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Friday, June 6, 2014

A Real Hawaiian Luau with Mickey J. Corrigan

"A high school reunion party in Hawaii?" Lilly shakes her head as she and the other hostesses step outside the oceanfront resort and into the courtyard where the Hawaiian Luau reuinion party is already underway. "My thirtieth reunion was held in the high school cafetorium--half auditorium, half cafeteria."

Mary tucks "the girls" into the front of her floral printed maxi dress and laughs. "I don't even remember my thirtieth reunion, but I'm sure going to remember this one! Look at all that food."

"Is that poi?" Mac steps closer to one of the food tables. "It looks nasty, but I am so going to try it. I'm going to try a little bit of everything tonight."

Lyn laughs. "I bet you will, Mac. Maybe you'll even try a bit of flirting with the high school sweetheart who got away." 

Mac eyes a frosty mai tai and holds her head high. "Who said he got away. Maybe I was practicing catch and release."

Melissa laughs. "Catch and release. I like that. So, no one got away. We let them go. But now, it's time to see which one of us have the most people here from our high school." 

"Our guest author, Mickey J. Corrigan invited everyone from all of our graduating classes and her own. She also invited the fictional graduating class from the high school in her book Mai Tai Guy," AJ says without looking at her phone. "So this is going to be a blast."

Lyn frowns. "Some of these guys look old. Please tell me they are not from my graduating class."

"I hope they're not from mine either," Mary said. "But I think I recognize that bald guy."

Lilly gasps. "! I think I graduated with that bald guy with the ZZ Top beard."

"More like a Duck Dynasty beard," AJ says."Hey, there are some real hunks over there."

Mac smiles. "They must be from the fictional high school class."

"Have another drink, Lilly." Melissa hands her a colorful rum drink and AJ takes the other one.

"That's right." AJ takes a sip and smiles. "Even the old, fat guys will look good if we have enough of these."

"You're right." Lilly turns up her drink and snags another from Oliver. Then Mary gets the bright idea to hula.

"We can do it!" She shouts and the hostess give it their best shot. 

Luckily, Mickey intervenes just as they begin to shake their stuff. "Okay ladies, step away from the grass skirts and let the professionals handle the entertainment."

"Ok." Mac laughs and holds up her leis. "Hey, anybody want to get laid?"

Laughing, Lyn shakes her head. "Let's have some cake, ladies, while Mickey tells us more about her book, Mai Tai Guy."


When I was seventeen, I had the perfect boyfriend. Nothing fancy, he went straight to my hips. He looked good on me. Now, if that's not the perfect man menu, I don't know what is. Now I'm home for our thirtieth class reunion and I'm still hungry for him. He was all mine early on and he should have stayed that way. Too bad, because now he's the most successful businessman in town and I'm just not over easy. Yes, it's been decades, but every five years our high school reunion has brought us together again. With hot, then cold results. He's on the menu again. This time I have my own delicious way of making sure our meet-up will truly satisfy.


Life is like a menu. You've got to make choices or you'll stuff or starve. I was never talented at the selection process. Clothes, lovers, hairstyles, jobs, real estate, BFFs, food: I’ve always made wildly random or slightly psychotic decisions. A few times in my life, however, I’ve bull’s-eyed. My high school boyfriend, for example, was perfectly on target.

Nothing fancy, he went straight to my hips. Plus, he liked me as a person. He looked good on me. Now, if that's not the perfect man menu, I don't know what would be.

He was all mine early on and he should have stayed that way. I thought he would. When we were seventeen, we were a power couple. I loved us.

We worked after school and on weekends at the local pancake house. I was Harried Young Waitress Over Easy. He was Cute Boy Under Glass. You could see him back there at the grill in his funny toque as soon as you walked in the front door.

Actually, another early flame of mine worked at Pancake King, too. The two guys were neighbors and best friends, but that didn’t stop me from necking with both of them. When I call it necking, you imagine fully clothed couples in dark corners, right? Choice of words is important here. I want you to like me.

Yes, I was a little loosey goosey. But really, my high school boyfriend was the long-range guy for me. Only I didn't know it then. I was a dozen lovers away from realizing there's one man for every woman. Like the ideal pairing: Bordeaux and Stilton cheese, Irish potatoes and freshly grated black pepper, Louisiana shrimp and minced garlic. These are the kind of tastes one develops with time and experience. As kids, our choices seemed unlimited, like you can have yourself one or both. Even more, if you want. It seems like you can have yourself everything on the menu. 

Mickey J. Corrigan writes hot romance and Florida pulp. Mickey's stories have appeared in anthologies and online publications, and she has published more than half a dozen novellas with a variety of digital presses and the novel Sugar Babies, a romantic thriller. The Wild Rose Press is publishing her series The Hard Stuff, hot and sassy novellas about about tough women in tough situations who fall in love. Mai Tai Guy is a Free Read to introduce the series.

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  1. Hi Mickey, welcome to your Roast. Here comes Oliver with a spercial Mai Tai just for you!

  2. Good Morning, Mickey. Great idea for a reunion. My 30th was in the cafetorium. But I just had my 35th reunion in the Spring. A group of us met in a private room over a local restaurant on the Friday before and the actual reunion was in the town's country club. Hubby and I had more fun the night before. It was more of a festive atmosphere, but not nearly as fun as this Hawaii shin dig. So, when and where was everyone else's most recent high school reunion?

  3. Do you know Lilly - I've never been to a reunion - which might be because I've been away from my homeland for so long. But an old school friend tracked me down and said we'd just missed our school reunion by a year, but she found me and it's great to be back in contact. I'm going to enjoy this one to make up for never having had a real one though - and I've never been to Hawaii before!

    1. So glad you reconnected with an old hs friend, Lyn. And I've never been to Hawaii either!

  4. Hiya chickies! *air kisses*

    Congrats on the series, Mickey. You go, girl! Just downloaded. Yay! :-)

    Like Lilly, I went to my 35th not long ago. (How the *#&^ did 35 years pass already?) Ours was also held at a local country club and we had an absolute blast. So much so that about 30 of us continued the night at an after party where I froze my buns off. I'd forgotten how chilly it can get on a September evening in Boston. Still, I wouldn't have missed reconnecting and laughing with the people who helped to shape me into the snarky princess I am. :-) I'm thinking I should suggest Hawaii for the next one, though. No frozen buns!

    1. My 30th was in Boston too! I didn't make it, but I could just imagine...Sounds like you had blast from the past.

    2. I missed my thirtieth, Mickey, since I was bald as an egg from chemo and my mean doc wouldn't let me travel, but I've been to the rest and always have a great time. Then again, I grab at any excuse to visit Boston. I'm hoping they plan the next one for summer time. I love the "Nawth Shore" in all it's summer glory. :-) What part of town are you from?

  5. Good morning, ladies!

    Hi Mickey, it's a pleasure to meet you. :)

    Got my first cup of coffee. *happy*

  6. Good morning all. What a fun party. Thank you for the free book. Sounds really good.
    Sue B

  7. Hi Sue - already got my copy - it's a fun read!

  8. Sounds good! echosheawriter@gmail.com

  9. Hi Echo. So glad you could join the party, sit down and let Oliver bring you some refreshments!

  10. "Hi Everyone." Mary steps into the room with a grim face. "I finally made it! My transportation has been out of order. My HP in the shop. Finally repaired and back to what is normal for me. I've missed a great day I see. Well, I'm here now, I never went to a reunion myself. Left twelfth grade while living in Canada. They graduate at grade 13. Imagine. Oliver I need a drink. Sorry to have been AWOL all. Got my copy though!!"

  11. Hi Mary, bless, only a week late, LOL! Good job you have your virtual time machine. So sorry to hear about your problems with the technology, but glad you could make it anyway! Hugs XXX

  12. I am in love with these Hawaiian Luau party inspirations. All of them look adorable. I want to host my birthday party in unique style at Chicago venues and would like to have a Hawaiian Luau themed birthday bash. Thanks for the inspiration!


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