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This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Sue Edge - celebrates her book 'Dead Tropics' with a tropical beach party

“Oh, a conga line. I love conga lines!” Mary stops at the edge of a tropical courtyard surrounding a sparkling pool. An endless stretch of white sand and turquoise sea shimmer beyond the palm trees swaying in huge terracotta pots. On the pool decking, scantily clad guests swing their hips to the calypso beat in a long, snaking line.

Lyn elbows her way to the front of the group. “Me too.” She eyes the party guests, paying particular attention to the beach volleyball game in progress and the sweat glistening chests of the all-male players. She spins around to face the hostesses. Eyes sparkling with anticipation, she lifts a hand to her sun hat. “How do I look?”

“Not as good as me.” Vonnie stretches her neck to ogle the men over Lyn’s shoulder. “I’ll race you.”

Lyn snorts and sticks out her tongue.

“Wait a minute.” Mac adjusts the sarong at her hips. “I thought we were here for a tropical barbeque to celebrate DEAD TROPICS, Sue Edge’s new release, not get sweaty with the local hunks.”

“Can’t we do both?” Melissa grins.

AJ squints toward the beach. “I vote for both. Now, someone point me in the right direction.”

Lilly laughs, but her smile quickly turns to a frown. “What the heck are you wearing, Mac?”

Mac lifts a hand to the surgeon’s mask covering her nose and mouth. “A mask. Didn’t any of you read Sue’s blurb? I’m not taking any chances with an ancient virus.”

Mary tugs at the straps of her bikini top, adjusting the girls. “Geez, Mac. It’s a work of fiction. Besides, how are you going to sample all those lovely umbrella drinks Oliver will be serving with that thing on your face? Pina Coladas, Rum Punch, Tropical Sangria and Sex on the Beach.”

“Yumm. Sex on the Beach. I’ll take several of those.” Melissa waggles her eyebrows.

AJ immediately starts toward the bar. “Me too!”

Vonnie snorts and scrambles to follow with the rest of the hostesses on her heels. They skirt around the gazebo where a tropical feast awaits, including platters of smoked baby back ribs, grilled fish, and succulent tropical fruit. Lilly smacks her lips as they pass by the pastry table and its 
offerings of chocolate mousse, lemon cheesecake, pavlova and assorted chocolates.

Wending her way through the crowd at the grand gala, Melissa happens upon her teenage companion, Morena. The girl sits at a table with a huge cocktail before her, topped with multiple umbrellas.  

Melissa points to the suspicious drink. "Morena, what is that?"

Morena beams. "Sex on the Beach Smooching a Flirtini."

"You're underage!" Melissa snatches the drink away, sloshing liquid everywhere.

"Morena huffs It's a virigin!"

"Not with a name like that, it's not!"

As one, they stumble to a stop beside the pool as Sue, accompanied by Oliver, carrying a tray of drinks and dressed only in a pair of wispy, white draw string pants, head in their direction.

Mary rubs her hands together. “Oh, yeah. We are going to have such a good time! Right, Mac?” She bumps Mac with her shoulder.

Busy fighting with the strings of her mask, Mac screeches, falls sideways, and lands with a splash. Sputtering, she finds her feet on the bottom of the pool and scowls at her fellow hostesses, laughing like loons on the deck above her. A yank on Mary’s sarong has her joining Mac in the water.

Lilly laughs evilly and shoves Melissa, AJ and Vonnie into the pool before they can react. She turns to Lyn.

“Don’t even think about it.”

Ginning, Lilly steps off the edge and plunges into the water.

Oliver and Sue arrive. Oliver shakes his head with an understanding smile. 

Sue slaps her hands to her hips. “What is going on?”

Lyn laughs, shrugs and with a running leap, shouts, “CANNONBALL!”

“Oh, yeah. A great time.” Mac shakes her head, sending droplets of water from her soaked hat in every direction. She grins up at Sue. “Hiya, chickie. Welcome to your roast.

Dead Tropics
Author:  Sue Edge


Lori Nelson has always seen herself as an ordinary woman, doing the best she can to juggle family and her work as a nurse. But the most dangerous creature in nature is the mother whose offspring is threatened…

When miners release an ancient virus Lori is at ground zero of the deadly battle for survival. With the help of a laconic ex-soldier, can Lori find the strength to fight the spreading threat and save her family?

Genre/age group: Horror/suspense.  It appeals to YA and adults.

The sequel is called Blood Tropics and should be released in the last quarter of the year.


The first hint of the plague that was to destroy our world arrived with a brief report on themorning news. I noted something about miners being diagnosed with an unidentified form of encephalitis in the nearby village of Mossman, but I barely registered it, really, as I tried to persuade the
twins to stay in their seats and eat their breakfast.

My brother Joe snorted from his easy chair. “That’s what you get for messing with nature. The Cape Tribulation rainforest has been untouched by humans for millions of years. You’ve got species of plants and insects that have never been identified! I wouldn’t be surprised if
they discover that this strain of encephalitis predates the dinosaurs.”

I rolled my eyes. I loved my brother dearly but the last thing I needed this morning was a lecture on the dangers of destroying the virgin rainforest of Cape Tribulation. He had been impossible for the last few months since the mining companies had won permission to mine part of
the rainforest around Mossman. I guess it was part and parcel of living with an environmentalist.

“Are you likely to get called into work this morning?” I asked, simultaneously wrestling a porridgy spoon away from Sarah and pushing Alex firmly back into his high chair.

“Lori, if they do call, they’re sadly out of luck,” he grinned, hazel eyes twinkling. “Or have you forgotten that somewhere out there is a marlin with my name on it?”

“Hmph,” I sniffed disdainfully, sidestepping the fact that I had forgotten all about the fishing trip.

“I’ll wager that the marlin with your name on it will still be safely swimming in the ocean when you get back!”

Joe switched off the television and stood up, miming a dagger in his chest. “Ouch. Low blow, sis.” He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me in a bear hug. “But I forgive you, seeing as I have the most understanding sister in the world, offering to drive me in, holding down the fort for the whole weekend, picking me up at an ungodly hour...”

I smiled and squirmed away. “Stop crawling and help me clean these kids up before we go.”
He grabbed three-year-old Alex and lifted him high, heading for the bathroom. “Okay, rugrat, try not to make your mum’s life a misery while I’m away!”

Alex squealed and tried to swat his uncle’s face. I smiled affectionately at their disappearing backs. Although I had protested when Joe had said he was moving in after Charles’ death, it was impossible to imagine life without him now. In six months, he had become an indelible part of our
family’s life, helping me out with the kids, bringing in much needed money and reminding me that I could laugh again.

Watching her twin brother leave, Sarah demanded loudly to be picked up as well. As I gingerly tried to lift her out of the chair without getting porridge all over my clothes, Michele wandered out of her room. At 15, she had reached an age where she seemed to want to sleep all morning so I was a bit surprised to see her before noon.

“Good morning, sweetness,” I called out as I shepherded Sarah ahead of me to the bathroom. My teen grunted a greeting as she flung cupboard doors open, no doubt in search of a breakfast that didn’t scream ‘healthy’.

All in all, a normal morning in the Nelson home. There was no awareness that our world was already in the process of changing forever; no hint that, somewhere, an impossible disease was taking hold; no clue that some of us would be committing unthinkable acts before the day was through.

To win a copy of Sue's book, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
Contest ends on Sunday and everyone who comments is eligible.


  1. *Lilly climbs out of the water, shaking off the excess the way her little dog T.T. does.* "Wow! I haven't looked this good in a bathing suit since the 90's. Must be the tropical heat melting off the pounds." *turns and looks over shoulder* "Hmm. I still have a hefty bootie, though." *looks back at the other hostess still in the water* "Hey, AJ, Vonnie, Melissa, Mac, and Lyn, y'all better get on out and come over here so we can ask Sue about this virus. This is her roast and her world and we wouldn't want to wander off and become part of some zombie apocalypse. Are we safe here, Sue? What kind of crazy virus is it? Something the miners dug up. Isn't it?

  2. Well, that was fun! Lyn did you have to land on my head with your cannonball? Melissa is that bathing suit legal? Mary adjust the girls which have kinda fallen out the side of her bathing suit. AJ stop laughing,your day will come. Hey is that Vonnie, drinking all ready? And who is having Sex On the Beach? I know that ain't legal. Mac stop smacking me, we're lucky you remembered to come today. And for goodness sakes Lilly, put your clothes back on this ain't a nude beach. Mary tosses a towel to Lilly. Lets all welcome Sue, and congratulate her on her terrific new book! Ouch, who threw the cocoanut at me?? Luckily it just bounced off the girls, I'd hate to have to...OMG look at those guys. The tall one is mine! Mary drools over the ten pack she eyes on his massive chest, UNCLE!

  3. Apparently I can't leave Morie alone for a second. Um, bathing suit? *inspects self* Someone give me a towel quick!

  4. Here Lilly, just don't put on a thong suit like Melissa. Some body could get the wrong idea. Hubba Hubba!

  5. Mac pulls herself up onto the pool deck and squeezes the water out of her hair. She gawks at Tall Mr. Ten Pack, then shoots a disbelieving look at Mary. He's your uncle?

  6. Is Sue Edge here yet? I'm curious to hear more about her story and the nature of the disease...

  7. HaHa, no I yelled UNCLE cause I could hardly hold myself back. Don't try to grab that he's mine. Mary pushed Mac back into the pool. Take that! Lyn pushed Mary back into the pool and she grabs Lyn, who falls in after her. Last one to the hot guy is a rotten egg, Mary tries to pull herself out before the others...

  8. She's not here!
    Should we send Oliver to look for her? Disease, oh my, I forgot about that. I hope it ain't contagious, is it?

  9. Mac scrambles out of the pool.

    "Disease, schmeaze." She scoops two glasses from Oliver's tray and hurries toward Mr. Ten Pack.

  10. We're on a tropic beach and her story is about tropic diseased, I think. So if we're expecting a zombie invasion, I want to have some warning. :D

  11. Mac hands Melissa one of the drinks as she passes. Here, have this instead. Forget warnings. You never know what is going to happen with this group, so drink up!

  12. Mary tackles Mac, and sits on her. I saw him first! Hey, who is that with him. Mary and Mac, both notice him arm around another girl and their mouths drop. Who is that with my guy???

  13. Oh my. Mary. Are you still in the water? I didn't call your name because I didn't see your snorkel. But I see you now! And I know what you were doing. You were over there snorkeling around those hunky guys, trying to see if they were skinny dipping. Vonnie, hand me one of those drinks. I love sex on the beach. Um, the drink. lol! Melissa, I'm looking out for zombies! I think *gets distracted by Oliver's muscular chest as he walks by, shirtless, to deliver a drink to Lyn* Um, what was I saying?

  14. Mac shoves Mary off of her, and climbs to her feet. "Dang it, Mary, I would have had him first if you hadn't delayed me."

    She frowns down at her legs, sticky with her spilled drink. "Shoot, I lost a shoe in the pool." She glances back at the pool where AJ and Vonnie float like dazed mermaids, gawking up at Oliver with goofy smiles.

    She grins at Mary. "Look at them. They're star struck."

  15. They look as if they have been struck all right. It must be the sun, or could it be the sight of those lifeguards by the pool.
    Hey, how can you tell a zombie from a regular guy? And I wouldn't yell 'bite me' just in case...
    How do you get the disease anyhow? And I wonder if they swarm??

  16. Here, Lilly, have another sex on the beach with me. I love them 'cause I don't get sand in the oddest of places like I do with the real thing. *chokes and glances away* Ah, not that I've ever...well, there was that time in Florida and Nags Head. *coughs* And I've been banned from Ocean City. AJ, don't tackle Oliver like that. Someone pull her off him!!!

  17. "The zombie won't be capable of speech."


    Mary, good point!

  18. I've been looking for Sue - not sure what's happened to her, sure hope she hadn't been kidnapped by the zombies.

    Talking of which - where have all my comments gone? I think they must have been eaten by the undead! *shudder' I'm off for some more chocolate mousse, and to see if I can find some healthy male companionship to take my mind of zombies!

  19. Sure Lyn, you were making out in the parking lot, I saw you!I saw the wanted poster for you Vonnie! You aren't just banned, they have a reward out there for your capture.Why is Oliver hiding behind that cabana?

  20. Sorry guys! I live in Australia! Time difference issue but I'm awake now!

  21. Lily, we're talking depths of the jungle strains of never before seen ... encephalitis! Yeah, should have gone with rabies.

  22. We were worried about you, but don't fret you have the whole weekend. Let me find the others...following the empty bottles!

  23. 8 in the morning here! I need a substantial breakfast...better make mine a pina colada.

  24. You got it! I promise a hot guy will serve you. And then you can join in on the drinking I mean partying. I am willing to bet there are hostess's passed out already. Lyn lay off the mead...The rest are drinking the newest cocktail, Sex on the Beach, and I hear there is not a speak of sand involved. It's all libation! Eight in the morning. And you're up.
    Oliver, a pina colada and a kiss here for our special author!

  25. Yes, above and beyond the call of duty :) Alas, an author's work is always calling so no sleep ins.

  26. AJ walks over to the ladies, dripping wet and smiling like a loon. I just got out of the pool! You guys were missing out. The entire volleyball team came for a swim after their game. We were playing a wicked game of Marco Polo, but I cheated and didn't close my eyes. Who could blame me? Now, where's a girl go to get drink? Hi Sue Edge! I'm so glad you invited us to rui...I mean enjoy your party!

  27. Don't forget to share below on facebook, twitter, etc. I actually do my best writing late at night, when there is no DH to bug me. And all is quiet.
    Right now, I'll try a pina colada with you. And if you want we can go stalk, I mean try to say hello to those lifeguards. They aren't infected I hope, well no matter, they're hot!
    Do zombies drink or only eat ugh, flesh? How do they get the infected? Just so I know if I am exposed, to zombies, I meant to zombies. HeHeHe. And do they come out in the dark only or day too? Just sayin' a girl has to be sure these days.

  28. So you hogged the whole team AJ? Well I got the lifeguards and I ain't sharing!

  29. Where in Australia are you? I love a good Aussie accent. With a huge...
    knife. LOL To protect me!

  30. Hi Sue! *Hic!* Sorry, excuse me I was enjoying a wee glass of mead and lost track of the time! So glad you're OK Sue, we thought you'd been kidnapped by zombies! Don't you just hate those time differences! Sorry but with reference to same, it's gone midnight over here, so I'm going to have to say goodnight - but I'l be here bright and early tomorrow!

  31. Sue, you're here! *hick* Sex on the beach is great..um, like Vonnie said, not the real thing cause of the sand and all, but the drinks are yummy. Hey, is that a zombie? *put on glasses and strains* Um, no. One too many drinks. But hey, tell us about your zombies, Sue. Encephalitis is bad enough. I hear it can make you wish you were dead. But undead? Tell us more!

  32. Ah! What'd I miss? Hiya Sue! So glad to see you weren't trapped in the outback by a pack of dingos.

    Mary, stop following me around. Even with these fake boobs, I can't compete with the girls. You're chilling my game!

  33. So many parties, so little time! But, so you don't get caught out, these zombies are the mindless, relatively slow moving but vicious variety. In Cairns, after a late night at the pub, you see quite a few people who could be mistaken for zombies, lol. Our heroine, Lori, is a mum and quick on the uptake, though, so she works out that there's big trouble in little china real quick!

  34. Hey, I've seen those mindless pub zombies in NC. Though, it has been a few years since my pubbing/clubbing days. lol! Your book sounds like it's going to be as much fun to read as The Walking Dead is to watch. Speaking of dead, is that Mac and Mary curled up in the corner sleeping? I think they're dead tired from all of today's activities.

  35. LOL Lilly,

    I heard that. I'm just resting my eyes while the zombies are absent. Round two of umbrella drinks will begin again soon.

  36. Ooooh! Umbrella drinks? Is Oliver serving? And Mary, you can have the lifeguards. The volley ball team and I are just about to hit round two in the pool. Any takers? There's more than enough to go around.

    Sue, those zombies sound scary to me. Now that it's getting late perhaps we should like the tiki torches. I heard zombies hate fire. Just sayin...

  37. Hmm, kinda think light attracts them! but hey, live dangerously!

  38. You may be sharing the vollyball team Mac, but I'm keeping the lifeguards. Hehehhe. Mac, I ain't following you, you can have the whole sissy team. Come on girls I found an extra set of lifeguards, and they aren't zombies. I live with one, however. He's too lazy to bite me, and I serve him large amounts of nearly raw meat. It's worked so far...
    How about another excerpt? To keep the others busy whilst I take the few hot volly ball players, Mac will forget all about it. Whose big butt is that? Oh, never mind. Off to try the lifeguards out, ya know see if they can save me. One at a time. See you all later. The ten pack is mine, ahhh. the boobs always trump over all! Victory is mine, ouch! Who bit me? Oh no!!!!!Is the

  39. Antidote??? Or am I gonna be biting people from now on? Hey, that ain't a zombie it's, it's Mick Jagger, and he has a big mouth for that huge tongue. Go away, you're too old for me now. Cougars rock!

  40. Lyn wakes, stretches, yawns and looks around. Hostesses sleeping in heaps, hunks playing early morning volley ball.

    Zombies? No, no sign of zombies thank goodness. Oh and what's that delicious smell of breakfast cooking over an open fire. Ah, it's Oliver, ignoring the sleeping hostesses and tending to the star of the show, Sue Edge's every need!

    Good morning!

    Just another Author Roast and Toast!

  41. Can I have a mimosa with my breakfast, Lyn?

  42. Ah Lily, you're awake! Yes, as soon as Oliver's finished serving breakfast to Sue, I'm sure he'll bring you over a mimosa! :)

  43. I made it back, how come nobody warned me that lifeguards may be hot, but there's no conversation...
    I didn't give out my phone number. I'm still waiting for the James Gang to show. Off to feed the sidekicks, they are growling, and getting hard to hold back. Have a great day ladies!!

  44. A big round of applause for Sue, you play well with crazies! Thanks for your great sense of humor and playing along, I hope you sell a ton of books! Yeh Hah, Jessie's here. Later guys...

  45. Oh, and a huge round of applause for our marvelous new hostess's their side kicks and AJ's phone, LOL, thanks for joining, you all rock ladies!!

  46. LOL - I forgot to warn everyone that Mary invites the James Gang to the Rosts - wherever and whenever we are!

    I'd like to join her in applauding our new hostesses - great to have you with us ladies, hope you're enjoying the madness as much as we do - and yes, we've loved having you Sue, wishing you even more success and many, many sales!

  47. Hi ladies, thanks so much for entertaining me! It was a blast.


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