As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Maureen Fisher 's Fur Ball Extravaganza

How Much is That Doggie in the Window Patti Page croons over the intercom system -The One With the Waggley Tail!

Couples gowned in evening attire leisurely stroll the glittering ballroom, nodding at acquaintances or whispering when something interesting catches their attention. Accompanied by exotic animals of every color, size and breed dressed in their finest jewel studded collars, the celebrants parade for the enjoyment of the onlookers.

Maureen rushes towards them, flushed with excitement, leading a toy Schnauzer literally dripping with crystal gemstones.  “Girls!” She laughs. “My little poopsie Snickers is a shoo-in for top prize.”

Lyn nudges the little dog with her big toe. “Looks pretty fancy to me!”

“I can’t say I’ve ever been to a Fur Ball Extravaganza!” Mary peeks from behind a gilt-encrusted fan.

“Come here Nibby! Quit sniffing Snickers!”

A flat-faced Persian cat yowls and spits, leaping onto an unsuspecting woman’s shoulders. The flustered pet owner rips the furious cat from the woman’s silk evening gown and hurries away.

“That’s going to cost a few dollars.” Lyn grins.  “Cats and dogs don’t always mix well.”

Patsy slips Hampy into her purse. “Some of these dogs look really hungry—and interested.”

“How can you tell?”  Sharon adjusts her peacock feathered mask.

“Have you checked out the food?”

“Food?” Patsy swivels for a better look. “Where’s the food?”

Oliver pushes through the crowd, dazzling in a black tuxedo. He carries a serving tray laden with crystal flutes of Dom Perignon.  He bends down and sets a silver bowl of cold Bling H2O water for Nibby and Snickers. Cuddles scurries out of Lyn’s bag and dives in.

Mary gasps. “Do you know how much that bottle of water costs?”
Maureen leans over and whispers to Sharon. “I dream of a bare-chested Oliver wearing only a bow-tie and little else. Shhhhh!”

Mary downs her first glass of Dom Perignon in one fast gulp. “What’s the contest all about?”

Maureen looks shocked! “Best behaved and most well dressed.”

Mary chokes on her champagne and spits. “Animals? Well dressed?”

“Where did you say the food was?” Patsy follows Oliver through the crowd.

 Tables and tables laden with sausage rolls, mini goat cheese and sun-dried tomato quiches, devilled eggs, bacon-wrapped dates, jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce, hot lobster tartlets, stuffed mushrooms with Swiss cheese, bacon-studded cheese puffs, trays of raw veggies and mountains of dipping sauce are displayed in all their mouth-watering glory.

A separate table runs half the length of the ballroom loaded with finger food desserts - lemon squares, caramel brownies, Nanaimo Bars, and mini butter tarts, and a huge cake in the shape if a Schnauzer, with Maureen's cover

“Now this is what I’m talking about.” Lyn samples a hot lobster tartlet. “Oh yum!”

Nibby barks at a table on the other side.

Birds and smaller critters feast on sunflower seeds, cats daintily lick Feline Feast Tuna Tartare and dogs beg for Canine Beefy Bites. Teeny bottles of water for the smaller critters.Treats for everyone and everything!

“Where’s Snickers?” Maureen shoves the crowd of table grazers aside frantically searching at knee height.
“Where’s my little poopsie?”

“He’s gone!”

Sharon rips off her feathered mask.

“Everybody!” She screams.  “Snickers is missing!"

Who would steal Snickers?  And why?



Fur Ball Fever is a romantic crime mystery spiked with attitude (most of it warped) and enough steamy sex to drive those who dare read it racing for a cold shower …
 After a lifetime of impetuous mistakes, pet spa owner Grace Donnelly outdoes herself when she loses her elderly client’s prize pooch—a shoo-in to win the annual Jersey Shore Fur Ball. Money, careers, and lives are in jeopardy. Too bad her helpers consist of an aging hippie aunt, a renegade schnauzer, and a drag queen. Worst of all, the only man truly qualified to help is her former flame, the hunkiest bodyguard north of the Mason-Dixon Line.
 Security specialist Nick Jackson faces his worst nightmare when Grace’s amateur investigation nearly blows his undercover operation. Unless he nails the con-artist who scammed local seniors and whacked a witness, his homicidal granddaddy will take justice into his own liver-spotted hands. To salvage his case, his sanity, and his ex-lover’s velvety skin, Nick joins forces with the sassy crusader who rubs him the wrong way—and so many right ways too.
 Action bounces between a beach harboring washed-up corpses, a fancy yacht no honest preacher could possibly afford, and the bawdiest nightclub in Atlantic City. Hazards multiply like bunnies until exploding into romance, murder, and mayhem culminating in a Fur Ball extravaganza the locals will never forget.

Nick found himself staring at Gracie’s back in disbelief. She was blowing him off. He lengthened his stride until he paced beside her again. Seriously worried, he raised his voice. “Wait one cotton pickin’ minute.” A pedestrian turned and stared at him with interest so he reduced the volume. “You can’t go in alone. They could be dangerous.”

“I have my sniffer dog.”

Murphy chose that moment to strain toward a fire hydrant. She stopped to let him sniff.

Nick watched the dog stake his claim. “Yeah. I can see how he’ll be invaluable.”

She ignored his sarcasm. “Murphy hates Miss Coco’s guts. If she’s on the Lombardis’ property, he’ll let me know.”

Nick thought longingly of the caveman approach. He wanted to drag her home by the hair and lock her safely inside. To hide his frustration, he bent over and scratched Murphy behind the ears. Once he’d arranged his face into a neutral expression, he straightened and said, “Heaven help you if you fly off the handle the way you did with Oliver.”

“I most certainly did not fly off the handle with Oliver. I took a calculated risk.”

He folded his arms across his chest. “I won’t let you do this alone.”

She looked as if she wanted to stomp her foot but managed to pull herself together.

“You’ve conducted one too many security gigs,” she said with remarkable calm. “Nothing bad will happen to me. I have my cover story, I have my pepper spray, and I have ten times more brainpower than you credit me with. It’s not like I’m going in, guns blazing, to accuse the Lombardis of stealing dogs. I merely want to assess them as potential candidates.”

Damn, but she was serious. Didn’t she realize that if the Lombardis had stolen the dogs, she might be in real danger? A sliver of alarm scraped over his nerves, and then he relaxed as he hit on the perfect solution, indeed, the only possible solution. Manipulation and trickery.

With a supercilious grin fixed firmly in place, Nick employed his most reasonable tone. “Look at you. You’re flying off the handle already.”
She made a strangled noise in the back of her throat.

He shook his head in mock resignation. “See what I mean?”

Through clenched teeth, she said, “I can be non-confrontational with the best of them. In fact, I can be the soul of discretion and charm.”

“I bet you can’t hold it together for more than thirty seconds.”

“Thirty seconds?” Her voice tightened. “Why, you condescending, chauvinistic – ”

“You’re proving my point.”

He watched how her jaw tightened and those kissable lips thinned to a fine, white line. Finally she blew out a long breath. “I can do better than thirty seconds. I’ll hold it together the whole time we question the Lombardis.”

Her use of the word “we” didn’t escape him. He pretended to ponder her claim before making a sly offer, one he hoped would ensure his presence. In his most officious manner, he drawled, “Listen up, darlin’. Let me explain how it’ll go down. As long as you stay calm I’ll pretend I’m invisible. But when you lose your cool, and I guarantee you will, I’ll step in and do damage control.”

She started to sputter.

Nick interjected, “Of course if you feel you can’t control yourself, you can chicken out. I’ll understand.” He held his breath.

There was anger in her eyes, and determination. “I can’t wait to prove you wrong.”

He breathed out a sigh of relief.


As an author of sassy romance novels, my goal as a writer is to transport readers into a world of romance, mystery, and fun.

Born in Scotland, I emigrated to Canada at the tender age of seven. Years later as a University of Toronto graduate, I convinced the federal government to hire a Fine Arts specialist as a computer programmer. After three years of bits, bytes, and dumps (probably not what you're thinking), I graduated again, this time to full-time homemaker and mom, raising two wonderful sons. Plunging back into the business world, my second husband and I started a management consulting company. This marriage survived because my husband and I pledged never to work on the same project again. Ever.

After a century in the consulting world, I grew weary of wearing snappy power suits, squeezing into panty hose, and fighting rush hour traffic. I made a life-changing decision. I wanted to write books. Not dry, boring, technical treatises, but fresh, funny romantic suspense novels. How hard could it be? Thousands of authors did it every year.

Always an over-achiever, I quit my day job, attended a one-week seminar on writing a novel, and plunged right in. Learning can be a humbling experience. I persevered, I slaved, I revised, I learned. After twenty-five rejections, countless workshops, six-re-writes, and two first-prize wins, my efforts finally paid off with the sale of my first book.
When I'm not writing novels, I read (naturally), volunteer for an addiction family program, play bridge, travel, bicycle, and occasionally indulge in gourmet dinner parties.

I would love it if you popped over to my blog at http://booksbymaureen.com/


To win a copy of Maureen's book, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
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  1. Good Morning Maureen and Welcome to Author Roast and Toast! I only have a minute and then I need to get back to search for Snickers! The poor little guy has been kidnapped!

  2. Ladies - I think I saw the fiend running through the crowd! He has a dressed up Schnauzer in his vile clutches.

  3. Good morning Patsy! Lyn hugs her sister hostess.

    Good morning Maureen, welcome to your party.

    You're right Patsy, we need to go and search for Snickers. Cuddles, here boy, finish eating that slice of carrot and come and help us!

    What's that you say Patsy - quick, stop thief! Patsy can you catch him with a rugby tackle?

  4. Good morning my hostesses. Will Oliver be joining us? He's almost as good-looking as my hero, Nick Jackson.

  5. Hi Maureen

    Yes, Oliver is rather gorgeous isn't he! I have a feeling he'll be keen to rush back to his boss Lady Sharon's bedside, though, as soon as he's finished serving all the food.

  6. May I say how lovely you look yourself, and isn't it lovely to see so many beautiful cats and dogs, and other critters!

  7. Why thank you, Hywela Lyn. I think my red jammies and fuzzy slippers are a perfect match for my nose. I especially love the pot-bellied pig that almost knocked me over a couple of minutes ago. My, those critters are so excited. Must be all the yummy food.

  8. Good morning, just popping in for a quick hello and a few chuckles before knuckling down to revision hell.

  9. Hi Brenda, nice to see you. Watch out for the vile dognapper. Snickers is the fourth dog he's stolen. The villain may be headed for Atlantic City.

  10. Probably not the animals he really wants, probably all the jewels draped around the poor little critters. Do not despair, we will find Snickers. SNICKERS - where are you?

  11. I was flying near your neighborhood and decided to drop in. Happy New Year to all!

    Nibby, really-it's a new year. Could you stop giving me the evil eye?
    Mysteries are fun to read. I usually take them with me and read a few pages regardless of where I'm at. Except at the movies- for obvious reasons, haven't found a book light that doesn't die on me in 3 minutes.

    I like the sound of Maureen's novel-Fur Ball Fever. Humor and mystery "always" work well together.

    And I see Sharon, Mary, Ms. Parker, and Lyn are still drinking their old age begone potions. Looking lovely and as youthful as ever!

  12. I have shed my red jammies, powdered my nose, and donned a beautiful ball gown for the gala extravaganza. Has anyone seen my adorable little Snickers? That dog is as strong as a bull moose in rutting season, and I have a hard time believing he would let someone drag him away from the food. Sausage rolls are his favorite.

  13. Hi Witchy, how lovely to see you again, Happy New Year to you too!

    Hi Brenda, thanks for joining the party.

    I've been all over the place looking for Snickers. Haven't given up though!

  14. Oh Maureen, that shade of blue really suits you!

    Good point about the food, D'you think the thief might have bribed Sneakers with a sausage roll?

  15. I need to search Oliver, I think he has the hamster in his pocket. what! We were looking for Snickers? Darn it! Loved your book, Maureen, still laughing.

  16. Hi has anyone found Snickers?
    I just saw a couple of guys in the front hall with a bag that was moving. I think they might have stolen the poor poochkie!
    Nibby can't you use those eyes and that rather large nose to find Snickers?
    thank goodness the internet gods have given me back my means of communication. Shouldn't we call the police or something. Patsy is that Hampy up in the chandelier?

  17. Hi Maggie, no, bad luck, it's Snickers and the bad guy we're supposed to be chasing, not Oliver!:)

    Hi Mary, Lyn runs over and hugs her sister hostess.

  18. Mary hugs Lyn back and whispers to her. I think there is something odd going on here. Who is the snarky looking dog over there. Mary points to a large Doberman whose dangling tongue comes a bit too close to Hampy. Nibby picks Hampy up and puts him on her back. Then turns and gives a doggy fart in the Dobermans face before running behind Patsy.

  19. Trust Maggie to be searching for Oliver! She loves men that look like those in the underwear ads.

  20. Hi Maureen! Poor Snikers. I bet you won't have very many witnesses to help you unravel the mystery his disappearence. Everyone was too busy watching Oliver walk through the crowd to notice the theif making away with the goods. . .urr, dog.

    I do hope you find him. :-)

  21. On second thought, Snickers can take care of himself for a few minutes. I believe I'll join Maggie in giving Oliver a pat-down. No. That would be so, so wrong. Snickers SNICKERS! If you're here, let me know and I will rescue you.

  22. OMG - He is up there! I think he is a little nervous with all these strange new friends. Nice to see all the newcomers!

    HEY YOU! I see that bag awiggling. Hand it over buster or I'll flex my muscles and take it from you.

    Oh sorry, Sharon, got confused by all the commotion!

  23. That was just Sharon's butt jiggling. But look Patsy, let's try to grab that bag before they leave. Oh, OW, EEK, HI YA, gottem!
    Oh sorry Lyn. Come on let's go ladies. The fabulous four will save the day. Mary trips over her gown and Patsy helps her up with a heave ho!
    Come on girls!!! They're getting away with Snickers!

  24. Hi Coreene, Maggie, anyone who I haven't said hello to!

    Quick as a flash Lyn takes off one of her shoes runs jumps up and hits the Schnauzernapper over the head, knocking him out cold.

    Snickers runs under a table.

    Qucick! Catch him, which way did he go?

  25. Wow. Thanks for all the help guys. You found Snickers. Speaking of Snickers, where is he?

    Snickers? SNICKERS? Ah, there the little rascal is, under the table. Oh no! Is he doing what I think he's doing? I can only hope I'm wrong.

  26. No problem, we can handle that. Automatic cleaners.
    but the thing is afraid. Nibby tell him it's okay will you. And to come out from where he's hiding. What that's not Snickers? It's a Snickers imposter!!!!!

  27. Who let the imposter in the door? And where's the real Snickers? And why is that snarky Doberman licking his chops?

  28. Nibby, Find Snickers. Lyn grab the Doberman and check his mouth for fur!
    Patsy have Hampy get back in the chandelier and look around. Sharon, you rest and we'll keep you posted. Maureen quick grab the biscuits, catnip, and we're going in! We'll find Snickers or get bit trying!!!
    Oh and Cuddles, stop eating the drapes.

  29. SHHHHHH! Don't tell the guy in the Armani tuxedo what Snickers did on his leg! Maybe he won't notice if we act casual about it!

  30. He deserved, but was that the real Snickers, NO! Come on girls we have to find him! He's got a microchip implant with information that the AKC needs to save the world!

  31. I give my hair a toss and glide towards the hunky man in the Armani tux, trying not to stumble in 5-inch stilettos and spoil the sexy image I want to project.

    "Hello, Gorgeous," I say in my sultriest voice, trying to control my drooling. "Have you seen a jewel-encrusted Schnauzer with incontinence issues?" I avoid looking at his damp trouser leg, by staring at his crotch, then dragging my gaze up to his gunmetal grey eyes.

    I gasp . Nick Jackson, the hunkiest bodyguard on the Jersey Shore and hero of Fur Ball Fever has joined the party.

  32. Hubba, Hubba, does he have any brothers? Does he have Snickers?
    He sure is hot!
    Mary hands the others tissues, drooling is not very sexy!
    A knock at the door and heads turn. Who's there Maureen asks before she opens the door.
    Outside on the steps are a band of cowboys it's, yes it is, the James Gang!! They are holding a very annoyed Snickers! "Fake jewels." They hand the dog over to Maureen who checks out the poochkie! Is it Snickers??

  33. Witchy Woman, good to see you! Long time no see!! Oh Jessie stop that you devil!

  34. The James Gang? Is the Duke with you?

    (Hate to tell you dukie.you got competition, that \nick Jackson is hot! hot! hot!

    So what's the verdict, Mareen, is that the real snickers?

  35. Yes, Lyn, Nick does have a brother, Sam, hero of my sequel, but I digress.

    Come to Mama (the dog I mean, not the James gang, though that's tempting too). I run my fingers through rough Schnauzer fur and let the dog lick my face. Yes, yes, it is Snickers.

    I'm grateful. Very grateful. I must reward every member of the James gang. Slowly. And thoroughly. Very, very thoroughly. So cowboy by cowboy, I gaze into each smiling face as I offer up the lobster pastries and sausage rolls.

  36. Maureen, I let the girls in my office know about your post today and one of them is very excited about your book and is planning on ordering it! YAAAYYYY

  37. Mary - you do the sultry seductress so well! Don't fall off the stilettos! I'm so confused, there are so many Schnauzers here, it's hard to figure who belongs to who!

  38. P. L. Parker, that is very cool. Super news. A sale as well as lots of fun.

  39. I doubt that anyone out there is as confused as I am.

  40. Have you met me?
    I'm confused, disturbed, crazy, I got it all!

  41. Oh I dunno Mareen, we four do 'confused' pretty well - most of the time actually! LOL

    Yay, hope the sale comes through for you!

  42. That was fun! Thanks for sharing!

    I have a chihuahua named Snickers, and thank God he's NOT missing! He's laying down by the heat vent as I type this. :)

  43. I'm seeing six identical Schnauzers at the moment. Will the real Snickers please stand up!

  44. The Duke has his eyes on you Lyn. Oh my.
    the Duke has his hands on you, Oh my!
    The Duke is kissing Lyn, OH MY!
    And the Gang will not be happy with just sausage rolls. You're gonna have to kiss every one of them! At least!

  45. Stop the presses, I mean start the presses, A Sale! YAY!

  46. Lyn closes her eyes and puckers up.

    The things we hostesses have to do in the line of duty!

    It's a hard job but someone's gotta do it!

  47. Hang onto your Snickers, Trisha. You don't want him to fall into an alternate Universe with all these other Snickers.

  48. Lyn, you can stop now. You've kissed every guy in the place.

  49. Well, Lyn's definitely having more fun than me! I've puckered up for every good looking guy in the place and they just snort and walk away! I think I'm being rejected!

  50. It's all for a good cause. Proceeds from The Fur Ball go to help needy animals. Also, I've placed a substantial wager on Snickers to win.

  51. Sorry I'm late arriving, I say as I catch my breath and smooth my gown after dashing in from the car.

    We had intermittent power disruptions, generator woes etc at work or would have dropped by sooner.

    Oh, Oliver is looking ever so fine in just his bow tie. Hot damn! He can't be the one who took Snickers. Where would he hide the wee pup?

    You don't suppose he's hiding under the icing on the schnauzer shaped and decorated cake?

  52. Hi Melanie. Welcome. Good news. Snickers isn't under the icing (at least, not any more). The James Gang delivered him back to my waiting arms. I think he's chasing a butt-ugly cat called Baby Cakes.

  53. Under the cake, check under the cake.
    there are a lot of schnauzer's here. Which one is Snickers?
    PPPSSST Patsy, they keep kissing Lyn because of the sign Sharon put on her back. It says Kiss me I'm easy.
    Could be a sign like that might help.
    Babycakes! That's a cat?

  54. Hi Trisha, hi Melanie *waves*

    Aw Patsy, you can take over from me if you like, my lips are sore from all that kissing. Must be my lucky day or something, the James gang usually go mad for Mary. You're looking hot in that red dress, so just pucker up and go for it!

    Maureen, how's about another excerpt - can you tell us a bit more about Nick, he sounds sucha hunk!

  55. A cat, yes. Belongs to the boyfriend of my heroine's aging hippie aunt (who is dressed in her best leather and latex).

  56. Nick is a Southern hunk, and my heroine's ex-flame. He considers himself chivalrous and considerate. My heroine calls him bossy, over-protective, and chauvinistic (but in her heart of hearts, she knows he's THE ONE). I'm in love with him too.

  57. Isn't it wonderful when we fall for the heroes we've created, Maureen!

    Nick sounds really great, I love a protective hero, even if the heroine isn't too sure she needs his protection!

  58. If Nick is here, I am not having a hot flush--he always has that effect on me. I might need Oliver to give me a cold shower. Can I blindfold him?

  59. Well I guess it's time to take one of the James Gang if Lyn hasn't got them all. And go neck! YAY!

  60. LOL Maggie - you want Nick to make you blush AND Oliver to cool you down. Sounds naughty!

  61. I feel like a serial philanderer. I was in love with my hero in The Jaguar Legacy (a hunky Scottish archaeologist), then Nick, now Nick's womanizing playboy brother, Sam. I guess it's the nature of a romance author--at least this romance author.

  62. It's true. Maggie loved Nick from the moment she met him. But now, I do believe she has the hots for brother Sam.

  63. Well a woman has a right to change her mind!

  64. LOL! I've loved every hero in each of my books - but I still have a special soft spot for the first one!

    Wow - did you say Nick has a brother? ;)

  65. Excerpt from Fur Ball Fever (Sam's first appearance, gives you an idea of his personality):

    Sam swung his legs around until he was facing his brother. “See, it’s like this.” He gave a lazy blink. “There’s this stripper in San Antonio, name’s Brandi, can’t hardly keep her hands off me. But I say to myself, ‘Sammy, there’s nothing too good for my big brother. If Granddaddy Hiram says Nick needs my help, then who am I to argue?’ So I leave this little lady crying her eyes out, drive into Yankee territory, and here I am. Ready, willing, and able to be of assistance in the apprehension of one Oliver Hathaway.”

    Nick replied, “Very noble of you. I’m assuming an enraged husband had nothing to do with your decision to leave.”

    Sam’s hard-done-by tone made a re-appearance. “I ruined my love life because of you.”

  66. Oooh, I like it Maureen!
    Sam sounds a real 'character', but a very charismatic one!

  67. Welcome Maureen. Love your book cover and title. Sounds like a fun book. Look at the cute Schnauzer cake. Another great party and feast.
    Sue B

  68. Wow, Oliver has worked wonders, I am just floating on air. What did you say, Maureen? Sam is here! I can share, Hywela, if we can catch him.

  69. Thanks, Lyn. Yes, quite a character. He's commitment-phobic, lots of fun, plenty of room for character growth (if motivated by the right woman).

  70. Why, thank you, Sue B. I'm glad you dropped by.

  71. I take it you had your cold shower with Oliver, Maggie. I think you'll be able to catch Sam, no problem. He enjoys women. Just don't hope for white picket fences and the 'C' (commitment) word.

  72. No white picket fences for me, Maureen Just hoping not to have to use the handcuffs.

  73. Don't be too hasty, Maggie. Sam might enjoy the handcuffs.

  74. Hi Sue! *waves*

    Anyone seen Maggie? (Last seen chasing Sam with a pair of jeweled handcuffs.
    Handcuffs? And Oliver had to rush off to get dry.

    All's well that ends well and of course Snickers won the first prize so the animals in need will be OK!

    The James Gang and the Duke rode back into the hills, looking very happy after Maureen rewarded them - each and every one, very thoroughly - and the four sister hostesses are curled up in a corner snoring quietly.

    Just another Roast and Toast!

    Mareen, you've been an amazing guest and we've had such fun. We wish you huge success with 'Fur Ball Fever'!

    Anyone for breakfast? Oliver's slunk off but, true to form, I see he's left the breakfast table ready laid and full of goodies!

  75. My sincerest thanks to my gracious hostesses, Lyn, Sharon (sending you my thoughts and prayers), Mary, and P.L. (Patsy) for creating such a fun event, and to all of you who joined me in a celebration of Fur Ball Fever. Thank you all for your humor, kindness, and generosity.

    When the comments close, I'll be sending the lucky winner a copy of Fur Ball Fever.

  76. Thanks for blogging with us Maureen! You rocked the waves! Good luck!

  77. Thanks, Mary. It was a blast. The most innovative and creative blog idea I've ever seen.

  78. Maureen - you were a great roastee!


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