As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Destiny Booze's Beach Party

“Nothing like your cat not coming and sharing your day with you,” AJ complains as she kicks the sand from around her feet.

Mary tries to soothe her, “AJ, cats don’t like water.”
“It’s not like I was gonna throw him in! I really thought Destiny would like to have a kitty to pet on her down time. OMG, I’ve got it. No down time for Destiny.” AJ runs to the table and inspects everything.

“Red velvet cake, CHECK. Butterscotch pudding, CHECK. Sweet tea in pretty glasses and LOTS of ice, CHECK. BBQ cooking, CHECK! Now to make sure she doesn’t have time to sit down,” AJ bowls over Lyn’s flip flops.

“Sorry to mess up your cute flip flops. They look just like feet.” She says, sticking her proverbial foot in her mouth.

“Those are my feet dear heart, what are you running around like a chicken with their head cut off for?” Lyn asks trying to calm the ever excitable AJ down.

“I have to get the games together. Can you and Sharon get the volley ball net up? I’ll work on the washers game, and.....Oh Mary darling - can you find some mosquito netting to put  up around her chaise longue? Must keep those nasty bugs from getting her.” AJ says as she scurries away.

“I think I’m starting to worry about her girls, I think she’s getting into this one too much,” Mary whispers as AJ trips over a chair.

“You may be right,” Sharon and Lyn say at the same time and giggle.

Sharon sighs, “Guess it’s time to do our duty. Don’t want to get on AJ’s bad side with her hair looking that bad. I think the humidity has REALLY put a kink in it.”

The girls get to their tasks making sure that everything is perfect for the party.  The decorations are up, the lights are strung and ready for when the party gets started. They couldn’t have done any better had they tried.

AJ, still running like a mad woman, has set up two types of washers games. This way others can choose what they are interested in and there will be no fighting except for the hot men in their little speedos. Floaties are all around in case anyone wants to get in the water but is too scared of the water. The girls all think she’s still hoping that Thor will show up for the party.

“Hey girls, I’m not much one for swimming, so I brought several copies of three of Destiny’s books for those who want to relax with me and watch for Thor. I mean just want to relax in the shade. I’m not sure about you, but I’m going to be reading her latest book The Curse of a Mind. I know my mind’s not cursed, but my hair is - so they should be connected. Wanna see the trailer while we wait for Destiny?

The girls all huddle around and watch the trailer

“Hi girls,” Destiny says as she walks in, look drop-dead gorgeous in a black and cerise bikini.

The four hostesses scream at the top of their lungs nearly dying of a heart attack.

“We were just watching the trailer,” Mary says as she holds her heaving bosom from popping right off.

Sharron’s bubble butt is shivering a little from the shock of it all, but she pulls it together well, “We were just making sure that everything was ready for the party, you didn’t startle us at all.” Though she did note that AJ’s hair was a tad bit more poofy than before they watched the trailer

“We’ve got copies of all your books right here, in case anyone wants to kick back and relax while they recoup from all the fun and games. Would you mind reading an excerpt of your book for us? We’d love it!” Lyn says moving her feet to the side to avoid a nasty little sea gull from picking at it.

“Of course I will girls,” Destiny chimes, “anything for you guys.”


They can’t win. The perpetrator is using a marvel in the medical field known as techlepathy, a combination of technology and telepathy to produce a telepathic result. He’s reading their minds. How can they possibly get away when he knows their every move?

Chris Chambers is a private investigator with great instincts and a shady past. She works with a skilled team on cases that most P.I.’s won’t touch. She’s hardened to life, hardened to people and as tough as the military trained her to be.

Her team’s newest case is a construction worker by the name of Aidan Wolfe. Aidan is hardheaded and successful, a man with no friends and a long list of enemies. Someone is trying to kill him, someone with extraordinary gifts.

The investigative team and Aidan will be confronted with their worst enemies—themselves. They are cursed to face their own thoughts, inner fears, prejudices, and every private feeling or emotion they have as this man toys with their minds and hearts. 

Can they survive? By the end, will they want to?


It was dark by the time Chris hung the sheet up, cleaned up dinner, and made out assignments for the next day.
Lucky was outside roaming for his last time of the night. She glanced at her watch—9:12 PM. It had been a long day to say the least. Her typical work schedule during an investigation was 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Getting beat up on the first day had encouraged her to put in extra hours.

She hadn’t seen Aidan or Leon since dinner. She was still in the dog house, and she deserved it, she knew. She had been hard on Aidan, too hard considering he was paying her salary. With the exception of that one slip with Harry Jacobson, she had never talked to a client in that way before. Was she losing control? He made her feel on fire whenever he looked at her. Lashing out at him was her only defense.

“Sabrina and I slept together the night before the wedding.”

If not for years of training, Chris would have jumped out of her skin at the sound of that velvet voice. She had just been thinking about him and there he stood. The living room suddenly felt very small.
Aidan stood by the wall, keeping his arms crossed and his posture lax. “We both wanted her first time to be special and I knew I couldn’t provide that with a ten-minute session before I left after the ceremony. Sabrina wouldn’t have cheated on me. The baby was mine.”

Chris stayed silent, letting him say all he had to say.

“You don’t believe that, do you?”

She honestly didn’t want to hurt him, even if her actions at dinner suggested otherwise. She shook her head no. She figured if she kept her mouth shut, it couldn’t do any damage.


She stared at him for a long time without answering.

“I want to hear it. Maybe the pina-coladas were non-alcoholic. Or maybe she just didn’t know she couldn’t drink because she hadn’t been to the doctor yet. What aren’t you saying?”

She shrugged as she said, “Hunch, mostly. Mr. Hilton talked about that baby as if it were his. He said he was close to Sabrina before you even entered the picture. There’s every chance I’m wrong, but my job is to figure out the whole picture. To see the things you aren’t seeing, part of that is guesswork. I can’t get to point Z without making a few assumptions. I’m trying to help you, Mr. Wolfe. To do that, I need you to be perfectly honest with me. Mr. Hilton had a definite bone to pick with you. Are you still sleeping with Sabrina?”

“No,” Aidan said.
She was more relieved by his answer than was professionally necessary.

“At least not lately.”

Damn. “When?”

“Our anniversary would have been in April. We got together for a drink and…it just happened. It meant nothing.”

Two months ago. Ms. Peterson was in her first trimester. “Then, this baby could be yours.”

He stared at her dumbfounded for a moment. Jeez, was the guy always this dense? She got more specific. “Did you even use protection?”


Double Damn. She wanted to shake this stubborn man and knock some sense into him. He was fooling around with another man’s fiancée and wondered why someone wanted him dead. She hated domestic cases. She also hated the situation because she really hated to think this man still had feelings for his ex-wife. And she didn’t want to analyze why his love life would bother her.

Leon entered the room with an easy stroll and an easier smile. “Hell Chris, maybe you should just move into this crib. Are you going to leave any time soon?”

Her answer was absorbed by the loud crash of the bay window imploding. Glass flew through the air faster than the noise traveled. The sheet covering the window collapsed to the floor in a ball.


"...Read this novel and see if you can honestly answer the question of what it would take to make you a killer, because no matter how righteous you think you are, everyone has a breaking point. For the protagonist in this story, I believe it is a lifetime of feeling defeated, and having known so little love in his life that losing any amount of that is horribly devastating. As for Chris and Aiden, I feel they could very easily have succumbed to the same fate, but instead turned their fears and anger inward... Put yourself in their place as tides of emotional and psychological warfare wash over them and really experience how their feelings for each other may be their only chance for survival."

~ Lototy, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

“…OMG is what you’ll be thinking as you read this thrilling novel. Destiny Booze has included romance, suspense, fantasy, and twists and turns you won’t even see coming. This is one of those books you might put down momentarily, but the draw of what is going to happen next will reel you back in…you won’t know “who done it” until the very end…”

~ Ginger Simpson, eBooks Examiner

"This book has a very inventive plot with an ending I didn't see coming. The characters were likable. Very emotional read in parts. Destiny should think about making this character, Chris Chambers, and her team into a series. James Patterson's woman's murder club better watch out...Destiny is coming."

~ bookaholic, Shelfari Reader

“…some laugh-out-loud moments and some touching ones. Will there be a Chris Chambers series? Let’s hope so… This is a book that will intrigue you. You will want to know how it ends, whether you like it or not.”

Elizabeth Provenzano, Tulsa Books Examiner

"...Destiny is an author you should be ready to follow into the big leagues...Destiny’s mind is a frightfully delightful one that continues to bring out one great novel after another. You won’t put this down until you see 'whodunit'."

~ Mind Fog Reviews

"a spine tingling roller coaster ride through my favorite subjects, murder and the unknown."

~ Author Tamela Quijas

"I literally gasped...You have an amazing talent for making the reader love the character(s)...very refreshingly original."

~ John McAllister, Editor

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  1. Good Morning Ladies - running down the beach to visit for a sec before I'm off to work - like real people do on Friday! Love the beach party, which I could stay and the books sound terrific. AJ -poofy hair is in these days - haven't you read the reports? Ladies, the bikinis are so....so....uh, colorful! Yeah, that's it - colorful! Love you guys

  2. Hi Patsy, lovely seeing you at our parties always!

  3. Welcome to your Party, Destiny, looks like the weather's great. I am having some problems with my connection, but I know Oliver and the other hostesses will look after you.

    Have a great time!

  4. I love a beach party any day. Can you share the secret for your gorgeous figures in bikini?

    Destiny, your blurb is already giving me goose bumps. I need a drink. Oliver, over here dahlin'. have a great day at the beach.

  5. Hugs Destiny, darling. Welcome to your beach party! Your books are all so fabulous, must reads. Enjoy your party. Oliver will be along to wait on you hand and foot in his speedos. Wink wink

  6. Patsy and Mona, how 'bout a game of volley ball before it gets too hot. What fun, everyone's gone surfin'!

  7. Mona our secret is...LOL Photoshop!!!
    It works wonders for your figure. And you can choose what you wear just like snapping your fingers. Well it's a lovely day. Those are some big flip flogs there Lyn we could use them to eradicate ant colonies!
    Don't go in the water AJ, sweetie the hair will get even worse!
    Sharon, love the thong, oh it's not a thong. I guess it's doing the best it can.
    And for me the boys love my hooters!!
    Hi Mona, have a good trip!
    Destiny, that was some excerpt. I have to put my sunscreen on, I'm on the move lookin' for some cute guys! Anybody seen any cutties??

  8. Air kisses, Lyn, Mary and AJ, what's say we take a dip. Look, Destiny's already surfin' with that hottie beachcomber. Some girls have all the fun.

  9. Mary honey, three hotties already, count them and it isn't even noon, have whistled at my backside. Do try and hang on to your hooters this week, huh sweetie

  10. I know they like big bottom girls! Isn't there a song about that??
    It's sss cute! I Gorilla glued them on this week. These babies aren't going anywhere!
    Was that Destiny? Haven't seen her myself. Hope she doesn't forget her party!
    Especially when that excerpt was so good! They are lining up to buy it and have it signed as we speak.
    Love your butt Sharon, it's a great place to carry things on too!

  11. Mary sweetie, the hotties at the volley ball net asked if they could borrow your hooters cause their ball blew into the ocean. I told 'em you would let them bounce your boobs all over the beach cause you're easy.

  12. Lyn runs over and gives everyone a big hug.

    Hi sweet sister-hostesses and Mona, and Patsy, sorry I've been away so long. I'd like to say I'd been swimming with the 'hotties' but my laptop's been playing silly games.

    Perhaps I've got sand in it!

  13. Sharon, you crack me up!!! That was a good one. Mary rolls on floor laughing. Then gets up and checks, yup still there.
    However, they won't come off because they are glued on today. And don't give my hooters away without asking. I'd never lend your butt out.
    Kim K. has nothing on you, your butt is the king of bottoms.
    I'm nice not easy, well...

  14. Hi Lyn, come and have a cool drink.
    Sharon is on a roll today. Her quick wit is hard to match. HeHe!

  15. Lyn sweetie, thank goodness you're here. Go boot that hottie surfer in the yellow speedos. He pinched my butt and called me lard butt. Go on, give 'em what for and kick him across the pond with your boa...I mean sturdy sandal..

  16. Where is he the louse! No one calls my girl lard butt, even if it's true, it's not nice.
    I have my stun gun, should I zap him for you?? HeHe!

  17. Whew, thanks Mary. Zap 'em good with your stunner or knock 'em out like a bowling pin with a roll of your hooters

  18. I kicked that bloke in HIS butt and he landed in a rock pool and a crab pinched his nose. That'll teach him!

  19. Thanks sweetie but did y'all lose your contacts again. That's not his nose you hit but his butt. Who's the lard butt now. You go girl

  20. Patsy - I don't have poofy hair. This is normal hair. Really!

  21. Think the roastee will mind if I borrow one of these guys in the speedo?

  22. No AJ Destiny won't mind. No offense honey but she won't be asking for your hair dresser either. Hey, stop pointing at my butt

  23. I'm not pointing at your butt. And I don't think Destiny will want it....I think Patsy might want my hair dresser. Did you see her comment? I'm not letting her within a foot of Miguel. Ooops, did I say his name out loud. Well she won't know it's the Miguel hidden in the shops in downtown ..... oh crap there I go again.

  24. So that's who does your hair, we were all making wagers. Just be glad it wasn't Lyn's foot in your mouth. Wink

  25. I'll have you know some really hunky guys have had my little foot in their mouth - Lyn claps her hand to her mouth. You didn't really hear me say that!

  26. LOL - if it's good enough for Fergie ...

  27. I can't even say what they are trying to put in their mouths of mine. Thank Oliver for the stun gun. It's great protection!
    Lyn take your foot outta that guys mouth and Sharon holding them down by sitting on them shouldn't really be necessary.
    AJ Miguel is a cute, just don't use the brill cream, it's too greasy, no matter what he says...
    Destiny where are you?????

  28. Are you doubting Miguel's masterfulness?

  29. No not that. I just don't want him to talk you into using that stuff to control your hair. We love your fuzzy hair. It's wonderful.
    Besides he has a nice bum.

  30. Yes, his bum is rather delightful. But don't tell him that. We might have a fight breaking out!!! Love your bum too Oliver.

  31. Back during my break, getting all sweaty running back and forth. I love volleyball but I am so short, the ball just generally bounces off my head.

  32. You and me too Patsy - I'm 5 ft nothing and my sister hostesses are petite too!

  33. We're all shrimps!
    I love my bikini today thanks Lyn. I look hot!

  34. Ooh you are hot Mary sweetie, one could almost think those hooters were real! LOL

    Who are you calling a shrimp? :)

  35. Wow, Oliver must be doing the same workout routine as Brad Pitt. Their chests are almost identical, lol.

    I can't believe I've been dieting for months and still can't fit into those bikinis, and yet...the gals at the Roast & Toast look absolutely amazing in theirs. Wonder if they go to the same gym.

    I see this novel has a P.I. in it. Nice!!!

  36. Hi Witchy - lovely to see you.

    Can't believe there could be any problems with your figure, you always look beautiful - can't you just twitch your nost or something to make any bikini you fancy fit perfectly? ;)

    Yes, I think Sharon would tell you Oliver had friends everywhere, including films, so it's quite possible he and Brad got together to workout! LOL

  37. Hugs WW, welcome to the beach party. I agree with Lyn, just as we have virtual food to keep our girlish figures, you can twitch yourself into even the teeniest string bikini. You always look fabulous, Oliver winks his approval.

  38. Hello everyone!

    P.L. - Have a wonderful day! Thanks for coming by!

    Hywela - Thank you guys so much! It looks amazing. :)

    Mona - Ooh...I love hearing my blurb gives you goose bumps. And the perfect figure in a bikini? I'll have to let you know if I ever get one. lol

    Sharon - Thanks a bunch!

  39. Mary - Thanks! Oh yeah, the cuties are here. See Oliver? :)

    This party is awesome! (even if the kitty didn't make it)

  40. Hi Destiny, so good to see you - we were afraid you'd been kidnapped or run off with one of these hunky beach guys!

    AJ is devoted to her kitty, Thor, he's not coming anywhere near the water though, he and Cuddles and Nibbie decided to stay home and chill out!

  41. Hi Destiny and everyone. Your book sounds really good. Loved the book trailer. Looking forward to reading it. As always a great party. It is hot as h#ll here. I could use a nice cold drink. The beach sounds nice but; I wouldn't be caught dead in a binkini. LOL.
    Sue B

  42. Hywela Lyn - Not kidnapped, maybe hoping to be kidnapped by one of these hotties on the beach...a girl can daydream, right? lol

    Sue - Thanks so much! Oh yes, very hot, but I need to work on my tan anyway. Uh-oh, am I burning already? *sigh* Where's the sunscreen?

  43. This cake is delicious. You ladies don't mind if I go ahead and polish it off, do you? Well, I'll wait. I really should share. I wouldn't want to make a pig of myself...yet. lol

  44. Whew, thank goodness Oliver rescued you from the tide, Destiny. We were so worried that y'all drown, but trust me, you are in safe arms. Welcome and congrats on a fab book and trailer. Dig into that scrumptious cake.

  45. Hi Sue, welcome. We all look fabulous in our virtual bikinis, so don one and grab a hottie.

  46. Destiny, you are burning just a tad but not to worry, here comes Oliver with sun screen and a smile. Wink

  47. Tell us about your book and characters

  48. Sharon - It's rumored Oliver and I went missing together, but I can't admit or deny that. I'm a happily married lady, you know. :) I will gladly let him help with the sunscreen. After all, I can't reach my back by myself, can I?

  49. Destiny my pretty sweet thing. Here's an ice cold coke, or something from the bar if y'all like. Now about that sun screen, allow me the pleasure.

  50. Ladies ladies, sweet tea all around. Here we go then, Sue, one for you my pet. And WW, you wanted a drink to chase your blues away, try a Dirty Martini. Patsy and Mona, my sweets, name your poison pleasure.

  51. Sharon, Lyn, Mary and AJ, got all your favorites with those cute umbrellas. Grin

  52. I will gladly tell you a bit about the book. It's a highly-psychological and suspenseful romantic thriller. Wow. Could I possibly get another adjective in there? lol

    The main character is a private investigator named Christopher, or Chris Chambers. She--yes she--is tough and spunky. How could she not be? Her dad wanted a boy, thus her birth name.

    Chris refuses to get involved with clients, but when Aidan Wolfe comes along, she may have trouble sticking to that rule. He's tall, dark and handsome and simply irresistible.

    Someone is trying to kill Aidan, someone that always seems one step ahead of Chris...*enter scary, dark music*

    Honestly, the feedback has been great. Most everyone is loving it. The killer tells some of the story and readers are saying they have never read anything like it. *blushing now*

    My favorite character in the story is Chris's autistic brother. He also tells some of the story and writing from his point-of-view was such a challenge! He brings a softer, more emotional side to THE CURSE OF A MIND.

  53. Sorry that was long winded...

    Did Oliver just call me pretty and sweet? *Giggling and blushing*

    Yes, Oliver, I do need sunscreen, lots of sunscreen. I have such a light complexion.

  54. AJ - I've been thinking about it. Maybe I do mind if you borrow one of the guys in speedos. It's my party and I want them all to sit around my chair with me.

    But, I think your hair is just fine! :)

    Oh, okay, you can borrow one. Just one.

  55. Witchy Woman - I'll never be a bikini type either...but that's okay. That's why I write. I love my fantasy life. hehehe Yes, there is a P.I. in this one! ;)

  56. Your book sounds wonderful Destiny, and I loved the video.
    Congratulaions and Many, many mor sales.

    Mmmmm this red velvet cake is rather yummys isn't it! I think you look wonderful in a bikini, gosh wish I had someone likE Oliver to rub suntan lotion into MY back!

    Ah. but as you say, that's the fun of being a writer, we can be what
    we want, look amazing, and have who we want-
    OK Richard, since Oliver's busy, and sharon's watching, here's the suntan lotion -

  57. Hywela Lyn - Thanks. Windows Movie Maker works magic. :)

    Deep down, I must secretly want a life of excitement and adventure, because everything I write is non-stop action. lol

    But, hey, seriously friends, I'm willing to share a little cake and a few cute guys, but...you know, go easy. It's my party and all that. (And, I'm not a selfish person. I just like what I like and want what's mine when I want it...)

    Just kidding. Everyone's invited to jump on in!

  58. Did someone bring a radio? We need some music. We should start off with a classic - Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet. Doesn't that put you in the beachy frame of mind?

  59. Yes Destiny, you are both sweet and pretty. A pitcher of margaritas and look WHO THE BAND IS STRIKE IT UP JIMMY

  60. "Wastin away again in margaritaville
    Searchin for my lost shaker of salt
    Some people claim that there's a woman to blame
    Now I think
    Hell, it could be my fault"

    I know I can't sing, but I can't help myself with this song. Sorry! Just cover your ears or join me!

    And, someone should have told Jimmy that it's always the man's fault. No offense, Oliver.

  61. What a fun beach party (and no sunburn - yay!)
    I'm looking forward to your book!

  62. Thanks, Michele! No, no sunburn...yet. lol Of course, I could say I'm getting a little pink so Oliver will put some more sunscreen on...

  63. Oliver comes running with a smile and more sun screen and a lost shaker of salt. What may I getcha from the bar Michele

  64. Destiny, love, the women are never wrong. grin

  65. The beach party's a lot of fun, and the excerpt was great!

    Robin D
    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

  66. Hi Robyn, welcometo Destiny's party, make yourself comfortable,have some refreshments and dip your toes in the water!

  67. Destiny, you aren't going to let me have one? That's ok, I'll bring MIguel. But I want a boy in a speedo....puhleeze!

  68. Destiny, I had no idea you were found. I went off with one of the guys and he ditched me. Didn't like the fact that I keep getting thrown off the internet. It's frustrating. Any way I'm glad they found you. We were worried and well I got occupied with one of the hunks that Lyn kicked.
    Now I have to go see what everyone said about me! LOL! And Sharon I am not easy, I'm just nice.

  69. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cbX4DUACYU

  70. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBsPZV14I-k&feature=related

  71. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC2gZMNkyJo

  72. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ChADh1zt5I&feature=related

    That's all the music I have for the day! :)

  73. I have to tell you, while I was away I had an operation on my hooters. Since I and every guy I meet love them, I decided I had better permanently have them pasted on. So I went to my plastic surgeon, (ahem) and he assures me they will not come off ever again. He bet Sharon's butt on that. And He also told me how to deflate her butt, but only temporarily. Not that I would ever do that. She'd look silly all flat there. And some guys love that, look at Kim K.
    She's got nothing on our girl!
    Mary grins coyly. You can try to take them off, but he assures me I'd bleed to death. Wouldn't wanna kill me would ya? Well not today anyways. Ah, thank God for silicone.

  74. Thank you for the music, the song I'm singiiiing.....
    Thank you Tami - why is everyone holding their hands to their ears? Thse videos were so good, you mean you've been filming us all while we were partying?

    Mary, I think you're a bit mean, now Cuddles and Thor and Nibbie will miss all the fun they used to have playhing with your hooters. Still they do look good. Just don't be tempted to use any more silicone will you, or you'll be top heavy and fall down and won't be able to get up again! LOL

  75. True, I think they are just right now. Although feet like yours might help my balance can I borrow your shoes?
    And I got tired of the pain. It hurts when people remove a hooter and play kickball in the pool. I'm mean?? Hmmm...
    Now that is mean!
    But since I love you all I forgive you. And AJ never did it. I growled at her and she never tried it. Hmmmm.

  76. frankly my dear, I don't think my little shoes are gonna help much!

  77. Robin - Thanks so much and thank you for dropping by!

  78. AJ - Loving the music! It's okay. I'll share one guy in a speedo. lol

  79. Hello Mary! Yes, I am here! And, I don't think we said anything terrible while you were gone, did we? hehehe

  80. Great beach party - love the butterscotch pudding! But everything is yummy - food, drinks, but especially your trailer and excerpt, Destiny.

    Wow - Sharon your bubble butt is something. LOL


  81. Diane - Thanks! I'm so glad you came by. Almost anything tastes good if it is butterscotch, right? Yum. :)

  82. Those shoes are little? Holy moley Lyn we need to get your eyes checked.
    You have problems with your peripheral and direct vision!
    Well as long as you all had fun.
    Well I'm going to take my hunk for a ride. In my little GTO~~~

  83. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXFFLuoaMzM


  84. ahh the beach well I'm going to hide under an umbrella and no no bikini for me even in cyber space its a scary sight . The book sounds fab , hand one over to i can borrow while eveyone is checking out the men :)

  85. Ladies ladies, breakfast is served, crunchy corn dogs and fries, a real beach sizzler. Plenty of coffee and tea and donuts. Here we go then, Destiny, a little of everything, my sweet.

  86. Sharon wakes to the sunshine warming her face and the peaceful lulling of waves washing ashore, along with Mary's hooters, Lyn's clodhoppers and AJ's wig. Horrified, she makes sure her prop is still in tact. Whew, she wiggles off for breakfast, adding a grateful swagger to her walk. Some things just can't be cloned, she tells Destiny with a wink.

  87. Destiny, thank you for being such a fun and delightful guest. What a fun beach party. You know I adore romantic suspense, my favorite genre, so I will be treating myself to your books.
    Hugs and see you on the Whimsical trail

  88. Hi Sharon, hi Oliver *blows air kisses*

    Hello Jennifer - whatever you want t wear and are comfortable in is fine for our parties, just make yourself at home!

    Destiny - I agree with Sharon. It's been such fun having you as our guest and I'm putting your book on my ever growing 'wish list'!

  89. Jennifer - Did we forget to tell you that we can ALL look good in bikinis here? It's part of the world of make-believe. lol Thanks so much for coming by and showing interest in my book!

  90. Oliver - *Sigh* Seeing you first thing in the morning is exactly how I want to start my day. :)

  91. Sharon - *Winking back, or trying. Both eyes are closing instead of one.* I give up. Here's a thumbs up to you, my friend!

  92. This beach party rocks! I've really enjoyed it! Thank you guys so much for inviting me and I'm sorry I went "missing." We can call it fashionably late, right? ;)

  93. 'Fashionably late' is fine, Destiny, you certainly made up for it and we're so glad you were able to make it!

  94. Those are not my hooters Sharon. Remember the surgery. That girl needs glasses! Maybe I should deflate that prop. Be kinda funny.
    What a lovely day, just got back from a walk. OH NOOO! I am totally sunburned. I am gonna pay for playing this time.
    Destiny I am so glad you were rescued. Because you are one special author!
    Good luck, I have to go inside, I will look like a lobster if I don't. When you all have had enough, come into the beautiful Beach House the hot guy I found owns. Brunch is served and Oliver can just enjoy himself for a change with the rest of us! Happy Days!!! Group hug!!


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