As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Parisian Celebration of Nancy Jardine's 'Take Me Now'

Today we are pleased to welcome, not just our guest of Honour, Nancy Jardine, (Happy Release Day, Nancy) but our new sister hostess Mac Crowne.  (Little does she know what she's let herself in for.)  OK, let's get on with the party to celebrate Nancy's new release 'Take Me Now'.
At the pre-dinner theater in a private room at the Ledo in Paris, the four hostesses of the Aurthor Roast and Toast welcome the party’s special guest, Nancy Jardine, as they celebrate the release of Nancy’s new story Take Me Now. Nancy is dressed in a beautiful couture gown in shimmering white. She greets her fans on the way to the head table where the girls wait for her. The room is aglow with ambient lighting and the mood of the room is controlled excitement!

Oliver guides each guest to their reserved table and dressed in a tuxedo charms the whole room. Mary reads the menu as Lyn points out the specials.

“Will I eat this stuff?” She reads off the sheet in front of her. “Chateau Cardillo cocktails (crisp pear juice, black raspberry liqueur, chilled champers) accompanying a selection of seafood canape finger foods; followed by an oyster platter. Chef Phillipe prepares Steak tartar on a bed of mesclun garnished by toast points. Dessert would be a decadent Mocha Pots De Creme, presented in heart-shaped dishes.”

Mary lifts her lip and shakes her head. “What the heck is mesclun anyhow? I ain’t eatin’ no raw meat!”

 Lyn covers Mary’s mouth and whispers. “Oliver is serving an expensive Champagne, the best Vero Pinot Noire and to finish off,  Silk Stockings. Drink your dinner. That’s what Patsy’s doing. I hope she doesn’t overdo."

Patsy is smiling as she listens to an Old Frank Sinatra song.

“You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss…” Mary bellows out the words. “Here try one of these canap├ęs.”

Patsy, brilliant in blue, stuffs one into Mary’s mouth and part of it falls into her abundant cleavage, decoratively covered in a green evening gown.

Lyn looking lively in purple, lifts her feet to show her humongous dancing shoes, for after the theatre.

Mac, radiant in red, almost drops her drink as she sees them. “Wow Lyn that musta taken a whole cow to make those things.”

Patsy flexes in her biceps as she searches for someone to pull into a close dance.

A sudden burst from the band and Raunchy Cabaret music and Mary starts to shimmy. Lyn, Mac and Patsy unable to help their dancing feet, join her.  Soon the whole room is rocking. What started out as a quiet evening, amps up to an excited room full of partying people. “I hope I don’t fall into anything this week, I didn’t bring an extra dress.” Lyn smiles as she shakes her booty and Patsy, Mary and Mac take care to not trip over her feet.

Mary also is gonna try to stay in the same dress as Oliver is cutting them back. They do have expensive tastes and for them Paris is just the beginning!  Welcome one and all to Nancy Jardin’s roast! The theatre hasn’t even started. Calm these girls down!!!

Parisien Images from: http://www.123rf.com/



Blurb: Nairn Malcolm’s looking for the impossible. He needs a highly skilled, enterprising aide who’ll be at his beck and call 24/7. No ordinary Jane Doe will do. He doesn’t expect the only candidate who drops in at his Scottish castle for an interview to be so competent…or so stunning.

Aela Cameron’s got exactly the right mix of talents to satisfy all Nairn Malcolm’s needs, and more. She loves the jobs he needs done, adores his castle, and finds his frenetic lifestyle energising. But she’s only looking for temporary: not to fall in love with the man.

Can Nairn convince Aela she’s tailor-made for him in every way…and not a passing fancy?    


Unadulterated vigor oozed from every last bit of him—overall a dangerous concoction. Something stirred way-down-low inside Aela again. He was a real honey, and the bee in her wanted to be very sticky. 

Her mind whirred. The man bore a vague resemblance to the ruggedly handsome thirty-two year old Nairn Malcolm of the internet photograph, but would the blonde limpet in the recent celebrity snapshot want to curl herself around this forbidding wreck of a man? Aela thought not. She wondered, though, if his blank expression was caused by current circumstances, or if this was his normal demeanor, since he hadn’t been smiling in the photograph either.

With the high granite wall as his backdrop she could easily imagine this man lording over the castle, ruthlessly challenging any invaders to his domain. Taking any woman he wanted? Now there was a thought she was happy to entertain. A tiny smile broke free. Tamping down her crazed imagination she re-assessed him.

What had the guy been doing to get himself in such a state?

Who was he?

And here/'s Nancy''s trailer to whet your appetite!

Bio: Born and raised in Scotland Nancy Jardine constantly had her nose immersed in a book; an escape to different worlds. Teaching 11-12 year olds for many years meant a lot of reading and writing-but that wasn’t personal, so now Nancy spends all her time writing contemporary and historical romances. She’s also penning time-travel stories for children aged 9-12  years. Her extended family - including aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews etc. - have some wonderful fun experiences together which give her plenty of ideas for her writing.

Nancy Jardine
Monogamy Twist from

The Wild Rose Press : http://bit.ly/wOpGbT   Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.to/ynu0t0   Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/wwaGCv   Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/AuMbii


Siren book Reviews say this about Monogamy Twist:

Nancy Jardine delivers a wonderful book that will have you turning the pages in awe to find out more. It's beautifully written with great plot, characters, and just the right amount of descriptions that leaves the readers with plenty to imagine. If you enjoy a contemporary mystery romance, don't miss this book!

To win a copy of Nancy's book, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
Contest ends Sunday and everyone who comments is eligible.


  1. Welcome to your Roast, Nancy, fantastic to have you back with us and wishing you many sales with 'Take Me Now'.

    Do you think I could skip the main course and go straight on to desert? :)

  2. What a wonderful party!!! Nancy, I'm wishing you a wonderful release day and fabulous luck for Take Me Now.


  3. Hi Sandra,

    Welcome to Nancy's release party. So pleased you could join us.

  4. Good Morning Ladies *Patsy twirls in her gorgeous blue dress* I feel so dressed up and so Parisian! Take Me Now! ...er great excerpt and congratulations on the release. *She lifts her champagne flute* Here's to many sales.

  5. Hello Patsy - Lyn hugs her sister hostess, you do look lovely in blue!

    Lyn and Patsy clink champagne flutes - yes, congratulations on your release Nancy,and many happy sales.

  6. Sale! What a great word! Maybe I'll check out some of the shops across the street! Though I doubt I could afford the prices, but fun to look. I'm off to investigate! Oh wait, look at that handsome guy over there. *Sigh* Maybe I should just keep dancing.

  7. Congratulations, Nancy! *eyes the raw meat with a shudder and raises her glass*

    Take Me Now sounds like a blast! I'm jazzed to celebrate my first official Author Roast and Toast party with you and the chickies. Especially wearing this dress! I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman - not that I'm a hooker or anything. Ahem, you look gorgeous ladies!

  8. LOL, Patsy, I should certainly keep dancing, that hunk is certainly giving you the 'eye'!

  9. Hi Mac - group hug! You do look amazingly like Julia Roberts! Now all we need is our sister Mary, and all the 'sisters' are together. Mind you, if she's true to form, she's probably off with some handsome guy, and lost track of the time, LOL and they call YOU absentminded! :) We love our Mary though!

    I agree about the raw meat - that's why I'm sticking to drinks and desert, I like my steak burnt! :)

    Ooh, that excerpt Nancy gave us is
    so intriguing, isn't it!

  10. It sure is, and I love that cover. Nothing like a cutie with a castle. *sigh* I heard a rumor the band is going to be playing the Can-Can later. I'm so glad I shaved my legs. I need another glass of champagne.

  11. LOL, Mac, I think it would take more than a couple of glasses of champagne to get me to do the can-can! :)

  12. LOL, Mac, I think it would take more than a couple of glasses of champagne to get me to do the can-can! :)

  13. *eyes Lyn's feet* Drink up, chickie. In those shoes, you'll be a sensation!

  14. LOL Mc - you think? you haven't see me dance yet! :)

  15. Hello Nancy,

    Congrats on your new release! This is such a lovely party, but I'm working on edits, so I'm going to stay away from the bubbly...I need a clear head.

    Mac, it's nice to have you as part of the party...you've joined a fabulous group.

    Ladies...hello, hello!

    And, Oliver, darling (kiss kiss) it is sooooo good to see you! It's been too long.



  16. Hi Debra, lovely to have you at one of our parties again, so nice to see you!

  17. Shave my legs! We're doing the Can-Can? I can do it. Now if the raw meat is sushi, I can eat it but raw hamburger! One of my friends had it when she was in Paris, said it was good, but I don't know. . . . .

  18. LOL Patsy - if you and Mac can do it - then so can I! I can't eat raw anything - well of the meat variety anyway! Mmmm these Mocha Potes De Creme are fantastic though!

  19. They sure are, Debra. And I agree, Oliver is a darling cutie for sure.

    I love the Can-Can, Patsy. It's like a line dance on steroids!

  20. Try the cake, Lyn. Yummm. Ooo, sugar rush! Or maybe I'm having a hot flash. Staring at all these French tuxedo hotties will do that, you know.

    *glances around* Anyone have a fan?

  21. LOL, 'Line Dance on Steroids'! Love it Mac! Line Dancing I can do!

    Mmm, yes, I'll eat cake anytime too!

  22. Hey, Everybody! My internet's been on and off for days so apologies for not managing to catch everyone earlier! What a fabulous spread the ladies and Olive have provided Today. AND,oh my, doesn't Oliver look fantastic! Hostesses you have done me proud-THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    Thanks to Sandra, PL. Mac, Debra, for visiting!

  23. Guess I haven't got this time difference thing sorted out yet. I've been up now for 10 and a half hours so my make up is a bit squidgy, my slinky couture dress is sticking in places you just do not want to know...I'm popping off to the ladies room. Need to freshen up for more of that delicious champagne. :-))Back in a tick!**

  24. Hi Nancy, sorry to hear about the internet problems!

    I've been up a while too, but not quite as long as you. Don't worry, you look amazing, really 'cool' om fact!

  25. Oh, Happy Release Day! Wishing you many, many sales!

  26. Mary rushes up to the girls. Did you see it??? Frantically she searches for something in her purse. I lost my glasses and in the middle of picking up I mean talking to that big guy over by the canape table, and I can't see what he looks like!
    He hasn't said a work to me, but he keeps patting my head. So I just wanna be sure his face don't bark when I kiss him.
    What a great place for a party Nancy. I never even heard of this place before! Mary adjusts her humongous boobs so she don't hang low on one side. Oh and ain't it great about Mac joining!! She seems so normal!!!

  27. Hugs all round!

    Mary sweetie, your glasses are on your nose, but they're all fogged up!

    No wonder, that guy is hot! hot! hot! I think perhaps you could do with combing the hair out of your eyes though, it makes you look a dead ringer for Nibby. Now wonder he keeps patting your head. What was that - Mac seems normal you say - hmmmm that's a bit worrying! :)

  28. He is hot! I don't even need my glasses to figure that one out! Normal is not a word I attach to this group :-)

  29. Well one of us has to be normal. Time will tell! Patsy come over to the canape table there's nothing raw there.
    I wonder what the show will be like??

  30. Mary passes around fan hats that she picked up for them. Just what Patsy needs to help her not swoon over the guy eying her. Who is that man??

  31. Mac snickers to herself. They think I'm normal. Ive attached myself to a gaggle of naive chickies. Oh, I'm going to have so much fun.

    *Nudges Mary* Hey, sweetie. Where'd you find that one? Does he have a friend?

    And where's Nancy? Did she get lost finding the ladies' room or did she sneak off with a tuxedo?

  32. Lyn giggles to herself.

    Mac thinks WE'RE naive! Boy what a shock our new sister hostess has coming.

    "Oh, they're coming to take us away hee hee ha ha, ho ho, to the funny farm, where life is beautiful all day long..."

    Lyn wanders across to the nearest hunky guy, still giggling.

  33. Oh wow! Ladies! I'm just a little tipsy already and I ain't even really got started. Just rushed out and bought a new razor blade, Mac, and that guy up front there...the one with the dark drool worthy looks-bit like my Nairn-... he's noticed me! Squeal! Got my nice high shoes on now and I'm ready for some real high kicks!
    Maybe I'll just mnosey on down and meet me a new friend. Don't woryy if I ( err..me and HIM) disappear for a wee bittie!(that really is Scottish BTW)

  34. Thanks, Mary. This fan hat is perfect for squelching hot flashes. Hey, is that a cheese tray?

  35. Champagne shoots from Mac's nose when Nancy wobbles in her really tall shoes and smacks chins with her new, hot friend.

  36. Yes, have a piece Mac. Mary stops Mac from grabbing the waiters butt as he passes. Not the help honey, Oliver's rules you know.
    But, guests, (Unattached only, we never steal men from other women), are all fair game. Look over there Mac, Nancy napped some guy who looks like Josh Halloway, see the roast sure has great parties. Anything goes!! WOOOWOOO!
    Mary turns to Lyn and her mouth drops, Lyn is dancing on the table. It's a bit early for that dearie...

  37. No I was not under the table lip locking with that Josh 'look-alike' guy. What a bu*me*. All he could do was tell me how fantastic the gal in the red looked!! I'm thinking maybe you'll have better luck Msc, but Never mind...that's a honey over there! See you soon and mind and leave me some of that chocolate heaven in those cute little dishes!

  38. Oh no, never too early for dancing!

    Dah dah dahda dah dah.......

    Who says I can't do the can can, I certainly can, can can.

    Whew I'm getting a bit dizzy, whoops lost a shoe! Oh dear it hit that guy on the head, he's out for the count!

    Now what was I going to say? Oh yes, I was going to ask Nancy if she had another excerpt for us.

  39. Is that what Lyn is doing? Dancing? For a second there I thought I was watching Elaine in an episode of Seinfeld.

    And I wasn't going to grab his butt, I was going to brush off that tiny piece of lint. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  40. You think so, Nancy? I knew this red dress was going to be a hit!

  41. Sure Mac, sure. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt you know.
    Lyn the heel on your shoe knocked that guy right out. He was looking up your dress anyhow. He deserved it.
    Lyn watch out, Oh no!!! Mary watches as Lyn takes a flying leap and lands on a huge guy. He falls to the floor and is out cold next to the guy who got hit with her shoe. So which one you want Lyn, got two to choose from.
    Patsy I told you flexing your arms does not impress men. Mary pulls her neckline a bit lower, now this works.

  42. Whoops Mary, there goes a hooter bouncing all over the table. Catch it quick before it knocks someone else for six!

    Me - ah two with one blow! Is that a record? Now, eeenie, meeenie, minie, mo...

  43. Geez Lyn, you're a one woman wrecking crew, and Mary is blinding the surviving males with the sisters. Patsy, let's go get the band to start that Can-Can.

  44. Rah , rah , rah ., rah rah , rah rah ...oh heck that's too repetetive for little o'l me. Reckon I might be a sheet and a half to the wind ladies. Or amaybe add another quarter in another wee whilie. This can is a canny oone ! or as they say in Glasgow, Scotland-Ah cannae dae it! Keepthe party going, folks I'm off to change my shoes.

  45. Mary replaces the girls and brushes back her hair trying to regain some composure. Lyn, obviously three sheet to the wind Nancy referred to, smacks Mary on the back and she goes flying. Suddenly, everything stops. Mary gently lands on her feet and eyes the frozen room of people. Little feet pattering and a laugh surprises her. What is that? She eyes a little man an amazing little man. He winks and Mary waves to him with a quizzical look on her face. He sticks out his foot, tips his hat and trips Lyn as he promptly disappears. What the heck was that? Mary watches Lyn fall over the edge of a fountain, she looks up ready to give Mary heck, when she sees it couldn't have been her. The little man reappears holding his side as he points to Lyn and she is suddenly dry again. Then he's gone...
    What was that????

  46. We'll certainly keep the party going for you Nancy - have another dram before you leave - iechydda as we say in Wales! You're entitled to get merry at your Release Party!

    As for me - whaddya mean, Mac, I'm a one woman wrecking crew? *sniff*, I've only wrecked two so far - and they were both men!

  47. I'm not sure why, Nancy, but that made sense to me. Must be the champagne.

  48. *hic* I think you're right about the chamagne making everything clerer, Mac. Now if only there were some mead ...

  49. Hey, anybody, what was that??
    Where's Nibby when you need her?
    Don't allow pets eh, she's not really a pet, she's my familiar!!
    Lyn is that mead, pass it will ya?

  50. Hey, Mary and Lyn, I like mead, too, but it's so lovely and sweet after all that food and wow! Did someone mention more of that lovely champers...oops no, that was that cool guy over there who is beckoning me. What happened to that rah, rah, dancing that's going on? Or is it the floor show starting?

  51. Hey Mary *Hic* nothing quite like a glass of mead is there - you see Nancy, we both have sweet tooths, I mean teeths, I mean ...

    Hmmm, Mary, I wonder what Nibby, Hampy and Cuddles are actually up to - last time I saw them they were playing with their new friend, Foster. Gosh, Mac, is he really a fairy Prince?

    Nancy - when you've finished dancing, how about another excerpt?

  52. Okay ladies I could do that, hic, I think, but you'll maybe need to tell me how...or do I just post it onthis litle wee box?

  53. That's right Nancy - just paste it into this wee box just like you would any comment!

  54. Hi ladies - love your dresses, not so sure about the raw meat though! But Paris - ah, the city of lovers (hums quick verse of 'Under the Bridges of Paris with Oliver' -okay, I know that doesn't quite scan!) Anyway, many congrats on your new release, Nancy - and very best of luck - or maybe I should say 'Bon chance!'

  55. Hi Paula, welcome to Nancy's celebration, always nice to see you at the Roast - hey that's three of us Brits now!

  56. Merci bien, Paula and welcome to this knees up! Here's a little something to keep you going folks!

    With incredible skill Aela landed on the far side of the island in heaving waters so high at times the waves sloshed over the wings, breakers he wasn’t convinced he’d tackle himself. Although only late afternoon the summer sky was so slate-dark it was like night; the angry grey-caps surging up and around them, their height dangerously close to submerging them. The rain battered the glass windshield, a momentary blocking of the way ahead till the wipers did their job.
    “Brace again, Nairn!” she yelled over the horrendous noise. “This isn’t going to be smooth.” Her words were no sooner uttered than the floatplane lurched, a dangerous list in the high winds. “No worries, Nairn! I’ve got it under control!”
    How Aela managed to keep it steady he hadn’t a clue, but it would have been beyond his own experience. The craft vibrated, a violent and relentless buffeting, as she taxied around the headland to Mariskay harbor. The storm lamented, the rain bombarding them with even more force from that direction. Having radioed ahead the automatic roller doors of the boatyard opened for them as Aela made the harbor entrance where she bumpily-bounced the little plane up the slip and inside out of the weather.
    “You still with me, Nairn?” Aela grinned. He knew her adrenaline was pumping wild around her-for his was no different.
    His smile was weak, his pain-wracked body having given in to the relief they were home. Not dry by any means…but home. And Aela was safe. “Jeeze! That beat the hell out of a boring ride, Aela.”

  57. *waves at Paula* I'm skipping the mead. It sounds icky. And Foster claims he's a fairy prince, but you know how fairies are. Delusions of grandeur abound in the fairy realm.

  58. That was a faery?
    I like his hoots-pa!!!(spelling)
    When Lyn drinks mead, anything can happen. She carries an extra bottle in her shoe.

  59. What a revetting excerpt, Nancy, I was on the edge of my seat, this sounds like such an exciting and romantic story.

    Mac - mead is fantastic, and has a much bigger *hic* kick than you'd expect. I bet Foster drinks it! ;)

  60. Hey - you know something, we haven't seen Mary and Patsy for a while, I wonder what they're up to?

  61. Oooh la la!! Tres jolie, mesdames...

    I hope my can can outfit isn't too revealing? I might just have another glass of champagne to cool me down.

    Nancy, good luck with Take Me Now. Definitely on my reading list. You know I love anything Scottish...

    Welcome, Mac! Lovely to see you here.

  62. No Cathie - you look terrific - kick those legs girl! *she trips and falls* AACCKKKK - these heels aren't for high kicking - at least me. More champagne please!

  63. Hi Cathie! The lovely ladies have been carousing and meading and now it's time for me to have a wee tipple...not topple bu ttipple! You know I'm thinking maybe a little something like a cointreau would go down very nicelty. Oliver? Could ypu do a nice little something for me?

  64. Lyn watches as Oliver delivers the requested tipple to Nancy, with a bow.

    Wow Nancy, you've certainly made a hit there! And he's reading your book! Hi Cathy, yes I agree with Patsy, you look great.

    So now we just need to find Mary again - Patsy dear, your lipgloss looks a little smudged. What hAVE you been up to?

  65. Where have you been Lyn? Oh yeah, meading. I just got saved by what turns out to be Foster. How come we never knew about him?
    Go Nancy, love it!

  66. LOL Mary, there you are! Now don't pretend you needed saving sweetie -as if! I reckon it's the guys here that need to be saved! As for Foster - Mac kept that a good secret, didn't she!

  67. I'm off to havea little stroll around the Rive Gauche but I'll return to carouse in little!

  68. *Wink* We understand Nancy. There's nothing like a little stroll along the river in the moonlight - ;)

    (The more I find out about your book, the more I want to read it!)

  69. LOL I kept you all a secret from Foster! For your own good of course.

    Nancy, great excerpt. So is Nairn wounded? Sheesh, makes me nuts when an excerpt snags me and leaves me hanging.

  70. LOL I kept you all a secret from Foster! For your own good of course.

    Nancy, great excerpt. So is Nairn wounded? Sheesh, makes me nuts when an excerpt snags me and leaves me hanging.

  71. I think I can work with Foster, he's got a little blarney or something in him and I think this place needs to be livened up a bit. Maybe he can deal with our sidekicks next week, they didn't allow anything with paws or hoofs. I didn't ask about the fae though!
    Nancy I agree, that's just cruel!!

  72. Uh oh, is that my slipper hanging so precariously on that chandelier. Best ged rid of the second slipper as well.

    I need some of that mead. To steady me. Just a sip. Or two... Thanks!

    Walking along the river, Nancy? Ahhh, oui...

  73. Hi Cathie,

    Yes kick off your other shoe and join me in some more mead - or any of the other delicious beverages available.

    I'd kick mine off too but, well perhaps that's not such a good idea, considering what happened last time, LOL!

  74. Do, kick back do drink some of our Lyn's mead, she sometimes gets maudlin when she drinks too much. If it's just the right amount we're safe. Patsy,
    Lyn,Mac,Nancy,I hear the show is about to begin. Hey,,what is the show anyhow???

  75. Is there going to be a French mime? Is that how its spelled?

  76. Hi Nancy and "Roast Ladies"
    (eyeing up Oliver) he's soo yummy!
    The excerpt/blurb for Take Me Now is great.
    Looking forward to reading it ;)

    Mindy :)

  77. Yeah, what is it going to be a mime show? That would be a quiet show. Who knows what we are gonna see? Nancy? Quick before Lyn falls asleep her bedtime approaches. Well the time she disappears with some guy anyhow.

  78. Hi Mindi,

    Welcome to Nancy's party.

    Now lookeehere, Mary,see I'm not asleep! (Though I might dissapear with this flaggon of mead and a hunky guy, I can't lie!)

  79. Good idea, now who do I take with me?
    Hmmm. besides Nibby.
    Anyone seen Gerard Butler around? No, well he's a look alike from Paris, He's mine! See you later :0)

  80. What a great party! The food looks good, Oliver looks yummy, and Nancy's story sounds exciting.

  81. Helllooooo! Had to disappear for a while with Gerard Butler. He's definitely on my list for a hero and you know he's from just across the river from where I was brought up!

    You know what they say about those people who start parties too early? Rubbish finishers...duh!
    It's been a great day hostesses. What I didn't reckon on was my family -in daughters, their hubbies, grandchild and dogs joining in with my celebrations this evening. Isn't it amazing they flew all the way over to Paris to celebrate with the people on rast and toast as well! Mega thanks, to Oliver and all my hostesses! That cointreau packs a fine punch!!!!

  82. Hi Lilly, great to see you again, yes, Nancy's story sounds woderful, doesn't it!

  83. Nancy, you've been a fantastic Guezt of Honour, we've loved having you - and I think we all agree about Gerard!

    How wonderful that your family were able to join you as well!

    We hope you enjoyed your Release day and will have boatloads of sales!

  84. Hey, she stole Gerard from me!
    Great party Nancy!! Good luck!

  85. oops lost signal when I drove into the mountains. Hey Gerard is mine! ;-) the book sounds great nancy. mega sales to you.

  86. LOL, Lyn shrinks back further into a shadowy alcove. *Giggle* they all think they have Gerard nailed - but he's with me, aren't you, Cariad!

  87. LOL, Lyn shrinks back further into a shadowy alcove. *Giggle* they all think they have Gerard nailed - but he's with me, aren't you, Cariad!

  88. Thank you everyone for being such great hostesses and such great guests! In lieu of a rafflecopter thingy that I can't get the hang of the names of visitors have just been put into a hat, and 'shaken all about'. I've now done 'the hokey cokey-turned around' and my daughter has just picked a name for me...
    The winner is...(I'm unwrapping as I type)
    It's Cathie Dunn! Congratulations to Cathie!

  89. Thanks Nancy - it's been wonderful having you as our Guest of Honour, and congratulations Cathie!


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