As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, May 27, 2011

JianneCarlo's Viking Celebration for 'The Dragon Slayer'

The Viking Longship brings the hostesses down the Norweigion Fjord to the site of the release party celebration of Jianne Carlo for her new book, ‘Dragon Slayer’. The sound echo of the horn alerting the town that their well loved men  have returned. Long oars handled by brawny, well-muscled Viking men is a truly exciting sight to see. With the strength of dozens of men the ship nearly flies into the harbor of the town. Solid wood oars snap into their rowlocks and the ship coasts like the fine craft it is.

The girls show off their new duds to one another. Woollen tunics of the softest wool covered linen shifts and each hostess has a long braid hanging down her back nearly reaching her waist. Excerpt AJ whose hair would not stay in one braid and instead had to be put into two long fuzzy pony tails on either side of her head. Lyn loosened it because it was stretching the side of her face. Tami is very grateful for the relief. But her bristly hair stuck out all straight.

The clothes hide all of the other girls' faults pretty well. The long tunic hides Lyn’s feet. Roomy and wide, it covers Sharon’s bubble butt without even touching it. Mary is confident the apron hides her abundant assets.  Finally clothes they can be comfortable in.Soft leather boots cover warm woolen socks. This land can get cold at nite. And the stiff drawers they’ve donned are not a thrill.

“Will you stop yelling, ‘Kurt, Toni, come and get me’.” Lyn elbows Mary in the side and continues, “Trust me, neither Kurt Douglas, nor Toni Curtis, are going to show up her for you. Get real.” With a touch of sympathy she adds - and Mary beams - but honey, look at all those Viking Warriors surrounding us. And notice who looks at you.”

With four quick snaps the girls all gander at the Viking men as they emerge from below deck. “OOHHH.” The four of them echo in unison.

“We have our pick!!!” AJ chortles. Suddenly from her pocket she pulls a scarf of some kind and tames her wild mane of frizz with a tie at the back of her head.

All four hostesses look at each other and grin.
Sharon points at the dock. “Look there’s Jianne! Who are those hunks behind her and the head hunk?”

A lovely woman, Jianne Carlo,  dressed in an elegant tunic waves and smiles at the girls. Her long, wavy, dark brown, hair is barely tamed by her braid. Locks of curls frame her face and she is beaming with excitement. Next to her stands a tall stately man, he is striking, and he looks fearsome. But Jianne seems to have tamed him as he nods to her and raises her hand to his lips in an intimate gesture of love. 

“Wow! That is the most romantic thing I have ever seen.” Lyn sighs.

“Come on girls I hear that her hero has slain dragons before. He saved her from being taken by one.” AJ tells them excitedly. “It’s a match made in Viking Heaven.” Sharon exclaims and all four of them break into laughter.

When they reach Jianne she hugs them all and with a warm welcome escorts them to a huge tent set up near the wood dock. On the front of the tent in bold letters is written. “Viking Booksale by Jianne Carlo” At the entrance to the tent are two guards watching as people enter the festivites, aided and hindered by Cuddles, Nibbie and the aptly named Thor, in their little Viking helmets.

Oliver is behind a table dressed in  a Viking tunic and cloak and horned helm. Heavy leather boots are covered by fur leggings. He looks very handsome and Sharon grins to herself.

On the tables are mugs of mead, ale, and wine to drink. A serving wench carries sloshing mugs to waiting guests, while another serves bread and various sweetmeats. The cacophony of noise is proof that people are having fun as they eat all kinds of salmon, canapés, smoked, baked, and grilled.

All kinds of fish fill the tables.  Jianne gestures to huge bowls of caviar and fresh toast points to put it on. A rowdy group breaks into song and the girls all start to chuckle.

Jianne stands and raises her stein of amber mead. She turns to the man who looks at her in adoration.

“To the Dragon Slayer!” The whole room breaks into agreement with genuine comments of well wishes as they each pick up a copy of Jianne’s latest book!

Today the girls would like you to answer one question, please.  Where do dragons live?



Ruard, the Viking warrior known as The Dragon Slayer, has no great hopes for the wife he’s to take as the lord of Dunsmuir Castle, so long as she’s a biddable wife, with all her teeth, who doesn’t drool—a plain, humble woman. He has no use for the flame-haired nymph with breasts as ripe as melons and whose supple hips beckon a man’s hands. Nor for a maiden with a stubborn chin and flashing eyes that speak of naught but trouble.
Catriona hopes for a husband ‘twill be easy to poison. Lord Ulfric holds her sister captive and demands Catriona do his bidding: poison his Viking rival, the man they call the Dragon Slayer. Catriona hopes for a cruel warrior, a man easy to hate, not this Thor god come to life with golden hair, sky blue eyes, and a laughing smile. Her sister’s life depends on it, but how can she slay this Ruard, her new husband, who makes her heart pound with joy?

Dunsmuir Castle, Scottish and Northumbria Border A.D. 1029

A muck-caked lad no higher than a holly shrub dumped a tray bearing two trenchers covered by a mass of gooey grayish matter on the table. Ruard shuddered as the odor of the food attacked his nostrils.

“I vow if she’s as rancid as this food I will not consummate the marriage this eve.” Ruard’s lips thinned.

“Assign more men to work on the bathhouses, for I would have them completed on the morrow.”

“And will you force your people to the soap?”

“Aye.” He recalled the lavender scented women at Cnut’s court. The fresh meadow fragrance of Norse women. The spicy aroma of harem women. He’d sniffed naught but rankness at Castle Dunsmuir.
The doors to the hall banged open, and the resounding crack dulled the clamor in the chamber. “Your bride arrives.”

“Am I to rejoice she has deigned to arrive?” Ruard gritted his teeth, but the anger he’d suppressed surged, his hands fisted, and every neck tendon strained. He had battled long and hard for Dunsmuir Castle and the two score farms and villages adjoining the fortress. By Odin, his bride and people would know their place before winter set in.

The few meager oil lamps on either side of the castle’s entrance did little to lift the shadows darkening the smoke-filled hall. A fierce icy gust sent the rushes concealing the filth of the uneven stone floors into a flurry, a mangy dog snuffling a peasant’s footsteps lifted his jaw and howled, and a crackle of white split the midnight sky. The storm brewing since dusk ruptured as thunder boomed.

All eyes turned to the new arrivals.

Ruard trained his gaze on the party, searching for a glimpse of the woman he would take to wife. His mouth dropped open when he glimpsed the lone female in the center of a group of armed warriors.

“Never have I seen a woman so dissimilar from her name.” Njal drained his goblet. “’Twere me naming her, she would be Catriona the Siren not Catriona the Pure.”

Ruard barely registered Njal’s words. He had hoped for a biddable wife who had all her teeth, did not drool, and performed her wifely duties without complaint. A plain, humble woman.

He had no use for a luscious goddess who drew every man’s attention. For every male in the hall, every serving boy, every wizened elder, every warrior gaped at the beauty as she glided across the hall.
Ruard had no use for a flame-haired nymph with breasts as ripe as melons and ruby lips begging for kisses. Nor for a wench whose supple hips beckoned a man’s hands. Nor for a maiden with a stubborn chin tilted just so in rebellion. Nor for a woman whose flashing eyes and narrowed gaze spoke of naught but trouble.

Price: $3.99
Genre: Historical Viking

Buy Links: http://etopia-press.net/shopping/pgm-more_information.php?id=27


Web site: www.jiannecarlo.com

To win a copy of Jianne's book, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
Contest ends tomorrow and everyone who comments is elligible.


  1. This absolutely gorgeous ladies! Thank you so much for having me. I'm thrilled to be here!


  2. Hi Jianne, and welcome to your party. So glad you like it, we're thriled to have you as our special guest!

    Have a glass of mead while we wait for the other hostesses and guests to arrive. I'm sure Oliver will be over like a shot to serve you as soon as he's finished adjusting his sword! :)

  3. Hugs, Lyn and Jianne. Welcome to your Viking party, Jianne! We are thrilled to pieces to host you, although these long undies keep crawling. Nothing a little mead can't fix. Your book sounds fabulous, I just love a dragon slayer.

  4. Kisses my lovely Jianne, a glass of mead for you my pretty.

  5. And hugs to the first of the divas to arrive, Lyn and Sharon, here we go, more mead.

  6. Jianne so nice to see you. Mary approaches Jianne and gives her one of the biggest hugs. Jianne you look wonderful in your dark long braids. You would be kidnapped by the first Viking you meet. So I guess that's why you have a bodyguard???
    I have never done a jello shot. Mmmmm. wonder if they made non alcoholic ones. You don't want to see me and alcohol together. It might be embarrassing!

  7. Wow! What a welcome! And I can see you're all trying to ply me with alcohol - :)

    Hywela Lyn - I acutaly finally tasted mead last year in Vancouver. We found a family run vineyard that specialized in mead. It tasted like sweet watery water flavoured with fruit. Not my cup of tea.

  8. Mary,

    Hugs and kisses. I miss you my friend.

    I've never done a jello shot either, but all of my sons have!

  9. I love that one - Oliver's adjusting his sword. Too cute Sharon.

  10. Thank you SoO much Oliver dear, and hugs to my sister hostesses sharon and Mary - and a hug for you too, Jianne.

    Jianne - have you tasted Welsh mead? It's sweet and spicy and delicious, although I suppose mead isn't to everyone's taste, but I love it! Never mind, there's plenty of other drinks to savour here at the Roast, just ask, and it shall be yours!

  11. I don't know where we could even buy Welsh mead. But I'm game to try it. So what can we get you to drink Jianne, we have it all!
    What I like about your stories Jianne is that they tell a story!!! A really good and exciting one to boot!
    Jianne so how does a tiny thing like you fall so hard for huge monstrous Vikings? And what about the tooth thing book, I am still wondering...LOL!
    So do you think I'll see a young Toni Curtis? Or who is for a young Kirk Douglas before he lost the eye???

  12. Still trying to find someone who will tell me where Dragons live????

  13. Hi Jianne, I love your excerpt. Your hero would better behave with such a confident heroine.

    Ladies as usual you organize a great reception but I'll pass on the food if it smells...hmm...special.

  14. Mary, I only know of one dragon and he lived by the sea... :) Jianne, I don't know about that Vancouver mead, but the mead I've had is also very sweet, but had a very rich, deep, spiced honey flavor (Chaucers, I believe, is a good brand and available here). I love it! So yes, ladies, I'll have a mead, some of that grilled salmon and hey, may I have a Viking to go, please? Jianne, congratulations of this release, it sounds gritty and sensual and sinful!

  15. Please note. Any Viking who is willing to go home with you is welcome to do so!!!
    I've already picked mine! Ha!
    So where do dragons live? In nasty caves? On mountaintops? Where???
    How many books have you published Jianne? And what are they called. Just so everyone knows...
    Nibby just bit someone on the hiney! She is very skiddish and he tried to grab Sharon. Nibby didn't like that at all!!! Her eyes turned red and she has the remnants of a horn on the top of her head. I wonder...

  16. Hugs Mary and a strawberry smoothie for you. Jianne, my lovely, not a mead lover, not a problem. Name your poison and I'll slay it for y'all. wink

  17. Mona and Allison, my pretties, mead all around.

  18. My vet calls Nibbie the devils minion. But she is so lovable!
    She runs away when I call her. She's bad!!!
    Nibbie, why can't you be like Cuddles? He looks so sweet and innocent.
    Doing a rain dance today!!!
    Jianne where do dragons live???

  19. Hate to tell you Mary, Cuddles is not as innocent as he looks - if you ever lose anything, ask him, he's like a magpie!

    Jianne, I love the sound of your book - definitely one for my TBR list, I love books about Vikings!

  20. I can tell you where dragon's live...you just have to give me mead and cake. I can't eat any of the other stuff. Unless one of you handsome blokes is a doctor.

  21. What an excerpt! It sounds as though Ruard is about to have his hands "full" in more ways than one. Best of luck with "The Dragon Slayer" but I'm sure it's going to be a wonderful success.

    Maeve Greyson
    maevegreyson @ gmail.com

  22. Mary shovels mead and cake into AJ hoping she will reveal where the dragons live before she passes out.
    They have riches all over their dens!!!

  23. Come here.....closer......closer.

  24. Maeve, how nice to see you here. Have you grabbed a Viking hunk yet???
    Better grab while there are still some hotties left. AJ has four guys behind her. AJ only one each. And at a time...Ha!

  25. I'm sorry - I don't know the meaning of that word 'one' you speak about.


  26. Have them line up then. First come first serve! LOL!
    No one has told me where the dragons live yet!!

  27. I love Nibbles and Cuddles, they sound ornery.

    Nice to meet you AJ and Maeve.

    Lovely to 'see' you again Mona and Allison - it's been a long time.

    I have 13 books out and the 14th comes out next week, The Peacemaker, the fourth Viking Warriors book. Thanks for asking Mona. I'll list them all in a separate comment.

    I love the strawberry smoothie.

    And the Irish meads sounds lovely. I'd love to know where you can get mead locally Allison.

  28. Hugs AJ, drink some mead love. wink

  29. Looks like great fun and your blog is super - really imaginative and different. Oh, and your cat Thor is gorgeous!

  30. Maeve my pet, have a little mead.

  31. Here kitty kitty! Come and let me pet you. And watch out for the rogue dragons!!!

  32. Here's a list of my books:

    Viking Warriors:
    The Bear and The Bride
    The Dragon Slayer
    The Peacemaker - release 06/01

    Medterranean Mambo:
    Manacled in Monaco
    Notorious in Nice
    Carnal in Cannes

    Hades Squad:
    A Paratrooper in a Pear Tree
    Lucifer's Choice

    Witchy Women:
    T is for Temptation
    D is for Desire

    Single Titles:
    Valentine Voodoo
    White Wolf

    Lucky in Read

    They're all listed on my website as well.

    Am I the only one who'd love Mary to shovel caviar my way?

  33. Thor is the love of my life. You'd never be able to tell that he was the runt.

  34. Hugs Mary and AJ, love y'all but elbows, the viking with the big horn is winking at me.

  35. No one got close enough....

    The dragons live in my hair....but they don't like me telling anyone.

  36. Oops I meant Welsh mead. Wales and a certain Clearwell Castle are two of the three factors that started me writing. I love Wales and the Welch.

    Kirk's great for me, but I'd take that Richard Burton any day!

    The fact is though, I do have my own Viking. A tall goregous blond, blue-eyed man who hails from Friesland, which was once a major trading center for the Vikings.

  37. Come on, Lyn, cough up the mead jug you're hiding. Oliver ran off to get more and the big one wants me

  38. Hugs Maeve honey. did y'all see Tony

  39. I love your wrting Jianne and I can't wait for Peacemaker. Thanks for that excerpt on your site today.

    I'll take the smoked salmon and the ale - nothing like a cold ale!

    My first visit - must say it's fun.

  40. I love your wrting Jianne and I can't wait for Peacemaker. Thanks for that excerpt on your site today.

    I'll take the smoked salmon and the ale - nothing like a cold ale!

    My first visit - must say it's fun.

    But it took me 3 tries to add this.

  41. I am waiting for more of the witchy women series. Love that!!!

  42. What fun! Great blog!

    I can vouch for Jianne's Vikings! I'm hooked!!
    For men from such a cold place, they are hot. Snow melts around them.

    So glad the next one is out soon.

  43. I'd love to try mead. Would you find it in the liquor booth?
    I hadn't realized you had that many out Jianne. Way to go!!!
    Nibbie don't chase Thor, Oh NOOOO!

  44. I know where the dragons live, in the mead, see how they swim. Watch out Lyn, kick, sister, kick. Use those boats to save your own self

  45. Jianne, my so many books, impressive

  46. Barbara - I think the dragons are gnawing on the Blogger wires. Thanks for being patient and visiting,

  47. Lynn - I was wondering what was going on with the snow. I'm glad the dragons aren't burrowing under the snow too.

  48. Welcome Barbara and Lynn, thanks for dropping in. Enjoy the mead food and men.

  49. Hey, the dragons are turning into men! OohLaLa!!!

  50. Sharon watch out behind you there is a huge dragon standing over your head. Wow! He's a big one, ohh wait, he's changing. He's changing into Gerard Butler, let me at him. What do you mean you get first dibs?

  51. *hic*. Lyn climbs out from under a table, waving a jug of mead in one hand, and grabbing a large Viking with the other . S-ss-steady big guy, don't look so *hic* scared. We won't hurt you!

    Jianne, I'm so glad you like Wales. I come from the mid west Wales, so grew up with the best of both worlds, the sea in front and the mountains behind. Mead *hic* is lovely if you like a sweet drink but *hic* very potent!

    *Waes* hi to all the new visitors. How come I misse you?

    Thanks for listing your books, Jianne, they all sound so tempting.The first Viking story I ever read was Eric Brighteyes by H Rider Haggard. Ever read it?

  52. By the way, Barbara, sorry Blogger played up for you - it's being a bit temperamenta again today. Perhaps the dragons are upsetting it!

  53. Wow! This is interesting. It'll take me a while to read everything. But I just want to say that I've never read anything by you that I didn't like. Now I'm going to read that Peacemaker excerpt on your site.

  54. Do the elbows work. You mean I can just elbow my way to that hot hunk behind you? Wait look over there Sharon it's Jessie James looking for you!
    Whilst Sharon runs to see Jesse, who really wasn't there. Mary grabs the
    Gerard Butler look alike from where he stands and they run!! Sharon is gonna kill me! Be back!!!HAHAHAHA!

  55. Thanks for dropping by Lynn. Love ya!

    Lynn is fabulous author Lynn Lorenz who is one of my absolute favorite authors. Her newest paranormal is set in New Orleans and it's fantastic - Rougaroux Social Club: Bayou Dreams

  56. *blush* thanks Barbara. I'm glad you liked the excerpt. Hope you'll have time to drop by later

  57. *blush*blush* Leela- you are too great. And thank you for that wonderul review on Goodreads for Lucifer's Choice.

  58. Hywela Lyn - no wonder you write if you grew up in Wales. What a poetic society.

    Okay Oliver, I think I'm ready for something different - how about a glass of white wine?

    Amd I'm gobbling the smoked salmon and caviar as we speak.

    My dragons come from the stars!

  59. Run, Mary, run!

    Hi Leela *waves*

    Gosh there are so many hunky looking Vikings here, it's difficult to choose. It's worse than a box of chocolates!

    Did Oliver ever get you that caviar Jianne? Here, I found a spare bowl of the stuff. Can't stand it myself! :)

    Ooh Lynn's books do sound good, so many great authors around.

    I'm keen to learn more about Ruard though, got another excerpt, Jianne?

  60. I'd love to post another excerpt - how do I do that?

  61. Hywela Lyn - no I've never read that one - I'll have to look it up.

    So stuffed with food that I have to put my feet up. Send that Thor over so I can have him warm me up with his purring.

  62. Plops all of Thor's mass on your lap Jianne. He's now 11" across, so your lap should be nice and warm.

  63. Thor comes slinking along and lays his head on Jeanne's lap, purring. Cuddles snuggles up so she can lean against him and Nibbie licks her hand.

    You can just leave paste an excerpt as a comment Jianne,

    (Eric Brighteyes is a very old story, but I loved it. Rider Haggard was a Victorian author)

  64. Here's another Dragon slayer excerpt:

    “The monk told me Ulfric gave you a steed you could not control. He said you did not fall when the stallion reared.” Rurad stare at Catriona.
    Thoughts jumped will he nill he, bouncing like apples bobbing in a barrel.
    What to do?
    “Speak to me, wife. Has the monk spoken the truth?”
    Swallowing around the constriction in her throat, Catriona focused on the strong line of Ruard’s jaw and nodded. His fingers caught her chin and he forced her to meet his gaze. His eyes seemed to pierce into her soul and she prayed for strength.
    His brow creased, but he appeared appeased for the moment. “I will see to a new, gentler mount for you. And you will not ride alone until I am satisfied you can control your horse.”
    Glancing downward she focused on her twined fingers and gritted her teeth.
    Until he is satisfied?
    Even her papa’s most stalwart knights acknowledged her skills with horseflesh.
    “The monk stays for the winter. He has a decree from King Cnut to that order.”
    Catriona wanted to scream he lies, he is Ulfric’s man, but she had no proof of the monk’s deceit. Anger racked a shudder through her body.
    Ruard reached over and hauled her into his lap. He gathered her close and rubbed her bare shoulders. “You are shivering. ’Tis my negligence. I took not the time to build the fire this morn.”
    That the warrior all called the dragon slayer had a care for her warmth startled her so ’twas all she could do not to blurt all, to tell him of her sister, to chance trusting him.
    He leaned over to the bottom of the bed, grabbed a fur, and tucked the soft skin to cover her exposed flesh.
    “Here, wife.”
    He handed her a cloth bundle.
    “’Tis your morning gift, my lady. I am well pleased with my bride.”
    She glanced up and the smile he wore settled like a warm blanket over her confusion and fear. The last gift given her had been from Papa shortly before he died in battle. The keys to Carden Tower.
    Undoing the bow, she fixed her eyes on the bright blue ribbon hoping for a signal from the Lord above. The gyrdel took her breath away. Delicate, intertwined gold links, a mother of pearl clasp ending in the finest cross she’d ever seen. But beneath the gyrdel lay the gift she truly wanted, the keys to Castle Dunsmuir’s larders and spice chests. ’Tis all she needed to free Gæierla, the spices to hide the poison in her husband’s food.

  65. Ooh- there's nothing better than a purring kitty when a thunderstorm's about to break.

    Oops- there is - another purring kitty who licks your hand.

    Snuggling up to Thor and Cuddles and Googling Eric Brighteyes - what a last name!

  66. Ooh, a great excerpt, Jianne, and what a lovely guy Rurad sounds. Surely she's not serious about poisoning him!

  67. Great blog today ladies. Jianne, the book looks amazing and that cover looks incredibly yummy!


  68. Waves to Leela, so happy you joined the party. Oliver is a comin' with more mead, Lyn and I will duke it out. LOL

  69. Elbows work wonders Mary and JJ and me are meeting in the dragon den to neck.

  70. Jianne my pretty, a nice chilled white wine. And ladies, plenty of mead. Allow ne to pour a few to get y'all started. Y'all look so fetching!

  71. Val my lovely, a drink my sweet

  72. She most definitely is serious, even carries the poison in a pouch attached to her chemise.

  73. Thanks Val! And yes, that's one of my favoritie covers.

  74. *batting eyelashes* why thank you Oliver

  75. Indeed to goodness, Lyn says, lapsing into her best Welsh accent in her dismay, she can't kill him - she can't! Now I'll have to read The Dragon Slayer to find out if she does or not!

  76. Ladies & kind Guests,

    I'm going to have to call it a day. But, I will be back on the morrow & on Sunday.

    You wenches throw a party to rival Thor's!!!

    Many thanks & may you find Vahalla here on earth!


  77. Bye honey - have a GREAT night!!!!

  78. I love Viking stories - can I win please? LOL - Hi everyone,love this and you all look terrific - headgear is smashing I must say. Bring me mead!!!

  79. Well I had a great time necking!
    Now I think I will choose the one who looks like Josh Halloway.
    I love you Jianne and you gave me the best start in the world I am forever grateful. Your encouraging comments gave me the will to go on. When you told me my first chapter could be part of a movie, I cried!
    Even though they made me drop it! LOL! You have a heart of gold! And I knew you would do well. From word one!

  80. I am so glad it finally is posting for me. I have been fighting blogger for an hour. Thank God I had that huge Viking to keep me company. And where is the dragons tooth????

  81. Mead for you, Patsy my sweet

  82. 'Night Jianne, it's been great meeting you and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. (Lyn and cuddles fly off doing an impression of a Valkerie)

  83. Nite everyone, what a fun day!!!!!
    You are all wonderful!

  84. Nite all and thank you Jianne for a wonderful day. What fun

  85. Ladies, what a lovely party. I don't care what anyone says, I think dragons live in the caves of Scotland--and sometimes in my imagination.

  86. Hi Caroline, welcome. You're just in time for breakfast. Let's go beat the crowd.

  87. Sharon rises to the gentle sound of the vikings snoring. She smiles...

  88. Jianne, thank you for being a delightful guest. The Viking party was a huge success. Your books all sound fabulous. Best of luck honey

  89. Caroline I love it, dragons live in your mind lol

  90. Ladies ladies, breakfast is served my lovelies. Waffles, pancakes, eggs and sausage, pastries and cofee tea and hot cocoa all served with a wink and a smile. First platter for Jianne my sweet thing.

  91. Oohh, another Saturday morning at the Author Roast and Toast.

    Thank you Oliver, when you've finished serving Jianne her breakfast I'd love some pancakes and chai tea if you have it. No, nothing else, thank you, I am SO not a morning person!

    Jianne, you've been a wonderful guest and your Viking party was such a fun idea. Of course we know not everyone can visit on a Friday, so there are plenty of virtual goodies left for any latecomers.

    What a great read 'The Dragon slayer' sounds. I'm going to treat myself to a copy!

  92. Hi Caroline *waves*.

    LOL, I think I may have a few dragons in my imagination too!

  93. Oh Oliver - I just saw your post - sigh!

  94. Great excerpts Jianne and this is a terrific idea. I'm re-reading Dragon now. I adore Ruard.

  95. Oliver served me strawberries and fresh cream for breakfast -yum. It's a gorgeous day outside.

  96. Hi Mitzy - glad you could drop by. I adored Ruard too, but then it's really hard not to love a Viking. Something to do with all those muscles and fierce protectiveness. :}

  97. Mary - the Viking Warriors are a sort of prelude to Dragon's tooth - don't worry - it'll come.

  98. Ooh muscles and fierce protectiveness, what a thrilling combination.

    Helloi Jianne, you're looking very bright eyed and bushy tailed today!

    Mitzy, hi, nice to meet you - do help yourself to some of this gorgeous virtual food Oliver's prepared - it's all no-calories and non fattening, LOL!

  99. Sorry to not be here this morning, had to run errands with my old Viking of German decent.
    I have to go see and read what everyone has been doing today. But I'm ready for action!!!
    Oh and I am looking for a new Viking
    mine is kinda worn out! HEHE!

  100. I must say, Jianne is an amazing author.
    She knows how much imagery means to me when I read a story. Her imagery is stellar and her stories exciting. Step up ladies and gents stand in line for a signed copy of any of her books. You won't be sorry you did.
    Now for one last bit of mischief, snicker. I have placed Lyn's shoes in a place of honor. Right in the middle of the table on a huge platter. One that will fit huge shoes from her huge feet. Ya know ladies the ones she don't realize she has. Inside I have placed some fresh picked flowers. Let's see what she does when she sees it!! ROTFL!!!
    I love to tease her. And don't think she hasn't gotten me a few times.
    OH LOOK! It's Jesse James, (her favorite), and he is dressed as a true viking. Hey, Jesse, wanna pair of big boots?

  101. Now what can I do to the rest of them. Can't tease one and not them all. Well AJ has already been teased enough. (the hair looks teased by the best of them).
    Sharon, shoot, I'll just place a serving platter on her behind and she won't even know it's there.
    I feel bad today! Well they throw my hooters everywhere!

  102. *blush* you're awesome too Mary.

    My Viking is taking me on a wild gallop to the local farmer's market for we are in sore need of sustenance and our larders are bare.

    I will catch up when we get back. Too bad this is Oliver's day off.

  103. Oh, I don't know he always takes care of the food. If Sharon comes he usually escorts her!!!

  104. Oh Jesse, my hero, and those horns really suit you hun!

    Come and join me over at the food tables, I'm feeling a mignt peckish, then perhaps we can go for a ride, I'm sure they won't mind me borrowing one of these noble Viking steeds!

    Oh look at the centrepiece on the table, next to Jianne's celebration cake - a huge pair of boots with flowers in them, how unusual! And they're the same colour and style as mine. How funny!

    I wonder where Mary's disappeared to, I bet she's hiding after playing such a dirty trick on Sharon, you get her, Sharon!

  105. Did you wonder where they went Lyn???
    Well Lyn and everyone poor Sharon and Oliver are not gonna be back today. Their communications tool has broken and they have been whisked back to Sharon's house until it can be repaired. She called dragon support but they couldn't help. So she says to tell you all, she'll get me back somehow! HA!
    So I think I'm gonna take the one who looks like Josh Halloway, you take Jesse look alike, what about the rest of you. Forget Jianne she is goo goo over that Viking of hers. You know Jianne you can look!
    They say to build up your appetite anywhere as long as you eat at home!!! LOL!

  106. I'm back. Sharon wiggles her behind, sachays over to Mary, gives her fake hooters a twist and bounces them to Thor, Nibby and Cuddles to play with, leaving Mary flat chested and flabbergasted once more.

  107. Story of my life. I can't keep my hooters. Sharon you are bad. Could you turn around I need the drink and snack I left on your behind shelf.
    Mary laughs and grabs her hooters back from the roast assistants. Before they are lost or deflated.
    Mary adjusts herself and smiles. She loves Sharon and hugs her. But can't resist placing a sign on her butt that reads. "Wide Rear End" HeHe!
    You can't touch me!!!

  108. I hope Jianne's poor foot heals well. Some gremlins got into her bone when she was away. The doctors have placed a spell thingee onto her foot. Hope it works!
    I told you to stop chasing those Vikings Jianne!
    Lyn, how do you like the centerpiece I made outta your boots?? Cool huh?
    Mary looks at both of them and sees AJ snickering in the background, turns and runs!!!! Help!!!!

  109. Lyn hugs her sister hostess. Great to see you Sharon, now where've you been? Don't tell me, living it up with a Viking, can't fool me!

    Mary, do you mean to say you stretched my little boots to use as a centrepiece? If you weren't so sweet underneath it all - I'd... grrr!

    I'm going to curl up in a corner and sulk - er I mean read Jianne's book!

  110. Hi everyone *waves from Viking Longship*

    My warrior took me away yesterdy and I've only just returned. But, unfortunately I won't be along for long.

    The spell thingy won't arrive for 7-10 days so until then the village healer has given me a very strong herb to take away the pain.

    *yawn* The herb works but makes me very sleepy. Time for a little nap.

    My poor warrior is so worried.

  111. Poor Jianne - it's a good job you have your noble Viking to stand watch over you!

  112. Kisses Lyn dear, ah yes the stanima of a Viking. sigh

  113. Ah, ok Mary, I'll let you slide. After my Viking advemture, I can't be mad. Love you too my sister. Love all my sisters. Life is good

  114. I'll raise a glass of mead to that dearest sisters - to love and friendship.

  115. Hip, Hip Hooray!
    To the best of the best I ever read in her genre, one darn great muse there Jianne! My girls!
    And to Jianne Carlo, for just being my best and first critique partner. Always...(:0)
    I am sending some healing vibes over the airways and hoping that it helps you to heal faster and not need the cutting demons to heal you with metal!
    He ain't the only one worried about you. I am too...

  116. What a great party! I think they live deep in caves near large bodies of water.


  117. Hi Robin, thanks for joining Jianne's celebration. I think I'll be a bit more cautious before venturing into that cave I was thinking of exploring!

  118. Ladies,

    I do apologize for the lateness of this. And for my limited availability over the weekend.

    Where do I start?

    I've never been part of a roast before, and I have to say - I had a blast. What fun! And what great senses of humors you all have. Not to even talk about the abundant talent and wit!

    Mary- I can't thank you enough for recommending me.

    To all of you I send a virtual enormous thank you bouquet of Viking wildflowers - daisies, purple heathers, yellow bells, umbrellas, maple flowers, stor nøkkerose, mogop, and blåveis!

    Thank you,