As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Casino Hopping at Bellagio Fountain with Brenda Whiteside

The mood is electric. Evening falls on the Las Vegas Strip as fans of Brenda Whiteside gather to celebrate her release party for Sleeping With the Lights On.

A striking striation of midnight blue, soft pink and amber silhouette the spectacular Bellagio Fountain on the lake where the water comes to life with music and lights. Anticipation mounts as all gather in front of the quarter mile long lake adorning a casino where elegance and fun come together.

It’s a beautiful spring night. A slight breeze ripples over the water as guests eagerly await the guest of honor to arrive.

“Girls, I’m so excited to be here at Bellagio!:” Sharon exclaims, shaking her bootie with such vigor that she splits her chic blue cocktail gown straight down the middle. “OOOPS!”

“Never mind, sweetie,” Lyn fusses with a wrinkle in her outrageously sexy crushed purple dress, trying to stifle the laughter bubbling from deep in her belly. “But, now that the cat’s out of the bag, the reason we didn’t make the chorus line when we auditioned was because of your lard butt. The manager said they didn’t have hot pants wide enough to fit over your you know what.”

Mary, hooters straining against her very vogue emerald green gown, thrusts out her chest. “Tell the truth, sister. The reason we couldn’t cut it as showgirls here in Vegas is because they didn’t have shoes big enough to accommodate your boats!”

Lyn stomps her foot so hard it sets off the water jets, drenching all four hostesses. The sputtering Sharon shakes her bubble butt so hard that she bumps into Mary. . Mary doubles over, losing one of her hooters. Lyn, bobbing up and down to the pre-show music, catches it on the toe of her oversize shoe. The cacophony of noise has a rippling effect on the water, programming the jets to go at full throttle.

And the timing is perfect! Brenda, looking drop dead gorgeous in a strapless beaded pink gown, undulates out of the lobby. Her fans whistle and cheer. Brenda waves and flashes her mega watt smile. Oliver presents her with a bouquet of red roses and escorts her to a front row seat.

It’s incredible!
It’s fireworks on the water!
It’s the Dancing Fountain at Bellagio!

Against a mesmerizing desert sunset of lavender blue, the light show begins. To the pulsating beat of Luck Be A Lady, the jets dance and gyrate high into the sky, reflecting on the water in a kaleidoscope of gemstones.

Sopping wet and unable to stop themselves, the four hostesses file into a chorus line and kick up their heels in grand Vegas style. When the song ends, they curtsy in true showgirl splendor before rushing to greet Brenda.

And now that the entertainment is over, let’s party!

Oliver, the essence of proper etiquette in his black tux, looks handsome as he sets the food Brenda has requested on tables by the pool.

Roast beef, sourdough
bread, stuffed portobello mushrooms, Caesar salad and several cheeses (brie, edam, gouda, and gruyere).

A dessert table showcases strawberries and cream, Bavarian cream pudding, Dark chocolate pudding, German chocolate cake and a  Dark chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and featuring a replica of the cover for 'Sleeping With The Lights On.'

Bustling behind the bar, Oliver is serving Beaujolais wine and Chopin vodka martinis with a twist of lemon peel and a green olive. Belly up!

Before we go casino hopping, Brenda Whiteside  will read a teaser from
Sleeping With the Lights On.

And don’t forget to answer the following question for a chance to win a prize from Brenda.

What Broadway number would you like to see performed at the amazing Bellagio Fountain?


After two failed marriages and countless relationships, Sandra Holiday thinks she’s met the man to end her years of less than perfect choices; choices that not only derailed her travel-related career plans but also left her single and broke. 

Carson Holiday, a Las Vegas country crooner with swoon-inducing good looks, spent his adult life pursuing a recording contract and love, never holding on to either. After eighteen years, he drops back into Sandra’s life, reigniting an attraction he can’t deny.

When Carson reappears, Sandra must choose again.  Only this time, nothing’s as it seems.  A secret admirer, a redheaded stalker, and an eccentric millionaire throw her on a dangerous path, with Carson her only truth.

As life confronts her with yet another turning point, will her decisions find her eternally sleeping with the lights on – or will she finally discover a way to turn them off?


“When do you go back to Vegas?”

Carson hesitated. “In a day or two.”

“You sound rather vague.” And still allusive. What could be the big secret about this charity gig he couldn’t divulge?

“I have a few more things to find out. I’ll be out of here as soon as I get all my questions answered. It’s complicated.”

We’d reached the edge of my apartment complex.

“Carson, honestly, how complicated can a gig—”

Pulling me around, we stopped, facing each other. My head said run like hell, but my legs wouldn’t respond. Mushy from wine or Carson and moonlight. I couldn’t be sure which.

“Have lunch with me tomorrow, darlin’.” His fingers slipped from mine to gingerly brush along my forearm.
 The moonlight caught in his eyes. “Another hour of your time with a long lost friend?”

“Yes.” My voice went all husky and come-hither. I wanted to kick myself for being so easy.

“Good.” Grasping my hand again, he led me toward the door. “What’s the address of your office?”
I struggled to shake off the moon shadows and to remember where I worked. Once inside the building, I took a scrap of paper from my purse and wrote the address.

“I’ll walk you to your door and say goodnight,” he said, tucking the scrap of paper in his pocket. “Unless you want to have me in for a goodnight drink.”

I didn’t answer. If he’d only known the extent of my uncertainty at that moment, a little persistence might have made me cave.

“Okay, then—” His mouth gaped.

I followed his bewildered look to my apartment door.
Brenda has been writing all of her life in one way or another from the captions on her childish artwork to teenage psychedelic scrolls to her current novel.

After publishing several short stories, she turned to writing novels. Regardless of the length of her story, the characters drive her forward, taking her on their journey of discovery and love.

Her life is blessed with three creative soul mates. Her son, a singer/song writer, lives with his lady in a far off western town in the pines. Brenda and her husband, an excellent photographer, live in Minnesota, a nature wonderland that captured her heart eighteen years ago. They share their home with their dog, Rusty, who creates joy (and is the smartest dog in the world).

Visit Brenda at www.brendawhiteside.com.

To win a copy of  Brenda's book, all you have to do is just  leave a comment and your e-mail
Contest ends tomorrow and everyone who comments is elligible


  1. Fascinating excerpt.

    I have stayed at the Bellagio and you just made me re-live the wonderful time I had there, so thank you for that too.

    Of course the delicious Oliver wasn't there then. more's the pity.

  2. Now that the commotion has calmed a bit I can tell you how fun it is being here. The desserts are to die for! And even dripping wet you gals look great.

    Margaret, glad you stopped by!

  3. Brenda and the Fine Ladies roasting and toasting with the very sexy Oliver, thanks so much for my virtual tour of the Bellagio. I've never been. And I'm not really into show tunes, but wouldn't it be cool to see some classic rock song synchronized with those fountains? I'm thinking something by The Stones or Aerosmith. lol! Start me up or Back in the Saddle...now, that would be a sight!

  4. Good morning Brenda, welcome to your casino celebration, may I say how lovely you look in pink!

    Margaret, so glad you could join us.
    I'm sure Oliver will be at your beck and call as soon as he's finished serving Brenda with her refreshments - and of course Mary and Sharon will also be along soon.

  5. Hi Gayle, welcome to Brenda's celebration. Rock music synchronized to the fountains - now there's a thought!

  6. Oh I just love Las Vegas! Perfect way to start a Friday! Good Morning Ladies - you are all looking fantastic. Mary, your hooters are absolutely "outstanding." Oliver is too handsome as usual. Great excerpt Brenda. Congratulations and many sales.

  7. Hello Patsy -
    So pleased you could join the party, thanks for the compliment, you're looking pretty stunning yourself.
    Let's hope 'Luck will be a Lady' tonight! *grin*

  8. Don't forget the great food and cheap prices on Fremont Street and the light show!

  9. Oh fun, so glad you all made it.

    Lilly, I've put in a request for the music and it should be geared up by noon. Think how cool it will be when the sun goes down.

    I'm personally glad that Oliver is accustomed to Mary's "outstanding" hooters and breezed past to attend to my needs. I may look great in pink but it's very hard to compete with these three beautiful hosts.

  10. Can't miss Fremont Street - the way Vegas used to be. I actually (as opposed to virtually) like it better.

  11. Aw, Brenda, you are too kind, you look amazing!

    This is my first visit (virtually or literally) to the casino, what fun, and I love those fountains!

  12. Hello and welcome to your fabulous light show on the water, Brenda! You look beautiful and here's hoping for luck be a lady. Congratulations on Sleeping with the Lights On, love the excerpt. Viva Las Vegas!

  13. Hugs sisters, Lyn and Mary, looking good girls, even sopping wet. What fun we'll have, my butt is wiggling to the pulsating jets. OOOO I hope they'll play Shake Your Bootie so I can show 'em how a real woman shakes it!

  14. hello sweet sister-hostess - Lyn runs over and hugs Sharon.

    So glad we were able to mend your dress it's such a pretty colour, and your bubble butt is hardly noticeable when you stand with your back to the wall! *grin*.

  15. Hi Margaret and Patsy and Lilly, more hot divas, Vegas will never be the same!

  16. Lyn looks around - "Where's our Mary gone'. She's a bit top heavy these days, I reckon she's fallen flat on her face and rocked herself to sleep, teehee!

  17. Brenda, I've never been to Vegas but love to gamble. Betcha those pulsating dancing devils on the water are something to see, huh?

  18. Brenda love, you look simply stunning, my sweet. Might I offer you a glass of the finest bubbly, along with a platter of food. Viva Las Vegas! Wink

  19. Aren't my hostesses a hoot!? Yeah, shake your bootie gal. Now Sharon don't get too carried away with gambling. Unless you win! Then you can spot us all. Mmm...that is if I can get away from the food. Oliver - another martini please!

  20. Ladies ladies, y'all look gorgeous! Margaret, Patsy, Lilly, my pets, y'all are too kind, but my ego loves it. Here are some orange blossom martinis, Vegas style.

  21. A mead for you, Lyn my lovely, a perfectly chilled chardonnay for sweet Sharon, and a strawberry margarita for darlin' Mary.

  22. Mary's about to lose her hooters at the Elvis Chapel of Love, she lost her glasses in the fountain and thought the sign said Duke chapel of love. Even as we speak, she's marrying someone, just not sure who. Lyn, sweetie, go kick him into the fountain with one of your boats!

  23. lol!! Our Mary certainly is a hoot!

    Oliver, thank you so much for the mead - er, who did you want me to kick in the fountain, Sharon dear?

  24. Lyn dear, the man that just married Mary and her hooters cause he sure isn't Elvis or the DUKE! LOL Boot 'em good. Come on, Brenda, if we must we must!

  25. Brenda, I won't bet my bootie on the black jack. LOL

  26. Brenda, another sparkling orange blossom martini, shaken not stirred, my love

  27. ... or my booties either!

    That's OK then Sharon, just for a minute I thought you meant Oliver!

    Here goes then ... you imposter, that's for hoodwinking our sisterhostess Mary, no-one messes with the sisters!

    Lyn shoves the rotter in the rear with her dainty little foot and he falls into the fountain with a resounding SSS-PLAAAASH!

  28. HOW much has Brenda won so far?


  29. Oliver, my pet, you're so attentive. I think you could compete with Elvis any old day. (the live ones are so much better than the, um, no longer with us ones). Those imitators just can't compete with the real live original. Oh Mary, I think you should marry twice - there's plenty to go around if you get my meaning.

  30. The imposter's up for air, let me sit on him while Lyn and Brenda kick him

  31. OOPS Girls, he was a slick one, got away with Mary's hooters, pinched my you know what and stole the cash I won at the tables!

  32. Mary slinks into the room. Finally she has dumped the guy who tried to marry her. Not at all my kinda guy. I can't believe you all let me search for my hooter alone! Specially, well, whose fault was it!
    I have tried to glue them in. Whew.
    Your butt is hidden nicely in the dress you changed to Lyn. I knew that other one would split. And those shoes look wonderful on your humongous feet Lyn, so sparkly!
    Oliver, you always ignore us when we have a guest. You coulda helped ya know! Anyways Hi Brenda! Mary walks toward her slips on the drink Sharon spilled and goes flying into a huge ice sculpture. Both crash to the floor and tiny pieces of ice cover the area. Mary can't believe it. Thank goodness that there are dresses to change into. Ugh!

  33. Mary, don't look now but they're using your missing hooter in the light show...like a red rubber ball...
    Wow look how high it pulsates

  34. By the way. The guy at the wedding place says he never completed the ceremony. Thank God I'm not married!!! Not to a fake Elvis anyways. But you are all right. If at first you don't succeed...
    How many are we allowed??

  35. I see it Sharon. But that is not my hooter. See? Mary pops both falsies out to show Sharon. She grabs one an tosses it to Lyn. They throw it back and forth as Mary races from one side to the other to catch it.
    She finally takes a pin and deflates Sharon's bubble butt. It explodes with a loud noise. The noise scares Lyn and sends Sharon flying into her. Lyn slides on her boats to the other side of the room. When she hits the wall her feet snap up and the front half of her foot faces the ceiling. Mary takes her fake hooter and replaces it. Staring at Sharon's butt. Or what was once a butt. It is flat as a pancake. Mary mentions a bicycle pump to Sharon who swings at her and misses. Trying to flatten Lyn's feet will be quite a job. Hmmmm...

  36. Oh Brenda you do look lovely. Sorry about the spastic behavior. But--
    Where is the Duke when you need him??

  37. Oh, no prob. You ladies are hard to keep up with. Damn these stilettos anyway!

  38. Mary dear, calm down, I don't expect for one minute the Duke will turn up hre! (Lyn smooths herself down and tries to regain her dignity.)
    You know I never realised Sharon's bubble butt wasn't real. How fascinating!

  39. Awfully quiet. Do you think we can fix your feet Lyn or do you need the emergency room. And I see Oliver has helped to inflate your BB Sharon. Sorry, my bad...
    So let's go do more gambling! I like winning! Anything! Yee Hah!!

  40. SShhhhh, it's real, virtually real anyways! Just like your feet dear. It just means that it's full of hot air. Oops, I'll pay for that one, I'm sure of it!
    Brenda take those shoes off and stay with us. You never know what will happen!
    Brenda slaps at two guys who are a bit too close. She growls at them!!!!

  41. That growl was meant to be alluring. That didn't work. Off with my shoes. And I need to make a few phone calls to get some more party animals here. Be back soon.

  42. My butt isn't real...that's news to me. Oh look it's pulsating to shake your bootie, guess hot air is good

  43. Sounds like a great party you have going there. . .

    Now, someone please, please pretty please, tell me why he had a bewildered look . . . .

  44. Well my hooters aren't real so stands to reason that your butt is well, an added feature. But yes, to the hot air. LOL!
    Did we break Lyn's feet or do they bend like gumby??
    When Brenda left to get her phone,a whole crew of hot guys followed her. Why doesn't that happen to me???

  45. This is Brenda, via cell. I seem to have a few, um, guests to attend to. Oh my! But someone answer booklister because I've lost track. O la la. Bet you girls wish you were with me right now. Could you send Oliver this way?

  46. Hi booklister, have a martini and the answer will hit you smack dab between the eyeballs. LOL

  47. Hi Booklister -

    sorry. we don't know the answer! Perhaps we're supposed to buy the book to find out, LOL!

  48. Oh ha ha ha. That bewildered look. Well, if the woman you're out with, the woman you used to be married to has a sign on her door that says 'TRAMP' you might be bewildered, too!

  49. He has that look because he can't believe his eyes!!
    We AR&T girls are so hot and with our hot guest who wouldn't look bewildered. Hachacha! Does that help???
    Mary looks bewildered as she chases Sharon to get her hooter back before she loses it or tosses it to the dogs!
    Oh No! Nibby give me back my boob!!!
    Help me somebody, please, help me!!!

  50. Oh that bewildered, sorry, Mary looks bewildered. Love that word! Bewitched and bothered too!

  51. I need to start some trouble! Any ideas anyone??

  52. Mary sweetie, you don't need to look for trouble - it usually finds you!

    Look what you've done already - lost a hooter, although I'm not surprised Sharon ran off with it, after what you did to her, nearly got married to an imposter, burst our Sharon's bubble butt, bent my oversize shoes out of shape (good job my little feet can manage without shoes) and made poor Brenda all bewitched, bothered and bewildered" What we gonna do with you?

  53. I am so there! Definitely, keep playing Luck Be A Lady Tonight at the fountain. Puuuurrrrrfect.

    Man, am I full!

    Oh, and may I borrow one of those dresses? Loved the blue one.

  54. Mary smiles a huge one! Did I do all that? Yippie! I am a success!
    Ain't life grand everyone!
    Fun, fun, laugh and tease. My motto!
    Oh and read good books like Brenda's along the way!

  55. Hi Lynne

    Glad you're enjoying Brenda's party.

    Of course you can wear the blue dress, it loooks just your size, we always have spare gowns and costumes at our Roasts, for our guests, or in case of -er- accidents!

  56. Lynne honey, the blue gown is so perfect, a lovely midnight blue to enhance your lovely features.

  57. I don't know about the rest of then Brenda, but I'm for one bewitched bothered and bewildered. Perhaps another excerpt is in order

  58. Okay, okay. Let me put my drink down and peel off these cute guys. Here's a few words from Chapter One.

    I woke before Wesley that morning, the first morning waking up next to him. I silently yawned, stretching my feet against the cowboy sheets tucked tight at the foot of the bed. Greeting the morning lying between sheets with broncos and rodeo riding cowboys galloping across and under me, brought a smile to my face, not that I wouldn’t have been smiling anyway. The sex was good. The cowboy sheets added an element of quirkiness I expected from Wesley. As I gently stretched, imagining my pointed toe nudged a lariat-twirling rider off his horse, the muffled electronic notes of Yellow Submarine rudely invaded my rodeo. I rolled out from under the sheets as gently as possible and hit the floor on all fours with a thud. Looking back at the still sleeping Wesley, I said a silent thank you for plush carpet. I didn’t bother standing. In three, hand-knee crawling movements, I reached my destination and yanked open my purse to extinguish the now irritating jingle.
    “Hello,” I said in a loud whisper.
    A knot instantly formed in the middle of my stomach. I recognized the voice, the baritone drawl, even after all those years. “Yes?”
    “Hey, darlin’. It’s Carson.”
    I looked over my shoulder at Wesley, still tucked under his cowboy sheets from the waist down, breathing the steady rhythm of sleep. One sinewy arm draped across his chest, the other cradled his head. I patted my legs, checking my state of consciousness; reasonably sure I hadn’t dozed off into one of my bizarre dreams.
    “You know. Carson Holiday, your favorite ex-husband.”
    “I know who you are.”
    “I can barely hear you, darlin’. Did I catch you at a bad time?”
    After a year without sex, getting a phone call from ex-husband number two, while in a new man’s bedroom with him less than four feet away, is definitely a bad time. “Yes, kind of, Carson. I’m…I’m…” Spit it out, Sandra. A grown woman of fifty can certainly have an affair without feeling the need to make excuses. Especially to an ex-husband. Life goes on after you, Carson. Oh, hell. “I’m …on my way out the door…with my neighbor’s sleeping baby.”
    “Can I call you later?” he drawled.
    Why? After eighteen years, why would he contact me? I heard Wesley roll over behind me. “Later.” I could barely hear myself.
    “I think you said okay. So, I’ll talk to you then. And by the way, I’m here in Minneapolis. Bye.”

  59. oooh, that is such a tantalising excerpt Brenda, thanks for posting. Wow, I just wanted to keep reading - and where can I get a set of those cowboy sheets?

  60. Those sheets would be great for Lyn!
    She's a cowgirl at heart. She keeps trying to lasso and whip us. Good thing she ain't so good at it. LOL!
    Should I behave. I'd also like to mention Lyn looks down and sees small feet. We look at them and say Whoa! What flattened and lengthened those clodhoppers? But she's awfully cute.

  61. Knowing Wesley he had them custom made. Sorry ladies. I think you'd be too wild in bed with them anyway. Probably best not to go there.

  62. LOL Brenda, sweet girl, I'm sure we don't know what you mean!

  63. I'll have you know Mary, sweetie, I may not rope so good but I do know the way to make a whip crack! (Now, where did I put that bull whip?)

  64. I think I need them not wild enough!
    I say search the net! You never know!
    Let's gamble girls! I got $10.- I'm willing to blow the whole wad!
    Come on ladies, I think I see Gerard Butler at the tables! I'm gonna see if I can double my money. Should I use the quarter or dollar ones? If I win I'll go to the card tables!!!!Might need more then $10 huh???

  65. Methinks it's Gerard Butler who's the attraction more than the thought of winning a loda dosh! :)

  66. I know you are Lyn, that's what I said. Poor man who doesn't please you huh??! LOL! As if!

  67. *Grin*, Mary, as I said before, I'm sure I don't know what you mean! ;)

    Look, Sharon and Brenda have got there first while we've been chatting and they're one each side of Gerard.
    We've no chance now! Who else can you spot of the good looking male variety?

  68. Wow that Josh knows how to give a kiss. grin

  69. LOL totally made me laugh! You have a fabulous blog! I want to award you with one of my homemade awards: Powerful Woman Writer Award for all the hard work you do!

    Go to http://astorybookworld.blogspot.com/p/awards.html and pick up your award.

  70. Oh BTW Brenda, wonderful excerppt, off to find those cowboy sheets. Sigh

  71. Hi Deidra

    Welcome to Brenda's celebraion and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the award! We'll place it in our sidebar with pride!

  72. Sheets and ropes and whips, oh my. I think I'm liking this. But I've lost my fortune on the penny machine so I'm off to wade in the fountain. I'll tie this pink frock around my waist and...ah, that's better.

  73. Lol Brenda, I'm really glad to see you have pretty matching underwear!

    I think I'll join you to cool off, let me just slip off these oversize shoes Sharon and Mary make me wear...

  74. Poor thing, she has huge feet and when she looks down she sees small feet. My dear,like I've said before; Denial ain't just a river in Egypt!

    Award! Yeah, I love awards!! If I'd have known about awards, Lord knows how far ida gone! Thanks for the award! Mary smiles at the kind gesture! I still could find you smaller shoes Lyn. But they'd pinch your huge toes!!!

  75. Your just jealous Mary sweetie, I can't help having dainty petite little tootsies! *Sigh* like the rest of me, but I wouldn't mind borrowing your -er- enhancements occasionally!

  76. Thank you so much for the lovely award Deidra, we accept with pride. smile

  77. Here, feel free to use them. Mary hands the removable hooters and Lyn is gonna use them later. What fun! Me jealous of your feets? Well maybe half of them. TeeHee!!!

  78. LOL Brenda, just heard on the news it's National Underware Day, show it for the camera, girl

  79. No Mary, I did not say national hooter day!

  80. No need to pout Lyn, when it's national foot day, you'll win by a country mile, wicked grin

  81. Well looks like the party's going to go on to midnight, what fun. Me -I'm going to dry off after my dip in the fountain and catch a little sleepeye if I can find a nice handsome hunk who's just won a fortune at blackjack to act as my pillow LOL!

    Leave a little food and drink for tomorrow sisters - the party doesn't end until the fat lady sings - and we have no fat ladies! :)

    Oh look, Brenda's surrounded by admirers again ...

  82. Mary grabs Gerard whilst no one is looking. Sharon has Josh Halloway, who is Lyn with? The shoe store man. Yawn, come on Gerard, I need a backrub! See you tomorrow. Oliver makes the best waffles. Yummy! Nite all!

  83. I learned to wear cute undies from Sandra (in Sleeping with the Lights On). She's into those thong numbers and you wouldn't believe what she does with them. No more hints - have to use your imagination. Surprise!
    If you're game for tomorrow, I'll be here, too. Okay, who's got my room key??

  84. Everyone is having such a great time. I would love to pay a visit to the Bellagio myself.


  85. Hi Marybelle, join us for a drink at the fountain before Oliver serves up breakfast. Where oh where is our guest of honor, did she sneak off with Josh when I was gambling. Brenda honey! time to wake up

  86. Sharon and Lyn and Mary are in the fountain, searching for the shirts they lost gambling.
    Well, sisters, what happens at the roast stays at the roast. If we must bare our hooters, we must. This is sin city after all. Viva Las Vegas! Let's make a run for it on the count of three...

  87. Ladies ladies, rise and shine, breakfast is served! Fresh squeezed orange juice, mimosa, sweet raspberries, black cherries, peaches, blueberry waffles, fluffy pancakes, lightly scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, muffins, croissants, coffee and tea. Brenda, my pet, heaping platter, here we go love, take a bite.

  88. Oooh breakfast! Lyn hugs her shoes to her chest as the three make a run for it.Good job we brought plenty of spare clothes.

    Morning Mary, Sharon, Oliver - Brenda and all the guests, see you in a minute when I've covered up, Lol!

    Wow what a night that was, Brenda you are amazing!

  89. I'm amazing??!! You can't possibly blame me for all this fun. I picked the spot and you set the tone. I'm not normally a follower but you gals are great leaders.

    I left my heels in the room, not sure what happened to that lovely pink gown. Maybe Sharon and Lyn will find it in the fountain this morning. Are these leopard skin lounge pants okay? It is Vegas. Mmm...Oliver. I didn't know I was this hungry.

    And there's still time to win a copy of my book. This is too much fun.

  90. Sounds like a good time. Good luck with your release!

  91. Hi Jerri.

    Welcome to the Roast, there's still plenty of food and drink left and I think we've sobered up a little (vain hope?)

    Brenda you look terrific in those mock leopard skin trousers,!

  92. Why thank you, Lyn, dahling. Very Vegas, don't you know.

  93. Oh yes Brenda sweetie,

    It's actually my very first visit!

  94. I wouldn't make a habit of spending too much time here. I mean how many party dresses can one ruin in a year? But it is where my hero in Sleeping with the Lights On lives, so it does have a certain appeal.

    Things are quieting down a bit. Oliver - can I get one more before you begin cleaning up?

  95. Well, if your hero's spending most of his time here...

    that does explain the attraction of the place!

    Oh here comes Oliver with a 'special' for you.

  96. How much time do I have until the drawing? Looks like the party is shutting down.

  97. Here we go then, Brenda, my sweet petite, one more for the rroad, a orange blossom martini with cute umbrella!

  98. It's entirely up to you Brenda, if you'd like to draw the winner now, that's fine,or you can leave it a bit longer. I don't think we're going to have any more latecomers.

    We've enjoyed your cassino hop so much,despite falling in the fountain a few times! :) Thanks for being such a sporting and fun guest.

  99. Brenda darling, stay as long as you like, it's the town of no clocks after all wink. You've been a delight. Big hugs for success!

  100. Well then - the winner is.......

    Deirdre Eden-Coppel

    I'll contact Deirdre and go from there.

    Oh my gosh, I've had so much fun. I've got to wash my hair (I think there were fish in that fountain), get out of these leopard pants and into something more fitting for my next engagement this afternoon.

    Anyone still hanging around? Well, party on without me. Oliver looks a bit weary but he's a real sport as are Mary, Lyn and Sharon. Thanks Ladies!!

  101. Well Sharon, Mary and I will stay for a while longer - just in case! As Sharon says, we don't have any clocks hereand anyone's welcome to pop in, until we have to re-locate for the next Roast. (Can't guarantee there'll be much left in the way of food, though, LOL!)

    Wishing you even more success Brenda, may you continue to go from strength to strength.


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