As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Hostesses Toast Each Other - and a Giveaway!

This week we thought we'd let you know a little bit more about ourselves , and perhaps give you a few tidbits you might not have known.  We're all writers to and you can find out more about us and our books on our websites.  Please jump in, ask questions and tell us a bit about yourself as well, if you wish. There's plenty of virtual food as always, so please join the party as we Roast ourselves.

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I'm a wife, a mother and a grandmother.  I live in Boise with my best friend and soulmate, Jack, my three sons Jared (38), Travis (31) and Zachary (19) and my sweet granddaughter, Tannis (5)
Patsy bellydancing
Patsy and Jack
In real life I'm a legal secretary working in a downtown law firm in Boise, Idaho.  I enjoy many walks of life. Before I started writing, I taught, choreographed and managed the belly dance troupe, Marrakesh Express, which was really fun, but I quit because I wanted to try other things.  Writing is a way to let all these alter egos I have running around in my mind, a way out of the dark. 




I don't remember not being married it's been so long. But, my DH and I have lived in Florida for years, though I am a mountain and country girl in my heart.

We have two big German Shepherds and a Calico cat. I worked for many years in the medical field and now spend my writing and reading. I admit to more reading, I love to read. I've been places in books I never knew existed! Just got a contract for my second book Burned Into Time, which should come out in November, and which is a sequel to my first book, a time travel romance entitled 'Tripping Through time' 

From Mary's Website:
"Come with me. Come...Let me take you away.
Put your mind in another place. Forget your troubles and escape, if only for a while. Let me show you the gentle beauty of Vermont. Glance at the majestic green mountains in the distance.
Sit with me by the lake and listen to the delicate sound of water as it softly splashes the shoreline. Walk with me under the dense fir trees, where the magic of imagination reigns. When the land was pristine and wildlife flourished. In a time when life meant more. When family and friends focused on each other. Let me show you a time when communication with loved ones filled our lives. When all we had was hope, and finding that one special person was all that mattered. Let me take you there. I know you'll enjoy it. Learn about two people who were meant to be one, and share their hearts. The impossible can happen, and a century is not an obstacle.

Know that love is truly timeless"

Purchase her books from her Publisher's site, The Wild Rose Press
Mary can also be found blogging at THE PINK FUZZY SLIPPERS


Mac and Phil
Howdy folks. I write under the name Mackenzie Crowne. I’m a wife, mother, grandmother and survivor. I have two grown sons. Those of you with boys will understand why I refer to my home as ‘The Testosterone Ranch’. Though I’m a princess at heart, living amongst so many wanker-weilders, I have to tap into my inner tomboy more often than not, just to survive the chaos.



Jared and Kevin are my babies. Six-two and six-four respectively, they’re both
characters and tower over hubby, Phil, and I both figuratively and literally. We’re thrilled to have raised such good men.

Kimmie is my gorgeous DIL and my grandbabies, Shae and Creed, keep me hopping. Aren’t they cuties?

Writing romance is my joy. To date, I have two published titles; Gift of the Realm, a modern fantasy romance, and That Dating Thing, a lighthearted contemporary. Another contemporary, The Billionaire’s Con is due out this fall. Did I mention I lean toward contemporary? I have no clue where that fantasy came from, but it was a blast to write. ;-)

This October I will reach the five year mark in my survival battle with breast cancer. To celebrate, I’m jumping into the self-pub world with a piece of non-fiction. Where Would You Like Your Nipple? is a survivor’s guide to navigating the breast cancer abyss with humor and hope. I plan to release it just in time for breast cancer awareness month - if I don’t have a heart attack in the process!

I’m one of eight kids, and my sibs are a blast. Raised under the concept that a stranger is just one conversation away from being a friend, I love meeting new people. Feel free to stop by my home on the web at mackenziecrowne.com 
My books are there and so am I. Or you can find me on social media at:

My friends call me Mac. I hope you will too.


Me, Sal, Dave
My name is Lyn - Hywela Lyn.  Now before you folks who don't know me think I'm one of those strange people who calls myself by my surname, Hywela and Lyn are my first two Christian names.  I just joined them together because no-one has ever called me by my first name, 'Hywela' and it seemed a shame. Besides, my surname is very common in my native Wales, and I when my first book was published, I decided I wanted something that people would be more likely to remember.
Me and Dave
I'm married to Dave and we live in a small village in England, although I hope eventually to return to Wales.

 I miss the wildness and the mountains where I used to do long distance riding on my little golden horse, Sal.

I don't have children of my own although Dave has two grown up children, Susan and David, and Susan has made me a four times stepgranny, bless her!

My 'babies' are my two horses, Harri and T'pau, and my little rescued Jack Russell terrier, Bouncer. Harri (Show name Pentrepiod Sovereign)  is a lovely, black Welsh Cob and 'Flying T'pau' to give her her full name is a paint Quarter Horse with 'attitude'.  I learnt to ride English but converted to Western, as it is such a lovely, relaxed way of going, and I love the comfortable saddles and the minium of leatherwork on the horse's head.

Molly the stable cat
As you may gather, I'm crazy about horses and all animals, and my favourite colours are blue and purple.  I usually manage  to feature a horse in my stories, and Sal and Harri play leading roles in my Welsh/Greek fantasy 'Dancing With Fate'.  T'pau (nickname 'TipTop') is in one of my WIPs and Bouncer will have a part in a Western, which I'm also working on.

 \lsyrdy SQ small  My main WIP though is the third in the 'Starquest' series.  This was never meant to be a trilogy, but two of my characaers nagged me to do their story, so 'Children Of The Mist' followed Starquest and I'm working on'Beloved Enemy' although it's possible the title of that may change.

I love hearing from people and you can always contact me at
Lyn@hywelalyn.co.uk, or through my Blog.

and finally, let's raise a glass and toast our dearly missed sister Sharon Donovan, who was so much a part of this Roast and who made us shriek with laughter at her antics.We miss you so much Sharon, but you'll always be with us in spirit and we will always love you. What an amazing character you created in Oliver, and we are so grateful that you allowed him to 'moonlight' with us every Friday.

Sharon was published with The Wild Rose Press, White Rose Publishing, Whimsical Publications and Chicken Soup for the Soul.
Purchase her books HERE


  1. What a wonderful post, ladies. Great to learn more about you all, including the lovely Sharon. And I'm chuffed to see photos of your pets and animals. Always happy to chat about animals...

    Patsy, my half-sister lives near Boise and we enjoyed a long weekend there a couple of years ago. The hills near the city are amazing. So much so, my current WIP is set up there (Garden Valley).

    I raise a glass to y'all! (Even though it's barely lunchtime here. Any old excuse!)

  2. Hi Catherine

    Welcome to our Roast, glad you enjoyed it - yes we're all animal lovers here, and Sharon used to ride before she lost her sight and is now reunited with her beloved little black cat, beyond The Rainbow Bridge.

    Wow, hadn't realised you were Patsy's half sister. I love hills too and although there are plenty of hills in England, it's not the same as the wild mountains of my native Wales.

    Raising a glass back to you, Cathie!

  3. I loved living in Wales, Lyn. Particularly the Brecon Beacons and the Border areas / Wye valley are stunning. The north is more rugged. Would love to explore further.

    I'm not Patsy's half sister - my half sister 'only' lives in the same city as Patsy. ;-) I should really introduce them, shouldn't I?

  4. Hi Cathie - good to have you visiting our hostess roast! Love the Idaho mountains. Garden Valley is beautiful but if you keep going towards Stanley, gets even better. We just spent 10 days at Lower Stanley, relaxing, fishing, chatting. Very relaxing. When you come to visit your half sister, let me know and we'll try to arrange a lunch or something!

  5. Hello, ladies. Nice to meet you all. We used to have offices in Boise, but I never got to visit them. Hear it's a beautiful part of the world.

  6. Good morning all! I just realized I didn't include any pics of my critters. My bad. I wait on...er, share the tttranch with Itzy, a neurotic Pomeranian and Zoey, a sweet, blind, domestic long haired cat.
    (Phew, I feel better. Don't want PETA coming after me.)

    Hiya Cathie. It's never too early to raise a glass. Wow, another Wales chick, and Boise too! Reading yours and Lyn's comments, I almost broke into a verse of It's a Small World.

  7. My first time visiting . . . what a wonderful concept, a warm atompshere and a great way to learn about each of you. Loved reading all the backgrounds and seeing the photos. And so many wonderful book covers (like being in a candy store, LOL).

    Sharon sounds like she was a wonderful person and left a beautiful legacy behind. A toast to all of you!


  8. Hiya Gray. Nice to meet you as well. I've never been to Boise either, but I think I drove past Idaho once. ;-)

  9. I've been to many a Roast to visit you ladies and your guests, but it's nice to finally get to "know" you all on a more personal level.

    So glad to see Mac on here. I admire her strength and courage and can't wait to read her books. I'm a sister survivor.

    RIP Sharon. She was such a fun hostess when I was a guest here. She will be missed.

  10. Ladies, what a warm and welcoming introduction to the four of you. And a wonderful tribute to dear Sharon. I so enjoyed learning more about each one of you, and Mac, my sister would totally get the title of your nonfiction book. Congrats on being a survivor. And prayers for your continued health.

  11. So happy to see all the faces visiting! And welcome to the new faces! Glad you stopped by!

  12. I've never been to Boise either. But I've lived in a lot of places cause of my father's government job.
    I used to ride when ever I could. I fell a lot and I shoulda had lessons!
    And I must say my co-hostess's are one amazing group. You were so cute as kids. I don't have pics of me then. With six kids, I was able to hide a lot.

  13. I just got my contract back for my second release! YAY! It's called Burned Into Time and it will be released in November sometime!

  14. Great post!!!! And a big welcome to your newest host Mac...great to see you there Mac!

    Have a great day Ladies and so nice to meet you all.


  15. I can't think of a better choice than Mac to join your group! Congrats and a toast to many happy roasts in the future (me on Dec 28th :) ). I enjoyed all the photos through your stories! Horses...I absolutely adore them and am possibly going to be taking in two rescue horses this week. Plus I have my dear Sonny, a twenty yo quarter horse gelding my youngest daughter bought as a gift to me in 2007.

    Now I NEED that GC to go buy books with. lol cmselfridge@gmail.com

  16. Geez. Surrounded by cowgirls. I need to get me a hat and some boots! Yeeha!

    TY for the kind welcome, Krista and Calisa. You're a couple of sweeties!

  17. And Lilly! How could I forget my sister survivor? Thanks for stopping by, hon.

  18. What a great introduction! I loved the photos and learning more about you all. So glad the Roast and Toast will continue. I was a guest and loved Oliver- hmmm. He is quite a hunk.

  19. Bells and whistles, Mary! Congrats! You go, girl.

  20. Joined you at the luncheon spread. I needed a martini to get through the afternoon. Two olives, gin and very dry thanks.
    You still make great drinks, Oliver.

  21. Doesn't he though, Barbara? He makes a mean Long Island Iced Tea too! Yumm.

  22. Wow, I just took a moment to really look at the pics. There are some good ones here. I just have one question.

    Patsy, how did you hold up your head in that hat? It looks like a solid gold tea set! ;-)

  23. YAYYY Mary! TWRP? *waving* Hello, to all the visitors! Good to see you. All the cowgirls! There's a keg of beer with lots of chips and salsa!

  24. Phew - it's warm and pleasant here in the UK - I've been out for a few hours and it's great getting back to all these lovely comments. LOL Cathie, I was getting confused there. I really thought Patsy had been keeping quiet about you being her half sister.

  25. Group hug Roast sisters - CONGRATULATIONS MARY, I'm so pleased for you. I'm just re-reading Tripping Through Time, it's so long since I first read it that it's coming up completely fresh,you have such a lovely way of describing scenes, I feel I'm right there in the story!

  26. Oh Cathie, forgot to say about you being in Wales. I'm from the middle of the coastline, Ceredgion. It's got the best of both worlds - sea and mountains. But I was born in Gwent, so I know the Wye Valley well, it's beautiful. I think the further north you go in Wales, the wilder and more rugged it gets. I did a lot of endurance riding in the Welsh mountains and it was fantastic.

  27. Oh Cathie, forgot to say about you being in Wales. I'm from the middle of the coastline, Ceredgion. It's got the best of both worlds - sea and mountains. But I was born in Gwent, so I know the Wye Valley well, it's beautiful. I think the further north you go in Wales, the wilder and more rugged it gets. I did a lot of endurance riding in the Welsh mountains and it was fantastic.

  28. Hello Maeclaire, lovely to have you here - and I hope you'll visit again often. We have a guest author most weekends and there's usually a download up for graps for one lucky commenter

  29. Grey, Lilly, Beth, Barbara and Krisa, hi from sunny UK. Lovely to see you all. Take a seat in the shade and Oliver will be with you in a flash to serve you your favourite beverage and food orders.

    Me - I'll just have some chocolate icecream and mead! :)

    Oh Calissa, how exciting that you may be getting a couple of rescue horses - I'd dearly love to adopt a rescue but I don't have my own land and can't afford another mouth to feed, but it is such a worthwhile thing to do. Hello to Sonny - 20 is quite young for a horse these days, my Sal lived until she was 34 and was sprightly to the end!

  30. And usually I lose a boob at least once a month. They turn up in the ocean, as basketballs and sometimes they just go missing. I have to tell you that I am the only one with a real issue. Lyn's feet are not big, they're tinsy, I've seen 'em.
    Patsy has regular arms. She may eat spinach, but she's no Popeye or even Olive Oil for that matter.
    Mac is not adelpated, (at least I think so), time will tell. In any case they are all wonderful, hard working and equally kind hearted women!I like to think Sharon is up in heaven looking for a laptop so she can add her comments. And she sure had a quick wit and a devilish sense of humor.
    The fun thing about this blog is it's different. No, "Are you a plotter or a panster?" questions here. On our blog we aim to make you chuckle, and humor lifts the spirit doesn't it?
    You all are wonderful, (you can quote me), and Mac is perfect for the role!

  31. Oh, Mae, I didn't see you there. I'm so glad you stopped in! (Must have been having one of those adelpated moments, Mary) Sheesh. And I thought I was just easily distracted by bright and shiny objects!

  32. You would be easy to hypnotize if you
    are distracted by shiny objects. You are now very sleepy, follow the swinging crystal with your eyes. Every part of your body is relaxed, you are now falling to sleep.
    ZZzzzzz, where was I?

  33. I got into trouble for hypnotizing fellow schoolmates in nursing school. Well, why show us how, if we can't do it?
    So she tasted wine for a week when she drank water. It was fun anyhow!

  34. Now there's a neat trick, Mary. Does it work with cosmos? But be careful and warn me next time you're going to hypnotize me. I was out working on the pool and almost fell in.

  35. What a terrific post. I love seeing all the photos and learning more about all of you.

    My condolences on your loss of Sharon. Her memory stays alive through you.

    Thank you for sharing.

  36. I forgot to leave my email address.

  37. What great photos of you all, ladies (and your OHs, pets etc), and so good to learn more about your all. I've enjoyed being roasted and toasted by you all (and Sharon, of course) - it's always been such a fun day - so long may you all (and Oliver) continue to delight and entertain us!

  38. Actually, Mac, the tea set was bronze and nothing was attached. When I was younger, I could backbend from the waist up with a cane balanced on my forehead and touch ground and then stand back up. Now the paramedics would have to get me back up :)

    Good to see everyone here. ZZZZZZZ oops - Mary hypnotized me. All I can see is boobs!

  39. I was a terrible athlete. Those girls almost killed me in field hockey at school! I really like to hypnotize it's rather fun to do. I tried to do the DH, which woulda been great. But he just laughed through the whole thing. What power I coulda had!
    It does work with cosmos. Even better for some people. Patsy are you looking down when you see the boobs or?
    LOL! At someone else in the area?

  40. Hi Janna, Hi Paula (Lyn waves) Hope I haven't missed anyone, if I have I'm deeply sorry, it must be Mary's fault for hypnotizing us!

    Actually I didn't know you could do that Mary! When I came over in May you could have had me under and got me to do anything...*gulp* you didn't, did you? You what?

    Oh yes we miss our Sharon dreadfully, and we always will - but she lives on here at the Roast and in our memories - and I don't even think she needs an angelic laptop to get through to us, she is still our inspiration!

  41. Hey Mac - your critters sound great - if you want we could still put up pics - after all we have all the weekend, AND we won't draw a prize winner until Sunday evening.

    Everyone seems to agree we chose the right one at the audition - great to have you with us Mac - can hardly believe this is only your second Roast as a Host, you're so much part of our crazy little gang!

  42. *Waves at Janna and Paula*

    Hiya ladies!

    TY Lyn, but how could I not have fun with this group? Oh, and I sent along pics of the critters.

  43. Well I got Itzy and he's up there now. I think the others came bythe scenic route! LOL

  44. Hi Janna and Paula - good to see you here. We're having a great time talking about all our foibles and interesting little facts about ourselves.

  45. I hate peas, but I love pea soup. I won't eat liver or anything remotely similar, don't like beans.
    But, I love beet greens.
    How about you guys, I don't watch much TV, but, I read all the time!
    Mac, you're the forth musketeer!

  46. I am u challenged. Among other problems, I like to tell instead of show.
    I am the queen of comma overuse. And I do great backstory. LOL!
    But, I am getting better!

  47. I love to read - shhhhhh - on the toilet! I love anything SciFi and the scarier the better. I have two huge cuts, Flip and Sam, Sam is half Siamese but looks like a long haired Siamese. Flippy is dumber than a doornail but a nice kitty. I'm really a dog lover but I envy Lyn her horses. I love tormenting my husband, Jack, with just about anything I can find. I hate liver too! My favorite food is Mexican.

  48. Patsy dear girl, sometimes one has to find peace where one can! LOL!

    I too love to read SF - and Fantasy,preferably Tokeinesque type epics, I also love a good historical Western, but I'll read anything if it holds my interest, and I also enjoy Romantic Suspense.

    Your cats sound like characters. I must admit I couldn't be without my horses, although they take most of my money and I've had to make a lot of sacrifices to be able to keep them but they're worth it. I saved up for five years to buy my first horse when I was 21 and haven't been without one since.

    Food, well I love chocolate, and I like Mexican food too, (well Tex-Mex anyway).(did I say I like chocolate?) I would love to be a vegetarian but it's not easy with a meat eating husband, and I have to admit I really enjoy chicken and lamb - could do without other meats though, and anything from the sea has to have fins and a tail, can't stand shellfish and I wouldn't eat lobster on principle. (Must be horrific to be boiled alive, lobsters have feelings too!) Oh, did I say I like chocolate?

  49. Pea haters? Reading on the toilet? Yep, sounds like I'm in the right group. But sorry, Lyn. I feel bad but that doesn't stop me from being a lobster murderer. I grew up in Boston. It's against the law to dislike lobster there.

    Let's see. I'm a really picky eater. My friends accuse me of being a princess, and I let them them because, well, I am! Oh, and unless I'm sleeping, one hand is probably twirling a lock of hair. (yes, I'm twirling right now)

  50. Hi ladies,
    Lovely to learn a little more about you. Sharon has certainly left a mark on all of us who knew her. And it is wonderful that you are keeping her memory alive.



  51. Hi Margaret

    Thanks so much for joing our party. Oh yes, dear Sharon will always be with us, how could we ever forget her!

  52. LOL Mac, I wouldn't want you to break the law - but have you never heard a lobster scream?

  53. Hiya Margaret.

    Yep. Sharon's lovely footprints are very prominent here and it's an honor and privilege to set my high heels on the path she blazed.

  54. LOL Lyn. I've never heard the screams. I block my ears as I drop those suckers in the pot. ;-)

  55. Oh dear, Mac, I had no idea you were so sadistic, m'dear! LOL - I have a suspicion that next time we have a party on the beach, you might just face an organised lobster protest Committee! :)

  56. It was lovely to meet you all again. So good to lift a toast to Sharon. Thank you Oliver. I'm also very happy to know your Roast and Toasts are getting back into full swing!

    Looking forward to lots of fun.

    Lynne Marshall

  57. *waving at Lynne* Hiya! I'm looking forward to lots of fun myself.

    And I'm not worried, Lyn. Foster loves a challenge. He'll crush any crustacean uprisings.

  58. Sharon was truly a special person, so positive and always giving wonderful advice. She is missed.

  59. I'm sorry I missed tuning in yesterday! That was great to get to know you all a lot better.:-)) Keep up the great work hostesses.

  60. Hi Lynne. glad you're enjoying our party - nice to see you again, Nancy, no problem, our parties usually roll into Sunday!

    LOL Mac, I have a vision of Fraser 'Crushing Crustacian Uprisings' - wow, what a title for a book! :)

  61. Been out all day at my FRW meeting, where Tami Hoag spoke. Remind me never to lend any paperbacks to Patsy.
    I have no problem at all murdering lobsters. I hear nothing when I throw them in the pot. And I cover them, no I don't kill then first either. Am I going to hell?
    And my cat comes when I call her. Which to me is amazing. Nibby and BoBo are both over 80 lbs now and when I came home they knocked me on the bed and licked me all over. I closed my eyes and tried to think of it as handsome men kissing me, if not for the dog breath it mighta worked...

  62. Good Grief! It seems I'm involved in a band of lobster torturers.
    Poor little things. Mary - how could you. I thought you were an animal lover! You're crewel, crewel, crewel! I'm going to start a sanctuary for lobsters, where they will have a forever home, and live out their little lives, happy and safe from persecution and the threat of being boiled alive!

  63. Well dang it I forgot and my email must went into cyber space. Wasn't feeling well and my kitty was sick. It was so nice to read about each of you. I felt like I was traveling to each house to visit. It's so wonderful to remember Sharon. I got so excited when I found out there was another book of hers. And I am so glad you kept The Roast and Toast open.Get place to relax.
    Sue B

  64. Hi Sue

    So glad you were able to join us for our party - but sorry to hear that you and your kitty weren't well, hope you'll both feel much better soon.

  65. Thanks to everyone who joined in our self-roasting party - Tune in on Monday morning when the winner of our $20 GF will be announced!

  66. I drove my mom nuts when I was a kid at my picky eating. All I wanted was hamburger, fries, & a chocolate shake. They liked to go to fancier restaurants and all I wanted was a hamb and fries. LOL. I once sat for hour at the table and ate one whole chili bean. My dad finally gave up. LOL. Yucky I used to have to cook liver at the Elderly home. It's so gross and stinky.
    Sue B

  67. I agree with you about the liver, Sue, can't stand offal of any type. I used to have to cook it for a beagle I used to have when I first had him as he had been fed raw meat and didn't know what 'proper' dog food was! It use to make me feel sick but it was the only way I could get him to eat!

  68. I hope Patsy doesn't take this the wrong way but I was stunned to learn she was a grandmother. Every other revelation about some of my favorite book bloggers flew right over my head while I was stunned.

    As always, your fantastic book blog never disappoints.

  69. Hi Howard

    I know - she really doesn't look like a grandmother does she - rumour has it she was a child bride, you know! :)

    So glad you enjoyed your visit.


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