As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


The winner of Ginger Simpson's book, Sisters in Time is Margaret Tanner! Congratulations, Margaret. Ginger will be in touch with you and we just know you will love this book! Thank you to all who took part in our shindig, we hope you'll join us again when we roast and toast another author next Friday.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A journey back in time for an old Western shindig with Ginger Simpson

Hello and welcome to The Author Roast and Toast! Before going any further, we must warn you to beware…and enter at your own risk. In keeping with Ginger Simpson’s time travel book

You are about to be transported back in time to the Colorado
Territory, 1872! Won’t you join us for an old fashioned shin dig at Mariah’s parlor at the Rocking C Ranch? So saddle up, gallop on over into the 20th century, hitch up your horse and kick up your heels! You never know who might saunter on in. The trails are already blazin’! Come on in!
The spirit of the Wild, Wild West ricochets like a bullet across the wide open plains of the Colorado Territory. In the distance, horses kick up their hooves, their whinnies mingling with the keening wail of a coyote. Purple mountain majesties reach up and touch the crystal blue sky, merging into a menagerie of raw, rugged beauty.

Undulating pines shroud the Rocking C Ranch. And from Mariah’s parlor, the sound of fiddle and harp drift out into the wide open range.

The carpet has been rolled back and the dancing has commenced. The musicians, the wild and wooly Rodeo Drifters, play a ballroom waltz. Oliver, looking quite the stud in his black Stetson and roguish grin, arranges fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, baked beans, spare ribs, cornbread and his red hot chili on the sideboard. Just across on the dessert table, he places the cake, a fudge marble delight, the icing, decadently spun into a patchwork quilt of many colors.

Behind the bar, Sharon, Lyn, Mary and Val, donned as saloon girls, flaunt themselves in their red brocade dresses with black lace-up corsets and attached bustles while serving sarsaparilla with come hither smiles.

Anxious to greet the guests, Cuddles and Junior, donned in brown suede cowboy hats and leather boots, kick up their heels in delight on the dance floor. A beautiful black velvet stallion horse head is mounted on the wall adjacent to the backdrop of the Colorado Rockies and crystal blue sky. A makeshift Wild West jail has been placed in the corner of the parlor, just in case any cowboys get out of line. A sheriff’s badge shimmers on the wall next to photos of some outlaws, among them The James Gang.

A covered wagon pulls up and Ginger steps out, taking Oliver’s hand. He offers a sweeping bow, handing her a yellow rose from the armor. He tips his black Stetson, but not before raking his eyes over the length of her body, winking his approval. Ginger looks drop dead gorgeous in a teal blue satin gown with flowing sheer sleeves, bustle back bow and thigh-high slits exposing a garter belt with a pink rosette. And to complete her ensemble, a matching hat with ostrich plumes. They enter the parlor just as the musicians strike up their rendition of the Venetian waltz.

Using the tempo and rhythm of a close ballroom hold, Oliver cuts the rug with Ginger, spinning her around the floor in a simple promenade, looking as regal as the king and queen in the royal courts of Europe. To thunderous applause, on a delightful romantic lilt, Oliver ends the dance by placing his left thigh under Ginger’s right thigh. He lifts her high in the air and spins her around with the greatest of ease before bringing her back down to earth. Turning to the entourage of onlookers, he treats them to a sweeping bow.

Then Ginger changes into a western outfit so she can kick up her heels in grand style. the boys kick it up with a rip roaring “Yee Haaa!” And the high pitch of the harmonica mingles with the strumming banjo and string guitar as the guests clomp their booted feet and bring the house down.

Welcome to the Rocking C Ranch! Kick up your heels, grab some food and drinks. But above all, do some dancing and have some fun. And for the contest, Ginger will choose one lucky commenter tomorrow as the winner of her book. Here is the question:

What in the heck is a sarsaparilla made of?

Good luck! Now before you step back in time to the Colorado Territory, 1872, here’s a little about Ginger and a sneak preview of Sisters in Time.


Two eras collide when a modern day attorney and a pioneer wife find themselves locked in a time not their own.

Mariah Cassidy awakens in the twentieth century. Confined in a pristine environment, hooked to tubes and beeping machines, she’s scared, confused and wondering why everyone keeps calling her Mrs. Morgan. Who is the strange man who keeps massaging her forehead and telling her everything is going to be all right?

Taylor Morgan tries to focus on her surroundings through a blinding headache. The patchwork quilt, the water basin, and the archaic room don’t strike a familiar chord. Her mouth gapes when a handsome man waltzes into the room, calls her darling, and expresses his delight that she’s on the road to recovery.

Clearly something is amiss.


Colorado Territory--1872

Taylor’s head pounded with pain. Trying to focus, she opened her eyes and blinked a few times, then propped herself up on her elbows. Everything looked strange. The room seemed bright and cheery, but things appeared very old fashioned. She fingered the patchwork quilt covering the bed, and puzzled over the antique mirror hanging above an old-time washbowl and pitcher across the room. An incessant ache throbbed in her temple.

Where was she? What’d happened to her? A zillion questions raced through her mind.

“David,” she called for her husband. Her voice painfully resonated in her head. “David, where are you?”

She slid off the bed. Her legs wavered beneath her and she clung to the bedpost. Slowly, as she regained her equilibrium, she weaved across the room and peered into the mirror. A massive bandage covered the top her head; black circles ringed her swollen eyes. She didn’t recognize herself.

“Boy, I look like hell,” she muttered.

As she raised her hand to touch the bandage, the door behind her opened, and she spied the reflection of a strange man.

“Mariah, sweetheart. You’re finally awake.” He crossed the room with open arms.

Taylor spun and faced him. Feeling disoriented, she shook her head. “You have the wrong room, sir.”

His brows arched. “Mariah, what are you talking about? What wrong room?”

“Look fella, I’m not Mariah. Evidently you’re in the wrong place if you are looking for someone by that name.”

The stranger rushed over and took her in his arms. “Oh my sweet angel, the bump on your head is worse than Doc Samuels thought.”

Taylor shoved him away. “Take your hands off me. Who is Doc Samuels, and who in the hell are you?”

Suddenly, the room spun. Her stomach turned queasy. Needing to sit, she staggered back to the bed, her gaze still assessing the stranger.

“I’m Frank… your husband.” He followed her, his head cocked, his eyes clouded in confusion.

She swallowed. “Excuse me? My husband’s name is David... David Morgan. I don’t know who you are, mister, but you must be the one who bumped your head if you think I’m your wife.”

“Well, if you aren’t, then just who might you be?”

“Taylor Morgan. I live in Denver. Can you please tell me where I am?”

“You’re in Colorado, about two hours from Denver City. Don’t you remember?”

“Two hours? How in the hell did I get here?”

Frank’s eyes widened. “When did you start cussing?”

“Don’t worry about it, just answer me. How did I get here?” Her last nerve frayed, and he plucked at it.

“Don’t you recall? We were going to town in the wagon—”

“Wagon? What the hell would I be doing in a wagon? A station wagon?”

Frank took a deep breath. “We were going to town, and Jacob needed to pee. I think he disturbed some rattlesnakes and they spooked the horses... Sound familiar?”

Taylor’s mind raced. Who was this loony? Before he spoke again, she assaulted him with a barrage of questions. “Who is Jacob? Wagon? What horses? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Frank... is it? Look, Frank, I have an idea. Why don’t you just call me a cab and I’ll get out of your way.”

She looked down at the tacky nightgown she wore and wondered who had removed her clothing. Tugging at the sack-like shift, she let out an exasperated huff. “If you’ll just retrieve my things, I’ll get dressed and be ready to go when the taxi gets here.”


Romance author, Ginger Simpson currently resides in Tennessee with her husband and biggest fan, Kelly. Since the publication of her first book in May 2003, she has added eight more books and six published novellas to her list of accomplishments. Although she retired to devote more time to writing, her promotional efforts, blogging, tweeting, and interacting with new friends made on all her author’s and reader’s loops have stymied her efforts. 2009 was a productive year but now she’s concentrating her efforts on finding an agent to land that million dollar deal. You can view Ginger’s backlist at http://www.gingersimpson.com/ and everyone is invited to visit her at her blog at http://mizging.blogspot.com/. She loves to hear from her readers at mizging@gmail.com.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


That's right folks, Stacey very generously gave two prizes. Cate Masters was the only one to actually answer the question, so she wins Mistletoe Rules.

She drew one name of all the commentators for Dragonfly Dreams and that winner is: P.L. Parker.

Congratulations folks, I know you're really going to enjoy your prizes. The rest of us are just going to have to buy them! :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Christmas party with Stacey Claus, aka Stacey Joy Netzel

MUDTRAP.COMHello and welcome to The Author Roast and Toast. Today we are having a Christmas party with


And to celebrate her Christmas books, the theme is Mistletoe and Holly! So gather round the bonfire where it’s warm and toasty. There are plenty of winter activities to keep you busy and plenty to eat and drink. But before our guest of honor arrives in the Santa sleigh, let’s take a stroll around the acres to see the show of lights.

Stars sparkle like jewels on a blanket of midnight blue. The cold North wind blows through the bristly branches of the towering pines, twinkle lights flickering in the dark like fireflies. Snowflakes dust the ground in a fleecy soft white, getting one and all in the spirit of Christmas.

The Three Chipmunks, Alvin, Melvin and Theodore, skate around the frozen pond, singing in high-pitch voices, “Hurry, Christmas, hurry fun!”

From the log cabin, smoke billows from the chimney, singeing the crisp night air with the smell of birch. And inside, where it’s warm and toasty, a decadent dessert buffet has been arranged by Oliver. The candles flicker in the mirrored wall behind the buffet, bathing the heavenly desserts in celestial light.

Among the succulent treats are apple pie, pumpkin pie, cheese cake, chocolate chiffon mousse, nut rolls and pumpkin rolls. And artistically arranged on the snowman dish are gingersnaps, chocolate chips, sugar cookies, fudge brownies, buck eyes, and peanut butter cookies. Candy dishes are filled to the brim with chocolate kisses, pecan turtles, chocolate-covered nuts and caramels and peanut brittle. Sterling silver carafes of hot chocolate, coffee and tea wait to be sampled, along with the hot buttered rum punch and hot toddies. And not to worry, there is plenty of ice cream in the freezer to complement Oliver’s apple pie!

Across the room, a birch wood log snaps and crackles in the hearth, its brilliant orange flames going up like a sorcerer’s fire.

And in the center of the log cabin, Sharon, Lyn and Mary, donned as little elves in their pointed green hats, green vests and matching slacks, and wooden clogs with jingle bells on the tips, work their magic while trimming the tree with glee. With their jack-be-nimbl e fingers, they hang beautiful blown glass ornaments, candy canes, pop corn and lots of twinkle lights.
With mischievous grins, glowing cheeks and right eyes, they hang mistletoe in every doorway, giggling like the fools they are. Sprigs of fresh and fragrant holly trim the doorway. Once satisfied, they stand back and admire their handy work and burst into song.
"Oh by gosh, by golly, it’s time for mistletoe and holly
Tasty desserts, Christmas presents,
Countrysides covered with snow.
Oh by gosh, by jingle,
It’s time for carols and Kris Kringle,
Overeating, merry greetings
From relatives you don’t know.
Then comes that big night,
Giving the tree a trim
You’ll hear voices by starlight
Singing Yuletide hollers
Oh by gosh, by golly,
It’s time for mistletoe and holly,
Fancy ties and Oliver’s pies
And guests stealing a kiss or two
As they whisper Merry Christmas to you!"

Hearing sleigh bells jingle outside, the little elves scamper down to the entrance gate, wooden clogs clunking, toe bells tinkling in their wake. The giant snowmen waves as Santa Oliver and Stacey Claus swoop down from the star-lit sky. Cuddles the red-nose unicorn, leads the way with his glowing horn. Junior, in keeping with his name of Dancer, kicks up his booted hooves in the snow as the sleigh skids to a smooth landing. And then with a robust “Ho ho ho,” Santa Oliver, hops out of his sleigh, eyes twinkling as his jolly laughter rolls through the woods and into the forest, his belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly as he lends a hand to Stacey Claus.

Stacey Joy Netzel, dressed in a red velvet gown and Santa cap, waves at the snowman and at her fans, blowing them kisses, her eyes oh so bright.

Welcome to the party! Do a little ice skating or take a ride in the Santa sleigh. But above all, have fun with Stacey and enjoy the rich blend of desserts. And don’t forget, the minute you walk through the cabin door, you’ll be walking under the mistletoe. And we all know what that means.

Oops, Oliver is already planting one on Stacey’s sweet lips!

Now for the question: How did the legend of the kissing under the mistletoe get started? Leave a comment and you have a chance to win one of Stacey’s books. In fact, Stacey Claus is feeling so generous this holiday season, she’s giving two of them away. Good luck! The winner will be announced Saturday.

PRIZE: 2 winners get an e-download of Stacey's other Christmas novella. 'Dragonfly Dreams'

Now, have some hot buttered rum and enjoy the party and hearing about 'Mistletoe Rules'!


Christmas recipe for love—combine a matchmaking Santa, lots of mistletoe, one iron-clad rule, fated hearts; mix and stir. The Riley siblings don't stand a chance.

Mistletoe Mischief: Christmas in July at the zoo is the last place single parents Eric Riley and Marissa Wilder expect to find love. Thanks to some mistletoe mischief in the form of their two young daughters and Santa, they discover Mistletoe Rules were not made to be broken.

Mistletoe Magic: Major Mark Riley plays Court Jester to Janelle Walsh's Snow Queen at the Christmas Parade and is instantly captivated by the cute redhead whose grandpa just happens to be Santa. When Mark learns she's the tenant he evicted from his newly purchased property, it's going to take a little bit of Santa's mistletoe magic to save their romance.

Mistletoe Matchup: When Lisa Riley comes home for Mark's Christmas Eve wedding, her high school rivalry with Janelle's cousin, Derek Walsh, picks up right where it left off, only this time Derek's got the upper hand. Santa bides his time as they battle it out because he's waited a whole year for this mistletoe match-up.

EXCERPT from Mistletoe Mischief:

“Daddy, you’re under the mistletoe.”

Eric glanced up at a sprig of leaves and holly berries attached to the roof of the cart, then dropped his gaze to Marissa’s. “So we are,” he murmured.

Her face flushed, but he couldn’t tell if it was from embarrassment, or anticipation of a kiss. He knew the reason his pulse raced like an out of control locomotive.

“You have to kiss her,” Reese stated.

God Bless you, Reese.

Santa laid his arm across the back of the front passenger seat and craned his head around, his brown eyes twinkling. “‘Tis tradition.”

“It’s the rule,” Reese argued, frowning at Santa before turning back to Eric. “You say so every Christmas when we stand in the doorway at Grandma’s.”

“I do, don’t I?”

Reese nodded emphatically. “Every year.”

Eric faced Marissa and sighed with exaggerated reluctance. “I might’ve been able to buck tradition, but a rule’s a rule.”

Chasin' Mason...Available now! from TWRP
A Christmas anthology from TWRP Nov. 20, 2009Stacey Joy Netzel fell in love with books at a young age, so for her it seemed natural to graduate to writing them. She credits not only her parents for encouraging her dreams of becoming a published author, but also the very talented friends she’s made in WisRWA since joining in 2004. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and kids, a couple of horses, and six barn cats. When not writing and living life in general, she loves to read and watch movies—Happily Ever Afters a must. Published books with The Wild Rose Press include: Mistletoe Rules, If Tombstones Could Talk (paranormal novella), Welcome to Redemption (contemporary anthology with Donna Marie Rogers), Dragonfly Dreams (Christmas novella), and Chasin’ Mason (contemporary western).

Saturday, November 14, 2009



Congratulations to Cindy on winning a copy of Beth Trissel's 'Somewhere My Love', and thanks as always to everyone who stopped by, especially those who left a comment and helped to make the day so much fun.

Don't for forget to visit us again next Friday when we'll be roasting another victim, er guest!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Today Beth Trissel stands ready to be Roasted and Toasted

The mist swirls about and shadows flicker as we wait in front of the beautiful Antebellum style mansion where we are holding Beth Trissel's Roast and Toast. I am afraid to look around me, there are so many spectres all about. Double porticoes are supported by four massive white columns and stately gardens surround the plantation, a remnant of romance in a bygone era.

Magnolia and Southern Blue Gum trees fill the massive gardens and huge Live Oak Trees line the entry to the courtyard where we wait. The mansion reeks of American Gothic.
Spooky! I swear there are ghosts here. The grounds are so frightening! I'm not walking around out here alone, I swear!

Lyn, Sharon and Mary wait to welcome Beth to a wonderful Southern Ball which we have arranged for her. The massive ballroom is filled with guests who await Beth's arrival. The mansion is loaded with rooms filled with Queen Anne tables and chairs, sideboards, hutches and Red Damask wallpaper adorns the walls. Each room if filled with guests. Some of them ghosts of the past, it's hard to tell them from the real guests. How do they take corporal form like that?

There will be many more ghosts, and Beth mentioned a mysterious dagger, to tell you the truth I'm a little scared. There is a murderer amongst the guests, that would make anyone nervous. Who could it be? Would they murder someone tonight?!? Now I'm gettin' nervous.

Oliver took care of the food. His famous red velvet cake and its luscious cream cheese icing calls to me. He has prepared massive amounts of fried chicken, turnip greens, mustard greens, cornbread, fluffy buttermilk biscuits, roasted fresh ham to go along with the tables of deserts that include my favorites, buttermilk, pecan and sweet potato pies, I couldn't take the temptation and had to leave the area where the refreshments are when I saw the wonderful Southern foods. Yummy.

"Lyn, Sharon, I'm a bit worried about the knife Beth mentioned. Is someone after her with a knife? Or could they be after one of us? What the heck is going on? She actually mentioned there would be a murderer here tonight." Mary anxiously faces her friends and cohorts.

"Mary you worry too much, everything will be fine." Sharon always thinks positive. But Lyn she shares my worries.

"Oliver has hired a team of ghoul/human creatures that will be guarding the premises. Junior is in charge of security. His team of wolves are trained to pick out their natural enemy, the werewolf. Cuddles uses his magic to keep watch. By the way Mary. One look at a werewolf or a shifter of any kind and we'll run for the hills," she whispers.

"I know, I know." Mary shakes her head and looks toward the drive, where the arrival of a carriage and the clop of horses' hooves approach. "It's the threat of poison in the punch. The mention of wolfs bane that has me worried. Too late now here she is."

A shiny black carriage with matching black Friesians pulls to a halt in front of them. Out steps Beth, she is a vision in her green ball gown with it's daring decolletage.WITCHYS WIKKED GRAPHIX
Beth descends, just as Oliver shows up. He is out of breath and pushes the three of us out of his way as he drools watching Beth twirl her lovely dress and turn to him with a wink. He passes out cold.

"Thank goodness we got that out of the way." Sharon's laugh brings a chuckle to us all, he's done worse after all. After hugs and hellos we enter the mansion and huge double doors are open to a beautiful spectacle. Couples dance as the women show off their gowns. Several men try to crowd Beth, but we are able to pull her to a lovely curved arm fainting couch. All around the room candlelight flickers, even the daunting staircase is lit with candles, they add an errie mood to the elegant Gothic mansion.
Lyn hands Beth her dance card and Sharon makes sure she gets a large iced glass of spiked punch. Oliver brings it to her after Cuddles touches the punch with his horn and verifies it's safe to drink. Junior has been sitting next to the punch bowl since Oliver put it on the table. As long as he stays there...

Lyn speaks up reminding me to post a blurb and an excerpt of Beth's wonderful book Somewhere My Love. Oliver reads it with tears in his eyes.

'Star-crossed lovers have a rare chance to reclaim the love cruelly denied them in the past, but can they grasp this brief window in time before it is too late? Newly arrived at Foxleigh, the gracious old Wentworth home in Virginia, British born Julia Morrow is excited at the prospect of a summer working as a guide in the stately houseand herb garden. She quickly discovers the historic plantation holds far more. She becomes obsessed with the portrait of handsome Cole Wentworth, killed in a quarrelover the lovely English lady, Julia Maury, two hundred years ago. Then she meets his double, William, the only remaining Wentworth heir.

Somehow, Julia must persuade Will that their fates are entwined with those of Cole Wentworth and Julia Maury,and that the man who killed his ancestor has returned to enact the deadly cycle again, or she will lose him twice. The blade is about to fall.Star-crossed lovers, flashbacks to early 18th century Virginia, ghostly, murder mystery,light paranormal romance, Gothic flavors…SOMEWHERE MY LOVE.


A cold finger laid its icy touch on Julia and ran down the length of her spine. “How

did it happen?”

“He’s said to have been run through by the very man who made that mark on the door. A Mr. Cameron. Scottish fellow he was, back in…” Mrs. Hensley pursed her thin lips, blue eyes distant. “Ah, yes, 1806. Some fuss over a woman.”

“How dreadful. What about Mr. Cameron?”

“The friend of a neighbor, I believe. He escaped and was never found. No justice was ever done in the matter.”

Julia hesitated, then asked, “And the woman?”

“Heartbroken, poor thing. She returned to England. She was a guest of the Wentworth family and greatly enamored of Cole. All the young ladies were, but he had a particular fascination with this girl.”

“Why was she so special?”

“Apart from her legendary beauty? She had an angelic quality about her. Or so the story goes.”

An irrational jealousy twanged a jarring note in Julia. In the space of a few short minutes she’d fallen in love with the man in the portrait—typical of her impractical nature and unlikely to advance her nonexistent love life. And yet, she couldn’t help plunging into this sweet madness.

She tore her eyes from the painting. “Do you recall the lady’s name?”

Mrs. Hensley gave a little laugh. She tapped a finger to her furrowed forehead. “Isn’t that odd? It was Julia something…hmmmm.”

Was Mrs. Hensley teasing her? She had to know.

“I’ve got it. Julia Maury,” the guide continued and arched graying brows. “You’re from England, aren’t you, Miss Morrow? Tread with care here, my girl. We don’t want you stirring up any ghosts. Foxleigh has enough already.”

“No,” Julia said, reaching out to the dresser to steady herself. Without meaning to, she suspected she’d already stirred up some force beyond her understanding.'

"Wonderful excerpts Beth." Mary tries to speak above the din of the massive crowd. But it's useless. Finally Beth stands and offers a wave to the many avid readers and fans who are attending this ball. A loud cheer fills the room and the stamping of may feet literally shakes the floor.

"Beth Trissel! Beth Trissel!" Cheers all around are suddenly silenced and all eyes are glued to her. All those in the room wait for Beth to speak.

Saturday, November 7, 2009



Congratulations Beth, I'm sure you're going to enjoy 'Snowkissed'!
Please email Cindy at cindy@cindykgreen.com so she can send it to you.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Winter Wonderland Carnival with Cindy K. Green

Hello and welcome to The Author Roast and Toast! We are at the winter wonderland carnival to celebrate the release of Snow Kissed by Cindy K. Green.

So come in and spend the day with us while we take you to a place where dreams come true.

Outstretched pine branches capture the snow, flocking the bristly needles with a mist as finely spun as angel hair. The musical carousel spins round and round, the horses proudly prancing with glee. And as the snow swirls about in a flirtatious come hither, the Ferris wheel idles back and forth high in the sky.

Donned as little reindeer, Cuddles and Junior skate on the frozen pond.
The snow bunnies, Sharon, Lyn and Mary, looking oh so festive in white ski jackets with faux fur trimming, set up the buffet in the gazebo. White twinkle lights from the surrounding evergreens bathe the snow in celestial light. A bowl of pink lemonade grace the table, along with mini sausages on flaky croissants, fruit kebabs, corn dogs on silver sticks, and cotton candy in shades of pink, ice blue and mint green. From the dessert table, a heavenly aroma drifts through the gazebo. Sugar cookies, chocolate chips, angel and devil’s food cakes, funnel cakes, hot cocoa, hot apple cider and hot toddies.

And dressed for the weather, Oliver grills gourmet burgers and fries, in his fur hat, galoshes, wool socks and ski boots.

And as the carnival music plays from the old Victrola, a horse drawn sleigh pulls up in the snow, bells jingling. Cindy steps out, dressed as the Snow Princess in her green velvet frock, muff and scarf.

Oliver rushes over to escort her to the gazebo, a roguish grin on his face.

And before we tease your palates with Oliver’s treats, here’s a teaser from Cindy’s book, Snow Kissed, followed by a little about our roastee.

Today is one of those days Logan Reilly wished he’d stayed in bed. Not only does he have to deal with the annoying Winter Wonderland Carnival but his close friend, that whimsical lover of snow, Holly Armstrong, is leaving town forever. The question is why didn’t she tell him and why today, of all days, does he realize she might be more than a friend?

Holly can no longer stay in town knowing the man she loves only sees her as a friend. It’s time to move on; besides she has other career prospects.

As the carnival unfolds, watch God work in amazing ways. Can He change Holly’s mind and make her stay? Can He help Logan see beyond the friendship? Only time can tell.

Excerpt—from the opening scene:

“Just breathe,” Holly whispered to Logan, as she slowly took in a deep whiff. “You smell that?”
He shook his head. “What? Burgers from down the street?”

“No.” She laughed; he could be so dense sometimes. “It’s the first snowfall.” She inhaled another intoxicating aroma of winter air. “It’s coming.”

“And what’s so good about snow? It’s just annoying and inconvenient.” He pulled his arm away and folded them across his lean frame.

“Snow is beautiful…magical.” Her voice came out breathy with the idea of snow making her feel all tingly.

“It’s cold, wet stuff that falls from the sky.”

“Then there are the wonderful clothes: hats, scarves, gloves…”

“…galoshes, wool socks,” he countered.

She continued, not to be undone by his cynicism. “Fresh baked cookies, hot apple cider, hot cocoa, hot toddies…what is a hot toddy?”

He nearly laughed at her, a cute smile building in the corner of his mouth as he shook his head.

“A hot alcoholic drink. You want to come in for some coffee? I just made a pot.”

She shook her head and took in a deep breath before releasing it. “No, remember I’m off to take my snow walk through Meriden.” She tilted her head up at him. “I’ll be at the carnival tonight, working the booth for the church. Of course, you wouldn’t dare show your face there, now would you?”

Pausing, she made a concerted effort to memorize his face, including his subtly uneven eyebrows. This was probably one of the last times they’d be together. A breath hitched in her throat at the thought of never seeing Logan again. They’d shared so many memories over the years: spring picnics at the lake, midnight movies, and disastrous cooking adventures. Life wouldn’t be the same without him.

She should tell him she was leaving town for good. This was the perfect moment. Maybe he would respond by telling her she should stay—stay because he loved her too much to let her go. In my dreams.
“Goodbye, Logan,” was all she could bring herself to say. Lord, help me. It was easier than being disappointed.
“Bye, Holly.” He said the words as he always did—with genuine warmth, when no one else was paying attention, that is. It warmed her heart to hear it. He released a small smile and Holly got caught in his gaze, a little thrill pulsing in her heart.

Logan was rugged—from the clothes he wore to the tough and edgy persona he showed to the world—but his eyes betrayed his softer side. You would have expected him to have black, beady eyes by the way he barked at everyone, but instead he had these deep, soulful eyes in the most brilliant indigo Holly had ever seen on any person, man or woman. She would miss those eyes and these stimulating conversations. Well, she’d miss everything that was Logan Riley.

Available Now at White Rose Publishing
Cindy K. Green is a multi-published author with degrees in History and Education. Previously a middle school English & History teacher, she now homeschools her own children and writes in several genres: Inspirational, Contemporary, Suspense, Fantasy and Historical romance. No matter what she writes, she always throws in a bit of humor and fun. Find out more about Cindy and her books at www.cindykgreen.com and http://cindykgreen.blogspot.com/.
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So are you ready to get caught up in a whirlwind of magic? Cindy is giving a prize at the end of the roast, TBA the following day, a download of Snow Kissed. But in order to be eligible to win, you must answer the following question as a comment.

What romantic song would Cindy like to dance to in the gazebo?

Best of luck, bloggers! Enter a world of magic and intrigue at the winter wonderland carnival. Take a walk through the snow, ride the carousel and Ferris wheel, or do a little ice skating on the frozen pond. But mostly, enjoy Oliver’s elegant cuisine! Have fun!