As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What Happens In The Carpathian Mountains Stays In The Carpathian Mountains

The rustle of pretty matching white chiffon dresses and sensual silks is the only noise until!  "Ouch. Stop that Lyn you're stepping on my foot." Sharon shoves Lyn and she falls into Mary who yelps in pain.

"If your feet are so small, why do you keep buying those huge shoes. Saddle shoes just don't cut it when you're a vampire!" Mary smiles and shows her long white canines. Sharp and very Pointed.

Sharon and Lyn join in with their own laughter. Tonight the trio are vampires!!!

"Just don't give us away Sharon, I know how proud you are of those eye teeth of yours. Besides we're here to do his bidding aren't we?" Lyn tilts her head and throws her luscious locks over her shoulders in a casual sexy gesture.

All three of the Hosts of the Author Roast and Toast are beautiful!

Gothic Comments"Have you ever seen an ugly vampiress." Mary's lovely lips curve in a sensual smile. "We are the best we can be. We never have to sleep anymore. I had a hard time sleeping anyways. And this going back to how I looked at twenty one. Well look at me!" Mary twirls and then the other girls twirl around with her. Annie has no idea what she's in for.

Oliver struts in looking dashing like he always does.

He blows a kiss to Sharon.  The food is ready for those who eat!

"Too bad we can't eat it. Oh, well, this is okay with me." Lyn steps back and waves her hand over herself to show us all her svelte figure. "I'm gonna have to fight them off." Lyn chortles and the others join in. Even Oliver is a vampire today!

The guests arrive vampire and human, they intermingle and get to know one another.

Annie Nicholas is in the Carpathian mountains and we are here to roast and toast her and her new story, 'Bait'.  It's a grand celebration in the Rudas Bath House. Everything is decorated with white flowers and the cloying scent hints and secrets and opulence.

"Oh, Oh," Sharon exclaims. Here she comes with... You have to be kidding, who is that hunky guy? He's obviously a vampire of sorts. What is his name?"

"Rurik, he is the Overlord of all Vampires, and he is with Annie? Funny Connie isn't here. I guess he is Annie's escort."

Oliver raises his hand for silence and the previously yapping, tapping, and smacking, threesome stop and stare at him.

He rushes up to Ann and gushes as he asks for her to autograph his copy of her book. While the three hostesses offer home made goulash, stuffed cabbage, chicken paprika and all the sides, followed by delicious seven layer chocolate cake and tiny plum puddings with powdered sugar.
See  full size image

Stuffed cabbage rolls
"Boy this stuff looks good, such a sin we can't have any. Oh well bring on the blood!!" Mary raises her glass and the glistening red liquid, in Hungarian cut crystal glasses, get passed around on silver platters to those who prefer it.

Oliver and the three Hostess vampires raise their glasses to Anne and Rurik to wish them luck!

Now the question for today's guests.. Would you like to be a vampire and live forever?"

Sent on a mission to lure Budapest’s vampire Overlord into a trap, Connie Bence is instead caught red-handed by the dark Casanova. Her employer has concrete proof of the dubious leader’s misdeeds but she is surprised when this ruthless killer, Rurik, offers her protection and rescues her from his own kind. It plants seeds of doubt in her mind and she begins to question his guilt. Now she is thrown into his world where blackmail determines her every move and where she must betray those she cares about or let them die. The stakes are high. She either puts her trust in Rurik or leads him to his execution.
Love or life.


Once I pulled up to the hull of the ship I didn't see any kind of ladder to climb. You'd think a luxury liner would have a staircase.

“Hey, anyone there? I can use a hand.” I looked at the rail along the deck for signs of life.

“The ladder is at the stern, Rabbit.” Tane's soft voice carried well over the night.
I rowed a few strokes toward the front of the boat.

“That's the bow. Turn around and go to back."

Steam poured from my ears. Did I look like a sailor? I tried to change direction by swinging the oars in opposite directions but only managed to scrape the yacht's paint.

“Watch the ship.” The curt command shot from above. “You're late.”

I settled the oars in the water. Even with the gentle lights that hung from the rigging I couldn't see Tane. “I'm lucky to have made it this far.”

A rope flew over the edge of the yacht to land in my dingy. “Tie it to the boat, I'll reel you in.”

I wrapped it around the bench and held the end as Tane guided it to the stern with ease.

As I pulled up he jumped in, rocking the row boat enough to make me hang on to the sides. He unwound the rope from the bench while he muttered under his breath then tied a complicated knot to moor it. After he climbed back out he turned and offered his hand. “Welcome aboard, Rabbit.”

I accepted it and stepped onto the back platform beside him.

This time he didn't hide his origins under a hat. The moonlight gleamed off his smooth, bald head with his pointed ears folded along its side. His tattoo flowed down into the neckline of his pale-blue, button-down shirt and still remained obscure. He brushed some water beads from his dark gray slacks before directing me to the ladder.

It surprised me to see he was barefoot.

“Pay attention to your steps. I don't want to have to fish you out of the river.”

I stared daggers at him before climbing up the ladder. He didn't seem to mind throwing me in it the other night.

His chuckle mocked me.

The deck spoke of wealth. White leather couches attached to the rails invited me to snuggle and the dark hard wood floor felt smooth under my feet. A glass pitcher of clear liquid and a full martini glass sat on a table by one of the couches.
Tane brushed past me and sat next to the table. He picked up the glass and sipped. “Would you like one? Eric makes a good dry martini.”
I remained by the ladder. It made me feel safer, even though I couldn't do much if Tane decided to hurt me. “I don't drink anymore.” I licked my lips, after this afternoon the pitcher looked tempting. “No olives?”

Monsters Comments

Annie Nicholas hibernates in the rural, green mountains of Vermont where she dreams of different worlds, heroes, and heroines. When spring arrives the stories pour from her, in hopes to share them with the masses one day. Mother, daughter, wife are some of the hats she happily wears while trudging after her cubs through the hills and dales. The four seasons an inspiration and muse.

Website: www.annienicholas.com


  1. Welcome to your party, Annie! You look most fetching. We hope you enjoy your gothic celebration with us today in the mountains. Sister vampires, Mary and Lyn, how lovely to be at long last free of those rather unsightly wrinkles. Sharon shows her fangs. I'll be off now to meet a vampire in the cave where he has promised to devour me senseless. Sharon flutters off, her white skirsts fluttering in the wind. Oh, yes, Oliver, some of that ageless red wine would really hit the spot.

  2. Wow, what a party! Thanks for having me over. I love what you done with the place.
    Rurik dear, why don't you get us something to drink. I'd like a private word with Oliver.

  3. Annie, you've arrived in true vamp style! We're so excited to roast you today here in the mountains. Lyn and Mary will be along any second. They seemed to have gotten distracted in the forest by...ah...well...I'm sure being a writer, you can figure it out. LOL And here comes Oliver to grant you your wish. He comes with more red wine, all the better for today's celebration!

  4. Hi Annie! Best wishes for continued sales of your book :-)

  5. Mary flies down from the trees where she has been hanging decorative lights. Rurik is so handsome. Mmmmmm, Now that I am looking young again. I'll love an introduction. I know he's taken but maybe one of his buddies?? Hint, hint!
    Sharon is that chocolate cake on your face. No it's red... and Sharon what have you been doing? Sampling?

  6. Lyn drifs across and blows a kiss to Sharon and Ann (and one to Oliver when no-one's looking.)

    How nice to see you Ann, you look fantastic - and Rurik too. Welcome to your Roast. while we're sipping blood wine and waiting for Mary, tell us a bit more about the Rudas bath house pictured at the through the curtains at the top of your post.

  7. Hi Sandra, welcome to Annie's vampire bash. Ready to trip the light fantastic??
    Annie you look lovely today. Must be the auras all around us?

  8. ...Ah and here IS mary. (Hugs her sister hostess) Hi Mary, that's what you were doing - hanging lights.That's not the story I heard, *grin*. MMmmm. I know what you mean about Rurik and I'm gasping to know more about him!

  9. I was here before you. Na, na, na, na, na! LOL
    This blood is making me giddy.
    What would you say if I told you, that you were now a vampire and could live forever?????
    Lyn stop pushing you are the closest to Rurik and I asked to meet his friends first.
    Sharon why are you holding that garlic you know it don't work?

  10. Sharon smiles, showing her sparkling fangs which glow in the moonlight. Mmm...yes...wouldn't we all adore a chance with Rurik. Hello, Sandra, have some wine for a toast with us. Mary, I'm not holding the garlic to scare off the vamps but to bring them on. I'm looking for a place to pitch it. Here Junior and Cuddles, play with this until Mary loses one of her fake hooters. Lyn, dear, we are shoeless today. Stand over here in the glow of the silvery moon so we can see the real size of your tootsies.
    Annie, we are all breathless to hear more about your hottie! Do tell.

  11. Yes, but Rurik's (ahem) taken!

    The garlic doesn't work because it's artificial! Someone lert it here as a joke!

    Hmm, I think the wine's gone to my head too, I just called Annie 'Ann'. Sorry Annie!

  12. He must have a friend. that's what I'm hoping for! Several friends if you don't mind. There are three of us. We need at least three vamps.
    Glad you got rid of it whatever it was. It didn't bother me, it just smelled strong.
    Look Lyn is picking up a guy. Put him down Lyn, picking up a guy is not a literal comment dear.

  13. Duh! Oops, nearly dropped him! Well he did say I could drop him at his place later!

  14. Good one, Lyn, dear. Now Mary, perhaps if we all dazzle all the vamps as they soar into the forest with our sharpened teeth, we can attract some attention. Oliver, more of the red stuff over this way. Now, Lyn, quit pouting. We can't have gallons of mead at every party! Didn't you have your fill last week? Tsk tsk, drinking heavy and picking up men, literally. I think I'll stand over here under the flattering moonlight, far away from my much elder sisters. Sharon flaunts off, her cackling echoing through the mountains.

  15. Tee hee, Sister Sharon, you may be just a measly few hundred years younger than Mary and me, but who's counting when we're all so gorgeous. There's only one person who's more beautiful (sigh) and that's Annie herself!

  16. Mary, let me introduce you to Rurik. He doesn't bite, not unless you ask him to. Actually, knowing him he'd make you beg him first.

  17. True, I hate competition. We can't off her, she's our guest. Shoot I know we can force her to tell us a bit more about Bait?
    I'm intrigued. Rurik is the head of us all. We have to do what he says. Even if we don't want to. Age is just a number. We are more experienced than Sharon. Hehe!! Mary chuckles, look she is with, no it can't be, Igor???

  18. Isn't it a nice picture of the bath house, Lyn.

    I know in Budapest going to the bath house is almost a ritual. When I researched the subject I tumbled over the history of this ancient bath house. If I remember correctly it was built in the 1500s. Visions of vampires hanging out at this place, soaking in hot water, to take off their natural chill, immediately popped into my head.

    I had to write a scene in this place. Steam, heat, and nakedness seemed like the right place for Rurik.

  19. Wow, that's a fascinating bit of information, Annie, and it is a great picture! I have to admit I've never heard of it before. But you're right, steamm, heat and nakedness, yessss!

  20. Congrats on your new release, Ann! Vermont is a beautiful place to live (I live next door in NH).

    Great cover, and nice excerpt! There should be a ladder on a luxury boat!

  21. Annie my book takes place in Vermont too. And you are right it is a beautiful place Aubre.
    Every been to the Lake or the Champlain Islands?

  22. Fashionably late as always, Tane. *Annie rubs his bald head*

    Try to behave, please. Oh and leave Oliver alone, I don't think he swings that way.

  23. Hi, *waving at everyone*, especially Annie! I love to visit you guys--there's always good food, drink and company. Oliver, I like my martini very dirty, please.

    Annie, congrats and best wishes, this was one awesome story and I can't wait for more.

  24. Congrats Annie! I love vampires so much I also write about them but you already knew that. LOL I haven't read Bait yet but now I will have to add it to my to be read pile. Vampires are yummy. Out of all the paranormal creature they are my favorite. I wish you the best of luck on your new release.
    Tabitha Blake

  25. Welcome Tabitha, and J Hall, this is one great party. You really can't tell the vamps from the humans! Except by what they are drinking. Annie has done a magnificent job, now Tan behave. There is someone I'd like you to meet here people! Let's welcome Rurik our fearless leader, and wish his lady love, (Not here sigh), our very best.

  26. Lyn is that you? You didn't get some bad blood did you? I have never seen you dance to music and strip before. Pretty good shape for sure. Nice undies. But--Pink hearts on bright red bloomers. And what is that on top. A push up bra? LOL Oh it's what you where for a blood bath. I get it.

    Here's a robe, don't drink the blood from JT's blood bar. It's not good. Makes you crazy!!

  27. Annie, I have to agree. I've never heard of it before, but it would be a great place for a vamp to hang out. Hi J, Aubrie and Tabatha. Welcome to Annie's party. Help yourself to food and belly up to the bar for a dirty martini or blood redwine. Mmm what a fine gothic party it is turning out to be.

  28. howdy all. I have read bait and it is rocking just thought I'd stop and loudly announce that

  29. Lyn struts in wearing a couture dress designed by Vamps Inc. She looks lovely!! And my her 21 year old body is at it's best. I must say, Mary touches her glistening canines, I love my new teeth!!!
    Mary tears off her dress and runs to grab a new one like Lyn. Sharon here's yours, I didn't know we were doing clothing changes. But who doesn't love a new dress, gown!

  30. Sharon, you look good in your new dress. Still wearing the red polka dot undies huh? How did you like my Victoria's Secret undies. Nice huh? Mary hands a cataglogue to each of the other hostess's. Wait it's not Victoria's Secret it's, Vampire's Secret.

  31. What a party and glad to be here to fly around and take in the sights. It sure is nice to know you can live forever and not have wrinkles. Caves sure are wonderful places to be if your have some one special to share them with.yummy!! Oliver what do you suggest for a hot drink? I will take two. ha susan L.

  32. I'd like one of those twenty-one year old bodies please.

    Tane told me he stopped calculating his age after 4 thousand years but he doesn't look a day over nineteen.

    Pretty hard to take him seriously because of it. Probably why he and Connie butt heads all the time.

  33. Yeah, give me one of the 21 year old bodies and I'll throw this Vampire's Secret catalogue to the wolves!

  34. Forgot to add "and go nekkid". Oliver, could I try one of the ageless red wines, please?

  35. Hi Jennifer and Susan, welcome to the mountains. Something hot? Mmmm. I suppose Oliver can heat up the ageless red wine. And yes, J, have a glass. I wouldn't mind trading in my body for the 21 model if that's what we're doing. How about it, Annie. What do I need do?
    Mary, love my new dress and the Vamp Secrets rock! What happened to Lyn? Is she being devoured in a cave?

  36. Look at yourselves ladies! You are young. The pictures are all in the blog! Your bodies are twenty one until the stroke of midnight. So enjoy whilst you can. No plastic boobs, no big butts, no glasses and tiny feet. We're all perfect! For one day darn.

  37. Anyone who comments on this blog will be 21 for the day. Even if just in their heads!
    what do you want to do first?
    Then would you want to live forever as a Vampire? If I didn't go to hell later, I'm game. Bite me okay!!!
    Oh that's right, Rurik and his buddies. Ahem. I think Lyn carried some hunk off.

  38. Okay Sharon, that's you and me so far. Let's just assume our Lyn would want the same. Let's do it! Yeah! 21 forever!!
    Rurik, please change us forever, we're ready!!!!

    Hey that vamp looks like a young Brad Pitt, he musta been the real actor in the movie. Let's go check him out while Rurik decides if we qualify after our one day trial. Lyn coulda taken off with the vamp she picked up and carried in the place?

  39. I hear her cackling from deep in the woods. Could the vamp she picked up be easy prey?

  40. 21 today! 21 today!

    I've got the best vamp for sure!
    Twenty one for the day!

  41. Lyn emerges from the forest, a grin on her face and her red lips cherry ripe and moist.
    Mmmmm, I see we have some new guests.

    Hello J Hall, Tabitha, Susan, Aubrie and Jennifer. So glad you could join us at Annie's party! Have you met Rurik? We're all going down to the Rudas Bath House in a bit, to -er - freshen up!

  42. You have gorgeous pictures. Oliver in vampiric cloth is so dashing, good to be bitten without hesitation.

  43. Annie stretches after a long evening of dancing. "I think it's time for a soak. Anyone care to join me?" Pointedly looks at Oliver.

  44. I'll be back, Brad look alike is coming with me for a little walk in the woods.
    Be right back...
    Lyn what direction should we walk?
    You've been in the woods a lot today.
    (grin) cackle!!!

  45. 21 till midnight only guys, don't waste a second of time!!!!

  46. "Grin" I'd go thataway Mary, it's nice and dark back there.

    Don't be too long, we don't want to miss the bathing!

  47. Bathing in Bath. Hold the phone---How about a little water sport honey, before we go for a walk in the dark woods. TeHe!
    Is it coed I hope?

    What do we wear?????The couture bathing suits, where are they Sharon!!!

  48. "We're suppose to wear something!" Annie glances down at herself in the water and ducks lower. "Sorry. I forgot my swimsuit."

  49. Mary whips her top off. After all she has the body of a 21.
    Just didn't want to be the only one Annie. Mary jumps in next to Annie and settles down in the water. Discreet at all times the other two hostess's jump in au natural too. Are the vamp hotties coming in Annie. Or is this segregated because they are standing by the entrance and there is one who....

  50. Well at least what happens here stays here!!!! Mary laughs mischievously!

  51. Sharon grins as she takes the plunge. Ah, yes. If we only have until the bewitching hour, we'd best live it up. Mmmmm. Sharon lickes her lips and crooks her blood red fingernail to the hunks at the entrance to the forest. Do join us, darlings, the water is to die for!

  52. Mona, come join us. The water is lovely and we're all beautiful and 21 until midnight.

  53. Annie waves the boys over. "What are you waiting for. You've never been shy before."

  54. LOL! You're right there Sharon m'dear, Queen of the Puns!

    Waves to Mona! Come on in folks, no-one's allowed to be shy tonight, we're all young and beautiful.

  55. That's it, get the boys to join in Anne, as I said, no-one's allowed to be shy!

  56. Wonderful concept! I love a good vamp story. But I most definitely would not want to live forever! I think seeing first hand the way the world has changed would absolutely break my heart. Not to mention losing friends and loved ones. But I think their dark brooding nature and strong will to survive are the very reasons we find vampires so appealing, esp. as romance heroes.

  57. Hi Lily,
    Lyn pops her head out of the water. I think you're right, immortality would bring its own problems.
    Annie's book has certainly given us some food for thought!

  58. Good point Lilly! Not get too philosophical but it is a part of this story line as well.

    One of the conflicts Connie must face is how to deal with her grief at losing someone close to her. Rurik offers to help and states that vampires know grief intimately.

    *Rurik blushes on the other side of the pool yet still manages to wink at Mary*

  59. I'd love to live forever... I'd have forever to get used to whatever comes and make peace with it and my surroundings again and again; hopefully getting better with each change. BUT, only if I can stay 21--NO, WAIT--I want to be 42 forever and ever, lol, that was a damn fine year!

  60. Absolutely loved the excerpt! I'm not so sure I'd want to live forever. I think I'd rather just come back again and have a "do-over"! *grin* Best of luck to you, Annie! But from that great reading excerpt, I think you're well on your way. :)

  61. Hi JH and Maeve.

    Welcome to Anne's party, do have some refreshments or just join us in the baths!

    Some interesting thoughts on immortality!

  62. If I could be 21, Hmmmmmm. how about almost forever.

  63. Welcome to Bath everyone, we are all in the water, come on in!
    Sharon how's the food doing?
    Lyn the blood? Heh,-Heh,-Heh!

  64. Ah, midnight approaches. Darn, Oh Vampire, come back!!
    We have about four hours till we are old again. Sigh...

  65. Old? Who's old? Speak for yourself sweetie. Your're as old as you feel, and I only feel 2,029! And Annie's even younger! Let's make the most of our youth while we still have it! *Grin*

  66. Let's make the most of it!!
    Bring on the new vampires!!

  67. A parade of vampires flock to Mary's cry.

  68. Thanks for having over and throwing this wonderful party for me. I had a lot of fun. Enjoy the vampires. ;)

  69. Yay! And the party lingers on late into the night. Mary is making the most of her nite! Sharon and Lyn have disappeared with Vamps into the darkness.

    I need to find my Brad look a like, he's going with me!
    Bye Annie, bye. Back to my own worn body after midnight. Darn! Off to have fun!
    Comment one and all, the food magically appears, liquid and solid!
    Nite All!

  70. Sharon smiles as she rises out of the water, stretching and feeling...feeling old! Hurriedly, she leaps from the water and runs for her long, flowing robe to cover her thousand age old body. After the light of the silvery moonbeams, she and all the vamps have lost their voluptuous 21 year old bodies. Sharon shrieks as she races out of the woods of the forest, barging straight into Lyn and Mary. The sisters three race for cover before anyone can see them, their screams echoing through the mountains. Oliver snickers...

  71. Annie, thank you for being such a delightful guest. We so enjoyed the vamp party and bath celebration. Fun. Best of luck and continued success.

  72. Oh what a night! Lyn grins as she thinks of all the naughty and fun goings on, the wine, the sexy vamps, the warm baths. The fright she had when she awoke and gazed into the pool to see her not-so young face gazing back at her, was probably a price worth paying.
    Yes, she has a reflection ... does that mean ... yes, no longer the lithe young beauty she once was, it's back to reality!

    What a wonderuful party we had Annie, thank you for bringing along those handsome hunks and for being such a fun and sporting guest. We loved having you.

  73. Thanks for inviting me to your party. I would love to be a vampire and live forever.

    Best wishes on the sale of your book.

  74. Hello Ladydi

    How lovely of you to stop by. I think you'll find there's still plenty of food and wine left although many of the guests may be asleep, since it's broad daylght! :)

  75. Seems I'm a little late for the Party, but Annie never too late to say Congrats on your release. The Bath House looks beautiful. I love the name Rurik...very sexy.
    I'd love to be 25 but not forever, just almost forever. Does that count :)Looks like a great party for you Annie.
    Carol L.

  76. Thanks for stopping by Carol, never to late!

  77. Hay am i late for the party?I would love to be a vampire if i had somebody to spend the long years whit.Would not want to be a vampire alone.


  78. Hi Stacey

    Make yourself at home - as we said to Carol - never too late for a Roast Party. You're right, eternity alone would be no fun at all!

  79. I know I'm late but I just to say that I love everything concerning vampires! I love the bad ones, the good ones, even the weak ones.

    I don't think my passion for them will ever fade!

    Tracey D

  80. Hi Tracey
    Welcome to thr party.
    We haven't even thought of clearing up or even tidying anything away yet, so don't worry about being a bit late. The blood wine still flows!

  81. Annie crawls out from under the bushes and looks at the bite marks on her limbs. "I think the vamps misunderstood the all you can eat buffet sign outside. Thanks for the party Lynn. Glad to have survived it."

  82. *Grin* yes, perhaps that notice was a msitake - or perhaps someone's idea of a joke. As you see we've had a few more guests. It's beem great having you Annie, we had fun preparing your Roast and hope you recover soon, LOL!

  83. Annie what a party?
    After I covered my horrid old body with a shroud. I thought I'd come back and check on stragglers.
    Wait till the girls hear you still look 21. WOW!!!


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