary, the jolly juggler, who really isn't oh so jolly, has big plans for your hooters. Hey, you know when Lyn sets foot in the house of mirrors, her already gigantic boats will quad. Sharon cackles as her and Mary heave ho her in. HEE HEE

  22. Hi Patsy and Caroline, so happy you're here for Sandra's roast. Patsy, I always had a bit of a clown phobia mostly because of the air of suspense behind the smile. Caroline, hope you stick around for the sawing. Wink

  23. Happy Friday, ladies! Congrats on the release, Sandra. I personally don't care for clowns. They don't scare me, but I think they're freaky. The guy on stilts is probably the one who bothers me most.

    Now...where's that cotton candy?

  24. Tee-hee, Mary and Sharon thought they'd turfed me into the HOuse of Mirrors - it was actually the House of Fun. Mmmm, Yum! Lyn pats her hair into place and tweaks her tunic.

    Is my clown make-up smudged?

    Oh hil there Emma, lovely to see you here.

    Yes, I think 'freaky' is the word to describe clowns. Sandra's excerpt isn't freaky though - and have you seen her video? It's great!

  25. Thanks, Sharon. Life's sense of humor is a half-a-bubble-off-plumb which is perfect for me. ROFL

    Who did the awesome cover for Charade of Hearts?

    Nicola Martinez did Caught's. Everyone raves about it. Doesn't Jimmy Thomas dress it up?!! He's thrilling in a tux. Must be because the bod underneath is prime beef.

    I gobble popcorn and choke. Oh, gag, dear, cough, Where's Oliver?

  26. Hi Emma. I hand her a saw. ^Wink^ I've found this saves my knees. Oh, did I actually say that? Oliver, you bad man. Cut the cake; I need some chocolate.

  27. Hi Everyone! Happy Friday and hugs all around!

    Sandra, this sounds like a fantastic read. Wishing you many, many sales :)


  28. Hello Sky, welcome to Sandra's party.Thanki you so much for coming - do have some popcorn and a corndog or two!

  29. Hi, Sky. Oh, I love saying that. It makes me feel so freeeeee.

    Thanks for your good wishes. And, I extend the same back to you.

    Oliver, do you have an antacid? ^burp^ Mustard and chocolate... Ummm, maybe the cotton candy will lighten my stomach?

  30. Ladies, I would be terrified of Mary in the House of Horrors. If she can catch a sword in mid-air, heavens knows what she could throw at you!

    Hi, Sandy! Yes, I'm wishing you the best also on your book. I'd like to be able to brag that I know a published author. hehehe And, if I remember, you are shorter than I am, which says a lot about your height ... or lack of it!

  31. Hello Kay, Welcome to Sandra's Roast.

    Yes, our Mary can be quite scary - don't be fooled though, she's a sweetheart really,despite her cruel remarks aboaut my little feet.

    Oh, talking abut 'little' it's nice to meet another petite person - I'm 5' nothing!

  32. Big smiles and hugs to Emma and Sky, stick around, it's nearly time to pic a vic for the sawing. Kay, you are a wise woman to have eyes in back of your head where Mary is concerned. she is not a jolly jester...she just looks that way.

  33. Kay, it's so good to see you. Hugs and Kisses. You clever one. Leave it to you to spot Mary's tricky talents right away. However, if I remember correctly, you can see underwater, so this circus atmosphere should be easy for you.

    Oh, Oliver, bring Kay a slice of that luscious German Chocolate cake.

    Kay, I whisper, are your fingers still nimble from piano? Here's your chance. Getting to hang out with hunks is the real advantage to knowing a pubbed romance writer!

  34. I've been keeping my eyes on that cutie, I whisper back, and thanks for inviting him over a little closer! Primping, I'd just LOVE some of that cake, Oliver! I hope it is as good as you, ahem, I mean as good as it looks!

  35. I just sound worse then I am.
    Throwing me into the fun house was not very nice. I'll get you my pretties!
    Mary pays several clowns to pinch Sharon's butt. While they are at it. They donate large shoes to poor Lyn. Maybe she needs glasses?

  36. I just practiced with the swords, Look out Lyn and Sharon, here comes one. Mary throws with deadly accuracy pinning the back of Sharon's outfit to the wall. Just by chance the tip of Lyn's shoe is snagged and they both yell like babies. Cool huh?

  37. That is for messing with my hooters girls. For goodness sakes you throw them to the dogs, and I say mean things about your clodhoppers Lyn. Picture having to fish your boob outta the pool! Sharon, you need to stop with the twinkies, honestly!
    So take your teasing, it's only fair. BRAHAHAHA! Mary is under the influence of the bad clowns!!!

  38. Don't worry Sandra you're safe. Oliver will take care of you! Everyone else,,,,Mary laughs demonically! And the clowns join in!

  39. I'm impressed, Mary. I've got dibbs on you as a partner for hunting season this fall.

    I motion Sharon and Lyn closer. Ladies, stay out from right in front of Mary. Her boobs screw up her aim when her quarry is off to the side.

    Oliver, quit spiking Mary's lemonade! All that Captain whatever is got her believing she's a pirate, not a fun clown. !!GASP!! Somebody grab that saw she's carrying.

    Honey, I say to the woman in the box, I hope you have a strong stomach.

  40. P.L. that's funny. I don't like clowns either.

    Hi everyone. Loved your excerpt, Sandra and the title reminds me of a song.

    What a lovely day at the circus this has been!

    Oliver, may I have a cosmo please?

  41. Mary takes her wonderful gift from Oliver. He really has the devil in him too. Glancing at Sharon and Lyn she tries to stop herself. Aw what the hey, zzzzzzzZZZZzzz Mary zaps Sharon on the butt. Since it's set on mild, Sharon wonders if she's been stung by a bee. HeHe!
    Well whats good for the goose is good for Lyn too. Pretending to pick up something Mary touches Lyn's gargantuan feet with her new toy. Still set on low, zzzzZZZZZzzz, Lyn hops around wondering whether it was an ant. that bit her. HAHA! I never had so much fun. Mary makes the rounds and zaps the clowns who start to run in circles. The crowd roars hysterically. This stun gun is so much fun!!!! BBRRRAA HHAHAHAHA
    She laughs so hard Sharon and Lyn wonder why!!! I love you Oliver!!!

  42. Hi Nightingale

    Lovely to see you, I hope Oliver's looking after you.

    Not sure what's got into our Mary.
    Now she's annoying the clowns. I can see trouble brewing. What on Earth possessed Oliver to give her that stun gun? Wait until Sharon finds out, there won't half be trouble.

    Look - she zapped my oversized shoes. Good job they're stuffed full of newspaper! I'll just take them off and shake all these bits of zapped up paper out - oh dear, look at all this torn paper blowing about - it's like snow - or confetti!

  43. Linda, Awesome website! Thanks for stopping by. Oliver makes the best Cosmos! I wonder if a little lemonade will mix with one?

    I dodge Mary, unsuccessfully! Aaarrgggg. My cotton candy stick flies through the air. Dazed by the electric current, I don't notice where the sticky thing landed.

  44. On Sharon's butt! Cotton Candy HaHa!
    This is so much fun. Mary watched the deluded hostess she truly loves, pretend to remove paper and stuff from her shoes. Poor thing it's so sad, it would be like me sayin' I don't have hooters. Turning up the stun gun a bit Mary zaps Lyn. zzZZZZZz, Lyn replaces her shoes over immense toes, before she does the zap goes from one toe to all five on one foot. Ouch she says! Mary and the crowd roar and rush to buy Sandra's books. Laughter is the best motivator!

  45. Cotton candy stuck to her butt Sharon circles till she's dizzy. Mary catches her and shows her the stun gun. But doesn't tell her where she got it. As Sharon tries to grab it Mary zaps her one and she backs off. Oh man, I finally get to pay them back for losing my hooters and letting dogs chew on them!!!

  46. What is zinging me in my petite, shapely butt? Sharon points her jeweled tears, known to have magical powers at Mary, instinctively knowing she is the clown zapping one and all. Watch this Lyn, my evil tears liberated Mary's hooters. The ugly dude with the knives is hanging them above the mirrors for a free for all. OUCH

  47. Hi Linda, let's find Oliver and have him make us a few cosmos. You come too, Sandra, after a few, you'll not feel Mary saw you in two. Hee. Oh, Rae Monet did my COH cover, thank you for the compliment

  48. Mary turns up the stun gun. Which is magically enhanced to protect her. circle shimmers around her protecting her hooters from Sharon's dire manipulations. HeHe! Your puny tears can't touch me. I can get out of it no matter what you try. ZappZZZZZ
    I love you Oliver!! Whoops. Well, he felt sorry for what you do to my boobs every week. Must be boob envy!!! Mary stashes the zapper when the police arrive. It was her, she points to Lyn, who passes out. Well maybe her, she points at Sharon! She's the instigator. Here come the guys in the white coats. Mary sits and calmly drinks her smothie. What zapper, not me...

  49. Ah the saw in half box is ready for you Sandra. Unless...

  50. Mary, sweet thing, perhaps we can use you at the agency after all. Now if you can cut Sandra in half, I have a contract. CHOP CHOP. In the meantime, Linda love wants a cosmo and it's time to cut the cake. Oliver catches a knife between his teeth and carves away. Naturally Sandra is entitled to the first piece before being slain. Kiss kiss my pretty.

  51. You got it Oliver! As soon as she eats the cake it curtains, I mean saws for Sandra. Hey saws for Sandra. I like it. (Seriously, no book Oliver! It's fake right?)

  52. Lyn sits up in a daze. "What happened?'

    She pulls on her oversize shoes over her tiny feet and points at Mary.

    Stop her - that's not our Mary. Our May's sweet and shy - bring back our sister hostess, you terrible creature with a stun-gun. Bring her back, I tell you!

    And where's Sharon gone, oh, the men in the long white coats have come to take her away ha ha, no, it's NOT funny!

    Quick someone, help me rescue Sharon, and stop Sandra being sawn in half - oh -

    what's that Oliver, you're cutting the cake - and it's German chocolate! Mmmmmmmmmmm ooh, let me have a piece please darling Oliver - pretty please!

  53. I should have guessed, Sharon. Rae is so talented.

    I swallow the last bite of rich chocolate, dab my lips with the corner of my veil, and dance over to the center ring.

    Of course, I'll check out the box. I always say I'll try anything once. I climb inside and run my fingers along the cool, slick surface. There must be a secret spring or something.

    I'm certain I can discover the trick before it's...that tickles, Mary.

  54. The girls carry me to the Hall of Mirrors.

    Oh, look, my two halves in the mirrors reflect as one TALL Sandy. I love it.

    But, I need another antacid. Big time. ROFL ROFL

  55. Oh sorry Sandra, get ready eewwwweehhh not the chain saw Oliver!
    No, no! Well maybe, Mary takes the saw in her hand. And begins. The sound of the chain saw covers shrieks from the audience and bigfoot, I mean Lyn. Mary brings the chain saw entirely through Sandra, she smiles and laughs. No blood, no torn flesh as Mary puts the box back together and Oliver helps Sandra up. The roar of the crowds approval, while Lyn tries to put on the wrong shoes, is amazing!
    Here darling these are yours. Lyn picks up the shoes, and her off kilter contacts fool her into believing that her feet are small. Oliver, you really have to get her the right contacts. Oh, you mean she couldn't take it if she saw the real thing. Okay. I get it.
    Sandra bows and the audience goes crazy! They scramble to buy her book! Yeah, another successful party!
    See you all later, Ah Lyn. It's me. Remember we are putting a skit on here. Get real girl! Its just for show. That is except for the stun gun. See? One last zap and Mary runs as fast as she can with Lyn chasing behind her. Party on dudes!

  56. Oliver please poor Sandra is lost in the house of mirrors. She is seeing double. Or did I really do it???

  57. Oliver kisses Sandra as he helps her out of the box. Then he takes a sweeping bow and disappears into thin air.

  58. He'll be back tomorrow! He's got another job. He's a detective!
    Nite everyone, sleep well!

  59. Sharon breaks into fits of evil cackles when Mary steps out of the box she’s so foolishly slept in. Sandra, wearing the face of a smiling clown, stands above her with a chain saw. Julian the Juggler, her partner in crime, juggles a pair of fake hooters. Just another Roast and Toast. Where Mary Ricksen was Caught by a Clown.

    A huge thank you to Sandra Crowley for being such an entertaining guest. Sandra, my fellow crimson sister, wishing you mega sales on this one.

  60. Hi, Sandra--I'm always late to these parties--and I'm never late to anything else! But now I'm here,and I adore your red costume--very flattering! I agree there's something creepy about clowns. My children never liked them at all--nor I.
    But Corny Dogs! Oh, my lands, I haven't had one since I was ten years old--but I can still taste it! Those things are wonderfully satisfying, especially dipped in a litte mustard. I wonder if they'd go well with a little glass of red wine.
    Your book is doing great, wonderful reviews and reader comments. Congratulationsw! Now, back to the food table....Oliver???? Where are you??? Celia

  61. OH, I love it when I come out on top. Giggle Giggle

    Ladies, I do believe you've outdone yourselves. Oliver, you too. I hope the case you worked last night went well.

    I laughed yesterday more than I have in weeks. Thank you. Mary, Sharon, and Lyn, I hope you'll each accept a PDF of Caught by a Clown.

    I'm home all morning so will continue to pop in, in case someone wants to nibble on a corny dog or cotton candy, too.

  62. Hi Celia, welcome tgo Sandra's party - no problem, there's always plenty of food left over at our Roasts and everyone's welcome to pop in on Saturday as well.

    Oliver is around somewhere ... last thing I saw him chasing our sister Mary, before she goes compeltely beserk with the stun gun he rather naively gave her...

    Do help yourself at the refreshment table though!

  63. I'd love one Sandra!!! That is the kind of gesture that makes it all worth it. And a happy camper does it too!
    Thanks for putting me back together so's I can make my book signing!
    Bring on the Clowns!!!
    I know their secret...

  64. HAHAHAHA!!! You'll never find it. It's in a very safe place, so when I get home I can take it out and have more fun. I LOVE IT! Thanks Oliver, you're my bud!!!

  65. Sandra - thank you so much for your generous offer - that is so kind of you. 'Caught By A Clown' sounds such a rivetting read, and I'm so looking forward to reading it.

    You've been such a delightful, fun guest, and we've all enjoyed ourselves entertaining you and your guests in this fun setting.

    Wishing you tremendous success and many, many sales.

  66. Sandra, you had us all in stitches and added so much mischief to the roast. A big hug to you for the download of Clown. I know I will love it!
    Hi Celia, yes sink your teeth into a corn dog and I'll go find Oliver for your glass of red wine. Wink

  67. Oliver - what WAS in that last soda pop you gave me? I've just noticed all the typos in those last posts I made!

  68. Ladies, I'm back and by the looks of things, just in the nick of time. Celia love, here's your red vino, and Sandra, here is a huge blueberry muffin with your name on it. My case last night wasn't nearly as hair raising as these gargoyles around here. Lyn, sweet thing, nothing in your soda but ice. What's in the water I dare wonder. Mary, you're out of control with that gun, give it here, sweet cheeks. OK time for another case. Breakfast is served.

  69. Celia, you're not late, you're on time to catch our second wind. Thanks for the lovely words. You and Caroline are awesome buds.

    Oliver, how did you know blueberry muffins are my favs, next to corny dogs slathered with mustard? No wonder you're highly sought after.

    Mary, if you hid that gun in the crisper, you'll find all your veggies and fruit have over-ripened from the ions it emits.

    Lyn, I thought you were merely using the Welsh spellings. Oliver would never spike...well, he is a bit of a devil, isn't he. ^Sigh^

    Y'all are certainly welcome. I hope you enjoy Stacie and David's full story. Trust is a major issue between them, unlike you three...sorry, Oliver, four.

  70. Congratulations, Kay, you're the winner of our drawing.

    Lyn, Sharon, Mary if you three and Kay will please email me at
    I'll send y'all your PDF copies of Caught by a Clown.

    Kay, I also need your mailing address so I can send your Valentine gift box to you.

    Thank you all so much for joining me in this celebration of Caught by a Clown's release. It will be a memory I cherish from now on.

    And, Oliver, you naughty boy, enjoy your ladies!

  71. I'm keeping it Oliver. I loved the gift and I will never give it up. I didn't cause too much trouble.
    Honest! So forget it. You will never, ever, find it. And if you think you did, it's probably a fake.
    It's set to stun into passing out. So be careful it's not for anyone who touches it but me!
    Happy super football for those who love it!

  72. Sandra, thank you SO much again - that is so generous of you. We've loved having you and are so happy you enjoyed yourself too.

    Oliver - I fear you've created a monster! There'll be no stopping our Mary now! LOL!

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