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This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Beth Trissel celebrates a Colonial Wedding with Kira...

The Allegheny Mountains loom on both sides of the high valley of the Virginias. Rumors abound about the inhabitants, and a cloud of mystery surrounds the colony. History has it that a family of Scots settled the valley on the heels of the French and Indian War and life continues much as it had in bygone years.  The citizens keep to themselves and strangers aren’t welcome.  Electric lines are not allowed into the valley, no phone connections and even motorized vehicles aren’t allowed within five miles of the colony.

Mary, Patsy, Lyn and Mac trudge down the dirt road enjoying the beauty of the scenery.

 "You know, this is really pretty,” Lyn remarks as she leads the way.  She fans herself.  The plain cotton, full skirted dress with bell sleeves covers her from head to toe and only the long tips of her toes show beneath.  A wide-brimmed hat covers her face from the rays of the noonday sun.

Nibby scampers across a meadow laden with spring flowers. Cuddles, Hampy and Foster clutch the fur around her neck.

“Looks like Nibby loves this place,” Mary laughs. She twirls, the simple full skirt flares out.  “I have to say these stays are somewhat uncomfortable.

Mac shades her eyes with her hand as she stares into the distance. “Shouldn’t we be seeing the township by now?” A shudder wracks her body. “I almost feel like we’re stepping back in time.” She smoothes the long apron covering her plain blue bodice.  “Our outfits look so authentic, it’s almost scary.”

Patsy adjusts the neckline of her dress.  “Beth sent these, said we had to wear them. If this place is so secret, I’m surprised we were even invited here. Beth must have some connections.”

“It’s Kira’s wedding, or did you forget?”  Lyn stops to pull a goathead from her stocking.

 “Beth said the wedding gown is fantastic.”

“I can’t wait to see it,” Mac says. Her brow furrows. “Why’s that mist covering everything?”

“It looks like its spreading and seems to be getting thicker,” Mary mumbles.  “Can’t see my hand in front of my face now.”

They are in the mist now.  Sounds are muted, blanketed by the fog.  They trudge blindly ahead with only Nibby to lead the way. They hear what sounds like a gun cocking!

“What is this crap?”  Patsy growls.  She halts abruptly, massive arms akimbo. “I’m not going one step further until I know what the heck is going on.”

“Show yer face,” a male voice demands. “Hands up.”  A dark figure moves toward them through the mist. “Do ye  ken what I say?”

“ACCCKKK!” Mary gasps as she staggers backwards from the figure. “You scared the bejesus out of me!”

Closer now, the figure is a mature male dressed in fitted leather breeches, with a homespun linen shirt the color of old cream.  A tricorn hat covers his stringy grey hair while a string of colorful beads loops around his neck.

“I said tae reach for the stars!”  His accent is definitely Scottish. “We dinnae like strangers in these parts.”

“Uh,” Lyn clears her throat. “We’re here for the wedding. Beth invited us.”

He stares at them, an eerie figure in the ghostly mist. After a moment, his musket lowers. He grins displaying wide gaps in the dirty teeth. “Well, noo, why didn’t ye say so? Me names Donal. Donal McDougal.” He wipes a grimy paw on his leathers and extends it. “Welcome lassies!” He motions with his hands. “Follow me.”

“About time,” Patsy grumbles.

Within minutes, the fog thins and then dissipates entirely.  They pause, mouths agape as they stare.  It is a step back in time! A colonial frontier colony in the Allegheny Mountains, with mostly log cabins, and a few larger homes made of stone.  Everyone is dressed in colonial attire on the primitive side.  Frontiersmen in hunting shirts, wielded tomahawks and fired muskets at a line of targets on the far side of the settlement

Beth rushes forward.  “I see Donal found you,” she laughs.  “And I suspect he was his usual unfriendly self.”

“I wasnae unfriendly,” Donal objects.  “I led them tae ye!”

“After almost shooting us,” Mary interjects heatedly.  “I almost had heart failure out there!”

“What is this place,” Mac asks.  “I feel like I’ve stepped into Brigadoon or something!”
“It is something, isn’t it?”  Beth leads them towards the festivities.

Trestle tables lined with long wood benches and rough-hewn stools are laden with elk, venison and wild turkeys roasted over an outside pit. Smoked hams, chicken pot pie, stews, cornbread, spiced fruit compotes and pumpkin, berry and apple pies cover every square inch of the tables.

“It might not look like it,” Beth dips a finger in the stews. “But all this food is supposedly gluten free.  I’m on a gluten free diet you know and I haven’t had a bit of problem when I visit here.”

“I wonder,” Patsy mutters.

     The crowd is a wild, boisterous lot, jugs of whisky, apple brandy and ale are passed around to the males.

Wedding cake by kind permission of Sarah,
    Mary reaches for a cup but Beth stays her hand.  “You might want to try some of the watered down variety.  This stuff is really strong.”
Banjos strum, fiddles and Jews harps kept time while one old gentleman puffs on an empty jug.  Dancers whirl to a Virginia reel and then clog to a country dance.  The hoedown is in full swing.

    Two young males dressed in fringed hunting shirts, breechclouts, leather leggings, and moccasins circle each other, posing for a fight.

    “Here we go again,” Beth chuffs.  “Isn’t a day when one or more of these males has to pick a fight.

    “Who wins?”  Patsy asks as she watches the posturing.

    “Usually the one who has drunk the least.”

    The noise suddenly abates.  The crowd parts as Kira emerges from one of the nicer houses.  She is a vision.  Handmade lace covers the silk dress in a waterfall of intricate design.  Her long hair is twisted up in a braid atop her head while a lace veil cascades down.  Her groom Logan walks forward and offers his arm and they stroll towards the makeshift pulpit. No minister is in sight.

    “They’re going to jump the broomstick,” Beth whispers. “Until the traveling minister can do it up right.”

    “They’re what?”  Mary’s brows rise,

    “It’s an ages old custom that they adhere to when the minister won’t be arriving for awhile.”  Beth grins.  “But it’s as binding as the one officiated over by the minister.”

    “Isn’t this just too romantic,” Lyn chokes up.  “I’m going to cry.”

    “Me too,” Mac sniffs.  “I love weddings.”

    “Then you came to the right place,” Beth nods. “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Without further ado, let's start the party - but first here's an excerpt from Kira, Daughter Of The Moon.

Logan McCutcheon returns to colonial Virginia after seven years in the hands of Shawnee Indians. But was he really a captive, as everybody thinks? He looks and fights like a warrior, and seems eager to return to those he calls friends and family.
Kira McClure has waited for Logan all those years, passing herself off as odd to keep suitors at bay––and anyone else from getting too close.  Now that he's back, he seems to be the only person capable of protecting her from the advances of Josiah Campbell and accusations of witchcraft.  And to defend the settlers against a well-organized band of murderous thieves.

    “My secret in exchange for yours.”
     Tantalizing.  He was drawing her into his snare, but she couldn’t resist asking, “How do you know I’ve a secret?”
    “To begin with, you’re hiding in a tree.  What from, a wild beast?”
    “Near enough.  You.”
     He smiled.  “Was I to think you a large red bird, or overlook you entirely?”
     Drawing her remaining shreds of dignity around her like a mantle, she said, “This isn’t one of my best hiding places.”
     “Indeed?  Where are the others?” 
     “That would be telling.” 

     The strengthening breeze tossed the branches around them as he considered.  “You never could keep secrets from me, Cricket.  I’ll discover them and you.
     An assertion she found both disturbing and oddly heartening.
     His lips curved as if the deed were already done.  “Why were you hiding?  Am I so very frightening?”
     “Oh––I feared you were some sort of warrior.”
     The humor faded from his eyes.  “I am.”

Author Bio:
Married to my high school sweetheart, I live on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia surrounded by my children, grandbabies, and assorted animals. An avid gardener, my love of herbs and heirloom plants figures into my work. The rich history of Virginia, the Native Americans and the people who journeyed here from far beyond her borders are at the heart of my inspiration. In addition to American settings, I also write historical and time travel romances set in the British Isles.

NB: The beautiful Wedding cake featured in this post was designed bySarah, Stressedstamper. You will find more gorgeous creations, including hand made greetings cards etc. at her blog:

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  1. Hello ladies! So glad you found your way. It's a wee bit early in the morn for a hearty heel flying hoedown, but after a shot or two of liquid fire, we'll all be whirling. Or our heads will. I love the pics your on the scenes cameraman took. Fantastic!

  2. Hi Beth, welcome to your Roast! What a fantastic excerpt and that cover is gorgeous! Yes, it's bright and early but we're ready for the hoedown!

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    Glad you like the pics, Liz. Don't worry about gifts, I think the bride and groom are just happy to have the guests join in to share their special day, and eat, drink and dance!

  7. Right, they are. But Beth likes presents.

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  10. Good Morning EVERYONE!!!! I think I want me some of that water down stuff!!!

    This is going to be a fantastic read!!!! Congrats on the Release!!!

  11. Hey Jamie. Yep, better go with the watered down stuff and thanks.

  12. Good morning, Beth and Ladies. What a beautiful book cover and the excerpt was charming. The characters "live" in just those short words. It's sure to be a success and I'd love to read it. Wish I could say for the food and fellowship but I'm doing final edits on a book today and I have to get back to work. Have a wonderful day. Linda

  13. Good morning everyone. *blows air kisses*

    Lovely excerpt, Beth. I wonder if I'll freak everyone out if I pull out my smartphone to snap a few photos. This place is gorgeous! Great pics, Lyn. As usual.

  14. Thanks so much, Linda, and Mac, you simply explain you're from the future. I'm sure they'll understand. Or not.

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  17. Good Morning Beth and thanks for the lovely invitation :) This is the perfect blog post for your wonderful book! Know you will do quite well with this story! I too could stay lost within this lovely post, you did a fantastic job! I love the cover and thoroughly enjoyed the snapshot of the broomstick jumping - thanks for sharing! ((Hugs)) Patty

  18. Hello Patty~so glad you could make it to our gala festivity. And thanks so much. I can't claim credit for the pics or the spread, put together by our lovely hostesses.

  19. Good morning Beth,

    I love the excerpt and the cover is just amazing.I love all your books.
    Talk soon spirit sister.


  20. Yee-Haw! I just love weddings and hoedowns! Thanks for the invite, Beth, and if I may say, you all look lovely.
    Can't wait to read this book. I smile each time I read this excerpt. :)

  21. Good Morning, Beth! I walked right into the scene with your eloquent descriptions. Virginia is a lovely state...rich in history...I enjoyed the intro to your book!

    Enjoy the festivities;) Congrats!!

  22. Hey everyone, welcome. Isn't this exciting?

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  30. Thanks for sharing..I scanned
    thru and haven't read all yet but just looking at the great photos gave an air of excitement! I feel like I'm preparing for the wedding.I can't wait to read the book.The food looks great too!

  31. Thanks! Yes, it's quite the event of the season.

  32. Well I have to say I've been on a not so merry chase. Nibbles decided she hurt her paw. But, the local healer says she's just stiff from sleeping too much. A few healing herbs and she's as good as new. Well not counting the table of pies she knocked over and ate.
    Kira looks beautiful, so if I have a question. Do you have to jump backwards over the broom to get a divorce? Cause there are some really hot looking bare chested guys fighting or something over there and I do like bare chested hot grappling men...Hmmm
    I loved Kira's story, so glad to be at this wedding!

  33. Hey Mary! Sorry about your furbabies paw. Hope it's better soon. So glad to have you join in the fun and thanks! Sure, jump backwards over the broom. Might work.

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  37. By the way, what the heck is jigging and is it immoral? Cause jiggling I understand with these gargantuan hooters I have.
    Don't want to get arrested if I do it...

  38. Hi folks, waves to everyone. Sorry to be away for so long I was helping Masha with the horses and one got a little skittish, so I had to try a little horse whispering. Not sure what I said but he's quiet now.

    Did I miss anything? Mead? You said there was mead, oh yes those two dishy guys over there have the mead! Let me at 'em! Glad Nibby's paw's OK Mary. Congrats on the grandbaby, Calisa, and isn't it strange how the fearlessness one had when one was young and 'could ride anything' seems to dissipate as one gets older!

    Beth that excerpt was a tease - any chance of a little more?

    Phew I think I've caught up - now I definately need a slurp or two of mead!

  39. Welcome back and yee haw. The mead is a big seller. Yes, I reckon there's a heap more in the book. Suppose I could take a look and trot another except over.

  40. This excerpt is from the initial meeting between Kira and Logan while the two are still in the tree:

    Head tilted to one side, he appraised her with a keen eye, approval in his gaze. “The years between us don’t seem to make such a difference now, do they?”

    A shiver darted through her. “Not like they once did.”

    He ran his fingers lightly over her cheek. “I’ll have to make amends for my past neglect.”

    Her chest thudded wildly. “Will you?”

    “Oh, yes.”

    As though she’d issued an invitation, Logan slid closer to her so they were pressed thigh to thigh, nearer than she’d sat to any man. He turned, circling an arm around her waist, and drew her into his hard chest. His low voice a shivery whisper in her ear, he said, “This’ll do for a start.”

    Too stunned to speak, she wondered if her galloping heart might give out altogether. This must be a dream. He couldn’t be real. Yet he felt wonderfully solid and smelled of the sun-warmed earth mingled with his own appealing essence, heightening her acute awareness of him. But he was overtaking her with the sudden fury of a gale.

    She found her tongue. “I hardly know what to think.”

    He didn’t loosen his grip. “Don’t think just yet.”

  41. *grumble grumble boy grumble switches grumble*

    I knew I should have left him back home. Of COURSE he didn't tie the horses down properly. So of COURSE my Blaze decided to try and investigate the orchard. And that horse knows exactly when it's not an emergency... So if you're wondering where Oliver is, he went to find a bath after Blaze knocked him into a mud hole while the good man was helping me catch the beast.

  42. Hi again MAsha. So many of us here are horse lovers, and I know Sharon said Oliver was an accomplished horseman! They can be difficult critters though, bless 'em! My mare will shy at a butterfly and not blink an eyelid when there's really something scary. Harri on the other hand is so laid back most of the time!

    Wonderful excerpt Beth, so full of sexual tension - I really have to read this book now!

    Fantastic excerpt

  43. I'm thinking right now. Great excerpt!Lyn what say you and I take a stroll over to those two hot guys? We could toss a coin for first pick. You trip them and I'll smother them with my girls till they pass out and we can have our way with them? I'm desperate today. Need a little necking. No hickies though. I like my neck clear. Patsy is over there arm wrestling and Mac, well she's drunk. I'm thinkin' heads?

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  46. And that's the beauty of the drink, Mary. Enough, and you don't have to think. ;-)

  47. So pass the dang mead then Mac, don't hog it all!!!

  48. Thanks all my assorted fellows. Horses are very prominent in this story too. How they got from here to there and back again--unless they walked.

  49. I always wanted a horse of my own. Sigh... Why do people breed them to be tiny? It ain't like they can be house pets, or ridden. I always wondered what the hey? Very cute, but odd.
    Did you hear about the Labradoodle who was shaved to look like a lion? People were calling 911 to report a loose lion cub!
    Give me the mead will you, I'm losing it!

  50. Walking is definitely second-choice. I'd ride everywhere if I could. Except I only have horses in my (or your) worlds. Mary! You sure you want to try and ride right now? It's a looong way off the back of a horse, you know. Muuuch farther than off your own feet.

    Just sayin'

  51. People do the strangest things. I say we all mount up and ride, form a posse. There's a band of murderous thieves in this story. We'll go and get em.

  52. I love all these colonial males - except don't they know how to use deodorant or brush their teeth? Or do they know about these latest inventions. But as partiers - OMG


  54. They did have tooth powder and small brushes in the colonial era, also herbs to chew to sweeten the breath and clean the teeth. No deodorant. Have to make do with soap and water. If you can get them to bathe. We could toss them into the stream. Native Americans rubbed themselves down with fragrant herbs. Maybe the frontiersmen learned from them. In my version, the hero did. :) Of course, the wealthy had nice tubs, the finest soap, and perfumes, if they wanted them. Even humbler folk had access to washtubs. But this era isn't known for a bathing fetish. Neither is Bonnie Old Scotland.

  55. LOL Beth, methinks sometimes poetic licence is called for in regards to personal hygiene, where some of these colonial folks were concerned! :)

    As for horses, that's what first drew me to Westerns and Historicals - plenty of horses. In most of my futuristics though, they've given up on technology and reverted back to horsepower. That gives me an excuse to write in plenty of horses!

    Hi Hotcha!

    I like the idea of forming a posse, Beth, but Watch out for Mary, she's likely to come back wit the James Gang!

  56. Futuristic horse power, great idea! I like it. And yes, Mary needs watching.

  57. Hello Beth, Ladies, and of course Oliver my Love,

    So nice to 'see' you all again. I just love it when y'all throw a party. Can I just say that wedding cake has my mouth watering?! Oh blissful yum!


  58. Oh my, I've fallen behind in the comments. I saw that lion story on the news, Mary and laughed my ass off. Our Pom gets a lion cut in the summer, because though he's only 4 lbs, he's a frigging slob and gets dirtier than any dog I've ever seen. We were camping in the woods once and cause a ruckus when Hubby told a neighboring camper kid he was a baby lion. ;-) People are nuts!

  59. Thanks Debra. I am enjoying our bash. And agreed, people are nuts.

  60. Well Jessie is on his way with the gang. They said no posse please.
    The guys will liven things up for sure. They are hot, hot, hot. And they have bigggg, humongous....
    guns. :0)

  61. Jessie wants to dance with you Beth!
    He loves country girls!

  62. I am strangely hungry for meat now! I would be glad to partake of the gluten free fare with you, Beth...it all looks so inviting. What a wonderful tale. I am having visions of a pretty broom stick and jumping over it!

    I can't wait to read the rest of Kira, Daughter of The Moon, to see what is in store for Logan and Kira.

  63. Tell Jesse sure, Mary. I get that a lot, and thanks Leslie.

  64. Beth, this is great! I enjoyed reading it, and I already have my copy of the book, so don't include me in the giveaway. Hope you're feeling better!

  65. I think he's in love! He read your book and he loved it! Just like I did!!

  66. Thanks Pam, Mary, and good old Jesse.

  67. Lol I knew Jesse would manage to gatecrash the party somehow!

    Talking about dogs (which we were a while ago) I used to have a Shiba Inu and it's surprising how many people thought we had a pet fox! (I would never keep a wild critter like a fox for a pet)

    *Waves* to all the new guests. Hi Debra, hi Leslie and Pam, and anyone I may have missed. It's the mead you know *hic* - it makes me forgetful! :)

  68. Oh forgot to say, I attended a 'druid' wedding a couple of years ago, and they jumped the broomstick! The broom was beautifully decorated by the groom!

  69. Kewl Lyn. Also about your not fox dog. Most unusual.

  70. Just quickly popping in before I head for bed. What a fabulous post!

    Beth, I love the cover. The book is on my Kindle awaiting its turn. Looking forward to it.

    Perhaps a sip of mead before bedtime... Enjoy the party!

  71. What a WONDERFUL way to end the wicked week I've had! Lovely wedding! Now...I'm headed for the food & drink. *happy sigh*

    BTW - I'll not leave my email addy 'cause I've already got all of Beth's uber-awesome stories. I just wanted to drop by and see the gorgeous doins'! :-)

  72. Thanks so much Maeve and Cathie. The party rocks on, but enjoy your mead and go nighty night.

  73. Hi Bety,
    Thank you for inviting me to the wedding, I really enjoyed it. Great blog, you always have such interesting information to impart.



  74. Beth, I am leaving you with Jessie for the evening. Hope he behaves. The Jame's gang will be back in the morning to check out breakfast. (He really was hot I heard. Jessie that is LOL) Lyn is off with the Duke, who comes by to get her whenever we have mead. He knows she's a meader...
    Mac is lost and Patsy, she is opening the spinach can as we speak.

  75. Thanks Margaret and gang. I will check in from time to time and give it until tomorrow to choose a winner.
    It's been a super swell party!

  76. Lyn Waves to Cathie, Maeve and Margaret. Yes, I'm off to the woods with the Duke. We're going to look for Mac, we'll be back by daylight. *hic* Go easy on the spinach, Patsy.

    Enjoy your time with Jesse - and don't believe all he tells you about our Mary, LOL!

    You've been such a fun guest of honour, and the party's still rocking, so have fun - and be good. See you tomorrow.

  77. Hi Beth~waving~and everyone else. I am sure I have said many a time I love that book cover. What a beautiful wedding.
    Sue B

  78. I love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  79. I especially love the picture of the couple jumping the broom. Love everything about the post. Made me long to go to Virginia.

  80. Beth, I've been looking for a place to show off my dancing skills, and this book cover is something to kick up my heels about! Congratulations and well wishes :-D

  81. *Pant Pant* Been kicking up my heels for so long, I'm about ready to drop. Can't believe how much vigor these people have! Hmmmmmm......

  82. The four hostesses lie in a heap, snoring gently, cuddled up with their respective sidekicks, as the morning sun sends its rays streaking through the branches of the trees sheltering the little community.

    Wow! What a party that was - everyone danced until they dropped. What an amazing guest of honour Beth is, and what a fantastic book!

    The smell of breakfast cooking over the open fire, wafts through the open windows, one by one the guests begin to stir.

    Welcome to Amber, Caroline and Dariel, so glad you could join us!

  83. My thoughts exactly. Lyn. And you voiced them so well. These colonial frontier weddings can last several days, so eat up and prepare for more hearty partying.

  84. Oh, and the winner of Kira, Daughter of the Moon is Leslie. Thanks for all the kind comments everyone.

  85. Hi Beth,

    I love your book cover. It's beautiful. I added to TBR list on Goodreads.


    Thank You,

    Kelly P

  86. Hi Kelly, thanks so much for stopping by at the party - I agree, isn't that a gorgeous cover!

  87. Hello Kelly and thanks. The revelers are still reveling. This is the happening place.

  88. Also, I have decided to choose a second winner because I never heard back from the first one. :)

  89. Thanks Beth - oh dear, what a shame to miss out on such a great book!

  90. Thanks Beth! Congratulations Kelly!

  91. Thanks Beth! Congratulations Kelly!

  92. Thanks again for hosting me. It was a blast.

  93. We loved having you, Beth, we had such a fun time with you and your characters!