As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Caroline Clemmon's Winter in July Celebration Ball

“Wow, girls look at this place! Oliver has really out done himself this time.” Mary exclaims, as Lyn, Sharon, and Mary, the hostesses of the famous Author Roast and Toast enter the gorgeous silver, white, and midnight blue, Winter Wonderland ballroom. Lights twinkle on all the trees inside and outside. “It’s a fairyland,” cries Sharon. “It’s heavenly.” Lyn sighs her eyes sparkling with glee,

Located somewhere between Lubbock, and Tahoka, this Texas town still knows how to throw a winter party, even in July!

“What is the name of this town again?” Lyn sighs and with a tisk of her tongue she answers Mary. “You’re asking me? Some made up name I never heard before, ask Sharon.” Sharon shrugs and smiles. She does that a lot.

The girls are all dressed in lovely floor length ball gowns, each one a designers couture dress, the girls are thrilled. They hand their fake fur coats to the coatman and enter the ballroom.

Tables of stunning foods are placed buffet style on one side of the room. Delectable hors d'oeuvres fill the white satin table cloth covered tables. Finger foods of all kinds, from delicacies to little hot dogs, call to the girls.

Little hot puffs and little cold puffs, platters of fruits and fancy dips, lobster salad, crab meat and things with ham.

Deserts delight the eye. Cakes, pies, petit fours, sweet and calorie laden make your mouth water. But they head to the special tales by the band set up for them and their guests, right next to the bar.

“Well we’re right next to the right place for Lyn.” Sharon chuckles and gestures to the bar, manned by a studly tall bartender. Oliver is making every drink you’ve ever heard of, so place your orders!
Caroline Clemmons has invited several of her characters and the girls are excited to meet them. Candles flicker in a romantic themed room. The girls in their mauve, emerald, and sapphire, dresses, primp and look one last time at hand mirrors before Caroline arrives. “I do look wonderful tonight.” Lyn fluffs up her dress.

“Yeah well that’s just cause your dress is so long it covers your feet, well almost.” Mary gestures to Lyn’s shoes that peek out from under her dress.

“Well at least I didn’t have to have my boobs surgically attached with crazy glue.” Lyn shoots back.

“Now girls,” Sharon steps between them. “Hug and make up, here comes Caroline and you better behave!”
“Look whose talking, bubble butt.” Mary and Lyn chime in unison. All three girls laugh and give a group hug before Caroline reaches them. “We are cute aren’t we!” All three laugh.
“Caroline you look divine!” Sharon greets her. Caroline is dressed in a beautiful deep fuscia gown by Versace.
After air kissing and giggling the girls enquire about Caroline’s guest heroine. “Wait till you see what she’s wearing. It’s outta this world.

The girls and Caroline realize the room is brimming with guests. Some are dancing, some are eating, but all laughter and noise stop when a couple enters the room. He is a handsome hunk and she is an adorable.

“They’re here, they’re here,” Caroline squeals!

“Welcome everyone to Caroline Clemmons' roast. Enjoy our party and welcome Caroline’s characters.

Everyone eat, drink and have a ball.” Sharon announces and smiles like a sunbeam!

The three hostesses clap and bow to Oliver who tips his hat to them.

“There is something special hidden in the banquet room tonight and the person who finds it will win a copy of Caroline’s book.” Lyn smiles and the girls spread out to mingle with their guests.

But Mary stands by the table before she sits and rests her chin on her hand and her elbow on the table.

“Wonder what it is.” She sighs and turns to us the blog readers. “If you can guess what it is you win the prize!” Then she stands, pulls her bodice up, and follows the others into the party.


Two million dollars? What a fortune to inherit! Coutney Madison has battled poverty her entire twenty-five years but is determined to make a safe and happy home for her teenaged brother after the death of their mom. She thinks her inheritance in West Texas is the answer to her prayers--but Courtney's problems are definitely not over yet. 


When Jimmy saw his sister in bed, he rushed over. “Sis, what happened? What’s with the towel and the ice packs?” He frowned at Derek. “What’s going on?”

                She opened her mouth to explain, but nothing came out.

Derek figured the bizarre situation defied description. He patted Jimmy on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, she’s okay now. We were at the cemetery putting flowers on Sam’s and Maggie’s graves and your sister got trapped in the bathroom.”

                Jimmy shook his head. “I don’t understand. How could that hurt her?”

                Courtney sighed. “The knob came off in my hand and I couldn’t open the door. So, I climbed out the window.”

                Derek held out his hands to indicate the small rectangle. “A small, high window.”

                Jimmy looked from his sister to Derek. “I still don’t understand what happened.”

                Courtney snapped, “I got stuck, okay?”

                Now that he knew her to be okay, the week’s tension suddenly snapped Derek and he lost his perspective on the whole situation. He grimaced at Jimmy. “She, um…” He coughed to keep a straight face. “When she tried to go out the window, she got stuck with her head and one arm sticking outside and the rest of her inside.” He stood like a bird with a broken wing to imitate Courtney’s position. A grin spread across his face in spite of all his efforts not to smile.

                Jimmy gaped at his sister. “Courtney? But she’s always so sensible. She’s never does anything stupid.” He began to smile also.

                Both males burst into laughter.

                “Listen, if you two are so amused, go into the other room to discuss my apparently hilarious antics and leave me to suffer in peace.” In spite of her strained muscles and injuries, she threw a box of tissues in their direction. “Go on, get out of here. Now.”

                Derek glanced over his shoulder before he left.

                She’d stuffed a pillow over her ears, to block out their laughter.


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  1. Hugs and kisses, Caroline, welcome to your beautiful winter ball. You look simply gorgeous. Congratulations, let's party!

  2. Air kisses, Lyn and Mary, sweet soul sisters. Now girls, as gorgeous as we all look in our formal attire, let's behave like ladies, shall we?
    Sharon slinks an arm around each sister, grinning as she sticks signs on their backs. Mary's, 'I get my jollies when you give my jugs a jiggle'
    Lyn's 'I have a real foot fetish; anything flies'

  3. Kiss kiss Caroline my pretty. Might I tell you how beautiful y'all look tonight. A glass of bubbly, love

  4. Ladies ladies, such lovely hostesses with the mostess. Chardonnay for Sharon, mead for Lyn, frozen fruit smoothie for Mary. Y'all behave now, hear. Wink wink

  5. Lyn hugs her sisters, blows an air kiss to Oliver and then goes and hugs Caroline.

    Welcome to your winter in July party Caroline, you look lovely amd what a great idea to have a lovely winter party to cool us down this summer.

  6. I have to say, the ball gowns are lovely today! I'd have worn mine but - brrrrrr - snow and bare shoulders. . . . I had a hard time getting past the buffet - OMG - the food looked wonderful. Caroline, book sounds wonderful! Congratulations on the release!

  7. Hi Patsy

    Welcome to Caroline's party. Youn always look lovely - but if you want to nip upstairs and change into a ball gown, we can always turn the heating up a tad - you'll soon get warm after a few dances!

  8. Patsy, help yourself to the food and there's bound to be a gown upstairs to your likeness. Snicker, did you get a loada the signs Lyn and Mary are advertising on their backs. Embarrassing.

  9. Patsy my pretty, a cold beer sweet lips

  10. Caroline accepts a glass of champagne from Oliver, then glides to speak to Sharon, Lyn and Mary.

    Ladies, the ballroom is beautiful. Your decorator outdid others this time! And you each look elegant. Don't you love my dress? Makes me want to give extra oomph to my hips as I sashay actoss the room.

    My heroine, Courtney, looks especially nice in her blue ball gown, don't you agree? And look, there getting her drink from Oliver is Derek, Courtney's hero.

  11. Love the dress. Where was my invitation? Hum? Hum? Congratulations, you deserve a big party.

  12. Congratulations, Caroline! Loved the gowns, made me wish I had one.

    reneelynnscott [at] gmail dot com

  13. Good morning, ladies--I must say, y'all look smashing--those dresses are fantastic! I need one.
    You can find all this heavenly food, beautiful decorations, AND Oliver somewhere between Lubbock and Tahoka? I never knew!!!Must of missed it all those countless times I drove through there.Hmm.
    Caroline, your new release sounds fantastic--pure "Caroline Clemmons." Congratulations, and wishing you many sales! Celia

  14. Good morning ladies....ya'll all look so divine in your formal wear and well the decorations and food are to die for.

    Let's not forget Oliver...that gorgeous young man...

    I'll take one of his special martinis!!


  15. You'll notice that hero Derek Corrigan doesn't leave Courtney Madison's side for a minute. His friends Greg and Rusty have teased him, but he ignored them. I think he's staking his claim on Courtney, don't you? No wonder when she looks so pretty in her blue backless dress with her long blond hair upswept. Of course, Derek looks pretty handsome in his tux. Yumm!

  16. Caroline munches on the delicious snacks and gestures with her champagne glass.

    Although the town of Sweet Springs is fictional, it's typical of the small area towns. Young people leave home for Lubbock, Dallas, or Houston. With better roads and faster cars, driving in to Lubbock or Tahoka is easy. Small town stores can't compete with the big box stores and better shopping in Lubbock. Courtney plans to change that for Sweet Springs. She's on her way when a major snag, no, a gigantic problem rears its ugly head.

  17. What a fun roast, and Caroline is always a delightful guest. And speaking of delightful, I love the excerpt, Caroline. I love a romance that can make me smile. So nice meeting some of your characters today. :-)

  18. Lyn reappears hving carfully removed the notices from the back of her and Mary's gowns. Hmmmm, three guesses who put them there. Teehee, sharon hasn't seen the one pinned to her bubble butt which says "Prime rump steak only $2 per lb!"

  19. Sweet Springs, that's the name of the town? Mary adjusts herself once again. This dress is too tight on top.
    Mary pats Sharon on the back and puts a large post it note on her that says 'I'm Easy. Clap if you got happy last nite'.
    Then Mary gives Lyn an elbow. That's for the signs on our backs.
    They chuckle as they watch people clap when Sharon walks by.
    She thinks it's her dress! LOL!!! HeHeHe!

  20. I love your sign too Lyn. But only $2 a pound. That's too cheap even for hamburger.

  21. Caroline, I'm so glad you like your Roast, and that you brought your hero and heroine, Courtney and Derek along. Your excerpt is great and we're all dying to know more about those two.

  22. Courtney looks lovely! This must be a dream come true for her huh Caroline?

  23. Lyn turns and hugs Mary and the two start giggling again.

    "You're probably right Mary. I Have no idea of the going price of steak over here, being a humble Brit. I just assumed that since there are so many cattle ranches beef must be cheap. Anyway, it's funnier than if we'd priced her too high! ')

  24. BrendaC I'm sorry you didn't get your invitation. Please enjoy yourself and look at the line of men waiting to dance. HubbaHubba!

  25. Brenda C and Renee, welcome to the party - no invitations needed, just say you're a friend of Caroline, and you're in! As for the gowns, we always bring a full wardrobe of spares since we're a little accident prone - and for the guests to choose one to wear if they wish!

  26. Hello Celia and Dee Bibb, how lovely to see you both - oh here comes Oliver with your drinks!

  27. My goodness, what a party. I am hungry just looking and I want that ice bowl. Lovely.

    Oliver dahlin, a glass of champagne here and a piece of that scrumptuous cheesecase. I am on a low-fat diet.

    Caroline, when you stop looking at yourself in the mirror, tell me about the diet that made you look so slim! I am jealous of your figure.
    Your excerpt is hilarious. I am putting this book on my TBR list.

  28. Hi Lilly *waves*

    Yes isn't Caroline's excerpt enticing - and your heroine looks so pretty - and as for Derek - *Sigh*

  29. Mona you look fabulous! Did you bring an escort? No, well when you finish your low fat cheesecake, (isn't that an oxymoron?)
    Well let me introduce you to Noah. He is the best dancer ever. Noah, please give Mona a twirl on the dancefloor will you?
    Mary chuckles at all the people still clapping for Sharon!!!

  30. Here's a short excerpt from when Courtney arrives in West Texas and meets her financial advisor, Lance Thompson, in Tahoka:

    She looked at her watch and stood. “Heavens, I’ve taken up quite a bit of your time. I appreciate you seeing me without an appointment.”
    “I’m here whenever you have a question.” White teeth flashed through a broad smile. “Which reminds me of one of my own. Could we have dinner Saturday?”
    A date? Her heart skipped a beat and she smiled. A real date. She chided herself. What had she been thinking? Of course, he and Sam [the an who left her the legacy] must have dined together many times over the years. “I’d love to. You know where I live, or would you like for us to meet somewhere?”
    “I’ve been to your home several times. I’ll pick you up about half-past six if that’s good for you.”
    He’d probably picked up Sam for business dinners. “Yes, I’ll see you Saturday.” As she drove home, she wanted to stop the car and dance. Dinner with Derek tonight and with Lance on Saturday. Her social life was definitely picking up. All right, so Derek had probably only invited her and Jimmy from a sense of duty, and Lance for the same reason. Hey, dinner out was dinner out.

  31. Caroline what an inviting tease!
    Great excerpt!

  32. Ladies, ah, such gorgeous ladies all in one room. Darling Caroline, more bubbly my sweet thing.

  33. Here we go Mona my pet, champagne and not so low cal cheese cake, no worries my pet, you look fabulous.

  34. Brenda, Celia, Renee, Lilly, my beauties, bubbly all around. And for you, Dee my sweet, a Dirty Martini. GRIN

  35. Look Lyn the sign is still on Sharon's back. And people are applauding her!
    Sharon my sweet, I put a sign on you too! But it seems you like the attention!

  36. Sharon, love, a chilled chardonnay, let's just pluck that little advertisement off your rump, shall we. In my humble opinion, you're worth more than the going rate. Smile

  37. Lyn, my pet, have another mead. Mary, a strawberry smoothie with just a hint of libation. Wink

  38. Sure Sharon you are at least worth as much as a tenderloin.
    What about my sign. You never said a work and it's still there. TeeHee!

  39. Hugs sisters, I'm back. What a swinging party for Caroline. Girls, not that I'm one to be easily flattered, but did y'all hear the thunderous applause when I entered the ballroom. Smile

  40. Sharon waves to Celia, Mona, Lilly, Brenda, Renee and Dee. Welcome, you all look gorgeous. Grab a looker and dance the night away.

  41. Divine Caroline such an enticing teaser. I must read your book.

  42. EASY! Sharon jiggles Mary's hooters loose and they knock Lyn over and she does a nose dive into the cake

  43. Mary is laughing so hard then Lyn covered with cake, lobs a hunk of it at Mary and Sharon. The food fight begins! Well at least until Oliver picks all three hostess's up by the scruff of their necks, and exclaims.
    "Behave!" Mary, Lyn and Sharon start to giggle and throw cake at Oliver. LOL!!!

  44. Thank God we bought three each of the same dress Mary laughs. Let's change and come back for a dance with one of the rakish rogues on the sidelines!
    Group hug! Mary can't stop herself from taking a large piece and putting it on Sharon's bench butt.
    Kim K. you should be jealous!!!

  45. Oliver is a super host and bar tender, isn't he? And he looks so good in a tux. Caroline sighs as Oliver refills her glass and accepted a slice of cheesecake.

    My heroine's the guardian of her 15 year old brother, Jimmy. Here's a sample excerpt in which he first appears.

    “This bites.” Jimmy clutched a map tightly in his hands. “Why do I have to move to the boring country with a bunch of stupid hayseeds just because you have to live here?”
    The map crackled as he gestured at the car window. “Look at all this crummy nothingness. Rows of frozen dirt on one side of the road, grass and cows too stupid to know they’re freezing on the other. You should have left me at our house and moved out here by yourself. There’s supposed to be plenty of money so you could do that.” He puffed out his chest. “I’m old enough to take care of myself.”
    Courtney shuddered at the picture of her fifteen-year-old brother alone with the swaggering punks he called his ‘hanging buds’ and them visiting whenever they pleased, encouraging him to skip school and do who knew what? He’d already tried to dress like them—as much as his wardrobe allowed. Thank heavens, their limited funds meant he hadn’t resorted to numerous body piercings and tattoos. Courtney slid him a sideways glance. He’d made the admission about Sam grudgingly and suddenly seemed to realize the lapse.
    Eyes wide, he faced her. “You promise we only have to stay here one year before we go back to civilization in Dallas?”
    How could she know if they would ever live in Dallas again? Sure, returning to friends and their church with no money worries would be great. She’d never go back to the old neighborhood as Jimmy dreamed.
    For the umpteenth time, Courtney evaded any promise to return to that old life. “We’ll be much better off here, you’ll see.” Her fingers tightened on the steering wheel. She’d make this work, if only to save Jimmy from himself.
    He sent her a glare. “Yeah, right, and the moon is made of green cheese. At least we’re getting close and this rotten trip to the Beverly Hillbillies is almost over. I’ll be able to see where I’ll be stuck for a year.” He hunched his body against the door. “If you decide to stay, I’ll leave on my own as soon as I can.”
    Courtney’s heart lurched at his threat, but she kept her gaze on the road ahead, looking for the turnoff. She’d hoped to reach their new home by noon, and they were on schedule. “You can’t leave for several years. You know your choices—me or a foster home. Besides, I’ll bet that by the time a year is up, you won’t want to leave.”
    “Oh, yeah? That’s what you think. The minute I get the chance, I’ll head out of Bumpkinville so fast it’ll make your head spin.” Jimmy reached over to adjust the heater, which lately had only two temperatures—broiling hot or freezing cold.
    “Oh, look.” Courtney slowed the car to allow a thorough appraisal of their new home. “There it is.”
    His eyes widened. “Whoa, are you sure?” He checked the map furnished by Derek Corrigan then looked again at the two houses. “Man, I think you’re right.” His voice rose. “That must be Sam’s house on the right....”
    Jimmy sucked in his breath.
    She saw the second the enormity of their change hit him.
    His fists worked on the map and he gulped. “Double wow. You’re right, that’s our house now. Our very own house.” His smile disappeared and the old smirk twisted his mouth. He shrugged. “Well, it’s not too bad for a prison, is it?”

  46. Wow! Sounds great Caroline! Good stuff! A round of applause is due and not for Sharon's sign on her back, but for one great excerpt!

  47. Great roast and toast -- great excerpt -- where do you get all those wonderful graphics? Sharon et all, you do such a good job with this blog! Congratulations, Caroline!

  48. I agree Mary (gosh is that a first - the sister hostesses agreeing not arguing? I love those excerpts Caroline, it sounds like a really great story, and your heroine is such an interesting and spunky lady!

  49. Greetings Ann, so lovely of you to pop in to Caroline's spectacular winter ball. Thank you, blush, we three sister hostesses do our most to entertain our guests. Allow Oliver to bring you a glass of bubbly and food.

  50. Well it's just a quiet wet day, that is typical of winter. I just got my hooters fixed. It's such a chore to have to wear fake ones over my real ones so that Sharon can throw them around. Now about that tray someone left on your butt. TeeHee!
    You can't catch me. Mary falls over a chair and lands in the punchbowl, she starts to throw fruit at Lyn and Lyn is catching it and eating strawberries she caught in her mouth. Mary chuckles and goes to change again.

  51. Hi Ann - thank you so much for your lovely comments - so glad you enjoy our blog - and aren't Caroline's excerpts wonderful!

    Mmm, these strawberries are so sweet - do have some while Mary's off changing!

  52. I agree your graphics are terrific. You are genuine magicians.

    I'm so glad you're hosting my winter ball. I just stepped out into the real world, and it's 103 degrees here. I wilted quickly and returned to your fabulous party.

  53. Gosh, that is HOT, Caroline. It's about 60 here in the UK I think.

    At least your winter ballroom is nice and cool - and here comes Oliver, with your book in one hand to be autographed, and a glass of something long and refreshing in the other!

  54. 103wow! Humid?
    This party is just the answer for a hot day! It winter in July somewhere isn't it? Mary lobs another sweet juicy strawberry at Lyn who catches it in her mouth like a pro at a popcorn throw!
    Here Caroline, Mary hands a huge ripe strawberry. Yummy!!!
    I musta changed three times today!
    The party is still rocking and look a hunk is approaching. Mary hands the bowl to Lyn and trips the light fantastic!

  55. Love the party, love the gowns, love the food. And love the excerpts you've posted Caroline. Sounds so much fun. Best of luck with the book. Now please pass the bubbly.:)

  56. Oliver - I'm here for my cold beer - my sweet lips are ready!

  57. Hi Barbara - welcome to Caroline's party, how lovely to see you.

    And Patsy, welcome. I see Oliver coming over now with refreshments for you both, bubbly for Barbara and a cold beer for you - and some edibles too by the look of the plates on that tray!

  58. Mary yawns. I'll see you in the morning. She winks at her sister hostess's and walks out on Josh Halloway's arm. YaChaCha!
    Yo Patsy! Take my place will you. Don't let Lyn have too much mead.
    Sharon is already snockered...

  59. Caroline bats lashes at Oliver. "Of course I'll sign the book especially for you, Oliver dear. I probably subconsciously had you in mind when I created the hero."

  60. Here's a short excerpt when Courtney sees her new home in West Texas. The house is beautiful, just what she dreamed, but it hasn't been painted or updated inside since it was built 25 years ago. Can you say DRAB?

    She hugged herself with delight as she walked through the house and back into her suite of rooms, imagining the bright look of the house with a new coat of paint, fresh carpet, and other changes she could now easily afford.

    With a slow dip, she sat on her bed and gave it a test bounce. Her fingers traced the intricate stitching of the decades-old beige satin spread. The quilted fabric felt luxurious against her skin. A queen-sized bed and she was the queen. With a giggle of abandoned glee, she fell back on the bed and spread out her arms. I’m the queen of all I survey.

  61. Oooh, thanks for another excerpt, Caroline, I can so empathise with her. This sounds like a fresh start for her, very exciting!

  62. Hey Caroline! What a way cool idea. I'm learning more and more. Can't wait to read your book. Just got me a brand new Kindle.

  63. Wow! Great place. Sorry for late arrival, but I had to come by and read excerpts plus I had to have a martini--surprise me, Oliver. Wink wink.

  64. What a WONDERFUL excerpt! It gave me a smile and a well-needed giggle after a very trying day. Thank you, Caroline and also the lovely ladies of AR&T. You've ended my week on a high note.

    *happy sigh*

  65. I had no idea I'd find myself right square in the middle of a party! I should've worn an extra petticoat and put ribbons in my hair. Everyone looks divine!


  66. Hi Jacquie, Mauve, Bobbye and Goldiebeth, welcome. Plenty of food and libations left. Our parties go on all weekend long. Here comes Oliver with a tray of cool apple martinis. Think I'll grab one in between foxtrots.Wow, look at Caroline shake it loose on the dance floor.

  67. Ladies and Oliver, thanks so much for a wonderful party. Wish it could go on forever, but life calls. I'll check back to see if any late comers arrived. Some people simply muct arrive late to make an entrance. I hope the cleaners can remove that spot of cake icing from of my lovely fuschia dress.

  68. Caroline, thank you for being such a gracious and delighttful guest. What a blast we had. No worries, our cleaners worrk miracles. Best o' luck, m'deaer.

  69. Ladies, breakfast is served. Fressh fruit cups, mimosa, buttery croissants, eggs benedict, crisp bacon, sausage, coffee and tea, served with a wink and a smile. First platter to Caroline, here we go, love

  70. Caroline, we've loved having you, thank you for being such a fantastic guest and your excerpts are wonderful.

    Wishing you many, many sales with our new release'Home Sweet Texas Home'

    Enjoy your breakfast - mmmmm Oliver certainly knows how to 'do breakfast' doesn't he!

  71. I'll have some tea please Oliver.
    Thanks for being our guest Caroline and many thanks to our wonderful commenters! Happy Holiday!

  72. Oliver, great breakfast. Ladies, thank you for inviting me. I've drawn Dee Bibb's name for the free PDF of HOME SWEET TEXAS HOME.
    Yawn, guess I'll toddle off home, but this was the best party ever.

  73. Thank you so much Caroline - and Congratulations Dee!

    You were a wonderful guest, so glad you enjoyed it - enjoy your well deserved rest and wishing you much success with your new release!


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