As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pearl Wolf celebrates her latest release 'Too Hot For A Rake' with a little 'flutter'

Pearl Wolf studies the cards laid out on the blackjack table. She taps the table and the dealer turns another card over. Everyone at the table erupts into cheers as Pearl wins another huge pile of chips.

Tao's is part of the a complex in Vegas, 10,000 feet of nightclub located in the Venetian Casino Hotel and Resort. After playing they plan to dine and hold a release party at Tao's, an exceptional Asian Bistro located there. Pearl leads the three hostesses into the Gambling area. Luck is with her tonight!
Radiant in white silk pants suit that glows in the ambient light, Pearl  is way up and a crowd gathers to watch her play.
She is on a roll and every hand goes her way. She has bankrolled Mary. God knows what she was thinking.
Mary is dressed in a green low cut dress with an empire waist. Sharon in a long, sexy maroon gown that accents her bubble butt. And Lyn in a black cocktail dress, that makes her skin glow. She is barefoot and Mary shakes her head. "Where the heck are your shoes Lyn?"
Lyn wiggles her pink toes and chuckles, they didn't have pair to fit me! They only had two sizes. Small and extremely small. I didn't like either pair."

"Yeah I know, your dainty size 14s are hard to find shoes to fit." Sharon laughs at them and swirls in her beautiful Versace designer dress.
Lyn stares diggers at Mary who smiles and blows her a kiss."Just keep those hooters inside the dress where they belong sweetie, you're getting a reputation ya know." Lyn snickers.Mary sticks her tongue out at Lyn and Sharon holds them apart. "Come on girls, be nice. We are professionals aren't we?"

Oliver, dashing in his tux, smiles at his friends' antics, as they tease one another.He knows they are as close as sisters. But, they can get outta hand at times.

They are ready to party and Pearl has promised to teach Mary how to play Blackjack!

Mary finds a seat next to Pearl and gazes down at $25 - in chips. It doesn't look like much, but Mary wasn't going to lose a penny of it. Sharon and Lyn watch over their shoulders as the game progresses.

Mary places a $5.- bet and Pearl nods. Every time she take a card it's Pearl playing for whole the table! Up $10.- down $10.- Mary starts to sweat. She hates to lose money, and when she has won $15.- she quits, pays Pearl back and smiles. Beginners luck.

Before she has a chance to blink.Lyn takes her seat. Lyn whips out a gambling visor that matches her dress, plops it on her head, and with an unlit cigarette hanging at the corner of her mouth she starts to play. Mary and Sharon look at each other shocked. Is Lyn a gambler? Lyn and Pearl are on winning streak. Working together they rake in enough to pay for the party!

"Dinner for everyone is on me!" Lyn is on a roll! She pops up, grabs Pearl and they cash in their chips. "We'll be back." Pearl advises the cashier.

Tao Restaurant and Nightclub: TAO
Tao Restaurant and Nightclub

Dinner at Tao's is an event! The place has been closed for Pearl's private celebration. Her book, Too Hot For A Spy is headed for the best seller list! Packed to capacity the guests line up to buy their copy of Pearl's new book on their way into the restaurant.

This "Asian City's" d├ęcor includes lush velvets and silks, waterfalls and century old woods and stones, and a hand-carved 20-foot-tall Buddha floating peacefully above an infinity pool complete with Japanese carp. The hostesses of the AR&T are thrilled!

Giant Fortune Cookie
They serve everything from dumplings,sushi, soup and spring rolls to Peking Duck. The menu has the girls mouths watering. Kobe beef,
lobster, scallops, you name it, they serve it.

deep fried kobe beef tartar roll
Pearl raises her glass of  red wine and bellows. "Drinks are on me.Vodka Martinis all around!"

Passing around lobster sushi and pot stickers, waiters serve tempting hors d'eourves while the party begins to go ballistic!

Save room for the wonderful cake Oliver baked for the occasion. The desert table is full of everything from sherbets and Asian rice pudding to a fancy fortune cookie creation!

After dinner Lyn follows Pearl back to the blackjack tables. Mary and Sharon wonder if Lyn has a gambling problem. "So that's what she did with her shoes, she's gambled them away." Sharon mutters. We'd better keep an eye on her. Lyn is throwing money down like she's got it to spare!

Sharon claps for attention and after a time the cacophony abates. "Let's all welcome Pearl Wolf, we're here to celebrate her new release! We hope you enjoy Pearl's party, we know you are gonna enjoy her book!."
EXCERPT: “You have no choice in the matter, love,” Helena said. “It is I who mean to seduce you. You cannot be so boorish as to refuse a lady’s request, can you?”

He took his hand away. “I’m a rake, my dear. I promised not to ruin your reputation. I gave your brother-in-law my word on it. You are an innocent, Helena. Don’t force me into taking advantage of your innocence.”
She shoved his hand away when he attempted to refasten her bodice. “Reputation be damned, Waverley. I want you. Doesn’t that count for anything? I thought you felt the same for me.”
His mocking words cut like a knife. “I have feelings of lust for every pretty lass who comes my way. I have a reputation to uphold, you see.”
“Is that all I am to you? Just another pretty lass? Don’t you want me?”
“Want you? Don’t tempt me any further, love, lest the consequences destroy us both. . . .”

BIO:Pearl Wolf published her first work of fiction--a short anecdote for THE READER’S DIGEST—when she was fourteen years old. For this effort, she received the grand sum of $5.00. That was enough to start her on her writing career. She lives in Manhattan. She has two sons and three grandsons. Pearl is active in several writers organizations including New Jersey Romance Writers, Florida Romance Writers, NYC Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime, NY-Tristate Chapter (past president). When she isn’t writing, she loves to play duplicate bridge and is a life master.


To win a copy of Pearl's book, all you have to do is just  leave a comment and your e-mail
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  1. Good afternoon Pearl, welcome to your Special AuthorRoast Celebration.
    We're thrilled to have you here (and hope some of your Luck will rub off on us! :) )

  2. Lovely, lovely Pearl, might i just say how radiant and fetching y'all look in white. Allow me to admire you, but not before I steal a kiss, love. I'm thrilled to be here in Vegas to celebrate your release party. I dare say it's high time for some bubbly. There we go then, we'll have us a toast. Cheers, m'lady!

  3. Hi Pearl, it's good to see you on that lovely blog. I had the privilege to know Pearl better at the FRW Cruise Conference. What a fun lady and a terrific inspiration to all of us.
    Now my friends don't tell me I can't do this or I am too tired to do that, because I will tell you, shame on you. look at Peral and follow her example. And she writes beautifully hot historical romances.

  4. Lyn, my sweet pet, dare I say you've kept this gambling addiction in the closet so to speak, love. Y'all look like a die hard with the cigarette and viser. But I thought the unlit cig was just for luck. What's that, y'all lost how much sweet thing! Well in that case, I'd start smoking too. Here's a large flute of mead then, drink up, love.

  5. Mona, my sweet darling girl, how smashing y'all look for Pearl's party. Kiss kiss, have a glass of the bubbly. Cheers!

  6. Oliver dear Heart

    You sure know the way to mine! Lyn takes the flute of mead and swigs it down in one go.

    This cigarette is just for show and as you say, luck, you know. Can't abide them really - but you know when they say - wehn in Vegas...!

  7. Oh Mona - hello how lovely to see you at Pearl's party. I have to say her books sound wonderful!

  8. I must say that we all look fetching don't we? Oliver, do you play blackjack?
    Pearl, you're the queen of the casino! I wanna learn to play like you!
    Oliver dear friend, I won't use my stun gun today, I promise.
    Lyn, did you find your shoes yet. Cute toes eh?

  9. Thank you, friends. You make my spirits soar! XOX

  10. Hello, Pearl, it's a real pleasure to be able to host you today. Our dear sister hostess Mary has told us so much about you!

  11. Pearl, what's your secret. How do you stay so young and how do you keep winning at Blackjack? I wanna be like you!
    Do you like your new pantsuit, I think you look smashing. There is a guy looking at you. Do you know him?
    He says he owns the restaurant?

  12. No Mary, I'm not a black jack player, just a player. Wink, and right you are, no stun fun today. Off to pick up Sharon, y'all know how high maintenance she is. As they say, I'll be back! Lovely Pearl, more bubbly for you my pet.

  13. I could barely keep up with her on that cruise! She's somethin' else eh Mona!
    I think we need to liven up this party. Lyn, put the cigarette in that long holder thing you have, down.
    It's time to get serious. The dealer is shuffling his card. One by one he passes a card to each player. Hit, always once, then what? Pearl then what?
    Is that Sean Connery trying to pick Pearl up? He still looks pretty darn good huh? If anyone can handle him, Pearl can.

  14. I'm here, hugs and kisses, my sweet sisters. You girls are looking fabulous and I must admit Oliver looks rather delicious in a tux! Thank you, I'd love a white wine and a spring roll or three. Mona, hugs m'dear.
    Pearl, a big hug and hearty welcome to your party here in this gorgeous gambling casino. Your book sounds fabulous. I'm so jealous that you and Mary went on the cruise. I was truly disappointed that I was forced to cancel. I'll get 'em next time!

  15. Pearl, tell us about who owns Tao's?
    Is it your favorite place to eat in NYC and Vegas?
    Sharon, I'll be there waiting for you, when you are ready!

  16. I love being me, but I hope to be beautiful, young, thin and sexy in my next life. Oh and a best-selling author, too, as long as I'm dreaming. DREAM BIG AND LIVE EACH DAY TO THE FULLEST, AS THOUGH THIS VERY DAY IS THE LAST ONE!

  17. P.S. TAO New York and Las Vegas is owned by Richard Wolf, a handsome, debonair man about town. I hope this doesn't give him a swelled head, because I'm his Mama and he isn't too old for me to beat him with my shoe if he misbehaves.

  18. Mary, I owe you an apology for spilling all the red wine over you in the Mexican Restaurant in Cozumel. But in all honesty, IT WAS DELIBERATE AS CATHY MAXWELL SAID AND YOU DESERVED IT ROOMIE! Can't wait to drench you again some time in the future.

  19. I knew it! I have the picture to prove it too! She admits it!
    I'll get you my pretty. Mary grabs a handful of chips from in front of Pearl. Quick as a fox, Pearl jumps off her chair to chase Mary. Huge wine glass in hand, not a drop falls as she chases Mary!
    Suddenly, Mary is tripped by a huge bare foot! Sprawled on the ground, Pearl jumps up with a spring, over Mary, and lands safely beyond her.
    Wine glass still fun the entire floor breaks into applause. Pearl bows, steps over Mary, and calmly goes back to her gaming table. Snickering the whole time. Mary, has been bested by Pearl again. And she is not happy! Oliver, are you sure I can't use the stun gun on her?
    No, huh? Any suggestions?
    Richard Wolf knows how to run a ritzy restaurant. What a place!

  20. Sharon, your butt really shows in that dress. Lyn tripped me too!
    Mmmmmm. What will I do to get back at them...?

  21. Go, Pearl! You and the other ladies look divine! Love the excitement! Kisses to Oliver. Now about that rake!

  22. what an amazing perfectly Pearl party, lol - and I happen to be addicted to pan fried dumplings. Congrats on the latest release, Pearl!

  23. Hello Birthday girl,
    Hope you are celebrating in style-esp with all your blackjack winnings! I wish you lots of success with this book - loved the excerpt, very racy, my dear - and good luck with selling your new series!

  24. Hi to Mary, Traci and Patrice, welcome#!! We are having so much fun here in Vegas with Pearl.
    Pearl, good for you spilling red wine all over Mary. You're my kinda girl. Hope it washed away her fake hooters.

  25. Welcome everyone! Oliver is serving drinks and the place is rockin!
    I hope you all win at the Casino. How about that Tao's what a place!!!

  26. Mmm, I wonder what made Mary go flying!

    Your son sounds like the hero in a romance novel, Pearl.

    Is it really your Birthday today? I thought you were joking You look too young to have a birthday!:)

  27. Hello Mary M, Traci and Patrice, so glad you could come to Pearl's Celebraton Roast, so nice to see you, hope luck is with you at the tables.

  28. Pearl you have tons of energy and it shows in your writing! But hey, remind me not to drink red wine anywhere in your vacinity!

  29. Hi Alison, welcome to Pearl's party!

  30. Now, here for today's question?
    Why the heck did Pearl throw a glass of wine at Mary!??

  31. Mary sweetie, the answer to that one is just too easy! (Lyn snickers and mutters under her breath - you can be just a little annoying dear sister-hostesss!!)

  32. Hi Peal, It is nice to see you here.
    Love You

  33. Pearl,
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful excerpt. And the clothes at this function are divine!

  34. Me annoying?? Hmmmmmm. I was waiting for the commenters to answer, but, if you want I can chase you around the gaming room, catch you and tear the bottom of your dress off so everyone can see those boats you call feet! Wow, that was cathartic. Run, Lyn, Run, I do have a stun gun. And Oliver is not watching.

  35. Hello Heidi

    So glad you could join us for Pearl's celebrtion.

  36. Besides, that isn't the real question. The question is. What was Pearl's first book about! Try to guess that, and put that cigarette out Lyn before you pass out!

  37. Heidi! Hey! Can you teach us the Heidi shuffle! I need the exercise. My hooters are where now?

  38. Hmm,someone keeps stealing my letters. No one leaves until they're found!

    I'll bet it was that Mary - oh heck, she's on the warpath with that stun gun Oliver gave her last week!

    He-e-e-ee-lp-! Lyn waves at Joanne as she goes flying past - hope you're having a good time Joanne - this crazy woman's mad at me cause I have tiny feet and she's jealous!


    (And I'm not smoking, this is a chocolate cigarette, she said it made me look sophisticated!)

  39. Welcome Allison, Joanne and Heidi, have some food and wine. Pearl, you are awesome!

  40. Oh, goody goody!
    Hi Pearl! I love rakes; regardless of the story, but am partial to the reformed rake trope. Does your hero reform? Or, would that be giving away spoliers I wonder? Too Hot for a Rake sounds lovely.
    Oliver puhleeze, could you get me a Vodka martini. I just left work a couple hours ago and I need about 1 or 6 martinis! Thanks!

  41. What a great place to party, Pearl. And sounds like your latest release is worth a great party. I really enjoyed the excerpt. Pass the champers.

  42. Listen up, there is a delusional woman running all around the room. She is barefoot, you can see her picture on the blog. Obviously huge feet. She has a cigarette holder with a cigarette in it. It looks like it's been there since 1930. She keeps telling everyone I have a stun gun. Well, I left it home, hidden. So she is just afraid that I will get her for the things she said. Oh yes, over herrre gentlemen. Four men in white suits holding a straight jacket grab Lyn and start to remove her to a mental hospital. Should I tell them the truth? Heh,heh. Maybe not for a bit eh?

  43. Aha! I know exactly why Pearl threw a glass of wine at Mary.It was accidental!

    Mary was sitting directly in front of Pearl. They were of course discussing the latest fashions and yes...gossip. The rake suddenly appears behind Pearl, and kisses her neck in direct view of all the ladies. He caught her off guard. Pearl was shocked, (thrilled), horrified, (thrilled), and angry (again-thrilled). Anyhow, in her shock, Pearl stands abruptly to tell him to stop, but in her haste----accidentally spills the wine on Mary.

  44. Ladies ladies, here I am with cocktails. A white wine for Sharon, mead for Lyn, strawberry smoothie for Mary, Cosmo for Linda, vodka martini for WW, and a nice red wine for Pearl. OOOPS NOT AGAIN ALL OVER MARY'S FAKE HOOTERS

  45. What is this like a wet T shirt thing? I can't believe it happened again. Pearl, you didn't tell me about the guy behind you. For that I will suffer the wine thing. How hot a rake is he?

  46. Hello Nightingale, hello Withchy Woman - Aaargh. Lyn waves wildly as the men in white coats attempt to drag her thorugh the doors.

    They're coming to take me away, ha ha
    To the funny farm - where life is beautiful every day
    And they're coming to take me away! NOT!

    Lyn kicks one in the shin and stamps on the other one's toe with her tiny but sharp-nailed feet, and makes a run for it.

    Oooh, there's Oliver! Thank you Oliver dear, just in the nick of time. I really need that mead!

    What have yoou done with that boss lady of yours by the way? Is she still writing your new best seller?

  47. Don't worry Lyn, they were just actors, But you beat them up pretty badly. We had to take one to the hospital. He had a huge size 14 foot imprint on his back. They say it could be permanent. Can't you take a joke Lyn? Hmmmm. Tiny feet, Ha, yeah and my hooooooters are tiny too!
    Pearl sick of all the fighting pours a bottle of wine on both Lyn and Mary. Then calmly returns to the blackjack table. Ahem!

  48. Me? What? It must have been a Yetti that attacked those two poor guys. It's well known I woudn't hurt a fly, and I have to buy my shoes in the childrens'department.

    Lyn slurps the wine dripping down her face. Yum - not as nice as mead, but not bad!

  49. Here we are then, ladies. Sharon is struggling to beat the deadline but said no more alcohol for y'all. Chai tea and chocolates all around. And might I just give a little free advice, be happy with the body parts God gave y'all, no matter how big they are. I'm not complaining. Wink

  50. Hi ladies! Hello Pearl, your book sounds fabulous: haven't read an historical in a while so reading it will be an extra treat!
    Lyn, I'm going to throw out a guess as to why Pearl threw wine on Mary. Mary leaned across the table, intent on her conversation, and ... her HUGE bosom caught fire from the candles on the table; Pearl was just trying to help!

  51. Oliver,dear, you are always so wise. Chai tea is just what I need now too.

    Eachel Lynne - that's a great suggestion - but I'm surprised the alcohol didn't cause a major fire and burn the place down! We wer lucky!

  52. I'll have to thank her. I didn't notice the fire. I couldn't see it over my huge hooters!
    Thanks for saving my life Pearl!!!

  53. Thanks Lyn, Mary and Sharon for a lovely roast and toast day. As to spilling the wine on Mary, I was raising it to my lips when her****knocked it out of my hand. You owe me a glass of red, Mary.

    Good luck to the winner!

  54. Oooh! I forgot to thank Oliver, that lovely hunk. You're on my preferred list, Oliver, along with Michael Meeske and Greg Hall!!

  55. Too Hot For A Rake sounds like a keeper for m. It's on my TRL. The party looks amazing. :) And so does Oliver as usual.
    Carol L

  56. Lyn runs her eyes - who knew the folk of Vegas gambled all night!

    Look - I won my shoes back! OK they're several sizes to big for my little tootsies but it keeps Mary and Sharon happy to think their feet aren't really that much bigger than mine!

    Hi Carol - yes Oliver is quite a hunk isn't he - although Pearl's hero in 'Too Hot For a Rake' sounds as if he could give him a run for his money in the seduction department. (Sorry Oliver, got to keep you on your toes, you know!)

    Hi again Rachel - sorry I spelt name your name wrong last night - was getting sleepy!

    It's been such a pleasure having you as our special guest, Pearl, and thanks for teaching us to play blackjack!

  57. Kisses to Rachel and Carol, hello, my pretty young things. Just in time for breakfast, he winks as he struts past Lyn in exaggerated fashion on his tip toes. Come an' get. it while it's hot, bacon, eggs and pancakes hotter than Pearl's rake. Pearl, love, y'all keep spilling red wine on our Mary, here now sweet thing, 'cause, whatever she did, sure as the day is long, she deserveed it.

  58. OOOOLIVERRRRRRRR! Coffee dear heart and lots of it. Pearl and I played black jack with her rake all night long. He won, hands down, but who cares. I just loved spending time with the hunk.
    Pearl, you've been a delight. We enjoyed you so much. Best of luck with TOO HOT

  59. Mary searches the finally empty casino. Ah, there they are. Mary picks up the fake hooters she wears to please her sister hostess's. She shoves them back into her bra and smiles. I'd do anything for my AR&T blog. Well almost anything...
    Thanks for spending time with us Pearl. I had to carry her back to the room again. That explains the wine whine! Ha!

  60. Goodbye for now friends and well wishers. Invite me back again. XOXOXO