As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Midsummers Night Dream

Hello and welcome to the Author Roast and Toast! Our featured guest today is Ann Yost and we are celebrating her book

We invite you to enter an enchanted forest full of crossed lovers, fairies and magic love potions. Let your imaginations run wild and rein supreme for a day while we transport you back in time to late 19th century Tuscany to a Midsummer’s Night Dream.

A warm sultry breeze swooshes through the woods, stirring the scent of honeysuckle and wild flowers through the air. Fairy lights twinkle in the dark, casting willowy shadows on the forest. Wind chimes tinker, the whimsical sound the perfect music for the witching hour. The hostesses, donned in Wiccan style attire, float about in floor-length sumptuous stretch velvet gowns with criss-cross lace-up fronts and long, tapering sleeves. Their crystal beading and sequins shimmer in the lights, and with their stylized jeweled daggers, they present a rather daunting aura. Sharon in rich burgundy, Mary in midnight blue, and Lyn in crushed purple. Celebrating the merry-making ladies of long ago, they flutter through the forest, bickering and bantering.

“Mary, dear,” Sharon beams her most brilliant smile. “You might want to adjust your hooters so they appear…dare we say a bit more natural.”

Glitter Graphics“They’re real!” Mary hisses, looking up just in time to see the endearingly winsome winged dragon sitter guarding the forest wink at her.

“And for you, Lyn,” Sharon flutters over to her side. “A rainbow moonstone crystal. You might want to rub it and make a wish that your feet shrink a few sizes so we don’t have to keep ordering special for you, m’dear. Go on, give it a whirl.”

“Can’t hurt,” Mary grins, catching Lyn’s eye and pointing at Sharon’s behind. They cackle uncontrollably, their shrieks echoing through the forest.

“Watch it,” Sharon fingers her dagger. “We’re in the enchanted forest and it’s full of voodoo.”

But just as they are about to break out in a wiccan free for all, the tantalizing aroma of food stops them in mid gape. Oliver, off to pick up the guest of honor, has the turkey legs grilling on the open fire, smoke billowing upward in the most sizzling aroma. A huge roast sauteed in rose water, orange juice and thyme turns on the rotisserie stick, sending its delectable smell wafting through the woods. Fruit and meat pies have been baked, sitting pretty on long wooden tables covered with crisp white tablecloths and flickering candelabras.

There’s plenty of mead and grog to wet the palate. Platters of cheese made from fresh cream decorate silver trays, along with slices of warm, crusty bread. Steaming urns of broth simmer, and for dessert, Oliver has outdone himself with a three-tiered devil’s food cake.

And as the nightingale calls out a beautiful song, announcing the arrival of Ann, the hostesses rush to greet her. A horse and carriage pull up, pinecones and twigs snapping. Oliver steps down, costumed in a Sorcerer’s cape of rich sable black velvet, with front hook and extravagantly trailing sleeves. Removing his top hat, he takes a sweeping bow and extends his arm for Ann.

Just at the witching hour, Ann steps down from the horse and carriage. Night is her day, moonlight is her sun. Looking radiant in a white beaded pirate queen off the shoulder gown, Ann sets the scene with two-tiered lace trimmed skirts that trail like a train. To complement her costume, her hands are sheathed in fingerless lace gloves, and atop her head is a peacock feather headdress. To ward off evil spirits, she has donned a cat eye pendant around her neck, and a garnet and ruby ring adorns her finger on a band of rose silver gold.

Junior and Cuddles, looking quite dashing in their wizard hats, snake through the woods and strike up the band, a brass quartet.

And when they break into a chorus of Love Potion Number Nine, an excerpt from THAT VOODOO THAT YOU DO scrolls from the sky.

Luke could hear Jessie gasping and puffing as he dragged her through the moonlit streets, past the gazebo and the town’s Christmas tree. Fueled by adrenalin and rage he ran full-out, allowing no quarter for her much shorter legs.

He vaulted up the shallow steps to Blanche’s front porch and he stopped so suddenly she slammed into him as he dug out his key. He cursed, softly. The instant they were inside he pinned her shoulders against the door.

The golden eyes held no fear, only contrition and something else that reached into his chest and settled under his heart. Her lips parted. God. Need clawed at him like an animal trapped in a box. His hands trembled and he knew there was no way he’d make it upstairs. He didn’t care if the rest of the household woke up and sold tickets. He had to have her. Now. When she put her hands on his face and slipped her tongue into his mouth he realized she wanted him, too. Thank God.

Desperate to feel her soft skin, to lose himself in her warmth, he drew her down to the polished wooden floor while his fingers fought hers for the right to unsnap his old letter jacket. Finally, finally, it was open and he reached inside.

“Shit,” he growled. “Overalls.”

“I’ve got it,” she breathed. She shoved the straps off her shoulder while he stripped off her boots. He ripped open his jeans. He knew it was gonna be close. He was wound as tightly as a rubber band. Rubber. Shit. Mabel Ruth had confiscated his condoms. Luke felt Jessie’s fingers dig into his hips. He made a half-hearted attempt to warn her.


“Don’t talk. Don’t stop.”

He didn’t think he could stop. He wanted her the way he’d wanted Crystal in the beginning, mindlessly, hopelessly, obsessively. She arched up just as he thrust into her, hard. They strained against each other, twisting and pounding their way across the waxed floor. Ah. God. She was so hot. So tight. His climax rushed at him like a runaway train. And then she yelped.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s my head. I think I hit the coat rack.”

THAT VOODOO THAT YOU DO - Wild Rose Press, December, 2009


For a chance to win a pdf of this book, answer the following as a comment:

My name is Ann Yost and I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan where I experienced my first two major disappointments when I discovered the town wasn’t named after me and that I was expected to share my idyllic four-year-old life with a pair of infant twin brothers.

I became one of those enthusiastic but perpetually self conscious pre-teens - I wrote dozens of blurbs for a childrens magazine column called Is My Face Red! – through which I learned that life’s experiences can be softened and enjoyed more in retrospect if they are written down.

The knowledge came in handy many years later when I wrote a weekly column, I Did, I Did, which helped me adjust to that rugged first year of marriage.

I loved the ten years I spent working for daily newspapers in Michigan, but especially the opportunities I had then and afterwards for participation journalism. I got to fly on apparatus for Peter Pan, to take a lesson in a small plane, to join a high school tennis team at age 30, to become (briefly) a substitute teacher and (even more briefly) a little league umpire.

I wrote about my children for newspapers and magazines until they put a stop to it by growing up.

Nowadays I love to create small town characters whose normal lives are turned upside down by jealousy, passion, and murder.

I believe it is so important to find the thing you love to do, the thing you can’t imagine living without, to, in the

words of Joseph Campbell, “follow your bliss.”

I think this quote from Jonathan Winters says it all:

“I couldn’t wait for success…so I went ahead without it.”


  1. just called by and was mesmerised by the magic of Midsummer Eve, the
    smell of those pies really whet my appetite. How perfect they taste, followed by a long sip of mead.

  2. Hi Margaret,

    Welcome to Anne's Roast - here comes Oliver now, with a plate of pies for you and a goblet of mead!

  3. Hello! I am completely blown away by this party! I love the costumes and the dragon and the cakd (!!!!) and the fact that I am young and beautiful and I love Oliver in the sorcerer' cape - perfect!
    I can't thank Sharon, Mary and Lyn enough for "A Midsummers Night Dream" and I thank you all for stopping by.
    I would love to send a commenter a copy of THAT VOODOO THAT YOU DO, either in digital or print.
    I'll be back soon.

  4. Hi, Ann! Welcome to your party. I'm so glad you are enticed. We certainly are by the theme of the enchanted forest. Big hugs of welcome and congratulations. Oliver, a glass of mead for our featured guest! He does look rather dashing, doesn't he?

  5. Oliver looks SO dashing. And I love the pets, too. My golden retriever, Lucy, says hi!

  6. Air kisses, sister Lyn. It's a good thing Oliver produced plenty of mead since you (Sharon gets close and whispers in her ear) since you fell off the wagon. We all know how you fancy several cups of the sweet wine made from honey. There there, Lyn, don't pout. Just try not to trip over yourself or that gorgeous gown. Ta ta for now, dearie.

  7. LOVED this book, story hooked me from the get-go. If you haven't done so already pick up a copy now!


  8. Hi Margaret, so glad that you are here. Ah, so Oliver has seen to you, then? Stick around and enjoy the party. The best is yet to come. Ann's book That Voodoo That You Do is receiving rave reviews, and we can't wait to hear more.

    Here here, Ann!

  9. Mmmm, grog AND devils food cake! I've got on my wizard party hat (much like Cuddles') and am ready for the celebration!

  10. The only thing better than Ann's writing is Ann herself. Congratulations on you success, Ann! It's well deserved. Can't wait to tell people, "I knew her when..."

  11. Welcome Adam and Cathy! Allow Oliver to offer you some refreshments. Adam, I agree. This book is wonderful. And Cathy, you fit right in with your enchanting wizard hat. Here here! Let's hear it for Ann! No, Cuddles, don't knock it off with your enchanted horn. You know everyone will notice your hat. Be a good little unicorn and run along and find Lyn and Mary. No mischief!

  12. Oh, this is so much fun! Thank you Adam, Cathy and Portia's mom for dropping by. Wish that chocolate cake was real and sitting next to my computer right now. Oh, and Oliver, too.

  13. Mary rushes in with fresh kegs of mead. We were getting low and Oliver asked me to pick some up. While we were out we stopped by and picked up Lucy. Junior is in love. He thinks she is very sweet. Anyways I hopw you don't mind. But Cuddles thought a run through the woods would be fun.
    Why do my dresses always end up so tight on top. My double D's are squeezed.
    Mary air kisses both Lyn and Sharon, then she throws her arms around them and hugs them. I have a special treat for you two later!

    I love the book jacket on your book and the excerpt. OOOOUUUUUHHHH!

  14. Hi Ann, so glad you like your party, and welcome Lucy, too. Cuddles and Junior will be thrilled to have a new friend to get up to mischief with.

    Blows kiss to Sharon, hi sweetie. Yes, this mead is delicious.

    Welcome Kathie, Portia's Mum and Kathie, gather round the spitroast, I do believe Oliver's about to dish up.

    Sharon do try not to spill your food all over yourself like you usually do, dearie, it would be a shame to ruin that lovely velvet gown.

  15. I don't know why you two are always fencing snide remarks.
    Can't we all get along?
    Mary has decided to be nice to Sharon and Lyn today. They are my best friends. I wish we'd just be nice today girls. After all I heard the grand wizard, the Poobah of magic land might stop by too!
    Can't you be more like Junior and Cuddles?

  16. Air kisses and bear hugs, Mary. Sharon greets her sister hostess with a grin but a skeptical grin at that. Me thinketh she is up to something with this sudden change of heart. What say you, Lyn? Oh, Lucy, aren't you a darling! Ann, I just love golden retrievers. And Portia's Mom, I couldn't agree more about Ann. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few months ago, and feel like I've known her forever. What a sweetie! And a terrific writer to boot! Oliver, more mead over here, dearheart.

  17. This mead tastes incredible! I'm watching Cuddles and Junior and Lucy romping in the forest and suddenly there are six of them. Better eat some meatpies and cake to dilute the drink. Oh, Oliver, could you bring me some of, oh, whatever the heck that is you're carrying in your cloak?

  18. Don't eat the Gouda, word is there's a zombie potion in it.Watch where you sit, there are spells on some of the chairs. You don't wanna know.
    Sharon why would you doubt my sincerity? Mary smiles sweetly.
    As she places a huge fake tarantula on Sharon's shoulder.

  19. Don't worry Ann, Junior and Cuddles, have just invited some friends. There are a pack of local canines! Very friendly.

  20. Oliver grins his roguish grin at Ann and pumps his biceps. He loves to be teased about his manhood! LOL

  21. Ah, gee, Mary, Sharon flicks off the bug. I just have a sneaking suspicion....

  22. What? Me? I have no clue what you mean. Innocently Mary smiles.

  23. Mary - which chairs have the spells? That sounds like almost as much fun as teasing Oliver about his manhood...what is it about an enchanted forest that is so, ummmm, magical? My witches Mabel Ruth, Millicent and Maude would love it here!

  24. You should give them a call! Invite them to stop by. The more the Merrier!
    If they tingle when you touch them, they are enchanted. Touch before you sit!
    You could turn into a an old hag witch. Oh Lyn! DON'T SIT THERE!!!
    Uh Oh!

  25. Which witches Ann? LOL Yes, by all means, call to them and have them fly into the enchanted forest on horseback, just like A Mid Summer's Night Dream. We could sick one of them on Mary and one on Lyn and have them grow warts on their hooters. Sharon slaps herself and her cackles echo into the thicket. Hahahahahahah!

  26. Mabel Ruth, Millicent and Maude are checking the enchanted forest for herbs and they're loving the rendition of "Love Potion Number Nine." They'd love to make a successful potion themselves, but haven't really got the knack. They joined the coven mostly for the cool jewelry - stars, suns and moons. Loving the uniforn!

  27. I can't say as I blame them, Ann. Are they shy? Give them a shout out and introduce us. Maybe we can help them hunt for herbs and sing our very own rendition of Love Potion Number Nine! Then we'll go out on the town and see if he can swoon some kings and princes.

  28. Now remember that Sharon sings like that oriental guy (Hung?), that sang on American Idol. remember him.
    And she tends to imbide a bit to much and changes the words to the songs she sings. She is a karaoke nightmare.

  29. Lyn leaps of her seat and gallops around on Cuddles, unaware that she has acquird a long hooked nose and a witche's hat.

    Hello Mary, dear. Don't worry, Sharon and I aren't really bickering, we love each other really. Nice to se you in a good mood dear, makes a change for you not beeing all tricky and treatsy.

    Talking about treats, did I hear you say you had a surprise for us lagter? Oooh I wonder what it is.
    I'm hoping Ann is going to tell us some more about 'That Voodoo that you do,' sounds just the sort of story to be telling round the fire in the enchanted forest.

  30. Sharon springs wings and flies through the trees in the enchanted forest singing at the top of her lungs...Love Potion Nummmmberrrrr Ninnnnnnneeeeeeeee!
    Takes a bow and accepts the mead Oliver hands her. Encore anyone?

  31. Such a show off that Sharon. Too bad her screeching voice is so loud and off key.
    Oliver is wearing earplugs I know it.

    I invited a few old friends. The three Witches of Eastwick. They are sure to be very funny. They also had a ton of cherries delivered.
    I'm for fresh fruit, but man. I wonder if the gulp, you know, devil, will show up.

  32. Of course, doesn't everyone have a love potient? Mine is all the ingrediates required for chocolate cookies. I make the cookies (my honey's favorite). Once he has eaten his fill of cookies, he is in a VERY good mood, and putty in my romantic hands.

  33. Cuddles runs up to Ann and rubs against her skirt, blinking in delight. (He's a real softie and loves a bit of admiration.) Lucy and Junior join in, (Have you ever seen a couple of dogs with their paws clapped to their ears - that's what Sharon's singing does to them! LOL

    Those cookies sound delicious Karen - I must have the recipe!

  34. Hi Karen, what a great take on it. Ann is flittering about with Oliver, so allow me to fill your cup with mead. And when Ann comes back, you can toast her. Mary, dear, your hooters are hanging out of your dress and there appears to be a thousand legger crawling in your cleavage.

  35. No wait they are howling along with Sharon. Even Cuddles! Better to join in then have to listen. Boy Lucy is a real singer!!!
    Here, Lucy it's okay, it's singing really, it is! Reminds you of scratching on a blackboard you say. I'm sorry sweet doggie her's a nice treat, sweet Potato with duck strips wrapped around them. Here you go. Yummy huh? Oh good it's stopped now. Someone cast a speechless spell on her. Ha!!!!

  36. That's the necklace you gave me. You don't like it. Sorry, Mary fixes her bra. Someone messed with my Playtex I know it. Who cut the side straps on me. Now I'll have to go bra-less. Well they are so nice it's okay. I just have a hard time keeping the men away when I go bra-less.
    If you didn't have that Pirates Treasure, (sunken chest), Sharon my dear, you would't be so jealous of mine. I am proud of my girls myself!

  37. Hold on, isn't Cuddles the unicorn? Aren't I going to get a hole in my bee-youtiful skirt? I love Karen's love potion. Mmmmm. Chocolate. Sometimes Lucy does put her hands over her ears...wonder if its my singing?

  38. Joining the party alittle late, but it sounds like fun! No need to drink any mead, to really enjoy Ann's fascinating book; kept me in suspense until the very end, and my hubby really loved the steamy parts! Both of us enjoyed the surprise ending, and we hope that This party never ends, it's a great one. Pats to Cuddles!

  39. Ann's deceptively smooth writing goes down easy... until you feel the spicy heat of ginger kicking in. In that spirit, I offer a simple potion for those who love without the need of hypnotism (all the more romantic!): one part white grape juice, one part ginger ale, floating rose petals optional.

  40. Suzie, Junior is waiting for his pat too!
    This party goes on all weekend!!
    So gather round, use earplugs cause Sharon is singing. and watch out for Lyn, she has the wrong contacts, mixed up with someone else's and is falling all over the place. She just hugged a statue. HA!

  41. Ann is not just a writer she's a word artist!!!

  42. Suzie - I love your hubby's appreciation of the,er, steamy part of VOODOO. And the pats to Cuddles. I'm sure Cuddles would like to pat you back. I know Lucy would.
    SD - bring on the love potion. Yummmmmmmmmm.
    Thanks for joining the party!

  43. Lyn smiles sweetly at Mary - I I thought that was you sweetie, so sorry. I thought your skin was a bit rough! There's nothing wrong with my contacts, except they get a little misted up sometimes.

    Hi Suzie and SD, so glad you could join us at Ann's party.

    Ann, don't worry about Cuddle's horn, a unicorn's horn is enchanted so there's no way he'll spoil your lovely dress.

    Ohd thank you Oliver, you always no when my glass is empty and that mead of yours is divine!

  44. An artist! I think Mary is my new best friend!

  45. Hi Ann, I have several hypnotic potions. Witchy throws potion bottles up in the air, there's the "trick husband" into getting me another bookshelf potion. The "trick husband" into picking up pizza...again, the trick husband, well you get the picture! Why yes, these potions do have a high success rate. (This is said with a beaming smile.)
    Twitching nose at Lyn, we're wearing the same crushed velvet gown but not for long, I just used a spell to change hers to red, lol. (Evil cackling.)

  46. Sharon floats about, the strangest notion she's been singing her blues away. Hmmm. Her throat hurt nearly raw and she notices all the guests appear to be pointing and holding their ears. Oliver, what was in that mead? You didn't make me sing my heart out again, did you? Cuddles, come quick and put your enchanted horn on my throat. Ah, much better...now if only I could remember...
    Sharon waves to the new guests. Hello Suzy and SD. Welcome. I'd watch out for the mead if I were you. Ooops, is that Hywela Lyn dangling from the treetop upside down? Of course it is. Look at the size of her tootsies. Who knew they could get bigger than last week?

  47. Ann, I've been reading some wonderful reviews for Voodoo. Congratulations. You must be so proud. Tell us more about the book and if we can expect more like this one.

  48. That Welsh Witch never could hold her
    Liquor. Poor thing, Junior, Cuddles, help her down. Before we, Oh No, Lyn, not the red polka dot undies. I told you you're too old for a, I can't even say it, thong!
    And Sharon honey, you can blame the mead, but...
    Me I'm just gonna hold onto my hooters so you can't hurt them. Thank you very much.

    Voodoo, hmmmmm, I never tried that. Might just dabble, he, he, Zombies. Know what I mean. LOL

  49. Hey, it's Witchie Woman. Welcome to Ann's party. Have some mead and float about the forest with us. Very clever man, that husband of yours. Wink. Isn't it great to be in the enchanted forest where dreams come true on a mid summer's night? More evil cackles...

  50. Mary Ricksen, hold onto your fake hooters. Here comes the enchanted demons and they seem to be gawking at your silicone enhanced hooters. Rumor has it they find them enchanting but may put you through the ringer. Evil wink.

  51. Sharon, thanks for asking about the reviews. I was pleased and surprised to discover one on long and short reviews - the reviewer was so kind. She gave me four and a half books and put me in the running for book-of-the-week, which I won.

    My next Wild Rose Press book is ABOUT A BABY, a sensuous contemporary about two veterinarians who, after a bitter break up, get a second chance in the small town of Eden, Maine.

    I'd like to congratulate you on your recent release and on the upcoming release for Jewels of the Night. Those are such awesome achievements. I don't know how you have time to write so much and so well when you are busy throwing parties for everyone else and, of course, entertaining Oliver. Wink. wink.

  52. You mean I have a following? Demons, humans, werewolves, who cares. I'm a hit!!
    Don't be jealous Sharon. You can't help your small ones. They could be fixed you know. Lyn had it done, but she said not to tell you. WOOOPS!
    Sorry Lyn.
    You're still beautiful to me Sharon. Mary kisses Sharon on the cheek and hugs her.
    Ain't Ann the best? She writes some darn good stories. I am looking forward to.

  53. You're beautiful to Lyn. I didn't forget. I just had to hold my hooters.

    Ohhhh 'That Voodoo That Your Do'!!!
    Rave reviews for a great story!!!

  54. Cuddles flies up and unhooks Lyn's skirts from the brnches of the tree. To her delight, she finds she can fly on the air currents all by itself.
    Mmm, yes that mead is great stuff. More? Don't mind if I do, thank you Oliver.

    Hi Witchywoman! I don't mind you changing the colour of my gown - a change is as good as a rest and I like red! (It goes with my undies!)

    Congratulations on getting Book Of The Week at LASR, Ann, I voted for you so I'm so glad you won.

  55. Thank you Ann. You make me blush! But this is your day and I was so pleased when I read the awesome review from LASR. I was sitting here at my computer cheering you on. I love the sound of your new book. Your books are so interesting and did I tell you I ordered Voodoo? After reading the excerpt and interviewing you on my blog, I knew I had to run out and get my hot little hands on a copy. Sadly, I haven't had the chance to read it yet and am so looking forward to it. So mum's the word out there. Don't give the ending away for me! You rock Ann!

  56. Lol, Lyn. So glad the gown matches the thong. Oliver you look stunning in your cape! (Witchy continues her conversation with Oliver, as she sneaks another slice of cake behind her back.)Junior blinks and cuddles jumps trying to lick the icing, but I have other plans for this cake.He,he. Mary...oh, Mary?! Where'd she go?

  57. Sharon, Lyn, Mary - you are the nicest most supportive, most witchy friends ever! Who would have imagined getting roasted would be so much fun?

  58. You're so very welcome, Ann, it's a real pleasure to roast you and you're such a fun guest. So glad you're enjoying the party, it ain't over yet either - oh look here comes Oliver with some more barbequed wings and Mead - he can't take his eyes off you in that Pirate Queen gown!

  59. ginger ale, sweet tea and wine mixed with rose petals, red food coloring and mist.

  60. Hi Emily

    Sounds like a great love potion. Thanks for visiting, while you're here, have some barbeque food - and some cake and mead, the mead is especially good!

  61. Hi Emily, so glad you dropped in. Like Lyn said, let the mead roll! This is so much fun.
    Ann, you've been a delightful guest and we loved hosting and roasting you. The guests drop in and out all night, so the party isn't officially over until the morrow. LOL Best of luck with all you do!

  62. Well, I'm so late to the party, I don't even know if it's still going on. HOWEVER, better really late than not showing up at all.

    Love potions, hmmmmmmmmmmm, just taking my watch off seems to be an invitation to Mr. Quiltinista, so, apparently, it is just the sight of the Timex being placed on the night stand! May God bless a man who doesn't need me to whip up anything over an open flame -- danger....danger!

    Ann, I love your writing, but I love YOU even more

  63. Emily and Quiltinista - you two are awesome .. isn't this just the greatest party? Best one I'e been to in a long time...you ladies are just the best.

  64. I'm guessing that based on my total lack of love life, I need a love potion really badly! But Emily's version sounds quite tasty - I'll have to give it a try. And I do know something about herbs so perhaps I need to begin some horticultural and romantic experimentation. But I love That Voodoo that You Do! Ann, when is the next book coming out - I can't wait to read it!

  65. Time for dreamland here, but what a great party it's been! I'm going to dream about that delicious chocolate cake, and creating a love potion so strong, that the whole world will become at peace again; in dreams, Anything is possible! Goodnite all, and Thanks for the wonderful party, and your super book, Ann!

  66. I am sorry had to go help DH brother, got into another car accident. He's okay, car---

    Love potions, need a real good witch to make a good one that works!!
    Good luck, sounds tasty!
    I'm so glad you let us cook you Ann! You are such a good sport. Expect traffic tomorrow too!! Lots of sleeping bodies here in the woods tonite. Tip, Toe...

  67. Sharon rises from slumber in the enchanted forest to the sound of the nightengale. Such harmonic music drifting through the woods as the sun begins to peek through the willowy pines. But then Lucy and Junior begin to how, and Cuddles, not at all amused as Mary Ricksen's snores cut off the nightengale, touches her clogged nasal passages with his horn until she goes under. Then he motions for Lucy and Junior to join him as he lifts Mary's fake hooters out of her too tight bra. Dashing off with delight, they play ball in the enchanted forest. Mary Ricksen's chest falls like the Wall Street Crash. Sharon, sits up and stretches, quite amused by the show. But where is Lyn? Ann? Spotting Big Foot's footprints in the clearing, Sharon follows them. To the delight of her growling tummy, Oliver is grilling bacon and eggs for breakfast. More guests have joined the party. Sharon waves to Sandy and Quiltinista. The party never ends. Ann, what an enchanted party on a mid-summer's night. Thank you all for dropping by. Ann, you are the best, simply the best.

  68. "Simply the best..." Lyn can't resist singing, between mouthfuls of bacon and eggs. She sits on the grass by the campfire, her little feet tucked under her, the huge shoes the other hostesses insist she strap on every week (jealousy is a terrible thing) now full of water from the brook and making delightful bird baths for all the birds of the forest.

    Hi Quiltinista and Sandy, are you going to join us for some breakfast?

    I agree with Sharon, Ann, you've been such a delight - and as Mary says, the party's not over yet - not til the fat lady sings! And of course there are no fat ladies here, we're all svelt and beautiful in the enchanted forest.

  69. Awesome work from an awesome writer.

  70. Hi Peter, welcome to our Party, yes I think 'awesome' is a good word for Ann's work. Thanks for stopping by!

  71. Mary has natural hooters. But because Sharon is obsessed with them, (jealousy I fear), I wear fakes over them. So whew-- I am protected.
    Now let's mention the enlarged gluteous maximus on that our brick house. The protuberance has developed weekly on our little bacon eater. You could serve lunch on that thing!
    Poor Lyn's feet shrink and grow so often they must vibrate.
    But in truth I a playboy model and some people are just jealous. Without these perfect naturals I'd be stuffing my bras like some people do.
    Ann you are a real trooper!!

  72. I have been off in another, very windy, valley today, but wanted to drop in on the party one more time, before the morrow. Oliver's breakfast sounded delightful, but decided to wait for more cake, yum! Your flowing gowns are so lovely, and hostess Ann arriving by carriage was So elegant. Will leave love-potent-making to the experts, no doubt All of you!

  73. Oh dear me, my slip is showing! I of course Really meant 'potion', when I wrote love-'potent'-making in my previous note, but somehow potent got in there instead; too many late nights in the forest perhaps, or just giddy from all the yum chocolate cake; Forgive my slip, and yes, I am a bit jealous of all your lovely gowns!

  74. *Chuckle* Hello again Suzie -do have some more cake. I think it may be the mead that's to blame it's VERY potent! No need to be jealous of our gowns, in the magical world of the Author Roast anything is possible. What colour would you like? Emerald green? Sunshine yellow? Just imagine and it shall be so! :)

  75. I want to thank you all for coming to the Midsummers Night Dream - it was so much fun...even more than my 40th surprise birthday (wow that seems like a long time ago!)
    Thank you so very much Sharon, Lyn and Mary - you are so much fun and so great.
    I've chosen Potent Suzie as the prize winner and will send her whichever version she'd like.
    Thanks, again. Especially to Cuddles and Oliver!
    Please visit me sometime at www.annyost.com!

  76. Congratulations, Suzie! And thank you Ann! Now we all have our hot off the press copies, and I'm going to go get lost in That Voodoo That You Do!

  77. So glad you had fun at your Midsummer Night Dream Party, Ann. You were such a delightful guest of honor.

    Congratulations Suzy, I think you're in for a great, fun read!


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