As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A magical, Mystical Irish celebration - Caroline Clemmons' Release Day Party for 'Out Of The Blue'

A light, mysterious mist hovers over the Irish castle standing on a grassy hillock across the small lake. Clouds, changing to gold and coral drift toward the setting sun.
The castle is decorated with a myriad tiny fairy lights, and shamrocks decorate the fireplaces and mantle shelves. There is an air of excitement and magic in the air as the three hostesses excitedly get into their costumes.

‘Where did that hat with the shamrocks in come from?’ Mary asks as she squeezes her ample bosoms into the over-tight blouse and tightens the laces of her bodice, so that they gape over the top. ‘They’re real’ she hisses, before either of the other hostesses has chance to speak.

‘Of course they are,’ Sharon grins, and winks at Lyn. ‘By the way, Lyn dear, are you going to put your skirt on?

‘I’ve got it on’ Lyn snaps, and yours is just as short! Anyway, I want to show off my garter - see!

‘Yes, yes,’ Sharon says indulgently. Just stand behind me and nobody will notice you’re showing your underwear!’

‘Hmmph’ Lyn snorts, ‘If I stand behind you, no-one will see me at all!'

While they squabble a fairy materializes from beneath the leprechaun hat, and flying above them, waves her wand and sprinkles fairy dust over their heads. At once they are all smiles and sweetness again as they gaze into the huge mirror in their dressing room.

Sharon looks divine in a green jacket, short green skirt with lacy underskirt, leprechaun hat and a tight black belt around her trim waist. Mary is exquisite, in a green skirt, green bow tie, and a black laced corset over a lowcut gold blouse which shows off her greatest asset - are they or aren’t they? - that is the question!) with a jaunty leprechaun hat atop her curls. Lyn also wears a leprechaun hat, with a white peasant blouse, a black cincher and flared short green skirt (very short) - and a garter!
Down in the banqueting hall, Oliver, dressed as a rather elegant leprechaun, in a green waistcoat, bow tie and hat - and no shirt - is preparing the feast for their special guest Caroline Clemmons. Salsa and tortilla chips, to nibble, and for main course, traditional Irish fare including Whole Wheat Soda Bread, with fresh Irish butter, Cheddar Ale Soup, Red Potato Colcannon, Corned beef hash and Irish Lamb stew.

Margaritas and other beverages will, of course, be served all evening. On another table are Chocolate confections of every description, and a special Margarita cake baked lovingly by himself and with a sugar paste replica of Caroline’s book cover ‘Out Of The Blue

Cuddles and Junior play hide and seek beneath the tables with the little fairy who’s suddenly joined them, although no-one else can see her... and a mysterious black cat called Cathbad!
All at once there is a knock at the castle door, and Oliver rushes to open it. He bows low and escorts the Honoured Guest, Caroline Clemmons to the Banqueting Hall. She looks amazing, in a traditional long green velvet Irish Renaissance gown, over a white blouse with billowing long sleeves. The three hostesses are waiting to greet her.  She smiles graciously at Oliver before the embrace her in a group hug. ‘Where’s my fairy?’ she asks, and immediately the fairy lands on her shoulder, while Cathbad, Cuddles and Junior rub against her skirts.

The party is about to commence and we're all ready to celebrate the release of 'Out Of The Blue'. While the Guest of Honour is escorted to her seat by Oliver, the fairy turns the pages of her book and begins to read, in a sweet, tinkly voice.

Deirdre Dougherty never cursed at anyone, much less put a curse on the potato crop of her remote Irish village. She’d rather take her chances with the Atlantic lapping at the bottom of the cliff than the mob intent on burning her as they have her cottage. Deirdre leaps . . . and plops down over 160 years later in a Texas lake. She doesn’t understand how she’s ended up with the man from her recent visions or why he has the same name as the saint to whom she prayed. She’s in danger of falling for the handsome policeman who rescued her, in spite of the fact that he thinks she’s lying to him. How can she convince him her story is true when she’s finding it difficult to believe the tale herself?

Police Detective Brendan Hunter wants answers. Who shot him and killed his partner? Why? And why does Deirdre know details of the event? Her story has to be a colossal fabrication or else she’s a beautiful psycho.
 Either way, he wants her gone before he becomes even more fascinated with her. But he can’t let her out of his sight until she confesses to how she learned details no one but he and his late partner knew. 
  celtic knot
Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas

She watched him. His eyes darkened and he lowered his head to kiss her. His lips, when they touched hers, were warm and soft. He brushed them against her mouth, then returned to press more firmly.

Kissing a man wasn’t at all as she’d expected. Warmth pooled low in her belly and all thoughts flew from her mind except for this man and their kiss. She grasped his shirt in her fists and pulled him closer.

His tongue slid across her lips. Without thinking—for how could she?—she opened her mouth. He probed her tongue with his and she gasped.

He pulled away and smiled down at her. "You kiss like a virgin."

"There’s the best of reasons for that. I’m not like the women on your television who go with any man who asks."

He pushed a lock of hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. "You’re not like the women anywhere. Perhaps that’s a good thing."

The heat of a flush burned her cheeks and she looked down and turned away. "But here I am in your mother’s home and kissing you like a brazen hussy. It’s sorry I am I’ve dishonored her hospitality."

He turned her back toward him. "Just as she hoped. Why do you think she hurried off to do the dishes so suddenly? Or why she slipped away to bed without saying goodnight?"

Deirdre looked toward the kitchen. No light showed. In fact, this room wasn’t all that bright. Blossom must have turned off the overhead fixture when she left. "She wanted us to kiss?"

He smiled at her and slid his hands around her back. "She couldn’t have been more obvious if she’d issued written instructions."

"You need no instructions. I’d say you could write the directions yourself."

He laughed. "Thank you, ma’am."

She sighed and pulled away. "But if I want to remain a good girl, I’d best be going off to my room. Otherwise, the temptation of your kisses will have me leading you astray."

"That would be . . . interesting to say the least."

"Something to save for another day." She smiled up at him. "You’ve had a couple you said had been interesting."

"That’s right. Good night." He kissed her forehead.

She turned to go, then looked over her shoulder at him. "Kisses are much nicer on the lips, aren’t they?"
"Depends who’s involved, but in this case, yes. Much nicer."
blue woven celtic bar

Now, for a chance to win a down load of her book, tell us what would you wish for if Caroline’s fairy granted you one wish?

My Hero and I live on a small acreage in the ranching and horse country of North Central Texas. Darling Daughter 1 and Darling Daughter 2 are grown, but supportive of my writing. Living with Hero and me now are Webster, our black Shih Tzu, and our three shorthaired cats: Delilah Sue, an elderly gray tabby; Sebastian, a black and white tuxedo who thinks he's our watchcat; and Bailey Erin, a shy apricot tabby.

When I'm not writing, I love spending time with family, reading, traveling with Hero, browsing antique malls, and digging into family history and genealogy. I also love garage and estate sales, but have to ration myself--we only have so much room and I think we've filled our home until the walls are bulging.

Writing about strong heroes and heroines who overcome amazing obstacles to forge a meaningful life together is my passion. I hope you'll share my stories with me.


  1. Ladies, so kind of you to invite me today. You're looking especially lovely this morning, and Oliver has never been more handsome. Caroline twirls. Don't you love my dress? I purchased it especially for today's party. She waves at Oliver. Is it too early for a margarita?

  2. Good morning Caroline, welcome to your Roast and many congratulations on your new release today! Yes, your dress is gorgeous your lookingstunning today.

    Oliver is just preparing your margarita. Today is your day - Oliver and the hostesses are ready to grant your every wish!

  3. Ladies, and Oliver, of course, I'm thrilled that time zone differences allow me to pop in before I'm surrounded by hot bodies and throbbing engines. I take a glass briming with margarita and offer a toast. "To the Magnificient Miss Caroline. May her life be spicy, her characters fascinating, and her plots intriguing. Oh, wait, that's already true. Then I'll add, may Out of the Blue exceed all expectations." I take a sip of my margarita, knowing full well it's a bad idea considering what I'm doing the rest of the day. "Have a great time, y'all. I'll drop by tomorrow evening to see who's still standing."

  4. Sandy, thank you for stopping by on the way to your Corvetter rally. That yellow 'vette never looked snazzier.

  5. Welcome to your party, Caroline! Congratulations on your release. I adore all things Irish and this party has me smiling and making wishes. You look so lovely, and may all your wishes come true. Sharon . winks to Lyn and Sandra, and they gather round for a toast. Oh, Oliver, keep those chilled margaritas coming, please. This is a day to celebrate.

  6. Hi, Caroline! Loved that excerpt and the cover!!
    This sounds like an awesome story!

  7. Welcome to the party, Susan. What an intriguing excerpt indeed. Allow Oliver to mix you a margarita and a smile. Wink

  8. Oliver, be a dear and bring me another margarita when you take one to Susan. There's a good lad. Caroline sighs. Having friends here to celebrate with me is my wish. Thank you again, ladies. And Oliver, of course. She reaches for chips and salsa.

  9. Hi Sandra and Susan. Wlcome to Caroline's Release Party - I'm glad to see Oliver is keeping you well supplied with Margaritas ladies. There's plenty of food for all tastes - Oliver is a miracle in the kitched isn't he Sharon! Lyn winks back at her sister hostess.

    Caroline, your fairy is a sweetie, would you like to tell us a bit more about her?

  10. Hi Caroline, I hope you have a great time today. Junior and Cuddles just love your faery! No Junior if you keep liking her like that her wings will get wet and she won't be able to fly. No more kisses!
    Mary brings out a delicate little faery sized towel and offers it to the little faery who indignantly wipes her lovely feathers and throws the towel at me. Stamping her little feet.

  11. Oliver is a wonder, all right, Sharon gives Lyn a knowing wink. Ladies, this is going to be such a fun and light-hearted party, I can feel it in me wee bones. Mary, dear, how are you sweetie? She whispers in her ear. You sent the gorillas on a wild goose chase to the land of the fairies, right? Are they out searching for pots of gold and leaping over rainbows?

  12. I wish my fairy would lead me to a pot of gold. She only makes mischief. Her name is Deirdre, which is how I chose the name of my heroine in OUT OF THE BLUE. Caroline blushes, "Deirdre, leave Oliver's vest alone, you naughty fairy!" I'm so embarrassed. Honestly, I can't take her anywhere.

  13. Oh, my stars, Cathbad, get out of the cheese dip. Honestly, can't you behave as well as Cuddles and Junior? You don't see them sampling the people food. Oops, I spoke too soon. Junior, get your nice nose out of my margarita.

  14. Hi Mary! lyn blows air kisses to her fellow hostess. still keeping your front up! *wink*.

    LoL! Caroline, I thought there was a rather mischievous twinkle in her eye!

    Oh no, now Deidre's riding Cuddles, and that can only mean chaos! Cuddles' may be cute, but his middle name is 'trouble'

    I want to know more about your Deidre in 'Out Of The Blue, she sounds such a fascinating heroine.

  15. Oh, Caroline!
    You look Mah-velous, Dahling. That outfit is superb . . . . Who is that divine man over there with the tray of drinks? Look over my shoulder and tell me if he's still staring at me. Gracious, I didn't know this was going to be THAT kind of party! Had I known, I would have worn something more . . . . something cooler. It is rather hot in here.
    Anyway, Dahling, I'm too, too thrilled with your lovely book launch party - and of course I can't wait to devour the book.
    What is my wish from the Fairy? Well, I have everything, so I'll just ask for BP to get serious about the dreadful oil spill. Those poor oil covered birds make my mascara run.
    Must run. Ta! Dahling.

  16. Mary Ann is so soft-hearted. What a sweetie. Hmmm, and she loved Oliver, but who wouldn't, right?

  17. Hi Mary Ann

    Yes, we're all determined to keep cool! LOL Despite Oliver's flirting, we do try to keep the Roast Family friendly *grin*, but we never quite know what's going to happen, or who's going to drop in.

    To be serious for a moment, I do so agree about the oil, I worry about the poor birds and the wildlife too, we humans have made life hard enough for them as it is!

  18. Caroline, can you tell us a bit more about 'Out Of The Blue' Feel free to post another little excerpt her if you want to! It's your party!

  19. Yes, Lynn I worry about all the wildlife, too. Mary, you've asked a question dear to my heart. My heroine Deirdre is such a wonderful person. All the women in her family have been clairvoyant and all have also been herbalist healers. She treats the people of the remote area, even though the residents view her with suspicion. A week after Deirdre's beloved mother dies from an illness she caught when her stamina was low after nursing a large ailing family, the townspeople turn on Deirdre. They don't realize the entire country of Ireland has a potato blight. Instead, they blame Deirdre for cursing their crops. Even if she had that power, a sweeter lass never lived. Living in 1845 Ireland, she's a good Catholic girl, and prays to Saints Brendan and Brigid to deliver her as she leaps off a cliff to escape the mob. Obviously, she's very good at prayer, and she plops down in our time in a Texas lake.

  20. Junior get your snoot out of the margarita! So sorry, I've got to watch him, he has a drinking problem.
    He prefers Lyn's mead.
    glad to see everyone. Mary looks around to see who's here. Look at the amazing people who have shown up. Mary is proud of her 36 DD's the girls are hot. Why does everyone always talk about it? Jealous eh?
    Oh by the way, I look hot and all the guys are drawn to me. ahem.

  21. Hi Mary Ann, welcome. Yes, Oliver has that twinkle in his eye. LOL What a beautiful and enchanting world it would be to wish upon a fairy's wing. Catherine, I must admit to loving the name Deidra. It conjurs up medieval images, combined with royalty and just a tad naughty. LOL

  22. As you can imagine, Deirdre is totally confused when she lands in our time. Here's an early excerpt:

    Standing at the cliff’s edge, Deirdre trembled and fought the terror washing through her. Something horrible was wrong. “Everything is different. Are you sure your boat was below here? Mayhap it was another cliff.”

    His hands firm and insistent, Brendan pointed. “See those kids playing across there, near that dock? That’s the Boy Scout camp at Johnson Bend. Look to your right on this side of the shore, there’s Mom’s house at that point of land. Do you recognize it and my boat tied up at the dock?”

    She took a deep breath and tried to speak. Her heart pounded in her ears. How could everything have changed?
    Her words, when she found her voice, rasped out in a hoarse whisper “Yes, I . . . I see . . . the house.”
    Merciful heaven, what had happened? Her legs threatened to give way again and she gripped Blossom’s arm for support. “Is the land we’re standing on Hell’s Gate?”

    Behind them, Jim answered, “Been called that for over a-hundred-and-fifty years, ever since Comanche Indians caught those two trappers here.”

    Talk of Indians and trappers made her head whirl more. She needed to sit down but she turned slowly again and searched for anything familiar. “D-Do you know which way Ballymish is from here?”

    The sheriff’s man frowned. “Never heard of it.”

  23. My favorite read is a time travel. This book is right up my alley!!!!
    Sharon every time you bend over I get a glimpse of your dairy aire...
    Your butt it'ssss there.
    Do you think you should have worn a thong with that mini skirt.
    Mary turns red in the face as she looks at Lyn. I hope those are flesh colored panties.

  24. Oliver, do NOT led that fairy drink any more of the margaritas! Caroline pulls Deirdre to her shoulder. Your name should be Delilah or Jezebel. Behave yourself now.

  25. What a beautifully written excerpt, Caroline, I felt I could feel Deirdre's anxiety and confusion. It's a sobering thought. If we were cast into a time not our own, and had no idea that we were in a different time and place, I wonder how most people would cope?

  26. Sorry, Caroline. I spelled Deirdre wrong. Such a pretty name and I'm just reading the lovely history behind it. What a story, no wonder it's near and dear to your heart.

  27. My two favorite places are Ireland and Texas, so this book lets me play, um, I mean, work with both of them. Yes, work. Deirdre is a character in Irish folk history and so is Cathbad, which is what she named her cat. I'm so glad she loaned me Cathbad for the day. He's such a pretty, glossy black, isn't he? He doesn't seem to mind being around Junior or Cuddles, either.

  28. Mary comes running over all excited waving her hands. "Look at all the leprechauns!!! There are hundreds of them. Your sweet little faery is communicating with them.
    I see they all have their pots of gold with them. Wow!

  29. that's because Junior and Cuddles love kitties. They love all animals and creatures. Cool huh!
    Mary runs her hands over Cathbad's silky coat and smiles when she is rewarded with a loud purrr...
    Junior says her coat is the best color. He is glossy black too.
    Look they are trying to chase the little green men and they are gettin' annoyed!

  30. Cats are so sleek and magical. I love them. They really do have a way of leaving paw prints on our heart, don't they? Ireland is so magical, all the castles and villages. I dined at Bunratty Castle where the Earl himself used to entertain guests. Lyn, they served mead by the gallon! I can still hear the lyrical lilt of the people and the sound of the harp floating across the great hall. Sigh.

  31. Well, Mary, you shouldn't be looking there, dearie. Sharon tugs down her skirt and scowls at the fairy twirling above her shoulder. So ya think ya can shrink me skirt again, do ya? Can never trust a wee one, always wantin' to make me look the fool. Oliver, another margarita, a strong one!

  32. Why are the leprechauns here?
    They are just walking around speaking Gaelic an no one can understand them.
    Ouch! One of um just pinched my butt! Watch out Sharon they saw your butt and are headed your way!
    Caroline waves her hand and they circle around her as if she isn't there!

  33. I love the wee people, don't you? She smiles at the leprachauns. They tempt us with their gold, but they're not about to share it with mortals. Cathbad leaps into her arms and purrs. Now, there's a good kitty. You're forgiven for that cheese dip lapse.

  34. Not to worry she can have her own serving of whatever she wants. Kitties eat too!!
    Is she magic? A familiar?
    Lyn you keep stepping on my foot. Why don't you go barefoot it would hurt less. Oh bunions I see.

  35. You know, even though they won't share their gold, the leprechauns adore people who respect the old county and its ways. I think that's why they're honoring us with their presence today.

  36. I hear the wee ones can be downright mean. Ouch, stop pinching my wee butt! You nasty boys! Stop that. Come here, Cathbad, chase those green men away. There's a nice kitty.

  37. Now, Mary, surely Lyn's tiny feet don't hurt when she steps on yours. Yes, this little fairy is a familiar. My youngest daughter gave me a magic wand to help with my writing. Sad to say, it was defective. That's when Deirdre came to add her touch of magic to my writing. Oh, maybe the wand summoned her and it did work after all. The fairy nods, fluttering her wings. Oh, good, I'll tell my daughter.

    Of course, I have my own cats and one of them insists on sitting beside--and sometimes on--my keyboard. Her name is Delilah and she's 16 and a gray short-hair tabby. Her temperament is not nearly as pleasing as Cathbad's, by the way.

  38. Look the leprechauns are carrying Sharon away. Can't you hear her yelling at them Oliver quick she's your boss, save her!!! It's, it's amazing. The place if full of little people and faeries, and I even see a banshee over in the corner drinking a Fosters!

  39. Have you seen Lyn's feet. Dainty and wee do not come to mind. They are as big as feet go, just as I am well endowed. Now Sharon is probably being carried off because she has a large posterior, (and she's wearing a thong too), they always make fun of my hooters,(jealous I guess), but they won't admit to their own items of distinction...
    Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.
    Oh, look your sweet faery is pointing to the crowd and chuckling. She loves watching Sharon be passed around like she was in a mosh pit! It is kinda cool! They really like her. The leprechauns are gathering to kidnap her!!!!! Apparently they are into posteriors!!

  40. Mary, face it. All men are into posteriors. And hefty um, anteriors like yours. LOL Relax, and have another margarita. I find they help in any situation.

  41. Oh, Sharon, they really are kidnapping you. Deirdre, stop them this instant!

  42. Lyn ducks and weaves among the leprechauns and fairies. Methinks poor Mary's been betwitched - fancy thinking my feet are big. Lucky Caroline sees how dainty my feet are. *sigh*. Every week they try to make out my feet are big, usually they make me wear shoes six sizes too big for me!

    *Sigh* it's not easy being little!

  43. Happy release day, Caroline! I bought my copy bright and early this morning--I can't wait to settle in to read it.

    Wishing you many, many sales!!!


  44. Nic, thank you. Oh, a sale, a sale! You love me, you really love me . . . wait, no, that was me channeling Sally Field. Anyway, thanks for your support, Nic. Have a margarita before you leave. And some of these chips and salsa or cheese dip. Oliver is a amrvel in the kitchen. Fresh cilantro in the salsa. Mmmm.

  45. That's nothing Lyn, every week people accuse me of having implants!! So big feet it is, Ha! Big butt too!
    You guys just can't take it and I can!! HE HE!

  46. I'll bet you made dozens of sales today Caroline. The excerpt alone is fantastic!!!
    The leprechauns are all cheering you!

  47. They're cheering for me? Oh, I thought it was for that new pitcher of margaritas Oliver just brought in. You know how those wee people like their drop of whiskey? I think they've converted to tequila.

  48. Here here Mary,

    Thanks Oliver, yes, a glass of fine Irish mead is just what I need (I'm a poet and I didn't know it!)

    Let's raise a glass to Caroline - wishing you many, many happy sales!

  49. Margaritas, mead, whiskey - we have 'em all here!

  50. I hope you're right and the cash register at The Wild Rose Press is ringing up the sales. Also on Amazon. There's no such thing as too many book sales, is there? Hmmm, this margarita glass has something wrong with it . . . it's always empty. Oliver! Be a dear and touch this up, would you?

    Um, Mary, there's a bit of salsa on your ample, um...anterior. With a shelf like that, it's no wonder.

  51. Sharon rushes in and slams the castle door in a huff. Those wee ones are nasty little...Mary slaps her shapely bottom to prevent her from swearing. Sharon shoves her aside. Caroline, dear, why are we drinking margaritas at an Irish shindig? What happened to green beer and coffee and Bailey's? Yes, Oliver bring me one of those. I caught a chill in the River Shannon where the munchkins dumped me. She shakes water droplets on Mary and Lyn, and a few on Caroline for good measure. There...I feel much better now. Let's sit around the fire and hear more about Out of the Blue. It's story time.

  52. Yes, do! Mary throws a scone at Sharon, here this will help your butt stay as shapelllyyy as it is. Ha! Poor dear.
    And would you help me get Lyn off the floor she seems to have passed out under the spigot of a keg.
    Please while we sober her up, tell us more.
    I'm sorry they carried you away. Why did they do that. Leprechauns have a weird sense of humor. Look there are coins stuck to your bottom Sharon!!!!

  53. Oooooh, I love story time. Caroline curls up on a chair and looks around. Oh, you mean me tell the story. Okay, where shall I start. Why not with the hero's backstory?

    Brendan Hunter was born to two flowerchildren turned communal farmers. Yes, they're still around all over the Southwest. His dad died when he was ten and left he and his mom, Blossom, alone. Brendan's paternal grandparents swooped in and stole him from Blossom by convincing her they could give Brendan all the things she couldn't--money, good schools, discipline. They found a job for her with a friend who owned a health food store because Blossom loved herbs and natural supplements.

    Poor Blossom and Brendan. Each was miserable without the other. Eventually the grandparents died and Brendan inherited all their lovely money and their cold home. He sold the home--except for their art collection and a few antiques--and bought Blossom her own health food store and a lovely lakeside home. Because he had never cared for the fancy degree from Yale, he went to the police academy. Due to his hard work and sharp intelligence, he was soon a detective. His partner, Larry, was also his best friend. When Larry was shot in what was supposedly a drive-by shooting, Brendan was severely injured in the thigh and shoulder. On medical leave, he frets almost constantly about who wanted he and his partner dead. He and his huge hound, Prince, are in his bass boat on the lake when Deirdre plops down into the lake beside his boat.

  54. Caroline, what an imagination you have. That is so mystical. I love it. Flower children are still around, huh? Oliver, another coffee and Bailey's for me. I'm still shivering from those charming wee ones. Mary, stop hurling pebbles at my butt. I can't feel anything, I'm too cold. Is Lyn still passed out? Caroline, tell another story and maybe pop a chip into her gaping mouth so she'll stop snoring. Geez, I thought Mary woke up the dead.

  55. *magically appearing in my little leprechaun shoes and grabbing onto the bar for support*

    Oh my! whoa! That was a tipsy landing! Haha! Oliver, a margarita to steady an old woman here please?

    Hi Caroline! Congrats on a book that sounds so yummy! You've hooked my Irish interest, for sure, and a time travel no less! *huge smile*

    Oh, Oliver, thank you so much! *taking several sour sips* mmm mmm mmm....ahhhh!

    Ladies, you know I had to pop in and say hi. Can't stay long, life calls me today and I'm already running late! I'll pop back in later this afternoon but wanted to congratulate Caroline!

    These ladies are wonderful buddies and you'll become one, too! Have a fantastic time today and....I'll be BACK!

    *tapping my heels together, I disappears with my Margarita!*

  56. Let's have chips all around. Oh, and how about I tell you more of my heroine's backstory. Deirdre grew up in the little cottage at the edge of a tiny village called Ballymish. It's a lovely, if somewhat backward and remote, area near the Atlantic cliffs. Visualize if you will the Cliffs of Moher. But these cliffs are near the granite quarries where Connemara marble is found. Deirdre's father worked in one such quarry. He was a good man, too, and Deirdre and her parents were happy. Her old granny had insisted they dig a secret tunnel under the cottage to a spot hidden by brush and rock wall. She wouldn't tell them why, just that one day they'd be glad they had it at the ready. Twice a year, they checked the tunnel to be sure all was still well. The bully of the area, Eogan Balor the elder, caused stones to fall on Deirdre's dad. Eogan had always hated Deirdre's dad because her mom had chosen him instead of Eogan. When Deirdre's dad was promoted at the quarry, it was too much for the hateful Eogan. Everyone knew it was murder, but not one that could be proven. Then Eogan's son, Eogan the younger, started taunting Deirdre. After her dear mother died, it was Eogan the younger who set the villagers against Deirdre. They shut her up in her cottage and set fire to it. She had already planned to leave for Galway and had her things packed in a carryall. Using the secret tunnel, she escaped to the wall and hoped to make her way to Galway City. Eogan spotted her and gave chase. People hemmed her in until she had no place to go but off the cliff. Now she understood why her mother had insisted she learn to swim, but she'd never dived so far. Would she be crushed on the rocks? Would she be battered by the jagged face of the cliff? Eogan threw a huge rock and almost knocked her out, but she recovered. What's to become of her? Stay tuned for the book. LOL

  57. Weel now, and wasn't it that lovely of Deanna to pop in? Oh dear, all these margaritas have brought out me Irish brogue. Must be all that salt on the glas rim. Too much salt can give a girl a fierce headache, or so I've heard.

  58. To answer Sharon, yes, flower children are still around. They call themselves communal farmers nowdays, though. In Texas, there are several near Austin. They home school, usually, and sell their produce to farmer's markets or barter with one another. The drug induced hazes are a thing of the past for those I know about, but probably there are some of that kind too. I'm never surprised at the things people come up with, although I am sometimes perplexed.

  59. Big wave and a wink for Deanna! Rushes over to give her a hug and a whisper. Pucker up and grin and bear it. Those margaritas go down easy after the first four or so. Hic... Oliver, another round please.

  60. Caroline, you've just touched my heart strings. When I visited Ireland, I stood overlooking magnificent Atlantic Breakers. Galway is a dream, and all those puffins and shags on the rocks. Rumor has it that angels sprinkled gold dust on the Cliffs of Moher. I fell in love with the land of the enchanted. Be still my romantic heart.

  61. How true. People are a real trip. HEHE, There were so many hippies when I was young, and everyone dressed the same, bell bottoms, flowers, no make up, I didn't mind that part. I loved bell bottom jeans!

  62. Bell bottomed jeans--I'd forgotten those. I loved them. Weren't they comfy. Of course, now I have a bell bottom literally. LOL Oh, well, just like Popeye the Sailor, I am what I am!

    Sharon, I share you love of Ireland. My Hero and I hope to go back again. We were on a tour each time we went before. Next time, we want to rent a cottage in Killarney or Limerick and use it as a base to travel the countryside by rail. Wouldn't that be lovely. Nora Roberts owns a house in Ireland, and JoAnn Ross vacations there each year. Now that's what I call successful!

  63. ^Sigh^ I always fancied myself as a 'flower child'. What wonderful 'backstories' Caroline, I really enjoyed them.

    Uh-oh, Cuddles, Junior, Cathbad, where are you and the leprechauns taking me - yikes - if I'm not back soon send out a search party - heeeeelp!

  64. Mary wishes she could drink too. Fact is she just don't like any of it.
    So I am always to sober one picking these two friends of mine off the floor and making sure no one hurts them. Lyn loves her mead. And Sharon, well she has Oliver and he makes a mean margarita. Always the one to drive the buggy home. It's a chore I have to take on. Sometimes Oliver gets tipsy too. No drinking and driving.

  65. Ah, Mary, also my lot in life. I'm always the "designated driver" for the family--except on my birthday and on Mother's Day. Then I get to have my margarita.

  66. Caroline, I didn't know about Nora Roberts owning a house in Ireland. But I'm not surprised. I loved her Jewel series, set in Ardmore, so whistful and romantic. I couldn't get enough of the Gallaghers. I also read the Born In series. It made me want to go to the island and catch some magic my own self. I have recently read a few JoAnn Ross books about New Orleans. She is a prolific writer, for sure!anthol

  67. Naw, I don't like the taste of it. Good thing because I imagine I might imbibe too much which would not be good for me. So I don't mind! Ha!
    Plus I get to watch everyone all act tipsy or downright drunk.
    Speaking of which Lyn, are you okay?

  68. Hi ladies, and Oliver, of course. Jeanmarie smiles at Oliver. Thought I'd drop by the party for a while. Can't resist Oliver or his margaritas. It's hard to have just one isn't it?
    By the way, some of those bad-boy leprechauns have been cooling off in the Rio Grande north of Santa Fe. I just saw one a little while ago featured in one of my mom's oil paintings, when I was over at her house. Just as brash as he could be, completely submerged except for his head and hat. That water is cold enough to cool anyone off. Jeanmarie accepts a margarita from Oliver. Thanks, Oliver, this is just what I need in this Texas style heat we're havin'. Mmm, delish. Just sweet enough. Doesn't he make great margaritas? she whispers to Carolyn. Has he ever thought of posin' for a romance book cover? Carolyn, congratulations on the release of your latest book, Out of the Blue! I love the cover. Those cliffs are not only beautiful, but formidable. Good thing Deirdre landed well after the Comanche Indians ran into those men. Love your stories. Tell us more. Yes, I'll have some of those chips. Thanks, ladies, this is a fun party. Cheers!

  69. Did you see that? My fairy is definitely smitten with Oliver. Hmm, either that or his margaritas. Oh, no, now she's into the Bailey's Irish Cream. Can't blamer her, it's one of my favorites too. Come here, Deirdre dear, you are far to tiny to go swimming in the booze. Lie here on Cathbad's back and take a nap. Whew, a nap sounds great, doesn't it? I think I might have had too many margaritas. All that salt has given me a headache and things are blurring around me. Ladies, be still. You're splitting in two. No, six. Oh, well, I think I'll just lie down by Junior and rest a bit. Caroline passes out with her head on Junior.

  70. oh - I've been missed at last *Sniff*!

    I could've been kidnapped for all my sister hostesses care!

    As it happens the leprechauns weren't up to no good after all - but they did show me some interestings sights and I know where the treasure's hidden, so there!

    Oh I think I passed Deanna on the way back - hi Deanna!

  71. Caroline rouses herself. Did I hear you say treasure, Lyn? Hey, this is my party, so part of the treasure belongs to me, right? I have a treasure in my story. No, wait, that's another story. I haven't finished that one yet. Guess those margaritas really have gone to me head.

  72. pesky Margaritas - whatsort of tequilla is Oliver using anyway, Sharon?

    Oh I didn't say I was going to keep the treasure, Caroline - not all of it anyway. Of course you must have it as it's your party. I told your fairy where it's hidden - oops - did you say she's not to be trusted? *gulp*

  73. Hi Caroline,
    I've posted twice but got thown off without saving everything. Don't know why.
    But I'm here to wish you the best, and I will weave on over to buy your book after anther margarita. ;)

  74. Hi Bobbye

    Welcome to Caroline's Release Celebration. Sorry you had problems leaving a messae - must be those pesky leprechauns!

  75. Hi Bob and Jeanmarie, must be those strong margaritas Oliver is making. LOL Oliver? Oliver? Oh, dear, like Mary said, he gets a bit tipsy. Cuddles, do your magic. Junior, stop chasing the magical kitty around. Oh, just another Friday night!

  76. Bobbye and Jeanmarie, so glad you could stop by for a drink. Sure hit the spot, don't they?

  77. I can't wait to read this story! I've looked forward to it for months. :) I'll take a margarita...do they go well with gin and tonic? Ah, Oliver is too hot not to wave him over for one anyway.

  78. Isobel!Caroline waves. So glad you could stop by after work for a drink or two . . . or more. Oliver is an excellent bartender and look at all he's set out for our dinner. Isabel, quit flirting with Oliver. Honestly, he has duties to perform that don't involve flirting with you. Or, maybe they do. I hadn't thought about it. Okay, go ahead and flirt with the man.

  79. Very bad storms approaching. Let's all find cover!!
    Because this party is rockin!!

  80. Ooohhh, I love thunder and lightning when I'm safely inside. Listen to that rain. Maybe there'll be a rainbow with more gold. Keep an eye for leprechauns!

  81. Hay a party am I late.Well i would wish to be size 7 like i was as a teen.And have the man trying to look down my dress.


  82. At this party,Stacey we have fairies and leprechauns to grant your wish.

    Oh that man looking down your front? I'll give you three guesses.

  83. All traces of the storm gone, the early morning sun sparkles over hte lake and creeps in through the castle windows where guests lie fast asleep. Some in guestrooms, many in heaps in the vast dining hall.

    Cuddles, Junior and Cathbad like curled up together by the hearth. Caroline is stretched out elegantly on a low chaiselonge, Deidre the fairy nestled at her shoulder.

    The three hostesses are snoring gently, Lyn and Sharon using Mary's chest as a pillow - who cares if it's real when it's so soft!

    In a corner, out of sight, the leprechauns are busy counting pieces of gold and in the kitchen Oliver is up and about. busy preparing breakfast. Just another Author Rost and Toast.

    We hope you and your guests enjoyed your Release Day Celebration, Caroline, wishing you many, many sales!

  84. Sharon stretches and slowly stands, the smell of crisp bacon and egggs wafting from the kitchen where Oliver is preparing breakfast. She notices a few more guests have passed out after one too many margaritas. Pats Stacey and Isabel as she makes her way into the kitchen. She smiles a devilish smile. If only these old castle walls could talk...
    A little green leprechaun slips through a crack and sprinkles gold over Caroline. Wishing you mega sales with Out of the Blue.
    Until next time, may the luck of the Irish be with you as you travel home...

  85. Caroline stretches and opens her eyes. Her fairy chatters in her ear.

    Oh, goodness, you're right, Caroline says. We had better get on our way. Caroline hugs Mary, Sharon, and Lyn--careful not to step on Lyn's dainty feet.

    Thank you ladies for a wonderful, wonderful launch party for OUT OF THE BLUE. I've never met more gracious and generous hostesses.

    She brushes gold dust from her dress as she looks around. For some reason, I feel especially lucky today. Perhaps it's from having such a lovely party with kind friends. Come, Cathbad, we need to get out of here so Oliver can clean up. She looks at her hostesses. Do either of you have a headache? Must be something about sleeping in these old halls. Or, maybe it was all the salt on thost margaritas. Yes, that's probably it.

    She picks up Cathbad. Deirdre the fairy hovers over Caroline's shoulder. Caroline waves as she leaves the castle. Goodbye, ladies and Oliver. Best party ever!

  86. It's been been an absolute pleasure having you, Caroline, you were such a fun Guest of Honour.

    Don't forget to pop back and tell us the winner of your book, will you.

    Wishing you mega sales and all the luck of the Irish.

  87. Caroline opens the castle door and runs back in, Cathbad at her heels and Deirdre cirlcling overhead.

    Heaven, I gorgot to tell you the name of the winner of a free PDF download of OUT OF THE BLUE! I drew Stacey at sasluvbooks@yahoo.com I'll email her as soon as I get home.

    Whew, Oliver, thanks for the Irish Breakfast tea. I'd never have waked up without it.

    So long, ladies, until next time.

    Caroline waves goodbye and rushes out the door.

  88. Thank you so much, Caroline and safe journey home.

    Congratulations Stacey!


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