As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Texas barbeque with Jan Bowles

A bright Texas morning. Bluebonnets fill the meadow where cattle and horses graze peacefully. A warm soft prairie breeze caresses the shady trees and ripples the grass.

On the lawn overlooking the meadow, in front of the large ranchouse, the hostesses and Oliver are busy preparing the barbeque for their special guest, author Jan Bowles.
Fairy lights and paper lanterns adorn the railings and trees surrounding the house.
Oliver, in blue denim shirt and jeans, and wearing a black leather Stetson and cowboy boots, tends the spit roast lovingly, making sure the heat is just right.

Cuddles and Junior, in their matching Stetsons, run to and fro, getting in the way, and stealing a sausage when no-one is looking.

Mary and Sharon are squabbling over who will wear the white Stetson and who will wear the black one.

"I should have the white one," Mary says, sticking her tongue out and whipping the hat from Sharon's head and plonking the black one in its place. "It goes with my boots."

"And your underwear," Sharon retorts. "If I were you dearheart, I'd pull my skirt down a few feet." She smiles sweetly. "Or did you forget your skirt altogether, and that's your belt?"

"As a matter of fact," Mary sneers, "it's a pair of shorts. They match my bikini top. She thrusts out her over-enhanced hooters proudly. "You really should get your eyes tested sweetie, you're almost as short sighted as Lyn." She looks around, shading her eyes from the sun. "By the way, where IS Lyn?"

Oliver looks up from the sizzling barbeque roast. "Oh we forgot to bring the breadrolls, Lyn's gone to fetch them, she thought she'd practice her driving skills."

"I'll see if there's any sign of her, Sharon says, leaping onto the fence and looking down the dirt track that leads to the ranch. She's looking very cool and chic, in a gorgeous white silk shirt, red bandanna, matching red cowboy boots,  cut-off bluejeans and  black Stetson. As the fence creaks under the weight of her curvacious butt, Mary points at her fellow hostess's rear and breaks into a fit of giggles. Sharon turns to glare at her, but before she can put cheeky Mary in her place, Lyn drives up in a cloud of dust.

"Phew, it sure ain't easy drivin' this rig," she gasps in what she fondly believes to be an authentic Texan drawl. "That Harri of mine seems to think he's a racehorse, I should have taken Cuddles, it would have been less strenuous. Still we got the rolls back here in time didn't we!"

She steps down from the buckboard and smooths her skirt down over her shapely legs before reaching for  several large baskets of bread rolls, freshly baked by Oliver before the sun was up. She nearly trips over her own boots, about six sizes too big for her. The other two are so jealous of her petite tootsies they always make her wear oversized footwear. It's not easy being so dainty!

Before long, the preparations are completed. A delicious aroma of spit-roast beef, pork and chicken fill the air. The main table, covered with a white linen cloth, has plates of salads and roasted vegetables and homemade breadrolls. On the barbeque, Texas beef steaks, sausages and beefburgers sizzle, and there is plenty of Oliver's special homemade Texas BBQ sauce.
For desert there will be delicious home made tirammisu with lashings of fresh dairy cream. There are also chocolate brownies and a beautiful angel's food cake covered with chocolate frosting and a sugar paste replica of Jan's book. Oliver has reserved several bottles of fine bourbon for the guests. Later, when everyone has eaten, there will be square dancing, followed by fireworks.

"Oh look," Sharon says, waving, here she comes!"

Jan rides up on a beautiful blanket spot Appaloosa. She looks gorgeous, in a blue and pink cotton shirt, blue jeans and a white Stetson, with the saddle blanket matching the blue of her shirt. "Hello, everyone," she smiles, leaping from the saddle as Oliver holds her horse. "It's such a lovely day, I thought I'd ride over."

The hostess run up to meet her, each giving her a welcome hug. Then they escort her to her seat and Oliver whips out a copy of her book. "Before I read an excerpt, Miss Bowles, would you autograph this for me."

"Of course," she smiles, and does so with a flourish.
Clutching the book to his chest and blushing furiously, Oliver begins to read:
English beauty Eva St. John is flown to Texas to shadow rugged billionaire oilman Jack McClaine, for the magazine article she is writing. He has a reputation as a fast living, womanising rogue, who has quite literally come from the wrong side of the tracks. A self-made man who always gets what he wants.

Still nurturing a broken heart and a secret past she left behind her long ago, Eva intends to remain professional at all times. But will she be able to resist the inevitable sexual advances of the predatory Texan Jack McClaine? And will she really want to?

As a rule Jack McClaine never mixes business with pleasure, but for the beautiful and intriguing Eva St. John he will make an exception. Who is she really? And what is she running from?


“Why, Miss Eva St. John, I feel about as welcome as a skunk at a lawn party.” Jack McClaine spoke as mild amusement played around his silver-grey eyes.

Eva eyed him warily. It was only two days since she had first laid eyes on the rugged Texan. Now his lithe, athletic frame perched on the desk, her desk. He looked every inch at home, as if he belonged there. Wearing a light grey suit, he seemed to think his very tall six-foot-three-inch frame had somehow a right to be there.

“Just what is going on, Mr. McClaine?” Eva folded her arms across her chest, her mouth compressed with indignation, as she waited for his answer. Her gaze was drawn inexorably to his, and like a laser it burned into her. Then as a smile spread from his eyes down to the deep dimples at the side of his mouth, she felt the breath escape from her lips in a silent gasp. Why did he have to be so damned attractive? She had to fight the sudden urge to push the stray hair back that had fallen forward across his forehead.

“Mr. McClaine, are you going to answer my question?”

“Hold on now, darlin’, I thought we were on first-name terms already.” He smiled at her in amusement.

“No, we’re not.” She slumped into her chair and glared up at him. “Andrew Jameson could shadow you for a month. Why do you want me? I won’t be a pushover, you know. I’ll certainly write exactly what I think.”

He smiled easily and twisted around to meet her frosty gaze. “Now, why would I want Andrew Jameson to shadow me for a whole month? Live in my home. Share my food. Share my life. Why would I want him when I’d be much happier with you?”

Eva picked up a pen and pointed it at him. “You, Mr. McClaine, have a reputation. If you are expecting anything but a working relationship, then you are mistaken.”

“Well, that’s settled then, honey.”

She looked up watching the amusement play around his eyes. The creases channelled down to his mouth. “Don’t look so smug, Mr. McClaine. You may regret your decision to invite New Dawn magazine into your home. You may not like what I write. Be careful what you wish for, Mr. McClaine.”

“Darlin’, I’ve never regretted anything in my life.”

“I told you once before, Mr. McClaine, I’m not your honey, and I’m telling you now, I’m not your darling either.”

He laughed. “Eva, it’s just a figure of speech. It don’t mean anything.”

That afternoon a huge row developed with her boss, Simon Jessop, but he wouldn’t back down. If she pulled this off, he’d give her a raise. Even more than that, he’d give her a promotion. She wanted to know why he thought Jack McClaine specifically asked for her to do the article. His thoughts exactly mirrored her own. He had lifted his hands in the air, an expression of helplessness on his face, and said, “You’re a big girl, Eva. I’m sure you can handle yourself, and Jack McClaine.”

Well, thanks!

Eva felt like a dish served up specifically for Jack McClaine’s pleasure. What’s more, her boss had handed her over on a solid silver platter.

There is thunderous applause from the assembled guests and cries of 'Speech, Speech! Tell us about yourself."
Oliver holds up his hands for silence and Jan stands up.

"Hi everyone at the Author Roast and Toast, and of course Oliver.
My name is Jan Bowles and I’m an author of contemporary romances. I live with my husband in an old farmhouse in rural Lincolnshire, England, in the UK.
When I’m not writing I paint large landscapes and sweeping vistas. I also love walking, and looking in old antique shops. There just might be something someone has overlooked.

Now before the party begins, for the contest - tell me what you think Oliver's favourite Country and Western song would be - the winner will receive a download of 'Love Lessons With The Texas Billionaire'."

'The Return' Available Now from Siren-Bookstrand
'Love Lessons with the Texas Billionaire' Available Now from Siren-Bookstrand
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  1. Howdy Jan! Welcome to your party, we're all ready to barbeque and help you celebrate your roasting!

  2. Hi Lyn, Sharon, and Mary. And of course Oliver.

    Thanks for the wonderful welcome. You have all worked so hard in preparing the Texas BBQ.

    I know some of you have already started eating before I arrived...Cuddles and Junior. Ha, ha, ha, but you look so cute in your Stetsons, please grab yourselves another sausage....Mind you don't burn yourselves.

    Thank you Oliver for such a beautiful reading of my excerpt. Are you from Texas?

    Please everyone help yourselves.

  3. Howdy Jan - Howdy Everyone...Hello Oliver,

    Great to be down on the ranch, I just squeezed myself into a pair of jeans and am ready to ride off into the sunset - after I;ve had the BBQ of course, so come on...bring it on.

  4. Glad you could make it Margaret.

    Don't you all look great in your western outfits.

    I might add that Oliver looks especially handsome in his cowboy gear.

    Maybe we could have a do-sa-do later on?

  5. Hi Margaret

    Great to see you at the roast, you sure look the part! Perhaps we'll all manage a little trail riding after, if we have any energy left after the square dancing - yes Jan, I reckon there'll be plenty of do-se-do-ing! LOL Especially if Oliver's doing the callng! I'm not sure if he's from Texas, you'll have to ask Sharon, his boss lady! Gosh he's grinning like a Cheshire cat at your compliments! We're so pleased you like your BBQ.

  6. Jan, your book sounds intriguing. I love books set in Texas, of course, since that's where I live. I don't run into billionaires as a rule, but this one sounds yummy.

    By the way, I think Oiliver's favorite song would be something like Brad Paisley's "Celebrity" or another one of Paisley's hits. His songs are always tongue in cheek fun. I think Oliver would enjoy that type humor.

  7. Hi Caroline, great to see you at Jan's BBQ.

    Now that does sound like a great song for Oliver! While we wait for the other hostesses to arrive, pull up a chair and Oliver will bring you some yummy barbeque food as soon as he's finished serving Jan and Margaret!

  8. Hi Caroline

    Thanks for stopping by. Jack McClaine's not just a billionaire, he has some sexy dimples too.

    Ahh, don't you just love dimples?

    I know Oliver's got them too.

    Jan xx

  9. Tee hee, Jan, so you've noticed Oliver's dimples already! LOL

    I'm intrigued by your Jack McClaine. Are there any more sexy secrets about him you can reveal (when Oliver's out of earshot, of course.)

  10. Hi Hywela Lyn

    Jack McClaine has the most lovely sexy silver grey eyes.

    Mmm, lovely.

    He really doesn't like wearing a tie. Although for Eva he does, once...though that's all he does wear ;-)

    Jan xx

  11. Oh, OH! Is Jack gonna be here today? I wore my special outfit hoping to meet him today? He's so dreamy> Ahh! I'm hopin'!
    Lyn you really need to get those bunions removed. Your feet would be much smaller. Size 13 ain't that bad, really!
    My minimizing bra is perfect, don't you think so Jan
    By the way welcome to you and all your guests! Howdy.

  12. Hi Jan, welcome to your Texan roast! We're all happy that the weather has cooperated. Nothing worse than a rainy hot day when a party is in the making! Oliver, keep the drinks coming. Oliver is not from Texas. All of his secrets will unfold in his very own book when it comes out later on this year. Oliver is playing the romantic hero in my newly contracted suspense book. So, Jan, do tell us more about this hunk of a man Jack! He sounds quite yummy!

  13. Hi Margaret and Caroline, welcome! Everyone looks so festive in Western gear. And doesn't that food grilling in the pit smell delicious. Grab a plate of food and belly up to the bar where Oliver will be happy to serve you up a shot and a beer. LOL

  14. Lyn waves to her fellow hostesses.

    Hi Mary, Hi Saron,Oliver's done a great job hasn't he, and I can't wait to read his story when it comes out.

    Mmm yes, Oliver, I will have another of those delcious chicken bits, thank you, and yes, your eyes are lovely, but I have to admit you may have a rival in Jack McClaine. Mmmm, sexy silver grey eyes, *sigh* sounds dreamy, Jan. Oooh, nothing but a tie ... *blush*

    Mary dear,

  15. Hell Mary dear, why did you waste your money on a minimiser bra when you've spent so much on the enhancements? Doesn't make sense dear, just remove the silicone, it'll be cheaper in the long run, the price of bras these days!

    Oh, these aren't bunions, it's the square toes to these rather gorgeous cowboy boots - and don't think I don't know you bribed the shopgirl to say this was the smallest size they had in stock, I've had to stuff them with the Financial Times to try and make them fit!

  16. Hi to you all, Lyn, Sharon and Mary.

    Jack might make an appearance later when the bourbon starts flowing.

    I think you all look lovely, especially Oliver.

    Wow, Oliver gets his very own book. Will it be based on actual events in his life?

  17. Sharon blows a kiss to a cowboy lassoing a wild black stallion. Then she rushes up to greet her fellow hostesses, Lyn and Mary. Come now, Lyn, so long as we're fessin' up, you girls know you make me stuff my sweet cheeks with filters for show. But hey, it's okay. It makes riding Western style a heck of a lot easier. LOL

  18. That's right, Jan. Isn't that exciting news about Oliver? My editor would not be happy if I released any secrets before the book's release! LOL Not even if I'm drunk on one too many shots. But today is your day to shine and we want to hear all about your Jack and your book. And how wonderful if we get to meet him later on. Sharon winks. Nothing like a real man at a Texan barbecue! Something tells me it's about to get a whole lot hotter here in the Texas heat!

  19. Touche about the sweetcheeks, Sharon,sweetie, but hey, it's more fun to think it's real. We won't ask you to prove it though! I always marvelled at how you could ride that sawbacked mare without a saddle!

    Jan, it's always been my dream to meet a hunky Texan billionaire - especially one as gorgeous sounding as Jack, I do hope he finds time to drop join us for a bit.

  20. Speaking of wild stallions, where is Mary? Surely, she can't still be stuffing her bra with her fake hooters?

  21. Oh, what fun! I'm sorry I'm late, but my invitation got lost under a pile of edits. Sigh. But I'm here now. Ummm, could you send Oliver my way? I'd like to have him, um, read a blurb of mine. hahaha!

    What a fun blog, Jan. Thanks!

  22. Hi Laurie

    Glad you found your invitation. Everyone's welcome at the Author Roast and Toast.

    We're all hoping Jack McClaine, the hero of Jan's book, hasn't lost his invitation, and will honour us with his presencelater! Meanwhle help yourself to whatever you fancy from the barbeque food. There's plenty for all!

  23. Hi Laurie

    Glad you could make it. Oliver will ahve his work cut out serving those drinks.

    Jack McClaine, in his earlier life was a bit of a womanising rogue. When he meets English spitfire Eva, he finds his perfect match.

    Eva has had a difficult childhood just like him, and this helps them find a common ground.

  24. Just read my last post! In case you're wondering what a precencelater is, I meant 'presence later'. (Sigh) must be the Texas heat - talking of which, Jack does sound like a real hot guy! Interesting how some people overcome their childhood problems and become stronger people because of it!

  25. Must be the Texas shots, Lyn dear. You know how you like to belt them down. Oliver can sure mix 'em, huh. Hi Laurie, so glad you could make the roast. Yes, Oliver will be happy to mix you a drink to cool you off. Belly right on up to the bar! And don't be shy about heaping up your plate with all that grillled food. I was just about to sample something myself. Jan, what an intriguing storyline between Jack and Eva. I love it! Do tell us more!

  26. Jack McClaine takes life as it comes, good or bad he deals with it.

    He is a highly sexual man, who loves all women. Politically correct he ain't. He has a sexy Texas drawl that makes the women just flock to his bed.

  27. YeeHah!Mary rides up on a beautiful Appaloosa. Her beautiful boobies bouncing provocatively.
    She has a string of saddled long mained horses with her. One for each of hostess and one for Jan. Get on girls, there are some hot cowboys waitin' to meet you.
    We'll bring them back to the party. Some of them say they are new characters in books! WOW!

  28. Jack, oh I know him. He was with one of my best friends briefly.
    She said he was the best. And he is here. I have to meet him. Would you introduce him to me Jan?
    I know he's in love. But he's soooo hot. I just want to get a close look.

  29. Hi Mary.

    I have just persuaded Jack to join us. Eva wouldn't come...but that's a long story.

    "Hey, Jan, now tell the truth. Eva wouldn't come this time because you asked her a rather impertinent question."

    "Jack." Jan clears throat. "I'm sure the ladies don't want to know about that. Come and meet my friends."

    "Howdy, Ladies." Jack grins at each of the ladies in turn. "I'm afraid it's just me today, my other half has refused to come. I do hope I haven't disappointed any of you."

  30. Hi Mary, Sharon backs up to miss the dust the horse is kicking up. Did you say some good looking cowboys? Sharon mounts her horse, her padded butt adding comfort to the bareback. Yee haa! Come on, Lyn and Jan. Whatcha waiting for, Christmas?

  31. Howdy, Sharon, Mary, Lyn, and Jan! I'm from Texas, so I love those BBQs. Great excerpt, Jan! I think Oliver's favorite country song would be "Good Ride Cowboy" by Garth Brooks. *grin*

  32. Excellent Job Jan! Great post and the books seems quite intriguing! The blog spot is quite original and creative! Good Luck to you both!

  33. Well if that isn't a great cover and excerpt, I don't know what is - can't wait to read the rest of the story. Congrats, Jan!!

  34. Hi Tina and Jardinami, are you joining us for our trail ride? Such a grat way to see around the ranch.

    I want to ride alongside Jack and hear him talk. Ooohh, I just luurvbe that Texan drawl!

  35. Hi Tina, Jardinami and Tiffany. Welcome to the party. Great guess, Tiffany. Now speaking of Oliver, where is he? Oh, here he comes with some cold ones. Now, who's up for the ride? Oh, there goes Lyn, trying to keep up with Jack. And look at her feet clomping the sides of her stallion! Mary, don't look now, sweetie, but one of your hooters tumbled out and is bouncing down the Texas trail. Oops, Junior and Cuddles are playing ball with it again. Jan, let's see if we can rustle 'em baack!

  36. Hi Tiffany

    Thanks for dropping by. Plenty of food to go round so why not stay.

    Great song.

    Jan xx

  37. Hi Jardinami

    Thanks for dropping in.

    I'm gonna have to run after Jack in a moment. Can't have him running off with another woman. What would Eva say?

    Jan xx

  38. Hi Tiffany (Lysn waves from on board Black Harry( Sorry, I think I missed saying hello earlier. To tell the truth I was mesmerised by Jack's voice. OOh, enough to make ones little toes curl!

  39. You know Jan, it makes one wonder how on Earth Eva could let Jack out of her sight for even a moment! LOL

  40. You know Jan, it makes one wonder how on Earth Eva could let Jack out of her sight for even a moment! LOL

  41. Hi Tina

    Thanks. I loved writing this one. Love Lessons with the Texas Billionaire has received three independent 5 Star reviews.

    Check them out on my website.

  42. Congrats Jan. Off tro check 'em out.

  43. Jan, that's so awesome. Congratulations on the outstanding reviews. Oh, are we talking about Jack? LOL All kidding aside, that is fabulous. You must be so proud. And we love having the handsome cowboy on our ranch, don't we sisters? Lyn, is that Mary rolling over the hill with that ranch hand? I guess he'll be the judge. Does she or doesn't she?

  44. Poor Lyn those feet will never fit in the stirrup, so I brought you a special saddle. Mount up Lyn, Sharon, and Jan. We have some hotties to meet.
    We'll be back everyone!!

    The short ride to the OK Corral was so much fun. Sharon hardly bounced at a trot, Lyn used her lovely large feet for balance. And Mary had to hold her bouncing hooters. But we made it. Look at those guys!!!

  45. Oh, did the cowboy find your missing hooter?

  46. Hi Sharon, Lyn and Mary and Jan...great to see Junior and Cuddles and Oliver (wink, wink,) again and I love the Texas barbecue...Is there anything sexier than cowboys? I don't THINK so. Sounds like a very fun read and, if that weren't enough, tira misu! Another wonderful roast and toast. Can't wait to see what happens to Miss Eva!

  47. My hooter was never missing, did you find your ride more comfortable because of your bubble butt? It looked that way. Did you leave because you didn't want to meet one of the cowboys??
    I had a tall, dark, and very handsome one who loves butts!!
    The bigger the better! Now I know yours is only medium big, but he's awfully hot.

  48. Let me at 'em! Hi, Ann! How great you're here to help us round up those wayward cowboys. But first, grab a plate of food and have Oliver pour you a a shot and a beer!

  49. Could somebody help me find my boob?
    I was trotting and it popped out. It's a small white looking kinda opaguue sack.

  50. Hi Ann

    Thanks for coming.

    I think cowboys are the sexiest don't you.

    I chose tiramisu because Eva teases Jack with it, one night at a restaurant;-)

    Now hold on Jack....wait for me....

  51. If I could spell it!
    I can spell it opaque! Come on Sharon he's handsome and he's rich! He dropped in from another book!

  52. Mmmmmmm, Tiramisu! The best desert ever!

  53. Great reviews Jan, it's fantastic to get reviews like that isn't it! Congrats again. And thanks for inviting Jack along, you're right, there's nothing quite like a handsome, sexy cowboy!

  54. Jack is soooo hot. Any chance of getting him away from Eva? Just wondering!
    Sharon, Lyn, Jan, did you like the horses? What does Jack ride? Does Eva have a horse?

  55. Thanks Hywela Lyn, Sharon and Mary.

    The reviews are the icing on the cake.

    I really enjoyed writing this book. It was so much fun.

    There is a serious element, but on the whole it is quite a romp. With a HEA.

    When Eva finally tames the Texas rogue the sparks certainly fly.

  56. Does he have any brothers? He's so dreamy!
    And a good guy too!

  57. And good reviews make it all real. They complete the process and show you success. And they make you feel so good!

  58. I'm back, girls. Just had to show that hottie around. Look, he let me wear his stetson. It's a bit big, but be still my heart. I think he said he dropped in off the pages of one of Jan's books!

  59. Look at Sharon beaming over there. Yes, she's looking awfully happy. What was his name Jan, do you know. He's a friend of Jack. Lyn, get off that guy. Sitting on him is not the way to get him to stay. Wait, maybe it is....
    So what's your name handsome. I hear you know Jack?

  60. Hi Mary

    They both ride horses, appropriately called, Solomon and Sheba.

    Sheba is just a bay mare for Eva, whilst Jack rides Solomon a black stalliona that's as tempremental as he is. LOL.

  61. That must be Doug Chamber's. He's also a billionaire. And in oil just the same as Jack.

    Watch out for him. He's a little on the bad side.

  62. Sharon just loves a bad boy!!
    But who is with me and Lyn? Are they Jacks friends or what? Should we be worried or are they safe to be around. I'm just lookin' to talk to someone nice today. Wouldn't mind him being hot, hot, hot...Like Jack!

  63. Who doesn't love a bad boy.

    Jack has a sister who causes quite a commotion at the ranch. So if you see a woman approach with blonde hair, stand clear.

  64. Jan, are you saying she might shriek pull our hair out! Gulp. Hold onto your hats, sisters!

  65. I'm afraid so. Approach with care. Jack may have escaped his past, but his sister certainly didn't.

    If you see her I siggest you call for Jack. he's the only one who can control her. Cuts off her allowance.

    Yikes! Now that hurts a girl.

  66. Well we don't want her boyfriend, she has a real attitude huh?
    We want our own unencumbered cowboys.
    Man with white horse. Ya know???!???!

  67. Watch out behind you Sharon!!!!!

  68. Oh I like the sound of Solomon and Sheba! My Harri is black, but he's a softie!

    Look like we need to steer clear of Jack's sister though. D'you think she's liable to gatecrash the party?

    What was that Mary? Sharon - oh no!

  69. Running late to the party!! Whew--almost missed it! I must say, y'all did it up proud, that spread has some mighty good eatin's on it. But...but...a white table cloth at a Texas Barbecue? Sausage on a bun with--ewwww--green and yellow peppers? Where're the jalapenos? Get a rope!!But I have to say, this was one fun party. Now, about Oliver's favorite CW song? It has to be: "All My Exes Live in Texas." Gotta be that.
    Love you all--Celia

  70. Hi Celia, HHLLLPP! Watch out for rustlers. We need him. I have to say it! We need the Duke! We need Wyatt, hellllpppp!! Rustlers, ravagers (yeah), robbers, women grabbers. Helppp!

  71. Thanks for coming Celia

    We've had a wild party here today.

    Jan xx

  72. Hi Celia

    Oh dear, looks like we had a rogue Tex Mex creep in somewhere.

    Hey Mary, knew the Duke and Wyatt would turn up, somehow!

  73. Now Jack, I've gotta go, so I hope you keep your sister under control.

    Thanks Hywela Lyn, Mary and Sharon for such a fun day. It's just gone 11.00pm here, so I'm gonna have to go get some shut eye.

    I'll be back tomorrow to round up any stragglers.

    Thanks to Oliver too. Loved the bread rolls.

    ((waves)) Jan xx

  74. Nite Jan!
    Sleep well, I have to get some help we've been invaded. Talk to you tomorrow, If I get aaaaaawwwwwayyyyy!
    Help, Lyn, Sharon!!...Mary is carried away one boob short...

  75. 'Nite Jan, it's a lovely night to sleep under the stars - think I'll join you since I'm in the same time zone!

    Uh oh, perhaps not, looks like Mary needs some help. Come on Sharon, let's get mounted and help our sister hostess - Jack, you handsome Texan you, you'd better stand guard, make sure Jan sleeps safely!

    See you tomorrow, Jan

  76. I knew I could count on you guys. I love you, thankssss...But, HELP!!

  77. After helping the Duke round up the wildcat Mary Ricksen and search the ranch high and low for her fake hooters, Sharonand Lyn finally fall off into slumber beneath the twinkling stars. Sharon wakes up to the smell of bacon and eggs and strong Texan coffee as Oliver mands the grill for breakfast. But as usual, Mary's snores snarl above the hissing grease. Sharon rolls over to find something to pitch at her to stop the ear-splitting wheezing, but, lo and behold...it's not the Ricksen atall. Sharon grins and cuddles into the arms of one of Jack's billionaire oil buddies. Some party!

  78. Hearing more commotion, Sharon peeks out of one eye and gasps. Mary is cuddled up with you guessed it...the DUKE himself and she is all smiles. Lyn is with...oh no...JACK! And don't look now, but here comes his sister, the wildcat, riding into Dodge onher horse. Lyn, best hide before......too late.....

  79. Jan awakens to the screams and has to sort it all to rights. It's her story after all, and only she can figure out how this wild party will end!
    Jan, we absolutely loved this barbeque! You are so much fun. Wishing you loads of cyber hugs and the very best of luck. Now come on, girls, what say we go sample some of Oliver's good eats, huh? All this commotion has me hungry as a bear!

  80. Good morning ladies, my what a night - what a dream! Was it a dream, I dunno! All I can say is - hunky cowboys! Roarrrrrrrr!
    ooh yes, I'm starving, after all that food we ate yesterday, I thought I wouldn't want to eat for a week, but it was a busy night - the trail riding, the square dancing, the chases, the fights - and did I say hunky cowboys!

    And did Mary's missing hooter ever turn up?

    You've been such a great guest Jan, and we've had such fun. We wish you tons of sales with your books, and I'm anxious to read more about Jack! But hey the party's not over yet, we may still get some stragglers - meanwhile let's dig into that breakfast!

  81. Wow!! What a night.

    You girls are just so naughty. Now I've got some explaining to do to Eva. That's the last time she's gonna trust me with him.

    I've got to go to work now, so if there are any stragglers, I'll include them in the final draw later.

    What a great party. How am I gonna work with this hangover? Jack..you come here right this minute...

  82. Please all the commotion, oh I dreamed I was with the Duke in his prime. Oh, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
    Not a dream!

    Thanks Jan, for being such a good sport and participating in our fun. And truly they aren't fake. I wish.

  83. Many thanks to Hywela Lyn, Sharon and Mary, and of course Oliver.

    I had a grwat day yesterday, so thank you all for your hard work.

    I've thrown all the names into a virtual aht and.........

    Caroline Clemmons is the winner.

    If you can send an email to

    jan(at)janbowles(dot)com I'll send you a copy of LOVE LESSONS WITH THE TEXAS BILLIONAIRE. Congratulations!!!

    Thanks everyone

    Jan xxx

  84. Congratulations, Caroline!

    Once again, Jan, we're so glad you enjoyed your day. It was such a pleasure to have you as our guest (and Jack.) You both made the BB roast swing!


This is an interractive blog - please feel free to pop in and comment throughout the Roast as much as you like - and remember to leave your email address if you wish to be put in the draw to win this week's prize.