As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Rosanne Dowell 'Second Chance' and 'May I have this dance' 15th July

Cuddles and Nibby, donned in trendy designer sun glasses, kick back on chaise lounges, keeping cool in the dog days of summer. Nat King Cole’s old summer classic blasts on the radio.

                      Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
                      Those days of sodas and pretzels and beer
                      Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
                      You’ll wish that summer could always be here…

You heard it. The dog days of summer are here, so grab your string bikini, your shades and sun screen and join  us at the poolside picnic as we  raise a glass to our good friend 
ROSEANNE DOWELL has two reasons to celebrate, the release of her two latest contemporary novels

Cool shade trees tower over the picnic grove as Oliver, looking sharp in t-shirt and Bermuda shorts, hums away while frying chicken to a crisp golden brown. Smoke billows upward in a mouth-watering swirl of charcoal delight as he 

flips burgers and hot dogs. 

The sun glints through the trees, a bright ball of tangerine orange,  reflecting on the pool water in a kaleidoscope of jewel tones. Inside the tent, long tables are stacked with potato salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob dripping with butter, baked beans sizzling with brown sugar and molasses, hot dog and burger buns and all the condiments

Coolers are bursting with soda, beer, water, wine coolers and a huge watermelon. banana splits with all the trimmings, topped off with nuts and a cherry, line the dessert table.

In the picnic area, guests play tennis, badminton, volleyball and horseshoes. After setting out baskets of chips and pretzels on each umbrella table, the hostesses try their luck at the game of corn hole while waiting for the guest of honor to arrive.

Sharon, sporting a turquoise and pink polka dot string bikini,  
stands on the corn platform, ready to hurl her corn bag in the hole. She wiggles her bubble butt in eager anticipation. “Watch me, girls, betcha I get a hole in one.”

Mary, wearing a red leather string bikini, jumps excitedly on the opposite platform, boobs jiggling. “I never played this game before, but I’ll try anything once.”

Lyn, donned in a teeny weenie purple bikini, cackles loudly as she picks up a corn bag to hurl. 

“Don’t we know it, sister. No need for all the guests to know how willing you are to try anything.”

Sharon hurls her bag in the hole. She leaps in the air, clapping and screaming. “How’s that  for beginner’s luck!”

Mary and Lyn jump up on Sharon’s platform to try their luck from her side. Disgusted with her poor throwing arm, Lyn kicks the bag with her big foot and scores. Mary, mad that she can’t score, whips off one of her hooters, hooks it to the corn bag and it lands in the hole like greased lightning.

The girls squeal, leap up and down as if on a trampoline so hard it caves. All go flying into the pool with a mighty splash.

Roseanne, looking cool and elegant in her pink and white striped bikini, trendy strappy sandals, gauzy lace cover up and beach bag, arrives in a gleaming red convertible, honking and blowing kisses to her adoring fans. Handing her a wine cooler, Oliver greets her with a wink and a smile. Let the party begin!

           Excerpt from A Second Chance

Steven’s rough hand covered hers, igniting smoldering sparks, starting in the pit of her stomach. Christine groaned inwardly and pulled her hand away, trying to ignore him. Not normally a rude person, but something about him invited it. He annoyed her. His magnetism made her uncomfortable. She hadn’t reacted to a man like this since Tony, and that ended in disaster.

Instead, she focused her attention on Jenna and Richard. “I sure have missed you two.”

She looked at her grandchildren and avoided Steven’s eyes. Seeing the sign for baggage claim, she headed toward it. “Let’s go. I can’t wait to get home.”

“Can we stop for dinner?” Jenna hooked her arm through Christine’s. Her long blond hair bounced as she kept up the rapid pace Christine set, leaving all but Steven lagging behind.

Christine threw him a sullen look. He lifted an eyebrow and winked at her through long dark lashes. Great, she amused him. Who did he think he was, God’s gift to women? A bit arrogant…but so darn good looking. Stop it, she told herself. She was acting like a fool, why was she letting this man get to her?

“You’re hungry too, aren’t you, Uncle Steve?” Jenna’s voice broke Christine’s thoughts and drew Steven into the conversation as Jenna linked her other arm through his.

Something about her granddaughter’s tone aroused Christine’s suspicions. This sounded like a setup. Playing matchmaker again. Her family and friends had been trying to match her up since Tony divorced her two years ago.

Christine’s stomach growled, reminding her she hadn’t eaten since breakfast. “I suppose we can stop for dinner.” Besides, a restaurant held more appeal than the confines of Lisa’s kitchen with Uncle Steve nearby. If they didn’t stop for dinner, Lisa would expect to fix something.

At the restaurant, Steven held Christine’s chair out before sitting opposite her. Still too close for comfort at the small table. Curious about him, she glanced over the top of her menu. She caught his laughing eyes staring at her. He winked, and she pulled the menu up to hide the blush she knew crept into her cheeks. What drew her to this man?

“Uncle Steve just moved back from New Zealand,” Lisa explained. “Derek and I insisted he stay with us.”

Unsure how to reply, Christine just nodded. Now she knew something was fishy in Denmark. Lisa had tried to set her up with Derek’s business associates and just about every widower, divorced, or single man she met.

“Uncle Steve’s a confirmed bachelor.” Richard announced loud enough that people from other tables looked at them and smiled.

“Oh...” Christine couldn’t resist this one. “How have you managed to remain single all these years?” So, they were matchmaking again. Well, Mr. Payton, you won’t be single much longer if Lisa has her way. Christine shuddered at the thought. And neither would she. Something told her she was treading on thin ice here. Too darn attractive for his own good, the type of man to break women’s hearts and walk away. Once was enough for her, thank you very much.

“Never found the woman of my dreams.” Steven leaned back and rocked in his chair. “And I guess I never found a woman with enough patience to put up with me.” He straightened, reached across the table, patted her hand, and grinned.

“And, why haven’t we met you before now?” Christine pulled her hand away and put it on her lap out of his reach. “I thought I met all of Derek’s relatives.”

“I haven’t been back to the States much since my parents passed away, about twenty years ago. And my job prevented much travel.” His eyes locked on hers as he spoke. “Derek and his mother are the only relatives I have left.”

Christine mumbled an apology and turned her attention to Jenna and Richard. “So what have you two been doing during the holiday break? Skiing, skating?”

Jenna and Richard chattered the rest of the meal, and Christine relaxed and enjoyed them, but she couldn’t keep her gaze from straying to Steven. Of course, sitting across the table from him made it difficult to not look at him. But did she have to openly stare?

Grateful she made it through dinner, and uncomfortable with the feelings Steven stirred
in her, she stood to go. When they reached the car, Lisa handed the keys to her uncle. “You drive, and Mom, you sit in front, and I’ll sit in back with the kids.”

Oh you are clever, Lisa, Christine thought. She would have protested but knew it wouldn’t do any good. Good thing the drive home only took ten minutes. She couldn’t believe Lisa was being so obvious about this. Fortunately, Richard and Jenna were still in a talkative mood, and the ride home passed quickly.

Steven pulled the car into her drive, put it in gear, popped the trunk, and got out. He grabbed her luggage and had it halfway to the door before Christine could protest.

Irritated with his attitude, she followed. He’s sure taking liberties. Who does he think he is? She could handle her own luggage. He’s arrogant and too good looking for his own good. Oh stop it, Christine, she admonished, he’s being helpful, a gentleman, that’s all. What made her think he was interested in her anyway? Like she was so special. He probably acted the same way with all women. With his good looks, she doubted he lacked female companions.

He stopped at the door and waited for her. When he took the key from her hand, opened the door, reached inside, and flipped on a light, a warm sensation began in her stomach, and spread outward as he looked down at her.

Something told her this man was dangerous territory. “Thank you.” Christine’s insides trembled. She hoped her voice sounded calm. Holding her hand out for the key, she wished him away.

“Dinner tomorrow.” He said it as a statement not a question.

She felt her eyes narrow. A habit she never managed to break when someone irked her. How dare he be so presumptuous? “Sorry, I’m busy.” Closing the door halfway against him, she tried to hide behind it.

He reached up, and combed his fingers through her short blond hair. The small gesture electrified her. She backed away. He chuckled, winked at her, and pulled the door closed behind him.

Darn it all, why was she acting like a silly teenager who had a crush on the football captain? Infuriated at the feelings he instilled in her, she leaned against the door. Her body trembled. From anger or attraction, she wasn’t sure. Christine shook her head, trying to clear it.

Exhausted from her trip, Christine went to bed, trying to erase Steven from her mind. She closed her eyes and visions of his laughing eyes appeared. She turned the pillow, punched it, and closed her eyes again, willing herself to sleep. Darn it, why did that man affect her like this? She tossed and turned through a dream-filled night.

Available from MuseItUp Publishing http://bit.ly/asecondchance

Excerpt  from May I Have this Dance

Elizabeth watched a young man chase her granddaughter through the water, while enjoying the coolness of the shaded gazebo and relishing the gentle breeze. So much like that day so long ago. June 4th 1955, the day was etched in her memory. Only the splash of the water and sound of gulls broke the silence. The scene brought back a memory so vivid—it could have been yesterday instead of forty-two years ago. Elizabeth pushed her silver-streaked hair from her face, leaned back, closed her eyes, and remembered that summer. A summer when she was young and carefree like her granddaughter.

* * * *
Swaying to imaginary music, Elizabeth held her sundress out to the side and imagined the long flowing gown she’d wear at the ball. Bowing and smiling at an invisible partner, she twirled around the pavilion. Her long dark hair fell forward, covering her face. Tossing it back, Elizabeth laughed aloud and batted her long lashes, pretending to flirt with her imaginary partner.

“May I have this dance?” A masculine voice startled her into awareness.

Heat burned her cheeks. Embarrassed, Elizabeth turned and ran.

 “Hey, wait.” He ran after her, caught up, and grabbed her arm. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Elizabeth stopped, the light pressure of his grip sent a tingling sensation through her, igniting sparks deep inside her. Gathering her composure, she remembered her manners. “Are you new to Lakeview?” Her gaze caught his blue-green eyes and locked.

“Just arrived.” A smile twitched on his lips, as if he wanted to laugh but thought better of it. “Never been to a resort before. I’m staying with my aunt, Melissa James, maybe you know her?”

“Oh, Mrs. James, of course, you’re the nephew. I’m Elizabeth Ashley.” She extended her hand. “Do you live in Ohio?”

“Cleveland, matter of fact. But I’ll be working in New York come fall. How about you?” He took her hand and raised it to his mouth, in an old-fashioned gesture. His gaze never left hers as his lips brushed slowly across the top of her hand. “I’m Danny Sullivan, by the way.” A mischievous gleam twinkled in his eyes.

“Uh…” Pulling her hand away, she tucked it behind her, trying to cool the heat that coursed from her hand through her body. “I have to go.” Elizabeth twisted her hands behind her back, her usual calm reserve shaken. No one had ever caused a reaction in her like this. Her head spun. Her stomach felt like a million butterflies fluttered in it, and her heart throbbed so loud she knew he could hear it. 

“Can I see you later?” He matched her quick strides. “Where do you live? I’ll walk you home.” 
Elizabeth stared up at him. Lord, he must be six feet tall. She only came to his chest. “No, I mean, uh, I’ll see you around.” She raced off, leaving him to stare after her.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth danced into her room, dreamy eyed. Usually she hated the white, ruffled curtains at the window and the pink bedspread, but not today. Today, it didn’t even bother her that her sister picked everything out for the room. Talk about luck. She had to be one of the first to meet Mrs. James’s nephew. Danny Sullivan. Mrs. Danny Sullivan. Loving the sound of it, silly as it was, she couldn’t help herself. She was in love. Bouncing onto the bed, where her sister lay reading, Elizabeth pulled her knees up to her chest, circled her arms around them and rocked. Sighing loudly, she inhaled the scent of Lily of the Valley perfume, lingering from the morning.

 “Do you have to jump on the bed like that?” Susan slammed her book closed. “If you want to talk to me, why can’t you be like normal people and say so, without trying to get my attention first?” 

“Oh, Susie,” Elizabeth ignored her sister’s irritation. “I met the most handsome man. He’s tall with hair the color of an old rusty pail and eyes the color of sea foam.” Elizabeth stood up and danced around the sun-filled room. “I think I’m in love.” 

“You’re always in love. Who is he this time?” Susan set her book aside. “I thought we knew everyone here.”

“His name is Danny Sullivan, Mrs. James’s nephew. Remember, she mentioned him the other night? He’s older and he kissed my hand and called me Beth.” Elizabeth paused for a breath. “No one has ever called me that.” Elizabeth hugged herself and continued to dance. “I can’t wait to see him again. I hope he’s at the ball tomorrow. Maybe he’ll dance with me.” 

“Will you be still already and quit babbling.” Susan sat up, her slender body in perfect posture. The two sisters were as different as night and day. Susan, tall, blond, serious, like their father, while Elizabeth, impulsive, petite, and dark haired, favored their deceased mother.

 “Father isn’t going to like this, Liz. You know how he feels about outsiders.”

“Oh quit being such a square! Wait till you see him, Susie. He’s so dreamy.” Elizabeth closed her eyes. Why couldn’t her sister be on her side, just once? “Besides, Father doesn’t like anyone, you know how he is.”
 Roseanne's Book releases from   http://bit.ly/roseannebooks

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  21. I just noticed my book, A Second Chance is on sale now at MuseItUp Publishing for 1.99. https://museituppublishing.com/bookstore2/

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  25. Another Excerpt from A Second Chance

    The next morning when Christine woke up, Steven’s irritating grin flashed before her eyes. She swore she could almost feel his touch and the flames he ignited in her. What kind of hypnotic hold did he have on her? How could a man she just met cause such a reaction? She dressed, drank a quick cup of coffee, and hurried to pick up Jenna and Richard for school, pushing him out of her mind.

    On the way to school, Jenna reminded her about their weekly Tuesday dinner.

    “Oh not tonight, I have so much catching up to do.” Christine tried not to hurt Jenna’s feelings.

    “But you have to come, Grandma, you’ve been gone for ten days. We missed you.” Jenna and Richard ganged up and refused to take no for an answer.

    “Okay, okay.” Christine pulled into St. Matthew Lutheran Church and School parking lot and laughed. Maybe Steven wouldn’t be there, she thought. Entering the office, she dismissed him from her mind again.

    “Hey, how was your trip?” Kelly, the church secretary and her best friend, greeted her. “Bet you’re glad to be back.”

    “I’m thrilled to be back. You know how I hate traveling, especially flying.” Christine hung her coat in the closet, poured coffee, and prepared for the hectic day ahead. The first day back after any break always felt like the first day of school. The bell rang, and Christine braced herself for the excited students that soon filled the halls.

    “Ms. Rollin, I forgot my gym suit, can I call my mom,” a young voice asked.

    “And so the day begins.” Christine sat back and waited for things to calm down. Students with an array of “I forgot,” or “I need to buy,” and other various problems filled
    the office. Christine barely had time to breathe.

    Fifteen minutes later, with order restored, she sat back, sipped her coffee, and tried to relax for a minute. A shadow at the door caught her attention. A familiar face stared at her, smiling, a wicked gleam in his eyes.

    “What?” Startled at seeing Steven, her cheeks burned.

    He held up two brown bags. “Jenna’s and Richard’s lunches.”

    “Oh.” She stood from her desk and took them from him. “Thank you.”

    “No problem.” His gaze locked on hers, and he made no attempt to leave.

    She turned away, bit her lip, and tried to still her trembling hands.

    “See you at dinner tonight.” It sounded like a dare.

    Before she had a chance to reply, the outer door closed, and he disappeared. Flustered and fuming at the man’s audacity, she turned, only to meet Kelly’s open-mouthed stare.

    “Who was that?” Kelly hurried toward the door and looked out as if trying to catch another glimpse of him.

    “That,” Christine whispered, “is Uncle Steven.” She put the lunches on the shelf, knowing Kelly wouldn’t let her rest until she heard the whole story. Taking a sip of coffee, she stalled for time and then explained.

    “Wow, I think he likes you, Chris. Those sexy eyes and that smile.” Kelly gave her a sideways glance. “You are going to see him again?”

    “Since he’s staying next door...” Christine shrugged. With all the efforts to bring them together, he’d be impossible to avoid. Something inside warned her he was trouble.
    Big trouble.

  26. I'll post another excerpt from May I Have this Dance later.

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    Oh and watch out for the punch, ya know it could be spiked with something...

  65. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

  66. By george, I think you're right. Okay here's another excerpt from May I Have this Dance.

    Elizabeth crept in the front door at dawn. Please let Father be sleeping. Unfortunately, he sat in living room, waiting for her. Darn, she should’ve known he’d wait up.

    “Ahem.” He stood with his hands on hips as she tiptoed to the stairway. The look on his face said it all.

    She turned to face the music, still feeling a bit rebellious.

    “Where have you been, Miss?”

    Elizabeth almost burst out laughing at his Victorian sounding voice. He always called her Miss when he lectured her.

    “At the bonfire with the other kids, then we went for breakfast. You know the tradition.”
    Hopefully, her voice held the right note of contrition. Excited after being with Danny, she wasn’t sure her voice sounded calm.

    “Was that hooligan with you, the one Mrs. James calls her nephew?”

    Elizabeth groaned. He was going to let her have it now.
    “Yes, Father, he was there too.” He was with me. He chose me over all the other girls. He’s so mature, and makes me so happy, she wanted to shout, but knew better than to say too much. Her father didn’t take back-talk.

    “Elizabeth, you know it’s not proper for a girl to dance solely with one young man. It gives you the appearance of being....” He looked flustered, as if he couldn’t think of the right word. “Loose,” he finished. “It will ruin your reputation. No decent young man will look at you as a prospective wife. You really must be more careful in the future.”

    “Yes, Father,” she mumbled, but knew he wasn’t finished.

    “This is your coming out year. You are supposed to give all the young men a chance to court you.” He crossed his arms and stared at her. “You know that ruffian doesn’t come from the proper position in society. I want you stay away from him.”

    Elizabeth stifled a yawn. She was tired and wanted to go to bed, wanted to remember and dream about Danny and his tender goodnight kiss. Her father’s opinion didn’t mean much to her right now.

    “Go on then.” He waved his hand in dismissal, looking as if he wanted to say more, but deciding against it. “We’ll discuss this further in the morning. And do not think you are going to sleep all day either, young lady. Your sister has been in bed for hours.”

    Elizabeth went to her father, stood on tiptoe, and kissed his cheek as expected. “Good night, Father.” Then turned and raced from the room. Her smile returned as she touched her fingers to her mouth, trying to recapture the feel of Danny’s lips. His kiss, gentle and promising, still lingered in her memory and on her lips, despite her father.

  67. Think I'm in trouble eh? Neither one of them is talking. Wonder what they are plotting as they change bikini's and wash off the jello goo?
    Nibby will probably help them...
    I am in sooo much trouble!!!
    Better glue the hooters on huh?

  68. Oh I think you're in big big trouble. I think they're going to do something more than steal your hooters.

  69. Uh Oh!!! Gotta find a place to hide! They must be plotting together to get me!!! Oh, not even Oliver can help me now!!! I am in deep do do!
    Mary frantically looks for a place to hide. She is worried, when they plot together she is surely gonna get it!! Roseanne, got any ideas where to hide me???Help, the worry is killing me!!!

  70. I looked every where but everything is too wide open. Oh there, maybe in the boathouse. I thought I saw a boat cover, I know it'll be hot, but if you lie down under it, maybe they won't see you.

  71. Sharon waves to Ginger and lionmother. Relax by the pool with a burger and martini. Why am I green you ask, oh just a little too much sun in. Remember it turns your hair green mixed with chlorine. Stylish, don't y'all think.

  72. Good place, I can watch what's going on and still hide. Thanks Roseanne, don't tell. Gulp. Maybe I should do something to myself so they'll be happy. What am I saying???

  73. LOL I won't tell, Mary. Believe me, I know these two. Even if they don't get you now, they'll get you later. No need to do something to yourself. They'd just laugh and redouble their efforts.

  74. Roseanne, perfect and I adore gazebos. Afraid of accepting a piece of cake from poor lil me? Sharon bats eyes innocently a split second before hurling in Roseanne's startled face. Hee it's a roast after all.

  75. I think I'm going to take a little snooze in the hammock. Being outside and in the water has made me extremely tired. Not to mention all this good food.

  76. So much for the nap. Guess I'll take that dip in the pool now and get this cake off me. I knew not to trust you, Sharon. LOL Thank goodness all that green goo is gone. Chocolate cake is bad enough. Hmm good tho.

  77. Sharon and Lyn are on balcony with twin stun guns. On the count of three, point at Maryy's hooters and they deflate. She sinks like the Titanic

  78. This is too fun. I want to be in on a roast like this one of these days! Heather, hoping Blogger will take this comment.

  79. It is fun, Heather. Glad you could join us. Grab some food and sit down for a bit. Why don't you sign up for a roast?

  80. Where did you two get stun guns?? Oliver swore it was only me. Mary pumps up her fake hooters. Gosh you don't have to get violent!
    Mary aims her own stun gun at Sharon's ample a.. Woowhoo! Bullseye! Lyn you chicken get back here~~~!!! Zzzzzttt! What fun!!!!Mary dives behind Roseanne. She is still wiping cake off her face.
    Get 'em she yells and urges Mary on!!

  81. Why did everything get so quiet? What happened to Mary?

  82. Yes, do sign up Heather, you too could be chased by madwomen with stun guns!!!

  83. I'm right behind you Roseanne! Watch out they're shooting!!!

  84. Hey, don't put me in the middle of your battles. I'm trying to have a nice dinner and conversation with Heather. You don't want to give her a bad impression do you? She might want to sign up for a roast. Try to behave for a few minutes at least. Geesh!

  85. LOL! Sharon and me have been taking shooting lessons from those hunky guys over by the pool. We'll get that naughty Mary!

    Hi Heather, Roseanne, DUCK!

    Yes that's it.. that pretty white one where did it come from? I think it's after a bit of cake.

    Right Mary, we're on your trail. You can hide but you'll never escape!

  86. Poor Mary. I thought those stun guns were dangerous. I know they are in the hands of you guys. They're not toys you know. Whatever possessed Oliver to give you girls stun guns? What was he thinking. Oliver, stop those maniacs before they hurt someone or themselves. Or worse, me. HEEHEE.

  87. By the way, Heather, if you'd like to be Roasted you're very welcome, just look at Oliver's rules on the main blogpost and email us at the address given. We're booked up until November though, but we can fit you in for a Friday then if you want.

  88. Oh yes, Heather. Do book one. I know they're giving you a bad impression running around with those stun guns, but honest, they're harmless and really a lot of fun when you get to know them. By the way, where has Oliver disappeared? I bet he's with Mary.

  89. We're pussy cats really, aren't we Roseanne! (Did I tell you how much I enjoyed that last excerpt?) Perhaps after we find Mary and shoot her you could tell us how you came up with the characters for these two books?

    Mary dear, come out, come out, wherever you are - Oliver can't hide you for ever!

    Come on Sharon over here! I've an idea ...

  90. Oh boy, look out Mary, they're on the warpath.
    Of course you're a couple of pussycats, just not to each other. LOL
    You would ask me that question. How did I come up with those characters? Hmm... I'll start with May I Have this Dance first. I wrote this story many many many years ago. It started out as a short short story - maybe 500 words. I actually had the scene first. It's based on a place we used to go. It had a gazebo similar to the one on the cover. My hubby, an amateur photographer, took a picture of it with a lone person sitting inside. I always loved that picture. One day I started thinking about the person inside. No one else was around. Not a soul. She sat there, looking out at the lake and a sailboat. (It's in the original of the pix and what I think hubby was actually taking a photo of). Of course my imagination started to run away. I believe I wrote this story in 1995 and the picture was taken in the 80s. For the timeline to work I had to go back to 1995.
    For A Second Chance - wow. I honestly don't know how I came up with the character or the book. I was a school secretary and that played a part, but unlike my heroine, I'm very married. Sometimes a scene sets my imagination off and the story just develops. Of course I was a school secretary many years ago and the story was more recently written.

  91. Aw, we love each other to bits really, Roseanne, but we just don't let on at the Roasts!

    What a lovely romantic story of how you came to write 'May I Have This Dance' and 'Second Chance' is has an interesting beginning too. Funny how familiar scenes and settings can start our imaginations runnign!

  92. We do have fun don't we!!! LOL!!
    I love my sisters they are such troopers and good fun eh Roseanne!
    Watch out for flying stun gun shots!!
    Gottcha girls!!!Mary hides behind a table and shoots at Mary and Lyn!

  93. Shooting at yourself now, Mary, eh?
    LOL, what have you been drinking?

    And what have you done with Sister Sharon? I bet she's got tired of being shot at and gone off with some hunk!

    Well it's been wonderful having you as our guest again, Roseanne, but it's well past midnight this side of the pond and I'm going to have to get some shut-eye. Please feel free to party on, everyone, the celebrations will spill over into Saturday, so all latecomers welcome.

    You're an amazing guest of honour Roseanne, and we wish you many, many more sales and even greater success!

  94. Well I for one am tired and I think I'll go for the evening! I've been stunned too much today! LOL!
    Have a great nite, Mary waves to her sweet, fun, sisters and leaves on the arm or her date. Now who is it???
    See you all in the morning!

  95. Oh I know you do. You almost remind me of me and my sisters. Actually my brothers too. We still play jokes on each other. It's reminiscent of our younger days when we used to go camping. We once put a Just Married sign on the back of my younger sister's tent. It was great fun. At a hotel we taped a plastic table cloth to their door. When they opened it, they had to knock it down before they could get out of their room. LOL One year my older sister and I mixed colored lights in the bushes of my brother's house all decorated for Christmas. Problem was, we neglected to check if they were for outdoor use. It started to rain. When my brother came home all his lights outside were out.

  96. It's been great as usual. Tell me, have you ever tried paint ball? I bet you'd love it. I can picture you all, covered in paint of different colors. Sleep tight.

  97. You ladies look lovely in your bikinis. I wish I dared but I don't think they make bikinis in size Broad-As-A-Barn. Roseanne, best of luck with your releases.

  98. Caroline, trust me, with photoshop, you'd look fantastic. I do and guess what. I wear broad side of the barn. LOL These ladies work miracles. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  99. WoW! What a party! Lyn steps over Sharon and Mary, snoring peacefully beside the pool in the early morning sunshine, amid the other assembled guests. Mary's enhanced hooters rise and fall in time to her snores, and Sharon's bubble butt provides a cosy pillow for Nibby and Cuddles.

    Roseanne, you've been an amazing guest - and what fun you and your sisters and brothers had!

    Of course the three of us aren't really sisters, but we feel like we are and call ourselves 'the Golden Girls' we hve so much fun together - and we're hoping to be able to meet in person before logn!

    Caroline, thanks so much for joining in on Roseanne's poolside party - and Roseanne, you should just see Caroline on the July 1st post


    The Roast is where reality is and we're all slim and beautiful. Real life is just an illusion - or to put it another way

    'Just Another Author Roast and Toast!'

  100. Sharon rises and smiles. Wow, some pool party. Well sisters, another roast and toast. Waves to Caroline. Roseanne, thank you for being so fun. Wishing you good luck until we meet again

  101. Ladies ladies, breakfast is served with a wink and a smile. This morning we have orange juice, coffee, tea and a nice pitcher of bloody marys. The featured entree is ham and cheese omelets with croissants and fresh fruitcups. Dig in and enjoy. First heaping platter for Roseanne, here we go my love. Wink

  102. I thought you were really sisters. You certainly have that kind of relationship. I had a ball as usual. I'm just sorry more people didn't show up.
    Oliver, what a wonderful breakfast. You outdid yourself as usual, Oliver.

    Oh the winner of my books is: Drum roll please - da da da da - Pat Dale.

  103. May I have this dance sounds really cute. I never had a sister, one thing I miss.

    Morgan Mandel

  104. Hi Morgan. Glad you could join us. Sit down have a cup of coffee. Oliver made a fantastic breakfast.

  105. Hi Morgan - looks like you're just in time for breakfast! So glad you could join the party. Sisters are good - especially when you grow up and become friends! :)

  106. Roseanne, we're 'soul sisters' even though we're hundreds of miles apart and I'm on the other side of the pond. But although we've never even met (yet) we love each other to pieces!

  107. Congratlations Dale - you're in for a fantastic read, I know!

  108. That certainly shows Hywela. I never would have guessed you weren't blood relatives. What a great relationship you have. I hope you get to meet some day.

  109. Thank you Roseanne - plans are afoot to make the dream happen! :)

  110. Time to P-a-r-t-y!! Mmm...burgers smell delicious and can't wait to bite into some fresh sweet corn..Of course, I am definitely joining you in my red bikini to match my red Mustang convertible. Top down for sure today. Your books sound like a perfect read for the beach or poolside. But today I want to play corn hole instead of read. Love that game! Congrats, Roseanne. Sign me up for the drawing too, please.

  111. Hi JQ

    Thanks so much for stopping by Sorry, you just missed the drawing - but there's still plenty of virtual food left!

    You'll have another chance to win one of Roseanne's books in October, and if you can't wait that long pop in next week to be in the draw for Paula Marin's book.

  112. Mary approaches looking bleary eyed. Roseanne you are amazing girl!
    Yes, we are gonna meet! Soul sisters are even better then real sisters, because they choose to be close! Lyn and Sharon are very important to me, and I can't wait to meet them.
    Thanks for being a good sport and playing along! Good sales my friend!!! And we'll see you again!

  113. Oh, sorry I missed the drawing, but I can get the books at Muse It Up Publishing..no problem.

    After reading my comment on wearing my red bikini and in my red Mustang covertible with the top down...um, that was the top of my car that was down..okay?? Quit snickering!

  114. LOL boy, Janet I'm glad to hear that. Why don't you schedule a roast. It's great fun.

  115. *Grin* Well we did wonder - and Sharon will tell you how easy it is to make her butler blush, despite his flirting!

    We'd love to have you if you'd like to schedule your own Roast - but I'm afraid we're booked up until December but any date after the 5th is yours!

  116. I am alittle late too. Loved your book excerpts. Pretty covers. We are getting some real hot weather with the awful humidity. These ladies always have wonderful roasts.
    Sue B

  117. Thanks for dropping by Katsrus, Sorry you were too late for the drawing, but it was nice of you to stop in. Sorry all the food is gone. Oliver cleaned the place up really nice. Looks like you missed the sisters also. I'll be back in Oct. Maybe you'll catch me then.

  118. Thank you Sue! Always nice to see you. LOL no worries,one of us always pops in from time to time to make sure no latecomers have been left behind! And Oliver always keeps a little stash of food in the fridge so please help yourself!

    Thanks so much for holding the fort, Roseanne, you've been an amazing Guest of Honour.


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