As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a very happy and succesful New Year

 Join us on 9th January when we will be having our first party of the New Year
 with author 
Daisy Banks.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Christmas to all our Guest Authors and Visitors


The hostesses are taking a little break for a few weeks but we'll be back next year - watch this space for an announcement of our first party of the 2015

Friday, December 19, 2014

Alison McMahan's Renaissance Roast for The Saffron Crocus

The hostess pile into the gondola. With Oliver acting as the gondolier, they travel along the Grand Canal in Venice to their destination.

Lilly eyes Oliver's strong back as he drags a long pole through the water. “Who knew Oliver could steer a gondola?”

Lyn tosses her head and laughs, “Oh Lilly, don’t you know by now, Oliver is a man of many talents.”

Mary snickers. “I’d like to know more about some of his less public talents.”

Mac slaps Mary's shoulder. “Behave yourself, Mary. You promised not to be too naughty today.”

LaVerne smiles and smooths down the skirt of her lovely Renaissance-style dress. “I just love the fashions. Heavy and cumbersome, but oh so lovely. And I don’t have to worry about my fair skin under all these layers of rich fabric.”

“Better hope you don’t fall overboard,” Lilly says with a smirk. “You’d surely drown and there’s no way any of us could save you.”

“Oliver could.” Mary waggles her brows.“Of course, he’d have to divest himself of his clothing first.”

The hostess laugh, but the chortles turn to appreciative sighs as the gondola rounds a turn in the canal and they gaze down an alley.

"At least there are some places we can go on foot," Mac says. "I don't think I could travel all day in this little boat without getting claustrophobic."

"There are lovely patches of dry land throughout the city," Lyn says as Oliver steers the gondola toward a sidewalk..

Mac looks upward and gasps. "The architecture is gorgeous."

Once Oliver docks the boat, he helps the hostesses ashore.

“I thought this was going to be a Venetian carnival,” Lilly says as they enter a small garden sandwiched between two buildings. Tents and canopies stretch across the small swatch of land and grapevines provide an illusion of privacy in the crowded city. "The atmosphere is festive but elegant. No wonder you wouldn't let me wear my jester costume.”

“I told you, Lilly, this Renaissance Faire is no carnival. But there will still be music and dancing and lots of food.” Lyn smiles as she looks around. “And after the sun sets, we’re all heading inside the opera house next door for a special performance from Isabella, the heroine from Alison McMahan’s The Saffron Crocus.”

“I hear she sings like an angel,” Mary sighs.

“I hear the wine is good,” Lilly counters. "And there are giant carafes filled with it!"

"There's coffee too," LaVerne adds. "Just look at that huge copper coffee pot. I didn't even know they had coffee in 17th Century Venice."

Mac nods. “Oh yes. According to Alison, coffee, or cavee, as it was called, was the new drug of choice in those days.”

“I love coffee,” Lilly says with a sigh.

“You love wine too,” Mary quips.

"And food. I love food. Just look at the spread--roasted pork, ham, and oysters. Yum!"

Mac smacks her lips. "That lemon saffron cake looks good too."

"Everything looks delicious," LaVerne says as her tummy rumbles.

“Ah, here’s Alison now,” Lyn says as the hostess move toward the festivities. “And she has Isabella and Rafaele with her.”

“Rafaele is yummy,” Mary says.”

Mac laughs. “You think all of the heroes on the Roast are yummy.”

“Don’t you?”


Oliver and the hostess gather at the edge of the garden and move forward to meet their guests.

"Welcome to your Roast," Lyn says with a smile. "Let the celebration begin!"

(This week's introductory 'skit' was written by Lilly.)

Alison McMahan chased footage for her documentaries through jungles in Honduras and Cambodia, favelas in Brazil and racetracks in the U.S. She brings the same sense of adventure to her award-winning books of mystery and romantic adventure for teens and adults.

She loves hearing from readers.





the book is available on Kobo:

and Smashwords:

Barne and Noble:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

 Website for the book: www.TheSaffronCrocus.com


Venice, 1643. It's all about the music. Isabella, fifteen, longs to sing in Monteverdi’s Choir, but only boys (and castrati) can do that. Her singing teacher, Margherita, introduces her to a new wonder: opera! Then Isabella finds Margherita murdered. And now people keep trying to kill Margherita’s handsome rogue of a son, Rafaele.

Was Margherita killed so someone could steal her saffron business?

Or was it a disgruntled lover, as Margherita—unbeknownst to Isabella—was one of Venice’s wealthiest courtesans?

Or will Isabella and Rafaele find the answer deep in Margherita's past, buried in the Jewish Ghetto?

Isabella has to solve the mystery of the Saffron Crocus fast, before Rafaele hangs for a murder he didn’t commit, though she fears the truth will drive her and the man she loves irrevocably apart.

She was a lady and ill-prepared for this kind of trouble…

“Rafaele!” She flew into the garret. “Piero, it was so wonderful, wait until I tell you!”

The stool next to the bed was knocked over. The tray with the genepy bottle was on the floor, one of the cups broken. The fat candle that had been burning next to Rafaele’s bed had been flung to the other side of the room.. Canvases were strewn all over the floor, some of them slashed, and many of Master Strozzi’s jars of paint elements were broken.

Did Piero and Rafaele have a fight? She quickly suppressed the thought. Who would get into a fight with a man who was already injured?

Something else must have happened.

She walked across the garret. “Piero? Rafaele, are you here?”

Rafaele was not in the bed. The sheets and blankets she had piled on top of him were strewn everywher. Blood-stained sheets spilled over the edge of the pallet. There was a pile of clothes on the floor.

She walked around to get a closer look.

Not clothes. It was Piero. Face down, one arm over his face, as if to defend himself.

A puddle of blood under him.


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Contest ends on Sunday and everyone who comments is eligible.
(We reserve the right to waive the prize in any week when there are not enough contestants for a draw to be deemed fair and unbiased)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

And the winners of the 'Twelve Brides Of Christmas celebrations are...

 Grannymama, Corissa P, Thianna D and Melanie B. 

Congratulations, to the winners and thanks to the authors of 'The Twelve Brides Of Christmas'' series who took part,  for being such wonderful and entertaining guests of honour! We wish you huge success with your books. Thanks also to all the guests who took the time to comment and make this party such fun.

 The hostesses appear on-stage, holding hands, to take a bow They hug each other and wave before leaving the stage. "Just another Author Roast and Toast!'

Join us again on 19th December when our Guest of Honour will be 


Friday, December 12, 2014

Twelve Brides of Christmas Winter Garden Party

Festively dressed party goers meander past the foot tall candy canes lining the walkway to the enormous white tent decorated in blue and white lights. Cheerful Christmas music and laughter spill out the open flap as the hostesses hurry toward the charming venue for the Twelve Brides of Christmas Winter Garden party.

Lyn stumbles in her three inch heels, the toe of one bright red stiletto tangling in the hem of her matching gown. Mac and LaVerne steady her by slipping their arms through hers.

Mary smirks at Lyn’s feet. “I didn’t know they made high heels in size 14.”

“Ha! You’re a riot.” Lyn eyes Mary’s up swept hair.

LaVerne smiles sweetly. “I didn’t know they made Christmas decorations you could wear on your head, Mary.”

Lilly and Mac snicker as Mary flashes her teeth in a smug smile. She pats at the strand of tiny blinking lights woven through her locks. “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

Mac coughs a laugh. “What I want to know is, where’s the battery pack?”

Mary winks and puffs out her chest, highlighting her impressive cleavage beneath her chic black sheath. “You’d be surprised what these girls can hide.”
“No, we wouldn’t.” Lilly grins as the other hostesses laugh. She grabs Mac by the hand to drag her toward the tent. “Come on, ladies. Mac doesn’t want to be late to her own party. I’ll bet the other “Christmas Brides” authors are wondering where she is.”
Mac gathers a fistful of her Christmas blue gown and hurries along, calling over her shoulder to the others. “I can’t wait to see the spread of food. There’s supposed to be a full Christmas feast with
turkey, spiral ham and all the traditional fixings, and a dessert table to die for. There’s a dozen different types of Christmas cookies,
including my favorite, Italian anisette balls, and pies of all shapes and sizes.”
Oliver meets them at the entrance carrying a tray of cosmopolitans. He winks at Mac as he hands her a glass.

LaVerne stretches on her toes to look over the gathering. “Looks like everyone is here.”

The hostesses each take a glass from Oliver, and he clears his throat loudly. The guests quiet and turn toward him. He nods his head at the hostesses and arches a brow.

Lyn laughs and holds up her martini. “Welcome guests. Let the party begin. Join me in raising your glasses in a toast to the authors of the Twelve Brides of Christmas.” 

FAERIE FAITH by Silver James

Abhean, the fae harper, is exiled to the mortal realm until he finds the other half of his heart. As Venn McLyre, the NYC street musician, he has no memory of his true nature—or his magic. When he steps in to save reluctant bride, Gwyneth Riley, he could lose more than his heart—he could lose his immortality. 

Socialite Gwyn Riley is resigned to marrying Sumner Barrett, son of her mother’s best friend. A marriage based on duty to family and convenience, she has no pretensions about love. It takes the magic touch of a poor musician to open her heart to the possibilities. When three couples arrive to remind Venn of his identity, he has only moments to stop Gwyn’s wedding. Is he too late, or will the King of Tir Nan Óg step in to grant Abhean and Gywn their own happy ever after? 
PIPER’S PIPING by Dylan Newton

Werewolf Aribella Lupari-Gray is on her long-awaited honeymoon. Or at least, that was the plan. When she and Mason land in Ireland just before Christmas, their dream holiday turns into a nightmare: the pack’s werewolf children have all vanished.

To top it off, the werewolf king—who was supposed to sanctify Ari’s marriage to a human—is away searching for the missing pups and may not return in time to grant his official blessing, jeopardizing her family’s future status within the pack.

If things don’t change fast, there may not even be a marriage to bless. Ari’s desire to help puts her life—and her relationship with Mason—in jeopardy.

With Mason gone, presumably back to the States and Christmas on the doorstep, Ari sets out on one final mission to find the lost pups. Her life and the pack's young in the balance, will Ari be able to perform a holiday miracle or will she die trying?


Worried about her family, Fiona returns home to find her mother in danger when the Claddagh rings resurface along with the hit men searching for them. Approached by an FBI agent who offers to protect her in exchange for the rings, she must decide—trust a mysterious stranger who is not all he seems. Or go it alone and lose everything…maybe even her life.
Under pressure to retrieve the rings, Agent O’Shea is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means putting Fiona in the crossfire. He never imagines her strength and spirit will touch his heart, leaving him with a choice—give in to his desire for her or ignore the danger she's in to clear his father's name.

As they join forces to beat the odds, will he be able to keep her safe…or will he surrender to the legacy of the Claddagh rings and let her go?

LATE FOR THE WEDDING by Barbara Edwards

Heather Green will do anything to make her twin’s wedding perfect. Despite an impending nor’easter, she sets out with the wedding dress, cake, favors and cake topper in her car. As the snow piles up, her car is wrecked and she barely misses injury in a major accident. 

Nicholas Burnes would rather be ensconced with his latest cuddle than drive a tow truck, but his brother needs his help. He reluctantly agrees to help Heather find a way to the wedding locale, but when the storm closes the roads, he ends up offering her shelter in his penthouse. 

Warm and rested at last, Nick and Heather explore their powerful attraction to each other, only to part when he delivers her, on time, to her sister’s wedding. But weddings breed weddings…

THE TENTH SUITOR by Laura Strickland

When Edwina Armstrong’s father invites ten titled lords to spend Christmas at his estate so Edwina may choose one for a husband, she finds the idea romantic. She dreams of gazing into the eyes of one of her suitors and falling deep in love. But it soon becomes apparent the lords in question are far more interested in gaining her father’s estate than Edwina’s hand.

Thorstan’s in attendance but he hasn’t been invited and he’s no lord. A former mercenary, he’s come disguised as a fool to get near Edwina, long adored from afar.  Edwina quickly falls for his charm and quirky humor even though she fears her father will never approve of a commoner for her husband.  But when Edwina is abducted, only Thorstan—a skilled swordsman— has hope of rescuing her in time for the promised Christmas wedding.


Family comes first for Abigail Whitlock. She’ll do anything to make it home to Seven Swans in time for Christmas and to attend her sister’s wedding - even if it means braving unforgiving mountainous terrain, fickle winter weather, and a captivating escort who threatens to steal her heart.

Country and duty come before all else for Major Evander Holt. He’s scheduled to arrive at his new assignment by year’s end, but a rockslide, a wily politician, and a headstrong, impetuous lady put his travel plans on hold. He doesn't need to come to her rescue, and he certainly doesn't need to fall in love with her. But there's something about Abigail he can't resist...even if it means risking his career.


Seven years ago Monica Stevens left her home town with no intention of returning. Her inability to conceive a child not only devastated her fifteen-year marriage, it made her doubt her appeal as a woman. When her mother has to undergo surgery, she reluctantly agrees to come back and run the Mother Goose Daycare.

Luke Donovan is struggling to balance his career with his duties as a single father to six adopted children. The death of his wife has thrown the adoption of their two youngest sons into limbo. He is further stymied by a dogmatic social worker who questions whether a single parent can adequately care for so many children.

Initially brought together by the children, Monica and Luke quickly surrender to their growing passion. But when she learns about the threatened adoption, Monica wonders if Luke's interest in her is only as a mother to his children. Is history about to repeat itself, or will a Christmas miracle finally give Monica the family she's always dreamed of having?

BANG THE DRUMMER by Desiree Holt

Jill Kennedy has plans for a Christmas wedding. She's put down deposits for the flowers, photos, and venue. Now all she needs is a groom. A drummer who'll keep her life as steady as he keeps the beat to his music. With her good friend Charlie Costello as her wingman, she'll interview percussionists, one per month until she finds the right tempo. But with Christmas approaching and no groom in sight, she's starting to wonder if she'll ever bang the drummer of her dreams.

A CASE FOR CALAMITY by Mackenzie Crowne

For Jane Whitmore, agreeing to switch identities with her best friend seems like innocent fun, but spending a romantic night in Paris with a man who doesn't know her real name turns out to be a lark gone bad. When their one night of passion proves to have lasting results, tracking down Gabe Sutton and telling him he’s about to be the father of her child is just another calamity Jane would rather avoid.

After years of avoiding long-term romantic entanglements, Gabe has found a woman he might just be able to build a life with, only to have her disappear. When he finally finds her, his belief in happily-ever-after staggers under the weight of deception, and looming fatherhood leaves him with two choices: fight her for custody of his future child or cling to the promise of true love.

All titles in The Twelve Brides of Christmas series are available in e-format at The Wild Rose Press and wherever e-books are sold.

(This week's intro written by Mac Crowne)

Each of the authors is giving away a copy of their book. To be entered, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
Contest ends on Sunday and everyone who comments is eligible.
(We reserve the right to waive the prize in any week when there are not enough contestants for a draw to be deemed fair and unbiased)