As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Larion Wills' Mexican celebration for her latest release 'Twisted Wind'

Stagecoaches line the drive, horses are double parked and guests flood the grounds. Lyn, Mary, and Sharon, have arrived at the Hacienda of their good friend the famous author Larion Wills. She is celebrating the release of her latest book'Twisted Wind'.

They ride up on horseback. Mary holding her hooters from bouncing, Lyn trying not to drag the toe of her boot on the ground as her horse trots up to the hitching post, and Sharon, butt stuck in the saddle.

“Help me will you guys.” Sharon cannot get out of the western saddle.
“Yeah me too!” Quips in Lyn, her huge feet stuck in her stirrups. “How!” Mary has bounced herself woozy in the saddle, her main goal to keep herself in the beautiful Mexican dress she is wearing.

Quick as a whip, Oliver plucks Sharon from the horses back. He pulls Lyn’s stirrup from her oversized boot. Mary he hands a couple of safety pins and a smile. 

He touches the side of his nose and heads over to an open barbeque where large hunks of meat send a rich, tasty, smell their way as they slowly cook over open fires to tender perfection. His cooks blot the meat with cooking mops full of tasty Marinade.

He has prepared a Mexican feast that is a delight to the eyes! Huge platters of tacos, Jicama, red and green chile enchiladas, tamales, and stuffed meat patties look delicious on the tables set up in the courtyard.

There is Abondigas soup, Chile Verde, Menudo, Piccadillo, and traditional Arroz con Pollo sits ready to dive into. There are bowls of guacamole, and salsas of all kinds. Sopas,sit next to warm flour tortillas, corn tortillas, and bolillas rolls.

Mangos, Papaya, Guavas, Guayabas, and fresh Loquats are arranged on platters. Yummy custards, flans, churros,  and a huge Margarita cake with Larian’s book cover on it are more then one can handle waiting for.

The girls are welcomed into Larian’s beautiful Mexican retreat where they meet up Larian. Larian looks exquisite in her beautiful white  dress.

“Welcome ladies,” Larian exclaims as she opens a large bottle of tequila with a worm in it, and hands it to Oliver, who has just walked in. He quickly hides the bottle so the girls will miss the worm. Dressed as a Mexican bandido, he twirls his new grown temporary moustache and taking the bottle proceeds to whip up delicious strawberry Margaritas and hand them all around. They all raise a glass and toast.

“To books.” They all tip their drinks up to Larian in a toast to her good sales.

Suddenly there is a commotion outside. Gunshots ring out and they rush to the closest window.

“Bandidos,” whispers Lyn. “I hope they don’t try to steal us away.” As Lyn speaks, Mary and Sharon notice that the heavy wooden front door has been left open and in the doorway stand three masked bandits!

“Save Larian,” all three of the hostesses of the Author Roast and Toast yell to Oliver, who discreetly takes Larian out the back door.

“Touch me and I’d step on you!” Lyn exclaims as she yells at the bandit who puts a sack over her head and throws her over his shoulder. He yells to his buddies, “grab the other two, this has to stop!” He races to his horse

Sharon faces her bandit. “Touch me and I’ll sit on you.”

Her adversary laughs and puts a bag over her head, and runs to his horse with Sharon over his shoulder.

“I'll smother you,” yells Mary. But soon she too has a bag over her head and tosses her over his shoulder as he races to his own horse. They turn as one and ride away with the girls as captives.

Frantic, Larion races from the back to the open hacienda door skidding on her lovely Spanish tiles. “What will we do, the hostesses have been kidnapped by bandits!”  It’s a good thing that Nibby and Cuddles aren’t here.

Oliver smiles and offers her his arm, then guides her out the door to her waiting and shocked guests.

Larion takes a sip from her delicious Margarita and sits behind a mound of her books to sign for people.

“Hope they are rescued. Are they safe, will they be back?” She asks him  anxiously.

He nods and chuckles -  just another 'Author Roast and Toast'.

Twisted Wind -  blurb:

If the horse hadn’t bolted, he’d have been dead three years before, hung for a crime he never committed.
Already a wanted man, why not take his revenge?

Like a desert dust devil, William’s life had twisted out of control. The charge was made, he was pistol whipped in the street, and roped to a horse to be dragged through the town. If the horse hadn’t bolted, he’d have been hung that night. Everything he’d work for and achieved was lost, leaving him with only one faint hope of some day proving his was not an attacker of women. Even then he’d done too much to regain the ranch he’d worked so hard to build, letting his obsession for revenge turn him into an outlaw. He should have left months before, not held up that last stage and thrown what was left of his life into jeopardy and chaos. Who would ever have thought that one woman passenger would cause the charge to be made again, bring the wrath of El Puma down on his head, and sign his death warrant? She was beautiful, cold and unforgiving, blaming him for the attack on her. If she didn’t kill him herself, Puma would.


They were in a circle around her, hooting and laughing as they slowly undressed her. She stood as still as a wooden carving as they took turns jumping out of the circle to pull a button loose. Her jacket lay in the dust a few feet from her, and only one button still held her blouse in place. Before he could stop them, one jumped forward, flipped the last button free and tore the blouse off.

In Spanish William roared at them as he leaped from a still-running horse. "Fools! Have you no respect?"

"It is as we always do," one exclaimed in surprise.

"Not to ladies." He leaned down and retrieved the woman's blouse. He gave it a violent snap to shake the dust from it before he held it out to her, but he did not forget the part he played no matter how angry he was. He switched to English with a heavy accent. "My pardon this has happened."

Her hand did not move to accept the blouse. Even though he stood directly in front of her, her gray, blazing eyes, in a face that challenged the angels in beauty, did not look at him. Estimating her age to be no more than eighteen at first glance, he realized she was at least a few years older as he moved, putting himself in line with her gaze. She very deliberately shifted her eyes away.

"You are right," he told her quietly. "I am not fit to look upon." He raised her arm, draped the blouse over it, and with a short bow added, "We go now."

As he turned, words from her, cold and hard, stopped him with a jerk. "I will have my locket back," she said, her contempt cutting like a sword.

"You have stolen from her?" he demanded of his men.

Never had any of them seen El Primero angry. The guilty man stepped forward, digging into his pocket. He kept his eyes to the ground, afraid to face the cold fury, and held the locket out with a trembling hand. "The chain is broken."

William turned the locket in his hand—gold, very old, and beautifully crafted with a filigree design covering the front. He could understand why the man had taken it and why she wanted it back.

"Tie it," she ordered as William held it out to her.

He stepped behind her and draped the chain over her head—a head that barely reached his shoulder with hair the color of spun gold—to see the man had not been gentle in taking it. There was a welt on her neck where the chain had been ripped off and below it, barely showing from beneath the edge of her chemise, was a mark he could not believe, distracting him from tying the chain. That Manual had scratched her breaking the chain, yes, but to strike her? The mark was there, yet as he touched it gently to verify what his eyes saw, he realized the bruising was older and fading, the scab nearly healed.

Larriane AKA Larion Wills,  two names one author, thousands of stories

Buy links: http://www.swimmingkangaroo.com  with nine to choose from
Larion Wills, a multi-genre author, also writes under the name of Larriane Wills. From science fiction to western romances she holds up to her tag of ‘two names, one author, thousands of stories.’  Be sure to read the Little Sam’s AngleA Gallows Waited, (Swimming Kangaroo Books) and watch for White Savage, Tarbet, and Mark of the Sire coming soon from Muse It Up Publishing. Born in Oklahoma, but raised in Arizona she feels a native to the state and has settled in the high desert country. In a quiet, rural area with a family who tolerates her writer’s single-mindedness, she presents us with a series of unique westerns while still producing contemporary romances, many laced with paranormal settings, all with strong characterizations and suspenseful plots, capable of dragging you into a story in a genre you thought before you didn’t care for. At her website,http://www.larriane.com , you can keep abreast of releases under both pen names, and she invites you to contact her at larriane@larriane.com

White SavageLariane Wills' book White Savage has been released!  Find it at:

To win a copy of 's book, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
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  1. A warm welcome Larion. Wow, this will be a fun day. Congratulations on Twisted Winds, it sounds so exciting. I love all the food Enjoy your spotlight

  2. Hugs and air kisses sisters, wow that Western saddle is rough on the fanio. LOL

  3. Girls, we must outsmart the masked bandidos so we can get back to Larion and the guests. I'm sure Jessie will soon come to my rescue. Maybe even you know who. wink

  4. Larion my lovely, you look so delicious. Here is a strawberry margarita and platter of food. Dig in and enjoy!

  5. such a shame those nasty banditos took the girls away, but what fun. hope they get back in time to help eat all this food up. what a wonderful party.

  6. Hi Larion

    Sending this message via Cuddles. These bandits aren't too bright and if 'shh you know who' hears Mary's been kidnapped we'll soon be rescued, if not, I'm sure we'll find a means of escape!

  7. no--ah, I mean you better hurry. tee hee. Oliver and I are holding down the fort, but if you kidnapper is like Teresa's you're not in any hurry anyway. you'll be planting your fannies right back in the saddle to go after him the same way she did.

  8. LOL you're right Lorian, I love your excerpt from 'Twisted Wind' I have to admit I rather envied her - who knew we'd soon be in the same situation ourselves (don't think our captors are quite as hunky as hers though)

    Never mind, we'll bravely soldier on until we find a way of escaping - Hope Oliver's taking good care of you!

  9. oh, he is. by the time I finish this first luscious drink, I'll be silly. Not much of a drinker, but today is special. oh, oh, White Savage as been released. I've just got to let everyone know.

    It's another western romance, with the lady saving the day. we've got to let folks know it wasn't just the men of the old west who were tough and determined.

  10. oh, he is. by the time I finish this first luscious drink, I'll be silly. Not much of a drinker, but today is special. oh, oh, White Savage as been released. I've just got to let everyone know.

    It's another western romance, with the lady saving the day. we've got to let folks know it wasn't just the men of the old west who were tough and determined.

  11. oops. now it isn't that I thought that needed to be said twice. I told you, i'm not much of a drinker. I twitched on the button. heh, heh.

  12. Whew. Thank goodness, Jessi and the gang rescued me and brought me back, Larion. Lyn and Mary are riding in with the Duke. We sure didn't want to miss the party and poor Oliver can't serve food drinks and entertain guests. He's only one man, a handsome one at that. wink And he certainly has his eye on you

  13. Larion, perfectly all right to repeat such fabulous news twice. CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS. OOPS, best stop drinking doubles, Oliver

  14. they're back, they're back, they're safe. let's celebrate. pass the drinks Oliver, and excuse me for a bit. My mother just arrived on the stage and I have to get her settled. Keep the drinks cold and the food hot. I'll be back as soon as I can.

  15. I keep telling you I didn't want to be rescued. The only reason I left was the Duke was the one who came to save us. You know how good buddies we are.
    I'm just saying those bandits were hot! Except for the one with the missing front teeth. Didn't he ever hear of implants. Oh well, I gave him my number maybe mine will call.
    Oh never mind there's Josh Halloway.
    He came with Brad, Gerard and a bunch of other cowboy wannabes. Poor Lyn, her bandito keep trying to take her boots, said they were perfect for a house for his kitties. We stopped him though. Ah Larion, don't you just love the food Oliver made. What a feast!!

  16. Mary hands Sharon a soft cushy pillow to sit on. Her poor bubble butt took a beating. No nobody hit her but just imagine the poor thing with that huge appendage bouncing along at a trot for miles!
    Here you are sweetie. Sharon is not amused. Hmmmm. Just trying to help ya know. I wasn't the one necking with my bandit.

  17. Aw, thanks Mary sweetie, you know what a good sport I am about my fine little asset. Oh no, here comes the toothless bandino, bouncing your hooters like red rubber balls...and look...he's using Lyn's boots as buckets to draw water from the well.

  18. Wow he must be thirsty!!! Mary takes her appendages back,stuffs them down over her real ones and smiles.
    Whatever one can do for the roast, one must do.
    Sharon didn't notice the sign Mary stuck to her bubble butt. "Pinch Me"
    Now that ought a be funny! Tee Hee!

  19. Mary, the masked bandinos just rode into town, hide

  20. oh, you've come to abduct Lorion, oh no

  21. Larion is gone! Look Sharon! Sharon, Mary and Lyn turn to see Larion picked up by a masked bandit. He throws her over his saddle and gallops off before even Oliver can react!
    Oh No!!! What are we gonna do girls? A loud commotion begins when the guests hear of the kidnapping. Even the Duke won't go after her. She has been taken by the worst bandit ever!
    El Cheapo! He is so handsome it's said that women pay to be with him!
    And now he has Larian. Hmmmm. Maybe we should let her stay for a bit?? LOL! No quick girls grab your horses we're going after her!!!!! The ART hostesses to the rescue!!!Why is Oliver laughing???

  22. Mary has galloped after Larion and lost her and the bandit. Now Mary pulls her horse up and slows down. She looks around and sees nothing but desert and cactus'. Uh Oh...

  23. Uh-oh Mary, are we lost?

    You know I don't think Laurean minded being kdnapped by that bandit at all, in fact she was positively smirking! LOL! I think he reminded her of the hero of 'Twisted Wind!

    I hope he doesn't keep her too long though, I'm rather hoping for another excerpt from 'Twisted Wind' and maybe a taster from 'White Savage'! (Ooh, I do love a good Western romance!)

    Now let's see, which way is the sun at the moment ...

  24. Directly overhead. That won't help!
    And Sharon was going so fast my horse couldn't keep up with her.
    Do you think she found Larion and saved her? Well, she coulda. Or she could have been taken captive again!
    Gosh the West sure is wild. When we find Larian, we'll get another excerpt. If only we knew where we were... Hmmm.

  25. Oh Larion darling! A WORM? Did it fall in the strawberry marguerita? I thought Oliver was leaving me a present. I haven't seen him in sooooooo long. Now I find he's been spending time with you today. 'Course I understand his fascination. I wonder, who will you be for him? Larion or Larianne? Frankly, I enjoy talking to both of you. And with all this lovely celebration, well, I can see both of you now too.

    Exciting book my friend. You are something else and one to keep an eye on. Hugs.

  26. Bad news Mary and Lyn, they got Larion's mother and are demanding hooters, big bubbles and don't ya love it, head bandino has a big foot fetish.
    Dare we sacrifice our fine assets for Larion's sweet mama?

  27. gasping, panting, I made it back. didn't wait to be rescued. like Teresa I took care of that blackheart myself. I mean I couldn't miss my own party, now could I? and there's always, as Scarlett was known to say, tomorrow. Have the others gotten back from rescuing me? Oh, Oliver, I am so parched. one of those strawberry goodies, PLEASE.

  28. Karen, grab your horse and help us get the girls. Might get ugly, are you game

  29. Karen, Karen, are you still here? Has anyone seen Karen? oh, I hope I haven't missed her. Isn't she a sweetie?

  30. Game? I love games. Can I play the kidnap game? Tie me up, maybe? Oh...sorry, wrong forum. Yes, yes. I'm game. Anywhere there's a damsel in distress there's bound to be hunky guys around. *winks at Oliver*

  31. Now we're out here looking for Larion's mother, she's been taken. I'll sacrifice my hooters for her!!!
    Let's do it girls!

  32. are we all back yet? what chaos. here I am stuffing myself until my stays are suffocating me. ouch. what a lady has to endure to be a lady these days. Poor Teresa included. here a sample.

    “Are you not El Primero Sabre?” Paco had asked, and William had shaken his head. Hiding behind a full beard to cover the scars, tinted hair and skin, he denied any special abilities. Had he any, he would have known to never rob that last stage. She was beautiful, cold and unforgiving. His men had shamed her, another attacked her that night. She blamed him, swearing she would name him as her attacker and see him hang.

    Silence in the desert night wasn't silence at all. Noise from night creatures surrounded her; many sounds she had forgotten existed but recognized immediately. A nearby cricket resumed his nightly song once she was still and no longer disturbed him. An owl hooted in the distance. Soon he would silently swoop through the air to snatch up some small rodent. Maybe she wouldn't see the attack, but the hunt would happen just the same, tonight as last night and the nights to come, a constant, something that gave comfort in that it never changed. The scurry in the brush to her right was probably a rabbit. The sound was too slight for a coyote.
    "Come to know what each sound is," she heard in her mind and smiled with the memory. Those words had been spoken by one of the two men she would never hate, the man who had given her that locket on her sixteenth birthday. He had taken her to the desert many years ago and told her to be silent, a difficult task for a young child.
    She could hear him as plainly as she had then. "Hear the sound and let your eyes tell you what it is. Next when you hear the sound you will know without your eyes if this is a sound to fear." Her smile faded as she remembered other words. "Remember that you are not alone in this world, that not all in it is yours for the wanting. There are things you must earn. You alone can earn them."
    She had asked, "How will I know what they are?"
    "Think all are, then you will never be mistaken."
    If only she had listened to him, understood, and had never left him and his teachings. The thought turned her cold and sent a shiver down her back. She sought after other memories to give her solace.
    "Always listen to that around you," came to her sharply.
    Her shiver wasn't from the memory of words or the night air. The night was the same, yet different. Carlos had warned her. She had forgotten to listen to what was around her. The creatures were still and watching and not because of her. They were used to her presence. She whirled to see the shadow as it moved towards her. Her sudden movement startled him, and he stopped short in the shadow of a scrub oak.
    "Taking a little walk?" he asked in a hoarse whisper.
    "I don't want company," she said curtly.
    "Is that any way to be? A pretty lady like you ought to have company," he said as he moved towards her.
    "Stay away from me." She turned slightly, prepared to run. He saw it and rushed her, knocking her to the ground and pinning her with his weight. "You filthy—"

  33. There's Karen. Oh, I'm so glad you didn't leave. Had a few hours taking car of Mama, but all's well now. Home again. You know, I have it pretty easy with this beautiful hacienda. Now Te in White Savage didn't have it so good. Teresa did, her father being a big cattle ranch owner, but Te's husband--and she says that with a slight snarl--was a poor dirt farmer. See what I mean.

    “You could have warned Henry that he was lying.”
    Clay looked at her, but he didn’t answer.
    “Yes,” she said with a nod, “a wise man would have asked questions. Henry never did look much below the surface of anything that offered him cash.” Without hesitation she asked, “Why did you agree to stay?”
    He answered instantly. “Because you’re frightened.”
    Shocked that he’d seen so quickly what she worked so hard to conceal, she recovered, smiling at him with mockery. “You care?”
    “No one should be afraid of living,” he said, putting his cup down as he rose to leave.
    “No,” she cried, knowing the real fear sounded in her voice. Her gesture, reaching out to detain him, was one with an edge of panic to it. It shamed her, him seeing it. She withdrew, bowing her head and crossing her hands in her lap. “I didn’t mean to insult you,” she said softly, damning herself for being so bold. She had hoped he was different than Henry and was a man who didn’t think it beneath him to speak to a woman as if she had a mind of her own.
    “Didn’t. Chores to do,” he said, carefully placing the chair under the table.
    “Nothing that has to be done tonight. I have already fed the chickens.”
    “Cow to be milked. Wood. Water,” he said, pointing to the near empty wood box by the stove and empty bucket by the sink, all things that Henry never did for her.
    “I wish you were not so stingy with your words. You’re going to leave, aren’t you? The least you can do is let me enjoy the sound of your voice tonight.”
    His reaction to her words was startling. His face hardened, and he looked angry.
    “Amuses you?” he asked tersely.
    “No, it pleasures me. Your deep baritone and the soft way you have of saying your words is…” She paused, searching for the way to express it. Embarrassed she finished with, “soothing.”
    She didn’t recognize his accent, but she thought he might be from the south. She knew Southerners had a way of dropping off some of the hard sounding letters, only Clay didn’t drop them. He just softened them. “Water” sounded more like “waher,” only there was enough of the “T” sound to let you know it was there. Same with the “D.” She’d only meant to compliment him. Instead she had made him angrier. She could see it flash in his eyes as he turned his back to her and walked out. She clenched her hands together and pressed her lips tight to keep from calling out to him. She had forgotten her place again, forgotten that women were to be seen not heard.
    She sat there, biting her lip, clenching her hands, certain he was going to leave until she heard an axe ringing as it struck wood. She flew from the chair to look out the door, nearly tripping over the dog. Clay was there. Still, she sank in dejection.
    “Wood, water, and milking. Then he will leave,” she told the dog. “I think I am too lonely to even care. He is not a pleasant man.”
    She shifted just enough to peer around the edge of the window frame. “But he is a fine man to look upon.”

  34. Oh, Karen, I'm all Larion today. I left Larriane in the closet. heh, heh. She's for science fiction and fantasy, not that we aren't having a fantastic time today what with all the kidnappings. Now maybe we can all settle down to just eating and drinking.

  35. You sure have a mighty fine way of putting scenes together. The ink from your pen is electrifying. Great excerpts!

    Oliver, *fingertip flutters over his pecs* can you get me a marguerita?

  36. don't he just make your heart go petterpat?

  37. Yeah, Larion. Let's call it my heart. hehehe

  38. Hi everyone, hi Karen! *waves*

    Ok, your mum's safe, Larian, I gave those oversize boots my fellow hostesses make me wear to the leader of the bandidos and he was so pleased he let us all go!

    Mmm, a strawberry maritini would go down rather well, Oliver dear.

    What wonderful excerpts Larion, I don't know which one I like the sound of best, they both seem like wonderful reads - and I'd love to know more about your Science Fiction and Fantasy ones too - it seems we both likethe same genres!

  39. heh, heh, Karen. and Lyn, you want me to let Larriane out? Ummm, well, okay, but just blurbs, but how about another western from Larion first?
    A Gallows Waited:
    The whole thing was crazy! Tower tried to gun down a saddle tramp looking for work. Instead he made Gus hear his confession, swear to care for the man he just wounded, and witness his will leaving half of his wealth to the man he just tried so hard to kill and half to his bride of only a few hours. If all that had not been bizarre enough, denies he is who Tower thought he was, and despite all his warning, Elizabeth is drawn to the cold-harded, hate-driven man, saying he is who Tower thought he was. But then no one listened to Elizabeth.

  40. Great excerpts! Love it!!
    Everyone has been saved now except Sharon! Wonder if she doesn't want to be saved???
    Watch out for those bare feet here Lyn, I see you have tumble weed stuck between your toes. Let's get your boots back, OOps there they are, someone will have to remove the family of rattlesnakes who moved in there. Let's see if I can get them back without being bit, ouch!!! Uh Oh.. Mary hits the dirt who can save her!!!???

  41. Or:
    Little Sam's Angel:
    A five dollar gold piece and a ticket out of town was all Gabriel had left after a woman’s greed and lies left him nearly dead in the street, branded a rapist and murderer.
    Waking up in a pest hole of a hospital, Gabriel ‘Angel’ Taylor formed a new credo for living: don’t care about anything or anyone, never get involved in other men’s fights, never depend on those he thought were friends, and never trust a woman. Most of all, never trust a woman no matter how pretty she was.
    Oh, oh, and while I'm at it, a sneak peek at up coming Tarbet, due for release at MuseitUp Publishing next Feb.
    Some who carry a badge are worse than those they hunt. Words enough to frighten Susan into letting Tarbet die?

  42. I dunno, our Mary's always in trouble! Good job I have Cuddles standing by.

    Cuddles, here boy, stop making eyes at that little paint filly and touch Mary with your magical unicorn horn before the rattlesnake poison makes her even more dizzy!

  43. Another wonderful excerpt Larion. I have to admit I haven't read any of your books up to now, but I'm going to have to change that!

  44. snake bite, oh, no! there's only one cure. Oliver, quick, the first aide bott--kit

  45. Wow Larion/Larianne! You've got so much going on. How in the world do you keep up with each other?

    These are wonderful teasers you know. You have quite the writing style.

  46. That as well Larion! *Grin" The First Aid bot-er-kit will certainly help to revive her as soon as Cuddles has worked his magic. Aw, and Nibbie is snarling at those rattlers and trying tolo lick Mary's face at the same time! How sweet.

  47. Mary got bit on her hooter! It's swollen the size of a watermelon and spreading fast to the other one.
    Cuddles horn helped some, the kit is lost and Mary is in deep do do.
    What should I do Mary pants and then passes out. The Duke is crying. Mary raises her head, quit blubbering and somebody help me!!!

  48. what'll I do, what'll I do? I know, I'll get McGee from White Savage. he's alittle rough around the edges, but he'll know what to do.

  49. I'm here too Lyn in case you forgot about your other sister

  50. Karen, it's hard keeping up sometimes. that's why I stopped at two pen names. larion, you know, writes contemporaries as well. want a peek at a couple of them?

  51. Larian, wow such wonderful excerpts, you are awesome. Glad you and mama are ok

  52. Mary, the Duke will kiss your snake bites and make 'em better.

  53. Mama's getting pretty old now, nearly 90, but even still on her good days she can peel the skin right off ya with that tongue of hers. them banditos didn't know what they were getting into when the snatched her up.

  54. Sharon help me! The snake bite kit isn't working, The Duke (even though he's only 25 now due to the miracle of time travel), his kisses just don't cut it. Maybe if you got Josh or somebody else. But my hooters are now the size of huge watermelons and I can barely breathe. What am I gonna do?? Sharon anyone! Help me please, help me. ( I just watched the original old The Fly movie). I can't go on much longer. HELP!!

  55. Ladies, I'm back with a wink and a smile. Margaritas for all my pretties. Karen, Larion, Sharon, Mary and Lyn.

  56. no, you can't--quit pushing--oh, okay. here's Larriane. I swear she's got ears like a elephant. imagine her accusing me of hogging the blog. I mean it's my party isn't--okay!!

    Larriane here. honestly for an alter ego, Larion is the--well never mind. I better get my two bits in before she shoves me back in the closet.

    Looking Glass Portal:
    No, I said--
    Larion here. heh, heh.
    blurb from It's Still Tomorrow.
    Fired from her job, her apartment firebombed, and her small amount of money dwindling too quickly, Sarah ran. Knowing that the terror would follow, she took the only refuge available to her, an unfinished house she’d inherited. She didn’t know she would also inherit a long legged hunk of good looking man that would set off every buried desire she’d ever had. Her vow to never practice witchcraft again ended when the terror threatened Dem. Her enemies learned that like vicious dogs, they should have let the sleeping witch lie.

  57. Oliver, you sweetie. have you ever considered posing for covers? You'd make a great Avery for Evil Reflections.

  58. Oliver help me! I've gotten into a real mess time! Mary's whole body has swollen to an alarming size. She's gonna blow!!!

  59. shhhh, it's me Larriane again. I'm going to at least get my two cents in in while she's busy flirting with Oliver.

    Looking Glass Portal:
    She spoke English, and Garrett stared. Her words didnʹt
    move with her mouth. It was as though he were watching a
    dubbed movie.
    He answered in a weak whisper, confused and in shock. ʺI
    thought he was a man at first, not some kind of animal,ʺ
    ʺThe Karoz is a male humanoid of a primitive race,ʺ she told
    him crisply. ʺWere you upon your—?ʺ
    ʺHumanoid?ʺ His characteristic sardonic smile twisted his
    lips even as weak as he was. ʺIf Iʹm not delirious, Iʹve got to be
    ʺDelirium is from fever of which you have none. However,
    your vessel of life is weak. The time of questions must be short.
    Were you upon your beast of burden when you were attacked?ʺ
    Looking Glass Portal
    The question seemed important though Garrett couldnʹt
    understand why any question, either in dream or craziness, would
    be. ʺNo,ʺ he said and closed his eyes. ʺI was on the ground when
    that ape thing came at us. Boss…ʺ His eyes popped back open. ʺIs
    Boss suffering?ʺ
    ʺBoss is your beast of burden?ʺ
    ʺYes, is he suffering?ʺ He struggled to get up, but the only
    thing he could move was his head.
    ʺNo, and do not exert yourself.ʺ
    He gave up, too dazed then to panic. ʺI could hear him
    screaming, but I couldnʹt move. Canʹt move…must have hit my
    head…damn Iʹm tired.ʺ
    ʺYou are weak.ʺ
    Garrett gave her a slight smile and told her faintly, ʺLady, if
    any of this was real, Iʹd be dying or dead.ʺ
    ʺYou are not dead,ʺ she informed him dispassionately, ʺbut
    you will die without treatment. With treatment you will live, but
    you cannot return. Do you choose treatment?ʺ
    ʺSure,ʺ he told her with a crooked grin. There was no
    treatment for a four‑inch hole through the chest.
    She dropped her hand, and the light hit him in the eyes. He
    squeezed them shut in reflex and opened them in small slits, just
    enough to watch. She moved away and became no more than a
    light shadow in the darkness of the room. A larger shadow
    loomed in front of her. Its height so exceeded hers that the top of
    her head barely reached its chest.
    ʺI do not believe, Midradina,ʺ said a soft male voice, ʺthat he
    comprehended the significance of your last question.ʺ
    Garrettʹs eyes closed, but he continued to listen.
    ʺThe choice of death,ʺ she answered indifferently, ʺover life is
    always present.”

  60. Oh so sorry, Sharon dear sister, I was a little worried about Maru's snakebite until I realised she's really only putting it on for the Duke!

    I actually thought you'd eloped with that hunky bandido you rode off with until you popped up from behind that cactus!

  61. cancel the call. snort! she was hiding? well, I never

  62. ^Sigh^ what's in this strawberry Martini, I can''t even spell Mary!

  63. well, heck, we all know what you meant, hiccup

  64. Wonderful excerpt Larrianen, gosh you and your alta ego Larian are so talented!

  65. oh, gosh, Lyn, thank you. we do try. and to be fair to Larriane, she has another book out, a fantasy, The Knowing--no not that one--and one to come out, ah, 2012 I think it is, through MuseitUp publishing, Bonds of Time. She's got another one submitted, but the publisher has had a internet nightmare going and she hasn't heard back on that one yet.

  66. you all just have to have some of this soup, but don't forget to squeeze a lemon wedge in it. it just doesn't have the favor without it.

  67. Ooh lovely Larriane Thank you.

    You are so prolific, very impressive!

  68. Well I think I'm gonna blow!!!
    Mary explodes and pieces fly everywhere. Sharon and Lyn start to pick up the pieces they need to put Mary back together again.
    Larion, everyone, help, please, I'm all over the place!!

  69. Oh dear, Sharon what are we to do with our sister Mary? She's delusional, I think we'll have to lay her in the shade to cool off while we drink this lovely soup Larianne recommended.

  70. I've got the right arm. anyone find the left?

  71. right now we have thunder, lightning, hail, and wind so if you lose me, you'll know why.

  72. Ooh not nice, Larion, hope it passes you by soon! Don't worry if you have to leave though 'tomorrow is another day' as Scarlett said, the Roast carries on until Saturday and we'll try to keep any new guests happy.

  73. well, it just about over. pretty typical for a cloud burst in our desert. there's a little wind out there now, but the hail has stopped. I'm almost afraid to go out and check my garden. I have a catalpa tree with leaves nearly as big as a dinner plate and it just sheds them

  74. Thanks for helping to collect my pieces Larion, my sisters are letting me stay in pieces, Hmmm. Ya know to teach me a lesson.
    Stay away from snakes...
    Ouch, delicately please, I'm very sensitive ya know!
    There, thanks Oliver, I know you picked up most of me. Ah, and my hooters are normal! Wow! I feel all put together!
    I guess it was that last excerpt Larion, it blew me away!

  75. Do you have any fruit or nut trees there Larion?
    Or is it???

  76. 'Blew you away' ooh Mary dear, that's a bit corny. Anyway, Sharon and I both knew you were imagining things!

    Hope your garden survvies Larion, it's pretty windy here in the UK too. Let's hope it doesn't turn out to be a 'Twisted Wind' LOL!

  77. lol. love it, Mary, blew you away, lol. and no, we don't have any nut trees and only a baby peach and apricot we got this year. they did fine. the catalpa tree leaves have holes about the size of a pea punched through them, but not enough to hurt it. last year they were ripped in pieces it hit so hard and it did fine. the garden looks okay too. we have been so lucky this year storm wise compared to too many other areas. love arizona.

  78. I lived in El Paso for a year and we went to see Arizona just because it's so beautiful there! It's amazing!

  79. dust devils or whirl winds--very small tornadoes are very common here. that's where the title for Twisted Wind came from. when i say small tornadoes that doesn't mean they don't do any damage. one year my folded lawn umbrella sailed across the yard like a spear. I gave up on umbrellas. I try not to keep anything in the lawn that the wind can pick up and carry away because we do have wind a lot.

  80. Yikes that sounds really scary. We moan about the weather over here, and we do have the odd mini tornado, but really we're lucky in not having extremes of weather. (The wind has torn the branches of several of my shrubs and tomato plants though.)

  81. one thing about AZ that many people who have never driven across it don't realize is the variety in landscape. as in Twisted Wind, you can go from low desert to high mountains and dense forest. It took It took William and Teresa a day by horseback, but in a car the trip is less than a few hours. it's amazing. and of course there's the Grand Canyon.

  82. I'm sure you all heard about the dust storm Tues. we barely had any of it since we live just over 100 miles from Phx, but I've seen them come into that town when i lived there and had to pull off more than once in a safe haven when i got caught in them hoping no one rear ended me before i could get off the road. they are totally awesome. Mother nature cannot be beat for unbelievable

  83. Ooh, it's hard to imagine living somewhere like that. I've seen pictures and films on tv about the devastation caused, not pleasant!

  84. I'd love to see The Grand Canyon. It must be an amazing sight!

  85. it is, but you'll probably find this amusing, I've lived here nearly all my life and only seen it twice. my husband, the party pooper, says it's just a big hole in the ground. I've never been to the bottom though and I know there's a whole different world down there than what you see from the top.

  86. LOL! It's the same over here. One never really appreciates what's on one's own doorstep!

  87. I would love to be able to visit the UK. I have a few online friends there, and one new one, i would love to meet. Utah has some pretty awesome sights as well. It's a beautiful drive through. where are you Sharon?

  88. I've wanted to visit Utah ever since I read 'Riders Of The Purple Sage!' There are a lot of places in the States I'd like to visit though. Sharon's in Pennsylvania and the three of us are hoping to make a dream come true and meet up for real!

  89. that would be so nice. the three of you work so well together. I've been through Penn, but never really visited it.

  90. Larion, you've been a fabulous guest and we've had so much fun 'out west'.

    We'll keep the Roast open so any newcomers you're welcome to help yourselves to food and drink, and we'll catch up with you tomorrow!

  91. We're not just working on it! We're doing it!
    It will be such a thrill, I only wish we could take Lyn and show her all the places we take for granted. from the statue of Liberty to the Alamo, there is so much to see. But we will probably be blabbing so much we won't do anything else!
    I was in a dust storm, very scary indeed as far as I'm concerned. If I wasn't in the car it'd have killed me!
    Off to hang with Josh, not really I'm just dreaming. Side effect of the implosion, or is it explosion! See you in the morning, yawn, waffles would nice huh Sharon? Do you think you can talk Oliver into making them for us? Mmmmmm

  92. while things are quiet, I'll let Larriane tell you a abit about her fantasy, The Knowing. take it away, Larriane.

    Big of you--I mean, thank you, Larion.
    The Knowing was my first published work, about 6 years ago now. I started with it simply because i thought it would appeal the most to the small and very new independent publisher, Swimming Kangaroo Books. As you can see, that was the start of a great relationship. so, you might ask, why aren't I still publishing new work with them. the economy got them. though the books are still available through their website, they are actually no longer in business. However, through them I meet Lea of MuseitUp publishing. My stories go on.

    The Knowing: a 500 year old prophecy turned him into the hunted.

    Garran retired from being a professional soldier to be governor of a small border providence. His life as a soldier was all anyone really knew of his past except by his coloring they knew him to be Ives and that he made no secret of his hatred of all things Ives. Resented by the locals his position was not easy to begin and then the Princess Fayahstella, future Queen of Ives, arrived requesting sanctuary. As the intrigues and secret bargains are revealed it becomes evident the high priest accompanying her knows Garran from the time Garran had always hidden and that his past involves the fate of nations.
    Garran's responsibility was to the people of Sheritan. He made clear his decision to use and sacrifice Fayahstella as quickly as her father, the priest, the government of Amor, and the conqueror Caslock. The sacrifice was his when the princess disappeared and he was taken prisoner.

  93. now, it's time for me to leave for the evening. I'll be back tomorrow and maybe more of my friends will stop by to share in the fun and the great table Oliver has set up for us.

  94. Ooh, thanks for posting this, Larriane, it sounds amazing! (See although I'm supposed to be in bed I can't resist a good excerpt.)

    We've put a note up on the main post about your new release by the way!

    Goodnight Mary dear, shhh, don't wake sweet Sharon up, she looks so peaceful sleeping there on the front porch with her head - in WHO's lap did you say?

  95. Good night Larion, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  96. Sorry I was late to the fiesta. My horse has very short legs and couldn't get me here any faster. But I see there are still some goodies left, so I will head over to the food table. And, Oliver, I sure would love one of your margaritas.

    Larian, your book sounds great. If I am so lucky as to win a copy, my email is maryann at maryannwrites.com

  97. Here we go then Maryann, my pretty, a cool margarita served with a wink and a smile.

  98. Ladies ladies, breakfast is served. Waffles, ;crisp fried bacon, scrambled eggs with hot pepper cheese and salsa, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, all with rich cream, coffee and tea.
    A heaping platter for you, Larion my sweet.

  99. Good Morning Oliver! Good morning Sharon and Mary, dear sister hostesses, and Larion.

    Shall we wake the guests for breakfast or just let them sleep a while?

  100. WOW that was some dust devil of a storm last night here in the wild west desert. But at least the 'TWISTED WIND' got rid of the toothless bandino.

  101. Mornin' all, let's kick up our heels in all this dust and get breakfast while it's hot.

  102. Larion, you are a talent and delight. Yes, I'm from Pennsylvania. Weather has been good compared to all the country's disasterous devastation this summer. Mary Lyn and I are looking forward to when we three hostesses meet in person.
    Best of luck with all your amazing books.

  103. You're so right Sharon, that dust devil scared off the bad outlaws - but who was that handsome bandido I saw you with last night? LOL

    Hey, isn't Lorion/Larrian one of the most prolific and talented authors ever!

  104. Yes she is Lyn and I'll never tell. wink

  105. What a beautiful day. My hooters are back where they belong, Lyn's huge shoes are on her Huge feet, and Sharon has her platform butt back on it's holder. All is well with the AR&T girls and all is wonderful for Larion and her fabulous books.
    Thanks everyone for visiting and commenting! We love you for it!
    Authors rock!!!


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