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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Author Roast and Toast travel back in time with P L Parker


We're delighted to roast our own sister hostess - Patsy Parker- today. Welcome to your party, Patsy, and congratulations on the release of 'Beyond Tomorrow'!
Belated Happy Release Day for Wednesday just gone, 
Oliver baked you a cake!

“Oh come on, Mary,” Patsy wheedles. “Just step through and enjoy the ride.”

Mary pokes a finger in the gelatin-like substance, gaping as ripples spread through the thick mass.  “Step through this crap! Who are you kidding?” She scratches  her neck. “And these animal skins itch like crazy.”

“I’m with Mary on this one,” Mac gazes at the massive half-circle.  “Time travel isn’t supposed to be possible and this whole adventure makes me nervous.”

“What’s to be nervous about? I’ve always dreamed of time travelling ” Unusually calm, Lyn rotates her shoulders and steps through – and vanishes!

“Now you,” Patsy gives Mary a push. Mary howls, grabbing hold of the archway.

Determination mounting, Patsy braces a shoulder against Mary’s back and gives a hearty shove.

“Omygawd!” Mary screeches as she too vanishes into the void.

“I’m not too thrilled about this…” Mac’s brows draw together in a frown. “How can we be sure what’s on the other side.”

“That’s part of the fun,” Patsy grabs her hand and leaps after Mary.

A kaleidoscope of color greets them as they roll and tumble in a vast circular slide, spinning and whirling before they fall through to the other side.

Mary is face down in the tall reeds moaning.

Lyn is brushing mud from her deerskin pants. “Well, that was certainly exciting.”

Mac is buried beneath Patsy, having landed first.

Patsy stands up, laughing. “At least my landing was better than Mac’s or even Mary’s.”  She glances around looking concerned. “Hawk was supposed to meet us at the entrance to the portal.”

“Who or what is Hawk?” Mary struggles to her feet, grimacing as she pulls a prickly plant from her hair. She pivots in a slow circle, eyes wide as she studies the primitive landscape.

A world at the beginning of time untouched by the careless hands of modern man. Giant fir trees, mountain peaks topped with caps of white snow, and nearby a glacial lake pristine and clear. Breathtaking and…

An animal squeals.  A heart-stopping roar echoes through the forest.

“Wha…?” Mac gasps as another roar reverberates through the woods.  “What was that?”

“Sounds like a cat,” Lyn murmurs. “A really big cat.” She turns to Patsy. “That sounded like a really really big cat.”

“Probably a saber tooth.” Patsy stares in the direction of the noise. “Better a saber tooth than a cave bear.”

“A cave what?” Mary edges behind Patsy. “Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought you said cave bear.”

“I did,” Patsy starts down a well worn trail. “I think the encampment is this way. Why else would there be a trail.”

“Well,” Mac huffs. “I think we should just turn around and go back where we came from.”

“Can’t,” Patsy says. “My information says the portal can only be accessed from this side by Hawk. He controls the device from here.”

An animal crashes through the underbrush, a massive one from the sound of it, escaping from some unseen terror. The reeds part and a dark feline head pokes through. Saliva drips from the massive canines.

“AAAAACKKKK,” Mac screams and falls, back-peddling with amazing speed.

“I bet that’s a saber tooth.” Patsy murmurs, eyes wide with astonishment.

Mary’s teeth chatter so loud they can hear them pop together. “Where’s Nibby when I need her.”

“You wouldn’t want to bring her here,” Patsy exclaims. “She'd end up as dinner for that creature.”

The cat hisses, barring its teeth in a sinister smile.

“What about us?” Terrified now, Lyn stumbles on an exposed root. “Seems like we could end up as dinner.”

A lone figure drops from a tree and lands in the pathway. Arrows fly faster than the eye can follow.  The cat screeches with rage and then melts into the brush.

The figure turns. He is savage-appearing. Long dark hair surrounds a face covered with war paint. Corded arms, well developed abs and muscular legs draw their attention. His only clothing appears to be a beaded and fringed loin cloth.

“You ladies lost?” White teeth flash in a grin.

“Hawk!” Patsy exhales loudly. “Finally.”

“I’ve been watching since you ladies landed.”  He turns and motions them to follow. “Thought you might enjoy a few minutes alone before we head to camp but I didn’t expect the cat to show up.”

“I’m so not sorry you showed up,” Mac gasps as she scurries to Hawk’s side. “I’m happy for the company.” Her eyes light with appreciation as they skim his almost bare form.

“Well, then,” he chuckles. “Let’s meet the others.”

A short walk later and the encampment comes into view. Hide tents and willow bark lodges line the edges of the clearing. A deer carcass simmers over a massive fire pit. Wild yams and onions bake in the coals while a luscious smelling stew bubbles in a clay pot. Whole grain flat bread bakes on the hot rocks.

“You ladies hungry?” Hawk arches a brow. “We only have organic here.”

Lyn sniffs, savoring the scent. “Smells wonderful!”

“Grab a plate,” Hawk motions to a side bench.
“Get it while it’s hot.” The community groups around them. Warriors pound on primitive hide drums. Reed flutes pipe a trilling tune. The crowd begins to circle the fire, stomping and strutting, dancing to the ancient song.

“Now this is what we came for,” Patsy claps her hands. “Back to the beginning.”


Women! They were another matter. Raids were a common occurrence amongst the tribes and even the flesh eaters habitually invaded the surrounding territories in hopes of replenishing their meager supply of healthy females. His mind drifted back to better times. His own woman had been the result of such a raid. She was from the hunter gatherers to the north, small of stature but strong and a hard worker. Grief wrenched his heart! His son! He would have made the boy a proud warrior among his people.
The savage reached down and grabbed a fistful of the female’s dark hair and wrenched her head up. Even in the murky light of late dusk, the contours of the woman’s features were unmistakable. The foolish woman from the others’ encampment! Mottled bruises and trickles of dark blood dotted her face and the bare areas on her neck and arms. His teeth gnashed together! She’d been fiercely abused!

Why was she here? And why did this scrawny underling hold sway over her? She was young, strong and comely and only a savage of some standing in the hierarchy of the flesh eaters would warrant such a prize. He had no such standing or he would be by the great fire arguing with the rest! The solitary campsite only served to emphasize the flesh eater’s tenuous hold on the female. If those in command cast covetous eyes on the woman, the insolent underling’s punishment would be severe—even to death. He should be afraid.

Once again he considered leaving her. A careless woman would not be a fitting mate for any self-respecting warrior. His brows drew together. She was proving to be more trouble than she was worth!

Her presence here was proof enough that the flesh eaters had attacked. How many others were taken or perished beneath the weapons of the brutal savages? Those that survived would face a pathetic existence burdened by the cruelty of the flesh eaters and the endless grueling labor. The thought saddened him greatly. They deserved a better fate!

P.L. Parker is a multi published author of paranormal fantasy romance novels with a twist. Her modern day heroines find themselves transported back in time to live in ancient lands where they encounter peril, romance, treachery, and ultimately, love. She enjoys creating fantasy romance stories in both the light and dark paranormal. You will be captivated by the engaging and unique stories found in P.L. Parker's novels.


To win a copy of  Patsy's book, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
Contest ends on Sunday and everyone who comments is eligible.


  1. Good morning Patsy - and Hawk. Welcome to your Roast, what a fascinating excerpt, this looks like a wonderful story!

  2. Good Morning Lyn, Sister Hostesses, Everyone. So excited to be here on the roastee end of things. Looking forward to visiting. Grab a hunk of meat (the edible kind) and let's enjoy the day!

  3. Another Excerpt:

    From the direction of the camp a dog barked, a frenzied, excited yapping. She froze, her senses going on alert. The dogs only barked when something was wrong. The hair at the base of her skull stood on end. She shuddered. Chills raced up and down her spine. Pay attention! That’s what Jonas always said. And here I am outside the stockade without a frickin’ weapon to my name!
    I wish Jonas were here right now! Her hand touched the leather sheath hanging from her waistband. No! Wait! I have a cutting knife! Poor defense against the vicious predators lurking outside the boundaries of the camp!
    Slow and careful, she backed up, eased out of the water and crouched down. Breathing in tiny pants, her heart drummed a frantic rhythm in her breast.
    I could make a run for it! The camp was not that far away but the path meandered through some pretty tall plant life. Plenty of spots for an animal or one of those crazy-assed Cros to hide! Adrenalin surged through her system. She drew a deep breath, readying herself.
    “Rach! You out here?” Jeremy’s voice rang out nearby, sounding worried.
    “Here,” she called, standing up and waving.
    The tall reeds parted and Jeremy’s merry face poked through. “Dogs are fussing. Riley said you were out here. We need to get back inside.”
    Her breath exhaled in a relieved whoosh! “Thank God you’re here! I was about ready to mess my drawers.”
    His brow furrowed. “Did you see anything? Jonas’ll want a report when we get back.”
    “No. I didn’t see anything, but the dogs are still barking. We need to move.”
    He chopped at the tall grass with a wicked looking panga. “We need to clear this crap out and open up the pathway! Stuff grows like frickin’ weeds.”
    He sliced through the grass, yelped in surprise and then tripped, falling as a monstrous saber-toothed cat sprang from the brush, huge mouth gaping in a screech of rage. He rolled to his side covering his neck as the cat landed astride his back.

  4. Lol Patsy, I was already to grab a hunk - but I guess the meat will have to do! :)

  5. Ooh, what a great excerpt - and what a place to end! Talk about cliff-hangers! :)

  6. Will try to find a few more like that. Hmmm need something to drink. Ahaa - home brew, one of the oldest forms of alcohol. Just what I need to endure these animals - four legged kind.

  7. Holy crap! Fantastic excerpts Patsy, but geez. Warn a girl she's being tossed into the land before time next time. I haven't even had my coffee yet so I can't blame caffeine for my pounding heart!

  8. Hi Mac,

    Yes, that was an exciting trip, wasn't it - a bit scary, but don't you think Hawk was worth it!

  9. Mmm, I could use some of that home brew too - pas it over Patsy, there's a luv!

  10. Now that's a cake!

    Congratulations, Patsy.

  11. Thanks everyone. Will try to outrun this saber tooth and check - AAAAKKK must run faster.

  12. OMG! I can't wait to read this book!
    By the way, do we have fleas?
    I can't stop scratching...
    I gotta know how a hot dude like our hero, got soooo smart. And he has a ten pack!!!

  13. Hi, Patsy....you look hot in your cave girl get-up!! Please introduce me to Hawk!! Love the excerpt from your latest release! Looking forward to reading the entire story! TGIF - Rebecca Rose

  14. He got a his ten pack fighting off saber tooth critters, Mary. Yumm. And I don't think it's flees. I think my outfit is made out of porcupine skin.

  15. No, no fleas Mary - but...maybe! Thanks Julie and Becky for stopping by - Hostesses - you Rock

  16. Another excerpt:
    His dark head broke the water next to her. She jerked,
    startled from her fantasizing. He stood up chest high in the center of
    the pool. She gulped, her eyes glued to the broad expanse rippling
    with muscle. Just too delicious not to stare. As she watched, he
    gathered up his dripping mane of black hair and wrung it out, the
    tendons in his arms bulging with the slight effort. The firm lips
    curved in a knowing smile. She back paddled until her head bumped
    against the rock wall of the pool.
    Ducking down, she covered her bare breasts with shaking
    hands “You…you’re not supposed to…to be on this side.”
    One dark brow arched. He stepped closer, leaning in.
    “Because…because...” His scent drifted in the steamy air,
    clean smelling and oh, so masculine. Captivated by his nearness, her
    treacherous mind blanked. “Just …because,” she finished lamely.
    He grinned, a flash of white teeth as he swirled his brawny
    arms through the heated water. “All same.”
    “I know it’s all the same,” she huffed pointing at the woven
    divider. “But that’s the men’s side and this is the women’s side.”
    Her chin came up. “You need to go back to your own side.”

  17. All I can say is I'm so glad Hawk is around, I don't think my little ol' bone club is much defence against a sabre tooth! You rock yourself Patsy - and the cavegirl look really suits you!

  18. By the way, what are the sleeping arrangements and who is that big guy that is following Lyn? He has a huge club and he looks like he is about to hit her on the head and drag her away!

  19. I have to tell you a secret. Your books are the first TWRP ones I ever read. I, as you know, am a time travel addict, and I can't wait to read this one too!!!
    Don't tell anyone, I love their books too. But, time travel just grabs me. Maybe because I love the idea of adventure and love, or maybe I just am mirroring past lives. I just love the idea of going back and living differently. I wouldn't mind bring a 21st century doctor with me, just in case...

  20. Thank you Mary! What a great compliment!

    Lyn, DUCK! OMG I think he has her - he looks like a Neanderthal. Hawk where are you?



  22. Help, help, put me down you great lummock. *Lyn hits her captor on the nose with her little bone club. Take that, and that, you horrid man!

  23. Congrats Patsy! here's my e-mail, jagxy@shaw.ca

  24. He didn't seem to feel it when you hit him with the club! Come on girls let's get him. Mac this way to Lyn not away.
    Patsy we need those arms today and Lyn didn't give you any! What are we gonna dooooo???

  25. Holy moly, PJ, your excerpts are very fast-paced and exciting. Sign me up for the giveaway! (I believe I'm on your mailing list already :)

  26. What a great excerpt. Your imagination never fails to amaze me. I'd love to have this book to go along with Riley's Journey.


  27. Thanks ladies for stopping by - but run - A CAVE BEAR!!!!!!!

  28. Geez, How Am I Suuposed To Concentrate On Keeping Lyn Out Of The Clutches Of Neanderthals WhenPatsy Keeps Distracting Me With Her Awesome Excerpts? Kick Him In The Loin Cloth, Lyn! Use Those Paddleboat Feet For Something Other Than Dancing On The Table, Chickie!

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    Patsy, what happened to your Popeye muscles? You've obviously been taking it easy, we need to work you harder.l

    H-e-e-e-e --l-p! Hold on, he's cuddling me to his chest and looking into my eyes - he's rather cute,really!

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    The James Gang is gonna be really upset. Yes, the whole gang, she's had them all... over to visit at one time or another.

  35. Put me down you big lunk. Thank you - see Mary he's quite amenable really! And who are you calling easy Mac - and you Mary sweetie - talk about the kettle - anyway I guess I am easy...going.You see I try to be nice to everyone. It pays in the long run!
    And you know what - while we weren't looking I think Patsy's slunk off with Hawk. I hope they're not too far away!

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    What kettle? How come you let her say paddleboat feet? When all I said was you're easy. How did you interpret that? :0)
    Patsy, monkey love?

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  39. Well, poor Lyn is probably gone and taken away by that caveman. I hope she comes back smiling! Nite ladies, until tomorrow. I think I'm gonna look for one myself! See you tomorrow.

  40. This was such fun - love playing "caveman" - I didn't want to show all the males up, that's why I left my muscular arms home. *Cyber wave* I love you!

  41. Well I made a comment earlier today and it seems to have vanished back through the time portal!

    Well, it was quite a night. My caveman took me back to his cave and we had a lot of fun - he was keen to show me his cave drawings!

    As for you Mry dear, you are such a sweetie, hmm, I didn't take too much notice when our Mac mentioned paddleboat feet, I just assumed she meant someone else, after all my feet are so tiny, as you can clearly see when I go barefoot!

    Patsy, this was such fun, I don't think we've ever been this far into the past beforel Love you too - and wishing you much success with 'Beyond Tomorrow.'

  42. Patsy I am sorry I am missing your toast. Happy Belated Release Day. Your book sounds so good. Love the cover. Hot!! The excerpts were awesome.
    Sue B

  43. P.L. is a great writer. Her work is emotionally engaging. I enjoy the unusual time periods of her stories. -Laura
    L_Hogg at comcast dot net

  44. Hi Laura, thanks so much for stopping by our blog, yes Patsy's a great writer, isn't she!