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This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
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Friday, January 9, 2015

Daisy Banks takes holds an afternoon tea garden party, to celebrate the release of 'To Eternity'

“I can’t go in there. I know I’ll knock something over. It’s such a nice, dainty persons place. Do I look okay?” Mary gazes at each of the hostesses. They are dressed in lacy, chiffon, day dresses, all in pale spring colors.  
“Well, I must say that dazzling yellow is a bit bright. You look like a large canary.” Lyn shakes her head and rolls her eyes.

Lilly elbows Lyn. “Be nice, if you make her feel self conscious she will flip out, and you know we don’t want to have any scenes of any kind here. She does a sweeping gesture around the front of the amazing Victorian mansion where they are about to have high tea to celebrate the release of  Daisy Bank's new book To Eternity.

The front of the home has an archway that leads to a wonderful garden filled with fragrant flowers. Roses open their petals in every color. “I’ve never seen a green rose before.” LaVerne muses as she touches the velvet rose in front of her.

“Here I am, having a conniption over my dress and you are looking at green flowers! Mary sighs. “Oh well, I’ll pretend I am a sunflower and stand near wall like a decoration.”

“Now Mary, this is not about you. Besides, I like yellow.” Mac pats her back. “Besides,” she pulls Mary toward the entrance and everyone follows along, “look at Lilly’s hat. That is what they will all be looking at.”

All eyes turn to Lilly. She sticks out her tongue. “I like large hats.”

“Now girls, look at that. They have china cups and saucers laid on tables amongst the ground cover flowers. That’s a nifty idea. And the sweet smell of all those flowers is intoxicating. After tea Daisy said we can explore the house, and then play croquet." Lyn smiles as they gaze up at the lovely home.

The garden is huge and filled with white linen covered tables. Each table is set with a different piece of antique china. Cups, saucers and plates all delicate, but different.

Each setting has a linen napkin inside a sterling silver napkin holder, right next to a fresh bubbling glass of champagne. Dressed to the nines for the celebration, ladies of all ages fill the velvet covered seats.

Gentle background music wafts softly across, provided by Mrs Gatsby’s string ensemble, so soft and melodious that it does not even disturb the butterflies sipping nectar from the lavender. 

“I never saw so many women in hats before.” Mary comments. “The centerpieces alone must have taken hours to make. I know I’m gonna drop something down the front of my platform.” She sighs.

“Do your best Mary, Lyn will have to try to fit her feet under one of those tables and you know whose butt will be edging over the seat.” Mac grins.

“Look at those tables of food.” LaVerne’s eyes pop with desire. Potted shrimps and gentleman's relish with thin slices of brown and white bread and butter. 

On the finest bone china stands are displayed  crustless finger sandwiches - cucumber, smoked salmon, egg and cress.

Muffins sit in silver dishes, with light covers to keep them warm. Clotted cream, lemon curd, and the finest fresh strawberry and blackcurrent preserves cluster together next to the scones.

On the fine bone china cake stands are several one bite sweet deserts. Fresh cream cakes  eclairs, cream slices, butterfly cakes, iced fancies and tiny Bakewell and Strawberry tarts.

On each table, on the delicate stands, slices of fruit cake, Madeira cake, carrot cake, and on a side table a large walnut cake with a sugar-paste copy of the cover for 'To Eternity'.   Each table has a pot of tea
covered with a warmer that appears delicately 

“Wow,” they all say in unison.

“This is gonna be some party.” Lilly says, excited. “Let’s try to act like ladies and not embarrass ourselves.” They all look at Mary who grins sheepishly. “I’ll try…but I ain’t drinking the Earl Gray, it tastes like medicine.”

Walking to their author they all greet Daisy then Lyn turns to the tables and garners the attention of the people at each table.

“Let’s welcome our author Daisy Banks and grab your copy of To Eternity. Have a great time and enjoy the tea. Whatever kind you prefer!”
    (This week's introductory 'skit' was written by Mary)

To Eternity-wild beneath the moon- Book Two in the Timeless Series. 


 For four centuries Magnus has lived according to the dictates of the moon, his heart isolated by the domination of his wolf nature. Now fate has brought the beautiful, independent Sian to his house at Darnwell and their irresistible attraction has exploded into a white-hot passion. Yet she is not wolf, and the time has come for her to embrace the change. But once she completes the ritual and claims her place next to Magnus, the rivals will appear on the horizon… E


 Sian made her way down to the drawing room and paused at the small portrait of his parents, as she did each time she walked the long corridor. The proud faces, the medieval pose and demeanor, made her wonder if she might have ever connected with this couple. Why did they leave their son alone when he wasn’t much more than a boy? Magnus had never said, but he’d needed them. Surely, times were different back then in a way people wouldn’t understand now. She certainly didn’t.

“Not giving any secrets away tonight, are you?” The pair remained as inscrutable as ever. She strolled on and into the drawing room

 “Oh, my, you look wonderful.”

 “Thank you. A stunning gown. You are beautiful.”

 She smiled and moved across the room to join him. “I’m glad you like the dress.”


“Please.” He poured her a glass from the decanter on the sideboard and handed it over. “It’s not the dress—it’s you who are beautiful.”

 She sipped from the small nineteenth century glass before giving him a light kiss on the jaw. The lippy didn’t mark his cologne-scented skin. “I’m looking forward to dinner tonight. From what I gather, it will be a sumptuous meal.”

 “I believe so. I don’t understand what has prompted the culinary experimentation, but I’m sure we shall be the beneficiaries of all the work.” 

She laughed. “Perhaps the ladies want to show off a little.”

“Yes.” The haunted look flashed in his eyes. “I rarely give them the opportunity to do that.”

 “Exactly. So tonight we shall enjoy a wonderful meal.”

 “Do you think they mind?” he asked.

 “Mind cooking?”

 “No. Do you think it disturbs them that I don’t have guests?”

 She shook her head. “I doubt they’ve thought about it before now. It’s always been that way. Me being here has kind of shaken things up a bit.”

She flashed him a smile. Magnus slipped his arm around her waist. “I am most thankful for your presence.”

 She slid her arm about his hip and squeezed. “I’m glad about that.” She glanced to the clock. “It’s just seven. They will be waiting for us, so I suggest we go, but before we do, I want to say sorry.” 

“Sorry?” “Yes, I was an absolute—” She puffed out a breath. “Yea, I was stupid to react the way I did about your news. I’m sorry.”

 “I was clumsy. It won’t happen again.”

 She shook her head, sidling closer to him. “No, it was my fault. You see, I sometimes forget the timescale you work on. Next time I’m about to have a hissy fit, I’ll make myself count to a thousand.”

 His lips moved in the start of the smile she loved. It grew like warmth when the sun appeared from behind a gray cloud and rose up to light his eyes. “Would it help if I promised to kiss you until you reached your count of a thousand?”


 “We shall forgive each other and be gentler with our love.” “Agreed.” She took another sip of sherry. “But not too tender, Magnus. There has to be a little bite.”

 His expression froze, and he gave a quick shake of his head as though disturbed by her words. 

“What’s wrong?”

 “Forgive me, my thoughts quite escaped me.” Uncertain if she’d understood him, she looked into his soul-drinking eyes. Though his skin was firm and lined little, his eyes betrayed the depths of his experiences. They showed a wealth of sorrows. Yet as the gray pools sucked her in, they changed so they looked like mountain water streaking over pebbles.

 “Sometimes you manage to take me quite far away.”

 To read Chapter 1 of To Eternity visit my blog http://daisybanks.wordpress.com/

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Daisy Banks writes sensual and spicy romance in the Historical, Paranormal and Fantasy genres. She is an obsessive writer and her focus is to offer the best tale she can to readers. Daisy is married with two grown up sons. She lives in a converted chapel in Shropshire, England. Antiques and collecting entertain Daisy when she isn’t writing and she occasionally manages to make a meal that doesn’t stick to the pan.

Daisy Banks Links Blog http://daisybanks.wordpress.com
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  1. Welcome to your Roast, Daisy, what a beautiful day for a garden party! Congratulations on your release of 'To Eternity' the excerpt is so tantalising, and Magnus sounds gorgeous!

    I will have some of that Earl Grey please, I love it even if Mary doesn't! :)

  2. The house and grounds are a delight, and you all look wonderful. Mary should be quite safe in her yellow dress with all the flowers to distract the insects. As to Lily's hat I think it is stupendous. I can't wait to taste the walnut cake. Oh, look at the little book cover, gorgeous. What a perfect day for afternoon tea.

  3. Not sure what happened but my last comment was lost in cyberspace!
    So glad I could come to tea. Do you have any Tetley's, white and one? :-) Oh, and that carrot cake looks fab. Beautiful day for a tea party (almost can forget the blizzard we are going through here)
    Congrats on your release Daisy! xo

  4. Oh Daisy, what a spread they have laid on for you. And I must admit, I truly love your hat. Thank you so much for the enticing snippet from your new book. I look forward to reading more.

  5. Lovely to see you Corinne and Diane. There are several sorts of tea, Corinne I am sure we can find something to suit you. Perhaps you'd like some fruit cup instead or a Pimms?
    I'm sure Diane would love a Pimms.

  6. How lovely to be part of an afternoon tea when, here in Toronto, Canada, it is -25C and snowy. A great idea for an event. Congrats on your release, Daisy!

  7. Thank you so much, Rosanna. Do sit in the sun for a little while to warm you up. It is lovely to see you here.

  8. I was just *waiting* for an excuse to wear my new hat. And while the weather on my side of the pond has taken a turn for the dingy, I'll enjoy an iced tea in the gorgeous sunshine a while longer, reading your exciting snippet. Sounds thrilling! Congrats on the release!

  9. Thank you so much for joining me, Sophie. What a magnificent hat it is, too. Do try the scones. They are devine and perfectly calorie free. Cooks preserves are the perfect accompaniment. I hope the snippet pleases.

  10. Wow, I just nipped into the kitchen to help Oliver with the supervision of the food and I see we have several more guests. Welcome, Corrinne, Diane, Rosanne and Sophie. You all look lovely in your summer dresses and hats. Mmm, yes, I will try some of those scones, I can't resist clotted cream - it;s almost as delciious as the sound of the hero of 'To Eternity' - what a great title by the way!

    1. Thank you, Hywela. I think we may need more tea later. To Eternity is book 2 in the Timeless series, Book 3 Out of Time is one of my current projects.

  11. Oh, what a delightful garden party! I do so love those dainty finger sandwiches with my tea, and what a perfect opportunity to wear my new lace gloves. Thank you for inviting me, Daisy, and congrats on your new release. Ladies, you've done of fabulous job, hats and all! :)

    1. Thank you so much for joining the party, Mae. Those lace gloves are beautiful. I do think it is fun to dress up now and then.

  12. Thanks you for inviting me to tea, Daisy. Lovely setting for a garden party and all of the food was delicious. Unfortunately, I added one lump of sugar too many to my tea. I'll never learn, I guess. Congratulations on the release and thank you for sharing an excerpt from To Eternity.

    1. Thanks for joining us, Gemma. I'm glad you enjoyed the food. A pity about the extra sugar. Thanks for the congratulations. I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. It's been lovely to see you.

    2. Hi Mae and Gemma - don't worry about the extra sugar, Gemma. The food here is all healthy and calorie free, despite it's looks and delicious taste!

    3. Mornin' chickies. Congrats and welcome to your roast, Daisy. This story sounds fascinating! I would have been here sooner but a gust of wind took my hat and I had to find someone to climb into the tree where it landed. Then, of course, I had to thank the gentleman properly. ;-)

  13. Thank you for the lovely food, but now I am hungrier than ever. Send package of food post haste. It's too cold to go out, so my shelves are bare. And I'm cold.(it's 55 in my house). Liza2write@yahoo.com. Now I must go buy your book.

    1. Oh, Liza, you poor thing. I'll ask the staff if there is anything they can do. You must be perishing cold in your house. I do hope the book takes your mind off the chill and you enjoy it. Thank you for joining us today.

    2. Hi Liza, I should just wrap up warm and come to the party, but be sure to bring a coll summer dress to wear once you get here. Despite it taking place in Britain, where the temperature is in reality typically cool, it's a beautiful summer afternoon and we're all enjoying the warm sunshine and wearing our best summer frocks!

    3. Whoops, too much 'Pimms' I think! I meant 'cool' of course, not 'Coll', whatever that is!

  14. Congrats on your release Daisy! Looks as delicious as the eclairs. As usual, ladies, you have outdone yourselves with the party. Always lovely to see Oliver too! :)

    1. Thank you for joining us, Cate. I have to say I have never had a party as fine as this one. The food is delicious and the team so very helpful.

  15. it took me forever to find this place, it's so beautiful here! However did you manage to get this weather, Daisy? Fairy Magic I'll wager.

    1. Thanks for joining the party, Sunny. I ordered the weather especially, not quite fairy magic but not far off. It's so beautiful out here I don't think I'll want to go inside for hours. I might just have another cucumber sandwich.

    2. I expect my copies of both Timeless and Eternity in my mailbox today and I can't wait to assign them seats on the bookshelves. I so love that scoundrel and his dreams...
      Oh, may I have some more sweet tea and a bit of that spotted dick and custard please? It's my favorite. Thank you for inviting me, Daisy. We are all delighted and pleased for you and excited to see where this leads.

  16. I hope you enjoy the books when you read them, though I think you already have Timeless as an e-book. I'm glad you'll have them as print. We might have to send to the kitchen for spotted dick and custard but I am sure they will oblige. Thank you for you kind comments and do enjoy the rest of the party.

    1. You're very welcome, I've had a lovely time,.Goodbye Keep writing everyone, Je Suis Charlie!

  17. Bye bye, thank you for visiting.

  18. What a lovely tea! Here it is usually warm and sunny, but today it's still only 41 degrees. My my, the hot tea and delicious dainties are helping to warm me up, not to mention the soul searching eyes on your gorgeous cover! Thank you for such an exquisite respite.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Flossie. I am glad the tea and cake warmed you up. I know some of you are suffering in the cold, again. I thought a lovely garden would be perfect to relax in and recall summer. I'm glad you like the cover too.

  19. Hi Mac! (Lyn hugs her sister hostess) We wondered where you'd disappeared to, but of course we understand you have to be polite when a gentleman helps you out! LOL (I wonder if he was as hunky as Magnus sounds?

  20. Hi Cate - welcome to Daisy's party, so good to see you again. Oliver can't seem to take his eyes off you now he's stopped swooning over Daisy!

    Hey, Oliver, be a good butler and get Sunny some of that special spotted dick you make so well! (What an appropriate name for this party, Sunny! :)

  21. How lovely to see Mac. I do hope your gentleman was as polite as Magnus usually is, that is when he is in man form, in his alter ego he's not quite the same.

  22. Sorry to be so late, but thankfully there are some of those scrumptious little bite sized cakes left, and the butler was very helpful :-)
    Good luck with the release :-)

  23. Hello, Sofia lovely to see you here. Yes, help yourself to cake. I've eaten lots. The tea is fabulous too, the butler is a darling. And don't worry about more because there is lots. The cucumber sandwiches are very popular and so is the Pimms. Someone did have to catch Diane while she was playing croquet. I just hope they get the ball back.

    1. All is well, Daisy, it was neatly nestled in the Vicar's wife's cleavage. :)

  24. Welcome to your party Daisy.. I am doing my best to walk in these shoes and not knock my hat off. Yellow was never my color. The things I do for these parties!
    Your book sounds right up my alley and I'm gonna look at the book mentioned, Timeless, too. I love to read and if you can...how about an excerpt to tickle the fancy of our visitors?

    1. Hello, Mary how lovely to meet you. The yellow is lovely. Why of course.
      Here is a little excerpt from Timeless. this is where Magnus and Sian first meet.

      Miss Armstrong slid the coat from her shoulders, and his neck muscles
      bunched in tension. The garment, a garish neon pink darkened by rain,
      was lined in heavy purple silk. A lovely foil to her pale skin, more of
      which was revealed by the way the scarlet bolero draped down so low,
      exposing one naked shoulder. He’d nearly forgotten the appeal of such
      skin. Porcelain, yet far more delicate than the object itself, and not icy
      cold, but warmed with the flush of lifeblood.
      He hung the coat in the vast closet, stifling the vortex she’d raised in him.

    2. Hello Mary sweetie (Lyn hugs her sister hostess) Actually yellow does suit you, it's lovely and sunny, like your personality!

      Ooh thanks for that snipet Daisy, such a descriptive passage, I'm going to have to look this book up too, despite my Kindle being somewhat overstuffed! :)

  25. Okay, someone please take my hat! I can't see a thing and keep running into walls. Daisy, your book sounds wonderful and I just love historical and paranormal romances. So, what could be better than combining the two genres?

    1. The historical elements int Timeless and To Eternity are based in the memories Magnus carries with him. Many of them unhappy.
      I have several stories where the past influences the present very strongly. This is one of them.

  26. Lilly is that you? Is that a flamingo on your head?? Or are you just feathered?

    1. Lyn blows air kisses to her fellow hostess Lilly. Don't take any notice of her, Lilly, that hat is fantastic. Perhaps if you push it a bit further back you' be able to see better though?

    2. You look fab, Lilly. Mary is just jealous because the feather in her hat keeps flopping over and getting stuck in her cleavage. :-)

    3. Well they do have pointy ends those pesky feathers.

    4. I am now hatless. I think mine flew up into a tree with Mac's and I had to leave it there. Of course, I did ask several strapping young men to fetch it for me, just watch the play of muscle across their strong backs. *evil grin*

  27. Did I just eat the last cake? Sorry about that. Um, I kind of tripped over the roses back there as well. They'll be okay, though. I taped the stems back together. Got anything stronger than tea around here?

    1. Hi Sabine. There is Pimms if you want it or a nice bowl of rum punch. But do be careful in the garden. The staff are a little touchy about the blooms. I can't guarentee they'll take any damage well.

  28. Hic, just thought I'd pop back in - it's blowing a hooley out in the garden now, but I thought it necessary to mention, I've been on the Pims since the sun rose over the yard-arm. Who has tea after then anyway... Thank you Daisy for being a wonderful hostess, and thank you for great excerpt.

    1. Diane, you are rather unsteady on your feet. Do sit down for a few moments. Did they find the missing croquet ball? Do you know where it might have landed?

  29. Yeah, loved the excerpt, Daisy! So, Diane, is that a flask in your purse or are you just happy to see me? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

    1. I'm glad you liked the excerpt. Poor Diane is a little tired and emotional right now and has closed her eyes for a few moments. We don't, shssh, talk about the flask.

    2. Hi Sabine (and Diane) LOL, you ladies are hilarious! Daisy, I think I'll try some of the Pimms since Oliver seems to have forgotten my usual tipple (mead) One can only take so much Earl Grey you know!

  30. I do understand. Mead is an unusual beverage but enjoyable. The Pimms has been free flowing all afternoon and the ladies have enjoyed it.

  31. That mead is not bad. It's rather strong too. A few sips and it's blottoville.
    By the way, who is that devil may care handsome fellow by the Lilacs??? Is Timeless a time travel??

    1. Yes, I understand about the mead, perhaps its best a little watered. I don't know who the gentleman by the trees is. Timeless is the tale of a werewolf who meets the woman who can change his lonely life. Here this bit might explain a little.

      Her eyes flashed, widening at his tone, and for the first time since
      she’d stepped into his house, her composure faltered. Perhaps she’d made
      an intelligent perception, discovered all was not as it appeared.
      “You may bring the crew in the night before or after October thirty-first,
      but not on the thirty-first, Miss Armstrong. I’ll show you downstairs.”
      A small kernel of warmth grew in him, as she compliantly nodded. He
      remained in command of himself and his world.
      “I’ll need to arrange for the technicians to view, especially the lighting
      manager,” she said, hurrying after him as he strode down to the hall.
      “You may email me possible dates for their visit.” Through the window,
      rain fell again from the lowering sky. As she zipped her bag closed, the
      sound dragged his gaze back to her.
      Luscious, lovely, so youthful and ripe, she flaunted her vitality. The
      thought tore through him so he had to clear his throat.
      She must leave, and now.
      He helped her on with the still damp coat, and while she tugged the belt
      tight about her, had to resist the urge to touch it.
      “Bye, Mr. Johansson, I’m sure we’ll meet again,” she said, offering her
      delicate hand.
      The skin of her fingers, soft and supple, the warm, lace covered palm
      rested in his a second too long. “Goodbye,” he said with a last look,
      drinking in the wide, coal black pupils centered in the dazzling green
      irises of her eyes. A picture of them stayed with him as he closed the door
      behind her, and her fragrance still pooled about him.
      Hunger for her rose, hot and almost unstoppable. He shook his head.
      “We’ll not meet again if I can help it. Not tonight, not later. Not ever
      would be better.”
      Miss Armstrong would be forgotten, in a few weeks. Perhaps by the
      end of the month he’d not even remember the delicate flush on her cheek
      or the fiery corkscrew curls twining over her marble-pale shoulder.
      Fixated as a drowning man watching a life belt drift away, he stared through the window
      at her shimmering crimson heels as she skittered down the driveway to her car.

  32. Replies
    1. It's a fun drink.
      Pimm's is a brand of fruit cups, but may also be considered a liqueur. It was first produced in 1823 by James Pimm and has been owned by Diageo since 1997. Its most popular product is Pimm's No. 1 Cup.
      It's best enjoyed as it has been today as part of a gentle alcholic punch with fruit juice, soda and ice.

  33. Oh, please. I'll have a Pimms...or three. lol!

  34. I do hope you enjoy it. Oliver has been filling glasses all afternoon, dear boy. Thankfully most of the ladies seem to be able to hold their drink well. Though I did see some hat ribbons wobbling about on the way to the maze and I'm not sure who should write the apology to the Vicar's wife regarding the crocket ball. Perhaps I might and say dear Diane was taking medicine for a cold and circumstances afffected her judgement. Hmm, yes I think that might work.
    Oh, thank you. Warm and soothing.

  35. I'll try the Pimms please. One only. I have to drive these ladies home. LOL

  36. Yes, one is fine, well mixed with soda, do have a crumpet or a large piece of cake with it too.

  37. What a lovely afternoon it has been. I think I'll just have a little nap. Do give my compliments to Cook, the table was unsurpassed.

  38. If I eat any more cake, I'm liable to pop outta my dress. Ask anyone, you don't want that. But, maybe another small scone...crumpets are always second to a well made scone. How about it commenters; Crumpet vs Scone???
    Oliver always does a great job, with Lyn's supervision.

  39. Oh I meant to say thanks for the last excerpt Daisy but I somehow got held up by a gentleman who wanted to know the way to the croquet lawn (well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!). I think a nap is in order for several of us - I'm hoping Oliver has arranged accommodation up at the great house for all those who require it overnight! Our parties always cater for late comers over the weekend, so I'll just help him load the fridge before I nod off myself!

  40. After all that cake, I'm tired. Have a good nite all!

  41. Hi, Daisy! What an amazing looking book. That cover is captivating and the blurb and excerpt have sealed the deal for me.

    Don't you worry, ladies. Oliver and I will keep the latecomers entertained while you nap - the benefit of being from a different time-zone. I get Oliver all to myself ;)

    Oh, what a gorgeous setting. And the weather! *sigh* It is so refreshing to enjoy a lovely summers day without having to slather on the sunblock! No hole in the ozone layer in this magical part of the world. If I tried that at home, my skin would rival the colour of those gorgeous red roses over there.

    Ooo! Someone mentioned Pimms! I'm off to go and hunt some down.

  42. Oh my. That pimms is rather good. I'm married to a brit, you know. Never would have heard of the stuff otherwise. Sorry about the petunias. Honestly, they just attacked my left boot. It wasn't me I swear. And I looked just now, the roses are perfectly fine. There's nothing you can't do with duct tape. *O waiter, another one over here please. No, not the tea. Don't you see what time it is? I'll have some lovely white wine. Yes, that's nice. Thank you.* Sorry, girls, where was I? Oh yes. It is a rather vicious garden. You must be careful. Anyway, I finally got around to actually reading your invitation and noticed that I must leave my address to be entered into your wonderful contest. I don't know why I'm bothering. I never win anything. Unless you count that delectable Viscount a few weeks ago. Oh, he was a winner all right. But I digress. Please send all correspondence to SabinePriestley At Me Dot Com.

  43. Don't speak too quickly, LaVerne. I'm still up! Those Pimms pack quite a punch, and Oliver promised to walk me to the car, but I'm not ready to go just yet. Shhh. Don't tell Mary you've seen me. I think she's still looking for me to take me home.

  44. Fun party

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  45. Oh, errr, yep *hiccup* Excuse me! I see what you mean, Lilly. Something about the Pimms, the gorgeous weather and lovely people seem to have me feeling a bit light in the head. I think I should partake of a little more of this amazing spread before I mingle a little more and embarrass myself :)

  46. Loved the party thank you & such a great excerpt too.


  47. Hi Lilly and La Verne *waves to sister hostesses* Haven't said that before have I? 'm sure I didn't greet La Verne before because of this time zone thingy. I'm slightly whoozy becaue of the Pimms, I'm so much more used to mead! I have to say it's a really chilly day here in the UK La Verne, but thank goodness we can magically convert it to a lovely warm summer day for the blog!

    Hi Mary Preston, thanks for stopping by, always nice to see you and those excerpts of Daisy'/s have really got me hooked!

  48. Hi Daisy,

    I enjoyed reading all about your book, and I absolutely love the image of the house. It's absolutely beautiful, and I'd worry about messing it up too! LOL :) I can' believe you live in a converted chapel in Shropshire, England. That sounds amazing and I'd love to hear more about it if you have time.

    Thanks for sharing!

  49. Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for stopping by!


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