As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, March 9, 2012



Mary, Lyn, Sharon and Patsy descend down the dark circular staircase to the floor of the concert hall. Brenda waits for them at the bottom of the steps. They stare in amazed wonder.

Bleachers line the walls groaning beneath the weight of thousands of leather clad celebrants. Row upon row of folding chairs cover the hard cement floor and even standing room leaves little opportunity for maneuvering through the dense crowd. Rock music blares from the monstrous speakers situated throughout the spacious room. Even the floor vibrates from the discordant pounding of the band.
“I can’t hear myself think over the noise.” Mary claps her hands over her ears.

“It is so hot in here!” Lyn tugs at her leather pants. “Feels like it’s a hundred degrees or more. And these boots are killing my feet!”

Sharon smoothes the tight skirt over her plump buns. “Good thing we left Nibbie, Cuddles and Hampy in the car. They’d freak out for sure!”

Mary’s leather bustier snaps a lace. “ACK. I’m falling out.”

“Look at all the head-bangers!” Patsy gazes at the bobbing mass dancing frenziedly to the thunderous din. “I feel sort of out of place.”

“We do seem to be the oldest people here.” Sharon’s face pinks above her leather vest. “Most of the people don’t appear much over 30, if even that.”

Brenda adjusts her leather skirt.

“Don’t worry about it! No one pays any attention to anyone. Everyone’s focused on the stage.”

Atop a high platform, a heavy metal band rocks the house. The lead singer’s head looks like a rooster with a multi-colored Mohawk. Lavish facial piercings and metal studs adorn his heavily made-up face and ears. The other musicians seem to have suffered the same misguided fate, with the addition of a multitude of colorful tattoos on every limb. All in all, they’re an extremely strange and boisterous bunch.

Oliver, muscular body clad in leather pants, leather vest and arm bands, steps onstage, a microphone to his lips.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the Party! Is everyone having a good time?”

The crowd roars its approval. He motions for quiet. His fingers form a V. “Rock on!”

Earsplitting heavy metal blasts from the speakers as the band kicks in again. The mob goes wild!

“I’m going deaf for sure!” Mary screeches over the noise.

“You and me both,” Patsy screams.

“Oliver certainly looks handsome tonight.” Sharon sighs, gazing at the stage. “He has the perfect body for leather.”

“At least one of us does,” Lyn grumps. “I had to put pantyhose on under these things to squeeze ‘em on.”

A punk rocker grabs Brenda around the waist and starts dancing to the wild music.

“Ohmygawd!” Patsy stares visibly impressed. “They’re dirty-dancing. I think that’s what it’s called.”

Mary’s mouth pops open. “Somebody needs a room!”

“I need a stiff drink,” Lyn grumbles. “Where’s the bar.”

“Oliver said Food is in the side room Champagne on the house!” Sharon leads the way.

Brenda struggles mightily and extricates herself from the determined dance partner. “Run!” she pants.  “Hide!”

They scurry into the food court. The clamorous music fades to a slight degree.

“Now this is more like it!” Patsy pops a chocolate covered strawberry in her mouth.

“Caviar! Oh Yum!” Lyn dips a cracker in the black mass. “This is the best.”

    Brenda samples the chocolate raspberry tart. “Wait until you’ve tried this!”
She smacks her lips. “My hips won’t like this in the morning, but then who cares!”

    Mary dives into the coconut chocolate pie. “Never too much chocolate.”

Sharon reaches for a bowl of pomegranate sorbet. “Someone spent a lot of money on this spread.”
Brenda waves her spoon towards the ceiling. “The band has a penthouse on the 80th floor.  Takes a lot of cash to live up here. I hear they take women up there all the time.”
They all gaze at the ceiling.
“Not much chance we’ll be invited,” Mary mumbles around her bite of pie.
“Well,” Brenda laughs. “You never know. After all, my dance partner was only 22. We could be the requisite cougars!”
“We could,” Lyn chuckles. “Still a lot of mileage left in this body.”

  Oliver strides up, a bottle of champagne in his hand. He pops the cork and pours.

Let the party begin!


Rachael suspects her date, Jason, is a drug dealer, and she’s torn between her attraction for this hot bad boy and running for safety. But a famous rock star vying for her attention and spiked champagne pose far more trouble. On a blind date she’ll never forget, Rachael learns first impressions can lead her down a dangerous path and straight into the arms of love.

Could this room get any thicker with sweaty, grinding bodies?
The bass blasting out of the speakers on stage reverberated in Rachael’s chest. This had to be unhealthy for her body’s natural electrical impulses.

The rapacious drumming coming from the guy standing at the table next to her grew louder by the minute. Did he think he’d come to a concert or a drum competition? He threw his whole body into his efforts, and she could barely avoid rubbing hips with the man while trying to not bump into her date on her other side.

Rubbing hips with her date would be perfectly fine. Thigh to thigh would be better considering his legs. But they barely knew each other’s names and at this point, good legs or not, his choice of venue and his image still had her wary. Rachael planted her feet firmly, but one particularly hard shove from behind, by a guy trying to dance his way to the bar, sent her sideways into her date giving him full knowledge of her breast size and resulted in a flirtatious smile.

Jason leaned in close, his mouth dampening her earlobe with his words. “I hope you like crowds. Truthfully, I wasn’t prepared for this.”

She could barely hear him above the noise. Practically shouting, she asked, “No? What were you expecting?”

“Something a bit more intimate.”

His emphasis on intimate sent goose bumps between her thighs. Rachael raised one foot and then the other; her high heels cramped her feet. She glanced sideways at the tattoos on her date’s forearms. Her scan included his biceps. He had nice arms, but what did all those strange symbols mean? There were so many of them. She could hear Shelly—Loosen up girl. Stuffy Mark had you in a five-year rut. How true. She used to know how to have fun. Her gaze drifted around the room and back to Jason. But the world changed while she was holed up with stay-at-home Mark.

Jason shifted his arm on the table, muscles and tattoos flexing. Her heart thumped. Had she accepted a date with a bad boy? Could this be her sister’s attempt at pumping up the volume on her otherwise boring life?
His mouth grazed her ear again. “I’m glad you’re with me. Makes the crowd bearable.” He pulled away and smiled, one of those mouth and eye smiles that smacks of sincerity.

Her heart thumped again, obviously telling her something her head couldn’t.

Another bump and this time their contact lasted, Jason’s leg brushing between her thighs. Definitely nice firm thighs. Did he do that on purpose? She didn’t move away. Why was her mind telling her one thing and her body another?

All the way to the theater he couldn’t quit raving over their good fortune—invitation only, small venue, pre-concert show available because of his business contacts. His rant sounded nervous, but he smelled so sensual in his Halston Cologne and smiled so charmingly. And he could talk intelligently about Lautrec. He’d said more than once that he’d been happy she’d agreed to a blind date.

Muscular thighs and Halston—apparently her sister knew what tempted her.

At the break, the decibels dropped to the tolerable roar of the black vinyl crowd. He ran his hand along her spine from her neck to her waist. “Would you like a beer?” Her ink-stained escort screamed louder than necessary in her ear then looked regretful at his faux pas.

She nodded her head, the tingle of his fingertips leaving her speechless so she forgave the eardrum assault. The crowd noise made talking difficult anyway, she reasoned.
His mouth stayed by her ear, his breath tickled her lobe and his fingertips slipped off the edge of her dress and onto the bare skin between her shoulder blades. She caught her breath at the subtly worded, “One more set.” With that he pushed through the crowd

She glanced toward the bar, caught a glimpse of that gorgeous profile. After the show, she could decide whether to beg off for the rest of the evening or not

Bio and links:
Convinced she was born to be an artist, Brenda never took her love of writing seriously. And then one day, sometime after college, after marrying a man doing a stint in the army and the birth of her son, she found more satisfaction filling a blank page with words than an empty canvas with color. She left her paints behind. After publishing several short stories, she turned to writing novels. Regardless of the length of her story, the characters drive her forward, taking her on their journey of discovery and love.

Brenda and her husband are gypsies at heart having lived in six states and two countries. Recently, they moved to prairie country in Arizona and are enjoying the wide-open spaces while tending fruit trees and veggie gardens. They share their home with their dog, Rusty. When Brenda isn’t at her laptop writing, she enjoys hiking, motorcycle riding and the company of good friends.

Visit Brenda at www.brendawhiteside.com.
She blogs on the 9th and 24th of every month at http://rosesofprose.blogspot.com
She blogs about prairie life on her personal blog http://brendawhiteside.blogspot.com/

Tattoos, Leather and Studs ISBN: 978-1-61235-258-9

Brenda Whiteside

Sleeping with the Lights On
Tattoos, Leather and Studs 
An Elfin Secret and On the Way to the Snow Ball (anthology) 
Honey on White Bread 
The Morning After coming in 2012

To win a copy of Brenda's book, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
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    Jimmy is a perfect match to Jason in the book. He fits and feels really good in my hands - When I'm holding the book. Jason's busy with Rachael and I'm married.

    Fun blog! Great book!

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    Thanks for joining the party - you look great!

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    Excerpt! Excerpt!!!

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  43. She certainly does! Does she know what she's saying? Look how she's weaving.

  44. Okay one more short excerpt:
    “Hell’s bells, look who’s here.” A tall red-haired woman dressed in two strips of black leather stopped beside Jason. “Oooh, Jason,” she gushed, stroking his arm as if she were reading his tattoos like Braille. “I should’ve known you’d be here.” Her other hand went to his shoulder and slid to his chest. “Do you think I could get –”
    “Not tonight, Ginger.” He shook his head, dismissively. “Don’t have any.”
    Rachael tensed. Any what?
    “Okay, sweetie.” Ginger tickled her fingers across his chest. “But you’ll be in touch?” Ginger’s definition of keeping in touch seemed quite literal.
    “I always keep in touch.” He patted her hand before removing her groping fingers from his chest. “Ginger, this is Shelly’s sister, Rachael.”
    “Oh, yeah.” Ginger leaned over toward Rachael as she spoke. The ample cleavage threatened to break the restraint of her dress, and Rachael envisioned being slammed to the floor by the force. “Probably saw you at the Music Loft sometime.”
    “Probably.” She doubted such an encounter. Ginger would not easily be forgotten.
    “Ciao!” Ginger waved her fingers and blew a kiss at Jason. As she turned and bumped the guy behind her, bringing a smile to his face, she dropped her wrap. The thin sliver of silk fell away, exposing a bare back and a hint of hind side cleavage.
    Jason shook his head, bent over to pick up her shawl and draped the film around her neck. Ginger said something as she pulled one black strip of her dress back to expose a tattoo the size of a baseball at the top of her thigh. Jason bent for a closer look. From Rachael’s angle, his head appeared to be buried between the redhead’s legs. Rachael glanced around the fast-paced, vinyl crowd and back at the scene in front of her, her own thighs tingling and reminding her of something she’d seen on late night HBO.

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  50. Wow - what a gig! The ladies look like leatherettes is their outfits and Oliver, well..... (swooooon!)

    The after gig party was a blast - and the book sounds fab Brenda!

    Rock on!

    Love, Janice xx

  51. Hi Janice, always lovely to see you.*Waves* Thanks so much for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the party.

  52. I haven't read Tatoos Leather & Studs, but it is sure on my list.
    Brenda Whiteside his written another amazing book, HONEY ON WHITE BREAD. The book unfolds with Claire Flanagan, a senior in high school, with strawberry colored gold hair, doing what seniors have to do to succeed, having friends, especially a best friend named Paulie Russell.
    Claire and her dad lived in Phoenix, Arizona during the 1940's in a rented house in the Mulberry Shade Cabin Court, without a mother she never knew. Her mother existed only in her mind, created from what little her daddy told her combined with an old faded snapshot.
    Of course, Claire has the inevitable crush on Paulie's brother, Ben Russell. Paulie and Ben lived with their mother and their brother, David. Their drunken dad had abandoned his family years ago. Claire has an admirer of her own, Arnold Smith, and she was the envy of every girl in school, due to Arnold's handsome good looks and popularity. Claire liked him as a friend but nothing more. Claire only had eyes for Benjamin.
    Another character in the book was a nosy landlady, Mrs. Snyder, who was always keeping a watch on the Flanagan's.
    With young love abounding, one awful night everything changed for Claire and without giving a reader a spoiler, she was sent to Good Shepherd's Home for Wayward Girls. What happened to her after that is very suspenseful. Will she choose between two young men, Arnold or Benjamin? Will she stay best friends with Paulie? Will her father come through in helping her recover from the disaster and how will she regain her youthful dreams?
    Reading Brenda Whiteside's HONEY ON WHITE BREAD is the only way to find out the truth. I highly recommend everyone reading Brenda's book, if you want an amazing read. She also wrote SLEEPING WITH THE LIGHTS ON, another fascinating book.