As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Patrice Wilton, Kim Law and Cheryl Bolen on TV at the Roast!

“At least we can dress normally for the show.” Mac sighs and adjusts the sleeve of her new top.

“It’s a bit showy, why did you pick that bright pink color? You look a little bit like an advertisement for some new candy.”  Lyn, ties the laces of her huge black shoes.

“Did oars come with those things?” Mac chuckles in retaliation  and ducks, as the left one of Lyn’s shoes flies past her head. “Just kidding. You look great.”

“You ready, Patrice?” Patsy checks the time as she watches the red light over the entrance onstage at the Ellen DeGeneres show.  She flexes her muscles to see how they look in her new outfit.

Patrice Wilton
Patrice looks lovely in her bold, dark coral pantsuit, but her face is as white as a ghost. "Patrice, are you gonna be okay?” Mary concerned, looks up just as the red light turns green.

Cheryl and Kim, both wearing elegant pantsuits in a similar style to Patrice, Cheyl in smart black, and Kim in a lovely jade green number, grasp an arm each side.  
Kim Law

'Last minute nerves,' Kim whispers, 'She'll be fine once we get going.' Cheryl agrees.

A man with a wireless headset counts down, three, two, one, and go! The hostesses of the Author Roast and Toast are called onstage. “You’re on ladies!”

Cheryl Bolen
Patsy, Mary, Lyn and Mac, lead the guests onstage. The music starts to blare and the audience rises to its feet as they all begin to rock as the music sounds.. Ellen enters onstage from the opposite side and they all meet in the middle of the stage in front of a comfortable sofa and chairs. The music revs up even louder and the girls are gyrating with the one and only Ellen!

“You have to dance until she sits down.” Lyn yells over the loud music. “Not until her rear end hits the chair. She always does this. Don’t stop.”

The hostesses keep dancing and all of a sudden Ellen starts to sit. Nope, she’s back up again and edges over the coffee table, legs on both sides still jumping and moving to the delightful sounds. She fakes them out several times and then plops herself into her seat. The applause and cheers of the roaring crowd fill the air.

“Thanks for coming ladies,” Ellen grins and gestures toward Patrice. “So these are the three authors you are roasting this week?”

Lyn nods and smiles with what looks more like a grimace then a smile. “Yes, we do this every Friday. Although, it was Ms. Walton’s idea to do it on your fabulous show, and make it a group event with Ms Bolen and Ms Law. ”

Ellen appears to blush as she accepts the accolades from the four hostesses as they all agree with Lyn’s comment. 

“What exactly do you do on this Author Roast and Toast?” Ellen asks.

“Well, we invite authors to come and blog with us and we throw them a party where ever and whenever they want it to take place. Last week we went to a time travel restaurant. With coconut bras and grass skirts, it was hysterical.” Mary adds with enthusiasm.

“But, we are very pleased to be here.” Mac elbows Mary

“Patsy, what kind of questions do you ask in these interviews?” Ellen smiles and raises her eyebrows.

“We don’t really ask questions. We arrange for virtual food, music, anything they request. Then we make fun of them.”  Patsy tells her.

“You make fun of them?” Ellen appears shocked. “You joke with them?

“No we make fun of them - in a nice way. And each other too.” Mary adds. “Remember when we had to get my boob out of that whale’s blowhole?”

“Yeah, that was a riot.” Lyn laughs as she recalls the incident. “Thank goodness for Oliver.”

“Hmm.”  Ellen eyes them all with shock. “You agreed to do this willingly, Ms. Wilton? Ms Law? Ms Bolen?  I mean, why?”

“It can be quite funny actually. But, that’s why we  picked your show for our party.  We figured they couldn’t do anything crazy to us if we put them on TV.” Cheryl says, her teeth sparkling as she breaks into a huge smile. 

“It’s even better if you ask the questions. They can’t mess that up then either.” Kim has figured out a way to protect herself from the usual roast nonsense. “Genius huh?”

Mary glances at Lyn, whose lower lip is flinching. Mac, watches the cameras above them and waves at them.

Patsy, shakes her to remind her we are on the television. “Is there any food.” Patsy’s stomach growls and really loudly. “I forgot breakfast.” She shrugs.

“Well, let’s go to a commercial and when we get back we will ask Patrice what they were all thinking to sign up with these people, willingly. In the meantime, you all have free sample printouts  of Patrice’s great new book 'A Hero Lies Within' under your seats. It’s the first of a series of three books about heroes and how they cope after being deployed, together with Kim's exciting , 'Ex On The Beach - fabulous title don't you think, and Cheryl's wonderful romantic suspense, 'Falling For Frederick'.'” She points to the hostesses and waggles her eyebrows. “I have some questions for you four, we’ll be right back!”

(Ellen eyes her stage manager with distain. “Are you kidding me? Are those so-called 'hostesses' for real.”)

“Yes, we are.” Mary stands and hands on hips answers. “And you Ellen are a part of our roast.”

A loud commotion breaks out in the audience. “There aren’t enough ARCs,” Lyn yells. “Run for your lives.” The four hostesses run offstage and the three guest authors watch them in confusion.

“So, tell me about your books. I understand all three of you are releasing them as Kindle serials, can you tell us a little more about the concept?” Ellen asks the authors, and under her breath tells the guy at the door into her set. “Occupy tthose four, while these three  terrific authors tells us all about their books."

“We made them leave the unicorn, the dog, the hamster and the little green man in the car outside.” Patrice sits back and grins. “This couldn’t have gone better if I planned it. Let me tell you about my hero…”

"And mine next," says Kim, "and don't forget mine," puts in Cheryl.

Later that night the hostesses can be heard yelling to be let out of the closet Ellen’s manager put them in. 

All in a day’s work for the AR&T.

At least the hostesses remembered the refreshments!
(and today we have three downloads offered by each of the guests PLUS their own contest.  Be sure to read right down to the bottom so you don't miss any of the details.)

Disclaimer: The above events are purely fictitious and were not sanctioned  or approved of in any way by the Ellen DeGeneres show. This is just a fun 'skit' and no infringement of film or television rights is intended.


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Kim Law

She vowed to protect her heart…

Andie Shayne believes in forever…for everyone else. She has an up-and-coming wedding planning business, and her own failed engagement, to prove it. Now, all Andie wants is to save the date for Seaglass Celebrations becoming a premier destination wedding resort. And making sure the wedding of the summer goes off without a hitch will get her there - despite the arrival of one unexpected guest.

The sexy-as-sin best man…who’s also the ex who broke Andie’s heart.

Mark Kavanaugh wants to make amends with Andie. He knows breaking off their engagement—at the altar!—was unforgivable. But he’s a wiser man now, vowing to make peace with his past. But with desire reigniting on Turtle Island, Mark realizes he never stopped loving Andie. He wants her; and this time, he’s determined to do it right.

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I’m thrilled to announce that I found the right editor for me! I have two books scheduled for release in 2012, Caught on Camera and Sugar Springs.

I’m a contemporary romance writer striving to build characters and passion that’ll bring readers back time and again. As I travel the journey of publication, I hope you’ll check back often and share the trip with me!

Cheryl Bolen

Aided by lord of the manor, lovely doctoral student archivist searches for priceless medieval artifact, just ahead of those who've already killed for it.

Her second day doing doctoral research in the basement archives of Siddley Hall, England's grandest Tudor home, American Antonia Townley finds the hall's curator with a knife plunged into his chest. Police suspect Antonia of being the killer because of two insignificant—to her—reasons, the first being the pesky matter of her fingerprints on the murder weapon. Then there is the unfortunate email she had sent to her sister saying she would kill for the curator's job.

Hunky bachelor Frederick Percy, Lord Rockford of Siddley Hall, learns that the curator was on the trail of the Percy family monstrance, the most valuable monstrance in England before Henry VIII's Dissolution. It had been believed the family melted the gold and redistributed the monstrance's jewels after the Dissolution. Frederick becomes convinced the curator's death is tied to the priceless artifact and finding it before the killer does can free Antonia from suspicion of murder—and just might save her life. For protecting the beautiful Antonia against the menacing forces working against her has become rather an obsession for Frederick.

As Frederick and Antonia crisscross England seeking information on the Percy Monstrance, someone is stalking her every move. She hopes to God Frederick's not behind these threats because she's pretty sure she's falling in love with him.

This book is a Kindle Serial. Kindle Serials are stories published in episodes, with future episodes delivered at no additional cost. This serial currently contains five episodes out of an estimated nine total episodes, and new episodes will be delivered every two weeks.
Cheryl Bolen is the acclaimed author of more than a dozen Regency-set historical romance novels. Her books have placed in several writing contests, including the Daphne du Maurier, and have been translated into 11 languages. She was named Notable New Author in 1999, and in 2006 she won the Holt Medallion (Honoring Outstanding Literary Talent) for Best Short Historical Novel. Her books have become Barnes & Noble and Amazon bestsellers.

A former journalist who admits to a fascination with dead Englishwomen, Cheryl is a regular contributor to The Regency Plume, The Regency Reader, and The Quizzing Glass. Many of her articles can found on her website, www.CherylBolen.com, and more recent ones on her blog, www.CherylsRegencyRamblings.wordpress.com. Readers are welcomed at both places.

Cheryl holds a dual degree in English and journalism from the University of Texas, and she earned a master’s degree from the University of Houston. She and her professor husband are the parents of two sons, one who is an attorney, and the other a journalist. Her favorite things to do are watching the Longhorns, reading letters and diaries of Georgian Englishmen, and traveling to England.

Falling for Frederick, Montlake, serial starts on Amazon Jan. 8
Marriage of Inconvenience, Love Inspired Historical, October 2012
My Lord Wicked, Best Historical, 2012 International Digital Awards
Christmas at Farley Manor, Best Novella 2011, Romance Through the Ages

Facebook: Cheryl Bolen Romance Author

Patrice Wilton

Old secrets linger and two reunited lovers are faced with more deception and mistrust. Can their love survive a second time around?

Tara Winslow is a Palm Beach news reporter, fighting not only to keep her job, but take over the nightly anchor spot. Her boss has axed her special runaway series, and wants “feel good stories”. She has only two weeks to come up with something big, or the special series will be taken over by the new anchorman who seems determined to ruin her career.

Jake Harrington has returned from two tours in Iraq, and this wounded warrior is searching only for peace. Instead, he runs into Tara Winslow, the girl he once loved and wronged, through no fault of his own. Refusing his friendship, she agrees to help him search for a family friend who has gone missing since his return from Iraq. In return Tara requests upbeat, happy-ending stories about the everyday heroes he served with, the men and women who never received recognition but went above and beyond the call of duty. His memory is sketchy at best, and the only stories he remembers are the ones she doesn’t want to hear.

Jake Harrington left her once when her life was falling apart, and now he’s back, and so are all the emotions she fought hard to expel. Can she forget his bitter betrayal, and will he forgive hers when to save her career she must betray his trust?

This book is a Kindle Serial. Kindle Serials are stories published in episodes, with future episodes delivered at no additional cost. This serial currently contains five episodes out of an estimated nine total episodes, and new episodes will be delivered every two weeks.
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When she's not writing, you might find her on the tennis court, or hitting golf balls with her PGA pro husband

Patrice Wilton was born in Vancouver, Canada, and knew from the age of twelve that she wanted to be a writer. She also knew that she had to grow up first and see the world that she wanted to write about. She became a flight attendent for 17 years, then moved to Australia, and England, before settling in West Palm Beach, Florida. She wrote the successful romantic comedy, "Candy Bar series", and three women fiction stories, and has sold her "returning war hero" series to Amazon Montlake.


This week there are THREE prizes to be won.
To win a copy of  one of the featured  books, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.

Contest ends on Sunday and everyone who comments is eligible.


  1. Hello! Anybody here? Sheesh, I'm hearing an echo. Did Ellen shut us down or something?

    Well, who cares what she thinks? That skit is FUNNY! *snicker*

    And I can't wait to hear more about this series thing. Sounds fascinating.

  2. Hi Mac (Hugs her sister hostess) Well at least we've managed to get out of the closet! :)

    I really like the idea of a 'serialised novel' what a great concept - and a fantastic contest these ladies are holding!

  3. Hi ladies! So sorry I'm late. Ellen let me join her and Portia at a party they were heading out to last night! Didn't get in bed until 5:30 this morning (That's 5 hrs ago for me.) Man, can those ladies party!

    Thanks for having us here. And what a wonderful skit! Too, too cute.

    I'll be in and out all day long, and would LOVE to answer all kinds of questions about serials. Or about what happens at 2 in the morning after Ellen drinks too much ;)

    Fire away!

  4. Hi everyone, Thanks for having us here today. I'm late for my own party, but I'm here now and can party all night long. Bring on the questions, everyone. And Ellen, thank you for having us on your super fab show. Oliver, where is my drink???

  5. Great party and all the new stuff - so excited and what a good idea.

  6. Kim and Cheryl are the Queens of serials so I will let them answer your questions. My book has only been out for a week, and is ranked around 2000, which is not as high as everyone else's - so my point is, people are buying them, and hopefully loving them, as my next two books will also be coming out this way. It's like your favorite TV show, that you're hooked on, and you can't wait for the following week to see what happens. Same thing here - it's all about the hook.
    Great canapies, by the way, and if Ellen wouldn't drink so much, I'd have another glass of that yummy champagne.

  7. Wait...how did I miss the champagne? I was up all night, please pass the champagne! :)

    I would call me a queen at it, Patrice. I'm just out there floating in the water with everyone else. But I have been thrilled with my sales so far. Lots of people are liking it AND the serialization process. I just wish I could find them and get them to come enter our contest! Entries are low. It's a great time to win a Kindle Fire!!! Sign up on our website contest pages!!

  8. Hilarious skit ladies! Ellen will be scheduling you in for a follow-up, I'm sure!
    Sue Gibson

  9. Hi Patsy *waves to sister hostess*
    Hi Sue, so glad you could join the party for these three talented ladies.

  10. Hi Patrice, Kim and Kim and Cheryl, it's nice to be able to relax and party after all the excitement of appearing on Ellen's show isn't it! You'll have to excuse Oliver, he's doing his best to make sure each of you has champagne and nibbles - but I think having three lovely ladies at the same time has gone to his head, he appears a bit flustered! Our dear Sharon would soon have had him on his toes again!

  11. I have to say all your books sound amazing - and what a great idea to publish them as serials! A wonderful contest too - who could resist?

  12. Hiya Kim, Cheryl and Patrice. Great sounding stories, ladies. Of course, I'd have to smack Mark, before I forgave him, Kim. ;-)

    I'm so intrigued by this serial idea. So, the reader purchases the first episode (Is that like a couple of chapters?) and then receives more later? How long are the stories typically?

  13. Mac - the stories are single title, around 75,000-90,000 words, I'm guessing. You recieve them in about 8 installment, my book will be 7 as the last two were better combined, and each episode is around 10,000 words. Montlake is actively looking so if this is something you might be interested in doing, you don't need an agent to submit. The guidelines on submissions are on the website.
    I highly recommend it - the books come out once the serials end. Double exposure, double promotion, double the fun.

    Please everyone, enter our contest, as Kim says, we are low on entries!

  14. Thanks for explaining that, Patrice, it does sound like a fantastic idea.
    Can't believe you'd be short on entries with a prize like that. I'll have a go myself when I get a moment, although I don't expect I'm elligible really, being in the UK. No harm in trying though, is there!

  15. Thanks for explaining that, Patrice, it does sound like a fantastic idea.
    Can't believe you'd be short on entries with a prize like that. I'll have a go myself when I get a moment, although I don't expect I'm elligible really, being in the UK. No harm in trying though, is there!

  16. Hey Mackenzie! Umm...yes, she does does smack Mark (sort of) before she forgives him. It's a little worse ;) It's in episode two. It's one of my favorite episodes so far!

    And I know Patrice gave a lot of info below, but yes, you pay $1.99 one time and receive whatever is released at that point, then you get all remaining episodes for free as they are released.

    Each episode adds to the end of the book, so that when they are all out you have one full book.

    And I tend to write longer, so mine is coming out in 10 episodes. It'll be about 100K words when finished! I started this with the idea I'd do a shorter, 75K book. *snort* Fail!

  17. Oh Lyn...I hadn't thought about that, but no, you can't even get the serials right now! They supposedly will eventually be in more than the US, but right now that's the only place they are available.

    But if you like the sound of the books, you can still buy them after they are fully released :D

    Thanks so much for having us here today, by the way. You gals are fun to hang out with!

  18. It's a real pleasure to host you ladies, Kim, spread the word because our parties tend to last over the whole weekend.

    Not sure what Amazon has against the Brits, LOL. The Kindle and Kindle Fire have only become available over here recently (Ijust bought a Kindle reader after years of making do with a less than perfect Sony version) and I recently tried to purchase some accessories for it from the US store only to be told they don't ship to 'my country' as I lived in Outer Mongolia or somewhere.

  19. Hi everyone,

    Great toast and roast.
    Nice to catch up with you again and to find out how you are going Patrice.



  20. Hi Margaret, lovely to see you! Make yourself at home and help yourself to some refreshments.

  21. Hi Margaret, lovely to see you! Make yourself at home and help yourself to some refreshments.

  22. This would be the best Ellen show ever!! Your ladies books sound so good. Mmmm mmm I will take some the food with the chocolate fountain. Yummy!
    Sue b

  23. There seems to be an echo coming from outer Mongolia, Lyn. *grins*

    Hiya Margaret and Sue. I'm loving the skit these ladies brought us, though I don't think Ellen got the concept of the roast. Hmmm maybe she'll let us roast her sometime. Oh, wouldn't that be fun? he he

  24. *waving at Kat* Hey lady!

    Oh, Kim. Good. I'm glad she smacks Mark. It sounds like he deserves it. But 100k words? Yikes. That length of book would scare the heck out of me. The serial release sounds like a great solution. I'm going to have to check it out.

  25. I'm reading Falling for Frederick - I'll definitely have to check out the others! My mom (who is an avid reader, esp. romance) recommended. She's enjoying it, as well!

  26. Hi Margaret - so nice for you to drop in. Hope Oliver treated you well.
    Melissa - I know Cheryl be thrilled that you're reading her story, and would love for you to check out the others.

  27. Thank you so much for having us here today, we have enjoyed being Roasted and Toasted. You're all a great bunch of ladies.

  28. Hi Sue, Hi Melissa *waves', so glad you could join the party, and it's great you're reading FFF, Melissa, all three books sound wondeful, don't they!

    Ooh yes, we don't get 'Ellen' over here, Mac, but have shows like it. It would certainly turn the tables to roast her, wouldn't it. What fun!

    It's a real pleasure to host you ladies, Patrice. I hope it will help to spread the word about your serials and contest - and of course the doors are open here over the weekend for anyone who wants to pop in who couldn't make it yestrday!

  29. I can't believe I missed you live on Ellen. Good thing I dvr'ed it. You girls sure know how to dress. You look wo-o-o-o-nderful.

  30. Hi Shelley, thanks for joining the party, as you say,you can always watch the show later - but there are still lots of refreshments - and don't forget to enter the contest, such a fantastic prize!

  31. Good morning all. Refreshments are left. Will have to have some of those. Thanks for the reminder on the contest. I forgot to do that. LOL.
    Sue B

  32. Hi Sue, yes plenty of refreshments. Do have some more chocolate, it's very good for you! Good luck in the contest!

  33. I see the party is still rolling this morning. I might have to have a few more snacks myself. And run off to remind people to come leave a comment for those book giveaways!!! Hopefully I can catch some people around. Thanks again for having us! We appreciate the help spreading the word :)

  34. The food look's good..Would love the chance to win..Thanks..grandmatinaof2(at)gmail(dot)com

  35. Hi Kim, yes, it's 'open house' over the weekend for the AR&T!:) Such a pleasure to have you lovely ladies here, and we wish you huge success with this exciting venture.

  36. Hi Teena, welcome to the party enjoy the virtual food (zero calories) and good luck with the contest!

  37. I feel like a winner just being on the Ellen show today, and hope that someone who commented and checked out our websites will win the grand prize. Can't win if you don't enter. Looking forward to giving away my book. Is there anyone out there who wants it????

  38. Oooh, who wouldn't want it, Patrice? It looks delicious! In fact they're all fantastic reads, going by the blurbs!

  39. I am so fortunate to be represented on this great show by the savvy and lovely Kim Law and Patrice Wilton. (Two back-to-back all-day events did me in. I know I'll never make the Jimmy Kimmel show now!) And I am so sorry to have to tell my readers in the UK and Australia (those two countries' readers are the ones who've most written to me) that the serials are not yet available there. The good news is that my full-length book, which is a lighthearted romantic suspense set in England, will be available whereever AmaZon sells books -- even in print!

  40. Hi Cheryl, we wondered where you were, ooh you must be exhausted! Relax a while and let Oliver bring you some refreshments.

    Yes, it's a hame the serials aren't available here in the UK (and Australia as well you say?) still at least we don't lose out entirely, as long as we can get hold of the full versions!

  41. Hey, Cheryl, nice to see your smiley face. And I'm so glad you reminded your fans that they can get your book thru Amazon in every format but Kindle. That's great news.

  42. Sorry to be late to the party! This series thing is such an interesting way of introducing a new book at Montlake and I am really looking forward to how it goes ladies.
    Now that the show is over, where's the mead Lyn.
    Did we get thrown off of Ellen's show???

  43. *hic* hi Mary sweetie, yesh, the mead is good! :) I don't think Ellen threw us off - did she? I can't remember, things got a bit hasheee after I found the mead *Hic*

  44. We got thrown off. Oh, well, what can you do?
    Good luck ladies!


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