As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Patsy Parker's Beach Party celebration

“Does my butt look big in this suit?” Sharon innocently asks Mary and Lyn. Sharon ignores their snickering. “No, NO, I mean it, does it look bigger then it usually does.

“Well Sharon, I don’t think that hot pink is the best color to cover a big butt.” Mary pulls the top of her bikini up and tries to shove herself into it better.

“Stop teasing her Mary. How about these flip flops, do they make my feet look big?” Sharon looks at Lyn incredulously. “Is the sky blue?” Lyn gets up from her reclining beach chair ready to chase Sharon.

“Ladies, I meant to ask you, do my hooters look big in this red bikini top?” All three of the hostesses of the AR&T look at one another and break out in hysterical laughter.
“Come on girls, let’s use what we’ve got and knock ‘em dead.” Lyn smiles, and they all head out of their hotel room and onto the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. Diamond head looms in the distance, and the sun sparkles on the aqua water in a breathtaking crash of silvery waves.

Oliver stands next to the pit he dug and filled last night. Savory smells fill the air. Under the coals he has placed an entire roast suckling pig, huge sweet pineapples, baked Mahi Mahi in banana leaves, lomi lomi salmon, chickens, baked purple sweet potatoes, teriyaki beef, and other delicious foods simmer underground.

Tables hold Poi smooth and flavored with soi sauce, fresh tropical fruites, cole slaw and various fresh salads like Kim Chee, corn chowder, fried rice, chicken long rice and other finger foods are ready and waiting.

For desert Oliver has baked a Hawaiian upside down cake, and Haupia, banana bread, mango bread, and Portugese Sweet bread to finish the sumptuous meal with.

Oliver rushes to place the Kulolo on the table to satisfy those who crave the taste of Taro and coconut milk. He looks hot in his speedos and he hands all three of them a fragrant Lei, made with the flowers of the Plumeria among other orchids and leaves. 
“Everything looks set.” Lyn comments a grin on her face. After the cold winter weather in England she is glad to be here in Hawaii. “Sharon, what is that white paste on your nose.” Mary chuckles as she realizes that Sharon has used tooth paste to protect her delicate nose from the brilliant sun and reflections off of the waves. Mary passes out the sun glasses and suntan lotion. The all begin to slather it on and Lyn notices Patsy walking toward them.
“Ooh! Ooh! here comes Patsy, she looks hot in that sexy grass skirt. I hear she's going to be taking part in the hula instruction later on, doesn't she look fabulous! Hula Dancer
Lyn takes note of Patsy’s flattering hula outfit.
“Hi everyone. The beach is packed today. These open tents are wonderful. Oh Oliver I’ll have one of the Margaritas’s, no the Mai Tai, heck I’ll take one of everything.” She takes her glass from Oliver and he passes a drink to all of them.
"Oh, that’s nice, you remembered Mead for me.” Lyn is very happy to see the Mead. Mary lifts her berry smoothie, Sharon raises her glass of wine and Oliver adds his beer. They all clink glasses as Sharon toasts. 

 “Welcome everyone to the Author Roast and Toast, today we are roasting the wonderful author, P.L? Parker and her forthcoming books 'Into The Savage Dawn' and 'Absolution'.

Good luck and many sales my friend, and Aloha Kaua to all.”
Hula dancer
Mary, Lyn and Sharon, all look in the distance as a special guest to surprise Patsy arrives on a speed boat. Who do you think Patsy would like to see?

Absolution – Coming from Eternal Press, www.eternalpress.biz
hula dancerInto the Savage Dawn (Sequel to Riley’s Journey) – Coming from Willow Moon Publishing, www.willowmoonpublishing.com

Into the Savage Dawn:
Sent back 40,000 years to the ends of the last great Ice Age, the time travelers embark on a journey of survival and discovery. The brutal and cannibalistic, Cro-Magnons discover the small band and attack. Forced to flee from their high mountain encampment, the tribe heads into the dawn, towards the Pacific Ocean and their dream of ultimately reaching North America.
Geena and Micah are left behind to lead the Cros away from the escaping tribe. When he is killed, she finds herself terribly alone. Severely injured and without hope or resources, she nonetheless is determined to survive and find the people.
Survival of the fittest - that is the law of primordial earth.
The ancient tomb, rested in the heart of the French Vosges Mountains.The over-eagerresearch assistants had no inkling of the events they’d unwittingly unleashed when they found and released the young half-vampire--Chloe! Zaccarius, greatest of all the Slayers, is sent by the Council of Nine to seek out Chloe, determine her worth and, if necessary, render justice. 

Enticed by the purity and goodness of Chloe’s mind, he becomes her protector. “I came for you.” “To kill me?” she asked, her voice breaking tremulously. He laughed, a husky wisp of humor. “No, little one. Had that been my purpose, I would not be standing here.” Zaccarius falls beneath the army of the Dark Master, Jochad, and to stay the death of her lover, Chloe allows herself to be taken. Ancient and dying, Jochad needs Chloe’s blood to reanimate-her blood in exchange for Zaccarius’ life.

I love paranormal and as a result, it's the perfect genre for me.

I started seriously writing about 5 years ago and have since published 3 novels (Fiona, Riley’s Journey and Aimee’s Locket), one short (Heart of the Sorcerer), and two Free Reads ( Prophecy's Bride and Songbird), at The Wild Rose Press.. I have two novels soon to be released, Absolution and Into the Savage Dawn. I am married to my best friend and soul mate. I have three sons, ages 37, 29 and 18 and the sweetest little 4 year old granddaughter in the whole world. 
Patsy's sites:
To win a copy of Patsy's book, 'Riley's Journey' all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
Contest ends tomorrow and everyone who comments is elligible.


  1. Hi Patsy. Welcome to your Roast. Patsy. Have a long, cool drink. We're looking forward to learning to hula dance - and to hearing more about your books of course.

  2. Aloha Patsy! Welcome to your Hawaiian pig roast and beach party. Oliver has really knocked himself out preparing the food and I intend to sample a little of everything. Y'all look fantastic in your hula skirt, very chic. Don't laugh, girls, but many moons ago when I was a sweet young thing and willing to try anything once, I entered a hula contest when I visited the exotic island and do you know I won and was crowned with the name Kalona, my name in Hawaiian. And I won the contest because I could really shake rattle and roll my big ol' butt.

  3. Lyn runs to hug her dear sister hostess. Hello Sharon - what a fun party this is going to be for Patsy. It's wondeful to feel the warm Hawaiian sun on my skin after the soggy conditions we've had in the UK! :)

    Congratulations on winning the hula contest, and what a lovely name. I think I shall call you Kalona for the rest of the day - and your butt isn't really that large you know, at least it's round and shapely!

  4. LOL - Good Morning Ladies - Everyone and everything looks fabulous. The hula skirt is certainly slimming. Looking forward to visiting with everyone today. So funny, still laughing. You ladies do such a terrific job putting these together. Thanks so much.

  5. Hi Patsy

    Lovely to have you a our guest today.
    So glad you like everything - and may I say how lovely you look in your hula skirt!

  6. This is awesome...everything looks good. I've never been to a pig roast or a beach party.Everyone looks fab...thanks for the invite...

  7. Girls, you look stunning in your bikinis. How can any healthy man stay sober next to you?!!!

    Patsy, love you houla dancing. I remember your Aimee's Locket. I am sure your new book is as good. Have fun with Oliver in Hawaii.

  8. Never been to Hawaii so this is just too exciting. I'm going to indulge, indulge, indulge. Hey, how come my boobs are so much smaller than Sharon's and Lyn's? Sharon, you'll have to show me your moves so I won't make a fool of myself in the hula contest. Thanks Abigail and Mona for stopping by.

  9. I love the pictures, Patsy. They make me long for a winter getaway. Your books sound fantastic too. Please count me in for the giveaway :)

  10. Thanks for stopping by Clarissa. We're having a heat wave here!

  11. Hi Abigail,

    Welcome to Patsy's party. Gald you like it - If you can catch Oliver's eye he'll make sure you're kept well supplied with tasty treats from the pig roast - or anything else you fancy.

  12. Hi Mona

    Great to see you here as always! Do make yourself at home and help yourself to some of all this food and drink.

  13. Patsy, I've never been to Hawaii before either, I'm looking forward to learning how to hula dance.

    I've never been told I had big boobs before - Mary's not sure whether to be relieved or offended that you didn't mention hers! LOL. Mind you, she has trouble hanging on to them sometimes!

    You have a lovely figure - it's just that right now it's hidden behind that rather extravagent Lei Oliver gave you! :)

  14. Oh, sorry Mary - I was so overwhelmed by the size, I was rendered "speechless." Hee hee. And Oliver looks terrific, as usual.

  15. Hi Patsy, you naughty ladies and Oliver, too. Thanks for the beach party. I really needed a break from all our snow and cold winds.

    When do you start the hula lessons, I ask as I stuff succulent roast pig between my lips.

    Patsy, you're fetching in that grass skirt. Do you think Oliver's amazing concoctions might curl it?

    Wishing you mega sales with Absolution and Into the Savage Dawn. They sound awesome.

  16. Hello, my sweet sister Lyn, Sharon returns the hug. Oh do call me Kalona, but that's Queen Kalona to you, m'dear
    Now let's go enjoy the food and run our toes in the sand. Y'all can keep them hidden that way. Too bad I can't hide my butt, especially when I do the hula. HEE

  17. Patsy, just get out there and shake your bootie for all you're worth. In other words, let it all hang out, baby!

  18. Welcome to sunny Hawaii where it never rains, Abigale! Eat drink and do the hula

  19. Sandra, so happy you're here to celebrate Patsy's pig roastin tropical paeradise, grab Oliver for a lei, wink

  20. Having a great time! Waited on hand and tootsies by Oliver (he handles it so well). My oldest son has been to Hawaii twice - but did he take me? Noooooo! But I finally get the chance to be here! I'm loving it. I agree, Sandra, grass skirts seem to be me. I am shaking my bootie as we "speak."

  21. Hi Clarissa, what a pretty name. It reminds me of the lovely flowers here.

  22. Big hug for Mona, welcome. Now where oh where is our hooter queen, did she lose them whilst out surfing I dare wonder

  23. Hi Patsy, Computers stink! Especially when they won't work!
    But it let me out so here I am. Wow what a day! Hello everybody! This bikini top is a bit tight. Mary adjusts her hooters. Reminds Sharon to pull up her bikini bottom. And ain't Lyn happy today. No shoes!!!
    i must say Lyn the pair you gave me to wear this week is a bit large. I am having a balance problem. How can I enter the hula contest if.... HOLY MOLEY! It's that guy from that new show Hawaii 50.
    Mary pats her hair and strides toward him. Whatever his name is!
    She runs back to hug Patsy, Lyn and Sharon and then sashays over to the handsome hunk. Oh Mama!

  24. Mary comes back after talking with the actor from the TV show. A big smile spreads over her face! He took my phone number girls! WoooooWhoooo!!
    So whats the plan for today. This beach is beautiful. Patsy, can you share another short excerpt? I've read all your books except for these two newbies. I LOOOOOOVVVEEE time travel. I used to imagine myself sent back to cave man times. Hmmmmmm.

  25. Kisses Mary love, and apparently pink is my color. I wore it when I knocked everyone in the contest off stage. LOLOL
    Go Patsy you wild child, shake it, girl!

  26. Lyn runs over to hug her sister hostess, Mary, bounces off her hooters and springs backwards about ten foot.

    Wow, Mary, you need to deflate your chest a little, sweetie!

    Yes, it's great we can go shoeless in this lovely golden sand. Those shoes are large, aren't they, now you see what I mean when I say the shoes you give me everyweek are far too large for my little tootsies! :)

    Did you know Sharon was crown Queen Kalona? Does that mean we have to curtsy? How will you ever straighten up again, being so top heavy? Never mind I'll help you - that's what friends are for!

    Doesn't Patsy look fantastic in that grass skirt - and she can certainly shake her stuff. Have you read her excerpts? Aren't they fantastic! 'Savage Dawn' reminds me of The Valley of Horses' and 'Clan Of Teh Cave Bear'.

    Ah well a couple more for my wish list!

    Now then Mary, put that man down. Put him down, I say! Oh dear!

  27. Mary - so happy to see you. Glad you could escape the computer demon. I have to say, I watch Hawaii 5 0 and that guy is so hooootttttt! Used to be a vampire. Where is he - I need to drool some more.

    I had such a good time writing the sequel to Riley's Journey. I love the ice age. So fascinating.

    Absolution was a step outside my comfort zone. Still some time displacement but not time travel.

    Here's the link to Absolution's book trailer:


  28. Another short excerpt for Absolution:

    She heard voices, she knew she did. Deep within the bottomless void where she’d
    buried herself so long ago, the voices gnawed at her sub-conscious. P’raps it’s a dream!
    Like so many before. But no, she heard them again. Voices—real voices. She had to
    reach them. I have to let them know I be here and alive! She struggled upwards, swimming
    through the viscous layers of darkness.
    Doest not leave me! She prayed, harder than she’d ever prayed before in those endless
    dark years. I be here! Doest not leave me!
    “Pretty disgusting, isn’t it?” A male voice said, though she was unsure of the words.
    He sounded so strange. English, but not English.
    Help me! She could feel the heat emanating from their bodies, smell their scent, hear
    the blood pumping through their veins. She was so close. Why canst they not know
    she be here?
    “Look at those teeth.”
    She felt a light brush across her face, like the fluttering of moth wings. This be not a
    She ached to reach them, to touch a living creature once again. Doest not leave me in
    this place. Grant me death if ye wouldst, but doest not leave me again.

  29. I loved Riley's Journey and Fiona. I am a fan!!!!!
    Oh and poor Lyn, she is delusional. Those are tiny feet? BBBRRRAAAHAHAHA! Mary holds the stitch in her side.
    I loved him as that vampire, the idiots took it off. I'll take him, whatever his name is!
    Oh and Sharon, big butt are in. You have heard about the Cardasians? I don't know how to spell it but I sees it. Huge and popular!!!

  30. Patsy, pulled me right in but the title already did. I love it, Absolution, how'd you come up with itt?

  31. Aloha ladies!!! *setting up chaise under the umbrella then running for a drink and snacks*

    I've not been here in a while so it's good to see so many people stop in! *hugs all around*

    Sharon, it's always good to see you, my friend.

    Mary and Lyn - you do throw a great party!

    Patsy, congrats on your books and here's wishing you high sales! Cheers!

    Can't stay long, the tax office is busy busy but I'm going to relax a bit first until they discover I'm gone at the office! LOL

  32. Deanna enjoy your mini escape! Close your eyes and soak up the sun while you listen to your kindle read one of Maeve's new books to you.
    What a life.
    Who is that I see heading our way Sharon, Lyn? I forgot my glasses?
    Is it? Could it beeeee???????????
    My heart be still!!

  33. I think the guy's name is Alex Lachlan or something like that. My husband wanted me to try the vampire thing - he loves vampire stories, so Absolution was written pretty much for him.

    Thanks Deanna for stopping by.

    Thanks, ladies, for the wonderful comments.

  34. Deanna, hugs sweetie, aloha and come sit with me and we'll grab Oliver for a mai tai while we soak up the sun.

  35. No Mary, not the Duke but my man, Jack Lord He lives!!

  36. I see him Sharon!!! He's just as commanding a presence as he was years ago! Chris loves him. He won't watch the new show, it would be like desertion or something.
    But, that ain't him, there's another guy I have my heart set on!
    Oh please be him!!!
    He has a cute friend Patsy.
    Love the excerpt, I'm hooked already!!!

  37. What a poignant excerpt, Patsy, really makes me want to read Absolution.

    Deanna, how good to see you her again, so glad you're enjoying the party.

  38. Sharon, stop pulling Jack Lord away,let him visit a minute before you attack him!

  39. I must say Patsy, you are lookin' rather hot in that grass skirt. Nice legs girl!!!

  40. I'm getting hotter every time Alex or Oliver stroll by. Time to pig out on the wonderful goodies.

  41. Have some Poi, Oliver made it especially for your Luau!!

  42. Ladies, ladies! Fresh round of cocktails with festive umbrellas. Y'all look so hot in your itzi bitzi bikinis, but none so hot as Patsy in that grass skirt. Shake it, you sexy thing you! Give us a kiss, love.

  43. I must say you look really good in a speedo Oliver. Too bad we're friends, sometimes you do inspire me, well you know!
    OOOH, boy are those roasted pineapple slices sweet!

  44. He's here, my date is Gerard Butler, just so's you know. And hands off girls!!!!!
    Remember the last time we fought over the Duke? Evan Tarzan was shocked!
    Come Gerry let m intro you to all my friends. This here is Patsy, the girl we are cooking today. And that girl (the one with the huge bare feet), she's my buddy Lyn and Sharon, (sasheys her big butt over), she is also my good buddy!

  45. Mary, sweet thing, give us a kiss.

  46. Oliver you are such a wonderful man - the male population could take lessons from you.

  47. Don't look now but the James Gang are stampeding over Diamond Head, the Duke in the lead! Patsy, love, I mighta let it slip that y'all look hot in a grass hoop. wink

  48. Oliverrrr - I was about to pout 'cause you kissed Mary and Patsy, but not me - but what's that you say - the James Gang! Woah, wait for me Jesse honey - I'm a coming!

  49. Yeah! I love when they show up. Common Gerard, Patty, let's go, I'll introduce you and Patsy to the Duke and the Jame Brothers to start!!!Yippie, what would gunslingers do here in Hawaii?
    Eat pineapple? We used to get out pineapple from Hawaii, they had some kind of growing scourge that killed them off I think? Anybody know??

  50. Oh, Poo, he's always kissing you. Just be glad I left my stun gun home today.
    I'd be zappin' you like crazy!!!
    Well, maybe once on real low. I'd hate to hurt you. Hmmmmm.

  51. Tell the truth Mary sweetie, You didn't bring your stunner 'cause I hid it! Can't have you running wild on the beach, what would Patsy think?

  52. Patsy would be clapping her hands and urging Lyn on. I could use one of those stun gun thingeys. I'm currently working on a SciFi manuscript and it'd be just the thing.

  53. Hold on, hold on, ladies. No need to pout, Lyn my lovely. Here's a kiss. Now, I have control of my stun gun this week and I'd like to zap that hula skirt right off Patsy but I'm too much of a gentleman. Can't speak for the outlaws headin' 'round the bend.

  54. OOOH Oliver, my hero! I have to say, hunky as those outlaws are, they don't have your finesse. and are a bit rough round the edges!

    Patsy - you writing a SF too? A gal after my own heart, I knew we had a lot in common! :)

  55. BRRAAAHHAHA! You think I'm dumb enough to leave my stun gun where you could find it? Ha! Those are all fakes and watch out if you use one it will explode with bright purple indelible paint! It's really a paint ball gun.
    NOOOO LYNN don't do it! OOPS, sorry Sharon, I warned her. Oliver yours is a fake too. So be careful not to... Uh Oh!

  56. Patsy's time travel books are to die for!
    Watch out with the paint gun. Oh my, another one blasted purple. I never thought they'd use the darn things. I'm sorry!!!

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. I know. I'm late. Can Oliver rub my shoulders.

    Hi, PL. I can't wait to read Into The Savage Dawn. I'm a big earth series fan, but you all ready knew that. The book sounds awesome.

    Congrats, girl!

  59. OOOh, purple paint, my favourite colour! Yeeehah, look out folks, you're going tyo get purpled!

    Hi Autumn, you're not late. When night falls we're gonna hang coloured lanterns from the palm trees and carry on partying.

    I'm definitely going to have to read these books of Patsy's!

  60. AAAHHHHH! I'm being chased by a crazy Welschwoman! She has a paint gun and she is on a rampage!!!!

  61. You can run, Mary sweetthing, but you can't escape!

    Hahahahaha, take that - splat!

  62. Oh yeah! Take that, Mary blasts Lyn back, both covered in purple. A very pretty color by the way. It goes well with your bikini!
    And I might add, Mary hides behind Oliver and shoots Lyn again. Whoops, sorry Sharon, didn't mean to..
    Wow look at that paint gun! It looks like a machine gun. Run, Lyn!!
    She's gone wacko! I thought you'd lost it, but darn, that thing holds 50 rounds of all colored paints. RUN!!!

  63. OOOH heck Mary, multi colour won't go with purple and blue - or red and purple. If we dive into the sea will it wash off?

  64. It better, or Dave will be really mad at me!
    Chris, won't even notice. He'll say to himself, she's at it again.

  65. Patsy, I can't wait to read your latest stories. You know I love time travel the most of any genre! And you my friend do it very, very, well!
    Did Joe help you with the video? It rocks!!!
    Could you help me with this crazy woman who has covered me in paint. Washable, well we'll find out soon enough.

  66. Let's run into the surg then - ooh, this is fun - but what happened to the Duke and the James Gang?

    Is Sharon still after us?

    Is Patsy OK?

  67. I'd help you escape, but Oliver zapped my hula skirt off and I don't know what I have on underneath. Perhaps I should run into the surf as well. Yes, working on a SciFi manuscript, 95% finished and then some editing. I have had a lot of fun writing this one and my husband thinks it's my best yet. (He has to say that, you know.) Thanks for stopping by, Autumn.

  68. Here's an unedited excerpt of my new manuscript, The Chalice:

    “And will you grant me life if I win?” Siri’s voice rang out. “The principles of Shabat’Ka demand you grant such a boon.”
    Jaegar’s grim look boded ill for the hybrid. “You are correct.” He considered for a brief moment. “If you survive the Shabat’Ka, I will grant you the same consideration you gave my life mate when you abandoned her on Seffra.”
    The room rumbled with the crowd’s displeasure.
    “Pah!” Siri snorted, her disgust all too clear. “Death is my boon if I prevail?”
    “You may survive the wasteland,” he said, brushing at an imaginary bit of dust on his sleeve, “as my life mate did.” His silvery head dipped to the side as he studied her—the spider to the fly. “You are free to elect death now if that is your wish.”
    The hybrid glared, the amber eyes promising violent retribution. Jaegar calmly returned her look, unmoved by her poisonous stare.
    The great room stilled, waiting for Siri’s reply.
    Her nostrils flared, lips tightened with fury. “I will accept the Shabat’Ka,”she ground out. “And I will dance on your grave when the time comes.”

  69. Looks like I've missed a lot of the party, but who can resist the beach, even if it's only to dig your toes into the sand and let the waves lick at your feet for a minute?

    Congrats on the release, Patsy. I'm in awe of your ability to write stories set so very long ago. I find the challenge daunting.

  70. Yes, come hide in the surf with us. Patsy.

    What's your new SF novel called?

    (I've put the video of 'Riley's Journey' on the front page. Are there any others?)

  71. Thanks, Emma, for stopping by and enjoying the Hawaiian sun and sand. Ancient history fascinates me. So many things still to discover.

    Lyn - yes, actually in You Tube there are videos for Aimee's Locket, Heart of the Sorcerer, Absolution

  72. Aloha Everyone!

    Patsy, your books sound fabulous. Love the covers. Wishing you many, many sales! :-)

    Hmmm,I think I'll wander over and have some of that salmon. Perhaps take a quick swim.

  73. Hello Sky, dear friend,
    Thanks so much for stopping by to celebrate Patsy's books.

    Help yourself to salmon - I have a feeling the safest place is in the water at the moment - our sweet sister hostess is running amok with a paint gun!

  74. We shall plan a sneak attack - as soon as I find something to replace the grass skirt. Oh Oliver . . . . . .

    Thanks Sky for dropping by. Busy time for everyone but appreciate the visit.

  75. What a tease those excerpts Are!!!
    Looks like your wearing a bikini bottom. You didn't think you were noode???
    Oh my, back to the paint gun, don't freak Lyn it disappears after 20 minutes. Another of Oliver's cleaver tricks. He rocks.
    So now what can I do!
    Oh yeah, I'm going over to see what Jessie suggests!!
    Go Patsy go!!! Mary holds boobs and runs.

  76. I'm on to it Patsy - I'll try and get those other videos up when I find them.

    Mary - I'm after you girl, you leave my Jesse alone - you have the Duke!

  77. Jessie is cuter!! By the by, did Joe do the video?
    Jessie, where's your brother??
    The duke he's okay at a young age. But the James brothers. Well..

  78. You're just fickle Mary, you were all over the Duke a few weeks ago!

    I don't care, I kinda like an older man -

    Uh -oh, what's that boiling and a roiling of the waves out there - could it be? No it's not. It is - it's a sea monster - Heee-lp!

  79. Don't worry, Mary, those boobs will keep you afloat!

  80. Patsy's right there, Mary, but what about the rest of us, I'm going to see if I can find a handy sea horse and gallop outa here!

    By the way, Patsy's videos for 'Absolution' and 'Aimee's Locket' can be seen on the post noe.

  81. Wait I think your're right Lyn, get serious everyone! A sea monster has been sighted off the coast of our beach here in beautiful Hawaii. It's headed our way. It's huge with eight legs, a 40 ft. tail, covered in brilliant reflective scales, it's got huge teeth like an alligator's!
    It's eyes whirl with colors and it's mesmerizing! The huge creature is said to have taken out several boats. It seems to be honing in on someone on this beach. It's bloodthirsty!!! OH MY! They say it escaped from some loch over the ocean in Wales or Scotland. It has fire breath!! I can send out a beam of fire from a football field away. Holy Moley! Clear the beach!!! CLEAR THE BEACH! Head to the snack bar, it's the only building that can withstand him or her! God help us everyone!! or all if you'd rather!!!

  82. Great excerpt! Wishing you a ton of sales.

    Now, I'll grab some salmon and one of those fruity drinks. Yum.

  83. Hi Autumn, yes grab some salmon and a drink and run for shelter - looks like there's a monster in the Bay!

  84. Wait... what are we thinking!

    Lyn lines everyone up with the paint guns, including the Duke and the James Gang - they must be crack shots!

    OK - Take aim and ... fire!

    A volley of different coloured paint covers the bewidered sea monster. I rises up out of the sea - and catches its own reflection in the waves. Seeing the multi-coloured monster it believes it's being attacked and launches itself back under the waves.

    Phew, we're safe again!

  85. Hi Patsy,

    Just stopping by to say alhoa. Has anyone seen Oliver? I could use a drink. It's been a busy day at work and I can really use one. lol

    Everything looks fabulous! It's always a joy to party with you all.

    Anyway, I wish you much success with your release! It sounds fantastic!

  86. Well you've done it again. Turns out it was from Wales ding bat. It was poor Jesse turned into a see monster and looking for you. Now the poor thing waits offshore for you to kiss him so he can turn back into a hot guy and spend the nite with you!!!
    What were you thinking, I gave you hints, must be tired eh? Well, I'm off for now, gotta go visit a sick people!!
    Talk later!Save him!!

  87. By the way you sure have had some great visitors Patsy! You are such a good author! I love your kinda story,and so do a lot of others! Back in a bit...

  88. By the way you sure have had some great visitors Patsy! You are such a good author! I love your kinda story,and so do a lot of others! Back in a bit...

  89. Hi Karen (Lyn waves)

    So glad you could join us. I think Oliver's busy collecting up paint guns at the moment (can't leave litter on the beach) Give him a call and he'll zip to your side in an instant to ply you with refreshments.

    Now if you'll excuse me for a moment, seems I have a pseudo sea monster to give the kiss of life to!

  90. Hi Karen (Lyn waves)

    So glad you could join us. I think Oliver's busy collecting up paint guns at the moment (can't leave litter on the beach) Give him a call and he'll zip to your side in an instant to ply you with refreshments.

    Now if you'll excuse me for a moment, seems I have a pseudo sea monster to give the kiss of life to!

  91. Ah, here we go then, Karen love, a nice Mai Tai. Oliver waves to Emma and Sky and serves blue hawaiians with a wink and a smile.

  92. Hey, Karen, glad you could swing by and enjoy the beautiful scenery and all the fun. Thanks for stopping by.

    Ladies, Ladies - settle down. Although I must admit the stun gun, paint ball, etc., has been loads of fun and the comments are hilarious. It has been a wonderful day. Will be back soon, have to run over to another island and will contact you soon.

  93. Take care Patsy - are you going by canoe - if so watch out for were-seamonsters! *Grin*

  94. OOOOOOOMYYYYYGOOOOOOOD! The bikini shots are priceless!!! You girls are NUTS! My 5-year-old prefers Sharon's pink bikini! She thinks it will be the perfect dance outfit for her latest favorite dance tune-- Kesha's BLOW. So, you girls pop in that tune and DRINK THE KOOL-AID SO YOU CAN TAKE OVER... *snort*

    Patsy. Patsy. Run for your life! You're better off with the caveman! Besides, I'm partial to cavemen. ;) All those muscles, big weapons, and furs. Gotta love 'em! So, I'm looking forward to that tale.

    Okay, I so need to put an ice pack on my head. This place makes the room spin. OR maybe it was the Kool-Aid... ;)

  95. Here's Kesha's BLOW so you can get to TAKING OVER. And I know you'll be throwing glitter!


  96. Welcome Skhye, great to see you! You add fun to any party.

    Thanks for the link - gotta rush - Jesse James is chasing me!

  97. Hey, everybody!!! Swing by Patsy's blogspot to enter to win a pdf of my werewolf space opera *romantica*


    Not many people have entered. I believe the contest ends tomorrow night!!! :)

    I'm gonna BLOW outta here... ~Skhye

  98. Hi Patsy and everyone else. Love your book trailers. For some reason I am hungry for pineapple. LOL. All the food sounds so good. I am always the last one to come. Was a workin day. Time to have some fun now and looks I came to the right place.
    Sue B

  99. Patsy, I love your videos. You have such a rich and vivid imagination. I'm in awe. I read all your books and love them. I can't wait for the new ones.

  100. No your're not the last tonite! Welcome to Patsy's roast!
    Lyn is liplocked with a sea monster turned human after she kissed him.
    Sharon is by the pool in her bikini with one of the James Brothers. I think Patsy is in a canoe somewhere trying to get back in time? Patsy wait till after the weekend, your're booked at the roast!! Ha!
    Wait is that she(her?) walkin' on Diamond head with a very hot guy. They canoed over there for a look see. And...
    Me I'm with Gerard tonite, ahh, life is good.
    Come back tomorrow or wait, there are lots of people still here. Oliver is still serving, he's just so dedicated to both of his jobs!
    Sharon is a good boss I hear.
    Wonder why those two never. Well it's hard to think of your brother friend like that.
    Oh and one last thing for tonite! Aloha!

  101. See you later Oliver, there are guests waiting to meet you! Nite my sisters! Write on!
    All visitors make yourself at home!!

  102. I am still rowing from the big island - whew! My arms are about ready to fall off. Thanks, Skhye, Cara, Sue and everyone for stopping by. Hula contest starts in five minutes.

  103. I want to thank Sharon, Lyn and Mary for having me as a guest. It was so fun and these ladies work so hard on these posts. My hat is off to all three. Thank you ladies!

  104. Oh, you guys are too funny! Hi ya, Patsy, and hello to Hywela, Sharon and Mary!! I'm headed to Hawaii next weekend. Just point me in Oliver's direction. A man who loves flowers! Who can resist!!!

    Savage Dawn! What a great new title, Patsy! Congratulations!

    Bess McBrirde

  105. Thank you Bess. The party is winding down. The sun is sinking in the west.

  106. The sun rises , casting a warm and rosy glow over the guests sleeping in heaps on the warm sand.

    Oliver, as always, is up before the lark, preparing breakfast for the hungry guests.

    Lyn rises on one elbow and surveys the awakening guests. I see we have some new visitors, fantastic!

    *Waves* to Sue, Cara Masi and Bess - and I think I missed Clarissa Deanna and Emma Lai earlier on. I hope I haven't missed anyone else, we do try to greet each visitor individually, but sometimes things get a bit crazy. Each and every comment is so much appreciated though so we can only apologise if we miss someone!

    Thank you for being such a wonderful guest, Patsy, we've really enjoyed having you here and we'll be around all day to round up any 'stragglers' and make sure they're fed!:)

    Good luck with your new story, it sounds fabulous. Wishing you loads of success and many, many sales of your books.

  107. Mary heads to the airport with one last longing look at the white sands of Hawaii's beaches. Come on Duke it's time to go back to the past for you and the James gang. Don't worry we'll have you back.
    Thanks to all the people who took time to comment. It means a lot to the roastee's and Patsy is mighty special. I'll take my tea to go Oliver, I have an early flight. Aloha!!!!!

  108. They always have such wonderful parties here. I am enjoying the beautiful Hawaiian day with a drink in hand.
    Sue B

  109. Glad you're enjoying it Sue - you can stay the whole weekend if you want, there's plenty of food and drink in the fridge!

  110. Oh yes I think I will stay. I am in a need of a nice vacation. And it's warm here and it's not snowing.
    Sue B

  111. I drew a name from my empty Mai Tai glass and the winner of the copy of "Riley's Journey" is Sue B. Congratulations!

  112. Thank you so much!! This was a great party and it was nice to find a new author. Here's my email.
    Sue B


  113. Congratulations Sue B!

    Now you have a fantastic book to read on the beach!