As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lilly Gayle's Cornish beach party

On a cliff overlooking a small private harbor with a short section of sandy beach, Lyn, Sharon, and Mary, the AR&T hostesses try to decide the best way to get down to the beach. Down below Oliver waves to them, dressed in his sexy short James Bond style swimming trunks under a long shirt. He has set up a small breakfast table for their roastee Lilly Gayle  They are all staying at the Earl of Gilchrest’s lovely small castle. His American wife Nikki will just settle for ham and eggs, the Earl wants the works. Both Lilly and Nikki wear lovely beach cover-ups.

Oliver is working busily on breakfast to be followed by lunch on the beach. The tables of food for lunch are being filled by the Earl’s servants down below them. Here near Land’s End they are celebrating the release of a wonderful story, SLIGHTLY TARNISHED. And Lilly is here to sign the huge pile of books which is rapidly disappearing,
 “Save us each a book!” Mary yells down to Oliver. He can’t hear a thing which is just what he had in mind all a long. He waves up and grins while he shrugs his shoulders. Sharon  mumbles, “it figures, he’s so busy with the kippers,” as she searches for steps. “I have no intention of messing up this swimming ensemble I bought here in England.

Lyn and Mary stop for a moment and look at each other. Both start to chuckle. Sharon has bought them all beach dresses. They don’t help to hide her big butt, which she seems proud of. Lyn looks down at her huge feet in the new flip flops she stole from a display. The huge flip-flops are large enough to fit the thirty foot mannequin she found outside a beach store. Mary hopes that her hooters will stay in her top and don’t fall out like a wardrobe malfunction. Lyn spies a sandy area on the hill.

“Let’s slide down!” Mary yells. “Yes, Yippie!.” Lyn readies herself for the slide. Mary stands behind her. Sharon knows it should be a shoe-in for her, she can slide like there is no tomorrow, The three girls line up and ready themselves. Oliver looks up and points to them. Lilly stands beside him and Nikki sipping her favorite coffee almost drops her cup.

“NNNOOOOO!” They yell up to the girls who can see them waving but can’t hear. The girls begin their slide. Oh dear! They lose control and start to tumble. Each one yelling at the top of their lungs they slide, roll, scrape, and tumble their way down the shallowest part of the steep cliff. A harrowing few seconds later they land in a pile at the bottom. People rush over to help and be sure they are not hurt. The three finally brush themselves off and having checked for injuries, they sit on chairs set up on the beach.

Sex on the Beach Drink Pictures, Images & Graphics
stargazy pie
Oliver offers, mead, wine, beer, water, cider, 'sex on the beach',  whatever they want. He has his martini table ready too. 

A delectable array of different food fills tables arranged on the beach, 
Among the new things to try are cottage pie, beef wellingon, covered in light puff pastry, and crab pie, pease pudding and and of course, Cornish pasties. There's also the tradtional and rather quaint 'stargazy pie,'  and other Cornish seafood.
Beef Wellington
cottage pie
pease puding

For deserts there is rich golden Cornish ice cream, scones with jam and Cornish clotted cream,  fresh strawberries and raspberries with Cornish cream, and hewa cakes, which Lyn says are very much like Welsh cakes, figgy 'obbin, which is like a jam suet pudding, only with raisins instread of jam, fairings, a type of cookie, and Cornish splits filled with raspberry jam and clotted cream, and Cornish Cinnamon cake.

hewa cakes
Before they begin Lilly points to a set of steps that wind up to the top of the cliff. “Why didn’t you take the steps?” She asks Sharon.

Sharon shakes her head and stands up to address their guests and the Earl’s family and friends.


Cornish pasty
“Welcome to the Author Roast and Toast. We’d like to celebrate Lilly’s wonderful story, SLIGHTLY TARNISHED.

"Cornish Pastie. anyone?” She asks with a smile!

Victorian romance laced with danger.When a brooding English earl with a Slightly Tarnished reputation marries his dead wife’s American cousin to save her from an uncle’s vengeful schemes, the sea captain’s daughter with a taste for adventure sparks desires he thought long dead.

Nicole Keller has always been headstrong and independent, but after a failed business venture and a sinking ship take her father, her home, and her childhood sweetheart, Nikki must support herself and her mother. But moving to England and marrying Chadwick Masters, Earl of Gilchrest isn’t what she has in mind. And falling in love with the mysterious earl could endanger both their lives.


“I’m afraid you will have to continue to make do without a lady’s maid. The only household staff I employ are Mrs. Lomax, Dickens, Cook, and my groom. My driver lives in the village as do the few maids I hire on occasion to help Mrs. Lomax with the laundry and heavier cleaning.”

Nikki smiled. “That’s quite all right, Lord Masters. I’m used to doing for myself, and it’s only for a week.”

He returned her smile and leaned forward, his warm breath fanning her cheek. “What happened to Chad? Surely we’ve gone beyond such formalities now, Nicole.”

Gooseflesh rippled over her skin. Her body quivered. “I don’t think it would be proper for me to call you by your given name.” She risked a glance at his face and wished she hadn’t. His eyes no longer looked worried. They were hot—almost feverish. Her skin heated.

“It didn’t stop you before,” he said, his deep voice a husky rumble. Despite the heat, Nikki shivered.

Oh my! “I don’t think this is proper either,” she stammered when he brushed his lips against her temple. A delicious tingle skittered down her spine.

“No, probably not,” he said, nibbling her neck.

A strange tension rippled through her muscles, tightening them with pleasure. She arched her neck, granting him access as he slid his lips along the column of her throat. Her hands bunched the skirt of her plain, serviceable dress. Her stomach quivered.

“What are you doing?” she asked, breathless and giddy.

He pulled his hands from his pockets and pulled her closer. “I’m seducing you, I think.”

“Seducing me?” Her heart hammered against her ribs.

“Hmm. You’re doing it again.” Then he lowered his mouth and kissed her.

Victorian Romance- English Rose release
Rating: Spicy Page Count: 308
Word count 83000
Print ISBN: 1-60154-923-7

A word about the author… 

Lilly Gayle lives in North Carolina with her husband of thirty years, her youngest daughter, who’s still in college, a dog, a cat, and various critters both dead and alive the cat occasionally drags through the doggie door. When not writing or working as a mammographer, she spends time with her husband at the beach. Slightly Tarnished is her second published novel.

Lilly Gayle
Author of paranormal and historical romance: Where love is an adventure no matter the century.
www.lillygayle.com & www.facebook.com/lillygaylebooks

To win a copy of Lilly 's book, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
Contest ends tomorrow and everyone who comments is elligible.


  1. Oh I love the beach theme and you are all looking so trim and lovely in your suits/beach dresses - and the food -OMG! I'll be right there. (How long does it take to swim from Boise, Idaho to where you are?) Love those Victorian romances. Congrats, Lilly, and good luck with sales.

  2. Good morning Patsy, thanks so much for joining Lilly's party. It's great to see you as always.

    Thanks for the compliment - and may I say how lovely you look too in your swimsuit, and you are so fit to swim that distnce so quickly! )

  3. Welcome to your Party Lilly, it's so kind of the Earl and his lovely wife to invite us to his private beach here in Cornwall, isn't it!

  4. Wow! Everything looks great! Except maybe that pastry thing with the fish heads peeping out. That kind of creeps me out. I did try the kippers. Much better than the canned ones that taste like sardines. But, no. I'm still not eating anything with fish heads! I have my lovely umbrella drink- a Sex on the Beach- which Nikki confides she and Chad have had on occasion, lol! I think I'm going to hit the desert table too. For some reason, I look so much thinner here on the English coast. My cleavage is even bigger. lol! And don't my hostesses look lovely. Now, where's that gorgeous Oliver? My drink needs a new umbrella. And some more rum. lol!

  5. Hic! Oh. Did I just say desert table? I meant dessert! Maybe I'll skip the extra rum until I've had that dessert.

  6. LOL Lilly - I feel the same way about deserts, I can do without the main course, but deserts ...!

    May I say how lovely you look - that colour really suits you! Do you think it's too early in the day to have a drop of Cornish mead?

  7. ... as for the 'stargazy pie' I don't fancy it either, but it's just a fish pie really, although the heads creep me out a bit too - it's one of those quaint traditional local foody things!

  8. wow! That sounds HOT!!!
    Linda bolton

  9. Love that first picture, Lilly! Wish my rack looked so good! It must be from eating at the desert table! Bahahahahaha!

  10. Hi Linda

    Welcome to LIlly's beach celebration party. Make yourself at home - Oliver will be with you in a moment, I'm sure. (When he's finished attending to Lilly's every need!)

  11. Lynn, go for the meade! I'm on my second drink already. lol! It's a party. My husband grabbed and ale and disappeared with young Ralph, the Earl's stable hand. I think he said something about fishing, but I wasn't paying attention. I just saw Andris arrive. She's one of my critique partners, even if she is making fun of me for saying desert instead of dessert. But she never misses a thing. That's why she's such a great critique partner! And it is rather hot, Linda. Wanna try a dip in the north Atlantic? I hear it's a bit colder than the NC coast, but what the heck? The rum will keep me warm. Right?

  12. Noooo, Lilly, not MAKE fun! SHARING fun! See, that way we both laugh. ;} Have another drink and see what else I can tease you about. Oh and hand me one. I could use it. Lol!

  13. Here's to your new book, Lilly. A toast with the meade!

  14. Have to admit the sea is a bit on the cool side to start with - but it soon warms up once you're in, Lilly!

    Hi Andris, how nice to meet you - and Brenda too, welcome to Lilly's party!

  15. Greetings, Lilly, dear, you look simply ma ve lous, so fit. Must be all the swimming in the cold ocean, brrrrr. Congratulations on your release party. I'm thrilled to be here but am a wee bit afraid of that fish head. LOL Best of luck. Enjoy your party!

  16. Hugs my sister, Lyn. Look at that boat out there, sure is a barge. Giggle, oh dear, it's the shoe you lost sliding down the hill, my sister.

  17. Lyn rushes up to hug her sister hostess.

    It's OK Sharon dear, the fishies can't hurt you, they're just stargazing. Try a Cornish pasty instead, they're really tasty!

  18. Here's a meade, Brenda. Drink up. I don't think Andris is much of a drinker so let's give her sex on the beach--not with Oliver,! Get your mind off of sex, Brenda. lol! I know Oliver looks great in those James Bond trunks, but Andris is married. I'd still like to see her plowed. Had her a strong rum drink. Then we can really laugh together. lol!

  19. Hugs, Mary, sweet sister, don't pout, the nice whale will return your hooter when he gets tired of sending it through his blow hole. GRIN

  20. Sharon, let me use that giant shoe for a surfboard. Oh, I can't surf. Maybe just a float then. lol! Last one in's a rotten egg, Lynn!

  21. Hi Patsy, thank you for the compliment. Might I say how vogue you are looking. Must be all that swimming in the cold Atlantic.

  22. Welcome Andris and Brenda, you ladies must be swimming in the icy Atlantic too, looking good, gals.

  23. Lilly, are those your cocktail umbrellas floating in the ocean blue? My, that's some record, here comes Oliver with a fresh one for both of us. Wink

  24. Will you stop throwing my hooters to the whales, dogs, etc. Sharon! Or I'll deflate that bubble butt! Ahem! Mary hugs everyone. She rubs her own butt and asks Sharon.
    Sharon dear, my butt is killing me from the rocks on the way down. Your's looks swollen on top of it's usual size. I hope you're not hurting my dear.
    It's never to early for Meade. As they say it's 5 pm somewhere.
    Did Oliver make that weird fish head pie thingee? What were you thinking Oliver?Yukkie!

  25. Hey Lilly, these shoes do make good surfboards don't they!

    Don't you think it's a shame the way Mary and haron make me wear oversize shoes just so they can make fun of me?

    Everyone laughs at me 'cause I'm little!

  26. Maybe if we get Lyn to drink enough Meade we can get her to eat the fish head thingee?
    Oh look, someone is using your butt as a platter holder. Mary takes a nice little shrimp puff from the tray on Sharon's butt. The huge plate says take one on a little sign.
    Mmmmmm. Good! Hold still Sharon people are using your butt. At least until the tray is empty.
    Did you find your shoe Lyn. Last I saw someone was surfing on it. Oh look! There it is!!

  27. Lilly's eyes open in shock. She looks down at Lyn's huge feet and holds back a chuckle. Lilly doesn't say a word as her eyes roll up. Yes, she sees small feet. We see the real thing. And they are HUGE!! One of these days Lyn we are gonna get you some new glasses.

  28. Kisses, my sweet Lilly, you look simply stunning, here is a fresh cocktail with is it your fifth umbrella? Wink wink, who's counting, surely not I

  29. Hugs, my lovely hostesses, Sharon, Lyn and Mary. Mary, dear, I made the fish head for you to practice your stun gun shooting. Wink

  30. A nice mead for you, Lyn, dear, although perhaps you ought to take a swim first to find the S you dropped in the ocean from Sharon's name. She's a wee bit miffed that you called her haron. Smile

  31. Patsy, Brenda, Andris, my pretties, umbrella cocktails all around.

  32. Oliver I love you! You are the best buddy I ever had! Mary whips out her stun gun and aims. Then she thinks better. Don't want to shock anyone by mistake. So she picks up the fish thingee pie and moves it to a small table away from the guests. She practices with her stun gun. And stays outta trouble for a few minutes. Just remember I'm packin'!
    (Is that the right way to say it? she nudges Oliver??)

  33. Haron tee hee! Want me to stun her?? I'll put it on low?

  34. Sounds like everyone is having a wonderful time at the beach. Slightly Tarnished sounds amazing.

  35. Hi Jill

    Thanks for joining the party!

    Sorry Sharon sweetie, it's this computer you know, it keeps missing out letters.Nothing to do with me at all!

    And I'll excuse you for saying I have big feet and need glasses Mary dear, I know you're a little near sighted yourself. That makes small things look big I understand?

    I want to know some more about the Earl, in 'Slightly Tarnished'. he certainly looks dishy from here, doesn't he!

  36. Sharon, please tell her. I can't stand to hear her deluded talk about small feet and us making her wear big shoes. It's crazy, OH MY GOD, do you think she's crazy?!?!?!
    Back me up here, I always forgive you for throwing my hooters to animals and people like they were volley balls!

  37. What to do. Oliver, any suggestions. I hate that she thinks we'd force her to wear big shoes. I mean she even left the S off of Sharon's name and called her,(gulp), Haron! Why it's, it's--scary!!!
    I just had a thought what if she starts to call me Ary, should I call her Yn. I don't even know how to say that out loud!

  38. And my goodness Oliver! I had another terrible thought! Heaven help us! She might start to call you Liver!!!!!!

  39. Hi Ladies, you are all so cute in your beach dresses. Must be really warm. Lilly, I love your excerpt, but can't stay long without eating one of these delicious cakes. Shouldn't even tast them. Oh the hell with dieting, they are too yummy. Oliver, datling, do you have a stawberry daiquiri?

  40. Oliver fixes drinks for everyone, but hand delivers Mona's to her. She giggles and takes it! You look good today Mona, New suit??
    Lilly how about another excerpt??

  41. Oh, this is too much fun. All the talk of big feet and big butts is making me a little self conscious about my big juicy doubles, especially now that Oliver is blaring Sir Mix-a-Lot from two giant speakers. How do you think he plugged that thing in? This is 1858 England. They don't have electricity. Must be really big batteries. In fact, everything is looking kind of big at the moment. I think I could sit under that umbrella Oliver put in my last drink! And check out the Earl of Gilchrest's shoulders. Oh my. Chad is such a handsome man. Dark hair. Ice blue eyes. And quite witty when he isn't brooding. You'd like him, Lynn. And Jill, thanks so much for coming to my time-travel beach party. I hope the airfare wasn't too expensive. lol!

    You ladies are the best! Now, can I have my turn with the stun gun? Someone throw that creepy fish head pie up in the air and let me use it for a skeet. Ready. Set. Pull!

  42. I think I just gained 5,000 calories reading this blog! Everyone looks Mahvahlous!

    Lilly, best wishes for great success with Slightly Tarnished. Also, I love your publicity photo. I think it really captures something special about you.

  43. No can't lend out the stun gun. That would be illegal in the virtual world. However, I do have these really nice paint guns we can use. Or would you prefer the water blasters I have here. Mary shows Lilly her toys. We have a slime gun.
    Even one that covers your victim in a foam that freezes them. What'll it be Lilly??

  44. Mona love, here we go, a nice strawberry daiquiri, enjoy.

  45. Jill, Lynne, my pretties, martinis with umbrellas, drink up

  46. Lilly, my sweet petite, a fresh umbrella drink, no need to sit on it or under it, wink

  47. Mary love, good agent, never give a potential spy your piece. Grin

  48. Mary,
    Did you say excerpt? Don't mind a bit! And it's only fitting that I use an excerpt set right here on this very beach:

    “We can’t go to America, but perhaps we could visit my cottage in Cornwall. It’s near the church
    where we were married, and we could have the privacy we needed to get to know one another.”

    He ran his fingers through her hair and dislodged more pins. The heavy braid fell from atop her head to hang halfway down her back.

    Even angels needed to lose their halos now and again.

    Nicole sidestepped him and climbed down from the rocks. “Let’s go for a swim,” she tossed over her
    shoulder as she ran over the sand toward the breakers.

    Chad followed at a slower pace. He stepped down to the sandy beach and watched Nicole kick off
    her heavy shoes and remove the ugly woolen socks she’d worn instead of stockings. She rolled up her pant legs to mid-calf and took a hesitant step into
    the chilly water.

    When a wave washed over her bare legs, she squealed and backed out of the surf. “I can’t swim in
    this. It’s freezing!”

    Chad pulled off his boots and followed her into the water. “This is the North Atlantic. I imagine the waters in North Carolina are much warmer.”

    “Oh, yes.” She turned to give him her full attention. “Charlie and I would start swimming in late March and not stop until mid-October. We—”

    “Who the hell is Charlie?”

  49. Lyn, Sharon, fresh drinks, no need to fret about your God-given assets. Wink

  50. Sharing my excerpt made me forget all about Mary's toys. Or maybe it was Lynne's lovely compliment. Or the drink Oliver just handed me. Or, maybe it's just Oliver. My, he has well-formed forearms. And check out that tush!

  51. Hey - 'she's still here 'know'!

    Just call me 'She Who Must Be Obeyed'! LOL

    I can't help it if my computer can't spell!

    Oliver Dahh-ling, I'd never call you 'liver'!

  52. Hi Mona

    Welcome to Lilly's party! Perhaps you'll stop my naughty sister hostesses saying unkind and untrue things about my feet?

    Don't worry, all the food at the Roast is completely calorie free, but tastes exactly the same - and if you pop back to the main post you'll see Oliver's made you a special daiquiri.

  53. Oh Lilly, what a delightful excerpt"

    Oh, I do rather fancy that Chad.
    MMMM who'd have a 'Duke' when they could have an Earl!

  54. Thanks Lynn & Sharon. I thought Chad was rather yummy when I was writing him. lol!

  55. Duke, Earl, whichever one is handsomest and richest. Not that I'm shallow. Lyn I love your feet, big or small. (Deluded sweetheart that you are).
    Anyone for a swim?
    I promised Oliver never to give away any weapon to someone else. Some kinda legal thing ya know.
    Chad is my kinda guy though.
    Ahhhh... Anymore out there like him??

  56. Mary picks up the water gun. Should she or shouldn't she. She ponders the question and then what they will do if she hoses her sister hostess's it's so tempting and she is sooooo bad. Yikes hold me back!!!

  57. No one's touched that fish head pie, Mary. See if you can shoot a fish head at twenty paces. And if your aim is off just a bit and you happen to squirt Sharon or Lyn...
    Oh what fun!

  58. I can't do that Lilly. Lyn ate it. Fish head and all!

  59. Mary takes aim and shoots - zapp! Fish heads go everywhere. One hits Sharon on her pert little bubblebutt and the other hits Lyn on her big toe. She hops around on one foot. Oooooooow. Oliver! If I wasn't so fond of you I'd smack you on the nose for giving Mary that stun gun. We love her dearly, but you know how wild she is!

    Coming Lilly? Mary - we're coming to get you.

  60. Mary takes aim and shoots - zapp! Fish heads go everywhere. One hits Sharon on her pert little bubblebutt and the other hits Lyn on her big toe. She hops around on one foot. Oooooooow. Oliver! If I wasn't so fond of you I'd smack you on the nose for giving Mary that stun gun. We love her dearly, but you know how wild she is!

    Coming Lilly? Mary - we're coming to get you.

  61. Na, na, na, na, na. It wasn't a stun gun it was a super water shooter! Get one, I dare you!! TEEHEE!
    You can't catch me. Mary sets up several mannequins to throw Lyn off and hides well.
    Dare you Lyn! Sharon, you too! Lilly here's your gun. The rules are simple don't hurt anyone, everything else is okay. Ready?????Oh the water inside is colored so we'll know if you have been taken out by being totally drenched! It's like a Survivor (TV show),game!

  62. And after the water gun fight, next is a food fight. We'll throw food at Oliver and then take turns washing him off. lol!

  63. Oliver won't play like that. He's a professional. But he will kiss your hand. Besides, he is really quick.
    But you might catch him in his speedo if we all go swimming?

  64. Lilly who is that hot guy following you. Turn around, Hubba, hubba, is that Gerard, Josh, who is that handsome hunk??
    He'd tapping your shoulder.

  65. You know - after all that running around and getting wet (thanks Mary!) I'm ready for a Cornish ice cream. You can really taste the cream MMMMMMMMMMMMM! Phew, that's better, it's more fun sitting in the shade eating ice cream and reading Lilly's book than chasing around with water pistols, hee hee, Mary's gone searching for us in the caves, she doesn't realise we're back on the beach! *wink*

  66. Ice cream sounds like a good idea. This has been a fun day. Thanks so much ladies for having me!

  67. Hey, Beach Babes!

    I love these parties! Pass the desserts, please. lol

    The book cover alone had me intrigued, but thanks for the sneak peek of your new release.

    I wish you the very best!

  68. this sounds really great!!! And you made English food look yummy :)

  69. Hi Karen

    So nice to see you, come and sit in the shade with us, we're indulging in creamy Cornish icecream but do help yourself from the desert table if or the portable freezer.

  70. Lilly,we've had a ball with you, thank you for being such a great guest. Wishing you many, many more sales and loads of success with 'Slightly Tarnished.'

  71. Glad you could join us for ice cream Karen and Traci. And thanks for all the lovely compliments and well-wishes. Slightly Tarnished has a special place in my heart and I was so glad I could share a couple of excerpts with you.

  72. Now don't fret we'll be around all weekend. But, I for one need to shower all that colored water off of myself. I need to get my hooter back from the kids that Sharon gave it to and I have to find Lyn's tiny (Mph) shoe for her. Is that Sharon out on the water in it? Well, I'll see you all this weekend. Lilly you are a pistol! And a darn good author too!

  73. "I....I....(pant pant) made it!!!! (She pulls seaweed from her dripping hair as she staggers from the pounding surf.) "Had to outrun a few sharks and a killer whale but I'm here! Now where's the booze and the food! I so hungry I could even eat the pastry thing with the fish heads peeking out!"

  74. Wow! Well done Patsy, no wonder you're hungry.

    At least you missed our much-loved mad Mary with her spray gun! LOL

    There's plenty of food left, help yourself and have something hot to warm you up after your long swim! :
    *hands Patsy a towel.*

    I think sharon and Lilly are still out dozing on the beach eating icecream, but I'm sure Oliver's around somewhere to wait on you hand and foot. Ooops, there's a starfish in your hair, that's better!

  75. Wow! What a party. I'm exhausted. Glad you made the swim, Patsy. lol! But atlas, I think I'm done. Too much rum punch, food, running, and man watching. lol! Time for hubby and me to trudge up to the castle and find a guest room. Perhaps I'll see some of you in the morning when I stagger down for breakfast. lol!

    Nikki and Chad bid you all good night as well. And they thank you for showing such interest in them.

  76. Waves to Patsy, Karen and Traci, plenty of food left, dig in girls. LOL Patsy is that fish in your hair catch of the day, wink

  77. Sharon runs from Mary and her squirt gun through the caves, Lyn, a hair behind. Somehow the big three find those same steep steps and take another nasty tumble down. Just another roast and toast.

  78. Lilly, you've been so much fun, a real pistol. Thank you! We loved meeting Nikki and Chad, best of luck!

  79. Phew - as Sharon says, 'just anothe 'Author Roast And Toast' and only a few bruises!

    Anyway I had a really good night's sleep in Chad and Nikki's lovely castle. How nice to meet them both, I hope eventually to get round to reading their story when I've got a little time to spare!

    Mmmmm, is that breakfast I smell wafting from the kitchen?

  80. Ladies ladies, breakfast is served! The pit is sizzling hot with bacon and eggs, sausage, wafles, hash browns. Bloody Mary's with celery sticks, coffee and tea. Darling Lilly, a heaping platter for you, my sweet thing, get it whilst it's hot, wink.

  81. Good morning. Yummy what a great breakfast. I could go for some of that. And breakfast on the beach would be lovely. I think I will pass on that pie with the fish heads sticking out of it though. Food that is looking at me when I eat it well lets just say it scares me. LOL. Lilly I love your book cover. Your book sounds wonderful.
    Sue B

  82. Hi Sue

    Lovely to see you as always, and doesn't Oliver cook the best breakfasts - well it's more like brunch now, I guess!

    Funny - no-one seems to fancy that Stargazy pie!

  83. Lilly, this sounds like another winning book. Can't wait to read it. Good luck, Lilly. You're a lovely person and deserve all the best!

  84. Hi Caroline

    Welcome to Lilly's party, how nice to see you again!

  85. I enjoyed the party, even thought I arrived late! What was leaft of the food was good, too, I am hooked, Lilly Gayle!

  86. Hi Mary,

    Not to worry - the party goes all weekend as long as guests keep turning up!

    Glad you enjoyed Lilly's excepts - great aren't they!

  87. Lilly covers mouth and yawns. "Sorry I'm late coming down from the castle, but hubby and I were served breakfast in bed, which turned into lunch and well..." Blushes furiously. But it really has been a lovely party.

    So good seeing all the late arrivals. I realize Time traveling to a 19th century beach party takes some effort.lol! It was so nice of you all to go to the trouble. I hope you enjoyed the food and the excerpts. Nikki and Chad thank you too. So glad you enjoyed your night in the castle, Lyn. The rooms are just lovely, aren't they?"

    Meanwhile, Back in the real world, Lilly is just getting home from an all day mammography seminar where she earned 8 hours of continuing education and learned about the latest modality in breast imaging-- 3D tomosynthesis. It just got FDA approval, and let me just say, I want one in MY hospital! But with the cost and additional training, it'll probably take 10-15 years to reach most medical facilities.

    And now, back to the party...

  88. Hello Lilly,

    Don't blame you for having a lie-in, the rooms in the Castle are quite delightful as you say!

    (On a serious note, not being a medical person I don't completely understand what 3D tomosynthesis is, but it's wonderful the advancements that are being made in cancer treatment and prevention!

  89. WARNING: Real world intrusion on the fun.

    3D tomosyntheis is like combining a 2d (normal like everyone gets) mammogram with three dimensional capabilities. Kind of like what CT or MRI do. It gives the radiologist "slices" of the breast in 1mm increments. Most mammograms are done in 2 projections. CC= top to bottom. And and Medial lateral oblique (MLO)= a side view from a 40-60 degree angle. If a lesion shows up in the breast, the radiologist has no real way of knowing how deep the tumor is. So, he orders additional films, including but not limited to a 90 degree true lateral. (picture from the side at a 90 degree angle) Then, the radiologist must use measurements from the CC, MLO, and 90 degree lateral to triangulate the location of the lesion. If it looks suspicious and needs a biopsy, a needle must be placed in the breast to localize the lesion. Also, there are some cancerous lesions (invasive lobular carcinoma) that "hide" in normal breast tissue and don't always show up on a mammogram or ultrasound. But the lesion is almost always felt. (HINT: if you feel a new lump that doesn't show up on a mammogram or ultrasound, request an MRI AND a biopsy!!) Anyway, the 3D tomosynthesis takes "sliced" images of the breast, which can 1: more accurately pinpoint the location of a lesion in the breast. 2: demonstrate lesions that would normally be hidden by dense breast tissue.

    Here's a link: http://www.realtimetomography.com/3D-Tomosynthesis.page

  90. That is so interesting, Lilly, and it must make a real difference in timely detection. Thanks for the info and the reminder for us all to be aware and to self examine.

  91. Thanks for blogging with us Lilly. We all could use a push and a new type of viewing for mammography! I want that one myself!
    You have played we'll and we had a great time Lilly.
    Come back soon!

  92. Just came across this great 5 star review for 'Slightly Tarnished'.

    "I found this story to be full of pleasant surprises. This book has an excellent story line that expands as the book moves along. I was worried that parts of the expanded story might get lost along the way but Ms. Gayle weaves it all together and gives us an incredible book I couldn't read quick enough. Lots of intrigue and life challenges for both Nikki and Chad. This book shows that with the right person you can overcome many challenges and find love and acceptance. I highly recommend this book as a fast paced book, with wonderful characters and excellent story line. "

    Reviewer: Celtic Debbie. TRS

    The complete review is here:

  93. Congrats on the great review.
    Sue B

  94. Thanks for posting this review, Lyn. I was very pleased with it.

  95. Congratulations on fabulous review Lilly aned thanks for all the mammo tips, good stuff.


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