As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, June 11, 2010

An Otherworldly Roast for Belinda McBride

"SS Muse calling all ships in the Muse Planetary System. Please bring your invitations with you. There is a prize to be won! A brand new space cruiser!!

The SS Muse will be beaming guests in, using a specific order. We don't want the Bassonery Worm Eaters near the Slimonian Worm species, so please come in the order specified on your invitations. See you on the ship!"

Captains Lyn, Sharon and Mary are on the teletransporter deck ready to greet guests as they beam aboard.Fantasy 
Comments They are all dressed differently.Fantasy CommentsMary is in a wonderful, flowing, pale lilac, floor length, creation by a Sweetonian designer. Lyn is in a beautiful, shimmering, cobalt blue, floor length creation by a Celticonian
Commentsdesigner, and Sharon is in a fantastic, enticing, pink, floor length, clingy, Tramponian designer.
She has just the petite, willowy, figure for it, from the front. In the back it barely makes it over her...well you know.

Lyn grabs Sharon, who has tripped over her platform shoes. "I told you not to wear those," Lyn yells as she struggles to lift the willowy, ahem, Sharon from the floor. Mary takes her other arm, helps to yank her to her feet, tears off Sharon's shoes then hands them to her. Both of them pull Sharon along as they race through the ship to get to the lounge.

They spent days decorating it to please Belinda. Junior and Cuddles dressed in their own little uniforms race ahead of the girls.

Luckily they all arrive before Belinda. Standing at the doorway to the lounge they smooth their wrinkled dresses ready for another roast.

Space cadets from The United Universe of Galactic nations, line the walkways as a salute to all alien species and also to keep them in line. Guests have been arriving at an incredible rate. Everything from the invisible Blankonians to the large tree like Ficusonians. The ship is overflowing with all kinds of creatures, all clamoring for Belinda to arrive and greet them.

Fantasy CommentsMonsters CommentsMonsters CommentsMonsters CommentsFantasy Comments
Applause thunders through the transporter deck as Belinda and her entourage arrive. Three massive, blue Hunkonians; one picks her off the pad and guides her through the clapping, and feet stamping, aliens, to the deck where her massive party is taking place. there are some strange creatures here for sure!

The cacophony is overwhelming.

Oliver looks regal in his SS Muse uniform. He's the hostesses' First Officer and responsible for the array of food from every corner of the universe. He's outdone himself. Wine from Grapeonia, fruits from Earth, deserts from the Planet Sucrose, and dishes from every orb in the galaxy...
Image Ref: 09-09-34 - Party Food, Viewed 5381 timesImage Ref: 09-22-51 - Sunday Lunch, Viewed 8738 timeschampagneImage Ref: 09-23-27 - Meringue Nest, Viewed 14322 timesfruit basket Belinda makes her entrace, with her entourage of galactic guards dressed in United Universe uniforms. Belinda is wearing an otherworldly, unbelievable, shimmering, white gown. She waves her arms to her guests in the large lounge of the SS Muse.

"Welcome one and all. Let's raise a toast for everyone! My friends I have a new release for your perusal. To my readers!! Hurrah!!
Now everyone join the party, help yourself to the wonderful fare and beverages. Party on my friends!!"

Don't forget to make a comment to win the contest by answering the question: What planet did Spock retire on and why?

Marshal Annabelle "Cowgirl" Oakley is the best law enforcement officer in Interstellar
Coalition Enforcement. With her wolf Tucker at her side, Belle is clearly the best man for the job. Unfortunately, the job comes with hazards, and one of those hazards comes in the shape of tall, mysterious Armand.

Armand de le Croix is a werewolf with amnesia. He has no idea how he came to be living in Coalition space, he doesn't know where his people are, or why his inky black hair is now snowy white. He just knows that the tall, dangerous redhead is all that he wants, and he means to have her regardless of what he must do to win.
When they meet, it's magic. When they part, it's mayhem.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable...

Purchase (Publisher)Amazon paperback:


  1. Hellooooo...I"m back, early this time! In fact, I was so worried about getting here on time, that I actually showed up a bit early...It's 2:00am Pacific Time! LOL!

    The the festivities commence!

  2. Helo Belinda and welcome to your Roast!

    It's getting on for 11 am in my Time Zone! I hope your trusty computer is in fine fettle today with none of the nasty virus it contracted the first time we attempted this rendezvous.

    Let's wind back time and invite every body (and even those without one) from the four corners of the Universe to ur Otherwordly toast in celebration of your amazing release 'Belle Starre'

    May I just say how lovely you look in that white gown Belinda. You'll be turning everyone's heads today - including Oliver! He'd better not let Sharon catch him winking at you like that!

  3. Hello and welcome to your celebration, Belinda. My, but you have arrived in style, bright and early. Allow Oliver to bring you some bubbly and a bite to eat. Lyn, greetings sister hostess. I trust all went well with your otherworldly adventure. Speaking of which, I'm off to mine. Sorry but my space ship has landed to take me to parts unknown. Carry on, Lyn and Mary and to quote someone famous, "I'll be back!"
    Oliver, take good care of the guests today, and Belinda, here's wishing you so much success and a wonderful party today!!

  4. Lyn blows air kisses to her sister hostess.

    Hi Sharon, good luck with your latest venture, travel safe and knock 'em dead! Oh, Oliver, Martian mead, how fabulous, Thank you - and I see you've taken good care of Belinda too!

  5. Hi Belinda welcome!
    I just came in from Pluto. Yes, Pluto, they made a mistake. The Plutonians are furious. Bad for tourism.
    I just love when gravity fails and we all float for awhile!

  6. Look at the wonderful constellations!
    How fantastic you look Belinda!

  7. Hi Mary

    Pluto? Ah well, they say travel broadens the mind! You're right, the view from the Observation Deck is breathtaking, isn't it! Oops, Belinda's just floated past and her lovely dress is acting like a parachute and billowing all around her in near zero gravity. Oliver, better turn the gravity up just a tad I think! :)

  8. Hi Mary

    Pluto? Ah well, they say travel broadens the mind! You're right, the view from the Observation Deck is breathtaking, isn't it! Oops, Belinda's just floated past and her lovely dress is acting like a parachute and billowing all around her in near zero gravity. Oliver, better turn the gravity up just a tad I think! :)

  9. Thank you all!
    Oliver has been the perfect host!
    My computer is hale and hearty, however, the high winds and solar storms are a bit rough on my internet connection. I will not allow that to deter me!

    Mary, Plutonians simply have no sense of humor. :)

  10. I love the black holes, they've always been a source of wonder to me.
    Wonder whether they are more then just dying stars?
    Olive could you stop gawking at Belinda and raise the gravity before my undies show
    Belinda tell us about Belle Starre.

  11. Glad you're computer's OK now Belinda, hope those solar storms don't get too treacherous. Ah that's better, thank you Oliver, now we can all just float a few feet above the ground without our gowns blowing over our heads.

    You know if he didn't look so innocent I'd could swear he shut off the artificial grav on purpose!

  12. Thank God I wore nice bloomers!!!
    I kinda like floating like this, just a hand wave and I'm floating across the room. What fun!!

  13. Ah...now those dang skirts are out of my face...

    Belle Starr...ah...

    Of the 20+ titles I've got out there, Belle is really my favorite. It was one of the first books that I wrote, and probably most representative of my personal "style."

    It's a futuristic sci fi, and revolves around a bounty hunter/tracker named Marshal Belle Oakley who is a little more than human. She has a sidekick, a timber wolf named Tucker. Following a disasterous (though successful) mission, Belle comes into her first were-style heat, and ends up in a liason with a myterious werewolf named Armand.

    Some sexin' ensues, and then she's off on another mission, just a little the worse for the wear. :)

    There's a lot of humor in the story, a lot of action and some interesting twists along the way.

  14. Yes Belinda, I found the Plutonians to be very testy and not at all friendly. Maybe that's why they dropped them from the planets of our galaxy?

  15. Sounds like a sizzling read, Belinda. I love the references to the Wild West too. I always think there's a lot in common between Futurisic SF and Western Hisoricals, opening up a new frontier, facing unknown dangers etc.

  16. Hywela, that's exactly what I was getting at in the book. The "west" is part of American culture that is ingrained in us, and truly is now part of world psyche. It so perfectly represents the spirit of exploration and adventure that Belle Starr represents.

    Belle is a Texan, and a Marshal, Armand is Cajun, Thorn is Native American. Robert Quantrell is also a Texan. I've got an outline for a character from New Mexico, and the Pack names their new planet, "New Denver" because it reminds them of their home territory.

    Later characters will also have old west connections, even if they aren't human. :)

    The follow up to Belle Starr is working titled: "The Bandit Queen."

  17. I love it! Sounds just my type of book actually and the characters sound amazing. Love the title of the follow up too!

  18. I don't necessarily want to call this a series, but most of my sci fi is set in the same universe. If I go to all the trouble to create a complex world, I want to use it! LOL!

    I've got another sci fi series at LI that is m/m romance, and that's been really popular too. Its in the same Coalition Universe that Belle is set in, but all the way across the galaxy.

    The books that feature the AmWere will have a distincts western American flavor to them, where the Uncommon books are rooted in Spartan/Roman mythology.

  19. OOH OOH, mythology, like the sound of that.
    Lyn your pushing me in the corner is not gonna get you more attention. And the thong again??

  20. mmm, I love the idea of mixing futuristic and Western American and Mythological themes too.

    Mary I'm not pushing sweetie, you must have put on a teensie weensie little bit of weight - and as for thongs, well, some can wear 'em, some - well just can't! :)

  21. Oooh...Hwyla, them's fightin' words!

  22. Chico, CA....someone from Chico CA was looking at the blog...

    Identify yourself, please! I'm in Shasta County! LOL! Graduated from CSUC!

  23. That's just because gravity made all your weight settle in your feet.
    Ahem. Sweet sister :0)
    So let's float over to the bar and have a fancy drink, I like the looks of the blue thingie.

  24. LOL Belinda, Mary and me may sound as if we're about to call phasers at dawn - but we love each other to bits really!

    Don't we Mary? Er why has your nose turned blue, sweetie?

  25. Sheesh, I'm glad I just got a Fuzzy Naval! LOL!

    Um...Mary, I've got some make-up in my purse...

  26. You didn't? You knew I was gonna drink the blue one didn't you?
    We love each other and we love to play practical jokes on each other and tease mercilessly, just like real sisters do!
    Um Sharon did you notice the thong? It's stretched, did you borrow it from Sharon? Oops, that slipped out. We dearie you need to tap Victoria for her Secret.

  27. Thanks Belinda I wear my nose proudly. No one ever notices with my perfect perk hooters, (that I swear God game me), they never get to the nose. Except for women they will notice and tell everyone what a horrid thing Lyn did to me.
    HeHe, pretty good one Lyn. I'll get you my pretty.

  28. Oh Mary, I would never insult you by staring at your hooters. I just stare at your blue nose instead.

  29. As for the thong thing. I think like this. If it's hideous cover it up, have mercy on the rest of us.
    If you got it you might as well flaunt it. Just don't flaunt it in the wrong places!

  30. Oliver is stuck in a stare as he gazes as Lyn's posterior in her thong. See what I mean.

  31. Just because I choose to wear my thong on the outside of my space tunic! (If Superman can do it, so can I!)

    Mary, I don't think you should have touched the blue stuff dear, (it was nothing to do with me, I didn't force you to drink it) since it's gone straight to your nose - that's it Belinda's kindly offered her make up - that should tone it down a bit!

    As for the hooters - just mind they don't drop out out of your bra sweetie, you know what happens when Junior and Cuddles start playing! (Snigger)

  32. Papillion, Nebraska! My cousin lives there!

  33. Well La De Freakin' Da! Ain't we perfect? Well except for your Roebuckerers, the shoes for the special sized woman's foot. Not extra petite ya know. Watch Junior and Cuddles don't get a hold of those rubber shoes, dogs will be dogs you know. I can't stop him from chewing on a good shoe and then your feet will be exposed. Tee Hee

  34. Belinda she has big feet, but a beautiful face, figure and heart. We excuse the big feet, because she is so pretty.

  35. Actually Belinda, my feet are tiny and I'm afraid the other too are a wee big jealous, so they make me wear huge shoes ten sizes too big for me.

    Anyway, enough about that, tell us a bit more about your book - I love the video, that Sassy redhead looks like a force to be reckoned with!

  36. *Blush* I just read what Mary said about me, aw I forgive her the quips about my feet because she's such a sweeheart and has a gorgeous figure to go with her heart of gold!

    Oh, Oliver's cracking up in the corner, by the bar. He and Belinda are nodding and winking in our direction. Wonder what they're laughing at!

  37. Yes. Tell us, about your hero. What kind of man is he. Gentle, honest, tender, strong, manly, handsome. And how did they meet. H&H?

  38. Sure, let's talk a little about Belle.

    She's six foot three inches tall. I was kind of triggered to write her like that when I saw a young woman in the grocery store who towered over everyone, and she was completely comfortable in her skin.

    Next, I wanted her to have an outstanding appearance, the sort of woman that men fantasize about doing, but shy away from. Her red, curly hair cascades down her back. She wears dresses, not only to satisfy her femininity, but because men tend to underestimate a woman in a dress. She also uses her skirts to hide an arsenal of weapons.

    Belle is outspoken to a fault, frequently putting her size tens in her mouth! LOL! You don't want to anger her because she is lethal. She'll get down and dirty in a fight or in bed. She's also a slightly lonely woman, just because she is so intimidating.

    She's also very sentimental. After her first partner was killed in a freak accident, she grieved for a very long time, and even once she gets her HEA, she still misses Penny.

    For me, Belle came to life so beautifully in this book because I knew so much about her, it was almost like writing about an old friend. :)

  39. Us? Hmmm. Oliver should laugh he's always flaunting his pecs and winking, he's just a horrible flirt.
    Sharon is so patient.

  40. Does Belle have family, is she a loner? No boyfriend? Just too lethal?
    She sounds like a gutsy chick!

  41. Wow Belinda, That's some heroine. I'm five foot nothing, so I'd be looking Belle Starr in the Kneecaps!

    I have a red haired heroine in my space opera, but she's not so intimidating. I love the sound of Belle though, does she ever find a guy worthy of her (or tall enough)?

  42. Wow Belinda, That's some heroine. I'm five foot nothing, so I'd be looking Belle Starr in the Kneecaps!

    I have a red haired heroine in my space opera, but she's not so intimidating. I love the sound of Belle though, does she ever find a guy worthy of her (or tall enough)?

  43. Mary, I'll tell you about Armand.
    Now a lot of writers approach a romance with the hero first, and then they dash together their heroine. I start the other way around. I developed this magnificent heroine and until I actually introduced Armand into the scene, I really didn't know him at all.

    In the book, he's a man of mystery, so I'm not going to drop too many hints in about him, as it give away some of his story.

    Armand is truly an alpha male. He shows up in the story when Belle has come into her first heat cycle. Armand is big, beautiful and has no clue who or where he is. LOL! But he immediately claims Belle without bothering to tell her that's what he's doing.

    One of the things that I love about Armand is that he's an alpha like you might actually see in a wolf pack. He's pretty easy-going, more than willing to delegate to his beta and other wolves, but at the same time, he accepts responsibility for every person in the pack.

    He also trusts Belle and allows her to be herself. He does put the smackdown on her when she starts getting a bit too dominant! LOL! In all, he's probably as close to the ideal man that I was able to come up with.

  44. Belle has a mother and a father, and a brother who is presumed dead. The entire family was vicitimized by a sports syndicate that was creating "better' humans as athletes, thus Belle and her family are hybrids. When the media got hold of the scandal, they became outcasts.

    Her mother and father are now living on a small industrialized planet, they obtained their teaching credentials and teach as well as coach athletics.

    And yes...Armand is taller than Belle. :)

  45. Sound to me like one heck of a good read. I'm gonna recommend it to everyone I know!
    Leave us with a teaser excerpt for the rest of the evening, to ponder. Or tell us what the planet is like??

  46. Hawt little excerpt from Belle Starr:

    She was so distracted that she missed the movement in the dark hall to her back. An amateur’s mistake.

    Without warning, a hard body pressed up against hers, a pair of hands circling around to cup her breasts. Warm breath feathered her hair, sending shivers up and down her sensitive flesh. His fragrance was wild and heady, and his cock was hot and hard when he pressed it against her bottom. A Were, fully aroused. Her heart dropped. Her pussy cheered. Her beer slipped from her hand. He caught it, lifting it to take a long drink.

    “Slumming, bébé?” His voice was gravelly, harsh. His head dipped down to her neck, and he took a deep breath. “Ah…you’ve been exposed to Matruscan ladies… Their scent has brought your own ripe time. Poor little bébé.”

    What was his accent? Belle carried a southern American accent courtesy of her family. His was not French, not southern. Cajun? It was a dead culture, but that’s what it sounded like.

    “You looking for a male to slake your needs?” He was fully against her body now, his hips still pressed against her bottom, moving in rhythm with his hands as he kneaded her breasts through the leather.

    She should kill him right now. Spin and plant her knife… God…she could feel the heat of his body through the leather coat! Her eyes fluttered, and lust shot through her system, making her dizzy and weakening her knees.

    “I come with you to your room now—forget those ones. They’re boys, can’t take care of a woman like you.” His hands were under the coat, wandering, exploring. She could smell him; he was clean male, his own pheromones calling to hers. Her eyes dropped closed, and her lips parted. Without letting her turn to face him, the stranger walked her backward to the staircase, one step at a time.

    He was taller than she, and stronger. The knowledge gave her goose bumps, triggering a primal, thrilling fear. Few men, if any, were stronger than Belle. It was just her genetic code. It was what made her good at what she did.

  47. Thank you all for having me here today! Its been lovely! And I actually made it on time!

    Folks, don't forget to leave a comment, we'll be giving away a download of Belle Starr tomorrow!

  48. *Shy wave* Hi! Looks like I missed most of the mayhem. Belinda - the story looks like a fun one! Good luck with Belle - who sounds like a worthy heroine indeed.

    And it was nice to see Oliver again... *sigh*

  49. Great excerpt Belinda. sounds like a brilliant read. Thank you for being such a great guest.

    I'm going to turn in with Cuddles, but the bar stays open all night and Oliver needs very little sleep! So anyone who docks with our ship is welcome to join the party, we cater for all types and races, and the life support systems can handle anything!

  50. Hi Sandra! Its always nice to see Oliver...*sigh*

  51. Hi Sandra - no you haven't missed the party - Sharon's hunky butler is heading your way with refreshments even as we speak!

  52. Oh, goody! Oliver, dear, you do look awfully yummy, er, I mean handsome in your uniform. (Gotta love a man in uniform)

    I very much enjoyed the latest Uncommon book, Belinda (I think An Uncommon Whore was the latest?) Your characters are so present, so engaging.

  53. Thanks Sandra!
    Uncommon Whore was the first of that series, it's set in the same universe as Belle Starr, but they won't overlap.
    The next will be An Uncommon Beauty, which will be from Griffin's perspective. I really enjoy that series too!

  54. Well, drat. Missed it all. Was a great post to read. Wish I could have been here for all the chatting, but had to work and there is no internet where I work. Playing catch up with everything tonight.
    Love your books Belinda. Have several of them. Belle Starr is still on my wish list though. Thanks for the excerpt and other tidbits of information about it.

  55. Hi Beth, and thanks for stopping by! I wish you hadn't missed us, but I'll be answering comments through Saturday too. :)

    I'll also be at the Love Romances Cafe today (saturday) for the MLR/Passion In Print chat.

  56. Hi Beth *Lyn waves to Beth and Belinda.*

    You don't have to leave yet, you haven't really missed the party, we'll go on all day today as well if you want to, as Belinda says.

    The party ain't over 'til the fat alien sings!:) )

  57. What a great concept, Belinda! Love the title, too. Best of luck.

  58. P.S. Sorry I'm late for the party. Guess that makes me the fat alien. LOL

  59. Hi Caroline,

    Great to see you. 'The fat alien is only a metaphore, of course and couldn't possible be applied to your goodself! LOL. Never too late for a Roast Party! (Besides Sharon likes to make Oliver work for his salary!)

  60. *beaming aboard on the platform deck*

    Hi ladies! Better late than never, eh? Mary, Sharon, Lyn...always wonderful to see you ladies! The cyber gods detained me and thought they could do a strip search, ha! Not a chance! I just touched the handy button on my stellar watch here and left them standing in my dust particles. Poor lads!

    Belinda! *stepping down off the platform toward the bar and some champagne* I see you around the net many places so had to stop in and say hi when I saw your party listed in the Coalition News! Congrats! Aren't these ladies fabulous and look at this crowd, my oh my, so many attendees.

    Now...I saw something about THORN...where might I find his man? I wore doe skin just for him. Hhmmmm....I'll grab my glass and roam the crowd, have a great time!

  61. Hey Deanna!
    Doeskin eh? You do know that Thorn's got a bit of a thing for leather, don't you? Obviously you do! LOL!

    Just be careful where you touch or Belle might come smack you down...she's a bit possessive of that man. Could lead to trouble...

  62. LOL - I'll be sure to have my senses on red alert then once I find him! I've a thing for men like him! *wink* Love strong heros.

    BTW - nice trailer for the book. You made me laugh too, thanks! Let's the reader know there's a bit of spunk in the novel.

  63. Thanks Deanna!
    I love Thorn too, even started a book for him. He just wouldn't cooperate though. For whatever reason, he's happy where he's at in life. Maybe later...

    Thanks re the trailer, I was up in the middle of the night and slightly punch drunk when I did that! LOL!

  64. Hi Deanna

    Glad you could join the party, it doesn't seem to want to end - no problem - in space no-one bothers about clocks!

    Yes, Thorn is quite a hunk, isn't he, and you do look great in your doeskin. Oh, I see Oliver heading your way with something green and bubbly in a glass. Just smile and give him a wink - he does tend to get a bit jealous when there are other hunky males around!

  65. Belinda, so sorry I missed your fabulous party. Lyn and Mary did a grand job of hosting, along with Oliver serving drinks and airy food with a wink, and Cuddles and Junior adding to the festivities. I wish you much success in all your books. They sound hot and I'm quite enticed with Belle! Wow, what a woman. can well understand why you feel so connected to her after bringing her character to life so sizzling hot!
    Big wave to everyone who attended, and stopping to have that last blue drink with Deanna and any other stragglers still drifting through space! Cheers!

  66. Mary still is arranging last minute buffet foods for the late comers. But this is a weekend thing right!
    Does Thorn have a free brother or cousin, cause whew he's the man.
    Sorry Oliver, but woowoo, mama!
    Belinda what a great party. You write some mighty find stories. What a joy it was to have a party in you honor.

  67. Have a great one everybody!
    Sharon and Lyn are both back from their speeches, they did so well! Go sisters go!

  68. Phew, I'm 'spaced out'! I think I slept in a time warp or something because I'm sure I've missed a day!

    Thanks for being such a great guest Belinda, and your books sound like sizzling good reads. Wishing you mega universal sales with them!

  69. Thank you Mary! And thanks to everyone who dropped by!

    Thorn's pretty much on his own, but he doesn't mind people looking at him...:)

    And wait till you meet Gato and Wolf...a little tease for Cali Polis' book, 'The Bandit Queen' that's currently in the works.

    Take care everyone!

  70. I've drawn a winner!
    Drumroll please.....


    Please email me: belinda@belindamcbride.com

    and I'll arrange for you to get your download!

  71. congratulations Beth - and thanks again for being such a great guest Belinda, it was such fun having you as our Guest of Honor - and meeting Belle and Thorn!


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