As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Karen Cote’ celebrates her book 'Erotic Deception' in the Brazilian Jungle!

“Don’t worry Lyn, we’ll all be there, if you start to get tired or need help, just yell help!” Patsy flexes her Popeye muscles and assures Lyn she can carry her if need be.

Lyn sticks her tongue out at Patsy and gazes lovingly down at her feet. They never failed her yet.

“What a place the bugs are like the size of rodents.” Mary smacks a gallon dipper that attempts to attach itself to her arm.

 “Well this is the Brazilian jungle it’s gotta have bugs. It’s the strange animal sounds that scare me. Where are we supposed to find Karen? I haven’t seen a thing that wasn’t wild and overgrown since we got here.” Lyn moves a branch out of the way and it whacks Patsy in the head when she inadvertently lets it go.

“Ow!” Patsy reaches for the branch of a huge palm tree and suddenly it moves. “AAAAHHHH. SSnnnakke.” She hollers. “I hate snakes.” Luckily the slimy thing is more afraid of her then she is of it and it scurries into the brush.

“Watch out, there are all kinds of weird things in this place. Where is Karen?” Sharon moves a huge Elephant leaf and spies a camp of sorts. On the tables set up in the center of camp are some strange looking foods. Carrots dressed like people, animals made out of food. Papayas and peaches are sculpted birds, radish mice, eggplant cars, and peppers with attitude; give new meaning to the words finger foods.

“Can we eat this stuff?” Mary asks, “I like radishes, look at the baby bird radishes! How cute.”

Lyn pulls her bottle of mead out from the back of her shirt. She takes a long pull and mumbles something about dreaming all this.

Patsy enters one of the tents and spies Oliver in the back of the tent. He sets up Karen’s book and places a book mark in each one.  He whistles as he arranges bowls of chocolates on the table where Karen will sign her books. There's also a heaped plate of  Sneaker Doodle cookies for Karen to enjoy with a range of exotic teas - there's a rumour she enjoys playing with the cookies and making them in the shape of a boomerang!

 “Hey, did you invite Tarzan.” Mary quizzes Oliver.

He looks at her as if she’s nuts and continues to whistle. Mary stops for a moment and wonders what song he’s using. It’s a tune from the Lion King. He waggles his eyebrows and goes back to what he was doing.

The girls pull up chairs and each grabs a book.

Erotic Deception, now that sounds very enticing.” Patsy turns a bit red and Sharon jabs her in the side.

“Keep it GP, I mean PG.” Lyn mutters under her breath.

“Is she drunk?” Mary inquires as they all look at Lyn.

She wobbles her way out of her chair and stands in front of the other hostesses. “I think I will finish this later.” She holds Karen’s book up. “I had to drink the Mead. I couldn’t stand to think of poor Lily and how upset she musta been when Jet didn’t trust her. I’ve gotta find more Mead.” She stumbles and the others catch her.

They all walk back outside and call out to the visitors who are slinking into camp from the surrounding jungle. “Karen Cote' has written a novel that will make you wish you were in front of a blowing fan.”

Sharon smacks Mary. “What Mary meant to say was, come one, come all, Get your red hot copy of  Erotic Deception and have it signed while Karen is here. “Karen, welcome to the Author Roast and Toast.”

Lyn eyes the colorful costumed vegetables on the tables and mumbles. “I thought this was a barbeque.”
“Yeah, well look at the size of that cake.” Mary points to a huge multilayered cake. “That cake looks as good as the book does. Let’s pass some to those monkeys behind you Lyn.

As Lyn runs and jumps into Patsy’s arms Sharon points out. “That ain’t a monkey it’s a Gorilla, and by the looks of him he’s related to King Kong. RUN!”

As the girls run screaming, an amused Oliver takes the
head off of his gorilla costume. He and Karen chuckle as they watch the girls disappear into the brush.

“They’ll be back soon.”

 Lyn walks from behind the tent and points after the others. “However,” she chuckles, “we may have to send Tarzan after them.”


Her brother was dead. He’d practically raised her and stood by her during a miscarriage that left her barren. He’d been the sole person she’d had left in this world. How had Dr. Lily Delaney with a PhD in Psychology missed the psychotic signs of Anthony Capriccio, the Kansas City District Attorney and her ex-fiancé? Now at twenty-nine she was on the run to hide from the impending threats to her own life. But on the road to a safe secluded lake community, Lily crashes into the path of a new dangerous element, literally. One with deep blue eyes who totes a badge and carries a gun. And would their budding relationship be threatened when Lily finds out her own doctor had lied and discovers she really can have children? How would the sheriff take knowing she’d gotten pregnant when she’d already heartily assured him she wasn’t?

After his experience as a detective in Kansas City, Missouri, Jet Walker enjoyed his life as sheriff of the quiet lake community, Windom Hills. However, when Lily Delaney literally crashes into his car and life, his world disrupts into chaos. Couldn’t the woman do anything normal? Between fighting to protect her and fighting against his growing attraction for her, the previous peace Jet had found was now falling apart. And how could he possibly trust another woman after the trick his ex-wife played in trying to pass off another man’s child as his?


As suspected, it showed positive. Suddenly the cabin seemed claustrophobic and the need for air was overwhelming. Deciding exercise would fuel her need, Lily went out through the French doors. She crossed the yard to the trees where it was cooler. She was glad to be wearing a ventilated halter-top while her jeans protected her legs from wayward branches and weeds. Deeper into the trees, she came across a small creek. As she crossed over, her flip-flops caught on a hidden tree root and she lost her balance and fell to her knees. She extended a hand to prevent pitching forward while her other cradled her midsection in a protective gesture. This time, her womb wasn’t empty. She smiled.

Lily got up and brushed off her jeans. With melancholy appreciation, she noticed how green everything was as if she were viewing it all for the first time. She breathed in the fresh scent of the growing plant life, smiling at the rabbits and squirrels ducking away as she approached.

Wading through the foliage, the covering of trees lessened as she neared the other side. A road running parallel to her property was a few yards ahead and she was crossing out of the trees to it when a sensation of being watched tingled along the back of her neck. She stopped and scanned the area behind her. Seeing nothing amiss, Lily still hastened her step until she reached the dirt-paved road. It was dusty and it would take her longer to get home, but it was flat and the air had cooled.

Despite the cooler air and without the protective cover of the trees, Lily felt the sun beating down on her head. She tightened her ponytail, wrapping the long ends into a makeshift bun to get it off her neck. She wasn’t far from the main street that ran into town when a vehicle turned onto the dirt road. Great! She just prayed it wasn’t the sheriff at the wheel of the blazer. The vehicle made short work of the distance and her stomach plummeted. It was him. He stopped beside her.

“Why haven’t you called me back?” He glowered.

Lily stiffened her shoulders and ignored him by continuing her pace. Some interesting variations of curses came from his direction, but her steps didn’t falter. She had no desire to speak to him. A message she intended to make clear…a message he obviously intended to ignore. The door slammed and seconds later, a vice-like grip grabbed her arm.

“I asked you a question,” he gritted between his teeth. “And what are you doing out here anyway.”

“What’s it look like I’m doing? I’m walking. That’s Detective 101, Sheriff.” She wrenched her arm out of his grasp and took off again.

Chanting a few more obscenities, he reached for her again. She spun around, her temper blazing.

“How many times do I have to flush before you go away?” She yelled.

Fire shot from his eyes before in a sudden fierce movement he scooped her up and carried her to the blazer. She beat at the tight grasp around her waist. When that didn’t work, she resorted to scratching and kicking, but her wedge-heeled flip-flops were ineffectual as he easily held off her attacks. In desperation, she reached for his gun. He didn’t guess her intentions until she’d unsecured the latch on the holster. Realization made him bark out an incredulous laugh and he checked her hand.

“You little she-cat!” He countered. “What are you going to do, shoot me?” He shook his head in exasperation. “Don’t you know reaching for an officer’s gun is an automatic jail sentence?”

“Then arrest me, Sheriff!” She spat, breathless from her exertions.

“What’s wrong with you?”

He swung her down and used his body to brace her against the blazer.

“Nothing. I told you I felt like a walk so I’m walking. What’s the mystery?” Her voice was heavy in sarcasm.

“Why didn’t you return my calls?” He asked unmoved by her ire.

“Maybe I didn’t want to,” she said childishly.

“Well maybe I was worried,” he returned.

“Well maybe you should’ve called your wife. No wait,” she said, pausing in mock perplexity. “Maybe you should call Rachel instead.”

His gaze flashed angrily. “Did my deputy tell you about Rachel too?”

“No your deputy didn’t tell me about Rachel,” Lily mimicked jealously. “Your sister did. Enlighten me Jet, how many women do you need to feed your ego?”

His heated blue eyes searched her face before settling on her mouth.

“Get in the truck,” he said softly.

“Are you taking me to jail?” She tilted her head in defiance. “Because that’s the only way I’m going anywhere with you.”

He gave her an exasperated look and before she could protest, opened the door and lifted her in. He followed and clamped a hand on her arm to prevent her escape from the passenger side.

Deftly starting the blazer with his left hand, Jet slammed it into gear and performed a U-turn. Lily sat beside him, her lips mutinous; attention straight ahead. She couldn’t stop him from manhandling her, but he couldn’t force her to converse with him. She’d combat him with her silence and see how he liked that.

A flash in the trees near where they’d been standing caught in the corner of her eye. She searched along the area to capture it again, but it was gone. She encountered Jet’s raised brows. Discounting the fact that she wasn’t speaking to him, she definitely wasn’t going to tell him she was seeing things again. She jerked her attention back toward the front.


I live in a California Castle with Prince Charming and a Magnificent Black Stallion. Okay, it’s a bungalow, a corporate husband and a small black pug who totes a sense of humor and lotsa attitude. But it is a dream. A real life dream to inspire the romantic suspense novels I write.

(Foodart Pictures by Vaness Dualib)
Taken from: http://www.oddee.com/item_96658.aspx 

Website: www.karencote.tv

To win a copy of  Karen's book, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
Contest ends tomorrow and everyone who comments is elligible.


  1. Oh my goodness you guys! You have so outdone yourselves this time. I cannot believe the creativity behind this blog-family and I just adore you. Simply fabulous.

    Before we begin this party, can I pause for a moment to say a prayer for our Sharon? Prayers of strength and support. I know she is so proud of you guys and could never find more love and devotion than that which comes from you.

    So as I begin my big celebration with you all today, may God bless you all and lend His strength to your support and a speedy recovery to darling Sharon.

  2. Good Morning Karen. I add my prayers for Sharon!

  3. WAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I hate bugs and snakes and anything crawly and slimy. My heart is still on hyper speed from the snake. Lyn - watch out for that giant spider - EYOOOOOOOOWWWWW!

  4. Oh my...we've opened up a can of worms this time...BIG ones. Hehehe. Hi P.L. Welcome to the jungle (sorry couldn't resist that tune).

  5. Hi Karen

    Welcome to your Roast, I'm so glad you like what we've prepared for you

    Thank you so much for the prayers for our dear Sharon. We love her to bits, as you know, and she's always here with us in spirit. I understand she's awake now, although still not able to do very much, but we pray that she'll get a little stronger every day and that it won't be too much longer till she's able to be back with us for real, although it will take time, we know, for her to heal and regain he strength.

    All prayers are really appreciated and I know God is listening.

  6. Hello Patsy - Lyn waves to her sister hostess.

    Hello spider, you're a big one, aren't you! Here spidee-spidee - aaargh, gerrof, that tickles!

  7. Hi Lyn! Goodness, never knew anyone with a spider fetish. Lol. I have no idea why I picked the Amazon. Have I told you about my phobia(s) for anything that crawls?

    Love, love Oliver's sense of humor btw. He's so cute in that gorilla costume. Bet none of that is padding either....yummy. He's a dish in itself so I suppose today he could be animal or food. Hehehe. He's a good sport for doing this today. I'm sure everyone will just be so sad to see him get all sweaty in this jungle.

  8. I have to admit, the food is so gorgeous! Hate to eat it --- so cute and friendly -- not like the other critters around here. WHAT'S THAT!!!! *she stands on a chair* Another creepy crawler!

  9. Lol Karen, I love all creatures great and small! I even take spiders out of the bathroom and release them in the garden, because my dh doesn't like to touch them!

    You're so right. Oliver is a real martyr! :) Yes, it's hard to watch him sweat, but I guess we'll just have to force ourselves! :)

  10. Don't worry Patsy, I've got it.

    Aw, isn't it cute, I think I'll call her Olive! :O

    I agree about the food, it's a shame to disturb it really - think we could persuade Oliver to cook us some burgers?

  11. Well, I've never eaten snake before and as bad as that sounds, at least I'd know where it is.

    Lol about the spider. I let them roam free in the outside environment but inside? That's my environment and once they've found a way in...can't have them returning with friends. Lol

  12. Too true, Karen, I always give them a little lecture, and tell them not to bring any friends back, and to go set up home in the roses and eat the greenfly

  13. The hardware store was selling ladybugs to use to eat aphids in your garden and they instructed that before you set them free in your garden to refrigerate them overnight. I cried.

  14. Love your jungle adventure, ladies, but I'd be screaming at all the creepy-crawlies, not to mention the snakes.
    Great excerpt, Karen.
    Wishing Sharon a speedy recovery too.

  15. Of all things a jungle. With creepy crawler things and you have no idea how I hate snakes. I'll have nightmares for weeks. Lordy, Karen, whatever possessed you? Couldn't you have a nice roast in the city or the country, why the jungle?

  16. Of all things a jungle. With creepy crawler things and you have no idea how I hate snakes. I'll have nightmares for weeks. Lordy, Karen, whatever possessed you? Couldn't you have a nice roast in the city or the country, why the jungle?

  17. Hi Paula! Thank you so much for stopping by. They certainly did a wonderful job, didn't they? I do agree with you on the creepy crawley's. What was I thinking? Lol.

    Still, we're among friends and that is priceless.

  18. Awwww dear Ro! I suppose I just knew what a good friend you were and would brave all that just to say hi. So lovely to see you. You are so near and dear to my heart. Want a gummy worm instead?

    Besides, you needed a break from some of that weather you have.

    Love you...truly. Stay safe and warm.


  19. Hi Paula, lovely to see you here and thanks for the good wishes for Sharon. I pass them all to her sister and when Sharon's well enough she'll read them to her and I know it will mean so much to her to know her friends care about her and are praying for her.

  20. Hi Karen!

    It's so nice to see you here with Jet... er, and Lily, too, of course. ;) Love the premise of this blog, LOL. :D Thanks for a great party!


  21. Hi Rodow

    Well it's certainly inteesting here in the jungle! No worries about the creepy crawlies, they wouldn't dare harm a Roastee or guest! :)

    As for the bigger critters - well you see we have Oliver to protect us!

  22. What a fun roast! Thanks for sharing. I'd be foaming at the mouth after that sizzling excerpt to leave my email with hopes of a win, but I already have a dog eared print copy of Erotic Deception, and oh yes, it's a fantastic a read as the excerpt promises.

  23. I understand snake tastes like chicken. I'll take their word for it. lol. great blog and what interesting food. Oliver, does that costume include swinging rides through the trees? Hey girls, always fun to visit. Karen, best of luck with you new book.

  24. Adriana darling! Thank you for breaking away from the ABC's of Muse to weather my jungle-fest. *sigh*. Isn't it lovely? I actually like you in green. Compliments that lovely complexion of yours. Oh...it also matches Ro's. Isn't she a trooper?

    Love ya and thank you for stopping by.

  25. wait, wait, forgot to wish Sharon a get well quick.

  26. Hi Arlene

    Thanks so much for popping in to help Karen celebrate, yes that excerpt is Very tempting, can't wait to read more!

  27. Dear, dear Arlene. Aren't you a doll? Hey, I was wondering if you brought your Ashes with you? I know a great spot here for a final resting place. He's a witch doctor who does magic with human remains... Hehehe.

    Love ya sweetie-pie.

  28. This is hilarious! Thank you for roasting my friend.

    ps hate snakes, like Indiana

  29. Hi Larion

    Lovely to see you again, so glad you could join the party! I wouldn't fancy chicken either, even if it does taste like chicken - oh look, that poor little python's shaking. It's all right snakee, we won't eat you!

    Thanks for the good wishes for Sharon. I'm collecting them all gradually and will put them in the comments on her blog, where I'm also posting updates!

  30. Ah, sweetie, the weather isn't all that bad. We hardly got any of the snow predicted and although it's cold, well it is January. But I never did tolerate heat too well. Look, I'm dripping sweat. And all those strange animal sounds, don't they scare the bejeebers out you?

  31. Hi Larion! This is so great to share with my favorite people. I heard that chicken rumor too and you are so right! Why substitute? Of course, growing up on a farm, I watched my parents pulling chicken's heads off as well as other things a child should never know about and suddenly my sqeamishness over snakes seems a bit irrational. Hehe. Love you dear friend and thank you for taking the time from your busy day to play.

  32. Yummy post! Really makes me hungry...lol...Congratulations to Karen on her "roast".

    ringpop2010 at gmail dot com

  33. Oooh, that sounds intereting Karen - a jungle funeral. As long as it's just Ashes we're burying! :)

  34. Hi Vicky - thanks for joining us at Karen's party. Its always a delight to roast a fun victim - er I mean author guest!

  35. Hi Maria

    Thanks for joining us for Karen's Roast. Yes, I'm afraid our Roasts do tend to make people feel a bit hungry! :)
    When you going to cut your cake Karen?

  36. Oh goodness Vicki! Is that your princess gown? What are you plotting this time? Hehe. Great to see you stop by the jungle madness. Be careful though my beauty. Your crown may not be too safe out here. One of the monkey's already confiscated my pearls. I think I saw him swinging from the trees on it.

    Still...Oliver will get them back. Just like us, they love him. Everyone loves Oliver.

    Love you too dear friend

  37. Hi Maria! You are just in time. Is that a machete? Kewl! I can cut the cake with that.

    Now step back everyone. I'll aim for the badge but sometimes I miss (just ask my ex).

    Hehe...thank you for stopping by.

  38. Patricia said...

    How cool is this roast and toast! I loved the jungle story. It was well-written and funny and I loved the pictures, especially the one of the male server! Nice excerpt...as always.

    January 20, 2012 11:38

  39. Lol Ro. Glad you're safe.

    I wonder though, what exactly is bejeebers? How did you get those and is it contagious? I'm just saying, the witch doctor here specializes in those types of things. Maybe he could help you.

    Always so fun with you here.

  40. Hi Patti. This really is quite fabulous. Amazing stuff. Thank you all so very much.

  41. Hi Ptti

    We moved your comment over to here, as somehow it got attached to the wrong post.

    Lovely to see you, and yes, everyone loves Sharon's butler, Oliver!:) We're so lucky he gets to moonlight with us on a Friday!

  42. A witchdoctor, what fun!

    (I have it on good authority that 'beejabbers' be an Irish oath!

  43. Karen, as I was leaving my comment I saw one of those giant snakes and had to run away, but then I said to myself to be brave. So I got back here!

    So sorry about Sharon, please give her my prayers and hope she gets better soon!!

    Why did you choose a jungle? You know I'd do almost anything for you, but this is too much! As soon as I got here my hair frizzed and all of these noises. Ugh! Oh, not to mention the creepy crawlies and the huge bugs. But you are here and there is Oliver of course, so I came back. Really, is there a place for someone to sit here?

    Loved the excerpt and now must read this! If I don't win it, maybe we can swap like Arlene and i did. I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours!!!

    Now if i could get a cold drink and some of that yummy, but strange food I'll be fine. So happy to share this roast and toast with you!!

  44. Mary runs up the the others. Do you hear those drums? Somebody told me that there's a witch doctor after me! Apparently he likes big hooters. He has a brother who's into feet, a cousin who ahem, likes big butts, and a chief who, yes, likes muscular women. They are headed this way and although Karen is trying to hold them off. This could be the time to hide.

  45. Hi Lionmother, lovely to see you here again - with a name like yours I would think you'd be really at home in the jungle!:)

    Thanks so much for the good wishes for Sharon, we'll pass them on to her sister to read to her.

  46. Hi Lionmother, lovely to see you here again - with a name like yours I would think you'd be really at home in the jungle!:)

    Thanks so much for the good wishes for Sharon, we'll pass them on to her sister to read to her.

  47. Hello, Mary, dear sister hostess.

    Shriek! How come you always bring trouble with you? LOL

  48. Barbara! Thanks for all the chuckles and oh my what a good friend you are. Not quite Montreal, is it? Then again, the world in itself can be a jungle so I thought to at least capture the peace and quiet. *frowns* What is that screeching?

    Like the book swap idea. We'll talk.

    Love ya and thank you so much for stopping by.

  49. Love the Irish oath. I'm gonna use that.

    Now see? Not only did you give me a wild party, Lyn, I'm getting an education too. Lol

  50. Oh my gosh Mary! I think I'm going to use everything you said as my Friday quote for the day. Are there more than 140 characters in there?

    Crack ME UP!

  51. Screeching? I think it's either our Mary running away from the Witch Doctor, or, more likely, the Witch Doctor running away from HER LOL!

    Well, as for 'Bejeebers' glad to oblige. I won't tell you the litereal meaning because it goes against my religion, but you can probably guess! :)

  52. This doesn't look good, Mary yells as she is being dragged by her hair. Lyn, kick him!!! Sharon is sitting on the one who tried to grab her and Patsy why are you smiling?
    Karen look out behind you!!!AAAHHHHH!

  53. Why do y'all always have to do this when I'm at work? The sneaker doodles are always all gone by the time I get here!

  54. Lol Lyn. I don't think the witch doc has ever seen wire cutters before. What do you suppose Mary aims to use them on?

  55. Yikes, Karen, I'd take cover. Mary is a dear, but when she gets loose with something like wire cutters, anything can happen!

    Hi Gail - don't worry, I happen to know Oliver has a secret stash of sneaker doodles!

  56. the wire cutters aren't long enough. I need to reach my stun gun. Oliver gave it to me ya know.
    One zap and he'll let me go!
    But wait, is it? Tarzan?!?!?

  57. LOL! You said sneaker doodles!!!!!

  58. Hi Gail!!! Goodness, you work with a bunch of lawyers....no bigger jungle than that.

    I actually think you and our hostesses are cut from the same cloth, although speaking of cloths, Tarzan doen't understand your straight jackets aren't meant as a loin cloth. *giggle* See? He doesn't know what to do with those straps.

    Oliver dear, can you explain a few things to him?

    Love you Gail and I love these crazy women here. Aren't the super?

  59. Watch out! I stepped out of the tent and those huge parrots swooped down to grab my snICKer doodles! The parrots are gorgeous, but I mean really....This is such an exotic setting for a signing...I think I'll plan one for me!! Having fun with all of you roasters.

  60. Sharon, my thoughts are with you! I hope you get well soon!

    I enjoyed the party, though I'm glad I wasn't there, bugs and snakes and jungles kind of creep me out! The food sounds very interesting though! And the book - yowza!

    Robin D

  61. Sneaker, snicker - what's the difference? (To slightly corrupt a line from 'Fawlty Towers', 'I'm from Wales!)

  62. I may not take out the stun gun. Look where they are trying to take us.
    Up ahead Mary spies a group of Tarzan's friends. Human ones as well as apes. Well that's an oxymoron they are all apes!
    Anyhow, look at them.
    In the clearing they spy a group of men. All muscular, handsome, sexy, and of course in loincloths. (I wonder if you can peek when they walk)I for one am gonna stop struggling. There are about ten of them, do we get to choose???

  63. Hi JQ! Where is Gloria? Now this vegetable garden just doesn't get any bigger. She can work with the witch doc to make a lucious snack for us. (if we can find him after Mary scared him off.)

    Thank you for jumping into my wild party. Miss hanging with ya! *smooches*

  64. Hi Robin. thanks for the good wishes for Sharon - and JQ - welcome to the party. I think the jungle is actually the best place for Karen to tell us about her 'steamy' novel, it sounds great!

    Aw, and thank you for your sweet words, we love you too. How's about another excerpt, while OLiver is busy trying to teach Tarzan how to be a gentleman?

  65. Oliver is laughing at us just like he always does.
    Mary puts the stun gun away. I think I'll see how this one goes. Oh listen they are all yelling that Tarzan yell thingee. Patsy look at the muscles on the one to your left. Hubba Hubba! How's about a kiss...

  66. Lol Mary! I wondered what it would take to make you put down that stun gun! Now I know! :)

    I guess those hunks will keep on chasing you till you catch them! :)

  67. Hi Robin! Lol...I know whatcha mean. I may never recover after today.

    Thank you so much for your comment on my book. It also warms the soul in knowing you'd risk so much to come in and comment. Hehehe.

    Lovely to see you!

  68. Karen is grabbed by a particularly huge hunk! He slaps a smacker on her kisser. Karen is mesmerized! Look at that! She just gave him a copy of her book. He wants to experiment!
    Gulp, sounds like a plan to me!
    I didn't scare the WD away, I let him drag me to this group of hot guys and I made them take you with us. Start puckering up girl!! Here's your chance, there are ten to choose from. Well if Lyn don't try to kiss them all at least...

  69. *pant pant pant* I got lost in the jungle, went to the outhouse and took a wrong turn. Mary, I hear the drumming too and strange voices! Are you sure this is a good place for a party? I need a drink - something really cold and invigorating or at least numb my senses to all the scary things out here!

  70. “Now, Sheriff, you don’t need to get involved in this. This little girl here was asking for some help. We were simply trying to accommodate her.”

    “That’s a lie!” Lily couldn’t believe the audacity of the man.

    “I think she can manage by herself.” The sheriff spoke calmly, belying the gleam in his gaze.

    Skeet looked as if he was going to argue, but evidently whatever high he’d been on, dissipated as the posing threat became clear. His friend was slower to catch on.

    “You don’t look like you’re on your full game here, Sheriff, with those injuries and all. Now we’d hate to have to take advantage of your disability,” the other man sneered.

    A feral grin creased the hard tanned face and he threw down a wink. ‘Try me.”

    Even Lily shivered at the perilous tone, as did Skeet. He intervened by jerking on his friend’s arm to pull him away. His nervous laugh alerted the caution to back down.

    “We’re only joking with you, Sheriff. We don’t want any trouble with the law here.” He shot his buddy a hard smile filled with warning. “Come on, we need to get the beer and head back before the girls get restless.” His cordial smile was pathetic. “You don’t mind if we get what we came in for do you, Sheriff?”

    “On the contrary, gentlemen, we appreciate your patronage,” he responded, inclining his head. He watched the two men while they hurriedly grabbed a case of beer, paid for it and left.

    Lily sighed in relief. Even though she could’ve handled the situation, she was relieved at his intervention and the confrontation it avoided.

    “Thank you,” she said, but inwardly recoiled when a glacier blue gaze narrowed in on her.

    “Here’s one of the first rules of staying here. During the summertime, we get many visitors renting homes along the lakes. For the most part, they’re out to have a good time and are relatively harmless. As evening progresses, moods change. I don’t know why you’re out so late, but the next time someone approaches you like that, walk away.”

    Then without giving her an opportunity to respond he picked up the item he’d placed on a shelf and went to the register to pay for it. He was opening the door to get into his truck when Lily threw open the door of the convenience store.

    “What do you have against me?” she demanded striding toward him.

    He shot her a telling glance, not stating the obvious, which infuriated her more.

    “This isn’t all to do with what happened today, Sheriff,” she said through clenched teeth. “Your rudeness is inexcusable. Aren’t you supposed to be a little more professional, being an officer of the law and all?”

    “Professional?” He glared at her. “I just saved your ass for the second time in one day and you accuse me of not being professional?”

    She ignored his question and demanded, “What is it you don’t like about me, Sheriff? Do I remind you of someone? An ex-girlfriend, perhaps?”

    It was then that Lily realized how close she was to him. When his gaze skimmed down and touched her mouth, a feathery pulse tickled through her chest. He looked at her through smoldering eyes and allowed a gradual smile to appear, but its mockery contained no trace of humor.

    “What’s the matter, Dr. Delaney? Bored already? Looking for a distraction? Maybe I interrupted something in there you didn’t want me to. If that’s the case then let me be the first to apologize. However, if it’s a diversion you’re looking for, I’d happily take you up on that, but unfortunately, I’m a little tired tonight.”

    He tossed the grocery bag into the truck before climbing in. He faced her once more, nodding his head toward her car.

    “Driving with only one headlight is against the law in Windom Hills, ma’am, but I’ll let you go this time.” He cocked a brow. “How’s that for professionalism?”

  71. I loved this post. Thanks so much for giving me some smiles. Sharon is in my prayers with a few others that seem to be in need of a boost from a being way more powerful than me.
    That excerpt has me hooked and I want this book bad!
    Have a wonderful day and also a great weekend.
    musicalfrog at comcast dot net

  72. Oh my goodness! Mary, do you know how difficult it was to find an excerpt while laughing so hard? Lyn, you are just as bad with your encouragement. Hehehe. I am so gonna bottle you all up and sell you on Ebay.

    Awww. I needed this today. Thank you so much. There's magic created here at the Roast & Toast. Pure Magic.

    Oliver, could you get me that cool tropical concoction you set aside for special occasions?

  73. Loved the excerpt. Lily is in for more then she knows eh?
    Now Patsy, did you fight that hunk off? Maybe you shoulda let him take you away. Mine gave me a big huge smacker right on the kisser. But, I prefer the taller ones. So I'm checking out the others. Hey, is that Lyn swinging through the trees with that fine specimen of a man? Oh, he just clunked her head into a tree. Ouch! She's still smiling. Good thing we hid the mead, she loves the stuff. She might need watching... Oh No, he's got her by her feet. You know how she hates that. But, darn if she still isn't smiling.

  74. And it just keeps getting better and better with Patsy's return. Welcome back Dahling. Take a deep breath and then hold it. *snicker*

    Oliver, can you make that two special concoctions?

  75. Hi Patti! It is great to see you again. Isn't this fun and deliciously mad?

    I love coming here. Our hostesses get really creative. You might want to check out their schedule. There are always giveaways going on.

    Hugs and thank you for stopping by!

  76. And Witch Doctors with agendas too!
    Sharon, next time you gotta find a less scary way to get attention.
    We love you Sharon!!! Now, I promise we'll save one of the hotties for you.
    Ain't life something!

  77. Hehehe Mary. I'm taking notes and filling out certificates for the witch doc to sign. Now I know if HE certifies you as crazy, that's quite an accomplishment.

  78. What were Tarzan's last words. (Don't worry he's still here. He brought the hunks)
    "Who greased the vines?"

  79. If he doesn't certify me crazy then all this work to convince him woulda been for nothin'!
    I'm sure the other hostess's can vouch for my insanity! It's my best feature!

  80. It's so good to know everyone's rooting for our Sharon, and adding their prayers, she loves the Roast like we all do, it's such fun coming out to play with our guest author - never been 'bottled and sold on e-Bay before thoug! :)

    Fantastic excerpt Karen, ooh, that Jet, certainly makes MY toes curl! :)

  81. Hey, what wast hat powder he blew into our faces??? I feel weird!

  82. *Karen's hand flies to her mouth to stifle a giggle*

    I believe that was Arlene's Ashes.

  83. Lyn, Patsy, & Sharon. You might want to dissuade Mary from telling jokes. Btw won't ask how that vine got greasy.

  84. NO! Of course it wasn't Arlene. It was a character in her book. She was so cute. She brought him to our book signing in Montreal. Poor dear was carried in a box.

  85. No jokes eh? Well, somebody has to tell them.

  86. As our dear sister Mary just said, her insanity is notorious, infamous, and - well it wouldn't be Mary if she wasn't a little loopt!

    The rest of us of course are quite sane and serious. Jokes? Nah, Mary won't allow anyone but her to tell 'em! We like to humour her!

  87. *HIC* I meant 'loopy' not 'loopt'!;)

  88. boy, run into the store and look what all has happened before i get back. giant snakes, parrots, witchdoctors, and Tarzan. only that wasn't the Tarzan joke i heard. it went more like, no, no, Jane, the rope, grab the rope!! heh, heh.
    okay, got my addy in there for the drawing. those excerpts got to me.

  89. They're great aren't they Larrion! The excerpts I mean - not the men!

    Well, they're great too, um I think I put my foot in it again!

  90. LOL Larion! Loved it, might just use it.
    The only reason I tell the jokes is I have the best sense of humor. HeHe. Ahem. Besides Lyn doesn't know any jokes. Or does she?

  91. You're so right Mary dear. I don't know any jokes and I have absolutely NO sense of humour! Hey ho, there's someone beckoning to me from those bushes down by the river. Wonder who it is?

  92. Lyn doesn't have to tell jokes to make me smile. I smile whenever I see her adorable pixie face! I have to resort to jokes because my face don't lite up like hers!
    So anyone see Tarzan. Or is that who you see Lyn.
    Is it Lord Graystoke? The real Tarzan? Or who? Look they just grabbed Lyn. Who is that masked man?
    And it ain't the lone Ranger either!

  93. Which witch doctor? I saw a really short one - think it was a pygmie witch doctor. I would have to get on my knees to kiss him!

  94. Lol Larion, you are too cute. Thanks ladies. About the kind remarks on my excerpts.

    Lol Mary. You just keep on doing what you do. You are all a perfect formula for fun and laughter. Love my jungle party and my fun foods.

  95. Hey Karen! Love Tarzan, do you get to keep him? I'm kinda partial to the King Kong looking ape guy though...now if only I looked like Jessica Lang maybe I'd have a chance. Congrats on your new release Erotic Deception and sending Sharon get well wishes.

    Love Nancy (kept Emily in the closet- she's sulking)

  96. Loved that you stopped by dear Nancy! Now honey, you are much cuter than that Jessica chick. Lol. I always felt she never cared as much as she should for all the stuff that big guy did for her. I mean, come on. Did you see the sites he took her on? Hehehe.

    What happened with Emily? Hasn't she been bad enough? I miss her and I was thinking of asking her to come visit. That girl doesn't get out enough. You're gonna have to loosen that rope a bit Nance. She's my kindred spirit or at the very least, my twin.

    Love ya sweetie. Thanks for everything,

  97. They call it comic relief. Cause it's a relief when I stop!
    He may be short Patsy, but I hear he has a huge...
    Your kinda guy. Besides all we need a one of those grow me up potions and I'm willing to bet he can brew one!

  98. Well don't you want a guy with muscles bigger then yours? Ouch! Why did you hit me Lyn? What did I do?

  99. Well if his little grass skirt is any indication - I think you may have heard wrong Mary! OMG - there's a giant bug on my food! Where's the flyswatter? For this one though I might need something a little more substantial!

  100. You need one of those bug Zapper things that look like a tennis racket. My sister loves hers. She got one for a gift from my father who also was a bug killer in his time.
    They'd be over your head zapping and it would stink! Burnt bugs. So here's a rather large one. Mary hands a bug zapper that Patsy needs two hands to hold. Be careful, you almost zapped Karen! On no Patsy, I don't think you should use it on the pygmy. It ain't his fault he's a small guy. I mean short guy. It's for the bugs Patsy, the bugs! Look out!!

  101. Here I am brewing up...my third cup of coffee brew when all of a sudden my witchy hat starts spinning. That can only mean one thing: my services are needed!

    Mary says someone needs a grow-me-up potion! Witchy looks aghast. I, uh...don't know how to concoct those. But I do get asked to make batches of wrinkle-b-gone potions. Not naming names. Lol. Now, who asked for the Bull Frog insect repellent?

    Karen, I loooove the excerpt to Erotic Deception. Sounds good. And it was very thoughtful to mention Sharon. I'm adding my prayers, too.

  102. Wrinkle B gone potion! Oh Lord, sign me up for a batch!
    Especially when our authors are always putting us in the sun.
    Heck I do miss our Sharon, I haven't had to take my hooters off the basketball court since she's been gone. Sigh...
    Now about that potion Witchy Woman! Help me, please!

  103. Erotic Deception is a guaranteed great read! If you haven't, make sure to visit her site where you can see clipps of the Erotic Deception cast.

    Sharon, hope you're feeling better and get well soon!

  104. Here's your potion, Mary. Remember once-a-day, before bedtime. And just ignore the label over the Pond's logo. Lol.
    Actually, my late maternal grandmother used to use Pond's cream every single day. She had the "best" skin, ever. My conjecture? It was her genetic makeup to have spectacular skin- not the cream itself.

    Karen, now I have that Welcome to the Jungle tune replaying in my head. Ugh! Wears Chris Young when you need him? Must listen to country music. Quickly!

  105. Did I really type wears instead of where's?
    Oh, lord. More coffee...needed-apparently.

  106. Oh YAY! Anti-wrinkle cream. I need some of that for 'a close friend' of course who was too embarrassed to ask herself. Can you imagine? Witchy Woman, you are delightful.

    Lots going on since I've been away. Then I come back and get swatted in the head. What's that about? Hehehe.

    Don't mess with the little guy. He's mine.

  107. Hi MaryC *waving furiously* Your endorsement of Erotic Deception is precious and I adore you.

    Thank you for stopping by. I've certainly met some great people.

    Hugs! Hope you enjoy playing with the food today.

  108. No Lyn swatted me. She's the one who is supposed to make me behave. Ahem. Not that I need it, I rarely, well sometimes, okay always, do something to somebody they don't particularly care for. Accidentally of course.

  109. First, great excerpt and intro, Karen! Erotic Deception sounds fantastic--love the characters' interactions already!

    And sending get-well-soon wishes to Sharon--so sorry you're under the weather, and may you be completely recovered speedily!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  110. Oh I love Welcome to the Jungle, but in this case, not so much. Here buggie buggie - here I come with my tennis racket sized bug swatter.

  111. Whoops. Guess my imagination got away from me. That happens a lot

  112. Watch out with that thing Patsy. It shocks bugs and whoops. Mary tries not to laugh as Patsy swats the pygmy witch doctor, or was it his brother?
    I never heard a guy yell like that. You shouldn't have hit him there. Wow! You're my idol Patsy!
    Look out bug overhead. No really a big bug is about to land on your head!

  113. Hello campers, I'm back!

    So what's been happening while I've been gone? Have I missed anything Karen? What's that. where've I been? Well you know that Tarzan guy who appeared out of nowhere well ...oh well I won't bore you with my escapades.

    I see we have some new friends round the campfire, Hello Witchy, hello flchen. Thanks for your prayers and good wishes for our dear Sharon.

    Patsy, dear sister hostess, I hope you've been managing to keep our lovely Mary under control, she's such a sweetie but -


    Oh dear! Patsy, speak to me. Oh, thank goodness you're all right. Now Mary didn't mean to do that, no, don't go flexing your muscles dear, you're too nice to go on the warpath, Mary thought - gosh, I didn't think she could run that fast!

  114. What! I tried to warn her! So payback eh? You are soooo bad! RUNNING!!

  115. You all should take this on the road. Entertainment factor is huge.

    Mary running? With those hooters? Well, there's your flyswatter. Hehehe Don't knock yourself out Dahling.

  116. Mary can be seen in the distance, holding onto herself and running, have you ever seen Patsy's arms!
    I'll get you Lyn!!

  117. Now there's an idea...! :)

    Don't worry about Mary, she won't hurt herself - if she falls down she'll just bounce straight back up again!

  118. I can't think of a thing to say whilst laughing my arse off!

  119. I'm coming - with this electric bug zapper thingey - anybody gets in my way and they're toast or Junga Juice - hmmmmmm - I could use some Junga Juice right now..... Mary, slow down, these vines and giant ferns keep slapping me in the face.

  120. LOl, I love watching those to horse around.

    Hmm, Karen what say we sit by the campfire and have another slice or two of cake - and drink some tea while we're waiting for them to come back.

    They may be a while...

  121. Karen you are so much fun! I love when an author participates and makes it fun for us too! Thanks for your great sense of humor and I'll be excited to see how many hits you got today!
    No not that kind of hits, the ones on your computer...
    Now can we bring out the real food?
    Step up here ladies. Mary breaks out bags of goodies for everyone. Lyn sticks a ho ho up her nose and we all laugh. A Hostess HOHO
    so I will behave from now on. Promise, hehehe

  122. Tea sounds lovely but I kind of mutilated my cake with that machete :( Guess I'll have to sneak a snicker doodle. hehehe. Yes... Mary and Patsy are quite the find. Where did you get them? Or was it they who got you???

  123. I agree with Mary, Karen, (now that she and Patsy seem to have worn themselves out) we've loved having you today, you've been a fantastic guest of honour.

    Ok, excuse my British ignorance - 'snort' what's a 'Ho Ho'?

  124. WOOT WOOT!! GREAT party! LOVED the excerpt for this book...FAB cover too! Shouting out my GET WELL wishes for Sharon...may she be well soon, soon soon!! Party on, girlfriends...have a couple of drinks for me! ;)


  125. Pity about the cake, Karen! CRUMBS!

    We'll have to eat it with a spoon!

    Well, to answer your question, Mary's been with Sharon and me from the start - Patsy bless her, was a 'regular' commenter and was sort of 'pressganged' into joining us, and we couldn't imagine being without her now! :)

  126. I knew you'd ask that. It's a chocolate snack cake over here, and it's popular, that's all I got to say. Any other similarity is purely accidental. Purely...
    By the way, Lyn is just behaving today, she's usually quite the thing.
    It musta been Tarzan. You have no idea how bad he is about Tarzan. She loves to swing through those trees. In the jungle, alone with Tarzan. Quick hand me your book Karen.

  127. In other words it's all Lyn's fault. Truly it is.
    We knew each other in our past lives.
    Not kidding either!!

  128. Chocolate? Someone mention chocolate?

    Of course I'm good Mary, I'se a good girl I is - very good. Tarzan said so! ;)

  129. Hi Barbara! Isn't this a blast? Thank you so much for joining our little party today. I'm getting a history lesson on the birth of the Author Roast & Toast.

    Aren't they just so cuuuute?

  130. Hand you my book? Eeek. What for? Are you going to try and knock Lyn out of the trees?

    Try the radishes, I think they can fly.

  131. No I was gonna read a page or two. I was also wondering if you wanted that tarantula spider climbing on your back and since you were holding one and Patsy has the bug zapper. Well, hey are those radishes flying??

  132. *Waves* to Barbara. Hi Barbara, sorry, didn't see you sitting there behind that gorilla - er sorry, I meant Oliver, it's getting a bit dark now!

    Yes doesn't 'Erotic deception' sound fantastic, the excerpts are great!

    Thanks for the get well wishes, on Sharon's behalf.

  133. Did someone call me a "Ho?" Oh - yeah, HO HO's, I love HO HO's, almost as much as I love Twinkies - or those little angel food cakes with pink frosting. ICK - I just ate a bug.

    Yes, Karen, it has been fun joining the group and very fun doing the jungle thing today! Very different and lots of imagination! Good luck on sales and congratulations on the release.

  134. Nite everyone, grab your jungle guy and have a good one! No Patsy not two, just one. I'm a one of those Twinkies myself. Figuratively and literally!

  135. Good Night everyone, sleep well!

    Wishing you tons of sales with 'Erotic Deception'.

    See you tomorrow folks, I expect Oliver will cook us brakfast if we ask him nicely!

  136. Thank you Lyn, Mary and Patsy. This has been wonderful. I didn't want to mention this earlier as I didn't want to be a party-pooper, but I have had a stomach flu that just won't go away. I hope I participated okay but you all more than carried the show and provided me with a huge distraction.

    Hugs and love you guys. Give Sharon my very best.

  137. So glad you enjoyed it Karen - and really sorry about the stomach flu, no-one would ever have known, you've been such a wonderful and fun guest, we've truly loved having you over today.

    Hope you feel better soon, and glad we were able to help you take your mind off it a bit!#

    Hugs and love back - group hug everyone!

  138. You done good!! Feel better Karen! We shoulda asked Witchy Woman for a stomach potion. She gave us the magic wrinkle cream.

  139. Thank you again. Maybe one day I'll get you on my talking website. I build great avatars and you'd be surprised at the hooter results I can deliver...

  140. Ro pushes her way through the jungle and looks around * Darn, everyone's gone. I'm hopelessly lost and now I have to wait for morning and hope someone comes to rescue me.

  141. hehehe. I love you Ro. Oliver is still hiding in the gorilla suit. I'm sure he's pumped to be able to do his damsel in distress act so perfected and Oliver-like.

  142. Ugh, I don't like bugs but the books sounds great. Thanks for the excerpts.

    Sending positive vibes Sharon's way. Hope your recovery is fast!

  143. Hi Jo! I know, right? I'm not a big fan of bugs except for the pretty ones. Ladybugs, lightning bugs, etc...you know. The good ones hehehe. Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind remarks!


  144. Get well soon Sharon, we're all thinking about you and sending healthy vibes your way.
    Thanks for the excerpt. Karen's book sounds great. Loved the peek inside the jungle. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

  145. Hi Lisa! How are you? We've had quite the day here, as you can see. Hope you had a great day as well. Thank you for taking the time to visit. Hugs!

  146. Hi, Karen-
    Add my good thoughts for Sharon... Please write another book in the tradition of Erotic Deception immediately. I loved it.
    Susan Shapley

  147. Lyn stretches and clambers out from beneath her mosquito net (I'm not daft, I made sure I wouldn't get eaten by insects during the night.)

    A delicious aroma of frying bacon, waffles and other goodies wafts across from the campfire, where Karen is already enjoying breakfast Oliver has excelled himself again!

    Karen, as we said, you've been an amazing Guest of Honour, we've loved having you and hope 'Erotic Deception' sells a ton!

    *Waves* to JoAnne, Lisa and Susan.
    Hi ladies, thanks for joining us to celebrate Karen's book, and thanks so much for the good wishes for Sharon. We'll put all the messages for her on her blog, as well as the updates her lovely sister sends us.


    Race you for breakfast! :)

  148. Lyn, thanks again. You are adorable, funny, and very-very kind.

    Love ya and big hugs.

  149. Wow everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm so glad I didn't have to choose a winner. I actually used a random number generator called Random.org and the computer picked Barbara as the winner for an ebook copy of Erotic Deception. Congratulations and once again, I am grateful to all for your comments and for our wonderful hostesses. It was great fun.



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