As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Cornish afternoon tea celebration for Jessica Chambers

 The hostesses and Oliver are on vacation in Cornwall. They're staying in a beautiful 17th Century farmhuse, with whitewashed walls, a thatched roof and views of the sea in the distance, just like the one in Jessica Chambers' novel 'Voices On The Waves' They are so excited. After a dip in the sea, they have spent the rest of the morning preparing for a very special guest who they've invited for afternoon tea - Jessica Chambers herself - and they're looking forward to helping her celebrate the release of her book.

Oliver, dressed in a casual white teeshirt and black jeans, has been working hard preparing food for the party and makes several trips outside to place it all on the umbrella-shaded tables on the terrace, which looks out over the beautiful grounds surrounding the farmhouse.
"I'm so glad it stayed dry, so we can eat outside!" Lyn exclaims, surveying the rapidly disappearing pile of food on the scrubbed table in the large kitchen, with its dresser displaying antique china.

She and the other two hostesses move back the armchairs, which can be huddled around theAga tonight if the weather turns cool, to give Oliver more room as he strides past, with trays piled high with goodies.

"Hmmm yes," Mary agrees, flapping her pretty yellow striped suntop to waft in some cool air. "It's really quite warm for late summer - I thought it always rained in Britain! Lyn makes a face at her and throws a cushion from one of the chairs at her. Mary ducks and grins "I think I'll change this top for a bikini top," she says, "it'll be more comfortable." Sharon and Lyn exchange glances.

"Do you think that's a good idea, with guests coming?" Sharon asks , trying not to giggle. "After all the one you wore yesterday looked a bit tight and you were sort of spilling out of it!

Mary sniffs - "you're only saying that because you're jealous of my assets," she retorts. "If you've got it, flaunt it, I say!. Anyway, you can talk. Those jeans are so tight you won't even be able to sit down!"

"Stop squabbling you two," Lyn says, "you both look fantastic!" The hostesses do look great, smart but casual, in designer jeans and suntops. Sharon's top is pale blue top and Lyn's deep coral pink.

" I've set the camera up outside let's get a quick photo done before Jessica arrives and then we can take one of her!"
"Oh all right then, bossyboots!" Mary retorts. Talking of boots, I'm glad you managed to find some sandals big enough for you!

"My feet are not big!" Lyn scowls, but soon the three of them are smiling sweetly for the camera, just as a car pulls up and out steps Jessica.

"She's here!" Sharon shouts in excitement and the three run to greet Jessica, who looks absolutely stunning in a deep blue sundress. They greet her warmly and exchange hugs before walking with her to the terrace.

The tables are all laid out for afternoon tea. Plates piled high with sandwiches of every description, fresh baked scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream,
treacle tart and apple pie,  with jugs of cream for pouring, and slices of fruit cake.  There's a Victoria sponge, decorated with a

dusting of sugar and sliced strawberries and  filled with cream and strawberry jam, a special celebration cake, lavishly iced with Jessica's cover on, in fondant icing, and hot toasted crumpets fresh from toasting on the barbeque,with lashings of Cornish butter.
The hostesses escort Jess to one of the tables and Oliver places one of his special orange blossom martinis in front of her. When they've finished eating they'll finish off in typical English style with a huge pot of tea!

While we're having our tea, let's find out a bit more about Jessica's book 'Voices On The Waves'. (For your chance to win a copy of Jess's book, leave a comment and tell us who you'd like to invite to afternoon tea in England.)


When Faye Wakefield runs a competition offering nine lucky winners a two-week holiday at her beautiful farmhouse retreat in Cornwall, she promises an experience they will never forget. However, even Faye could not have imagined how bringing these people together would change their lives forever.

Just as she hoped, the competition yields a diverse mixture of characters. Among them are Leah Shaw, a shy young woman with troubled eyes, the womanising business tycoon Marcus Armitage, Karenza Jackson, ruled by her deep-rooted need for independence, retired nurse Bronwyn Davis, and Patrick O’Leary, an Irishman with an affiliation for the whisky bottle.

So begins a gently unfolding story of love and illicit affairs, heartbreak and self-discovery. Yet, as sparks fly and the guests share their long-suppressed secrets, only Faye knows of her ulterior motive for inviting them all under her roof.


Marcus’s mood did not improve the next day when he awoke to another leaden sky. Yet, it seemed destiny was on his side. Returning downstairs, having showered and put on his best trousers, he found Leah alone in the kitchen brewing coffee.

“Hmmm, that smells good.”

Leah glanced up, blushing. “Marcus, I didn’t hear you coming. Would you like a cup?”

“Thanks, angel.” With his most dashing smile, he settled at the table where he could best admire her slender figure at work. He noticed a glow about her that hadn’t been there before. Perhaps she wasn’t quite as unaware of his interest as he’d believed.

“Where are the others?” he asked casually.

“Anjum dragged Will off for a walk and Faye’s cleaning her flat. I assume everyone else is in the sitting room.”

Perfect, Marcus mused. He smiled at Leah as she placed a mug in front of him. “Won’t you join me?”

“Oh, I’m sure you’d rather be left in peace. I’d only bore you.”

“Please, have a seat. I promise you won’t bore me in the slightest. Far from it, in fact.”

“I’m not sure about that.” Leah laughed, but nevertheless sat down opposite him.

A few more well chosen compliments and he’d have her falling at his feet. Feeling the time had come to carry out his plan, Marcus heaved a deep sigh and sunk his head in his hands.

At once, Leah looked concerned. “Is everything all right?”

“Well, no, actually.” He pretended to struggle with himself before continuing. “You see, it’s my wife. Things haven’t been going too well between us for some time now.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Thanks, angel. It’s always sad when a relationship breaks down. I suppose we’ve both changed as we’ve grown older. We just don’t share the same interests anymore.” He shook his head with a grimace. “Then, a month ago, I discovered she’d been having an affair for the past year.”

“How … how awful.”

“I was pretty cut up, I can tell you. That was the main reason I came on this holiday. I had to get away for a bit.”

Marcus experienced only a twinge of guilt at falsifying his wife’s character. It was worth it to gain the sympathy of this innocent young thing. Leah seemed too choked up to speak.

“It’s okay,” he said bravely. “I was devastated at first, but once I’d got over the initial shock, I saw how void our marriage really was. I haven’t truly loved Alison for years, and the hurt I suffered was actually nothing more than injured pride. Of course, once I accepted this, I was able to recognize the feelings I was beginning to have for someone else.”

Leah appeared startled. “Tiffany, you mean?”

“Tiffany?” He suppressed a smirk. “Lord no! She’s a sweet girl, don’t get me wrong, and I’ve grown very fond of her, but she was the one who came on to me, not the other way around. I admit I may have encouraged her more than I should have, but I suppose I was still upset over Alison. I’m certainly not proud of it.” He smiled across at her. “So have another guess.”

“You don’t have to tell me,” Leah said. “It’s none of my business.”

Marcus laughed, really enjoying himself. “But don’t you see? What would be the point my telling anyone else when it’s you I’m interested in?”

Leah set down her mug with a clunk. Barely seeming to notice the spilled coffee pooling on the table, she stared at him, speechless.

“I know this must seem a bit sudden,” Marcus said, earnest now as he leaned towards her, “but ever since our conversation in the arbor, I haven’t stopped thinking about you. I’m not suggesting we rush into anything. All I ask is the opportunity to get to know you better.”

Finishing his declaration, which he felt had contained just the right mixture of flattery and sincerity, he sat back to study Leah’s reaction.

“Marcus, I … I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything just yet. The last thing I want is to pressurize you into committing yourself or to tell me how you feel. Your attitude towards me these last couple of days has told me that plainly enough. All I want is for us to take things slowly and see how it goes.”

“But, Marcus, I…”

“Hush.” Touched by her confusion, he went around the table to drape his arm over the back of her chair. “Don’t get yourself in a state. I know I’m quite a bit older than you—old enough to be your father, some might argue—but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good between us.” He reached for her. “Let me show you.”

Jessica was born in the UK in 1982, and currently lives with her family and crazy Staffordshire bull terrier in the English town of Windsor, most famous for its castle and nearby Eton College. At the age of five, she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pitmentosa, a degenerative eye condition that has left her almost totally blind.

Jessica has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. As a shy person, she loves being able to escape into another world, and the sense of power that comes with controlling everything that goes on in that world. She especially loves writing women’s fiction centred around memorable characters that leap off the page.


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  1. Welcoome to your party, Jessica. How lovely to be here in Cornwall to celebrate your book. You look beautiful and your excerpt drew me right in.
    Oliver, grinnimg madly as he scurries to bring you another orange blossom martini, can't keep his eyes off you.

  2. Hello Sharon, yes, doesn't Jessica look lovely - and what a wondeful book her new release sounds. The cover is so beautiful too,with the blue sea rolling gently onto golden sands. Can't wait for everyone else to arrive.

    Oliver an Earl Grey from that elegant china teapot please. Thank you so much, old chap!

  3. Thanks so much both of you for inviting me here today to share this mouth-watering spread! The food is absolutely delicious, especially the beautiful cake. May I have another slice? I'll have to be careful, though, or I'll burst right out of my new dress, which, incidentally, was extremely expensive!

  4. Mary tries to swallow the huge mouthful of scone so she can add to the conversation.
    Finally able to speak she smiles at Jessica.
    You do look lovely sweetie! I must say this beautiful country and the fresh sweet air sure gives one huge appetite.
    I can't wait to read your book. It's my kinda story.
    Munch, munch. Could you pass the clotted cream. Oh that Victoria sponge cake. Yummers!

  5. Jessica, what gave you the idea for this great story?
    Lyn, that's my foot your crushing with your "tiny" feet.
    Did Cornish game hens come from here?

  6. Welcome Jessica - yes that dress does look expensive, it's such a beautiful fit and the material is so silky.

    Hello Mary dear, I wouldn't dream of crushing your clodhoppers, er I mean feet. You were asking about Cornish game hens? According to Wikipedia
    Though the bird is called a "hen," it can be either male or female.

    "Most sources credit Alphonsine and Jacques Makowsky of Connecticut for developing the small bird in the mid-1950s.

    A Saturday Evening Post article from July 1955 credited Mrs. Makowsky with coming up with the idea to breed the Cornish game chicken, a small bird with short legs and a plump, round breast that she had discovered in a book.

    The Makowskys began cross-breeding the Cornish game cocks with various chickens and game birds, including a White Plymouth Rock Hen and a Malayan fighting cock, to develop the Rock Cornish game hen, a succulent bird with all-white meat suitable for a single serving."

    Apparatly they are slaughtered at an early age to provide a suculent single serving. Hmm, I feel quite sorry for the poor things.

    Anyway, back to Mary's original question, we're dying to know how you came up with the idea for 'Voices On The Waves.'

  7. Lyn, you show off! Just listen to you spout off all those er interesting facts about the cornish hen. Are you reading it straight from the encyclopedia?

  8. Mary, cear, save me some scones and strawberries and cream, woncha

  9. Yes, Jessica, do tell about your book,please

  10. Mmm, this cornish clotted cream is delicious. (I've saved you a little stash, Sharon,just in case!) LOL

    Oh, I know all sorts of stuff, I 'm just not appreciated *grin* Oh, Ok then, I looked it up on Wikipedia and just copied it!

  11. Are we sure Cornish game cocks is a suitable subject for the tea table? Oh dear, I think I’m getting a bit tipsy already. No, not another drink for me, please, Oliver. Well, all right then, maybe just a small one.

  12. Right, where were we? Oh yes, you were asking about my inspiration for Voices on the Waves. Well, I suppose it all started with my fascination with people. I love watching how they interact, their flirtations and capacity for deceit. I loved the idea of throwing together a group of highly diverse strangers from all walks of life under one roof, then sitting back and watching the sparks fly. Hence, VOTW was born!

  13. *Giggle* You have to watch Oliver, you know, Jessica, his drinks tend to be very potent. It's OK though, we're very easy going at the Roast and no-one is ever the worse for it.Mmm, yes I'll have one of whatever Jess is having too, please OLiver, thank you.

    Please feel free to post another excerpt if you want to -- we're dying to know more about 'Voices On the Waves'.

  14. Hand off that scone Sharon. Mary grabs it and holds it close. I only had four of them. And that is not funny Lyn, they don't go right to my breast.
    They will dear Lyn go right to your feet and Sharon's butt. So I am really doing you a favor. And Sharon stop smacking me. Oh all right, here's a bite.
    Thank goodness you know how to look things up Lyn, what would we do without your keen mind?
    Just kidding I love you dears.

  15. You're so right, Jessica, it's always fun to throw a group of strangers together and see what hapens - and what a great idea to put them in such a beautiful setting.

  16. How about a short excerpt Jessica?
    Rock the waves!

  17. Hey, who ate all the cucumber finger sandwiches? Where is everyone? Hey, is that the, no it can't be, not over here in Wales! But it sure looks like him!

  18. LOL Mary, what have you been drinking Mary?

    Jess - come quick - Mary's just moved Cornwall to Wales!

  19. Shiver me timbers...could it really be the Duke himself in Jolly old England

  20. Oh dear, we can't have a venue change part way through the party, although I'm sure Wales is very nice too. When it isn't raining, that is.

    The other guests better turn up soon, or the rate Mary’s going, there won’t be any food left. Who’s for another drink? Then I’ll see if I can dig out a juicy excerpt.

  21. OK, how about this one. There’s quite a bit of sniping going on in this scene, although rather less friendly than the banter around this table!

    Marcus rolled over on his sun lounger and attempted to block out the voices. Even in the shade of an umbrella, the temperature was such that his body ran with sweat. All around him on the terrace, the remains of lunch littered the tables and tension shimmered in the air between the guests like a heat haze. Ignoring the others, Marcus applied his mind to his latest scheme.

    He started as a long fingernail prodded him in the back. “Marcus, are you awake?”

    “Ouch! Pack it in.” He shoved the hand away without looking.

    “Oh, I do apologize. Didn’t mean to disturb his lordship’s nap. I just thought you might like to go inside for a bit. You know, spend some quality time together.”

    “Not now, angel, it’s too hot. I’m not in the mood.”

    “Be like that,” Tiffany huffed, and flopped back onto her sun lounger.

    Marcus paid her no heed. In truth, he had begun to wonder if he’d made a mistake involving himself with someone from such a lowly background. Most of the mistresses he took up were the wives of business associates: charming, sophisticated and with an inherent dignity that was so lacking in Tiffany. Oh, bedding her had been a novelty, a source of amusement to pass the time, but now everything from her clinging possessiveness to her overly made-up face grated on his nerves.

    Dismissing her from his mind, Marcus let his thoughts drift to his next quarry. Ever since stumbling across Leah in the arbor a couple of days ago, he had been restless with the thrill of a new chase. His pulse quickened, imagining how she would gradually come alive under his touch until all her inhibitions were swept away on a tide of passion. He had a challenge on his hands, overcoming her façade of prim reserve, but it was a challenge he relished.

    “And what do you think you’re staring at?”

    Once more wrenched from his absorption, Marcus shot Tiffany a glare that she didn’t see. Deprived of his attention, she was now eyeing the one person who alone appeared unaffected by either the heat or the bad feeling.

    Lowering her Margaret Attwood, Karenza raised a cool eyebrow. “Were you talking to me?”

    “No, I was talking to the table. I don’t see anyone else gawping at me round here, do you?”

    “Heavens, we are vain. What makes you think you’re such a worthy subject for study? Frankly I’ve come across more interesting wallpaper.”

    “Bitch,” Tiffany spat. “If I catch you staring at me again, I’ll scratch your eyes out.”

    “Admirable sentiments,” Karenza mocked before burying her nose once more in her book.

  22. Hic,Hic! We're in England? Oh!
    Then where's the Queen?

  23. Wow! What a fantastic excerpt, Jessica, you have some wonderful characters in this book - it really makes me want to read more.

    (And I'll forgive the inference that it's always raining in my beloved Wales, indeed to goodness, look you, it doesn't rain ALL the time - and it's what keeps it so nice and green. :) )

    What I want to know is - how did the Duke find his way to Cornwall. Jess, Mary always invites him to the Roasts, and he nearly always accepts. Hope his horse doesn't leave hoofmarks all over this nice lawn!

  24. Gosh, I wasn't expecting such a noble guest. I would have bought an even more expensive dress if I'd known.

  25. Oh wow, Ladies, the spread looks gorgeous and I am feeling a bit peckish. Tea for me, Oliver. Congrats on the release, Jessica.

  26. Thanks so much, Cindy, and welcome! Pull up a chair and tuck in.

  27. Ahem, the Duke knows how to be a gentleman. He even kisses hands. I saw him do it in a movie. He isn't just a cowboy you know. He's an icon!
    Just ask Sophia Loren, she knows. Oh there she is. How nice to see you in ENGLAND Sophia. Oh you came to see Oliver and Jessica. Here they are!
    (What am I chopped kippers or something?)

  28. Welcome Cinbdy, so nice to see you, make yourself at home.

    It's OK Jessica - 'The Duke' doesn't stand on ceremony, and he's not Royalty, just a bit of a saddle tramp really! He's only here in spirit - and he usually brings the James Gang with him too! LOL.

    He's raising his Stetson to you though and looks a bit smitten with you. Mary's gonna be jealous!

  29. Voices on the Waves sounds WONDERFUL, Jessica, and I loved the excerpt. I'll definitely be picking it up. Mary, Lyn & Sharon: you three are so much fun, squabbling like a trio of sisters. Thanks so much for brightening my day and give Oliver a hug for me!

  30. Oliver gearheart, another round of orange blossom martimis to celebrate Jessica's excerpt. And a pot of tea for Cingy and those who think we're in Wales.

  31. What a sta-studded event this is turning out to be, with Sophia dropping by as well. I doubt Cornwall has ever seen so much excitement before!

  32. So lovely of you to stop by, Maeve. Do help yourself to some food, if this greedy lot have left you anything.

  33. Jessie and the gang are riding into town? Jessica, you are in for a treat. There might even be dancing in the streets tonight.

  34. Hi Maeve - how lovely to see you!

    Mary and Lyn both fall over themselves trying to get to Oliver first to give him the hug from Maeve - but Jessica has beaten them to it!

  35. I heard that Lord Graystoke is coming!
    Maybe he'll swing you through the trees. Well no vines, hmmm. would you settle for a loincloth?
    Jessie is after Lyn again, and his brother is after Jessica. The Jame's brothers work out a lot!

  36. Hi Mave, hey, who left one cucumber sandwich with teeth marks in it? Mary? Lyn?

  37. Chuckle wasn't me, Sharon, ask the chimp with Lord Graystoke!

    Oh, good job Jesse James is such a hunk or else I'd have to do more than just pretend to run away! :)

  38. That's what you say about all the guys who visit Lyn! Oops sorry.
    Not me Sharon, guarantee, I'd have eaten the whole thing!
    Well off with the Duke, he's lookin' good at 24 ain't he. He's sooooo Western! Yee Hah!
    See you guys in a bit, party on!
    Jessica, you are great!

  39. Great party as always ladies.

    On a visit to England (ages ago) tea time was my favorite time of day. I really learned to enjoy tea and all that goes with it while I was there.

    Let's see...who would I like to have tea with? I'd have to say I'd like to rewind time and have tea with Princess Diana.

  40. Well, Jessica, not quite the genteel English afternoon tea party we had planned for you - but hey ho, that's what happens at the Author Roast 'n' Toast' we never quite know who's going to turn up.

    We'll just keep partying all night shall we? Then we can all retire to the kitchen for a nightcap have a few hours kip and keep the party going tomorrow. Come on folks, the night is still young!

  41. I'm up for an all niter! Especially a virtual one!
    Oh, Dukie baby, you are such a gentleman!

  42. Tee hee Mary - so the rumours are true then!

    Now, now Jesse - please TRY and behave like an English Gentleman!

  43. Yawn...not yet another Hywela Lyn 101

    Jessie James, rescue me...come with me honey.

  44. Hi Debra, how lovely to have tea with Lady Diana.

  45. Jessica, this party is rocking. You can really cut the rug with the Duke,go girl

  46. Hi ladies, sorry to pop in so late. But hey, I can never resist scones and clotted cream! And wow, how I'd love to win 2 weeks in a Cornwall farmhouse! Jessica, so nice reading about your and Voices On The Waves. Congrats!

  47. Whoops, I can see I've become a bit of a light weight. Oliver's cocktails just about finished me off and I dozed off over the remains of the scones. Apologies, everyone, and thanks so much to Debra and Allison for joining us.

  48. The early morning sun streams through the windows of the farmhouse. Guests and hostesses lie sleeping in armchairs pulled around the Aga. Even the sound of Oliver preparing breakfast won't wake them - they've partied all night.

    Lyn stirs and opens her eyes.

    Good morning Jess, don't worry, we all dozed off eventually!:)

    Hi Debra and Alison. How lovely to see you here. Mmmm, I think I smell breakfast, and I can see the sun shining through the windows, it's going to be another lovely day in Cornwall!

  49. Come on Jessica and Lyn--race ya to the kitchen for Oliver's gourmet breakfast

  50. The title immediately captivated my interest. Voices on the Waves. I love the setting, Cornwall. Spent my honeymoon there (years ago). The excerpt was very intriguing.

  51. That is such a gorgeous photo at the top of the post. Don't you just want to move into that home? Jessica, your book sounds intriguing. Megasales to you!

  52. Hello Nightingale - welcome to the party. You're right, that is such a fascinating title of Jessica's isn't it, and I loved the excerpts too. Sounds like a thrilling read.

    What a lovely place to spend your Honeymoon. I've only visited Cornwall once, but it was lovely!

  53. Hello Caroline,

    Yes, that is a lovely thatched farmhouse isn't it. It's as close as the description Jessica gave us of the one in her story as we could get! I agree, it sounds like a wonderful read.

  54. Hi Jessica. I could sure go for some of that yummy looking pie and a cup of tea. Mmm mmm. That view is beautiful. I could sit there for hours. Your book sounds lovely. Pretty cover.
    Sue B

  55. Sue

    Thanks so much for droppong
    by to help Jessica celebrate her new book! Yes, isn't that a lovely cover!

    I'm sure Oliver can rustle you up some pie and a cuppa if we ask him nicely! :)

  56. Nice posting. Voices on the Waves sounds good--excellent excerpt. Makes me want to be part of the party. Thanks.

  57. Sorry, everyone. Just went to remind Oliver to take the next batch of scones out of the oven, seeing as Mary scoffed the last lot, and I missed the new arrivals!

    Thanks so much for coming, Nightingale, and I’m so glad you like the title of my novel. It was a long time after I finished the book before I found a title I was happy with.

    How lovely to see you again, Caroline. So pleased you could make it.

    Sue, I’m thrilled you like my cover. I was so lucky Gillian Jansen allowed me to use her gorgeous painting.

    More tea, anyone? Or shall we get Oliver to mix us up something stronger?

  58. Hi Jessica - ooh something from Oliver's cocktail bar would be nice wouldn't it!

    She - you're very welcome to join the party, thank you for stopping by. Yes, I the excerpts from 'Voices On The Waves'made one want more, didn't thet!

  59. Welcome, Jessica..I see the Lyn and Mary are trying their best to behave, but of course, it's not working so well. They're good at heart, though! Gotta love those attitudes.
    Congratulations on your new book. It sounds like a winner--now, if you'll excuse me, I need to sample the tea goodies. Looks like sandwiches to me, and Ohhhhh, all those desserts! Bye now, Celia

  60. Yes, feel free to tuk in, Celia, an thanks so much for stopping by!

  61. Good morning, everyone. Do hope you’re all bearing up OK after yet another night’s partying. While we work our way through Oliver’s gourmet breakfast, and before we head off home, I have an announcement to make—the winner of my contest!

    First, I have to say a huge thank you to the Author Roast hostesses for making me so welcome, and for all of you for taking the time to stop by and share in my celebration. Now, onto the exciting part. The winner of my contest, and the recipient of a free ebook copy of Voices ON The Waves is … Allison Chase! Congratulations, Allison. I’ll be emailing you your prize shortly.

    Thanks once again, everyone, for coming. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time in Cornwall as much as I have.

  62. Lyn waves to Celia - hi Celia, thanks for joining the party.

    Congratulations Allison - I'm sure you're going to enjoy 'Voices On The Waves. I'll put up an announcement shortly.

    It's been a real pleasure having you as our guest, Jessica, thank you for being such a great guest of honour. It was wonderful getting to know you and your story. and enjoying your party in such lovely surroundings.

    We wish you much success with your writing and may 'Voices On The Waves' bring you many sales.