As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Monday, November 29, 2010



Congratulations Bianca!
Sharon, Mary and Lyn appear on-stage, holding hands, to take a bow
They hug each other and wave before leaving the stage.

"Just another Roast and Toast!"

Thanks to everyone who commented and made this Roast such fun.  We really appreciate all the great comments.

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    Friday, November 26, 2010

    Debra St John 's Celebration Picnic Party

    Nestled in the woods is the cozy, log cabin, where Debra's party is to be held. Out back an old barn from the 1800s is filled with hay and the fresh, yet musty, smell, makes Lyn sneeze. The hostesses have been swinging from a rope in the loft of the barn and landing in the hay. "Lyn, you look like you slept in your clothes," Sharon chuckles. "We'd better brush ourselves off and make sure things are ready." Sharon, daring and adventurous, takes one last ride and lands next to Lyn, somewhere underneath them they hear a muffled voice asking for help. More hay and dust fills the air and Lyn sneezes again and again. "I think I have an allergy to this stuff. But it sure is fun." Lyn helps Sharon up and they dig under the the stiff, dry, grass to find Mary.

    "I don't know how you do it Mary, only you could get stuck under a pile of hay." They help her out and all three of them brush the hay out of their hair and off of their clothes then head to the creek. Lyn stamps her large cowboy boots, Sharon brushes off her big butt, and Mary picks pieces of grass out of her large cleavage. They laugh at each other and head out of the open, off kilter, barn doors. Lyn eyes, an old cemetery and pokes Mary in the ribs. "How many people are dead in that cemetery, she asks her.

    "Who knows." Mary shrugs. "All if them." Sharon, Mary and Lyn all laugh and as they walk to the wonderful spread set up and ready. Oliver, with Zach's help has set up tables and laid blankets out under the shade of maple and elm trees.

    The soothing sound of the rushing creek and the warmth of a beautiful summer day make it perfect for a picnic and the launch of Debra St. John's book, This Can't Be Love

    The meadows are filled with wildflowers and Oliver has placed them in old glass canning jars on each table. He looks handsome in his button down, western shirt, cowboy hat and snug jeans. His new boots shine in the sunlight. All three of the hostesses are dressed in the same way, each with different color shirts.

     "Look," Mary points to the acres of fields where ATVs buzz in the distance. "I wanna do that too."

     "Did you see the kids over behind the barn? They are having an archery competition, and they are blowing the adults away." Sharon can't wait to get her hands on a bow and arrow. She used to compete in the sport herself.

     "Look at Oliver, he is enjoying Zach's company for sure." Sharon is pleased she wasn't sure how Oliver would take Zach's help. But, they seem to be getting along just great. The girls want every one of Debra's favorite foods. Heaping piles of crisp fried chicken, corn on the cob, fresh from the garden, home made potato salad with eggs and without, burgers sizzle on the wood fire and smell delightful, and sliced tomatoes, onions, all kinds of condiments lie in wait for hungry guests.

    When they are done playing the food will disappear. Huge tubs of hand churned ice cream and luscious hot fudge sauce will fill the craving for a sweet desert, alongside the icecream cake decorated with Debra's cover.

    Oliver has set up a special table with bottled water, sparking grape juice, and the makings for virgin strawberry daquiris sit read to quench the thirst of even the most picky of visitors. Bottles of crisp cold beer sit in chests of ice for those who like it.

    John Deere tractors start up for those who like bush hoggin' and he is eyeing the one he plans to use.

    "I think I'll take a dip in the creek after lunch." Mary is tired, from walking the fields and seeing all the bluebird boxes with eggs ready to hatch in them.

    Glorious mountains fill the horizon and the emerald green will turn to violet and blue as the sun later slides it's way to evening. "Did you bring your suits to change into in the cabin or do you both plan to skinny dip?" She laughs and Sharon swats her on the head in jest."Only if I find the right person to skinny dip with." Sharon smiles and hugs her sister hosts.
    "Look it's Debra." Lyn points to a gorgeous appaloosa gelding and the pretty girl who jumps  from its back.

    "Hi Debra. Welcome to your roast!" They all say in unison and then crack up laughing,

    "Hi everyone, boy this place is really jumping. Look at all the people." She points to a table under a weeping willow tree where her books are waiting to be enjoyed. "I hope everyone buys one!"

    They will Mary tells her. "We've come up with a great question for our guests. What is that thing under your saddle called?"

    Lyn laughs as she just recently told Mary what it was called.

    Sharon whistles a loud whistle to get everyone's attention and announces with glee!

    "Eat, laugh, play, swim, love, and be merry. And have fun at Debra's roast. We are happy to see you and hope you have a blast with us today!
    After the disastrous end of another dead-end relationship, all Jessica Hart wants is solitude and time to heal at her grandfather's mountain retreat. Instead she finds Zach Rawlings.
    Zach has made himself at home at the cabin. He's house-sitting while the owner is away, and the temporary nature of the job suits him perfectly. For Jessica, Zach is everything she wants to escape.
    As she gets to know him better, she realizes there's more to him than meets the eye. His patience and tender concern begin to heal something deep inside of her. But can she trust her heart to a man like Zach?

    They laughed together, then fell silent. Crickets chirped in the darkness. The scent of Zach’s aftershave drifted to her on the light breeze.

                After a while, he turned toward her. “Do you?”
                “Do I what? Like apple pie and ice cream?”
                “No,” he said softly. His gaze dropped to her lips. “Do you kiss and tell?”
                Jessica’s heart kicked into a fast rhythm and she caught her breath. “I…”
                “Shhhh.” He leaned closer. “I won’t tell if you won’t,” he whispered before his mouth claimed hers.
                His lips stroked over hers, not aggressively, but softly, tenderly. He didn’t touch her anywhere else, but brushed her mouth with gentle intent.
                Her first instinct was to pull back, but something stirred deep inside her. A feeling she’d nearly forgotten. Whispery shivers danced along her nerve endings and fluttered in her stomach. Without meaning to, the action was purely a reflex, she opened to him.
                The kiss deepened. Their breath mingled. Her palm slid up his chest, feeling the play of muscle beneath his shirt. She fisted the flannel of his open collar in her hand.
                His knuckles grazed the sides of her face.
                Her body tingled with awareness. Scattered thoughts flitted through her mind, but she couldn’t hold onto any of them. Not while Zach kissed her. Not when his mouth fitted so perfectly against hers. Not when the pulse racing at the base of his throat matched the cadence of her heartbeat. 
                She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt like this. Had felt anything.
                Should she be feeling this way about Zach?
                Almost as if sensing her conflicting emotions, he softened the kiss, tenderly brushing his mouth over hers one last time.
                She waged a silent war within, trying to calm her racing heart.
                She still clutched his shirt. She relaxed her fingers one at a time, releasing the twisted fabric from her grasp. Finally she drew in a deep breath, then slowly let it out.
                Her eyes found his. 
                Zach’s gaze searched hers. He smiled. A smile as soft and tender as his kiss. He touched his finger to her lips, then rose. “Good night, Jess.”           

    Debra St. John
    coming November 5 from The Wild Rose Press
    Champagne Rose and Rosebud #1 Bestseller!
    a FREE read from The Wild Rose Press                                          

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010




    Congratulations Sue.  Please get in touch with Bobbye at Daryn@DarynCross.com 

    She will email you your Gift Card, but if you'd prefer a 'physical' card please let her know with your snail mail address.

    Sharon, Mary and Lyn appear on-stage, holding hands, to take a bow
    They hug each other and wave before leaving the stage.

    "Just another Roast and Toast!"

    Thanks to everyone who commented and made this Roast such fun.  We really appreciate all the great comments.

    Join us again on 26th November for awhen we'll be roasting    Debra St John at:

      Friday, November 19, 2010

      Christmas Celebration Roast launch Party "It's Magic"

      It's open house at the girls' winter chalet. And the hostesses of the AR & T are getting ready for a big party, to launch the latest book from Bobbye Terry aka  Daryn Cross and Linda Campbell, who writes as L.J.DeLeon. They finish last minute decorations and inhale the delicious scents of Cinnamon, spruce, and fresh flowers. Poinsettias of all different colors fill the place inside and out.
      "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the waaayyyy!" Mary sings at the top of her lungs as she throws the last of the tinsel on the tree. Lyn looks at Sharon and shakes her head. They both are wishing they had earplugs, but don't have the heart to ruin the spirit Mary has been showing for today's release party.

      Mary happens to glance and see Lyn's eyebrows raise."What? You sick of that one?" Mary yells out a  chorus of Winter Wonderland. To stop her Sharon shoves a fresh baked decorated Christmas cookie at her.

      "MMmmmm," Mary munches away and smiles at Sharon. "I was hoping you'd get me one of those, I've been singing for half an hour. What took you so long?"  She laughs and turns back to the tree.

      Standing back she surveys the job she has done."It does look beautiful, doesn't it?" Lyn puts her arms around Mary and Sharon's waists and they all smile supremely satisfied with the entire decorated house.

      "Where is Bobbye?" Lyn looks at the clock on the wall that chimes hourly and plays holiday tunes. Garland and red ribbons line the fireplace and a cheery fire warms them.
      Oliver calls them to look at the display of food he has worked on for days. Turkey, ham and a huge leg of lamb, sit next to a crispy Goose.

      Mashed potatoes and gravy, squash casserole, string beans with a rich romano cheese sauce, cranberries, glazed carrots and corn pudding fill huge bowls. Cheese platters and crackers, little wrapped wieners, oyster stuffing, cornbread stuffing, southern style biscuits, yeast rolls, the tables overflow with succulent dishes.

      Chocolate cheescake with ribbons of fondant on the top,  pies, fruitcake soaked with fine brandy,and plum pudding which has cooked for hours and is smothered in hard sauce, ready to light, wait to tempt Bobbye's numerous guests

      Sharon hugs Oliver, he has outdone himself with the mouthwatering food

      Mulled cider, eggnog in sparkling crystal punch bowls, sit next to chilled bottles of Caberet Savignon wine and champagne. A special set up for Christmas Cane Martinis awaits the guests.

      Rouched Top Circle Neck Maxi Dress-Black

      Morgan & Co® Sequin Halter Dress
      The girls are dressed in their holiday best. Lyn in a long black number, Mary in a satin pink long gown, and Sharon in a lime green gown are all wearing their best strappy heels.

      A knock on the door brings them all to greet Bobbye in her long red dress with its beatifully sequinned bodice, as she walks in and removes her faux fur wrap, closely followed by Linda, looking stunning in a gold gown. A dozen guests follow them in and all at once cheery voices fill the house. Smiles and chuckles surround Bobbye and more guests arrive in groups. Frosty air and snowflakes make a festive mood as decorated street lights cast a warm glow on the fluffy precipitate.

      Lyn and Mary, guide Bobbye's guests to chairs and refreshment as Oliver passes out flutes of champagne and sparkling cider for a toast.

      Sharon clears her voice and announces to everyone. "Please take a glass, we are welcoming Bobbye Terry tonight for her special release party. 'It's Magic", is gonna go through the roof with sales. Everyone please toast our beautiful guests, ignore the blush on their cheeks and wish the best to Bobbye and Linda."
      She dramatically raises her glass and says in a loud voice, "Slainte! May you sell a million books and  may your books all be best sellers. Let the party begin!"
      A $25 dollar Barnes and Noble gift card goes to the one who answers the question best.
      Where does Santa go for vacation right after New Years?

      Let the celebration tonight bring you the joy of Christmas and fill your hearts with Love.

      IT’S MAGIC
      Purchase Here

      Can true love exist between a man who believes a woman is capable of sticking a shive in his heart while making love and a woman who is convinced men think with only one head? Maxwell Magic, an eccentric mysterious matchmaker swears it can and he’s the man to provide the stimulus to make it happen.

      Kasey Bell, feminist writer, and Guy McLane, radio’s famous chauvinistic psychiatrist, are his targets. Even with carefully executed plans, the road to true love is strewn with mishaps, mirth and money-hungry nighttime talk show hosts. Will Kasey and Guy risk their reputations by exposing secrets buried beneath layers of shame and self-doubt for a desperately needed big money pay-off? Or, will they claim what has evaded them their entire lives—a love that lasts forever?

      As Kasey followed the stagehand, Guy grimaced. Damn. Why’d she have to have sea-green eyes and be a natural, sun-streaked blonde? He was a sucker for natural blondes, she appeared to be one. Unlike his ex, Helen, he suspected Kasey Bell’s blonde hair wasn’t found just on her head.

                  His gaze took in her tight ass and long legs. God, what legs Some men were turned-on by big breasts. Others by asses. Not him. He was a leg man through and through. And Kasey had the best set he’d seen in years.

                  Her dress clung in all the right places and was designed to make a man forget his own name. Not that it had a chance with him. Guy studied her the way a connoisseur would a fine wine. Vintage seventy-three. He took another long, slow perusal and shook his head. He was wrong. The body on this Cabernet Sauvignon came from a perfect year. More likely a seventy-eight or if he were lucky, a classic seventy-five.
                  He grinned as she smoothed the sides of her dress while continuing to cross the stage on her perfectly toned legs.
      Definitely still corked. She hadn’t had a chance to breathe, yet. He inhaled sharply. There was no mistaking a good mellow grape when he saw one. And when squeezed just right, the grape was memorable. One to be savored, never gulped.

                  No question about it, Ms. Kasey Bell was premium sipping quality. First, he’d give her time to breathe. Then he’d taste her, a little at a time, a gentle swirl over the tongue, a teasing of the taste buds.

      As he continued to examine her, Guy swallowed hard. From the way her dress moved and the lack of lines, she wore a thong and thigh-high hose. Her derriere was the perfect size for his hands to cup each cheek as he pulled her flush against him. He could feel her long legs wrapping around him. And then there were her delicate ankles. They were so slim his fingers could circle them.
      The whole package was enough to bring a grown man to his knees. Especially one like him who’d been alone for last three years. God, help him. Because if he didn’t, Guy knew there was no way he’d maintain his cool while seated next to her on stage.

      “Dr. McLane?”

      Guy snapped to attention. Standing before him were two lanky young men. “Yes.”

      “I’m Josh Bell. This is my younger brother Jacob.”

      Guy thrust out his hand and greeted each boy. “I understand you want to take some photos.”

      “Yes, sir,” Josh answered.

      “You’re our hero.”

      Jacob frowned at Josh’s sharp jab to his ribs and Guy laughed. “What does your mother think of that?” He grinned as the two boys looked at each other, shrugged, then turned back to him.

      “She hates it,” they said together.

      “Dr. McLane, you’ve got two minutes.”

      “Thanks, Al.” He turned to the boys. “We’d better get those photos taken.”

      Guy started to move, then grimaced, again. Damn. He hadn’t reacted to a female this rapidly since adolescence. Back then, much to his embarrassment, all it’d taken was a slight breeze to get a reaction out of him. And at thirty-eight, the last thing he wanted was to look like a coat rack in some kids’ photos. “Both of you stand here,” he said, positioning the boys in front of him.

      As Al Mack took more than a dozen photos, Guy wondered what it was about Kasey Bell that rang his chimes. They’d never met, yet he’d swear he’d seen her before.

      Ah, well, he’d remember eventually. He never forgot a pair of legs, especially ones as spectacular as Kasey’s.