As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, November 12, 2010

witchy Woman gets roasted

Woooo hoooo
Witchy Woman
Raven hair and ruby lips
Sparks fly from her fingertips
Echoed voices in the night
She’s a restless spirit on an endless flight
Woooo hoooo
Witchy Woman

candle-kaars Pictures, Images and PhotosPellets of hard rain beat helter skelter on the window panes of the century old manor in the French Quarter of New Orleans, rattling the glass with a menacing shake. The electrical storm raged through the sky. Thunder collided with lightning, exploding into fiery comets that lit up the night.

                        The atmosphere was festively dark and mysterious in true New Orleans style

Willowy shadows dancing in the firelight

Crazy laughter in another world

Witchy Woman’s coming to town

The three Wiccan hostesses twirl about in eager anticipation, singing the Eagles lyrics as they prepare the magically charged mansion for Witchy Woman’s roast

Woooo hoooo
Witchy Woman
Raven hair and ruby lips
Sparks fly from her fingertips
Echoed voices in the night
She’s a restless spirit on an endless flight
Woooo hoooo
Witchy Woman

Sharon, garbed in a flowing teal cocktail gown, cackled, her emerald-studded silk scarves cascading about in wild disarray.

“Come now, sisters,” she twitched her nose, causing a fluorescent green toad to summersault out of a crack in the wall. “Witchy Woman loves it here in the French Quarter, and this enchanted mansion has magical powers. Believe it or not.”
“Oh, I believe it,” Mary screeched when thirteen chocolate spiders did the limbo before her goggling eyes. Draped in a shimmering gold gown, she clutched her fringed orange shawl around her fake jugs. But when a bald headed eagle flapped its jeweled wings and gave her the evil eye, Mary’s jugs turned into bowling balls, and rolled down her now titless chest, knocking Lyn onto the floor.
Sputtering for words, Hywela Lyn, looking very bewitching in a purple gown with a trio of multi-colored mood beads gasped, “I dare say I’ve been knocked out flat on my elegant ass!”

Mary and Sharon guffawed when, right before their very eyes, Lyn’s petite little feet transformed into paddle boats.

“Holy cow!” Sharon gawked. “You could glide down the bayou swamp on those boats.”

But when Sharon’s butt blossomed into a giant mushroom, she frowned.

“Look at us,” the wiccans croaked in unison. “It’s that Witchy Woman’s fault; she put a spell on us and only she can break it.”

Oliver, looking macho in a white t-shirt and low rider jeans, snickers as he prepares the feast for Witchy Woman’s

roast. The insatiable aroma of New Orleans Cajun-style cooking filled the mansion—crawfish, spicy shrimp and jumbalaya. For those of you who dare, Oliver mixes a hurricane cocktail that is guaranteed to grow hair on your chest. And to sober up, there is witch’s coffee.

A decadent three-tier Devil’s Food cake graces a white marble table. Just as Oliver pumps his biceps, a giant crawfish leaps high in the air, winks at him and turns him into a toad with warts.

The wiccans three double over as hysterical laughter spews from their gaping mouths.

“That’ll teach you to laugh at us. Now look at us—the titless, Big Foot, Bubble Butt and a toad. All we can do is wait for WW to fly in on her broomstick so she can break the spell. In the meantime, let’s prepare for the guests.”

Candles flicker in the parlor, casting an eerie glow on the crystal ball. Red lace curtains billow in the breeze.

Three fat and sassy black kittens sporting bonnets from an uptown hat boutique in the french quarter saunter in, playing saxophones.

“Shhhh, here she comes.”

The earth quakes beneath their feet as Witchy Woman flies through the night on her broomstick.

Thunder rolls across the sky like bowling balls, exploding into a boom that shakes the mansion. Just as the wiccans and Toad Oliver reach the window, lightning splits the sky into forks of brilliant white light. Then all settles as the storm passes.
Opening the window a crack, the damp air drifts in, heavy with the scent of night jasmine and rain. The blood-red moon floats over the Bayou, bathing the swamp in a foggy haze. A gator creeps out of the mirky water, its jaundiced-yellow eyes gleaming like topaz jewels as WW breezes through the wall and into the mansion.
Looking drop dead gorgeous in an undulating black silk gown and witch’s hat, Witchy Woman appears in a puff of smoke. The fat and sassy cats, the wiccans and Oliver break into song.

Woooo hoooo
Witchy Woman
Raven hair and ruby lips
Sparks fly from her fingertips
Echoed voices in the night
She’s a restless spirit on an endless flight
Woooo hoooo
Witchy Woman

This Book Reviewer’s A Witch! Not Really.

Flickering Candle Pictures, Images and PhotosSharon, Mary and Lyn cover their ears in tandem; trying to block out some of the terrible screeching. A flying witch falls rather ungracefully from her besom. Tucking hair strands back into her pointed hat, she apologizes. “Sorry, haven’t quite mastered the controls on my new broom. I never read those redundant manuals!”

Witchy Woman dusts herself off, and waves at the readers. “Hi!” Everyone cowers in fear. “Oh! It’s not like that. I’m not a real witch. Witchy Woman is just a blogging pseudonym. It stems from my love of the late Elizabeth Montgomery’s Bewitched character, Samantha Stephens.”

Witchy is an avid reader with an unquenchable thirst for: romantic suspense, regency, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. “Anything with suspense makes my cauldron bubble.” With a lifetime passion for literature, it should come as no surprise that she’s a book reviewer. “I have a private blog site named Book-Hoarder. My name is Susan S. and my guest reviews/author interviews/posts can be found at www.LoveRomancePassion.com "

Witchy drinks a green liquid from a dark jeweled magenta bottle, it’s a truth spell. “I’m a die-hard Nora Roberts fan, and have vowed to spend the rest of my natural-born existence acquiring all her NR novels. I love single titles, but hold a soft spot for trilogies and series. If I own one, I’m hexed to purchase all. The witch who hexed me continues to elude me. Her identity is still unknown, but I’m laying bets, she’s an author.” Giving the skunk eye to all authors…laughing.

Quick facts:

Favorite subgenre- Romantic Suspense

Trope that makes my pointy hat spin- Reformed rake

When reviewing- I’m “not” fastidious. All I want is believable characters with realistic plot themes.

What I love- Reviewing novels by familiar authors, and finding new authors with great writing voices.

How many novels do I own? 298 Thoughts- I want more!

Habits- Drinking too much…vanilla-flavored coffee.

Question: What’s your favorite subgenre, or trope? “Wait! Here, drink the truth potion. It’s really not that bad, tastes like lemonade.”

Thank you ladies, it’s always great fun visiting your site, ogling Oliver, and sharing side-splitting laughs. I didn’t even mind the heat from the roast. See! I now have a beautiful bronzy-tone to my usually pale skin.

Flickering Candle Pictures, Images and PhotosWW will give a copy of Cherry Adair’s Black Magic to one US commenter.

Answer the following question

What magic words will remove the spell WW cast on the wiccans and Oliver?


  1. Welcome to your magically enchanted roast, Witchy Woman! Now about breaking this spell. If my mushroom butt blossoms any bigger I won't fit through the massive halls of this mansion. And I dare say Oliver is none too thrilled with being belittled into a toad. But I'll pay you to keep Mary titless and Lyn's feet the size of Bayou boats. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  2. Let me sweep a bit before the guests arrive...wrist flick, nose twitch, done! I think the gummy spiders are a nice touch. Mary should love those! Evil cackling bounces off the mansion walls.

    I've changed oliver back. I do like him better with those low rider jeans. O.k., truth spell-"I need him to make me some coffee." Morning witch...I am NOT.

    I'll announce my winner at the witching hour. Good luck everyone! I'll be teleporting in and out until midnight.

  3. Lyn hugs her sister hostess and blows air kisses to Witchy Woman.
    I'll forgive you for saying that about Mary and me because I know you don't mean it. It's not easy getting my arms round your huge bubbe butt to hug you though! LOL

    Welcome to your Roast, Witchy Woman, and may I say you look very beautiful, Samantha would be proud of you.

    I'm not a morning person either!

  4. LOLOLOLO evil cackle cackle the party can get rolling now that WW has blown in on her broomstick and broken the spell. Group hug to Lyn and WW and Oliver when he serves witch's coffee and tea with a twitch of his nose.

  5. Oliver, make that 2 coffees. Lyn needs a pick me up. "No!not pick her up!" Oh, dear. Oliver is carrying Lyn like a groom with his bride. I'm trying to suppress the laughter but those paddle boat feet are a hoot. Sorry Sharon. The mushroom trunk will have to stay, until a reader's words spell-it-away!

  6. Caw-Caw, Caw-Cough. It's difficult to type with claws after Witchy Woman transformed me into a crow! I'm sure she didn't mean to leave the wrong potion instead of the cough syrup.

  7. Hi Isabel,
    Couldn't help myself. I love crows! My favorite poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe has a crow...you know! We're still waiting for someone to release the spell. In the interim, here's a bird feeder-have as much as you'd like.

  8. I'm not sure whether to say congratulations or commiserations on the roasting, Susan!

    "reformed rake", huh? I'll have to bear that in mind, next RS I write. Although BLUE KNIGHT will be right up your alley....



  9. OK, you can put me down now Oliver!*Giggle* He can carry me away any time he likes - it's worth have my feet grow to this rediculous length! LOL (Just don't tell Sharon, she might dock his pay!)

    Crows and Ravens? Hmm, I'm going to see if Isabel has crept onto the post as a crow! Hi Iabel, nice claws!

    Hello Tracy. You're right, we're never sure if guests take an appearance on the Roast as an Honour or a punishment! We sure have fun though!

  10. This is totally embarrassing! I have never been flat chested before and my dress won't stay up. But, I have never seen your bubble butt bigger, sweet Sharon, whomever cast this spell is a powerful witch. Can you walk well Lyn. Well, one thing for sure you're not apt to topple over no matter how many brews you chug in!
    I wonder is that, no, yes! Samantha Stevens, wow, looks like a whole bunch of witches from the past. The wicked witch of the East, Glenda!!!! This is so cool, who else is here? I think I'll tape my dress up and hope that the bowling balls return to their original tasteful shape. Ahem! Witchy Woman you are my idol! Where is your familiar?

  11. Yep. there's a crow chattering away at the bottom of the post, by candlelight!

  12. Hi Tracy!

    I'm still crossing fingers for a sequel to Heart of Vengeance...you know. Trust me, Blue Knight is on my TBR list. The heat's not so bad now, so congratulations will do. Once the fire starts roaring though, I'd say around 6 p.m., your commiserations will be most needed!Lol.

  13. Hey don't hog the cauldron Sharon, what the heck is in there anyways?
    I think I'll write a spell. Let's see, is this the book of shadows?
    Well, it sure looks like it. I'll try the beauty enhancement one first. On Lyn! Mary mumbles the words of a spell and Lyn suddenly grows a huge nose. Sorry, wrong spell. Now what do I do. And look there are snakes on Sharon's head. Now that is funny. Will we all turn to stone if we look at her. HeHe! This is fun. Think I'll try another-Yippee!

  14. Hello sister Mary, - look here's some special tape to keep your dress up. I almost didn't recognise you for a moment without your chest! *Grin*

    Yes, Witchy is an amazing witch - we must be very sure to be nice to her or she may not change us back! :)

    Hey, talking about the Witch of the East - did you know I have a friend in Wales who always refers to me as 'The Witch Of The West'? It's absolutely true. I'm not anywhere near Witchy Woman's league though. She's even listed in 'Which Witch',

  15. Flippin' heck! I've just realised what Mary's done to my nose.

    Lyn grabs her sticky tape back in retaliation, and Mary has to clutch her dress to her chest again, to cover her embarassment. (Not that there's a lot of it to cover any more!)

  16. Mary, I'm so glad you asked. The familiars & co. have been purring for you. Up the stairs, on the 2nd floor, in the 13th bedchamber to your right-you'll see Sam, Tabitha, Mab, and Tess' cat Freddy.
    Note to readers: We'll be hearing Mary's screams momentarily. I placed a spell on the spiders. Those gummy spiders will be crawling all over the floor any...minute...now.

  17. In the words of the famous Lyn. Flippin' heck! Mary's got the Book of Shadows. She mustn't read the spell about spiders! And to be on the safe side, I'm not looking into Medusa's...I mean Sharon's eyes. Must call granny, see if she has the first printing of our Book of Shadows. I think the one Mary has was a re-release. Ha,ha. I made a author funny!

  18. AAAAAHHHHHH! Mary frantically runs from the spiders, jumps onto Oliver's back, holding on for dear life. This is much easier to do without the weight of my boobs. Mmmmm, Oliver why aren't they crawling on you. Oliver grins and points to a can of magic spider repellent! Thanks Oliver, I didn't mean to do that to your nose Lyn, I'm sorry. Thanks for changing it back Witchy Woman. I need to try another spell. Ah, here's one. Abracadabra! Uh Oh...

  19. Lyn sttrokes a spider, wondering if it'll turn back into a pussy cat.

    Thanks for changing my nose back, Witchy, now about these feet ...

    Mary, here's some ribbon and safety pins. Stand still and I'll give you spaghetti straps to hold her dress up! (*thinks* -If I can stop giggling long enough)

  20. Ha!Ha! Spaghetti straps indeed. Oh yeah, no boobs, very strange, and to see your feet extra huge Lyn, WOW!
    Look at that butt, Sharon, can hardly make it into a chair. Opps She has one stuck to her butt, now that's funny.
    Look at that, everyone is elevated a foot off the floor. That last spell was a duzy! What fun, here's another. Double Bubble, toil and trouble. Let people back on the ground. Mary grimaces as people suddenly are lying on the floor. OOPS!

  21. Granny's not answering! She must be taking a nap. O.k., o.k. I can do this. Think! Uh, what was the aportation spell again? Maybe if I can have the Book of Shadows appear in "my" hands, I may be able to stop Mary. (The coffee's not doing it, Oliver must've given me decaf.)

    Oliver, please give me one of those hurricanes that make hair grow on your chest...maybe that'll help me spark up a plan.

    From place to place, wherever you dwell...No, no, that's the spell to return a lover. Loud shrieks! The spiders are growing!!!! Wha...t?! Mary's out of control! Sharon, Lyn...we need to distract her.

  22. Man this is fun! Look I made dragons appear, they're so tiny and cute, mini dragons. Watch out for the flames!
    My let's see. toad be gone. No that only made more people disappear. Hmmm. This one looks good, uh oh! Demon's BRAHAHAHA. This is a blast!
    The ghosts are materializing, I love it!! Why is it raining in here? Well it'll take care of the dust bunnies. Uh Oh, look at all the bunnies. WOW!
    They're huge as Sharon's butt! Well almost anyways. What's that chasing Lyn, I never saw anything like it. It has seven huge claws! Stop screaming Lyn, I can't think.
    This book is so cool! I love it!!!

  23. Witchy Women change me into a Chicken I can't seem to stop pecking at the keyboard.

  24. Phew, thank goodness I got rid of that nasty seven clawed thing. I was trying to shrink my feet but I shrank the monster instead!

    Maria, what beautiful feathers, here, have some corn!

  25. Lucky for you Lyn, good one, come on have some fun and use the book with me. Look I have all the gargoyles dancing, hey that rings a bell!

  26. Sharon waddles in, her butt bigger than ever. A huge hug for Mary as she sprinkles another witch's dozen of spiders down her back with a wicked cackle.

  27. OhHHhhhhhh! I hate spiders, I'll just change them into something else.
    Oh I know, abracadabra!
    Oh Poo! I didn't want them to be huge spiders, just, one more time. Changum spiders into, darn look at the rats. Shoot well one more time!!

  28. I'm thinking we need a spell for the odor. What with 4 cats, rats, chickens, large spiders, and crows. By the way Maria, the chicken spell was Mary's doing. Not mine.

    I'll need to teleport out for about an hour and a half. Need to pick up my 2 apprentices and head over to granny's. She'll tell me how to stop Mary. Or, not! She may just send me back with pumpkin bread, lol. Regardless, I should return with a plan.

    I'm terrified of what I'll find when I return.

  29. What a fun roasting, WW. Now if you will just bring your nose to my house and twitch it, LOL

  30. Hope you figure it out Witchy Woman wish I could help but I never can remember spells, I'm a terrible witch.

    Pumpkin bread won't be all bad- when all else fails eat. LOL

  31. Don't worry, I got it! Sorry about the chicken thing, but you are such a beautiful hen, your feathers are just gorgeous!
    Sharon, we mush get you a larger seat and Lyn you squashed a couple of things. Check the bottom of your boats, I mean feet.
    This is fun, let's try another spell!
    We need more drinks Oliver, the guests are parched and Lyn can hardly lift her feet...

  32. Hi Devyn and Roxanne, so glad you could join in the fun with us.

    I don't know what that book of spells is that Mary has, but there must be a missprint. They just don't seem to work out right.]

    Let's have another go.

    Ickle pickle little feet

    Let my extremities be cute and neat!


  33. Crows and ravens and chickens, oh my!
    Hang in there Isabel and Tracy and Marie, WW will undo the spell after Oliver's hurricane grows hair on her chest

  34. OOOPSSS...WW grew hair on her chinny chin chin. LOLOLOLOLO

  35. quick get me tweezers, I needa pluck out these hag hairs.
    Ibbiy, bibity, boo, hair goes onto you!
    Sorry Sharon! But it does match your hair color.
    This book of spells is so much fun. It does say, third edition. Does that mean it's not a good book?

  36. OKAY WW...got the book of shadows and cut the jaundiced eye out of the gator I tackled in the swamp. So why is my butt the size os Lyn's boats

  37. Sharon doesn't know I have another copy and I will not tell anyone where I hid it. Let's see, whose ghost do I want to bring to the party. Yes, of course, the James Gang and the Duke,(he's my buddy), Hey Dukey baby, why do you have a tail? Sharon, did you do that?
    Lyn, what is that book you are using? My goodness, we all have a copy of the book of Shadows. Witchy Woman better hurry back, we are gonna wreak havoc! Here Sharon, I'll make you lighter. Sharon!!! Come back here, stop that floating and get back down from the ceiling. Well that didn't do it. Shoot, Oh No!! I shouldn't have said that. There is a gun in the corner shooting, yes, paint balls. Stop laughing Duke, it's better then bullets.

  38. Witchy Woman how could you be Susan! ;) Did you use a polyjuice potion? lol

    I love reformed rakes too. Here's hoping you like that virgin hero story I told you about, Endearment. Did you get a chance to read that yet? Sooo good!

  39. Hi girls, I'm dropping by for a quick moment and will be gone before you get any idea of throwing a curse on me or changing my physionomy. It's not the greatest but I grew fond of it. LOL. What a fantastic post and gorgeous pictures. My poor Oliver, how are you surviving among that bunch of witches!!!

  40. Mona, I learned a new word! All I have to do is remember it!
    Rubbing jaundices eye of gator.
    What does that do? Hey, where'
    body? I'm invisible, ugh! Hey this could be fun. Mary pinched Sharon's butt and tweaks Lyn's mammoth toes, this is fun!!!! I'll get you next time Mona, my pretty! What the hey!

  41. I'm back and pumpkin bread crumbs are falling into my cleavage. Ugh! Shuddering violently. That hurricane cocktail grew fuzz on my chest.
    Spell: Only men should be as hairy
    Erase this fuzz
    It's just too scary!
    Oliver a little lighter on the Vodka next time.

    @ Devyn: As an author, I love you so. But I'm changing you, just so you know. (Three wrist flicks, nose twitch, double wink). Aww..you make such a cute ferret. You're even cuter than Loki. Sorry, but you're a keeper!

    @ Roxanne, I'm with you. Just finished an entire loaf of pumpkin bread.

    @ Keira: Actually, yes! I add polyjuice potion to my vanilla coffee...every morning. Thought I mentioned it in a post commentary, I loved Endearment. And I loved Karl. I'm not entirely swayed to the lighter side, though. Still love those dark rakes!

    @ Mona Risk: She's smart. Got out before Mary zapped her into a gator.

    My apprentices have no ideas, they just want to be fed. As for granny, she gave me the book. Just hold on a moment while I flip through it. Grandma's double-fudge chips, homemade spiked eggnog, double-cheesy lasagna. GRANDMA!!! This is your recipe book, not the Book of Shadows! (Blushing). I keep forgetting granny's off her rocker.

  42. Whee what a party! So glad you could join us Keira and Mona. It's even better now the Duke's here. And dear Jesse, of course.

    Have some of this jumbalaya, Keira - and Mona! What - not staying Mona? Cummon, teehee, what harm could it do?

  43. Hello Witchy woman! So glad you're back! Mary, Sharona nd me found these spell books and we each thought we had the real 'Book Of Shadows', but somehow they don't seem to be the real deal. Ah I see you have it there in your hand - whaat, oh no. Not Grandma's recipe book? Oh dear, the only one here that'll thank you for that one is Oliver! :)

  44. LOL Lyn, don't look now but your boats are swimming down the Bayou and WW has twitched her nose and turned your feet into giant ears of corn with earwids crawling out of them. UGGGGGG

  45. I just ran into MONA in the courtyard and she's a gargoyle with wings. DOWNRIGHT SCARY

  46. Mona s a Gargoyle? I can stand that - but earwigs in my feet - Yikes! There'sonly one creepie crawlie I can't stand, and that's earwigs!

    HEEEELP WW please change 'em back again, I don't even mind having hooves as long as they';ve no earwigs in them!

  47. I'll keep Mona as a gargoyle to scare off the warlocks.

    Oh, very well. Lyn stand still! Well, o.k., then just stay still and float on the bayou.
    Spell: From boats to feet
    In water, now land
    Change back, now,
    On this command!
    Well....? How's your feet Lyn?

    I'll be eating some jumbalaya, and doing research. Maybe there's something online about changing everything back to norm. Maybe a time travel spell?

  48. Witchy, your dear granny's recipes aren't gonna do a twitchin' thing for my Big Bertha Butt
    I'm begging you, SAMANTHA STEVENS it back to its petite little heart shape, pronto.
    In the meantime, Oliver, twitch up a double hurricane for Mary so she can grow gorilla hair on that titless chest of hers

  49. Ooh thank you Witchie. Lyn runs up on her petite and normal little feet and gives WW a big hug.

    Whew it's getting windy. Oh no, gorillas, run sisers, run!

  50. They're blow up chimps and are hellbent on hunting the wiccan Mary Ricksen down.

  51. Look at the Duke get dusted by Chito in an arm wrestling match. Who knew

  52. Mary looks down at her hairy chest and bursts into tears, I was just having fun. Well, here you go, Sharon, twitch, twitch, you have a butt so big they could make a hot air balloon out of it. He He! Mary uses wax and pulls the hair off her chest. I may stay this way, it's alot lighter on my back. I must be 10lbs lighter. Lyn, I don't want you to be upset, but these spells are temporary and your big foot feet will be back eventually. Hopefully without the earwigs. and ahem. I am a Wiccan and I learned a lot of things you don't know about. Watch your beds for ticks tonite, Mary cackles until the Duke calms her down. I was just havin' fun and they made me titless! Can you believe it. And now the gloves are on, or is it off? Anyways, let me at 'em. Mary rushes to Lyn and Sharon, fire in her eyes, and then when she gets to them all she can do is hug the fools!
    Witchy Woman, give Sharon her money back, I know she paid you to keep my boobs as bowling balls. And I forgive her because she is stuck with that huge bottom. And Lyn will never see her feet for what they really are. But I say we all stay just the way we were again. Please! Witchy Woman smiles and raises one pointy finger and instantly the girls are back to normal. Mary's boobs are large again, Lyn's feet are back to size 12 (that's here in the states sizing), and Sharon's butt is back to pleasantly plump with an added rack for carrying stuff. Just another day at the AR&T. Better let Mona know she is a gargoyle. A well traveled one at that!
    Do the Greeks have gargoyles on their buildings?
    Oliver, Oh No, he's still a toad,or is it a frog. Quick Sharon, you're his boss, kiss him normal.
    And how about some kind of great excerpt Witchy? By the way love the outfit! Here is the book back. I have had enough of trying to do spells they always backfire on me...

  53. Wait Witchy one more thing. Mary points to Sharon's bazooka butt.
    Watch out for the good chairs, that thing is a weapon. LOLOLOL

  54. Leave the Duke alone, he's an icon ya know! Besides he is cute now that he is back to 21.
    Look out, no it can't be, it is!!!!

    Tarzan came with the gorillas! Yay Tarzan, me not Jane, me Mary, better then Jane. Come to me honey, I'll civilize you.

  55. *Sigh* is there anything you can do for Mary's shortsightedness WW? There must be a spell to cure her eyesight. I'm not sure what size 12 is in the US but over here in the good ol' UK I'm only size 4! I sometimes think she suffer from dilusions, poor dear.

    OOPS talking about Mary - put Tarzan down sweetie, here comes Jane - and she's swinging through the trees with a scowl on her face. The Duke's looking a bit miffed too!

  56. Poor Lyn, she is so delusional and we humor her. So what if her feet are big, her heart is bigger!
    Don't worry about the feet Lyn, there are lots of guys who are into feet, the bigger the better. And although you don't admit it, those clodhoppers are just huge. Sorry, but as they say, denial ain't just a river in Egypt. Don't think of it as big feet, think of it as a small body. HEHE

  57. When I mentioned side-splitting laughs on the post, I should've mentioned tear-streaking. When I read the gorilla hair remark...tears were streaming down my cheeks.

    O.k. here goes:
    I want to thank everyone who took time out of their day to goof around with me. And I'd like to give my heartfelt thanks to Lyn, Mary, and Sharon for roasting me. I look like a California gal with this tan.
    Laughs is something much needed in this world. And your readers, whether they be authors, reviewers, or bloggers should be considered lucky to know such wonderful gals. Hostesses you are released back into the wild. Everyone RUUUUNNNNNN!!!!

    I will be teleporting in and out until midnight. For readers who work 9-5 jobs. "Working 9 to 5 what a way to make a living..."

    Oliver...give me a smooch. And please give me another hurricane. Did I mention I love your jeans?

  58. Thanks for being such a good sport Witchy. You rock the waves!
    And thanks to everyone for commenting and letting her know we know it!
    See you all later!

  59. Ladies (and Oliver of course),

    What another wonderful party. You all look stunning in your gowns. I am particularly partial to purple, so, Lyn, you must tell me where you went shopping.

  60. Hello Debra, how nice to see you at Witchy's special party. Ah yes, the purple - well you see there's a little dressmaker in - oh do keep this under your hat - whisper - whisper - whisper...

    Witchy, you've been a wonderful guest of honour, it's been such fun having you, despite the clodhoppers, hairy chests and big butts you gave us, LOL!

    And we're blushing at your kind words.

    Look out world - witchy's set us Freeeee!

  61. Hi Debra, come on in but beware of the jaundiced eyeball floating in the punchbowl.
    WW, simply thrilled to have my shapely little fanny back. Thank you. Sharon rushes over and embraces WW in a girilla hug. What a delight you are. you add so much spark and magic every time you fly in and grace Lyn, Mary and yours truly with your presence. We love you WW...never change.
    You are beautiful and timeless...and sparks really spark from your fingertips. LOLOLOLOLO

  62. Oh you wicked women! You've made me laugh so hard, I've blown diet coke through my nose.

    Blessed be to the witches three and Witchy Woman as well.

    The answer you seek is far from meek and must be drawn from the pits of hell.

    Sever the power. Snap the curse binding the gorgeous three. Raise your voices. Chant as one:

    Together, blessed are we!

    For the good of all and with harm to none: So let it be chanted - so let it be done!


  63. Good evening Maeve,

    Yes she's a naughty witch that Witchy witch isn't she, which isn't to say she not a witch which one wouldn't want to witchwatch with!

    I love your magic charm, will that be the one that breaks the spell I wonder?

    You must be thirsty, let Oliver get you something a little stronger than coke!

  64. Thank goodness, MY BOOBS ARE BACK!!

  65. *sigh* I'd love to have Oliver - er...I mean...have Oliver give me something...I mean...Yes! A drink would be delightful. Is anyone else rather warm?

  66. LOL Maeve, I'm afraid Oliver does tend to have that effect on the ladies. I get that warm and fuzzy feeling every time he passes me a glass of mead! Sadly, his heart belongs to Sharon, and she's not going to let him go!

  67. Oh, Lyn - I have no doubt of Oliver's devotion to Sharon and who can blame him? She's such a wonderful person. I'll just admire Oliver from afar and hope that someday, my own "Oliver" will appear to sweep me off my feet. Of course, then there's the slight problem of this husband I've had for 31 years. Perhaps, he'd enjoy being a puppy for a bit? Hmmm...have a glorious evening, ladies! I'm off to search for that spell. ;-)

  68. *Grin* Actually Maeve, I have petty much the same problem with my own hubby! :)

  69. I think it's all those cocktails Oliver's been giving me. It's having an effect I fear.

    1. This should be read after one of Oliver's cocktails.
    2. In a Scottish lilt.
    3. In a sing-song voice.
    (Go ahead, give it a try!)

    Dogs are man's best friend,
    And always love us free.
    Maeve's other half will have a change,
    Then Oliver's all she'll see!

    Maeve, ignore the fact your husband's now licking your ankle. Forget the barking, maybe it's some new form of laryngitis.

    @ Debra St. John: I'm partial to purple too. In a sing song voice:
    It's so much better than blue.

    @Maeve: You blew diet coke through your nose without us casting a spell? Lol. After reading your comment, I must say...I'm impressed!

  70. LOL ladies, y'all crack me up. Yes Debra, we wiccans have a passion for the color purple. It's a sign of royalty, doncha know. LOLOL Why do you think we rwear it...
    Maeve m'dear, always a pleasure when you drop in for a visit. Coke through your nose...that is just too funny. Oliver is winking wildly as he rushes to your side with his special hurricane cocktail, guaranteed to make you all warm and fuzzy, hubby or not, LOL

    so you think you're safe, do you...just you wait until next week, my pretties LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
    Y'all come back now, hear

  72. Fun interview, Witchy Woman. I loved it. Everyone looked wonderful.

  73. Hi P.L., thanks. Ah, a paranormal author who happens to be nocturnal...interesting! We'll just heat up some of the jumbalaya for you.

  74. *********WE HAVE A WINNER*****
    Breaking news...just in. Witchy's cauldron has been bubbling for the past hour. The cauldron's been swirling names around all day/night. Maeve,congratulations!!

    I'm off to check your profile for an email. If you do not have an email address posted, please send me your snail at:

    witchy woman 064 @ yahoo. com
    (Add the pieces together, so there's no spaces).

    Thanks everybody, I'm off to dream land.

  75. You guys have too much fun! I could sure use some of that wrist flick, nose twitch cleaning at my castle. Don't want any toads indoors though, not even Oliver.

  76. Congratulations Maeve...what fun we had roasting WW. Hi Caroline, stick around for Oliver's hot and spicy breakfast and chickory coffee strong enough to make you catch the gator with the jaundiced eye.

  77. Congratuations Maeve! That spell sure did the trick! Well now we're back to normal (or what the sister-hostesses laughingly think of as 'normal') Mary with her generous bosom, Sharon with her neat and shapely posterioria, and me with my tiny twimkle toes, all that's left is to thank the guests for helping to make witchy's roast so much fun, and to say Thank You to Witchy herself, what an experience this has been, thank you for being a magical and extra special guest, Susan, it's been fantastic!

  78. @ Caroline. Lol. Actually I wish it would work on my laundry. But, no amount of nose twitching makes my Mt. Everest of clothes go down.
    In fact, I think there's a glitch in my nose-twitch software. It multiplies rather than diminish.

  79. What a fun post! I love this Roast and Toast thing. Think I'll give it a shot in April when my book comes out. Hope I can take the heat.