As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Janice Horton's Highland Gathering Celebration

The girls at the Author Roast and Toast welcome Janice Horton, author of Bagpipes and Bullshot!

"By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie raids, as the sun shines high on Lock Lomund!" Mary and Lyn sing at the top of their lungs as the four sister hostess trudge through fields of Heather and hills of geen in beautiful Scotland.

 "You girls are killing that song and neither one of you could sing to save your life!" Sharon laughs, and Mary sings all the louder. "Oh Danny boy the pipes the pipes are faaa-ling. From glen to glen and down the mountainside. Oh come on back when sunshine hits the meadow oooooo, and when the bees are changing back to green."

"You three are slow as molasses. Do I need to carry you or what?" Patsy flexes her Popeye arms. "I could do it.
"You'd be better off finding more material to cover the top  Mary is wearing and look, Lyn has taken off her shoes and she is crossing that stream, she is walking on water her feet are like flotation devices."
Lyn gives Mary a frown and then lifts one eyebrow as she uses her toes to flick water at her laughing friends.

 "Gottcha," she giggles. Mary and Patsy duck so the water hits Sharon on her bubble butt. "Heck she don't even feel it with all that padding." Mary gasps her mouth open in shock.

"If Oliver were here he'd be nauseous! The singing is that bad!" Sharon chuckles. "How far to this Highland Gathering any how?" 

Mary stops singing and the animals peek out of their hiding places. 
Nibby, Cuddles and Hampy are all wearing little Tam o'shanters.

"Janice says it's over the hill, I feel over the hill. We've walked a lot of hills and I see nothing. No tents, no people, no food, no nothing. AAAAnnnnddd! She said to watch out for the bog! Bog! What the heck is that?"

 Lyn flecks a bit of thread off her tartan. All three are dresssed in different  red tartans. Each one for the bit of Scotland in each of them.  Patsy's white sleeves discreetly cover her muscled arms and Sharon's skirt is a graceful crinoline style to accommodate her curvaceous posterior.
"I'm getting hot in this thing and it's sticking to my butt." Sharon complains. "Yeah, well I'm sweating too." Patsy wipes her face with the end of her tartan, muscular arms flexing. Lyn titters as she sees the wonderful castle where they will stay this weekend she grins. "Wow! What a place. Just look at the flags and stuff!"

"Look there's Oliver!" Patsy yells excitedly. "Is he wearing anything under that outfit?" Patsy blurts out and looks at Sharon. "Just wondering."
Mary, Lyn and Sharon, eye one another before smiling at Patsy's exuberence!

"Ask him." Sharon smirks and walks down to the huddle of guests hovering over Oliver's food. Mary, Lyn and Patsy look at one another crack up laughing and run after Sharon.

Haggis, smoked salmon, seafood from the Loch, clootie dumpling, meats, (including Scottish beef) shortbreads. etc., and a special Scottish cake fill the tables to overflowing.  Kippers, tatties and herring, Finnan haddie, Rollmops, Lamb, beef, Oatcakes, scones, cranachan, crumpets, even something called Festy cock.

"Behave Mary. Don't say a thing." Sharon warns, "Ah here she is."

Janice Horton, stunningly beautiful in  her own Scottish gown, flows up to them, looking  like something out of a Scottish fashion magazine.

"When can we wear one of those." Patsy asks, eyes wide as she looks at Janice's dress.
"Have some Bullshot girls." Janice offers each of the four hostesses "You'll love it, it's like a Scottish bloody Mary."
"If I drink that even those guys will look good to me." Mary eyes the elder warriors in their tartens. Her eyes widen and she gasps as she grabs Patsy, Lyn and Sharon, and points to four young Scottish men, muscular and muscles bulging as they exercise with their clanging swords. 

Oliver stands sexy as ever in his kilt. "They are all dressed in kilts and Oliver knows all of them." Lyn exclaims. 

"Look, I can see the hill we were supposed to walk over. You took us in circles Lyn!" Sharon tries to get to Lyn and Mary holds her back. "Sharon, I'm shocked, you're acting like me!"
Sharon finally sees the hunks Mary is talking about and smiles, "Welcome everyone to our Highland Fling! Drink, eat, dance and let the bagpipes begin!"
The sound of bagpipes fills the air and the girls run to watch the warriors dance. Each one stepping faster and faster as his foot crosses over the swords.

Bagpipes and Bullshot what a story!
Who knows the words to Lochlomund or Danny Boy? Come sing along with us! And feel the Highlands that harbor a misty glen and a handsome Scottish hero. Is that sheep I see? 

Janice is deep in conversation - look she's giving him her recipe for Bullshot!

Bullshot is a drink very much like a Bloody Mary. If you prefer, you can use vodka, but the traditional Scottish version and the one favoured by the characters in my novel, Bagpipes & Bullshot, has whisky in it. However, if you are planning a trip across the grouse moors later or doing a bit of stalking on the hill, you’ll certainly need your thermos and the extra ingredient of hot beef stock with your bullshot. Mmmmm….warming.  So take a whisky tumbler and put in it a bit of ice and a slice of lime. Then add a good measure of finest Scotch whisky. Fill to the top with tomato juice; add a good dashing of both Tabasco pepper sauce and Worcester sauce and half a teaspoon of grated horseradish. Stir and enjoy. Mmmmm…delicious!

Before we all settle down for the food and fun, let's hear more about Janice's fantstic book, Bagpipes and Bullshot.

Bagpipes & Bullshot twists an everyday love story with a whole cast of village eccentrics into an entertaining play on rural life. Humour and romance in a Scottish setting.

An Exerpt from Bagpipes & Bullshot:

Fergus took a walk over to Davina’s house with a picnic basket containing two hardboiled eggs, two pork pies, a jar of pickles and a bottle of sparkling pink wine. It was a celebration picnic. In his pocket, he also had a very special something he had received in the post that morning, which he hadn’t yet shown to anyone. He wanted Davina to see it first.

The mist was clearing the turrets of McKenzie Castle as he approached the long driveway. He stopped to pick the last of the late summer flowers from the border. Pink orchids, which he decided were the exact colour of Davina’s smooth skin. Tiny sprigs of speedwell in the exact shade of her beautiful eyes. He wound them together into a posy with a strong stem of grass and popped them inside the picnic basket. He’d read in one of his mother’s magazines that girls loved men who brought them food and flowers.

He found her grooming a magnificent horse at the back of the house where the stable block was as beautiful as she was. She was wearing slim-fitting black jodhpurs and a pale-lemon sweater. Her hair was neatly pulled back into a short pony tail and she looked, to all intents and purposes, like a bright ray of sunshine in an otherwise grey sky. ‘Hello Davina,’ he said.

She looked at him with a raised brow and then, lowering her eyes, she spotted the picnic basket. ‘Hello. How are things, Fergus?’

‘Things are fine,’ he replied.

This was progress. She had asked about him before mentioning Innes.

‘How’s Innes?’

‘Innes is – busy.’

‘I know he’s busy. What’s he busy with. Has he got his cows yet?’

‘No. Not yet. He’s busy with this and that.’

The speedwell-blue eyes narrowed. ‘Really. Just one cow then?’

Fergus’s eyes widened.

Davina dropped the grooming brush. ‘I mean cowgirl of course a mere slip of the tongue.’

‘It’s a lovely day for a picnic,’ Fergus enthused, waggling the basket in a way he hoped might be tempting. ‘What do you say?’

‘What an absolutely lovely idea. I’m famished.’

Fergus was thrilled.

‘I’ll saddle up Misty for you and we’ll ride up over the hill.’

Fergus hesitated. He hated horses. Horses hated him. He had learned to ride on a wooden rocking horse and had been shocked to find out that real ones had hidden agendas. ‘Why don’t we just walk?’ he suggested nervously. ‘It’s a lovely day for a walk.’

‘Because if we ride we won’t have to carry the picnic basket ourselves and we can go further over the hill where no one can disturb us.’ Davina explained, almost playfully.

Suddenly wild horses couldn’t have stopped him. ‘Great, let’s go!’

They started up the hill at a slow pace for which Fergus was grateful but, when his horse bounced into an uncomfortable trot, he heard himself yelling, ‘whoa there - we don’t want to pop the cork too soon!’

‘Oh, you do spoil me!’ Davina gushed. ‘I do love champagne.’

Fergus then wondered, considering the occasion, if he should have chosen the Clicquot over the Cava.

When they reached the brow of the hill, the land levelled off and the ground was covered with soft moss and lichen. Large rocks anchored clumps of heather in a purple haze and on the carcass of an old fallen tree, they tied up their horses and laid out an old Buchanan tartan rug. They sat together. Fergus polished off the eggs and the pies and Davina drank the fizz.

‘It’s eleven and a half percent,’ he told her immodestly.

‘It’s very tart,’ she replied, swallowing it quickly. ‘Perhaps you should recommend it to Innes’s cowgirl?’

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Bagpipes & Bullshot is also available on all other e-reader lists e.g. Apple, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, Barnes & Noble and others.

When I'm not writing novels I write lifestyle articles. I have had work published in national magazines and regional newspapers and I have also been involved in BBC Scotland's ‘Write Here Write Now’ project. I am an active member of several writers forums and also a proud member of the Romantic Novelist's Association. At the interactive reader/writer website loveahappyending.com I'm a Featured Author and Associate Editor.

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  1. Morning everyone! My goodness Oliver has been working hard - is that a whole barrel of Bullshot I see. What’s that Lyn, too early? Nooooo - you are in Scotland now - we have whisky for breakfast every day to shake of the morning mist!

  2. Welcome to your special celebration, Janice. You look wonderful and your books sounds amazing. Let's hope the weather holds for the coming festivities, but we can always move into the castle if it rains.

    Wishing you many happy sales and we hope you enjoy your day here.

  3. Wow - that glimpse of Oliver in a kilt will keep me inspired all day! Great party Janice - don't drink toooo much of that great Bullshot though - not all at once anyway...

  4. Thanks for the welcome Lyn - but really I should be welcoming you all to my ancient Scottish castle. Don’t worry if you see any ghostly ancestors later - that’ll just be the effects of the bullshot....

  5. Hi Gilly - so lovely of you to stop by - and on your horse too! Do come back later won't you, and have some of the lovely food Oliver has prepared specially?

  6. And a lovely castle it is too, Janice.There's nothing like a Scottish castle for a special celebration, is there! (Except, perhaps, a Welsh one! LOL)

    Hello Gilly, Just stable your horse at the back with ours. Lovely to meet another horse lover, we all love horses at the Roast!

  7. Nice dress, Janice, I think green is a good color on you! :-)

  8. Well, don't you just look dashing in your Kilt, Mr Rosenberg! Welcome to the Gathering and do have a wee dram from Oliver's platter and a nice slice of haggis from the buffet... lol!

  9. Thanks, I'll take you up on that dram. Not sure about the haggis this early, but maybe after the whiskey settles in! ;-)

  10. Oliver is WAY to good looking and wish I'd thought of a plaid dress, the kilt I'm wearing is a bit short.... laugh! Love the idea - hope it's a great day and I'll be sure to have a small dram this evening in your honour!

  11. Good morning everyone. Hope you're all having a fabulous time. Oliver - you are rather lovely. If ever you get bored . . . . . and Janice, you are looking fabulous today! I've read this amazing book and its a breath of pure Scottish country air and romance. You can find a review on my blog if you'd like to find out what I thought!

  12. Welcolm Linn - and as you have such long legs it would she a shame not to show them off in a micro-kilt!

    Do meet Gilly in her tartan jodpurs, our lovely hostesses, and Kenneth Rosenberg - who is sporting the Buchanan hunting tartan - in honour of Bagpipes & Bullshot!

  13. Oliver has been busy. Haggis with breakfast is good and a tall glass of bull shot to wash it all down? I'm in.

    You look fab in your green tartan gown, Janice! Oliver looks mighty fine in his kilt, too.

  14. Good morning Janice.

    Bagpipes and Bullshot sounds like a wonderful read. Congratulations. I hope you enjoy the celebrations today :-)

  15. Hi Kim - so glad you made it over the grouse moor in that fabulous tartan ballgown!

    Everyone, let me introduce Kim the Bookworm who said - “Bagpipes and Bullshot is an amusing, cleverly written, fun read with many moments that make you laugh out loud” - recently on her book review blog.

    I think she deserves a nice big glass of bullshot for that...!

  16. Ok, I just tried the Haggis, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Now for one of those special martinis...

  17. Hi Melanie - oh wow you look fab in your Highland Dancing outfit - and I was hoping you would bring your own bagpipes along all the way from Canada (which is just another part of Scotland really)!

    Seriously folks, Melanie is a mean player of the pipes!

  18. Hi Lucie - so lovely to see you and you seem to be really enjoying your bullshot - have a nice slice of smoked salmon while we wait for Oliver to finish roasting the venison for lunch.

  19. Arh, yes, I'll join you in a special martini, Kenneth, and we can chat about you being a guest next week on my blog - I do hope you are going to tell us all about your latest book...?

  20. Cheers, Janice, and thanks for hosting me on your blog next week! I'll look forward to talking about my book over there for sure! Now I've got to duck out for a bit but will try to be back in time for the venison. Mmmm...sounds good... :-)

  21. Morning!

    Umm .. Oliver looks lovely, happy tp prepare him a Bullshot if he wants to swing by this evening!!!

    Jess and I are wearing our Graham tartan today and have haggis for dinner washing down with a neat scotch - yum (eugh!!)!!

    Would love to win a hard copy of Bagpipes and Bullshot with the gorgeous new red cover.


  22. Wearing my best Bywater tartan. Can I please try a Bullshot? Have fun! x x

  23. Can I alert our lovely Roast & Toast hostesses to a blog page duplication???

    It seems another 'Gathering' page has been posted below this one and some of the guests have stumbled into it through the thick scotch mist and are all alone and afraid.

    And there is no Oliver to mix the bullshot there! Yikes!!

  24. Hi Lou & Jess - welcome to my humble if magnificent Scottish Castle. I see you are wearing the Graham tartan - and of course the Horton clan and the Grahams have been feuding for millenium - but I'm willing to put that aside since you have read Bagpipes & Bullshot and said such fabulous things about it on your review blog! Will you have another dram....?

  25. Hi Nikki - of course you can have a bullshot - now where can Oliver have got too? Oh, I see, he's over there with Kim. Naughty Kim!

  26. I LOVE smoked salmon so I'll be indulging nicely, thank you!
    Not had venison before, so I'm looking forward to lunch....

  27. Loving the dress Janice and loving Oliver quite a lot too!! Pass me some of that Bullshot stuff - is it like Jagermeister? Do we do it in shots or pint glasses? Point me in the direction of the haggis because I'm famished!

  28. Amanda! You've arrived just in time for lunch. Oliver is about to serve the starter - smoked salmon blinies - but do leave room for the roast venison with juniper glaze. There's lots of lovely bullshot to wash it down with!

  29. Oh,listen, is that 'Scotland The Brave' I hear on the pipes? Let's dance!

  30. Wow, I explore the castle for an hour or so and come back to find all these visitors! Welcome everyone, our other hostesses., Mary, Sharon and Patsy, will be with you shortly. (As soon as they can tear themselves away from those sword dancers!)

    Good morning Kenneth, hope you're enjoying your stay in Europe, despite the rather typical chilly weather! I agree about the haggis, poor wee critters, I couldn't bring myself to eat one either! You'll enjoy the venison though!

    Hello Linn, I have to say you look rather fetching in that short kilt, no wonder I see Oliver winking at you!

    Hi Kim, lovely to meet you - I will run over to your blog and read your review of Janice's book, as soon as I get a moment! (I have another guest on my own blog today, busy, busy, busy!)

    Hi Melanie, welcome to Janice's Roast Party, isn't her caetle magnificent!

    Good morning Lucie, lovely to see you.

  31. The Bullshot's delicious - the haggis sublime - and thank you to Oliver for coming round to the stables with me to help me with my horse. Sorry if we were gone some time...

  32. Many apologies! Thanks for alerting us to the duplication, Janice.

    How on earth did that happen! Blogger can be such a pain sometimes! Or perhaps it was the wee hairy haggisses getting their own back and joining forces with the gremlins!

    Anyway, all fixed now, with apologies to the two guests who got last, I've pasted their posts back here, together with their blog details so they can still be entered in the draw again.

    (Thinking about it, I haven't seen Cuddles, Nibbie and Hampy for some time, I wonder if those little varmints had anything to do with duplicating the blog?

  33. Sue Watson said...
    Looks like a fab read - and you are pure uber Glen Glamour in your highland fling frock janice! x


  34. Cuddles, Nibbie and Hampy (disguised as haggis!) have just been seen dashing from the cellar where the blog machinery is kept - those naughty little critters!

  35. A WRITERS LOT said…

    What an event ..and the food looks yummy!


  36. Hi Sue! Gosh you are still looking radiant from your book launch yesterday - I hear sales of 'Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes' are going really well. Have slice of clootie dumpling...

  37. A Writers lot ....? Arh, it's you Myra! Come out from under Oliver's kilt for goodness sake and have a glass of bullshot!

  38. Phew, I'm glad that's all sorted now!
    The little varmints! Wait 'till Oliver catches them, he'll have them on washing up duty for a month!

  39. Wearing the Barclay tartan, yes there is a Barclay tartan! I've just flown here..on the plane! and whow what a party. The food looks great and hic the bullshot is mmmm well hic! Need an extra shot to keep this cold out... laugh!

    I've read your lovely book and I can tell you all it is FAB...cheers Janice to selling your next million! xx

  40. Well, of course the Barclay Clan have always been great allies of the Horton Clan and you look great in your tartan bikini Pauline. I can see the Highland wind is blowing cold today though, so perhaps I might lend you one of my warmer gowns for the rest of the festivities? We don't want Oliver to spill anymore of the bullshot now do we?

  41. Can I have some more drink please? Hope I've got rid of that Amanda person - she's been annoying me for a while! Its Lady Baggot here - I should have my own tartan don't you think? Has anyone caught the haggis yet?

  42. I'm back from a walk over the moors. Glad I took a flask of bull shot with hot beef broth with me. Spent some time standing stoned looking at the standing stones... hic... excuse me. That was the bull shot talking. LOL!

  43. Hello Janice and your lovely hostesses (and yummy Oliver in his barely there kilt outfit) - what a great gathering! I'd love some smoked salmon please, but hold the whisky.

    You do look lovely in your tartan gown, Janice. Hope the piper is going to play some more great Scottish music, especially if there's some dancing!

  44. Oh my goodness everyone, look Lady Baggot has arrived with her entourage ‘Team Baggot’- how exciting and is that Quinn Blake on her arm - oooooh make some more bullshot quick, Oliver!!!

  45. Melanie - where have you been and why have you got heather stuck to the back of your Highland Dancing dress? Oliver, please pour Melanie a dram to calm her down - it looks like she's been chasing haggis again!

  46. Hi Lucie, hope you enjoyed the smoked salmon.

    Good morning Lou, you're looking rather fetching in that Graham tartan.

    Hi Amanda, my Oliver is getting a lot of attention from the ladies today!

    Hi Nikki, may I say how lovely you look in your Bywater tartan!

    Hi Sue and Myra, so sorry about the confusion, so glad you've found your way back here!

    Hi Pauline, you look gorgeous in your Barclay tartan - and not a bit jetlagged after flying all that way! welcome to Janice's speical celebratory Roast.

    Whew! I HOPE I've managed to mention all the guests - please forgive me if I've missed anyone, it wasn't intentional!

    Oliver - double shot of that bullshot please! (Or a large flaggon of mead, whichever is handiest!)

  47. The lovely Rosemary has requested we all dance to 'Mhari's Wedding' - and she's a wonderful dancer - so let's kick up our heels!

  48. Totally forgot to say how very svelte you are looking in your tartan gown Janice! I'm assuming you won't be eating much for lunch though - is there room to breath in there or is it a corset?????? Ha! ha! ha!

  49. Wow the party has only just begun and it is sizzling already!! Cant work out my favourite part the lovely Oliver or the CAKE!!!!

  50. Quinn wants to sing but I've said he has to save his voice for the tour! What do you think? Shall I let him?

  51. Linn - I'll let you into a secret -my dress has an elasticated waist that way I can fit in as much smoked salmon and haggis as I want!

    Rea, are those your fingerprints on the cake - and on Oliver too..??

  52. Oh wow - we would love Quinn to sing - does he want to go accoustic or have the bagipes to accompany him...?

  53. Of course I did mean baggotpipes, (hic)... oops, pardon me!

  54. As long as Oliver can be my dancing partner, Janice!

  55. OMG - this party is in full "fling." I always wondered what the hunks...er...men wore under those kilts! Now I can find out! Anyone seen Hampy??? Oliver *she croons* - you look fantastic!

  56. Yes i think Quinn should sing Lady Baggot. He has a gorgeous voice!

    Note to Janice - Go steady on the dram with Lady Baggot, she has been known to dance on the tables after a few!!!

    Jess has gone to look at Misty .. hope that is ok!

  57. Yikes, I do believe I missed Mandy and Rosemary. So sorry ladies. Wow, you look beautiful in your tartans!

  58. Hi Patsy - love the jaunty hat - you joined us just in time for the dancing - and Quinny is going to sing for us. I'm hoping for a Lady Baggot number later on too!

  59. Hi Rea. Wow, I can't keep up with all the new guests arriving!

    Dance? Ooh I love the tune 'Mahri's Wedding'!

    Ah, now my mind is clearing *hic*

    I see Mandy is actually Lady Bagott,
    Good day your Ladyship.

    Lyn runs and hugs her sister hostess, Patsy.

    Hi there Patsy - what have you done with Mary and Sharon, don't tell me they're still chatting up the sword dancers?

  60. I think someone should invent an Oliver cloning machine - the poor darling looks exausted already - is that the third barrell of bullshot he's mixing for us...?

  61. Now you know I don't usually drink, Janice - hic - so why didn't you warn me how potent the Bullshot is. Not sure if you're supposed to eat haggis as an accompaniment to venison but it went surprisingly well together. You'll have to do something about that bog though, I'll never be able to wear these shoes again. By the way, Oliver looks really hunky in the kilt!

  62. Hi Chris - how lovely to see you! When you said you wanted to go to the bog, I thought you meant the ladies room. You should have said that you wanted to go and research your next book 'Dead Bog'..!

  63. Janice, what a fantastic idea to clone Oliver, wow you'd make all the guests, not to mention the hostesses happy! Sharon keeps reminding us he's really HER butler and we get SO jealous (though we don't let her or him know that of course, LOL)

    Nice to meet you too Chris. Bogs, don't talk to me about bogs! First I have to wade through the Welsh bogs on an edurance ride when the sheep ate all the markers, and then I nearly fell into one on my way here!:)

  64. Janice my sweet, kisses darling girl, you look so lovely. Another bullshot my dear.

  65. Brrrr... thanks for the gown, that feels better. Nothing worse than all that bullshot over you, best down your throat...laugh!

  66. And just what the heck is Haggis?

    Danshing? Affer free slots of boooship?

    Well, maybe I can kick up my heels for a few rounds - More Bullsh...Bullshot!

  67. A warm welcome my lords and me ladies! Mead for lovely Lyn, a James Bond martini for Kenneth and another barrel of bullshot, party on in the highlands!

  68. Oliver, darling, *Kiss Kiss* - yes please I'm feeling quite parched! *wink*

  69. No, not chasing haggis. The haggis season doesn't open until St Andrews Day and ends on Robbie Burns day. I did see some nice golden ones though. Hopefully, they'll still be about come hunting season. No, t'was the bullshot. I slipped coming back down off the moor... hic... hic... and well, you know the rest. LOL!

  70. Hi Pauline, have I said hello to you before? I can't remmember, I'm a bit confused. *hic!*

    Patsy, do you really not know what a haggis is? Allow me to explain:

    The lesser hairy haggis is a small furry creture that lives in the Highlands of Scotland. Their legs are longer on one side than on the other, to enable them to run up the mountains. Unfortunately when they reach the top, if they try to climb down again, their legs are in the wrong position and they tumble down the mountainside where they're gathered by groups of haggis hunters during the 'haggis' season. Haggis is considered a great delicacy, but I think it's rather cruel!

  71. Where are the tables for dancing? Ooo a barrel - that will do!
    Quinn is going to sing a song from his new album called 'Sunrise' and Lady Baggot will be on backing! Hic!

  72. Darling Pasty asked what a haggis is... well, for those who don't know, haggis are three legged hairy creatures that run on the side of the hills in Scotland (having three legs, each one shorter than the other, keeps the running straight). They are very hard to hunt down but worth the trouble in the end - so delicious!

  73. Patsy my sweet, another bullshot if you dare!

  74. Haha- I concede to Lyn! Her haggis story was by far the better one lol!!! I loved the rolling down the hill bit. Haha!!!

    Oh, dear, I'd better slow down on the bullshot!

    Arhhhhhhhh, a lovely song from Quinn and Lady Baggot.....

  75. So glad you weren't chasing haggises, Melanie, the poor wee critters have
    enough to deal with!

    Janice, the haggisses in your area are a slightly different variety to the ones I know I think. How fascinating! :)

  76. Welcome to your highland party, Janice and what a fine party it is! Look at all the guests and men in kilts, wink...gawk...double wink...

  77. Ha! I wasn't born yesterday (obviously). Those are range cows you're talking about!

    Yeth, Oviler - more b "hic*

  78. Hic - great party - getaway Mandy, sorry, Lady Baggot - and no I will not get off the barrel to let you on. go and dance somewhere else! Oh, and Hywela, that was the bog I was talking about, although Janice seems to think it was something else. As if! Good idea for a book title though, Dead Bog, I'll get to work on it once I can see straight again - hic!

  79. Hugs sisters Lyn and Patsy, Mary is chasing Nibby.

  80. Lyn runs to greet her sister hostess!

    Hello Sharon, sweetie (hugs) I see you've brought your own Highlander with you, no wonder you're smiling!

  81. Janice, perhaps I can be persuaded to try a bullshot but a haggis, not in this life!

  82. Don't tell anyone, I've just been down to the kitchen and Nibbie, Cuddles and Hampy have ta pair haggises there. They said they'd 'followed them home'. A likely story! You can see pictures of them by the one of Janice with her dogs. (Just in case anyone doubts their existence>)

  83. Pasty, I saw you dancing over the swords just now, if you like I can ask Oliver to get you a couple of plasters or a bandage, perhaps..?

  84. A highland hi ho to all, let's sing and dance to the singers!

  85. Oh my, I'll have to keep my dogs inside come haggis hunting season - my dogs look like haggis!!!

  86. OMG - You're right Janice - Pasty needs bandages! OWWWWWW

  87. Oh, Sharon, you do have a lovely singing voice - I'm sure they can hear you in the next glen!

  88. Very much enjoyed the Highland Gathering! A good does of humour brightens the day and I loved the pictures. Not entering the contest as I've already been extremely fortunate in winning a copy of Bagpipes and Bullshot. I won something else though - feeling very lucky to see that recipe and going to makle a pitcher of that tonight!!
    In honour of the roast and toast, am changing my profile picture on Facebook.. do pop over.
    Have a great party everyone!

  89. I love your profile picture PL - is that a haggis sitting on your lap?

    Hi Dorothy (Bikerhen) - I'm just going to check out your FB Page - will be back in a mo...

  90. mmm...another bullshot if you please, hic

  91. Smile Janice, so I'm told I have a fine voice, wanna here me do Danny Boy, wink

  92. Oh yes, go on Sharon, give us a wee tune, I'll get the piper to accompany you...

  93. This is a brilliant event! I love it.
    And Scotland! *swoon* I cried during my entire first visit... the Highlands were so beautiful. I had to return with dry eyes to see clearly. Good luck with your book Janice. I'm headed over to order a copy right now. Oh... hug Oliver for me. :)

  94. Hi dorothy (Bikerhen) thanks so much for the 'plug' on your FB page. Doesn't Bagpipes and Bullshot sound wonderful!

    Lyn claps her hands over her ears - no Sharon, sweetie, Pleeeeese!

    Janice, why don't you read us another short excerpt from your book?

  95. Thanks Janice - that is my sweet Biddy - toy poodle of course.

  96. I seem to have an empty glass in my hand - how did that happen. Oliver..........ah, that's better.

  97. This is a short excerpt from Chapter 5 of Bagpipes & Bullshot where our Texan heroine Orley is meeting up in the local pub with Innes and his brother Fergus:

    The pub was incredibly busy. Everyone was shouting. Fishing rods were propped everywhere. Walls were lined with huge fish in glass cases. Antique fishing tackle and shotguns, ancient antlers and stuffed birds all competed for space with the customers who, in their drooping tweeds, plus fours, and enormous waders, looked like exhibition objects themselves. Orley picked her way through the throng in the hope of finding Fergus.
    Although friendly, the local dialect in Orley’s ears sounded like a completely foreign language. She could comprehend so little of it and found it unsettling as she had not expected a language barrier. It was with relief that she spotted Fergus sitting at the bar next to the empty seat he had managed to save for her.
    ‘A drink..?’ he suggested, as she settled beside him and tucked her purchases away between her ankles. She would have loved a cup of coffee or even tea but instead Fergus ordered two large whiskies. She picked up a bar menu. The smell of food in the air was very enticing and people all around were tucking into traditional fare.
    Tatties and Neeps, Haggis and Champers.
    Oh dear. What sort of food could it be..?
    The door swung open and she looked up eagerly hoping to see Innes, but it was another fishing party arriving. They noisily took up the last remaining table and ordered drinks as if they were out on a Saturday night bachelor party.
    A barmaid put whiskies down in front of Fergus and Orley. ‘On yer tab then, Fergus?’
    ‘Aye, that’ll do, Aileen,’ Fergus replied. ‘An one fer yer sell.’
    ‘Ken.’ she replied, flipping a couple of coins into a large glass marked ‘tips’ at the back of the bar. The glass was almost full of cash.
    ‘Ken this is ya American gal, ken?’ Aileen queried, gesturing towards Orley.
    Orley blushed. The only word she recognised was ‘American’.
    ‘Aye, this is Orley MacKenna from Texas.’
    ‘Aye, hen, its guid ta’ meet wit’ya, ken...’
    Orley shook the barmaid’s hand and couldn’t help but wonder why this woman called everyone Ken. ‘It’s nice to meet you, Aileen.’
    Aileen returned to pulling pints from the shiny brass pump levers and pouring large measures of scotch for her customers while Orley sipped on her drink and contemplated the large glass of cash on the back of the bar.
    ‘Big tips,’ she remarked to Fergus.
    ‘Aye, bloody enormous!’ Fergus agreed, laughing loudly.
    In the midst of the affray, Innes was making his way towards the bar. He could see Orley, and over the bedlam around him, he could distinctly hear his brother’s raucous laughter.
    Eventually, he reached them and he wrapped his arms around Orley in a warm embrace.
    ‘Get the drinks in, Fergus,’ he said, kissing the side of her cheek.

  98. LOL - have you seen Bikerhen's picture on her Facebook page folks? Naughty girl Dorothy. (Giggle)

    (I had to go to her website to find the link though.)

  99. Oooh, love the excerpt, Janice, thanks so much for sharing. This sounds such a good book (and it has horses in it as a bonus!*grin*)

  100. Hi Barbara - thank you so much for joining the gathering - I'm so sorry the last time you were here we reduced you to tears!!

    I see you are here from Florida - and that is one of my very favorite places in the world - and I've been there many times.

    You might find it a bit chilly here in Scotland - so have another bullshot to warm you up!

  101. Hi Gilly - welcome back!

    Oh I see Oliver has brought you a bowl of hot broth to warm you up after your ride back through the glen!

  102. Naughty Dorothy indeed. Poor Oliver is looking worried and keeps clenching at his kilt...

  103. Hi Barbara,

    So glad you could join the party. I agree, Scotland is beautiful, I've only been there twice but it's the only place except Wales where I think I would be happy to live.

  104. Forgot to say Janice. You're quite right, there is a bit of a resemblance between the hairy haggises and your sweet doggies, isn't there!

    We have quite a collection of these little critters (the haggises I mean.) When my husband was a trucker he used to bring a couple back with him every time he visited Scotland, and I think they bred...!

  105. Greetings Janice and congratulations on the fabulous party! I'm sorry I'm a bit late dropping by from France - I decided to come by hot-air balloon (you know how we writers are!) and the winds weren't so good over the Channel. Hopefully Lou and Jess didn't finish all the haggis! I'll just have a look at the buffet and try to find you in the crowd.

  106. Hi Patricia - great that you made it across the channel in that wind - and how fabulous that your huge hot air ballon is a tartan one!

  107. Wow, Patricia, all the way from France in a hot air baloon, impressive

  108. Hiya Janice, Everyone. Finally got here. Nightmare trip up from the deep south, those gales kept blowing me backwards. Nice frock!. Any of that bull whatsit left? No! NO! You mean you've drunk it all. No wonder it's gone quiet in here, you've all been at it since dawn. Food then? Could murder a haggis sarnie? That's better. No, neat scotch'll do till the next barrel arrives. Right, who's up for a Conga?

  109. What a party, I've not laughed so much in ages, but away I must, this chilly wind is not good, so it's back to sunnier climes for me. Thank you one and all for your fabby hospitality, mmmmm I feel a bit skwiffy! Must have been that last nip of bullshot I had, ten was it or 12, hic hic....sway.....!

  110. Kit - I'll join you for a Conga, if you'll promise to do a Highland Fling later! Rumour has it, you do a mean one! Excuse me but I 'm going to the bar first ... got to (attempt to) catch up with the others! Quite a rowdy group.

  111. Sorry I'm late. The Arran ferry was cancelled so I had to swim across. I'm in serious need of warming up now so somebody bring me a glass of bullshot! On second thoughts, just send Oliver...

  112. This is just the best party! What a great bunch of partygoers! I just stepped out to see the waves churning on the windswept loch! Is that Nessie out there or something else really creepy!

  113. Glad you've been enjoying the party, Patricia, don't leave us yet though, sober up - er I mean warm up a bit first, there's a blazing hot log fire inside the castle, Oliver will show you the way - if we can get him to tear himself away from Janice's side that is.

    Oliver sweetie, another mead if you don't mind I'm getting a little dry!

  114. OOPS *hic* I got my Patricia and my Pauline's mixed up! *hic* wonder how that hapened?

    Patricia, how wonderful to be 'up up and away in your beautiful balloon!'!

    Kit, don't worry, Oliver has made barrels of the stuff! Phew I'm quite worn out after that conga! I'm going to have to lie down on a darkened highlander for a bit!

  115. Oh Patsy, I agree about the partygoers, aren't they all wonderful!

    Nessie? Sharon said he preomised he wouldn't show up again today!

  116. I arrived in time for lunch maybe? Can I have a bullshot? And I'd love to know what's under Oliver's kilt. lol!

    Janice, your excerpt sounds intriguing.

  117. Phew - I'm full of fresh air after that walk round the loch to clear my head after all that bullshot! I spotted Nessie a couple of times, and chased a couple of haggis over the hill - what fun there is to be had in Scotland!

  118. Linda - so lovely to see you. I hear you regularly swim to the mainland from Arran!

    Have a nice warming glass of bullshot - Oliver has just made a fresh barrel...

    Are we having cake soon...?

  119. Well I finally found Nibby. I chased her over hill and dale and the rotten dog just laughed at me. It wasn't until I almost fell into a bog that she stopped and came over to me. She's still laughing at me.
    One of these days!
    So Janice this party is rocking! I am so glad you came to party with us. Now If I could just keep my hooters away from Sharon and in my blouse instead of used a basketballs!

  120. Hi Lilly! ((waves)) so glad you could join us for our little Gathering!

  121. Lyn, don't tell me you are smashed again. Let's sing some more???
    Patsy, you look hot in that outfit! At least in my dress the girls can breathe!

  122. Hi Mary - wow you look a sensation in that dress you are almost wearing - how about a shortbread to dip in your bullshot..?

  123. Nessie is nothing but a big fish. I don't believe a word of it. And Janice let's chase some more of those haggis thingees. Nibby loves that! Uh Oh! Her eyes are turning red. What is that??? OH MY!

  124. Sure I'll taste it. It's strrrrrrrrooong! Whew Wee!!!

  125. Oh yes, let's sing - The Skye Boat Song. "Speed bonny boat, like a bird on the wing, onward the sailor’s cry. Carry the lad that’s born to be king, over the sea to Skye...."

    Innes, the hero of Bagpipes & Bullshot, plays this to Orley, the heroine of the story, on his bagpipes at the start of the book!

  126. What a wonderful celebration, Janice! Happy to be here. :)

  127. Hi Talli - oh look, you are wearing a tartan beret jauntily on your head - something tells me that was bought in your recent quick stopover to Edinburgh via Paris!

  128. I'm glad you told us the words, if I don't remember them I just make stuff up! LOL! Sharon hates that!!! HEHE!

  129. Talli - do have something from the bar and a slice of cake - Oliver is keen to serve you...

  130. I usually have a hard time remembering all 25 verses of 'Auld Lang Sine' at Hogmanay - mind you, I don't think I can remember my own name at Hogmanany....

  131. Ooo love the pictures. Great to join the party!

  132. Hey, great party, Janice! Well, I guess since it's for a great book, it should be! Just waiting for Oliver to bring me my whiskey! It's been hot in Texas. Then, after I look over your castle, of course, I'll be ordering my copy of your book on it's launch day!

  133. Ooooh Gill, how lovely of you to hike over the hill from your neighbouring farm to join us!

    Now, Oliver is ken to mix you a cocktail, so what'll you have...?

  134. Oh Vickie - fantastic - like the heroine of my book Bagpipes & Bullshot you are from Texas!

    As with all the others who have come so far - we'll get Oliver to make you up a room in the tower, so kick back and join in the fun!

  135. Time for me to bid you all farewell and get that tartan hot-air balloon floating south. If everyone at the party could come out on the heather and wave me off, that would be grand. Thanks so much for a wildly wonderful celebration for such a fine novel and author! Party on!

  136. How about a rousing rendition of The Barnyards of Delgaty...

    Oh a before we start, could I have another wee nip o' Bullshot, please Oliver? You're a good man (resisting the urge to lift his kilt for wee peek). Thanks.

    As I cam' in by Turra Market,
    Turra Market for to fee,
    I fell in wi' a mairket fairmer,
    The Barnyards of Delgaty.

    Lintin addie toorin addie,
    Lintin addie toorin ee,
    Lintin lowrin, lowrin, lowrin,
    The barnyards of Delgaty.


    He promised me the twa best horse
    That ever were in Scotland seen,
    But when I gaed doon tae the Barren Yairds,
    There was naething there but skin and bean.


    The auld black horse sat on its rump,
    The auld white mare lay on her wime.
    And for all that I could "Hup" and crack,
    They wouldna rise at yokin' time.


    When I gae to the kirk on Sunday,
    Mony's the bonnie lass I see,
    Sitting by her faither's side
    And winkin o'er the pews at me.


    I can drink and no be drunk,
    I can fecht and no be slain,
    I can lie wi another man's lass,
    And aye be welcome to my ain.


    Noo my candle is brunt oot,
    My snotter's fairly on the wane.
    Sae fare ye weel ye Barnyards
    Ye'll never catch me here again.


  137. Janice - you still look stunning - even after your hard partying all day :)

    Been touring the castle. Interesting views from those battlements (wink) although I ripped my Goodwin tartan skirt. Hope this wind dies down .....

    Never had haggis so making my way over there now ... oh, there's none out! Hope you haven't run out? I know I'm late but ...

    Read fab reviews for Bagpipes & Bullshot (notice I typed that right!).

    Enjoy your party.

    Off to mingle x x

  138. Wow - I really think you should be auditioning for X-Factor with a voice as powerful as that, Melanie!

    Remarkable, really, thank you!

    *applause* *wild clapping* drunken cheers*

    Melanie takes a bow (so she can peek under Oliver's kilt, no doubt!)

  139. hey Shaz - how wonderful to see you and you look fantastic in your tartan skirt!

    Don't worry - fresh supplies of haggis have just been steamed in Oliver's pot - I shot them myself this afternoon while walking on the hill. Nothing nicer than freshly shot and steamed haggis!

    Now, what will you have from the bar... bullshot perhaps...?

  140. That haggis moved!!!!AAHHHH!!!
    It's, it's, it's, jumping at me! Mary screams and runs from the resurrected haggis that is rising from the table. It starts to chase Mary, Nibble nips at it's heals as it chases Mary. The smell is incredible, and Mary is flying. Hooters bouncing, she holds them down and hollers as she races around a huge campfire!

  141. Thanks Janis! *gives a twirl*

    I don't know about the haggis but will take your word for it.

    'Hey Oliver, are the haggis ready?'

    Sorry about that Janis, am starving and my mouth is watering from all those delicious smells ...

    Yes please, bullshot for me x x

  142. Oh my ... look, what IS that chasing Mary? A haggis? Really? I don't think it is ...

  143. Shaz - do have an extra portion of Haggis - you won't regret it - it's got oats in it, ya'know, great for soaking up the bullshot.

    Right, the sun's going down and the candles are flickering in the wind. The fires are roaring in the grate - let's turn up the music and party!!!!!!!

  144. Wow, that's almost deafening - good job there's no neighbours for the next thirty miles..!

    Party on....!!!!!

  145. What is that? Bagpipes? Who is playing? too dark for me to see. Oh wait ... ooops

    'Sorry - I love your singing'

    *whispers* Janis who is singing?

    Great party. Hic. Anymore bullshot going? Or have you drunk it all Janis?

  146. Shaz - do not worry - we have a fresh batch of bullshot thanks to Oliver who has just mixed a fresh batch! Ohhh.. a tasty batch too...!

  147. Is there alcohol in this stuff? Hic, you know I don't drink, strange things happen when I do!
    Oliver, you made me a virgin right?

  148. Has anyone see Hampy? I hope that naughty little boy isn't chasing Haggis' skirts! He was in the kitchen earlier. I'll just follow the black rice trail.

  149. Janice, you are rockin' the highlands, lassie girrl!

  150. Mary sweetie, was that you singing in the heathers, wink

  151. It was me!
    Patsy, I saw him riding on Cuddles back as he, Cuddles and Nibby chased ghosts in the Castle! They invited me, but I can't run as fast as they can.

  152. Whew, it's a hard time keep is up with all that singing and highland flings and whathaveyou!

    Mary, Sharon, Patsy,

    Hello to all the new guests. (I'm hoarse from singing) Let's keep partying! y'all ready for another Highland reel? Oh, it's so romantic with the candles and the campfire and that pile of Janice's books is dwindling fast!

  153. Of course, bring on the pipers. I think I've got my second wind. But might sit here and read for awhile, the book sounds terrific!

  154. Lyn, Mary, Patsy, gather round the pipers with Janice, let's make the highlands echo this night, wink

  155. IIIsss, been drinking the tommaaaaaaaaaaatooo juice, it's nifty. Bulll shhoot, Can you say that fast ten timesss??? Heh? Can you? I can barely talk, yee hah!
    I mean YEE HAH! No wait that's Western. Yodaladywho!! No, that ain't it. THHEEE HHILLS ARe alive with the noise of muusssic. No.?
    AAve been workin' on the railroad. OW! Sharon! Stop pinching me. Lyn get your clodhopppersss off my otes, I mean teos, toes!! Patssyyy, you need tatoos on those bissseeeppss. Little tiny ships. Or, the words. I'm easy. No wait that would be Sharon... I don't feeel right.... OH DDOnnie buoy the pipes are cracking, and if they do we're gonna all get weet!! Ahhh!Burp, scuse me.

  156. why didn't anyone wake me? Wow, that bullshot really is potent stuff.

  157. Mary, dear, there's more in that tomato juice than - tomato juice!

    Sharon, Patsy, Janice, is there anywhere where we can lay our Mary down to sleep it off - preferably out of sight and out of hearing?

    Oh dear, she's off again! We love her dearly, but reqlly one can't take her anywhere!

  158. Hello Shaz - well we thought it better to leave you to sleep it off - otherwise you might end up like our Mary here!

    Oh dear! Now she's mumbling something about The Duke and the James Gang!

  159. Mary! Mary! Come back here!
    What am I saying? More bullshot, my buzz is melting! Back on the table I go for another highland fling! *she smiles at a passing kilt*
    Is your name Highland Fling?

  160. Well, Patsy if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, I say. Oliver let's have another of those bullywhatsists please cariad!

  161. Oh my oh my, I can honestly say I haven't laughed so much in ages!

    Thank you ladies - and Mary - I mean, what is all that about :-

    "I mean YEE HAH! No wait that's Western. Yodaladywho!! No, that ain't it. THHEEE HHILLS ARe alive with the noise of muusssic. No.?
    AAve been workin' on the railroad. OW! Sharon! Stop pinching me. Lyn get your clodhopppersss off my otes, I mean teos, toes!! Patssyyy, you need tatoos on those bissseeeppss. Little tiny ships...."


    (Laughing until it hurts - and collapsing in the heather...!!!)

  162. "Patsy?? Why are you stannnddinng so close to that Scot dancing on the stable boer there?" Mary notices Patsy staring up and is curious what her eyes are glued to. She falls and gets up twice before getting where Patsy is so absorbed. "Oh Dinny boy, the pipes are...Hi Patsy whatt's up."
    "You like kiltssss??" OOps Mary falls onto the table and gazes up.
    Her eyes pop open and she is frozen. Can't move, can't speak, can't barely breathe, her eyes are glued to the Scotsman who looks at her quizzically.
    Nice to see you." Mary says...

  163. ah tis good to laugh Janice. I've had great fun since waking up - watching all this malarkey :)

  164. How true, our Mary can't drink...she can't hold rr booze like me...Sharon falls off the table she was dancing on.

  165. Indeed to goodness, we do like to hae a good laff,Shaz, Lyn says, lapsing into her Welsh accent.
    Janice dear, you're a delightful Guest of Honour. I ajopolishe for my sister hostesses here, not being able to hold their liq - lik - drink. Good job one of ush is shober, eh Patsy!

    Lyn tumbles off the Highlander she's been standing on and falls in a heap with Sharon and Mary.

  166. Looky here Sharon, as long as we're both down on the floor. That guy in the killltts he is dancin' on that, up there, see. Sharon and Mary both look up and freeze. Mouths agape.
    Patsssys, quicks call, what's her name. With the big geet, I mean feet. Highwela somethin',Linney? Limey, whoops, I kow Lyn!! Look!
    Lyn freezes, and Mary looks back freezing once again.

  167. Lovely Highland fling, ladies and Oliver. I love Scotland and wish hubby and I were there now. Sigh. In the meantime, perhaps I'll win your book.


  168. Good evening Caroline, how lovely to see you. I was actually just thinking about you. Excuse me being a little unsteady on my feet - just a tad too much mead and Bullshot you know!

  169. Hi Caroline! I see you are from Texas too - how fabulous - welcome to Scotland and our Highland Gathering! Can Oliver get you a bullshot...?

  170. Caroline , when I say from Texas too, I mean the heroine of my book Bagpipes & Bullshot is from Texas. The story is about what happens after Orley decides to accept the position of cattle manager on a Scottish Estate...

  171. Ladies, and gents in attendance. You still here Kenneth? I thought you'd slinked off in shame after your kilt dropped whilst dancing the Dashing White Seargants with the lovely Janice and myself. What? Ooops I wasn't to repeat it? Sorry.

    And Bikerhen? You shameless woman! LOL!!! Quit peeking under Oliver's kilt! No fair you getting all the fun.

    This is really bad but speaking of under Oliver's kilt, I have to share this joke before I burst... need the loo first...

    Ah... much better. All that bullshot. It caught up with me. Anyway back to the joke. Can we have a drum roll please, Lady Baggot's band?

    Q How many birds can fly up under a Scotsman's kilt?

    A Depends on the size of the perch!

    hehehe... LOL!!!

  172. Oliver, I promise to be good. Let me stay! Peas!! Peas!! I'll be gudd!
    What did I do?
    Sharon get off the floor!

  173. Melanie, will you be my friend? I love your humor!
    What, what did I do? Well I spose I should go sleepppy now. Mary goes to sleep the tomato juice off. Funny stuff that tomato juice, never affected my like that... See you all in the morning. If I make it!!I mean if I survive the evening. Lyn is wide awake! Sharon, she's still frozen? Hugs for all! Janice you rock the blogspot!!!!YeeHah!

  174. Shober? Shober? Me shober? I nippled...er...tippled a little more of the butshut...

    Where's Mary! Mary me love - we need tae dance and sing!!

  175. Here's a wee Scottish joke:

    What is the name of a Scottish cloak room attendant?

    Willie Angus McCoatup.

  176. LOL! Willie Ha!
    Patsy, you still aware? I thought you'd passed out from the bullship, I mean shot.

  177. Janice you're SO funny - and a wonderful guesht, I mean guest! How are you still shtanding, it's nearly 1. a.m.! I'm going to have to get some shut eye, I can hardly stand on my sheet - I mean feet, dunno why I can't shpeek prop'ly!

    For those who're going to carry on dancing through the night - have a great time! See you in the morning!

  178. Oooh, nearly forgot - goodnight sister hostesses, Sharon, Mary, Patsy - in particular order!

    I expect you'' stay up all night making echshibish - ex - idiots of yourselves, but I'm going to bye byes.

    Bye bye - see you tomorrow!

  179. Aye Mary, you can be me frien... I loves tae network with folk. Perhaps we can have a wee chat tomorrow when we's not quite so under the affluence of incohol... hic...

    Think it's time for this gal to say night night to mine lovely hostesses and Oliver.

    Slainte one and all! see you at brekkie tomorrow morning. A guid Scottish fry up will set the world to rights. Oh and plenty of strong coffee.

  180. I'm loving all the tartan & food.


  181. Sharon opens her eyes to find she is holding several blue ribbons. Sigh...nothing like a highlander...smile

  182. Janice, thank you for a totally entertaining party in the beautiful highlands. You are one in a million. Best of luck my dear!

  183. Ladies and gents, breakfast is served with a wink and a smile. We have bacon, sausage, eggs, waffles, biscuits, croissants, hash browns, juice, fresh fruit, coffee and tea. A heaping platter to the highland queen, my sweet Janice. Here we go, love, give us a kiss, wink

  184. The smell of fresh sizzling bacon reaches Lyn and she grins in her sleep before stretching and muttering something about tartan and highlanders.

    Oooh, what a night, what a party! Wow, Janice, you rock! We really enjoyed having you. Wishing you much success and loads of sales of 'Bagpipes and Bullshot'.

    See you over at the Festival of Romance site!

    Mmm, yes, thank you Oliver, soon as you've finished plying Janice with food and drink, bacon and eggs and a chai tea would be lovely!

  185. Oh, look, there's Marybelle! Hi Marybelle! *waves*.

  186. Well, I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and a hearty appetite. How wonderful to see Oliver standing over me with a full platter of goodies, a kiss, and a wink. He certainly knows what a woman wants lol!

    I had a ball - and want to thank everyone for joining in and being such great sports.

    Having been well and truly roasted - I toast you all - but if it’s okay with you all I’ll hold off on the bullshot just now - and raise my glass of orange juice!

    Love, Janice xx

  187. Lyn raises her cup of chai tea!

    (I agree about the bullshot - that stuff kicks like a mule!)

    A return toast:

    To Janice and 'Bagpipes and Bullshot'
    may your flame burn ever brighter!

  188. As the pipers pipe their farewell tune and the mist rolls from the hills surrounding Janice's ancient Scottish Castle - Oliver announces the winner of an e-copy of Bagpipes & Bullshot.

    And the winner is Lilly Gayle!!

    Congratulations Lilly. If you'd like to send me your email address I'll send you your Smashwords Coupon. My email address is:

  189. Good morning all. Aren't these overnight tours fun, Janice?

    I'll have a cup of coffee. Then I'm off to my local chapter meeting.

  190. Glad I stopped by for that coffee this morning or I would have missed the grand announcement.

    Thanks so much, Janice. Your book was on my TBR list but it just moved up to the top of the pile. I love freebies. Esp. when it's a fab book!

  191. Congrtulations Lilly! We haven't even had chance to put the announcement up yet, but I'm sure you're going to enjoy reading 'Bagpipes and Bullshot'!

  192. I don't remember much about yesterday...Except for a great guest and wonderful commenters! Party animals!!!!
    Have a great weekend. Janice you rock!


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