As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jennette's Icy Roast

“Where the heck are we?” Lyn bellows. “If you have got us sent to the wrong place, I’m gonna…”

“What? Step on me. No really, this is it.” Mary removes one huge padded glove to wipe her fogged up glasses. “Jennette Green sent me all the coordinates and told me where to wait. She said we should all hold hands and suddenly a fog would begin to whirl around us. And suddenly we would be sent back in time to what was the former Kazakhstan.That is exactly what happened. She said it would be extremely cold, but I didn’t know we were traveling back to the ice age for goodness sakes. I woulda worn long johns too. Hey, where are Sharon and Patsy?” 

“Help me you doofusses, you’re standing on my head.” Sharon finds her way out of the snow pile she landed in none too gently.

“Uhhhahhh Ouch! You're smothering me!” You are sitting on me Sharon. Sharon hops up, her bubble butt off of Patsy. Patsy pops up and smiles. “Hi ladies. This is not the way I wanted to arrive at our next roast.” Patsy quips.

“Hmmmm. We need to follow the instructions of our roastee. You know the rules. Where is that darn Oliver anyways?” Sharon looks about for her trusted butler.

“He’s probably there already and built an igloo and has food ready for us.” Mary smiles. “He’s a good cook and he wouldn’t want to wait till the last minute.”

“True.” Lyn adds standing on her huge feet. She straps on her snowshoes. She hands them out to all the girls and they hastily don them.

"With all the blowing wind, cold and snow all around everywhere we look, I hope we don't get snowblinded."

The trek to find the cave where the celebration will take place can’t be too far!

“Let’s all stay together now, we are going East. That huge fir tree with the two little ones near it is our starting point.” Patsy points out.

“Oliver is making Pelemeni boiled Russian meat dumplings, Boursaky bread, Plov fried rice, meat, and some veggies, Langhman, noodle soup, Manty, Shashlyk or Shish Kebab, dumplings and Beshbarmak, a special dish made with meat.

"There is vodka, and fruit juices, Jennette has requested Black Cherry Peachtree Mojitos, she still is a Twentieth century girl after all.” Sharon fills the girls in. They were worried about the old foods people ate in the ice age, but this stuff sounds good.

“How can you talk so much while we are walking?” Mary huffs and puffs.

“Well for one I don’t have to carry all that weight on my chest.” Sharon chuckles. “Yes, I know, the butt.”

Patsy flexes her huge arms. “I’m in good shape I can handle it.”

“Yes, we know, that’s why you are carrying everything.” Lyn chuckles. Patsy is carrying all their backpacks and purses.

An hour later they stop for a breath. All of them exhausted. Heavy fake fur coats with hoods, gloves and boots are a lot to carry about in snow.

Mary gazes up and frowns. “Isn’t that the same trees we started at? Look, aren’t those our footsteps? We’re right back where we started!”

“Well we were following you Sharon, you always act like you know what’s going on. And just where we are supposed to go.” Lyn smirks.

“Hey, wait a second. None of you told me you knew where to go. Why are you blaming me!” Sharon gets worked up.

“That’s because you always are in the front. Which is really where the person who knows where they are going usually is.” Patsy adds with a smile.

Sharon leaps to tackle her and is stopped in mid air as Oliver grabs her around the waist from behind, and holds her off of Patsy. Sharon is waving her arms and legs trying to get free. Patsy dances like a fighter, throwing punches at the air. But well away from the kicking and screaming Sharon.Suddenly!!! 

"Ladies," Oliver purrs as he pets Sharon's head to calm her and throws Patsy an understanding smile. It's right over there.

Oliver  points just off to the right of where they are and there is a huge,newly made, igloo. They follow him in to the rather large entrance and go inside. It’s pleasantly warm and in a comfortable pile of soft furs.

Jennette lounges. “Finally, I was afraid you’d gotten lost. It's pretty nasty out there with all the snow. So Oliver went out to look for you. So glad you finally made it.”

“We wouldn’t miss your roast for anything.” Lyn grins. 

“Group hug?” Mary quips. They all hug and then sit around a warm fire.

Suddenly they realize that dozens of fur clad fans are finally here for Jennette’s roast. 

“Just so you know girls, my book is called Ice Baron, we are not in the past we are 1,000 years in the future. A man made ice age is the result of a catastrophic series of wars.” Jennette smiles slyly. “I fooled you!” She chuckles.

“Well that you did Jennette. Attention everyone.Let’s all welcome our friend, author Jennette Green. We are here to celebrate her book, "Ice Baron". I want a copy myself.” Sharon stands and invites all the guests over to the table where Jennette's books are displayed next to wonderful candle light and an honest to goodness Ice Bar. Everyone is mingling and eating.

And the nibbler, Nibby, has stolen a large piece of something yummy when no one is looking. That she runs off to share with Cuddles and Hampy. Yes.

It’s just another day, way in the future, for the Author Roast and Toast

Welcome Jennette!


ormer Kazakhstan, year 3145 a.d.

1,000 years ago, nuclear war destroyed the face of the earth. Now the earth is frozen in a permanent ice age.

For centuries, war has torn their territory apart...

Anya has loved Joshua for years. Unfortunately, he’s her protector, and became baron of Donetsk Territory when her father was murdered. According to the Old Barons’ Law, a romantic relationship between them is forbidden. However, breaking the law will never become an issue, for Joshua appears to care very little for her. In fact, he is determined to negotiate peace with their mortal enemy, Onred, and presents Anya with little choice--marry the Altai baron, or her people will continue to die in the bloody war.

Joshua must get Anya out of his territory before he does the unthinkable and breaks the protector’s sacred trust. When Onred proposes an end to centuries of brutal war, Joshua accepts the bargain. Bound by duty and honor to protect his citizens, and fulfill his sworn vows to Anya’s dead father, he will do what is right, no matter the cost to himself.

Should Anya accept her fate? Can Onred be trusted? Or is he a madman, who will drive their world to the brink of destruction?


Pitch black had settled in outside. With it, a deep, biting cold swirled into the cave.
She really should put out the fire.

But it was so warm and friendly. And Anya felt so alone.

Put it out. It was time to get going. Although the cave entrance was partially blocked, someone at the perfect angle might see the light. Maybe that one, last, persistent pilot—although she hadn’t heard the craft since noon. He must have given up, too. For now.

Unfolding her trowel, Anya chipped up a mound of frozen ice and mud and cast it onto the fire. It flickered, but didn’t go out.

“Don’t put it out on my account.”

The low, rough voice made her gasp, and she whipped out her laser.


He seemed to fill the entrance. The elite, cream military parka made his shoulders seem wider, his body more solid and forbidding.

“You.” Hands trembling, she lowered the weapon.

“Of course it’s me. I’m your protector, foolish girl. Who did you think would come for you?”

Palpable fury simmered in him, deep and hot, yet tightly leashed, as were every one of his emotions, always. In the past, she had wished that just once she could break through the impenetrable shell he enclosed around himself. Just once, she’d like to see him snap, to glimpse the true man underneath all the medals and the power that fit him like a glove. To especially see beyond the shiny honor of hero worship with which she’d clothed him when they had first met. She had always wanted to please him.

No more.

If you like fast-paced, action-packed romance novels, then this is the book for you! :)

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I wrote my first story over thirty years ago. Since then, I've written numerous stories and have had several articles published. My first love, however, is writing romance novels. I write both inspirational and historical romance (with a mild inspirational edge), and futuristic romance.  I like variety, as you can see! :)
I am blessed with a wonderful, supportive husband, and three terrific children who put up with my crazy writing hours. When I am not writing, I love reading, working with graphics, and creating and managing my websites.
Best wishes,


(Rated: PG-13 for some violence and occasional mild language)

Her Reluctant Bodyguard
"There are no words. Honestly, there are no words to explain how much I loved this book. This is probably one of the absolute best books I have ever read in my entire life. I just don't know where to begin." -- Rebecca Lynn, The Pen and Muse  ...full book review
The Commander’s Desire

To win a copy of  Jennette's book, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
Contest ends tomorrow and everyone who comments is elligible.


  1. Good Morning Everyone! I want this book! Just my favorite cup of tea. *she shivers in the wind." Pretty cold here, got snotcicles hanging from my nose. Brrrrr!

  2. Where is everybody "she rubs her hands together to warm them" I'm freezing here! Oliver! A stiff shot of something- puleez!

  3. Sharon has just entered the igloo. I'm here Patsy. You're right, it is frigid in the ice age! Oliver is mixing vodka martinis and cherry mojitos. Where are the critters?

  4. Jennette, welcome to your ICE BARON party! The book sounds like a wickedly frigid read. Congratulations!

  5. Oh, there's Lyn and Mary and they've grown ice antlers! Group hug, girls.

  6. Kisses my lovelies and vodka martinis with an extra high proof to warm the blood and curl the toes, grin.
    One for Patsy, Sharon, Mary and Lyn, and for Jennette, my pretty, a cherry mojito in a chilled gibson igloo. Smile.

  7. Wow, what a wonderful cave this is, and I love the icy bar set up! Oliver, thank you for the Black Cherry Peachtree Mojito! Yes, it's still before 8 a.m. here, but what the hey, it's a Friday. Ooops, maybe I'd better wait until I get my last child off to school... :)

    Be back in about an hour or so... :)

  8. I don't usually drink, but I'll take something nice, that will warm these frozen fingers of mine. It's cold ain't it??

  9. Looks like people are having a great time. What is that, oh my, a chocolate fountain. Mmmmmmm..... Hey, how did that get here??
    Jennette, you look marvelous in your faux fur!!!

  10. Mary dear, that's not chocolate. That huge icicle melted into your brain. LOL Ooops don't look now but your frozen hooters are melting.

  11. Well, I am back from the brief pit stop into my 21st century life.

    Wow, all this food looks Delicious! I am starving for breakfast. And thank you for the warm welcome, P.L., Sharon, and Mary. Thank you joining me here in the future, and also for preparing all of this delicious food! I'll tell you, when Anya and Joshua were on the run through the frozen wasteland, they would have killed for yummy food like this to eat!

  12. It all looks a bit strange to me. There's nothing weird in it is there?
    Sharon, it's chocolate, are you hungover or something. Mary takes a big scoop of the melted chocolate and wipes Sharon's face with it. SEE!
    Mary hands a towel to Sharon. Here, wipe your face.

  13. There is a ton of food, so dig in and don't be shy, Jennette. How did you come up with the concept for Ice Baron?

  14. I must say the ride here was certainly exciting and I literally froze with panic. Love the igloo and if I could have a warm toddy as well, I'd be so happy. Hampy, come here, I need your little body to warm my fingers!

  15. Ladies ladies, hot toddies all around!

  16. LOL, Patsy

    My goodness, strange looking or not, that food was certainly delicious==I'm not sure if that is because I was so hungry or not...

    Sharon, thank you for your question. I honestly don't know how the concept for Ice Baron came into my mind! It seemed to just pop in from out of the blue, which is the case for most of my books. At the time, I was catching up on watching a bunch of the TV show "V" that were on my DVR. All of the science and technology on that show could probably have influenced me to start thinking of our world being radically different than it is now.

    The first part of the book that came to my mind was Joshua strongly encouraging Anya to marry the enemy baron to form a peace treaty. She's angry, and feels betrayed by him, and then the next scene I saw in my mind was Amya jumping out of the shuttle into the middle of the frozen wasteland. She's bound and determined to pursue peace--but in her own way.

  17. Interesting, Jennette, thank you. I always like to ask and answer that question, the backbone for so many a unique storyline. I look forward to reading this one!

  18. Sorry Jennette, you were talking to me. But Oliver stole the words right out of my mouth!

  19. Come on Jennette let's have some fun!
    No I don't mean we're making snow angels. I mean real fun, how do we get this place rockin'. Hey was that Ozzy Osbourne with his wife Sharon?
    My oh my, look at the rock stars, there's that guy from Kiss, the big hairy one. Oh Oh!!! There's Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas! What's happening? I hear music!!!

  20. Mary starts to dance, hooters swinging, she really gets into it!
    Bopping her way around the room she grabs, Patsy, Sharon and Oliver and they begin to line dance. Only rock and roll not country!!!

  21. I'm freezing, but the food more than makes up for the frigid climes! And please keep the hot toddies coming!

  22. OW! OW! My legs are frozen. I can't dance - did you know I used to be a belly dancer - but my body won't move now, too cold. More warm drinks - Oliver - save me!

  23. LOL, Sharon :)

    My goodness, Mary, you have a lot of energy! That transport throught the space time continuim must be beneficial to our health. I'm wating for my Zap to arrive! If only I could stop thinking about laundry...Stop that!!!

    Okay, I'm going to get up and dance, too. 21st century menial jobs have nothing to do with this 32nd century party!

    Sharon, are you going to take a whirl around the ice cave? By the way, I haven't had a chance to catch up with you in quite some while. Do you have a new book coming out? Oh, there goes Mary. We'd better speed up to catch up with her...

  24. Wow, Patsy, you still have the moves, girl!

  25. Hi Sandra, Oliver just made some toddies, but beware, they sneak up on you. Patsy and Mary think this is Dancing with the Stars. Don't look now but in waltzes Hines Ward

  26. Thanks for asking Jennette. I have a short Christmas story coming out in December for a Winter Anthology with Whimsical Publications and another suspense I'm editing starring Detective Oliver. Oh, yes, let's grab Hines and teach him a move or two. LOL

  27. Those sound wonderful, Sharon. It is fantastic that you are continuing to put out new books. I've been so busy with other projects that I haven't written anything new in quite a while. I would like to start the sequel to Ice Baron soon. It think it will be a very interesting story, although I've got a few details to iron out still.

    Whee, Hines, you certainly are light on your feet. Maybe if I didn't have these moon boots on I'd be more graceful. Time to pull out my dancing shoes. Who cares about frostbitten toes! :)

  28. This is so much fun, you can slide and dance at the same time. Mary whizzes by doing a Michael Jackson walk, sliding.....
    Billy Jean that's my girl, blasts outta the frozen speakers and Mary is rockin'!!!
    Go ladies go!!!
    Boy when Lyn sees this ice, she is gonna slide with those hoofs of hers!
    Sharon, try sliding on your butt. I tried to slide but I kept listing to one side, (one must be bigger then the other eh?)!
    Patsy, toddy up and join me. Look at Jennette go!!! WOW!

  29. Look!!! *she holds up something* ICE SKATES! Now we're having fun! Mary, quit dancing and let's skate - WAHOOOOOOOO! Come on Lyn, Sharon, Jeannette - this is just great!

  30. Mary puts on the ice skates and wobbles onto the ice floor. Watch OUT!! She's otta control. Mary bowls into a group of visitors. They all go flying, Patsy grabs Mary's hand and she is dragged into the slide. Watch OUT!!!!!

  31. Now's when I wish I had Sharon's butt! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  32. Nibby tries to stop Mary and Patsy, but she is dragged along too. Hampy stands to the side wondering what the heck to do!

  33. Lyn arrives, hood up and snowgoggles akimbo.

    She hugs ~Sharon, Mary, Patsy and Jenette n turn and blows Oliver a kiss.

    Phew! I thought I'd never get here. I've been going round in circles for ages. Couldn't see a thing through these goggles

    Congratulations on your Book, Jennette, 'Ice Baron' sounds wondeful, just my type of story.

    Oliver dear, have hou anything warm and soothing?

  34. Hi Lyn! I know you've got a lot going on today, so thank you for taking the time to stop by! :)

    I am having so much fun ice skating!!! I loved ice skating when I was a kid in Alaska, but the last time I went skating, I fell on my knees and slide about 15 ft!!! Not too stellar. At least in this igloo, I can't fly too far. LOL

  35. And since Oliver moved everything we can bounce off the walls!
    Lyn do you want skates or are you just gonna slide? Mary hugs her sister hostess. You might have to go back out again. We forgot to bring the Mead!!

  36. Hi Hennette, sorry to be late for your party, but I'm so glad I finally made it!

    Mary dear, those skates won't fit on these huge boots y'all made me wear, I'll just slide,I think. The boots make pretty good skis actually!

  37. What? No mead? Yikes! I gotta have mead!

  38. Lyn, I'm so glad you could stop by! This party is cool, the drinks are frosty, and my knees are coated with ice from sliding across the floor, and my fingers are icicles, but I'm sure that's true of everyone. And what do they say about that? Cold hands, warm heart, LOL. This is the grandest time ever! :)

  39. Hugs Lyn, hope you had a good day, grab your ice skates and let's goooo whooooo

  40. Patsy, Mary, Lyn, Jennette, I'm going to slide down the glacier on my bb, I think the vodka made me do it, weeeeeeeeeee

  41. wheeahay! Ooops! Not sure what was in that drink Oliver handed me, but I didn't mean to call you 'Hennette' Jennette! LOL!

    Lyn goes slip sliding across the ice and collides with a penguin, the penguin bumps into a seal, the seal collides with Sharon, who falls on top of Mary, who luckily falls on her
    front, so she's not hurt - but she bounces into Patsy who tries to save herself with her muscular arms, and grabsa hold of Jennette by mistake, and the five of them go sliding on and on...and on!

    Heeeelp - who will save us? Where will we end up - weill we get eaten by a Yeti?

  42. Great food, loving the drinks. Thanks for the fur to stay warm Oliver!

    This sounds like an intriguing book, Jennette. How hard is it to research for a setting in the future?

  43. Hi Calisa

    Thanks for visiting - great question. As soon as we find our way back I'm sure Jennette will be happy to answer it! :)

  44. Well, I'm back! I saw some munchkins in the distance asking for help finding their way home... so I did my good deed for today. LOL

    Hi Calisa, and thank you for the question. Well, the great thing about writing a book in the future is that you get to make up anything you want. :) But seriously, I did a lot of research on Kazakhstan, and that area of the world so I could be sure that I got the topography, etc. correct. I also love technology and am a bit of a science fiction fan (i.e. Star Trek), and so it was fun to think up new technological "toys" that they could use to help survive in the frozen wasteland, and to ultimately triumph over their enemies. It was a lot of fun! :)

  45. My last manuscript (out and about for possible publishes) is a SciFi too. I am a SciFi fan big time and I'm usually the rirst in line for the show tickets. I think yoru book Jeannette just sounds so interesting! Looking forward to it.

  46. Working hard - sorry about typos :)

  47. Yea! That makes three of us who write Futuristic/SF!

  48. Oww! Mary holds her head, her butt, her elbows, knees and yes, her hooters, are bruised from falling!
    I know why I didn't ice skate much, ski much, roller skate much, man was I bad. Wait, I still am awful at those things. Mary sits dejected on a large chunk of ice. Watching Lyn slide on her big feet, Sharon on her butt, and Patsy, well her legs are like her arms, she flew on the ice. Literally. Hampy hanging from her pocket. Nibby is sliding around and ignoring her. Jennette, well she is gliding like a pro. Mary is very bad at anything winter, except watching it out the window inside...
    I'm having a drink!!!

  49. Mary, I think I'm going to join you for a warm drink. Oliver, do you have some hot chocolate? And maybe a mountain of marshmallows? That sounds soooo good about now!

    Patsy, congratulations on your new book that you've written. Where does it take place, and how far in the future?

    That is so cool that three of us all write futuristic romance! This is the first one I've written. Have you had trouble marketing this genre? Any tips?

    Oh, Thank you, Oliver!!! Sip... Mmmm Yummy and chocolately, just the way I like it. :)

  50. Just about to go to turn in - but to answer your question, I found the genre very difficult to place over here, but TWRP gave me my break withmy debut novel 'Starquest' followed by 'Children Of The Mist'. I think the genre's gradually becoming more acceptable in the UK now though at the conference today there were several SF and fantasy romance writers.

  51. Make mine a double, yes, you heard me a double. I have one thing I am good at in the winter!!! Starting fires that burn well in the fireplace! LOL I do need matches however.

  52. Well, these women awake like 200 years in the future aboard an alien vessel! :)

  53. Nite Lyn, you must be exhausted!!!
    Nite Sharon, Nite Patsy, Nite Oliver, Nite Hampy, Nite, Nibby, Nite Cuddles, Nite Jennette,and Nite to all you bloggers!!! Wishing you luck and love!!!
    See you all tomorrow!

    The Walton's got nothin' on me!!HeHe!

  54. Good night, Lyn, and Mary! It was a lot of fun chatting with you today. Thank you so much for having me on your blog! :) I hope you had a lot of fun at your conference, Lyn, and I hope you made a lot of great contacts, too.

    Patsy--that sounds like an intriguing premise for your book! That is just like something I'd love to imagine--I'd wonder what it would be like, and what sort of technology they'd have. For example, would there be robots to take care of all our menial tasks like cooking and laundry? I don't have those in the book I wrote, but their civilization was pretty much traumatized for a long time. In some ways they are more advanced technologically, but regarding wars and social structure, they are more old world. It's an interesting mix!

    I'd love to learn more about your book, Patsy! Do you have a blurb on your website yet?

    I think I'll enjoy this delicious hot chocolate for a while longer...

  55. Put me to sleep and wake me up when the robots do all the work!

  56. Goodnight! It's time for me to sign off, too. What a fun time it's been here today!

    Take care, and God bless :)

  57. Sharon wakes up in the igloo and decides to do a science experiment. Shivering, she huffs out a breath and chuckles. It's true what they say. It's so cold you can see your own breath and who knew it is in color, such a pretty shade of blue. Feeling naughty, another experiment pops into her head. Jennette, Mary, Patsy and Lyn are snug as bugs in a rug, all bundled in eskimo furs beneath the flaming hearth Oliver has ignited to rip-roaring flames. Tiptoeing to the frig, Sharon steals four grade A large eggs and coyly peels back the covers to reveal their chests. She cracks the eggs, one on each chest to see if indeed the chests are hot enough to 'fry an egg on'. OOPS SO MUCH FOR SCIENCE...

  58. Jennette, thank you for joining us at the roast. You've been a fun and delightful guest. Thank you for a great roast. Best of luck with Ice Baron, hope you sell tons!

  59. Ladies ladies, breakfast is served with a wink and a smile. No eggs today as they appear to be missing. Spots them dripping and shakes head. Ah, well, we have peach pie ala mode, coffee, tea and hot cocoa. Here we go, Jennette, allow me to serve you a heaping dish along with a towel, grin.

  60. Hey, how did I get a fried egg on my chest? Why it's almost burnt. Odd.
    Anyhow, thanks for spending some time with us Jennette. I KNOW your book will sell like hotcakes! Good luck.
    Geez, it's so weird. Anybody know how I got a fried egg on my chest? You think someone would miss it.
    I smell Sharon in this, AHA Mary looks at the Patsy and Lyn. They wipe raw egg off their chests and moan and groan while they do it. Hmmm. Oliver not a single egg left? Oh, one, thanks. Sharon, you better run!!!

  61. Thank you so much for having me here! It was such a blast--I really enjoyed chatting with you all. And Oliver, thank you for the peach pia a la mode! The perfect breakfast to face the day. :)

  62. Oh my gosh, you don't think someone is in the dungeon, do you? Who's game to check it out?


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