As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sarah Grimm 'After Midnight Celebration Yacht Party

The hollow sound of a fog horn echoes through the gathering mist. It is midnight and but for the wash of waves against the shore, the waterfront is quiet.

“Are you sure this is the right yacht?” Lyn adjusts her British sailor outfit. “Looks more like a cruise liner than a yacht!”

Mary slaps on a white cap. Her dark red blazer with the cute emblem on the front stretches across her opulent chest. “The Resurrection! Yep! This is the one!”

Dressed in a white sailing outfit, Sharon’s bubble butt wiggles as she walks up the boarding plank. “Sarah said the party is on A deck, near the port side.”

Lights blaze from the waiting ship, lending an air of carnival to the scene.

“Avast ye hearties or hardies or whatever! Wait for me!” Dressed like Popeye the Sailor, Patsy scrambles on board.

Cuddles, Nibby and Hampy scurry behind.

“A rat on board,” a male voice calls out!

“No! No rat!” Sharon waves an airy arm at the captain. “They’re all our pets. Totally nondestructive.”

Mary cups her mouth and shouts loud enough for the whole ship to hear. “We’re looking for the party.
The captain leans over the rail of the poop deck. “What party?”

Lyn shrugs, looking at the other ladies for help.  “What party?”

Patsy pulls out her notebook and studies it. “I think it’s the rock band, Black Phoenix for their Resurrection Tour.”

Black Phoenix!” Mary shouts again, the sheer volume causing her chest to jiggle. “For their Resurrection Tour.”

A giant wave causes the ship to buck and tilt. Sharon slips and falls, sliding along the deck on her bubble butt.

“Man overboard.” Patsy shrieks as she dives for Sharon’s hand, catching her just before she goes over the side. The huge biceps flex!

Lyn stumbles over her own feet as she races to help. She wipes her face. “Whew! That was close.”

Oliver, dressed in a red blazer somewhat like Mary’s, helps Sharon to her feet, placing a light kiss on her hand. 

They saunter around the ship, amazed by the size and grandeur.  Rock music blares over the loudspeaker. 

“The ship is sailing.” Sarah’s voice trills. “And the party is rocking!”

They feel the motion as the yacht sets out to sea. A door swings open and out comes Sarah in very revealing attire, black mesh stockings, leather bustier covered with silver studs and thigh high black boots.

The women gape in surprise. Suffice to say Lyn, Sharon, Mary and Patsy are overdressed and overwhelmed.

“You ladies need to get comfortable!” Sarah cracks a whip and waves them in to the ultra-riche interior.

“Come and meet my hero Noah and his band, Black Phoenix. It’s their Resurrection Tour!”

Strobe lights flash. Dancers gyrate on the floor in skimpy outfits.

“Is this a rave party?” Sharon shouts over the din.

The hard rock music stops for just a moment as the women enter the huge room. 

“Aye, my lovelies,” the lead singer calls out. “Grab a Fireball or a dark lager – we’ve got all kinds!”

“What’s a Fireball?” Lyn whispers.

Sarah laughs. “It’s 141 proof rum, Dekuyper, and Hot Damn 100 Proof Cinnamon Schnapps. I don’t think you’ll need more than one.”

A hulking male grabs Mary and whisks her away. Lyn is caught and whirled, spinning like flames in the center of the dance floor.

Oliver protects Sharon, leading her and Patsy to the buffet table laden with mounds of roast beef, buckets of fish and chips, Yorkshire Pudding, and layers upon layers of red velvet cake.

“It’s a hot night!” Sarah struts across the floor. “There’s a whole stack of leather bustiers and black fishnet stockings behind the left door.” She points. “Go get comfortable.”

“Get comfortable?” Sharon’s eyes bug. “I couldn’t get my butt into one of those outfits.”

“Good thing they’re sleeveless.” Patsy flexes her arms. “These arms wouldn’t fit into one of those.

Mary whirls by. “Come on you two, the water’s great!”

“Yes,” Sarah’s voice comes over the loudspeaker. “The water’s great!”

 Welcome to Sarah's Celebration of her book 'After Midnight'.  Don't forget to leave a comment to be in the running for a download of her book.


Thirteen years—that's how long Isabeau Montgomery has been living a lie. After an automobile accident took her mother's life, Izzy hid herself away, surviving the only way she knew how. Now she is happy in her carefully reconstructed life. That is until he walks through the door of her bar...

Black Phoenix singer/front man Noah Clark came to Long Island City with a goal—one that doesn't include an instant, electric attraction to the dark-haired beauty behind the bar. Coaxing her into his bed won't be easy, but he can't get her pale, haunted eyes nor her skill on the piano out of his head.

Can Noah help Isabeau overcome the past? Or will her need to protect her secret force her back into hiding and destroy their chance at happiness?

“It’s not supposed to be just about the finale. It’s about the journey. It’s all about touch, Isabeau. Soft caresses. Slow, deep, wet kisses. Why would you settle for anything else?” Her tongue darted out and wet her lips, and Noah wondered what she’d do if he leaned in right now and showed her what he meant.

“Maybe you haven’t taken a good look at me?”
“I’m looking at you now.” He cupped her face with one hand, traced his thumb along the curve of her jaw. Her skin was warm and soft as silk beneath his.

“Noah.” His name crossed her lips, a husky rasp barely audible over the street noise. She reached up and wrapped her hand around his.

She had a mouth that begged to be kissed. A mouth meant for pleasure. How was it she didn’t realize her own appeal? He traced his thumb over the palm of her hand. Satisfaction welled inside him when she trembled. “You don’t have to settle, Isabeau.”


As a young girl, Sarah Grimm always had a story to tell. At times they were funny, other times scary, but they were always happily-ever-after. Sarah lives in West Michigan with her husband, two sons and three miniature schnauzers

Find Sarah Online:
Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/SGrimmAuthor

Sarah Grimm
   where dangerously sexy & happily-ever-after collide

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  1. Woot! let's get this party started! I can pretend I'd look good in a leather bustier if you can. LOL

    Thanks for hosting me today. I look forward to chatting with everyone.

  2. Welcome my lovely, Sarah. Might I be so bold to say you look hot hot hot!

  3. Why thank you, Oliver. You're looking mighty good, yourself.

  4. Good morning Sarah

    Welcome to your party and congratulations on 'After Midnight' it sounds like a scintillating read!

    Mmm, when it comes to a choice between roast beef and fish 'n' chips the fish wins every time, please Oliver, thanks, and ooh perhaps some orange juice before I try a Fireball!

  5. Oliver you do look handome in red. And dear Sharon looks cool in white.
    Sarah I think you look better in a bustier than any of us! :)

  6. If we're pretending, then I look super HAWT in a leather bustier too but with thigh high heel leather boots and a tight leather skirt. My hubby seems to agree...course he thinks I would look good in one now...awww, ain't he sweet?

    books4me67 at ymail.com

    PS the book excerpt sounds good. I hope Noah can help Isabeau.

  7. Great story and I want Oliver. Seriously....Congrats on After Midnight.

    Seriously, can I borrow Oliver? Okay, I'll stop asking.


    p.s. I will NEVER look good in a leather bustier.

  8. Hywela, I'd go for the fish n chips, too. The question is whether I would wash it down with a Fireball or not?

  9. books4me,

    My hubs would thin I looked good, too. Sweet, they are! :-)

    As for Noah helping Isabeau...he does. But she helps him right back.

  10. Harlie Reader,

    Thanks for stopping by! Not sure I would ever look good in a leather bustier, either. But I'm very good at pretending. :)

  11. Hi Books and Harley, welcome to the party.

    Mmm, nothing like hot crispy battered fish and chips.

    A bit like Isobeau's lips I reckon - hot and a little battered! LOL

    Where did you get your idea for this story, Sarah?

  12. Sharon, Lyn, Sarah, Books and Harlie, blushes as he hands out FIREBALLS, I dare say y'all are looking mighty fine, mighty fine indeed. Down the hatch my pretties cheers!

  13. Cheers Oliver dear!

    Down the hatch and round the gums -
    Look out stomach - here it comes!

  14. Good morning, Sarah, looking good girl Congratulations on After Midnight, sounds hot. These fireballs are rather potent so early. Let me go take a dip in the ocean blue, maybe with a hot rock star. GRRRR Let me at that one with the devilish dimple.

  15. Hugs, Lyn dear, that smile on your face must be from the Fireball. Oh from that spin on the dance floor with that hottie with the nice moves. WOW

  16. Lyn hugs her sister hostess - hi Sharon, yes let's have a dip, you're right, these fireballs are as hot as Sarah's book! And doesn't she look great!

  17. Waves to Books and Harli, welcome to Sarah's party. Party on!

  18. Hi ladies, and Sarah (and Oliver of course!) - sounds like quite some party, hope you don't all get seasick!
    Wishing you lots of success with Afetr Midnight, Sarah.

  19. Congrats on the book.I love the cover of the book .it sounds like a steamy read..terra

  20. Hi Paula and latemodelchica, welcome. Do try a fireball with us. Sarah, do share some inside scoop about After Midnight

  21. Hi Paula, hi Terra, welcome to the party!

  22. Author Roast & Toast,

    I'm not exactly sure where the idea for this story came from. I guess it came out of an image in my head of a woman alone in a bar and playing a piano. That image spurred a series of questions that became After Midnight.

  23. Welcome latemodelchica! I love the cover, too. I think I squealed out loud when I first saw it, and I'm so not a squealer. lol

  24. Inside scoop, huh? Hmmm...where to begin and how much to share?

    After Midnight has been called emotional & gripping, but also compelling & sensual. I'm absolutely thrilled to say it's been named one of the Best Reads of 2011 by Book Lovers, Inc!

    To me, After Midnight is the story of my heart. I don't know where the idea came from, but once Isabeau began talking to me, I knew I had to tell her story - the story of finding love & redemption when you least expect it.

    Isabeau Montgomery is the owner of Izzy’s Bar, a child prodigy, piano phenom—a woman who is hiding behind a lie of her own making. She is a tortured heroine, with a very tragic past. The very last thing she wants in her life anymore is music. Then in walks Noah Clark.

    Noah is the lead singer of the famous rock band, Black Phoenix. Black Phoenix had disbanded 10 years earlier in the aftermath of the tragic death of their drummer who was Noah’s best friend. Noah has now reassembled the band and is in New York to record a demo CD.

    Noah’s been around the block a time or two. He’s had his fair share of women, but is totally unprepared for what happens when he meets Isabeau. One look, one smile from her and he is lost. And not because she’s exceptionally beautiful, either – she’s not. But because of something else, something he can’t name. All Noah knows is he has to have her, so he sets out to make that happen.

    He didn’t count on Isabeau not only resisting him, but going out of her way to discourage him from coming around at all. But Noah’s the type of guy who sees something he wants—whether it’s a recording contract or an ebony haired bar owner—and he goes out and gets it.

  25. Holy cow, IT'S A PARTY! Whoo Hoo! Being the groupie I love to be, you KNOW I'm not missing out on spending time with Noah, Dominic and the boys. Besides, Sarah graced me with a VIP backstage pass, so that ensures I would be here. Yeah, Baby! Now hand me one of those fireballs, will you? And TURN UP THE MUSIC! I LOVE THIS SONG!!

  26. AJ! Boy do you have some catching up to do with the Fireballs! Sorry, but I can't turn up the music just now. Noah's going to sing us a song.

  27. Oooh, and it's Isabeau's favorite: Tempted.

  28. Hey, everyone - I managed to swim to shore and find a computer. Great party,Sarah! Love the excerpt! And yes, the cover is "hot!" I want one of those Fireballs - need it after all the excitement of yesterday and this morning! Whew! Sorry took me so long to get here!

  29. Welcome, P.L.! No worries, Oliver would be happy to bring you a Fireball.

  30. I LOVE Noah's music - takes me back to my wilder youth! And love the character intros. More please, Sarah!
    *Hiccup* - the Fireballs are terrific! Think I'll try some dark lager now - that's not really mixing liquors - is it?

  31. Oooh, sorry to disappear, I think maybe I had one fireball too many after our dip!

    Another great excerpt, Sarah, I love the thought of a woman playing a piano alone in a bar. Isn't it amazing how a single idea can lead to a whole series of ecents and turn into a novel!

  32. Hi AJ - nice to see you. Welcome to Sarah's party, tuck into the fish and chips - unless you'd prefer roast beef - and don't forget the *hic* fireballs!

  33. Hi Patsy! Lyn hugs her sister hostess. so glad you swam to shore safely - you didn't pass Mary or Sharon on the way by any chance did you?

    They -er- seem to have disappeard. So have a couple of hunks who were hanging around here earlier!

    Oooh, I could listen to Noah all night, Sarah!

  34. I'm late to join the party. Is there a fireball left for me? Your book sounds yummy, Sarah!

  35. Hi Brenda

    How lovely to see you again - yes, surprisingly there seems to be an endless *hic* swupply of fireballs! :)

  36. Hugs Patsy, wow, your arm muscles are toned after that long swim. Look at those biceps twitch!

  37. Ah there you are Sharon dear, so glad you didn't get lost at sea or anything! Now, what did you say you'd done with Mary? Oh she's on another of her 'missions'. I see, *wink!*

  38. Hi Brenda and AJ, welcome to the party. Isn't Noah the man and wow can he sing! Let me go wink at him, maybe steal a dance.

  39. What a party! You can "feel" the music thumping like a heartbeat. "After Midnight" sounds awesome. Best of luck, Sarah! :-)

  40. Brilliant concept for a storyline Sarah, a piano singer in a bar is so chilly! Gotta love it.

  41. Hi Maeve

    How lovely to see another 'old friend'! You're right, the music is just great, and Noah's stealing all the hearts!

  42. Ladies ladies, here we go then, another round of fireballs! And a dark lager for Patsy.

  43. Maeve my lovely, have a fireball

  44. i so need to find me a Noah lol he seems so caring and really wants to help any way he can.. you just cant find that many good men out there like that lol.

  45. Oooh, you're so right, Latemodelchica, men like Noah are hard to find!

  46. Okay- I think I need some of that red velvet cake... and some red wine... and what a great party!

    I already have the ebook so party on! Good luck to those in the running for the book. You will LOVE it!

  47. Hi Calisa

    So nice to see you and glad you could join us on the yacht.

    Great to hear you enjoyed Sarah's book so much - there again with a hero like NOah, how could you not! *wink*.

  48. Sorry, Dominic distracted me for a while. You all seem to be partying fine without me, huh? LOL

  49. Brenda, there are plenty of Fireballs left. Join the party!

  50. Nah, you're the star of the party, Sarah, we're just keeping the party going for you! And there's plenty of Fireball to go round - think I'm getting used to it now, *hic*!

  51. Thanks, Maeve! That 'thump' is provided to you by Dominic Price, bassist extraordinaire.

  52. Calisa! Red velvet cake it is. I'm sure we can find some red wine around her somewhere. I recommend a Fireball, though. So yummy!

  53. I don't know Hywela, you may be enjoying it a bit too much. *wink*

  54. Mary pulls herself on board after hanging on the side screaming for help.I fell off the side of this boat and I have been hanging on for dear life. No one even Noticed??!?
    Mary walks up to the partying group, dripping wet and looking like a washed up sea gull.
    I'm Here!!! Didn't you all notice me missing? I'm glad the ship is anchored because I swam around till I almost drowned then grabbed a rope. Mary sits her tired butt down and brushes seaweed off her blazer. Nibby, you dog you!!!

  55. thank God I made it Before Midnight!
    I would missed the whole party!

  56. Mary sweet sister! 'Course we missed you - we thought you'd gone off with a hunk!

    Come here and dry off - and have some of that fireball to warm you up - as Sarah says one can get a liking for it! LOL

  57. Mary, sweet thing, warm up with a fireball!

  58. Kisses, Calisa, red wine and red velvet cake. Sarah just cut it and it's a masterpiece, wink!

  59. Hugs Mary, down the fireball, cheers!

  60. Waves to Maeve and Calisa, bottoms up girls!

  61. Mary, you poor dear! We were wondering what happened to you. I guess we couldn't hear you over the rock n' roll!

  62. Patsy wanted a little something more. Anyone interested in a short tease? Just a minute, let me make sure it's not too naughty...nope, it's good.

    If you're interested in seeing it, just say the word. :)

  63. Ooh yes please Sarah, we were hoping you'd post another excerpt!

  64. OK, that last one was more of an overview, this is a hot little excerpt from the book. One that has been pretty popular. I have no idea why. *wink*


    He leaned into her. “If you still want me to stay away from you, you’d better tell me now.”



    “Kiss me.”

    She didn’t have to ask twice. He dipped his head, settled his lips on hers and plundered. He dragged her against him, and drank in the hot, potent taste of her as he fed on her mouth like a starving man.

    She softened, a tiny sound of passion slipping up her throat—an urgent invitation. His pulse leaped. So did other parts of his anatomy. Her fingers burrowed through his hair.

    He deepened the kiss, stroking his hands down the sides of her body to settle on her hips. He used them to guide her as he stepped forward once, twice, until her back settled against the trunk of the maple. Awash in the smell of her, the feel of her, he pressed closer, until no space existed between them. Her breasts flattened against his chest, her hips arched into him. Heat from her body flowed into his, sparking a fire. His heartbeat echoed in his head.


    After Midnight © Sarah Grimm

  65. Oooh, love it, I reckon that excerpt would warm one up as much as a fireball! I'm all tingly with anticipation now!

  66. Thanks for worrying about me. I think I'll go neck with the merman I met outside of the boat, he's hot, hot, hot!! I always wondered???

  67. Lol Mary, trust you to find a hunky merman. Have you seen Sarah's trailer, by the way?

  68. Merman?? Where's the merman? I always wanted to meet one! I can show him my muscles.

  69. I have to go take a look at the video. I musta missed that. Duh!
    Patsy, hang over the side and see if you can't get one to grab onto you. Ya know like your bait or somethin'!

  70. Here Mr. Merman, I have some fish and chips! And some dark lager just in case you're a drinker! Wonderful stuff!

  71. I haven't been to a party in ages, so thanks for inviting me to your Celebration party for After Midnight! And, I would really love to have a Fireball, please. ;o)

    I love to read stories the author indicates are 'of my heart' - there is just something a bit more special about them.

    Thanks for the chance to win After Midnight!


  72. Karen C,

    Welcome to the party! I'm sure Oliver will be around in a moment with your drink. Thanks for stopping in.

  73. As I stumble onto the yacht a bit late and uber tired from Black Friday at the mall (working not shopping) I cannot believe I missed such a party! Dang day job!! Too early for a fireball or a glass of wine, but I'm not above having a slice of that red velvet cake for breakfast. Well, there goes the diet for today! Yum! Thanks for inviting me, even though I had to work. :( Looks like I missed a good one.

  74. Hi Amie, no worries, our parties often spill over into Saturday for those who have to work on Friday - and sometimes even Saturday.

    Red velvet cake for breakfat? Great idea!

  75. A warm thank you to Sarah for being a delightful guest. Best of luck with your book.

  76. Ladies ladies, breakfast is served with a wink and a smile. Eggs any way you like, bacon, hot cakes, fruit cups, muffins, sweet rolls, coffee and tea and red velvet cake. Here we go, Sarah. Dig in.

  77. Amie! So glad you could make it. Thank you Oliver, I'd like a slice of red velvet cake, eggs scrambled and a tall glass of orange juice. Oh, and a couple of ibuprophen if you've got them. One too many Fireballs, I'm afraid.

  78. Good morning sister Sharon, Good morning Sarah. It is morning isn't it? You look a lot better than I feel, I think I have a little bit of a hangover too"

    Oliver, you're a lifesaver, scrambled eggs and a Chai tea please - oh and some of the red velvet cake too, if there's any left.


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