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As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sky Purington's medieval Scottish Release Party

Late afternoon in Medieval Scotland. The castle stands at the edge of the water, deceptively peaceful, from the outside, although inside, and in the grounds it is bustling with activity.

A warm breeze drifts off the loch and carries with it the skirling of pipes above the stamping of hooves in the stable yard, and the bustling of servants and men at arms in the courtyard and armoury.

In the large courtyard, a fair has been set up, with people selling their skills and wares.

Men in kilts and women with plaid shawls thrown over their colourful dresses mill around. The women flirt, the men converse with each other, avoiding the merry children playing among the tables and stalls. There is much merriment and laughter.

This evening there will be a great banquet in honour of the fair Lady Sky Purington, whose story, 'Sylvan Mist', the third in the Mac'Lomand series, is about to be realeased to the eagerly waiting masses.

Inside the castle Oliver, looking incredibly handsome in his kilt and handwoven shirt, is putting the finishing touches to the food. Trestle tables fill the huge banqueting hall, loaded with salmon, scallops, mussels and shrimp.
Boards with a selection of hard cheeses,
flat loaves of bread, and baskets and bowls filled with cherries, apples, blackberries, blueberries, elderberries, rowanberries and hazlenuts, prove very tempting to Cuddles and Junior who race around Oliver's feet, wearing their little tam o'shanters and drooling and getting in the way.
Platters of goose meat, capons, pheasant, partridge and wood pigeon, tempting mixtures of peas and beans, will soon join the rest of the fare Oliver is preparing.
On a side table a large Oat cake has been decorated by his own hand with a representation of Sky's cover for her new book.

Whisky, ale and wine will ensure that no-one goes thirsty.

The three hostesses, dressed in co-ordinating tartan kilts, with black berets and jackets are practicing the highland fling. Lyn trips over her own feet and they all land in a heap.

"You and your big feet," Sharon grumbes as she rubs her large posterior.

"Twasn't my feet," Lyn retorts, your bum got in the way. Good job Mary landed on her inflatable chest and we landed on top of her or we could have been hurt!

"They're all mine, I keep telling you, I can't help it if nature was extra kind to me," Mary snaps. Their bickering is interupted by the huge bell in the courtyard and Oliver rushes to welcome their newly arrived guest.

As soon as Sky enters the great banqueting hall the hostesses run to her and give her a group hug. She looks incredibly lovely with the lamplight burnishing the highlights of her golden hair, and wearing a long, flowing traditional tartan gown, a tam o'shanter perched jauntily on her head.

Oliver bows low and presents her with a sprig of white heather, tied with a tartan ribbon.

Sky accepts it with a smile and with the pipes playing in the background they escort her to the seat at the head of the table while the hostesses beg her to tell them all about herself.

' Thank you so much for having me at the Author Roast and Toast. What a privilege! All right, I know I’m supposed to talk about me. Mind you, that’s tough. At my blog I prefer chatting about the latest romance author, vendor, or anyone else out there doing good for others.

Okay, so about me. As I say at my website, it all started the year I won the first ever Young Author Award given to a second grader in the state of New Hampshire. What did that mean? Well, I won a monetary prize and got to meet Stephen King. That was pretty cool. Had I known who he was at the time! That’s really where the “grand-sounding-pump-myself-up” stopped. I drifted for many years after. Well─in retrospect ─ I followed my heart. Good friendships, many cultures, traveling, working, family. These are the things that made up my life until the age of twenty-four. Then I started educating through correspondence courses. Now I’m qualified to do a lot of things in both the medicinal and writing worlds.

Meanwhile, I fell in love with the forests of New Hampshire, travled the world, and took great pride in my family members who were part of the airlines, restaurant business, teaching profession and medical fields. What have a discovered about myself? I have great loves. Those include: family, history, culture and writing (of course, the medical field as well- but in that regard (truth told) I’m really more a ER and Gray’s Anatomy fan…so perhaps I’m more of a ‘wannabe’ in this respect).

It’s present day. Here’s where I am. I’ve focused on the nationalities that I descend from… Scotch-Irish first on the list. When I learned that my husband’s (love of my life) Highland Scottish clan (Mac’Lomain) was intermarried with my lowland Scottish clan (Brouns) for 300 years in the medieval period, well, you can well imagine how a trilogy was born. More interestingly, his clan derived from the Dal’Raida clan out of Ireland. I too have Irish blood. So, my short story, The King’s Druidess led seamlessly into the Mac’Lomain Trilogy. Book I was Fate’s Monolith. This first novel gave birth to Destiny’s Denial (Book II) and its hero, Ferchar, who was indeed, a historical figure. He was the first official chieftain of the Mac’ferarchar clan (AKA-Lamont- Gaelic translation- Mac’Lomain) Sylvan Mist (Book III) will wrap it all up nicely.

So here I am today, “So proud of my Scottish Trilogy.” Mostly because it will teach my son a great deal about his heritage but also, because it gave me wings to fly. This trilogy was contracted three years ago and it’s the foundation to all I know I can become. I believe in heroes, in heroines. I believe that love can find a way, no matter what stands in its way. I believe in Destiny…in Fate. Time means nothing if you know how to love and love well. Sylvan Mist will prove that.
Wow, what a fascinating insight into how you came to write this series, Sky - and you actually met Stephen King!

Before the party really gets going, to whet your appetite, both for food and literature, here's the blurb and an excerpt from the newly released 'Sylvan Mist'


Coira O'Donnell refuses to acknowledge the Scotsman haunting her. Why should she? She carries no magic and she's newly engaged. Well aware of the mysterious tie between the medieval Mac'Lomains and her mother's clan, the Brouns, Coira will have no part of it. She much prefers a proper English gentleman to a barbarian living six hundred years in the past. However, as one whirlwind day will prove, she has little choice in the matter.

Chieftain William Mac'Lomain did not call her back, yet she arrives. Coira is not the woman meant for him. Or is she? Her arrival marks the start of a highland war unlike any Scotland has witnessed before, one born of magic. Soon, he finds himself in a tangled web of duty, loyalty and unexpected love. A love so unattainable and powerful it may cost him the war; and his heart.


"Release me this instant you lout!" William did not release her but bared his straight white teeth in a wolfish grin and pulled her closer.

"But you seemed so peaceable a moment ago, lass. In fact, if I didna know better I would have thought you─"

Coira clamped a hand over his mouth, knowing full well he was about to say something appalling. She narrowed her eyes. "Shush."

"Shush?" He pried her hand from his mouth but did not release it. Instead he turned it over, his eyes falling to the glimmering diamond engagement ring on her finger. "Do you love him?"

She hadn't expected the question and he knew it. "Of course I do."

His silver regard returned to her face. Whatever he saw there pleased him. "As a friend."

She frowned. No. Not as a friend, as a fiancé. "No, as a man."

Were his lips edging closer? His hand rose to her face and traced her jaw line. "A man that is a friend."

What did he just say? His forefinger and thumb clutched her chin. She would not be distracted and spoke with a level of calm she didn't feel. "A friend that is a fiancé." Oh lord, that didn't come out right at all.

"So 'tis to be a marriage of convenience." His throaty declaration brought his lips closer. Coira's eyelids suddenly became very heavy.

Her lips throbbed. "Is it not convenient to marry a friend?"Again, not what she intended to say.

His lips were within an inch of hers, brogue soft. "Aye, 'tis convenient enough, but what of passion?"

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Please join us now for Sky's book launch party - to win a download of 'Sylvan Mist' leave a comment - and answer this question - what do you think they're selling outside in the courtyard!


  1. Welcome to your Celebration Roast Sky, and many congratulations on the release of 'Sylvan Mist'!

    Get ready to party - Sharon and Mary will be here soon and we're all ready to feast and talk about your fabulous Mac'Loman series.

  2. Welcome Sky and what a lovely day for a celebration. Lyn, never, never, try the sword dance again. I thought that you were gonna lose a foot!
    No you are not spastic just foot challenged! HeHe!
    So any one seen any monsters in the loch?
    Boy Oliver, you cooked up one storm. Don't smack my hand I just wanted to try the berries! Okay, I'll wait. Sheesh! Bossy Butler.
    Is Sharon still trying to put her tartan on right?

  3. Hey Mary, I know my feet are so smal sometimes people trip over them. I do it myself - that's just because I'm clumsy, LOL.

    I don't know about Loch Ness Monsters, but I certainly think there's gremlins in the loc today. Neither Sharon nor poor Sky can get in here today. I hope the spell will be lifted soon!

  4. Well, finally, sisters! Now where is Sky so I can hug and congratulate her on a fine book to add to the series. Sounds wonderful, Sky. I love your descriptive voice and so much rich history, no wonder you are an awesome author! I love castles and have dined with the Earl himself in Ireland! Well, a ghost of the man. LOL
    Mary and Lyn, come here for a hug, sisters. Oliver, dear man, drinks all around. We really deserve a toast. And here here to Lyn for fixing the road block. Well done, sister. Oliver, another shot and some grilled salmon, if you please, dearheart.
    Now, let's all gather round Sky for a Scottish toast! To another smashing success. Here here!

  5. I want to hear all about Stephen King. What's he like? Creepy? Nice? A sociopath? And where did you meet the man? I would love to talk to him about The Shining and Misery, my two all time favorites.

  6. I made it, I made it! *Sky Jumps up and down. Waves madly*

    Thank you SO MUCH Lyn, Mary, Sharon and Oliver for having me over today to chat about Sylvan Mist. Wow, doesn’t Oliver look hot in a kilt?

    Sharon, you are too sweet. Thanks for the compliments! As to meeting Stephen King, my memory of that day is a little vague. At 7, I think I was more in awe that I beat out the eighth graders. LOL! Mom says he was nice. A little quiet. Sounds about right!

    I just browsed over the trestle tables. Think I’m going to pass on food right now and go straight for the ale. After all, it’s time to celebrate! A toast to you all!

    Be back in a little bit. Off to roam the castle and see how many handsome Highlanders I can round up. Iain, Ferchar and William must be here somewhere!


  7. Sky! What a relief you've found us at last, I think the gremlins are having a field day making things and people disappear, mixing things up and generally causing chaos. I could almost think we were in Ireland and plagued by the mischievous leprechauns.

    Oh wouldn't it be great if Iain, Ferchar or William could join us as well - or even all three!

  8. Well look at that it's could it be? It's Jamie Frazier! He's come to wish the best for Sky!
    Jamie grabs Sky and gives her a smack on the lips, Oliver looks jealous as Sky swoons. He looks ever more jealous as Jamie grabs each of the hostess's and does the same. They are all dizzy and out of it. Oliver looks at Jamie through hooded eyes. Jamie laughs and Mary recovers enough to grab his hand and guide him to a nice corner behind a potted plant, she wants another of those smackers. He looks like Gerard Butler and you know how much Mary likes that!!!

  9. Oooooh, too much fun! Highlanders everywhere I look! *Sighs* *Swoons*

    Coira & William seem to be MIA. No doubt they're (Sky clears throat) busy somewhere. They did just get married! Might be able to lug Ferchar and Caitlin back from the future. Just have to find a babysitter for them! :)

    I agree, Lyn, it must be the Gremlins today. Naughty lil' creatures! :)


  10. We'll have to do something about this!!!!
    Junior, Cuddles, we have gremlins!
    Get to work, yes Junior I know you are tired, but get going, and thanks Cuddles!
    Highlander children too Sky? Tell us more about your story!!! Just a minute Gerard this is important!

  11. Congrats Sky on the release. I hope you have a great party.

    Enjoy some fruit for me.

  12. I enjoyed your blurb and excerpt, Sky. And I wish you great success with your book. The setting is one of my favorite places. I've been there a couple of times and the scenery is beautiful and the people are very gracious.
    Oliver has never looked better, has he? A kilt becomes him. Be still my heart.

  13. He's such a flirt that Oliver. So Sky tell me more!!! Please! This sounds like a book I would absolutely love. Is that a gorilla in the distance? Huh, they sneak in those devils...

  14. Tut tut sister hostess Mary. You're not still hangiing about with that Butler feller are you! LOL!

    Hmm I suppose it might be a bit much to expect Coira and William to stop by on their honeymoon! You can tell us a bit more about the handsome highlander though, can't you Sky!

  15. Tut tut sister hostess Mary. You're not still hangiing about with that Butler feller are you! LOL!

    Hmm I suppose it might be a bit much to expect Coira and William to stop by on their honeymoon! You can tell us a bit more about the handsome highlander though, can't you Sky!

  16. Beth and Linda, so glad you found your way OK. As you can gather we've had some naughty gremlins here today! Hopefully Cuddles and Junior will chase them away. (Although they're usually the ones CAUSING the trouble, lol!

    Yes, Oliver does look rather good in a kilt, doesn't he! I'm sure he'll be over to chat to you both and serve you some refreshments when he manages to tear himself away from Sky!

    (His boss, Sharon, is busy supervising the staff in the kitchens and you know what they say about when the puddy cat's away!) LOL!

  17. Eyeing Oliver's kilt with a mischievous grin. Oh, hey Sky! You certainly have us all agog over your novel's excerpt. What they're selling in the carts along the courtyard are tam o'shanters with your very own copy of Sky's Sylvan Mist. There's also a handsome lad who set up a kissing booth. Kisses for 25 cents. It must be my lucky day, I have a pocket full of coins.

  18. Hi Witchy - how lovely to see you!Q A kissing booth? I must go have a looksee! Perhaps you could use some of your magic to get rid of the gremlins, once and for all - pesky little varmnts!
    Enjoy yourself at the kissing booth!

  19. Linda, thanks for popping in! I know, isn't Scotland beautiful? And though I love researching the medieval period...I often think if I did get to travel back it'd only be for a few hours. Kind of a rocky time period (especially for women!)


  20. Sky steels Mary's attention...No children yet between Coira & William (Sky narrows eyes at staircase) I'm thinking they're still upstairs somewhere in the castle working on it!

    One child from Ferchar & Caitlin (Destiny's Denial) but more a modern day babe as little Logan lives in the 21st century.

    Ohhhhh, I almost forgot, there might just be one on the way for Iain and Arianna (Fate's Monolith) but you'll have to read Sylvan Mist to find out for sure!


  21. Lyn, I rather like the idea of watching the gremlins chasing Mary. Let the varmints play for a bit, if they get too carried away...I'll use a vanishing pest-be-gone spell. Witches honor!

  22. Beth, thanks for swinging by girl! Still working on the ale. Fruits on the list!


  23. Lyn, what to say about William? Tall, dark auburn hair, silver eyes...darn good-looking! He's certainly the jokester of the three. His journey in Sylvan Mist tested that humor. Nothing like the woman you desire being meant for another man..nevermind that the man is his English Baron cousin. I think, however, William's humor remained.

    I'm sure he'll stop by later! *chuckles* If we're lucky!

  24. Heck the gremlins are so cute. Highland gremlins always are. Kissing booth, well when Gerard goes to the restroom I've got $20 to buy kisses!!! Let me at it.
    Whoo Hooo!!!

  25. Thanks for stopping by, Witchy Woman! There's a lad with a kissing booth?! I've GOT to check this out. hee hee

    *Sky vanishes into the crowd*

  26. Tee hee Witchy, you are naughty! LOL! But it sounds as if Mary's rather enjoying herself - and now she knows about the kissing booth there'll be no stopping her!

  27. Oooh Sky, William sounds so hunky! Ooh, pity he's already taken! LOL

  28. Hey, don't know what you did to those Gremlins Mary, but fingers crossed they've done a runner!

    Sky's video is back folks - take a peek, it's great! It's at the very bottom of the Post on the Main page!

  29. (Since Mary's going to make full use of those $20, there's time for me to ask Sky a question.) Is Sylvan Mist a stand alone? As the third installment, I'm wondering if we'd need to read Fate's Monolith and Destiny's Denial in order to follow along?

  30. Hi Witchy

    I think Oliver's showing Sky round the castle, so I'll answer your question for you. (I'm sure she won't mind.) I've read Sylvan's Mist (It's a fantastic read) and I think it's easy to follow as a stand alone, the three are all linked of course, but while characters reappear I don't think you necessarily need to have read the other two first. (although they're so good I'm sure you'll want to read them as well.)

  31. Congrats on your latest release, m'friend! And I say they're selling T & A. What else would you sell in a courtyard? ;) ~Skhye

  32. Yes, I'm sure you're right Lyn. My Achilles' heel seems to be that once I read one book in a series/and or trilogy; I get hexed. Soonafter, I find myself getting all the subsequent novels.

  33. What's wrong with kisses. The more the better and I love variety. I'll let you know who kisses the best??
    I've redirected the gremlins they are really giving me a hard time!!
    They messed up the blog on us!!

  34. Good question, Witchy Woman!

    This was a tricky one to write because I wanted to re-intro the couples from the previous books just enough to get a sense of the three claddagh rings (they're the common thread that ties the trilogy together)While the couples re-appear, you really just get a feel of what their particular romance was about. I tried to keep the focus on Coira & William throughout.

    If anything, I believe there are two points in the story that feel kind of like what you're experiencing here at the R&T. Like a big family reunion!

    So, aye, I think it stands on it own just fine. Do I suggest you read the others for the pure enjoyment, history and romance? *shameless plug here* Of course!!!


  35. Skhye, so glad you could stop in my friend!!! TY for the congrat's!


  36. I can't wait to read them all!
    They sound outta this world wonderful to me!!
    Go Sky go, onward an upward this is just the beginning for you girl! The beginning of a long and fantastic careen in writing!

  37. Welcome all visitors, please get settled and have a drink and something to eat from Oliver's eye feast!!
    Sky has some great books and I for one cannot wait to read them all!

  38. Hello Skhye, how lovely to see you here, join the gathering and make yourself at home!

  39. Sky, what a beautiful book, and awesome story about your early win in second grade and meeting the great Stephen King. It is so nice to see you and hear about you as a person. And of course, I already know Oliver intimately. Doesn't he make the most divine drinks?
    Did you get a chance to check under his kilt??
    Best wishes on lots of sales from your yummy sounding book.

  40. Welcome to Sky's Roast, Patrice. I see Oliver's already made sure you're well catered for!

  41. Lyn, I missed that you'd answered Witchy Woman's question! See what happens to my mind when I'm at these medieval Scottish events? Far too busy gawking at the men!

  42. *Sky blushes* THANK YOU, Mary! I hope you like them! Here's praying I've many years of writing ahead. I just love it. Did I mention I'm hoping to write a few fantasy fiction's down the line?


  43. *hic* Thank you Oliver, yes I would like some more of that Scottish mead, lovely!

    No worries Dawn, I was jsut giving a personal opinion really, so I'm glad you confirmed that all three books can be read individually (but as I said, they're a bit additive!)

    Ooh,you can't beat a man in a kilt can you. (Not that you'd want to)

  44. Oh, Mary, I meant to ask...I was browsing over Oliver's Martini menu...think he can mix me up a Chocolate Martini? Sounds absolutely scrumptious!

    If he can't find all the ingredients he needs (it being medieval Scotland) have him give Adlin a shout. (Head Shaman (AKA wizard) of the clan) He'll whip Oliver to the future then back!

  45. So nice to meet you, Patrice. Thanks for swinging in to join the party! And much thanks for your compliments. :)

    Can you believe I HAVE NOT looked under Oliver's kilt yet? Shame on me! & to think, in every story I wrote the heroine was sure to look under the hero's plaid.

    *Sky gazes around until she locks eyes on Oliver. This time she doesn't just vanish into the crowd but catapults!*

  46. Don't know what Sharon's going to say about all this naughty talk about kilts! (She's Oliver's boss and expects him to behave while she's away).

    Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to drink this delicious chocolate Martini myself, since Sky seems to be -er - elsewhere!

  47. I get WAY to distracted! Just listen to the sound of those bagpipes!

    *Sky graciously tries to yank the chocolate martini out of Lyn's hands*

    Lyn easily evades. Figures!

    Regrettably, I must be off for the evening. It was such a blast being here today. I hope more visit & party on. I'll pop back in tomorrow morning!

    Hugs to my gracious hostesses Lyn, Mary & Sharon. A big HUGE kiss for Oliver!!!


  48. Hugs back Sky, goodnight to you too and once more huge congratulations on your release and thanks for being so much fun.
    We look forward to seeing you again tomorrow - there's plenty of food and drink for one and all, so keep the wine and music flowing!

  49. Better late than never. The excerpt sounds wonderful. I loved the build up for this blog, too. Great one.

  50. Thanks! Patsy, we go on all weekend. We love to cyber party, that way Lyn will not have a hangover, Oliver will be back to the behaving Butler he is supposed to be. Bending in front of the women, Sharon will be scandalized, so behave yourself!!
    Lyn, you have a very hiiggghh hiey, tolerance yooovveee, bem a wittle at the chocolate mar,,mar,,martentes. So there.
    Come on Gerry lests go take a nep, yyoooo tooo Joshie. Nap oonnlli!
    What a nice daaaaeeey Sky, nite, nite...ssseee yuuu to to toommorrwo. I yam nat drrunk!

  51. Sky, I love that you've used your own family history for these novels. I, too, love learning about my family's histoy. This sounds like a wonderful book to complete your trilogy. Best of luck to you.

    And ladies, beware the monsters in the loch. I do believe in Nessie.

  52. *Lyn uncurls from where she's been lying in front of the huge log fireplae, where she's been dreaming of ... oh well never mind,. Oliver's at work tidying up and replenishing the food tables and wine flaggons. Guests lie strewn around in various states of sleep and half wakefulness.

    Hiya Patsy, hi Caroline. Thanks Patsy, so glad you could make it to Sky's celebrtion.

    Caroline, you're so right about Nessie. I wouldn't be surprised if it was he who put the gremlns up to their mischief yesterday.

  53. What a cool story, Sky. How magical that you're bringing your heritage to life through your books. Worth a toast for sure and I'm raising my glass to you right now! The feast looks fabulous. Maybe they're selling tartans, herbal concotions and sporrans in the courtyard. Skills for sale? Weaving, spinning, swordsmanship and bagpipe skirling? Congrats to you from Aotearoa New Zealand!

  54. Hello Leigh, you must be tired afte your long journey from NZ! :) We don't often get people from your part of the world and you're so welcom. Make yourself comfortable and let Oliver fetch you some refreshments.

  55. Hi ladies,
    Sky, I love the excerpt. It's a definite read for me as my first love in reading is anything about Highlanders and their gorgeous kilts.
    How amazing that you bring your own family ties into your stories.Congrats on the release and I wish you many sales.
    I think they are selling your books brought back by Coira. Also carved wooden toys and trinkets, baked goods and herbs to name a few. This was an awesome party Sky, especially with Oliver. :)
    Carol L.

  56. Patsy, Caroline & Leigh...Thanks soooooo much for popping in & your kinds comments! Isn't this celebration fabulous? I wish I could spend more time here today but I'm off to join my Dad at the lake. Due to high heat here in New England, we're all making a weekend of it on the water!

    For anyone else who pops in, PLEASE, have fun! It's such a blast here!

    Best to you all. Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!!


  57. Hi Carol

    Thanks so much for joining the party, and helping Sky celebrate her new release. Yes, Oliver's great isn't he, he just loves getting into the part - too bad he has to go back to Sharon soon!

    Sky, enjoy yourself at the lake - or should I say 'loch. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend.
    You've been a truly fantastic guest, despite all the hitches to start with. I think Cuddles and Junior had as much fun chasing away the gremlins as they usually do getting up to mischief themselves!

    Don't forget to pop back here to the castle when you get back from enjoying yourself in/on the water to announce your winner after the weekend! Meanwhile, Sharon, Mary and I will do our best to keep the visitors entertained!

  58. Thank you for the exerpt, i really liked it. As for what they might be selling in the courtyard.... hmmmmm.... maybe Ale or mead maybe veggies.....

  59. Hi Brandlwyne

    Thanks for visiting,do make yourself comfortable and help yourself to refereshments.

    Hmm, we're getting some intereting reports on what's being sold outside in the courtyard - ale or mead eh? I'll have to go check!

  60. Mary walks up. "Wow did you see the street market out there? They have all kinds of things, from meat pies warm and steamy, to wind chimes made of copper that sound just beautiful. I'm gonna go look and see what other wonderful things they have here, never saw one before. What other things do you think I will find. Come Sky as soon as you get back." Mary grabs Lyn and rushes out to look at all the different booths of, OH MY, fresh spices???

  61. LOL Mary, that's a fantastic market. I've already peeked but now everyone in here's sleeping again, let's visit the stalls while it's quiet. And I happen to know which stall you've spent the most at! LOL!

    There's so much being sold out there in the courtyard, and I hear there are still traders arriving!

    So much lovely stuff for sale, herbs, tartans, swordsmanship lessons, commemorative tam o'shanters. T & A, a table piled with all Sky's wonderful books - and kisses and mead. Kisses and mead ... er now which one of those do I want the most? Where did I hide my sporran?

  62. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! A huge THANK YOU to all who stopped in as well as the fantastic hostesses (& host ;)) of this blog.

    Okay, I won't keep you waiting any longer. The winner of the contest is...Leigh D'ansey! Congratulations! Someone will be touch soon about your prize. :)

    A round of hugs for everybody!

  63. Congratulations Leigh - and once again wishing you mega sales and huge success, Sky! May you keep going from strength to strength!


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