As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Margaret Tanner takes us back to the 1960s for a Hippy Celebration at Woodstock

"I can't believe we're here!" Sharon brushes back the hair that has escaped from her long braids.

The three hostesses of the Author Roast and Toast have made it to Woodstock! Back to l969 and all three are dressed as hippies. Bell bottom Wranglers, bra-less, in long tie dyed tee shirts and barefoot, they feel the squish of mud between their toes. Especially Lyn's incredibly huge ones. Mary's jugs bounce with the music and Sharon's big butt waddles to the beat of a big bass drum from onstage. The girls are happy!

The three hostesses of the Author Roast and Toast have made it to Woodstock! Back to l969 and all three are dressed as hippies. Bell bottom Wranglers, bra-less, in long tie dyed tee shirts and barefoot, they feel the squish of mud between their toes. Especially Lyn's incredibly huge ones. Mary's jugs bounce with the music and Sharon's big butt waddles to the beat of a big bass drum from onstage. The girls are happy!

"Yes, and thank Goodness you brought the huge umbrella Mary." Lyn snuggles closer to her two friends as they wait for the sky to clear and the music to begin again. They'd loved Joan Baez, Country Joe and the Fish, Santana, the Grateful Dead and Blood Sweat and Tears were tearing up the stage, and rockin' the tremendous crowd into a musical frenzy. "The farm way over there is the one whose barn we set up in. Margaret must already be there." Mary points and then gets sidetracked by two partyers who try to divert her with something they're smoking.

Lyn nudges Sharon and points to Mary, "We'll have to keep our eyes on her. You know how much trouble she almost got into at that Vietnam War Rally, she coulda been taken away and put in jail. She gets so involved and well, look."

Lyn and Sharon follow the voice of their fellow hostess. Mary's voice booms,"Wow, what is that, can I try it?" Without letting Mary reach for whatever it was she intended to sample Lyn and Sharon grab their friend and they head to the site of the party.

A farmer near the event has rented his barn and back yard to the girls,to host Margaret Tanner's roast. They were so lucky, some of these people had been outside for days and despite the rain and lack of food, still they stayed and partied. So they opened the party up and were feeding everyone they could. It was magic how Oliver dressed as a hippie, produced food from the air to feed people. But you were only allowed into the large barn if they were buying one of Margaret's books. The girls have tried the bee hive hair, mini skirts and disco, but this is much more fun. Although at this party there is a mixture of all kinds of music and people. The only thing more diverse then the attendees is the music!

Mary grabs her Gibson and starts to sing folk songs. Peter Paul and Mary's, Where Have All The Flower's Gone, she plucked with G, E minor, C, and D7, repeated over and over as it was in many Folk Songs. Lyn, grabs the Guitar and whips out a rendition of the Beatles, All You Need Is Love, but the barn explodes when Oliver picks out a sexy, raspy voiced rendition of Freedom.

Several girls swoon, or pass our for some reason or another. Others stare at him mouth agape.

Sharon lets him finish and then tells him if he doesn't take care of the food she won't let him stay for the final day. And Oliver really wants to hear Jimi Hendrix sing, Foxy Lady! So he turns to the food tables.

Huge apple pies, fresh with the scent of cinnamon wait to be topped with vanilla ice cream, fresh churned by some hungry hippie in exchange for food. Mississippi mud cake covered with strawberries, chocolate eclairs, brownies, chips, donuts, delectable munchies of all kinds fill the tables. Most of it has a main ingredient required by a lot of the guests, sugar...
On another table is the set up for beverages, from Coke and Seven Up, to Brandy Clusters and GinSquashes. The only thing they are waiting on is the guest of honor
And then in walks Margaret. Dressed in a mini skirt that shows off an incredibly long, lean, pair of legs and a the body of a waif. She is looking mighty fine. The eyes of every guy in the area are glued onto her as she strolls in looking hot!

Someone hands a microphone to Sharon who informs everyone at the top of her voice.

"Let's all shout out to the guys stuck in Canada or worse, Vietnam. To a lost friend John Fitzgerald. Come home man!

Please welcome Author Margaret Tanner. She is pleased to offer signed copies of her books and my friends, Party On!" By the way what is Margaret Tanner's favorite song from the 60's for a winner of a download each of her books: Cardinal Sin and Reluctant Father.


Jordan Stamford is allergic to babies. As war rages in Vietnam, this jet-setting playboy arrives in Sarah Watson’s seaside home to re-development it. Sarah loves her home, and longs for motherhood. Will Jordan’s shameful family past and Sarah’s desperate longing for a child, be an insurmountable barrier for them?

Lewis Inlet Annual School Bazaar.

The loud crying of a baby erupted in the surrounding crowd, and Jordan Stamford baulked just inside the school gates. Instinctively his hands moved to cover his ears and block the noise, but he was able to stop them at the last second. People surged around him, cutting off retreat, and his stomach muscles clenched, his pulse rate escalated—he was trapped.

The wailing grew worse, reverberating inside his head until his brain felt ready to explode. Teeth gritted, he pushed his way through the crowd. He could get away. It wasn’t like when he was sixteen and trapped on a train with some screaming baby. By the time the train pulled into the station and he could get off, he had been on the verge of hyperventilating.

Taking several shuddering breaths, he fought to get himself under control. This crying baby had resurrected the phobia he’d thought buried years ago. What kind of sniveling coward would go to pieces at the sound of a screaming child? Why should it still bother him so much after all this time? For years he had religiously avoided going anywhere near children. For God’s sake, what had made him drop his guard and come to a school bazaar, of all places?

He didn’t mind making regular donations to charities that looked after neglected children, as long as he didn’t have to present the checks in person. He feared having kids. With his family history, he was genetically predisposed to reject his offspring. No way would he risk bringing a child into the world to suffer the same fate as he had.


“Look at this horrible thing, Lisa. You’ll have to pay someone to take it away.” Sarah Watson squatted on the ground and shoved the moth-eaten deer’s head under the trestle table.

“You wouldn’t get me touching it,” Lisa said. “Have you met Jordan Stamford yet?”

“No, and I don’t want to, he’s going to wreck Lewis Inlet.”

“But he’s gorgeous.”

“I couldn’t care less what he looks like. Ouch!” Sarah banged her head on the table as she went to get up. A pair of expensive shoes and the hem of tailored sports pants came into her line of vision. “Coming here with his big city ideas and flashy car.” She climbed to her feet. “Lording it up at the big house. Who does he think he is, anyway?” She tossed her head, and her jet-black curls danced.

“And you are?” The owner of the expensive shoes savaged her with a contemptuous sweep of his ebony eyes.


BLURB: One bloody night Bryce Harrington thought savagely, and this happens. He had committed the cardinal sin of getting his secretary pregnant, and now he had to pay the price – offer marriage.

Caroline Dennison had committed the cardinal sin of falling in love with her boss. While her brother risks his life in the jungles of Vietnam, and her friend, a draft dodger, is on the run from the authorities and needs her help, Caroline has another desperate battle on her hands. How to win Bryce’s love


Make Love Not War!
Bryce Harrington cursed as an antiwar protester shoved a placard through his car window. Unwashed bloody hippies, disrupting a man going about his lawful business. It was 1966, for God’s sake. The government ought to lock up the lot of them.

“No conscripts for Vietnam!” a young woman screamed. Bryce felt tempted to press his foot on the accelerator and scatter them all in his wake. He was going to be late, and he didn’t like tardiness. It showed a lack of discipline.

When he arrived at work he parked the car and climbed out. “Damn it.” Some moronic protester had scratched the door of his car.

In his office another shock awaited. He found a note from his secretary.
I’m sorry. Have gone home. Felt a migraine coming on.

He slammed the door of the executive suite and marched down the corridor to see Miss Bumpstead, head of the typing pool. What a shocker of a morning it had been. A bloody nightmare.

The stray puppy he had been feeding for more than a month had been run over by some creep who didn’t even have the decency to stop and check on the little mutt’s welfare. Left him lying on the road like a piece of garbage.

After taking the dog to the vet to be put down because the injuries were so severe, he’d got caught up in that antiwar demonstration. And now, to top it off, his secretary had gone home and left him at the mercy of some giggling little girlie from the typing

Margaret is a member of the Romance Writers of Australia, the Melbourne Romance Writers Group (MRWG) and EPIC. She won the 2007 and 2009 Author of the Year at AussieAuthors.com.

Her novel Frontier Wife has just won the best historical romance novel at the 2010 Readers Favorite Award.
Margaret is married and has three grown up sons, and a gorgeous little granddaughter.

Outside of her family and friends, writing is her passion

Publishers: The Wild Rose Press and Whiskey Creek Press.

Visit Margaret's Author Page at The Wild Rose Press


  1. Hello Margaret and thank you for this trip back through time. What fun! Welcome to your party - have something sweet to eat while we're waiting for the guests.

    Peace and love. Peace and love!

  2. Feelin' a little woooooozie after eating that brownie. Guess I'll just keep truckin on.

  3. Sharon spots Margaret and gives her the peace sign, followed by a hug. Groovy idea to take us back to Woodstock for your roast. Love your mini skirt. Wow, like look at Bob Dylan check you out girl. he is like diggin your stuff.

  4. Sharon finds Lyn and Mary onstage with the band. After munching on more brownies, they all break into song. The answer my friend is blowin in the wind. Margaret joins them.

  5. Mary looks around at the massive crowds of people. Some of them even slept in their vans, or wherever they happened to be. "I see they set up a medical tent over by the creek." With this many people,you never know. There ought to be a lot of book sales today!!!!
    the party is just starting here though. So join us and have some fun. "I love not wearing a bra. The girls like the freedom!"

  6. Lyn giggles and points at Mary's chest. Just be careful you don't fall on your chest in the mud sweetie, you'll rock yourself to sleep.

    She starts singing again. "If you're goin' to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair..."

  7. Lyn, it must be hard when you walk in the muddy areas. Your feet make a loud suction sound when you pull those boats out of it. And Sharon, they musta fixed that picture for you. You're butt has disappeared in the picture. But looking at you now, it's back!
    We should give Lyn some snowshoes or something.
    'All You need is Love,' Mary sings and two strangers join in.

  8. I SO enjoyed this post. Margaret, your books sound "Groovy" ? If memory serves, I believe that's the correct verbage. I especially like the sound of RELUCTANT FATHER. Good luck to you and STAY AWAY FROM THOSE BROWNIES! ;-) Peace and love to you all!

  9. Hi Maeve

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you're enjoying Margaret's party.

    Dig those crazy brownies man - like you said, they're groovy too!

  10. lyn you make a lousy hippie. Ahem. We rarely used those words, unless you were imbibing in something. Like Oh you know, Sangria? Then you had a great candle holder. Who didn't do that? A real hippie,doesn't have to speak, it's an attitude. Like, Don't tell me, I know already!
    Rebellious, and free, and no one had a clue. Well almost no one.
    Everything seemed slow, like in slow motion. Oliver, Man your hair looks cool. Does it itch?

  11. Every day, we talked about the war and how wrong it was. We got into real trouble protesting. But, when your friend said my number is up, they got me. I'm getting on the bus, they said bring a toothbrush.
    And you never saw him again...
    John Fitzgerald was 6'4" with a body like a linebacker. Yet not more than a 32' waist. He had to shave his head. They got him when he failed to reapply for classes in time.
    He was such a gentleman, I'd like to pay respect to him and all the other guys who died in Vietnam. God rest their souls. War, is a terrible curse.
    Well on a lighter note! I can't wait for Jimi Hendrix, there is something about his music that resonates inside of you? Who do you like the best?

  12. A moment's silence for John Fitzgerald and everyone else who gave their lives for their countries in whatever crazy war it happened to be!

    *Sniff* Can I help it if I'm too young to remember the sixties, Mary?

  13. Margaret, I just bought RELUCTANT FATHER and now you have another one out. Can't keep up with you, lady. Good for you! FRONTIER WIFE was one of my favorites of this year, so I'm looking forward to reading more of your books. Peace, love, and good vibes!

  14. I sure hope Margaret didn't have to change that cute outfit she sent us a picture of herself in. She looks soooo 60's. Lyn, I know you have a good memory, but short. I heard all about your escapadeeeeeee. Sharon pulls Mary's hair to get her to shut up. What happen's at the AR&T stays at the AR&T. Mary, rubs her scalp and smirks.
    Well I would never have told anything really bad about her. I do think the world of her. Maybe, it's the smoke in here. All smoking outside please, Sharon tells everyone! Mary smiles at Lyn and Sharon.
    I am getting a bit worried about Margaret, I hope she can find us all of this confusion. Then the music started again and everyone runs to see who is onstage!

  15. Sharon gives the peace sign to Caroline and Maeve then jumps on stage with her girl Janis Joplin and joins her. Stoned hippies hold hands and sway to the music and sing along.

    Oh Lord won’tcha buy me a Mercedes Benz…

  16. I just hitched a ride from sum long-haired old dude, "Peace...man. Thanks for the ride and the brownies." Heh, heh. He gave me a whole tin full of `em. Says his old lady makes `em, home-grown. Now what an odd thing to say! Should've said, home-made.
    I'd say Margaret's fav 60's song is "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" by the Temptations. Speaking of which, I ain't too proud to beg to win one of her books, "Plee.....zzzz, baby, baby."

  17. Hi Witchie

    Great to see you here, Witchy - Peace and love and all that! Umm, I think I'd go easy on the brownies, get Oliver to give you some of that nice Mississippi mud cake.

    Oh look, Sharon's still singing, and she's swaying so much it's a wonder she doesn't fall ovor! Atleast her bubble butt gives her plenty of padding, LOL!

  18. Hi Witchie

    Great to see you here, Witchy - Peace and love and all that! Umm, I think I'd go easy on the brownies, get Oliver to give you some of that nice Mississippi mud cake.

    Oh look, Sharon's still singing, and she's swaying so much it's a wonder she doesn't fall ovor! Atleast her bubble butt gives her plenty of padding, LOL!

  19. That stage is shakin', it don't look safe! Sharon and Janis are bringing the house, I mean the stage down!
    Look out!!!!!!
    Oh My, not those same pink undies Sharon? You split your jeans again. Boy, we are gonna need some real strong thread to hold those together!
    It's so round, firm and it looks fully packed. I don't know...

  20. Yeah, Sharon, go on girl, let it all hang out - er well pehaps not all! :)

  21. Mary, don't worry `bout Sharon's split jeans, here take this. It's one of those stick-on patches. No one will care she's got that huge patch of a flower on her bum.

  22. Oh
    that looks great Witchy, you saved the day! Flower power rules - OK!

  23. Thanks Witchy, You saved the day.
    Everyone has patches everywhere. Quick thinking. Or should I say conjuring? In any case, don't drink the punch it's got something very trippy in it. Stick to the closed bottles.
    I once found out about the punch the hard way. Thank God for good friends who help you through bad times!

  24. Lyn, those flower patches are starting to look really vibrant. Not only that, they're beginning to take on a 3-dimensional appearance. Oops! Mary, the warning's a day late and a dollar short; I drank 3 glasses of punch to wash down all the brownies.

  25. Peace WW, cool outfit but, man, like look how bloodshot your eyes are. Like how much of that punch did you say you like downed!
    Mary and Lyn, like don’t you sisters like worry about my bubble butt. Got my psychodelic flower sewn on from WW and Bob Dylan and the Band are like lovin’ it. Hey, I just spotted Neil Young heading this way with a bong. Man, he is like wasted. Groovy, Santana’s up next…come on baby light my fire, try and set the night on fiiiiiiiireeeeee

  26. Hey Sharon...peace sign. Let's hope Santana plays my fav. What is it? Black Magic Woman, what else...man!
    Lyn, do your eyes always swirl like that? Giggles...oops, I hypnotized her...groovy!

  27. You folks know how to party! I was a boring person who went straight through college in 3 years and 3 summers and was teaching by 1664. No pot and no free love and NO Woodstock.

  28. What a fun post. I graduated from high school in 1970. I wore bell bottoms, had leather decorated head bands, I could sit on my hair, I weighed about 85 pounds and I thought I looked like Cher. Those were interesting days. Remember polyester suits? Haa haa. Peace and love!

  29. Hi Lyn, Sharon and Mary,thanks for inviting me to a Woodstock hippy celebration, Author Roast & Toast style. Sorry to come in late, different time zones don't ya know.

    Aah-a - atissue.
    Oops fellow flower children,all these flowers in my hair are giving me hayfever.

  30. Hi Maeve, Thanks for dropping by, the gals sure know how to throw a groovy party. Don't you just love Olivers jacket? He would 'push Joseph and his coat of many colours into the background.

  31. Hi Mary,
    Amongst the frivolity of this gathering, there certainly are darker memories. Sorry to hear about your friend.
    Here in Australia they conscripted 20 year old males for Vietnam by using of all things, a lottery system, little wooden balls with birth dates written on them. If you brith date was drawn out, that was it, the army took you. That's why we used to call it the 'death lottery.' It was very selective and unfair, and open to abuse.It split the nation.
    Of course, the government's catch-cry was
    All the way with LBJ.
    And as governments are good at doing, they washed thier hands of the soldiers when they returned home from Vietnam.


  32. Ooh Sharon, I am feeling a little light headed too. What was in that mud cake? I think I've got double vision. And these stilettoes are killing me.


  33. Thank you for dropping by Caroline, and so kind of your to buy Reluctant Father, hope you enjoy reading it.


  34. Sharon,
    Are you really asking me to buy you a Mercedes Benz? Come on, that is stretching the friendship a little.After all, I am only an impoverished writer.
    Oh Damn, I've just broken one of my heels. Oh to hell with it, I am going to join the bare foot brigade, and let my toes squelch in the mud.
    Did you ever hear that little jingle?

    Ooey gooey was a worm
    And a naughty worm was he
    He strayed on to the railway track
    A place he shouldn't be
    Ooey gooey he got squashed.



  35. Hi witchy woman,
    Thanks for dropping by. What have you got that I haven't got?
    No long haired old dude offered me any brownies. If it wasn't for Oliver, I'd be on starvation rations.


  36. Hi Sharon,
    I am sooo disappointed, I thought that was a tattoo on your bum.


  37. Oh Mary M,
    You poor thing. You ain't lived if you haven't been through the sixties.

    The old VW van, now there was a car for you, could do lots of clever things in it. Oops, shut up Margaret, before you get yourself into a lot of trouble.

    Are the Monkees coming? I want to hear them sing 'I thought love was only true in story books, made for someone else but not for me.......

  38. Hi Patsy,
    Thanks for dropping by. Oh yeah, I remember the bell bottoms. Couldn't sit on my hair though, it would have snapped. It was as stiff as a board because of all the hair laquer I sprayed on it. Not to mention the back-combing, I could do a mean bee-hive in those days.


  39. Peace Patsy, your hair was that long, groovy.

  40. With a wicked wink, Carlos Santana dedicates his next song for Witchy Woman

    I got a Black Magic Woman
    I got a Black Magic Woman
    Yes I got a Black Magic Woman
    She’s got me so blind I can’t see
    But she’s a Black Magic Woman
    She’s tryin’ to make a devil out of me

    You got your spell on me baby
    Yes you got your spell on me baby
    Turning my heart into stone
    I need you so bad
    Magic woman I can’t leave you alone

  41. Margaret, like how many brownies did you like eat? This flower on my bum is a tattoo, and a mighty cool psychedelic one at that. And of course I expect you to buy me a Mercedes Benz. My friend Lyn and Mary and you, Maggie dear, all drive Porsches and I must make amends

  42. Don’t look now but Jimi Hendrix…er…Oliver is over there making breakfast with Neil Young. Like three guesses what they’re putting in the eggs. Grin

  43. Ooh, where am I? What time is it? Oh yes, now I remember...I think.

    Margaret! Hello!Don't you look great - butwhy are there two of you?

    Hello - new guests. Hi everyone, - Peace and Love.

    Oooh, I feel very weird and floaty. I knew I shouldn't have had all those brownies. What WAS in them? Or Witchy - have you been dishing out 'magic' mushrooms? LOL

    (Or perhaps it's just these drned time zones)

    I looked in the Sky
    And an elephant's eye
    Was looking at me
    From the top of a tree
    And all I could see
    Was a hole in my shoe
    That was letting in waaater..
    Letting in water!

  44. Wow Woodstock. I remember that era. Of course by then I was married with a couple of kids.

  45. Hi Roseanne,
    Thanks for dropping by. Didn't realize you were a child bride???


  46. Sharon,
    All very well and good giving WW a song. What about me, the dame from down-under? The guest of honour - like. A real groovy cat. Where's my song? If I wasn't already bra-less, let em all hang out and bless em all, I'd burn my bra in protest.

  47. Flower power - How can I stick flower patches on my peasant blouse and there isn't much room on my mini-skirt. Didn't know I had good legs did you? Not a varicose vein in sight.
    And Sharon,if you must know, I've only had a couple of brownies, you and Mary scoffed most of them.

    Yes, I will have another piece of mud cake Oliver. Ta muchly.

  48. Serious stuff here for a moment.Did you know, that when Lynden Johnson came to visit Australia at the height of the Vietnam war, a protester threw paint over his car?

    "Make Love Not War", was one catch cry. Another was "No, no, we won't go." (that was on behalf of the conscripts). A cousin of mine attended one of the protest marches, and got stomped on by a police horse and her foot was broken.

  49. Being serious for a moment, the Vietnam war didn't affect me personally (apart from being very sad about it.) but one song that always makes me thnk of the horrors that the soldiers endured is 'Ruby - don't take your love to town,' by one of my all time favourite sigers, Kenny Rogers.

  50. Lyn junpls onto the stage.
    Move over Honeybus!
    Margaret you wanna song for you?

    Not sure if this was the right era or not but - hold onto your hats everyone, Lyn's gonna sing again!

    She makes me laugh, she makes me cry
    With a twinkle of her eye
    She flies like a bird in the sky-i-i-iy
    She flies like a bird and I wish that she was mine
    She flies like a bird oh me oh my
    I see her sigh.
    Now i know, I can't let maggie go

  51. Like, okay, Maggie.Jimi Hendrix is dedicating this one just for you, the dame from DOWN UNDER
    You know you’re a cute little heartbreaker
    You know you’re a sweet little lovemaker
    I wanna take you home
    I won’t do you no harm, no
    You’ve got to be all mine, all mine
    Ooh, foxy lady
    I see you, hey, DOWN UNDER

  52. Fun post Margaret! Brings back great memories, though I was too young to attend Woodstock, the music became a soundtrack for my coming of age years.
    Loved the excerpts too! And having read Reluctant Father, I can add it's another wonderful Margaret Tanner read!

  53. hi there Cate - welcome to Margaret's celebration - now's your chance to experience Woodstock for yourself! :)

  54. Hi People,
    Thank you Sharon and Lyn for the songs, I like both of them. Love Kenny Rogers, and remember Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town.
    Another touching song of the times here in Australia "I was only Nineteen" was sung by a group called Red Gum.
    I can't recall many of the words but it was a lament by the mates of a soldier called Frankie who stepped on a mine and was blown up in front of his friends, just a couple of days before he was due to be shipped home.

    "Doctor can you tell me why I can't sleep at night,why the channel 7 chopper chills me to the bone. God help me, I was only nineteen.

  55. Hi Cate,
    Peace to you sister.
    Thank you for the nice things you said about my novels.
    Like a brownie? Might do funny things to your head though. Just look at the three of us, swaying from side to side, and not in time to the music either.
    Crazy man crazy

  56. Sorry, found a hot hippie and had to show him around. Got lost, found by a bunch of people who gave me some brownies. I love brownies, drool!
    I feel funny. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Mary sings, Peace, love and happiness to you all.
    so you Saw Sharon's tatoo? The one that she tried to cover her butt with?
    Lyn, you still barefoot?
    I wish John had decided to go to Canada with my friend Betsy. He'd still be alive today!

  57. I had a shag haircut, before they knew what it was!
    Bell bottoms, sandals, and free and easy. I love not having to wear a bra!

  58. Hmm, sadly, I had to wear a bra to make it look as if I had more than I actually did have! LOL I was so skinny back then!

    Have another Brownie, Mary, Everyone seems to be on stage singing. I wonder if we're singing the same song?

    Oh, before I have another brownie myself, just wanted to congratulate Margaret on her Award for 'Frontier Wife.' Well done, Margaret!

  59. These brownies are goooooodd!
    If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. If you're here at woodstock. Country Joe says, whooppiee we're all gonna die!
    I'm still groovin' on Santana, whew!!! What a mind numbing song!

  60. Quick grab Mary Marvella, she needs to party like the rest of us!
    Patsy, my hair was too thin, so I streaked it instead.
    Got a black magic woman. Sing it Lyn!

  61. Thanks Lyn, yes I was rather chuffed (an English expression and I understand it, even if you are from beautiful Wales), still part of the UK. Not that I want to get into politics here sister. Did you wear "falsies" to enhance your boobies? I never had tht problem.
    Do you recall the boys calling bras - over the shoulder boulder holders?

  62. Hey Margaret, yes 'chuffed is o good Ol' Brit expression isn't it. No I didn't wear falsies, as such, but I did wear a good padded bra to enhance my little goose bumps.

    I don't recall that expression - that's a good oen! I had an Uncle who used to call them 'witch's hammocks' though! (Not quite sure why).

    Oh Mary wants me to sing again. Hold on sister, be right there!

  63. Hi Mary,
    So, you found yourself a hot hippie did you? I am all for free love, but it is rather greedy of you to keep him all to yourself.I thought our mantra was - Make Love Not War, and Share and Share Alike.
    OMG Sharon, do you have to keep wobbling your bum cheeks like that? What a turn-off even with the tattoo. No wonder we can't get a man, and Mary had to sneak off to find one, but I still say she could have left him share his favours around. I overheard someone say he was a real stud. I wonder if we cut off his long hair how he would perform? Like Samson and Deliah, when Samson cut his locks, he was useless.
    Hey Lyn, got a pair of scissors handy?

  64. Over the shoulder boulder holder! I haven't heard that in years. And i didn't need any falsies, mine are big enough as they are. Although they aren't quite as perky as in 1969, they are still more than the moles poor Lyn had.
    Yes, Lyn, let's sing.
    I think Jimi was my favorite. Talented fellow.

  65. Sorry Margaret, Mary and Sharon won't let me have anything sharp!

    It would be a shame to spoil her fun - there must be some more hunky long haired hippies around that we can commandeer?

  66. Tough my hippies hair and I'll de bug your bees nest! Whoa, Where did that come from. Ah, what the hell, you try him, he's easy. Ha!
    Sharon always shakes that bubble butt, she can't see it so she can't help it. And Lyn, those willy wonka huge feet could do some damage. But boy can my girls sing! Looping arms, Mary, Lyn and Sharon grab Margaret and they all break into a chorus of..........I forgot, what were we doing. Man, those people are smoking funny cigarettes and they said something about Wowie! Should I go back or stay away? Oh, yes, I'll have another brownie. Please~

  67. Witches hammocks, that's a goodie, never heard that expression before. Like me to sing with you? I can't really sing, but man can I do the twist."Twist and Shout, dah de dah de dah. Can't remember any more, I knew I should't have eaten those magic mushrooms.

  68. It's okay Lyn, he brought his friends!
    All long haired, moody, hunky, sexy and lookin' for love!

  69. Lyn breaks into a chorus of

    It's gotta be lurve, lurve. lurve,
    It's gotta be lurve, lurve, lurve!

  70. Groovin' on a Saturday afternoon. Groovin' couldn't get away too soon!!!

  71. Ooh Mary, sorry for sounding bitchy before (jealousey is a terrible thing), I'll take the hippie with the blonde dreadlocks, thanks.He looks good for a bit of hanky panky. I think I am going to like all this free loving.

    "All you need is love, love is all you need" Those few lines from the Beatles said it all.

  72. Let's do it. I'm into grooving.

    Johnny O'Keefe another Aussie rock singer sang.

    "Move baby move, get in the groove now. Let me tell you babe, you're looking mighty fine. Move it, move it, move it, never never stop."

  73. I got the hippy, hippy shake...

    Ooh, bags that dark haired guy over there. I may be gone a while. See you tomorrow, folks!

  74. I've a mind to keep this hippie, maybe he'll change?
    All you need is love. All you need is love. All you need is love, love. Love is all you need!
    Off with my hippie, see you tomorrow! Or later if I can't sleep from all the brownies and sangria.

  75. All you need is love, sing it sisters. Oh, Jimi’s back on stage with Purple haze. Let’s see how high we can get, power to the people right on.
    Maggie, yank your skirt down. Jimi’s about to shoott up if you get my drift grin.
    Witch’s hammocks good one and something WW would appreciate. Oh about going braless, Since I’m soooooo much younger than you girls, no need to ban the bra since my boobies had yet to be of age.

  76. Hello Margaret and what a way to go back to the sixties. This is my first time here and love the idea of the roast. Great photos and just needs one more thing to make it a truly sixties experience: Where's the face painting??

    Sunshine and rainbows and Peace and love!!!!!

  77. Hi Lion Mother,
    Ooh did I hear you roar. Nice of you to drop by. Here, have some flowers for your hair.
    Unless you call the pancake make up and heavily applied blue eye shadow and mascara face painting, I am not into it. Although some meanie mo was overheard to say she thought I must have applied my make-up with a trowel. Thought I was under the influence of the magic mushrooms didn't you Shaz? This cat might be floating, but she ain't deaf.

  78. Hi Lion Mother

    So glad you enjoyed your first visit to the Author Roast And Toast.

    Come and have some Mississippi Mud Pie and Brownies - er on second thoughts maybe a good idea to give the brownies a miss.

    Doesn't Margaret look hip though - love her makeup. And aren't her booiks great!

  79. Hi Lyn,
    What a booiks? Whatever they are, I am glad you like them.

    Peter, Paul and Mary
    Puff the magic dragon, lived by the sea.
    Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal Puff and brought him string and sealing wax and other fancy stuff.

    Now why did I think of that? What was in that funny cigarette I smoked?

  80. Mary, Lyn and Sharon,
    Thanks for having me at your mini Woodstock,it's been cool man cool, a real blast in fact.

  81. LOL, I'm not sure what 'boiks' are either Margaret, but I meant that your books are great! *Sigh* what was in those brownies? Or was it the Sangria?

    I used to cry buckets over Puff - I felt so sorry for that poor magic dragon.

    It's been a 'blast' having you as our special guest, Margaret, thanks for taking us all the way back to 1969!

  82. Flower Power rules

    Sharon Mary and Lyn,
    Thank you for inviting me to Author Roast & Toast, had a fabulous time.

    The winner of a download of Reluctant Father and Cardinal Sin is Roseanne Dowell.

    Thank you Roseanne and everyone else for their comments, truly appreciated.


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