As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Eileen Granfors holds a pinata party for The Pinata Maker's Daughter

“Look at that.” Vonnie gestures to the Pinatas hanging from lines attached to a huge Banyon tree in Carmen Principia’s backyard. “Never heard of San Ysidro, before. What does Ysidro mean? Vonnie shoves AJ, “Hold the phone.”

“She’s always holding the phone. Oh you meant hang on.” Lyn grabs AJ before she stumbles. “We’re gonna be good this week, we all agreed. Right ladies?”

“I never agreed to that,” Mary mumbles. “Why do we have to wear these clothes? My girls are barely contained. And hey, no one else is dressed like this. I couldn’t wear an over the shoulder boulder holder in this white peasant blouse. The arms are supposed to be off the shoulder, so how about the bra straps?”
“I love my colorful skirt. Stop whining Mary.” Mac shakes her head and raises her eyebrows. “Yak, yak, yak.”

“At least you remembered to show up Mac.” Mary snickers.

“TT come back here,” Lilly trips over Lyn’s feet, as she rushes to grab her lap dog. “You’re just jealous cause they wouldn’t let Nibbie come.” She sticks out her tongue and cuddles TT.

“Marina looks like she’s having fun. Vonnie is still sulking over Creighton being left out too.” Mary frowns  as she looks at the Pinatas. “Hey, they have our names on them and they look like us! Does that mean we get first crack at hitting them?”

“I think that’s up to Carmen.” Melissa gestures to Carmen who has her arm around her author, Elaine Granford’s waist. “I imagine Elaine and Carmen’s other guests should go first.  Joe,  Anaissa, Christbel, Lucia, Salt, Shirley and Gayla, not to mention Joe’s fraternity brothers who seem to have crashed the party. By the time we have a chance we’ll be lucky if there is a shred of a piñata left. Is that music the Pinata song?”

“Yes, it is. We might be reduced to crawling on the ground trying to at least get a piece of candy.” Mary moans. “They do have candy in them don’t they? What good is a piñata without candy in it?"

“Whine, whine, whine, did you ever think that while they are hitting our pinatas we will get first crack at the food and drinks?” Lyn reminds them.

“Besides, we are here to introduce our guest author.”

“Wine, did someone mention wine?” Vonnie brightens up at the thought.

“Not just wine, they have watermelon Martinis and watermelon punch.
And I see spare pinatas under the table. Is that one a book?”

AJ points to the food table. “And look at all that food. Taquitos, Tamales, all kinds of Enchiladas and what is that soup?”

“I heard someone call it menudo.” Lilly smiles, “It’s made out of tripe, whatever that is.”

“Tripe, I don’t like the sound of that, I’m skipping the soup. What’s for desert?” Mary searches for the desert table. “Any flan? At least we know Oliver makes a great Tres Leches cake. Yummy.”

“Look at that!” Melissa grins. “It’s that twister game. They have avolleyball net, croquet game set up, and what is that thingee?”

“It’s for jai alai, dingbat.” Mary chuckles.

“Who you calling dingbat?” Melissa straightens and gives Mary the evil eye.

“Just kidding, don’t look at me like that. I forgot my Italian horn, I’m defenseless.” Mary grimaces and hides behind a large butt. “Is that you Lilly, or a caboose?”

“I’ll get you for that.” Lilly grabs a croquet mallet and threatens Mary, who picks up a Cesta and takes a swing at Lilly. Who misses and accidently hits Melissa. Melissa falls into Lyn, after tripping over Lyn’s feet. Lyn stumbles into Vonnie, who grabs AJ to block her fall. AJ lands face first in the menudo. Furious she grabs the menudo bowl and flings what’s left at Mary that when Mary ducks again covers Mac with the soup.

“Mmmm, not bad,” Mac tastes the soup as she wipes her chin. “Hope there is more.” TT leans
over for a lick.

While Foster hides behind Morena he snickers. “We should have stayed with Nibbie, Cuddles and Creighton, it’s less embarrassing.”

Suddenly, the hostesses realize the Pinata song has stopped, everyone is staring as Oliver rolls his eyes.

A voice from the back of the crowd speaks. “Those are the hostesses? Remind me to wear a slicker to their next roast.”

Lyn musters up a smile. “Comic relief?”

Carmen cracks up laughing and answers. “That’s why we put their names on the Pinatas. We figured someone would want to whack them at some point in the day.”

The seven sister Roast hostesses look at each other and break out laughing.
Just another roast and toast.

Let’s welcome Elaine Granfors and her wonderful characters in her new release, The Pinata Makers Daughter.


Blurb: Scholarly, Carmen Principia enters her freshman year of college with high hopes. She knew there would be academic pressure. What she didn’t know is how much Life 101 had in store for her: a weird roommate; the dating scene with Franco, the radical and Joe, the frat rat. Big decisions about who she is and who she wants to be hit her like a tsunami. Emotional and funny, The Piñata-Maker’s Daughter takes you back to the ‘80s vibe as Carmen lives out Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something.”
#1 in Kindle category, Hispanic Trilogy

Excerpt: “Mi hija, put all your important papers on your desk. Help me finish this piñata. After we deliver it, we can discuss your plans again. But don’t expect a miracle.”

            “It’s already a miracle, Mama. I’ve been accepted.”  I wanted to call my high school counselor, who suggested I should apply for Concordia, but I came back and sat cross-legged on the floor.

            “Which part should I work on?” I asked.

            “You do the eagle’s bill and his wings. You are so artistic, Carmen. I have big dreams for your designs.”

            “I have big dreams too, not about paste and piñatas, about a college degree and a big career. I will be someone important.”

            “I told you, talk later.”

            We worked together to give the eagle his wings. The piñata got wings. From Mama, I got de nada. Tears filled my eyes, and I blinked them away. Mama doesn’t mind if I cry, but I knew it would give her another reason to keep her little girl home.

 Eileen Granfors lives in Santa Clarita, California. Though born in New Orleans, Eileen grew up in her mother's hometown, Imperial Beach, California, the most southwesterly city in the U.S. Her mother’s love of Mexico and beaches influenced Eileen's relationship with the Hispanic community. When Eileen was a child, she and her brother could walk to Mexico down the beach, after crossing the Tijuana River mouth. Today, an iron fence extends out into the breakers at the border. Eileen is a proud UCLA alumna.  

In June, she published her fourth novel, The  Piñata-Maker’s Daughter, Book 1 of the Marisol Trilogy. Book 2 is also out, Some Rivers End on the Day of the Dead. Book 3 is her work-in-progress, So You, Solimar.

Emails: egranfors@att.net and eggranfors@gmail.com

To win a signed copy of Eileen's book, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
Contest ends on Sunday and everyone who comments is eligible.


  1. Good morning Eleen, welcome to your Roast and congratulations on 'The Pinata Maker's Daughter, it sounds like a brilliant read!

  2. Good Morning Ladies - Great Post and wonderful to see you all here! Good luck with sales Eleen.

  3. Good Morning, All! *AJ uses the material of her skirt to wipe the menudo from her face* I'm so happy to be hosting you, Elaine! Your story sounds FABU! Excuse me now while I go whack the piñatas before hitting the bathroom to wash and reapply my lipstick. *AJ grumbles over the state of her stained blouse as she saunters away*.

  4. Good morning, Ladies. I don't have my cup of coffee or children off to school yet, but I'm here. Is everyone having fun? :)

    Off to tweet and FB about the party.

  5. Hi and welcome!
    Thanks for coming! I know it was a long commute to San Ysidro, but isn't the sea air refreshing? I'm going to pick up a watermelon martini and say hi to Carmen.
    Be right back. Oh, before I go, Eileen, not Ellen. It's okay--everybody does that!

  6. Hey,
    These watermelon martinis are the BEST. Where's Carmen's mom, Lucia? She probably made them.

    Melissa, do you know what that framed box is? Go check it out.

  7. Franco, what are you doing here. This is not the place to get all ethnic with your protest signs. Join the party or go home.

  8. Eileen,

    What framed box? Sorry, am firing on a single brain cell and half a cup of coffee. :D

    I read you're also from California so I googled Santa Clarita. Then I realized why it sounded familiar. We drive through there on the 5 every time we head to S.Cal.

  9. Yes, we live just north of LA. I'd much rather be here in San Ysidro. So much cooler.

    C'mon. I'll show you the box. It's a tomato worm worminator!

  10. Ladies, I've got fresh coffee. Yawn. I read too late last night. Eileen, how has that metal wall affected your community? I understand the reasons, but it seems friends and families would be separated...or am I way off base?

    Now, who's in the mood to party? We're here to celebrate the release of this terrific book. I want to dance and shake my maracas. Mary is always shaking hers. No, Lilly, don't hug that poor man so hard...

  11. Oh, ick! Tomato worms. The hubby has told me about them. He apparently grew tomato plants in Santa Barbara in college and they got them. I've never seen them here in northern California.

    Vonnie, I grew up in Phoenix. Immigration is a hot button issue all along the border. (Southern.) Probably norther too. I'm sure the Canadians worry about keeping us out. :D

    Has anyone seen Morena? She's not partying with boys again?!

  12. Nothing like coffee to wash down menudo! Did you know tripe is the lining of a cow's stomach.

    Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to make you wretch.

    Anyway, yeah, we're used to the border fence now, but it is so completely ugly.

    If you want to talk politics, go find Franco, the sexy guy with the flag and the serious look.

  13. Meanwhile, remember I live just north of LA, which is still SoCal. Tehachapi is sort of the cut off. San Ysidro is almost on top of the Mexican border.

    Joe, you brat. Why did you dump that martini over Carmen's head?

  14. Yeah, big funny, Joe. Now Carmen has to change clothes.

    Did you ever think how tomato worms, ugly green caterpillars, turn into butterflies?

  15. Lucia needs some help in the kitchen. I'll be back! (Did that sound like the Arnold?)

  16. Butterflies or moths? Either way, they both have a high ick factor. The only bugs I don't mind are lady bugs and that's due to a positive childhood interaction with 'em. :D

  17. AJ's been quiet for a long while. Ladies, you know what that means, she's latched onto a man and is flirting her tail off. Melissa, what do you say we grab some margaritas and hunt for her. She should be easy to find...just listen for the cell phone.

  18. Darn. Eileen left. I wanted to know what she learned about nuns wearing pajamas.

  19. The inside of a cow's stomach??? I'm going to wash my face again. *AJ darts an evil glance at her hostess friends.*

    Melissa when I first moved here to NW Indiana I was watching TV one night when "something" got caught in our window blinds -- INSIDE the house. When I went to pull the blinds up, it was a lunar moth. I'd never seen anything so huge. The body is the size of a mouse and that's no joke. I unwrapped an entire roll of paper towels, wadded it up in my hand and tossed that dang thing out the door. It flew away just fine -- sorta like a bat. *AJ shudders*

  20. Sorry. Luna moth. Go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Actias_luna Wing span of 5 inches.

  21. AJ, OH YUCK! So not the image I wanted in my head!

    Vonnie, Good idea! I'll call her!

    I'll be in the corner drinking with Vonnie!

    (Gotta run out for a while. Gym. Must work out this flab. I'll be back later. I'm working on a blog post for my tour today. The last one, thank god! But it's a character interview and those are always tough. :D)

  22. Lyn rolls up a little shame-faced.
    Hi Patsy, Hi Kathleen, hello sister hostesses, and any new guests who may have wandered by.

    I'm sorry I disappeared, there was this rather good looking vaquero who wanted to know the way to the
    cocktail bar and well, we sort of decided to go the scenic route! Takes quite a lot longer *blush*

  23. You know I rather like moths and butterflies, in fact I planted buddlea bushes in the garden specially for them.

    Can't stand tripe, well never tasted it - the eat it a lot in the midlands but I hate the thought of eating any kind of offal.

  24. Don't tell me you fell for one of Franco's lines? He is definitely a wicked tease.

    I think he's the one who pulls all the fire drills at the dorm, just so he can see the girls in the pj's. And yes, nuns wear pj's.

    Sister Rosalie is a crack up. I love her.

    Is Carmen back after Joe poured that drink over her head? How could she just laugh it off?

  25. Hi Eileen, May the literary gods smile down on you!!!
    Best always, Helen

  26. Okay can I just say this is the oddest roast we've done in a while? Tomato worms, moths the size of bats and I have cow stomach lining all over me! Get it off. Get it off. Get it OFF!

    *Oliver hands Mac a watermelon martini - she chugs it down*

    That's better. Oh, Eileen your book sounds like a blast. So, when do we get to start smashing the pinatas? I call the one with Mary's face, because she ducked and now I have cow stomach lining all over me!!!

    Oh, Oliver....

  27. MacKenzie, honestly, go with the flow. The menudo gives you a spicy scent! We'd call you a spice girl except that would be an anachronism.

    Don't worry about the tomato worms. Lucia wants them to grow into mariposas, that's Spanish for butterflies!

  28. I couldn't find the translation for Ysidro. Ask Lucia if you can get her to talk while she's preparing her special mole (accent, mo-lay!)

    See you in a bit--I'm going to find the record with the pinata song on it.

  29. Eileen, I'm cracking up here. I am actually sitting in my Jeep on the tallest hill on our ranch in the mountains outside of Tucson. We drove in during the night, 37 miles on dirt, and my heart is still pounding at how many cows I almost hit.

  30. That's it Mac - rub it in, you know I'm SOOOOO jealous of your ranch! Glad you didn't hit any cows though!

    Eileen your characters sound like the liveliest bunch ever! And that except is such a teaser, I so want to read this book now!

    *Waves* to Anonymous!

  31. Well, I finally made it! Had an appointment with the phlebotomist. Now I got a cue ball on my arm. Gotta catch up on those Watermelon martinis. I feel downright pinata like! Tomato worms and menudo, not for me. But, maybe if I have a few more drinks?
    Ranch, Mac has a ranch. What animals do you have. Nibbie is a great herder!
    Thank goodness Ellen brought the men, saves a lot of time when you don't have to drag, I mean flirt and fight over them. I don't like bees, I have bee nightmares, and spiders are a close second. Down here in the heat I hear they have spiders bigger then your fist. And ugh!!! Lyn can you stomp them for me with those boots. Hey, did oars come with them? Or maybe rollers?

  32. I'll never forget when I first saw the mighty Rio Grande, near Juarez. One side of the considerably smaller these days Rio Grande was modern and nice, the other side was a bunch of shacks, sad to see. And Juarez was a den of traders. I saw a woman buy a hat for about $50.- American dollars and another by dickering got the same hat for $30.-. Now if I flash the girls will I get it any cheaper? Just thinking how to save money. LOL

  33. Whew! I've been chasing TT all morning. She's having a blast being "off the leash." Don't look at me that way, Vonnie. No one wanted a werebear at the paty. Creighton scares people who don't know him the way we do. And don't tell Mary, but Nibble's crazy red eyes are kind of scary too. Hey, stop hitting my pinata face, AJ! I said I'd stop calling your phone your precious. *leans over and whispers to Mac and Melissa* You know how crazy she is about that phone. Welcome to the party Eileen! I'm just getting started. We don't have to stop for a siesta, do we? Can I have a Corona with lime?

  34. Mary and the girls are three boobs. Mary, I love...the girls, meh. Not my thing. Snort! But, if you can get a discount, I'll flash the eggs. Hic...sorry, must be that third watermelon martini.

    Eileen, I hope you're having as much fun as we are. This is your special day. Tell us the inspiration for your book and how long it took you to write it.

  35. Eileen, I wish you all the best with the Pinata Maker's Daughter. And I wish the daughter all the best as well.

    Author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers

  36. Let's see. There was a lot of crazy banter while I was helping Lucia. Looks like I should stick around. You ladies are crazed!

    Anyway, the book came to me after I finished SOME RIVERS END ON THE DAY OF THE DEAD. I had thought I would write another book about Marisol, but I wanted to explore how Carmen came to be such a nurturing and supportive mom to Marisol when Marisol was displaced by the wild fire.

    It took about a year to write THE PINATA-MAKER'S DAUGHTER. I was really surprised myself by some of the plot twists. That's part of the joy of writing.

    Mary, I know what you mean about Juarez. I've seen it. From the National Estuary in Imperial Beach (west of San Ysidro), you can see all kinds of people camping right along the border.

    I sure hope Tate doesn't show up because she is nothing but trouble. If you see her, steer her over to sit with Sister Rosalie. Maybe that will silence Tate's tart tongue.

    Let's get going with those pinatas! There are all kinds of goodies in them--candy and fortune cookies! It will be hilarious.

  37. Melissa's Muse, Morena has Tate in the corner. No one sasses Morena. lol! Love your book trailer, Eilene. Can you share another excerpt?

  38. Vonnie, LOL, Wait, crossing legs so I don't pee.
    Eggs, hard boiled or scrambled. wanna mess with AJ and hide Precious? She can't see it to find it. And if we mute it...or is it a he or a she? Hey, you never know!
    Hey, Tate just smashed our pinata's Morena, bite her will you? What I wanna know Ellen, is does the nun stay a nun? Or do you ruin the whole order? How about another excerpt, just tease us? Fortune cookies in the pinatas? Did I hear right?

  39. Drive by...buzz...

    Morena is too busy eating candy and getting a massive sugar high. Send the werebear instead!

    So, does anyone have any fun plans for this weekend?

  40. Oh, hey! Signal! Whoot! Eggs V? lmao. That's better than tupperware bowls, I guess.

  41. Hey, that was my butt AJ, not a pinata. Or was it someone else who whacked me? Lilly was it you? And who has tupperware bowls Mac?? Personally I prefer mine, they're more like cantaloupes. Who said that? Watermelons???

  42. Hi Lynn *Lyn Waves at her namesake* Always nice to meet another Lyn - even with the extra 'N'! :)

    Eileen, every hostess has to pass a special sanity test in order to become one of an elite 'Roastess with the Mostest' and if they show the slightest sign of being sane - they just don't cut the mustard! ;)

    So intersting to hear how you came to write 'The Pinata Maker's Daughter - isnb't it great when the characters run away with the plot and it takes twists we never expected!

    By the by, Mary, I didn't think you were so cruel, I could never stamp on a spider, poor little things - plus it's bad luck! (I have to catch them in the bathroom and take them outside at home, hubby doesn't like them!

    By the by, no-one mentioned my little pair of peaches, or are they grapes? See, no-one notices me 'cause I'm little.

    (Lyn stomps off in a sulk - it's true the only big thing about her is - her feet!)

  43. OMG...Look Sasquatch has been here. See the footprints? *elbows Melissa and points* I never believed he was real? What did you say, Lilly? Ohhh, they're Lyn's footprints? *Snorts and gaps around* Don't tell her what I said. She might kick me.

  44. Carmen walks by the footprints, slips out of her flip flops and puts her size 6 feet in the prints. "Ha! Sasquatch! I bet it's not Lyn and not Sister Rosalie. It's probably Franco or Joe. Look how they trail off to the street. Somebody must have jumped into the wading pool. Those footprints end right on Tequila Way. LOL! You know it's Joe or one of his frat rat friends.

  45. Here's your second excerpt. But no more because there are surprises in every chapter, some good and some hair-brained!

    I turn the ignition. The truck belches some black smoke, but it does start.

    “Thank you, Joe,” I say. “See you around campus.”

    “Maybe. Twelve thousand people, sometimes it’s hard to find who you’re looking for. What dorm are you in?”


    “Good one, closer to campus.”

    “Yeah, that’s what I thought. Are you in the dorms?”

    “Not this year, I pledged Kappa. The house is right across the street. Come on over and ask for me when you get settled. I’ll buy you a sundae at Al’s.”

    “Al’s?” It sounds like a dive bar.

    “Al’s Place at the student union. Everybody hangs there. Gotta go if you ladies are okay. We have some frat business this afternoon.” As he leaves, he sees the bumper sticker. “Hey, the La Raza people hang out on Crusader Commons. Viva La Raza?” he says as if it’s a question, pronouncing Raza with a long A. He waves, guns the Miata, and disappears into traffic.

    I look at Mama, Mama looks at me, we both shrug, and then we laugh. We wrap her arm in strips of tee-shirt. I hug Mama. I’m so relieved it’s going to be okay. Twelve thousand students at WPC, and now I know one.

    “Don’t be ashamed of your hometown, Carmenita,” says Mama.

    “Why would you say that?” I ask, full of false innocence. “Wow, Laguna Beach, this Joe guy must be rich.”

    “You’re going to meet a lot of rich people in college. Rich doesn’t make them better.”

    “Sure.” I can picture the looks of people the first time I answer, “So what does your mom do?” and I tell them, “Oh, she makes piñatas.” As if piñata-making is perfectly normal in their world. I remind myself to say she’s an artisan. Yeah, artisan sounds totally righteous.

  46. Franco is leaving. He told me to say he can't waste more time on a party when there are starving children in Mexico. He's going to get back to school and study for his MCAT exams. And he says if you want to know more about him (Franco, the mystery man!), you'll have to read The Pinata-Maker's Daughter because Eileen and Carmen are having way too much fun talking about everybody else, especially that frat rat jock, Joe.
    He did pick a rose for Carmen's mom, Lucia. Christabelle is so jealous she could spit! That's the way Franco likes the world, wondering what he'll be up to next.

  47. Okay, it's getting towards the start of the big weekend. I'll check in with everybody later. Keep the party going and find someone to translate because the fortune cookies in the pinatas have saying in Spanish! Just a little more fun.

    Don't forget that your book club can have a pinata party when they read THE PINATA MAKER'S DAUGHTER. There's a fabulous pinata cake on Pinterest. You could put some fortune cookies in that too.

    Thanks, everybody, for so much fun. The party's not over until Sunday--I just have to run and get ready for the big weekend. I love you all at Roast and Toast as well as all our special guests. I think I'm crazed enough to join your team if you need me.

  48. Peaches? I thought they were socks.
    Love the excerpt!
    Whatever you do Eileen be bad and have fun!
    I'll be in the back with the frat pack practicing being cool and bad. Never got the hang of it, I was too lady like, HAHAHAHA. Though Melissa can show us how to be bad, at least that's what Mac told me. LOL She ought to know too.

  49. Huh! Socks indeed! Lyn takes a swing at Mary's pinata. If it really had a figure like Mary it would bounce!

    Wonderful excerpt, Eileen, thanks so much for sharing that with us - I'm even more intrigued now! And Franco is such a lovely guy, he can pick me a rose any time! *sigh*

  50. Fun fiesta for the talented Eileen! Congrats on the newest book. :)

  51. Bounce, I like bounce, natural padding!
    And you missed my pinata that was Lilly's butt. The only problem with that is no candy will fall out.
    By the way, how come Vonnie got the biggest pinata, might have to steal some of hers.
    So who's ready to whack a donkey? I need a sweet after all that tripe soup. And no flan to be seen.

  52. Love this post and the photo and remarks from the authors! You are a crazy, fun, amazing bunch! The Pinata Maker's Daughter sounds like a completely different book that I would love to read!
    rbooth43 at yahoo dot com

  53. Hi Rebecca

    So glad you could come to the party! Thank you for the lovely compliment (I think it was a compliment?) we love to let our hair down and party with our guest author each week. One thing for sure, anything can happen!
    Yes, Eileen's book does sound so original and different doesn't it!

  54. LOL, you sure that padding's natural Mary - I've heard the rumours you know!

    Flan? Who said there'd be any flan? I think there's still some of that delicious Tres Leches cake left though. (Yikes, you actually ate some of that tripe soup?)

  55. Hi Melissa B, welcome to Eileen's party, doesn't her book sound amazing!

  56. Congratulations, Eileen! The work is done -- now, for the fiesta!

  57. I didn't know it was a "Roast and Toast." What a great idea. You have nice, tech-savy friends. Fun trailer, too!

    Good luck with the Marisol trilogy. Way to go!

  58. Hywela,
    It was very much a compliment! All of you are amazing and make me laugh! lol!

  59. I'm cracking up - this is great! Congratulations and all the best!

  60. Hi Chris, Marianne and Connie, welcome to Eileen's party - dig into the refreshments there's more than enough to last all weekend.

    Aw thanks, Rebecca, you're so kind, we love to have fun and make our guests smile!

  61. I had the good fortune of being introduced to Eileen's writing shortly after her first novel was published. I've been a fan ever since. Looking forward to reading The Pinata Maker's Daughter.

  62. Hi all,
    You're looking a little worn out this morning.

    Thanks to everyone for coming by this party. Remember, people will be around until Sunday although only Sister Rosalie will be functioning without a hangover.

    I swear I tripped over 10 or 12 people as I came in. Carmen and her mom, Lucia, put pillows under heads and blankets over everyone whether they were in the house or crashed in the backyard. Carmen went back to bed.

    Who's that over by the tomato worm worminator? I guess I'm not seeing too straight yet either!

  63. Hey there, Eileen - this is quite a party!! Have fun with it. Your book is terrific. Kudos to you!


  64. Thank you, Caroline! Good to see you!

  65. Hi Caroline and RJ

    Hostesses sleep in Heaps (like beagles). Lyn works her way to the top and gazes around bleary eyed.

    And the guests keep coming, isn't that great!Wow, Eileen,you certainly have some stamina, that last lot of line dancing nearly finished me off!

  66. Wait until you see Lucia teach Tate the Mexican hat dance. Oh, wait, did the mariachi band go home?

    Somebody, find the tape deck! We do not want to hear Carmen sing.

    Sister Rosalie, that's nice of you to offer, but let's see if we can find that tape or record.

    Joe, You and the frat boys can stop with the Crusader fight song and 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. What, are you in junior high?

  67. There is candy all over the ground and Morena has tied Tate up. She's waiting for the nuns to come and get her. lol! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I had fun at the beach and came home to find myself adopted by a little kitten. TT likes having a playmate, but she is not happy the kitty discovered the doggie door and is trying to force her way inside. Hope Grable (the new kitty) remembers how to use the doggie door when it comes time to pee. Check you ladies later!