As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Traci Hall treats us to a medieval gathering to celebrate'The Queen's Guard'

Rare touches of sunlight filter through the tall trees to dance across foliage too thick to reveal the source of occasional skittering creatures. The heavy clop-clop of hooves is muffled on the leaf strewn trail meandering through the cool, dark forest like a natural tunnel. Perched on the back of a long legged mare, Mac clings to the pommel of her saddle and lifts a wary gaze to the branches above, some as thick as barrels.

“This place gives me the heebie jeebies.”

Mary laughs and adjusts the skirt of her gown over the rump of her horse. “Afraid a rabid squirrel is going to drop down on you, Mac?”

“Hey, it’s all fun and games until the flying monkeys show up.” Mac darts a nervous gaze over her shoulder. 

“Where are we headed anyway? The witch’s castle?”

Patsy snickers. “According to Traci’s directions, the clearing is about a half mile down this trail.”

Mac’s horse stumbles over a root and she gasps. “Another half mile? I vote we turn around, turn in these horses and drive the rental car to Traci’s roast like normal people.”

Lyn laughs and effortlessly controls her spirited mount when it shies away from a shrieking bird, flushed from the undergrowth. “Traci’s party is a medieval gathering, Mac. I don’t think rental cars came into existence until much later. Besides, we’ll look fabulous riding up in our period gowns.”

“Says the cowgirl who has her own horses,” Mac grumbles. “We city chicks aren’t used to riding. My butt is killing me already.”

“Yeah, but you look great!” Mary bats her eyelashes and runs a hand over the waist of her gown. “We all do and all those hunky knights in shining armor who’ll be at the roast are well worth a sore bottom, don’t you think?”

Mac smirks. “You have a point, but another half mile?”

“It’ll pass a lot quicker if we hurry.”

“That works for me. I’d much rather be surround by hunky knights than smelly horses and spooky forest.”

“Then, I suggest a wager.”

“A wager, huh?” Mac arches an interested brow.

A sly smile curves Lyn’s lips as she brings her horse to a stop. Mary and Patsy pause on each side of her.

“What did you have in mind?” Mary asks.

Lyn winks. “Last one to the clearing acts as handmaiden to the others for the first hour.”

Patsy grins. “You’re on!” Dirt and leaves fly as she bends over her mount’s neck and they shoot forward on pounding hooves. Lyn and Mary share a laugh and join the race.

Mac’s knuckles turn white on the pommel when her horse skitters to the side nervously.  “Wait!” She squeals as her horse spins in a dizzying circle. The hostesses’ retreating laughter echoes through the forest. She digs in her heels  and the mare bolts forward after her stable mates, forcing Mac to hold on for dear life or be left behind. Five minutes later, the mare skids to a stop in a picturesque clearing, with Mac clinging to her back like a vine.

Lyn, Patsy and Mary wait beside a huge canvas tent. 

Inside, a minstrel wanders through the milling crowd, strumming the strings of his gittern. A feast fit for a king is spread out at one end. Roughhewn tables sag under the weight of numerous platters of roast boar, game hens and slabs of venison. Others hold large bowls of fruit and various puddings and cakes.

Mac heaves a relieved sigh and her nose twitches at the mouth watering scents filling the air. Mumbling beneath her breath, she slides from the mare’s back — and promptly lands on her sore butt in the dirt. She glares up at the hostesses who rush to help her to her feet, all the while laughing like loons.

“Just so you know. I’m not getting back on a horse. Ever!”

Mary laughs and picks a leaf from Mac’s hair. “But you ride so well.”

Looking concerned, Traci hurries up to join them. “Are you okay, Mac?”

“I’m fine, thanks. What a great location for your party. Everything looks terrific.”

“It does, doesn’t it? But you’re sure you’re okay?”

Lyn bumps Mac’s shoulder. “She’s fine. She’s just upset because she lost a bet.”

Mac scowls. “No fair. I wasn’t ready, and I was riding the horse from hell.”
 “A bet’s a bet.” Patsy says grinning.

“I’ll take a cup of mead.” Lyn rubs her hands together. “A tall one.”

“Me too,” Patsy and Mary say in unison.

“And some of that bread pudding,” Mary adds.

“That roast boar sure smells good.” Patsy smiles innocently.

Mac arches a brow at Lyn. She grins. “Let me think about it. I’ll tell
you what I want when you come back with the mead.”

“One hour,” Mac spins on her heel to go find Oliver, then adds over her shoulder, “but I have a long memory, and I will get my revenge.”

Let's raise our goblets and give Traci Hall a warm welcome while we hear all about her latest novel The Queen's Guard!


And, it's only 99 cents for two more days!
Set in the winter of 1147, the second book in The Queen’s Guard series follows Lady Catherine le Rochefort, who was welcomed into the ranks of Queen Eleanor’s guard after escaping a deadly encounter. The French army makes its way through Asia Minor, which King Louis determined to recapture Edessa, a holy undertaking blessed by the Pope. After leaving Constantinople, 

Queen Eleanor waits with her guard and retinue in Nicea for King Louis to decide which route the caravan should take toward Antioch and her uncle Raymond’s palace. Eleanor caused trouble in Constantinople, so Louis asks his trusted friend Lord Payen de Montfer to infiltrate the guard and listen for dissent. 

Payen, whose painful past has taught him that beauty makes a man weak, does his best to ignore the fair Catherine, while Catherine tries to protect her deadly secret from the observant man. Catherine seeks only to reach Jerusalem, where absolution awaits, but soon she’s fighting her feelings for Payen. If the two give in to their attraction, Payen’s honor is at stake and Catherine fears she could lose her soul.


Payen de Montfer mouthed ‘go’, and Catherine le Rochefort thought it best to follow his advice. She, Mamie, and Fay walked to the inn, Mamie’s passionate nature denouncing the merchant the entire way.

Just as well or else she might voice an opinion or two of de Montfer. He’d eased himself into their business and no doubt he’d return to the queen and king with tales of the women’s transgressions.

“Queen Eleanor warned us to behave.” Fay twisted her fingers together. “King Louis told her if we even hinted at scandal—”

“We’d get sent back to France.” Mamie sighed. “I know. It was my fault. I should have kept my temper.”

“Blame the rude merchant for calling you an infidel.” Catherine’s chest ached with trepidation. “I made a vow to finish this pilgrimage. I cannot go back.” Not without making things right.

“Isabella’s pretending to be the queen in Constantinople is fresh in King Louis’s mind. The queen could have been accused of treason.” Fay shuddered.

The debacle remained vivid in Catherine’s memories too. Queen Eleanor thrived on intrigue, and their fellow guard had almost died because of it. “Isabella’s quick wit, taking the queen’s place to meet with Emperor Manuel, saved our liege.”

“King Louis moved many mountains to gain her banishment to England instead of hanging.” Mamie pursed her lips. “It is no wonder he is suspicious of us now.”

Fay slowed as they neared the front door of the inn, her cheeks rosy. “King Louis needs time to forget.”

Mamie pushed her hood from her head, her curls shimmering like burnished copper. “What the queen should do is get the king alone, where she can end the disagreement with a kiss—and more.”

“Mamie, that is your answer to everything.” Catherine laughed and took off her gloves. “King Louis’s advisors guard him from her as if she were a succubus and not his wife. She doesn’t stand a chance.”

“What if we were to help her?” Fay said, leading the way inside, Catherine and Mamie directly behind.

“There you are!”

Catherine turned with a start toward the table nearest the large fireplace. Eleanor sat shoulder to shoulder with Lady Abigail, a pretty dark-haired young woman. They seemed bound by conspiracy. What secrets had Eleanor pried from the poor maiden?

With a silent laugh, Catherine began walking toward the table.

Sarah, with her tousled hair and puffy eyes, looked as if she’d just woken from a nap. She yawned and sat on the other side of the queen.

“Take off your cloaks. Get comfortable. I ordered wine and cheese for the table. Catherine, did you get supplies for our journey?”

She swallowed, wondering what to share. Lady Abigail, while a member of the queen’s retinue, was not a part of the private guard. “It is a story for later, I think.”

“Oh? Intriguing.” Eleanor patted the table. “Join us. I sent de Montfer to look for you.”

Catherine bowed her head. He hadn’t mentioned that part. Then again, she hadn’t given him a chance. “He did. Find us.”

Just then the door swung open, and Payen entered the hall. A head above other men, he strode into the room, his cloak billowing behind him. He carried a bag. “Lady Catherine! You left without your purchase.”

You told me to. “My thanks,” she said through gritted teeth.

“You are welcome for my assistance in the matter. The merchant was quite pleased once I assured him the unpleasant incident was all a misunderstanding.”

As she looked at his smug countenance, Catherine reminded herself to tread lightly. He was not the man to be swayed by flirtatious glances or outright smiles. What did he want? Did he truly believe they needed his aid? “Well, let me assure you, Lord de Montfer, that though we were in disagreement over his foul manners—”

“Don’t forget the foul soap,” Mamie added, her temper flaring as she took a stand next to Catherine.

“We had the situation in hand.” Catherine calmly folded her fingers together, wishing for her flail. To knock some sense into one hardheaded nobleman.

His left brow rose in polite query. “You intended to cause a riot before our army leaves for Pergamum?”

The queen’s sharp intake of breath traveled like an arrow across the table. 

Traci Hall - Adventure Within

Traci Hall and loves to write. Now that her kids are in college (yikes!)she figured she'd have more time to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, but that's not the case at all. She still findsherself fighting for writing time. She is a barista at Starbucks - an excellent company to work for if you need a flexible schedule - and she markets, promotes and edist, which takes more time than writing the book.

She isan active member of Florida Romance Writers, as well as a previous President of the organization. She writes Medieval Paranormal Romances, Young Adult Paranormal, Coming of Age YA and Non-Fiction. Telling stories is something that makes er happy down to her toes. She detested being a teenager, since she wasn't very good at it, so writing stories that have mostly happy endings is a great way to restructure her past!

She says "Cool stuff to know: I am an award winning author. I've been interviewed on radio, web radio, web tv and fox and friends. I've been included in a 'fifty great writer's you should be reading' anthology, and I've been in a few magazines. I love teaching workshops, online or in person."  You can contact Traci at:

To win a copy of Traci's book, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
Contest ends on Sunday and everyone who comments is eligible.


  1. Good morning everyone.

    Welcome to your roast, Traci. Intriguing excerpt. You left me wondering, just what does Cathrine need to make right?

  2. Good morning! Wow, as usual, the ladies and Oliver know how to throw one heck of a party - tent, wild boar and all - thanks so much for having me!

  3. Catherine has secrets, lol, like many of us...only hers could get her killed.

  4. Good morning Traci, yes, I loved that excerpt, it sounds like a fantastic book!

    Welcome to your roast. Do have some mead, you know, I developed a thirst after that gallop through the forest.

  5. Apologies - Blogger is being a pain today and some of the text got mussed up. I tried to sort it out but there are still spaces where there shouldn't be and the font is not right, but hopefully it won't spoil your enjoyment too much!

  6. Hywela Lyn, I am not worried about a little thing like font and extra spaces, not when there's so much fun to be had. I'm really sorry Mac had to be handmaiden for a while! Maybe Oliver could come around next? Chain mail and a tray of eel pies?

  7. What a fabuous party, you medieval ladies are having. Where's Oliver, I need a carafe of wine. Traci, you look lovely, my dear, and Mary, the gown and horse becomes you.
    Have fun today.

  8. Ah Traci, acting as handmaiden isn't so bad. You get first shot at the mead. Neener neener, Lyn :-) And a little one on one time with Oliver ain't bad either. He looks hot in chain mail.

  9. Oh, pooh. I was signed in under AR&T. I'm so observant. NOT!

    Hiya Patrice. Doesn't Traci look great? Oliver is making up a tray. Oh, there he is!

    Yumm! Mead and man, what could be better?

  10. Mac - yes, indeed, Oliver is a sight for mine eyes, lol - Patrice! Thanks for coming to the party. Is that a sling you're wearing with your gown?

  11. Well, I for one am so happy we didn't have to ride side saddle. I know I would have had a hard time. Oliver, if you would please, Traci could use some attention. And be careful, she has a tendency to grab butts. I know, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone, but, it slipped out.

  12. EWWW, I stepped in horse peduty. Oh look, is that a hoard of enemies heading this way? What are we gonna do???? Mac, pay attention. What are we gonna do?

  13. Hi folks! *waves to Patrice and her fellow hostesses.

    Mary sweeetie, sidesaddle is surprisingly comfortable, actually, although with your - er- enhancements - you might find it difficult not to tip forward, so probably just as well you didn't! With that lovely full skirt no-one can tell anyway.

    Mac makes quite a good handmaiden as it happens - another mead please Mac. I agree, she's not such good eye candy as Oliver to we ladies though, but I see he's completely smitten with Traci, so we wouldn't get a look in anyway! :)

  14. LOL Mac - I get my indentities mixed up all the time too, but we know you're a little absent minded so we forgive you! :)

  15. Who can resist a roast? The food looks delicious! And the fresh air is amazing!

    Congratulations on having a new book out, Traci!

  16. Yikes! I think you're right, Mary. Lyn, you'll have to get your own mead. I'm gonna find a handsome knight to protect me, in case a sword fight breaks out. That one with the bulging biceps will do. *wink*

    Oh hell, Patsy, put that sword down. They'll think the rest of us plan to fight too, and we don't have your popeye arms.

  17. Hiya Jamie. Try some of the roast boar. Bacon on steroids! Yummmmm!

  18. Really Patsy, we are supposed to be attracting these hot hunks not trying to kill them. Oh wait you were trying to cut their clothes off? Okay, I'm ready hack at em!

  19. WoooooHooooo! Traci Hall Rocks!!!!
    I put my corset on for this party and it was well worth it. I had a blast.
    Good Luck with the book!
    Heidi Lynn Anderson

  20. LOL Mary. Cutting their clothes off? Well shoot, that's a different matter. Someone loan me a knife.

  21. Here Mac, use this one, someone better grab Patsy, she's chasing them after cutting off their clothes. Not sure if that's how to catch a man, however! Patsy, don't cut off their...

  22. hair, Mary was going to say hair! (Why, what did you think? I have to say I do like a young knight with hair down to his shoulders, all muscles and sword! Yum !

  23. Mary stepped in horse what!?!? Oh, Mary. Can't believe you told people about the butt thing. What happens in the castle is supposed to stay in the castle!

  24. Hi Jamie!! Yes, roast boar, please. Medieval bacon, lol

  25. I bet that corset looks great. Oliver is probably drooling in the mead, lol

  26. Sorry Traci, It slipped out! If you find a good one, let me know. So I can try it out!!!
    I'll keep the rest of your secrets, except for ...

  27. Lyn gives Mary a quick dig in the ribs and waves to Heid. Heidi, you look great, that corset certainly enhances your lovely curves!

  28. Hi Traci *she waves and then falls of the horse" Oops - not much of a rider these days. Great post and welcome to AR&T. Book sounds terrific. Here's wishing you many sales.

  29. Hi P.L. - get back on that horse, isn't that what they say? Or better yet, stay a while - thanks for the wishes!

  30. Hi Patsy, see, I told Mary and Mac you weren't off chasing men!

  31. So, I think you ladies would all be terrific members of the queen's guard. Trade sex for secrets? Tempt the tyrant? A little valerian in the wine of a foriegn diplomat? Who wants to join??

  32. I think I might have some talent at court life, Traci, but my daddy always said, don't make any important decisions when you've had too much mead. *hick*

    LOL Okay, he didn't really say that, but he would have, if he'd ever tried mead. So, what I really want to know is a little more about Catherine's secrets. How about another excerpt?

  33. I love the idea of being a member of the Queen's Guard - count me in! *hic^ despite the mead! :)

    And I agree with Mac, if you could oblige with a little bit more from the book, that would be fantastic!

  34. I'd love to be a member of the Queen's Guard, too! I shall don my gown (got one in the back of the closet) and even bring the mead (yup, got that, too, right in the wine rack). See, I'm a natural! Oh, and I love a good medieval tale with lots of intrigue, especially if it's by Traci Hall! <3

  35. I was gathering herbs and just learned about the gathering. I will bring some of my meade, its an old family recipe, to toast Traci with!

  36. I'll be a member because of the mead. If I wasn't buzzed I'd probably be hiding! Although I hear the Queen's guard gets special treatment from the knights at night. Know what I mean. HeHeHe. Let's follow Traci, she knows the ins and outs of this court stuff and she has the Queens ear. Not literally Mac, figuratively. Patsy better not too flex those biceps here, you might get challenged!

  37. How about another excerpt Traci, tease us a bit. Before the mead makes us forget why we're here. Pass the home brew Sam, I'm game!!

  38. Hi Alison and Sam - welcome to the party - and you've brought mead! We can ever have too much mead! I'm just off to buy my copy to read to one of these handsome young knights toknight *hic* I mean tonight! :)

  39. A knight for tonight and more mead, sounds good to me!!

  40. Shumbody shay shomething about mo' mead *burp* And knights in tights! YAAAAYYYY

  41. LOlL Patsy and Mary - this mead is powerful is 't it!

  42. Fantastic picture. You, ladies, are a riot. The food is delicious, but you can keep the pighead--yukes.

    Traci, Great excerpt. I really enjoyed it.

  43. Mead works miracles! Have another Patsy. All the knights are lookin pretty good, albeit there are some with double heads.

  44. Hiya Alison, Sam and Mona. *finger waves while snickering at Patsy*

  45. Well time to say good knight, I mean, I hope so anyhow!!!See you in the morning.

  46. So I go out for a little while and look at all of the mayhem going on - I will dig up another excerpt, a spicy scene to wake up the drunkards around the fire!! lol, methinks thiis is one heck of a shindig :)

  47. Good knight! He was a very good knight! Parting was such sweet sorrow, he said good knight until the morrow!

  48. P.L Parker - you have the tongue of a poet :)

  49. Okay, not spicy, but shows the women together...I will do a spicy one next!

    Mamie and Catherine rode toward the pacing queen, her crimson velvet cloak with white fur trim whipping behind her at each turn. She held her sword at her side, the white and crimson leather helmet on her head, long auburn braids falling to her waist.
    “You look like an Amazon,” Catherine declared, not thinking over much about the man she’d killed to save Payen’s life. Perhaps it was her destiny to have blood stain her hands.
    “I could conquer an army!” Eleanor lifted her sword and stabbed an imaginary enemy then slid it back in the sheath. “Yet, here I am. Alone.”
    Fay snickered. “We have heard this now, far more times than we should have to listen to. Can I go witness the battle at the rear?”
    “Non, impertinent one, you can hold my helmet," the queen said. "It is too hot to wear.” Fay accepted the helmet with a grimace.
    “I wish you would keep it on,” Sarah said.
    “I agree.” Catherine dismounted. “Mamie and I watched one of the Turks running across the top of the wagons, his curved sword out -”
    “- ready to cut de Montfer down,” Mamie interupted.
    Gaston gasped from his seat on a trunk.
    “Until,” Mamie quickly finished, “Catherine shot an arrow farther than I’ve ever seen an arrow go and it landed true, between the heathen’s eyes.”
    She smacked her forehead, and Gaston giggled before looking to Catherine to see if this was true, fear shadowing his brown eyes.
    “Oui.” Catherine’s belly lurched. “It is true.” She remembered the fear that Payen would be cleaved in two and way the arrow thunked above the Turk's eyes. Blood. Death. Then she ran for the opposite side of the caravan, her stomach heaving.

  50. Payen walked around the campsite, keeping the queen’s tent in view at all times. If he had a glimpse of Catherine, he could tell her his changed fortune. With his oath completed, he could do what he pleased when it came to a wife. If he wanted a passionate woman who happened to be more beautiful than any goddess, he could have her. If the lady said yes.
    At last, Catherine left the crimson and white tent. He breathed a sigh of relief. She stepped, alone, toward the tables where giant pots of stew waited for the hungry.
    He didn’t want to startle her, but he didn’t want her to bolt, either. Payen crept quietly behind her. “Catherine?”
    She did not turn. “I heard you coming, de Montfer, from a hundred paces back. If you are trying to catch someone unaware, you shouldn’t break every twig in your path.”
    Dumfounded, he said nothing as she ladled thick bits of meat with savory brown gravy into a bowl. His own stomach growled at the rich scent of beef, and she passed the bowl back to him, getting another one for herself. All without looking at him.
    “I thought I was being quiet,” he said, cupping the hot bowl in one hand, his mouth watering in anticipation of the unexpected meal.
    “What do you want? I am ready to argue with you.” She glanced at him. “The good thing about being this tired is that for once, I can look at you and my toes don’t curl with longing.”
    Since he was afflicted by the same desire, he understood what she said, but he didn’t like it. Brushing past him, she took a seat on a fallen log. Night descended hours ago, but the moon and stars, with the occasional soldier’s torch, gave ample light. Knights sat around a low burning fire, drinking ale. The noblewomen were already in bed.
    Taking her dagger from the small sheath at her waist, Catherine stabbed a piece meat, put it in her mouth, and started chewing, her tongue flicking out to catch a drop of gravy.
    His toes curled with no problem. “I wanted to let you know that I have been formally released from my oath to my family. The king has pronounced it finished, completed. I might get a rise in rank.” And I love you...
    She finished chewing, licking gravy from the sharp blade. “Hmm.” She speared another piece. He grabbed her wrist before she popped it between her pink lips.
    “Did you hear me?”
    “Do you want me to break your arm?” Her dark brows arched and her eyes dared him.
    Payen released her wrist. “I like you better when you are moaning beneath me.” He’d never thought to speak to a woman this way, but Catherine, strong and capable Catherine, could stand the truth.
    She spit out a piece of gristle. “Just because you are free from your oath, does not mean that I am. I,” she lowered her voice, “am a killer. And if you want to live to see tomorrow, I suggest you shut up and eat your stew.”
    “I like you this way too,” Payen decided, taking his spoon from his pouch. “You are fierce when you are hungry.”
    Catherine’s eyes narrowed as she held her knife to the bowl of meat.
    He let her eat.

  51. Oh great excerpts Traci - I thoughtI was right there with them!

    Perhaps I was - I think I dozed off here without saying goodnight, sorry, must be the mead!

    I've just bought this, couldn't resist! I'm sure I'm in for a great read!

  52. Oh hi Mona -
    Sorry, didn't see you there ifor a moment - I agree about the pig head, but there's plenty of fruit and fowl if you're hungry - have you had mead or wine?

    Glad you enjoyed the excerpts, Traci's books sound wonderful, can't wait to read them!

  53. ah hmmm, it's the morn and I'm wondering if there is any food and wine left over. Oh, I see everyone is asleep, so I'll just tiptoe out. Very hilarious the first part. (BTW, Mary what big knockers you have.) The excerpt to the book sounds intriguing.

  54. It's OK Debra, I'm not really sleeping, just thinking what a good knight that was - I mean night!

    I'm sure there's still plenty of food and wine left, although I'm not sure if the mead held out.

    Yes, our Mary is very proud of her biggest assests (although in real life she isn't really top heavy, and Patsy doesn't have muscly arms, Mac isn't absent minded, and my feet aren't really huge - but somehow something happens to us when we get on the Roast! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the book - did you know it's on special offer this weekend?

  55. Hwyela - thank you for your support - I hope you like it!Morning mead...leftover meat, anyone?

  56. Hi Deb! Stay awhile...enjoy the view, lol. Handsome muscled men...hysterical, busty wenches...love it!

  57. Mary's assets? That's how we are referring to the most sought after bountiful bosom in history? Huge feet, muscled arms, absent minded...no, you guys just happen to be terrific hostesses willing to entertain the masses!

  58. I figure my assets at least draw the knights attention. Traci, you are so special and anybody who knows you feels the same! You rock!
    Plus I picked up a knight last night, but now I can't find him. One little feortin and poof he left! LOL
    Love the excerpt and the story!!!
    I've read all of Traci's books and she is terrific!

  59. Love you, Mary!! There always toKnight, lolol - or better yet - 2knight?

  60. We're allowed more then one! Yippie!!
    I'll take thee, then I can be picky!

  61. Aw Traci, you say the sweetest things!
    You'r a terrific guest of honour and we love having you and hearing more about your latest book.

    As for 2Knight, well for me it's a case of one knight at a time - as the old song said, well something like that, anyway.

    *Lyn goes off humming, 2knights, 2 knights, I seem to luv 2nights, and for me stars will stop where they arrrrrr.........

  62. Aw Traci, you say the sweetest things!
    You'r a terrific guest of honour and we love having you and hearing more about your latest book.

    As for 2Knight, well for me it's a case of one knight at a time - as the old song said, well something like that, anyway.

    *Lyn goes off humming, 2knights, 2 knights, I seem to luv 2nights, and for me stars will stop where they arrrrrr.........


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