As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mona Risk's Russian Celebration Roast


"Oh what a day, what a day!" AJ skips around the party room waiting for the first of the party goers to arrive. Today they are hosting a celebration party for Mona Risk and her book 'Rx in Russian'.

AJ looks at the window sills, the tables, and the fireplace mantle. There are beautifully decorated Russian Easter eggs decorating them all. The eggs left over from last weekend's Easter party.

"These are great decorations," she proclaims as she grabs three of them and attempts to juggle while doing a Russian jig.

"Girl, what are you doing?" Lyn shouts from the entranceway.

AJ shrieks and drops her eggs. "Whoo, I guess it's a good thing these eggs are hard boiled."

Skipping over to Lyn AJ trips over her fur coat.


"Sorry Thor baby," she says as Mary walks through the front door nearly knocked over by Thor's flailing body bombarding her heaving bosom.  

"Good thing I have some cushion up here boy," Mary coos to the wriggling Thor. Thor jumps down mid coo and heads over to the cracked eggs.

"Wow AJ, I love your fluffy winter-like hat. Ushanka right?" Sharon compliments as she waddles toward the girls.

"I'm not wearing a hat! What are you talking about? I fixed my hair myself today," she pouts, "I wish my faux fur coat was more like yours though. Maybe I wouldn't have tripped over it."

"What do you mean sweetie," Sharon says sweetly, "there's nothing different about my coat. It's the same as yours." She reaches down and smooths her coat self consciously.

"Sharon," Lyn sooths as she tramples on the eggs and Thor's fuzzy tail. She had only taken two steps with her big feet. "Your coat is two feet longer in the front than it is in the back. Your bubble butt is holding the back up."

"Oh my, that is unexceptable! I'm taking this thing off right now."

Sharon struggles with the coat getting the back of it stuck on her buttock.

"Here honey," Lyn says, stepping in to help and stepping  on Thor's tail again.


Thor launches right into Mary's bosom knocking the loose left one off into the caviar bowl.

"Oh my not this again," Mary huffs. She runs over to fish her bosom out of the gooey mess. "A.J. let me use your hat to wipe this off," grabbing her hat.

"Ouch. That's my hair - not a hat. Doesn't anyone ever listen to me? Watch out, don't spill that salt. That's for the guests!!"

"What," the three other hostesses say in unison stopping mid-catasstrophy?

"Yeah, we thow salt on them and ply them with vodka. After that we give them breakfast. You know, bread and eggs."

The girls giggle.

"You're a little off darling," Lyn laughs.

"No I'm not! I've been researching for days."

Mary intervenes, giggling under her breath, "here's how it works:

1.) The guests arrive, we give them a loaf of bread and some salt. Traditional guest treatment.

2.) We point them over to Oliver and the wonderful food he has put out. Stews, veggies, of all types, pork, and cold soup made from kvass. He made potato pancakes, cabbage, pastries, and more.

3.)  We drink vodka with an orange caviar appetizer (no eggs for breakfast) and dance to traditional Belarusian guitar music.

Ah they're here to tune up now.

"Well don't I feel a little sheepish."

Lyn and Sharon makes a move to comment when A.J. interrupts.

"My hair does NOT look like a sheep."

In unison the hostesses chime, "We weren't going to say a thing."

At that moment Cuddles, Thor and Nibbie jump up and down in excitement as  a beautiful troika draws up and out steps Mona Risk herself, looking every inch like a Russian Snow Princess.  The hostesses rush to greet and hug her - hurray, now the party can begin!

 Blurb for Rx IN RUSSIAN:
Fyodor Vassilov is a Russian widower, surgeon and officer. Duty demands that Fyodor provide a mother to his four little boys and marry a woman who loves children and big family.
Jillian Burton is an American pediatrician on a mission to improve medical conditions in Belarus. Jillian blames herself and her ex-husband for their son’s death, and has lost her illusions about men and marriage.
When they work together for six months in his hospital, their fascination with one another shocks them both. Can attraction and love overcome guilt, duty, and a clash of cultures?

Resting his elbow on the table, he considered her for a moment. Interest and warmth flooded his eyes and made her blush. “Medicine didn’t suck up my life. I was an officer for years before going to medical school.”

“Really?” No wonder he exuded such an aura of power and self-confidence. Suddenly, she wanted to know more about him. “Did you wear a uniform? What was your rank?” Her heart fluttered as she pictured his wide shoulders draped in a military jacket and his aristocratic head topped with a cap. Dazed by the mesmerizing image she fabricated, she met his gaze and lingered on his sparkling blue eyes.
He, too, didn’t eat. His strong fingers enclosed hers. Electricity surged between their entwined hands.

“I wear my uniform when I report to the Academy once a month. And I have the title of colonel.”

“Wow. Colonel? Isn’t that something.” She’d never allowed herself to fantasize about a special man, but she was pretty sure heroes didn’t come better than this.
Tilting her head, she smiled at him.

His smile faded.

Slowly their faces moved closer and closer, and she inhaled his aftershave. His lips touched hers. She didn’t back away. His hand cradled her nape as he slanted his mouth and tasted hers. It was a sweet kiss, not too deep and not too demanding, a get-to-know-you-better kiss in a crowded place.
But a kiss that left her thirsty for more.

When he moved his mouth away, she inched forward and touched the tip of her tongue to his bottom lip, tracing its contour. He responded to the invitation and claimed her mouth again, molding their lips together and sucking on them until she couldn’t breathe. She pulled away this time.

“An officer and a doctor,” she murmured. Reveling in the amazing pleasure of their first kiss, she licked her lips to savor the taste of his mouth a bit longer. “No wonder you never married. Like me you were too busy with your studies and then your career.”
She knew now why she was so attracted to him, in spite of their different nationalities and backgrounds, in spite of her pledge never to let a man get under her skin. They seemed to be on the same wavelength, one of a kind in their way of thinking and acting.
Silence danced between them for long seconds.

She smiled. He frowned.

“You are wrong, Jillian.” He pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows, giving her a speculative look. “I was married.”

“Was?” The blood drained from her face, and she jerked back. “And now?” No it can’t be. Not when he’d just kissed her. When she’d acknowledged her delight at comparing their similarities.

He sobered and let her go. His gaze drifted away, far away beyond the crowd. Maybe toward a face from his past. Her heart twisted with regret.

Mona Risk
Rx IN RUSSIANavailable at TWRP  
BABIES IN THE BARGAIN, 2009 BEST ROMANCE NOVEL at Preditors & Editors Readers Poll 

To win a copy of Mona's book, all you have to do is just leave a comment and your e-mail address.
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  1. What a special day, ladies. I woke up at 5:00 am to watch the royal wedding of William and Kate, a lovely ceremony. Now I am honored on your beautiful blog and feel a little bit like a VIP. Thank you for the lavish party and the scromptuous food you prepared. Yeah let's have the party start, Lyn, Sharon, AJ and my dear friend Mary.

  2. A right Royal welcome, Mona.

    Wasn't it a beautiful wedding!

    Mind you, Beautiful though she looked, I think Kate has competition, you look so gorgeous in your Russian winter Princess gown.
    Enjoy your day!

  3. Hello all! I agree, Mona does indeed resemble a Russian Princess. I love the horses in the snow. And the beautiful eggs. Splendid set. You do have some competition with the royal wedding.

  4. Where did you find these magnificent fur coats? I could have use one ten years ago in Minsk when I froze my hmm.

    Oliver darling, you wear a chapka so graciuosly.

  5. Thank you Beth. Did you see the Fabergee eggs? I was told the Russian ladies used them to hide their jewelry.

  6. Hi Beth
    Thanks for joining us. Yes, that troika is rather magnificent isn't it, can't wait to cadge a ride!

    These fur coats are lovely and warm, Mona, they're not real fur of course, 'beauty without cruelty!'.

  7. Hello and welcome to your party, Mona. You are indeed a gorgeous Russian snow princess, simply stunning. I also was up early for royal wedding, so timeless and romantic. Enjoy your day and a big hug for your release.

  8. Hi Beth, yes Mona looks fabulous, doesn't she just.

  9. Hugs Lyn, you must fill us in on any royal wedding inside scoop.

  10. Well, if this isn't the Best Show in Town, I'll eat my hat. By the way, how did y'all do that photo trick with the fur coat...which by the way is not the most becoming thing I've ever seen.
    Now, the star, Mona Risk, is GORGEOUS in her outfit, the beautiful dress and hat...and love the carriage!
    I'd watch this production any day of the week over that weddding everyone is making over...now, what were their names?
    Congratulations, Mona, on your release and many best wishes for its success!

  11. Hi Sharon, can you imagine? I didn't recognize myself in that somptuous outfit. Boy, how did you manage to make me look so princessy! LOL. My grandmother used to say in a different language: Dress the cow, and you'll make her look like a princess. Here we are.
    I love the troika. Oliver, sweetheart, let's go for a ride.

  12. Hi Celia, nice seeing you in little Russia over here. Of course it may be too cold for your taste. But maybe Sharon has an extra fur coat for you.

    Now weren't they lucky to have that unexpected sunshine in London. I think it was God's way to bless that wedding.

  13. Hi Celia, so glad you could come to Mona's Party.

    Mona, I think you'e right about God smiling down on Kate and William, it was chilly but dry and the sun came out at key moments. They looked so happy driving back to Buckingham Palace in their horse drawn carriage - almost as good as you in your troika!

  14. Mona dear, you know you are as pretty as you feel. Our photography queen is Lyn and she makes all of us look amazing!
    I'm afraid Oliver is running a bit behind as he insisted on watching that balcony kiss again and again on tape. He's such a romantic so will be delighted to take you out on a ride.

  15. Greetings, Celia. I think we have a fur coat for you and all guests. Enjoy Mona's party!

  16. Mona, what a perfectly suited blog for the day! I've been up since 3 watching the wedding. Loved you blog and can't wait to get my copy of your new book. Congrats on another outstanding story.

  17. Hi Scarlet and welcome. Yes I cannot wait to read Mona's book either.

  18. Kisses, Mona love and might I be so bold to say the Royal princess has nothing on you. You look ravishing. Now about that ride, my chariot awaits, shall we then, sweet thing.

  19. Kisses Sharon and Lyn, you ladies look almost as smashing as Mona, the lovely snow princess. A nice chardonnay and mead but of course.

  20. Beth and Scarlet, my pretties, some champagne before I take our lovely guest on the royal horse?

  21. Hi Scarlet, great to see you. Make yourself comfortable and help yourself to refreshments.

    Glad you enjoyed the wedding! It started a bit later for us over in the UK!

    Mona's books sounds wonderful, doesn't it!

  22. What an absolutely lovely party, and the furs are gorgeous, Ladies. Mona, your dress is outstanding! And the excerpt would make anyone want to read the book.

  23. Linda my pretty, a cosmo with your name on it love.

  24. Ladies, you've hosted an awesome party as always. Congratulations!

    Mona, you're stunning! And the excerpt from your book will certainly pull in the sales.

    Wishing you the best of luck and a memorable day.

  25. Mona you look marvelous! This darn blogger wouldn't let me comment!
    DH did something and now I can!
    Now that I got rid of him. Let's meet some of those hot Russian men!
    Mona you have turned into a wonderful author and you are doing so well!! Go girl!
    I'm so glad we have these coats on, no one will be able to throw my boobs away!!
    Now what trouble can I cause...

  26. Sandra my sweet, have some champagne. Mary love, a strawberry smoothie with lots of berries

  27. Hugs Mary...hmmm...trouble is your middle name. Let's hide those gorgeous Russian eggs

  28. This coat does cover me nicely. And your lovely, soft, cushy, butt, is a hit with the Russian men!!!
    Who are those guys stalking Lyn and AJ? Lookin' suspicious!!!

  29. Mona, tell us more about your charachters

  30. LOL all men love it, more to love.

  31. They like the big bazonkers too!
    They also like vodka in Russia. Seems Mona says they drink it like water!!

  32. Mary eyes the beautiful eggs that adorn the table. Hmmmm. Wonder if there are any with yolks in them. Mary approaches them. Off to the side she sees a bowl of eggs. Mary takes one out and twirls it. Ahhh! It twirls slow and it's raw. Mary pockets a few. Saunters over to a potted plant and hides behind it. The devil has taken her over again. Well not the devil but a minion.
    And it's making her have some evil thoughts. Heh, Heh, Heh. Snicker.

  33. Mona,
    Those gorgeous Easter eggs, that beautiful fur coat...and you! Loved the excerpt and now you've inspired me to want to visit Russia.

  34. Lyn brushes the snow off her coat.

    Just been for a wonderful troika ride - that driver is a hunk, and the horses are gorgeous.

    Hi Sandra, hi Josie, hope you're enjoying yourself at Mona's party, isn't her excerpt wonderful!

    Oops watch out, Mary's throwing eggs, what's got into her. Duck!
    Lyn aims a kick with her dainty foot and the egg flies back to Mary and luckily bounces of her chest! Mary's hooters have come in handy again!

  35. Sorry to be on the late side. I'm dodging flood waters and bad internet connections.

    Mona, your book sounds as scrumptious as all of this food looks.

    **shot of vodka minus the fishy eggs**

  36. Hi Josi, enjoy Mona's party. Thank you, Oliver, if you insist I'll try a vodka. As they say, when in Russia...gulp. Wowzie this stuff is rather potent.
    Sharon snatches eggs and hurls them, knocking out a few Russian dignataries.OOPS

  37. Hello my sister hostesses, anyone seen Thor?

  38. Hugs AJ sweetie, after this vodka, I'm seeing double Thors here there and everywhere

  39. BULL'S EYE Sharon hurls an egg and it hits the mark, a nest in AJ's hair.

  40. Ssssshhhhoounddssss like him. More vodka.

  41. Scarlet, I guess we are romantic at heart, waking up before sunrise to watch THE wedding. For me it's an accomplishment as I'm not an early riser. So glad you are going to read my book soon.

  42. Oliver, Oh Oliver, where were you? I hope you took good pictures of both kisses, not that you need any good example. Between you and me, I am sure you are a better kisser. My editor told me once, real heroes take their time. Prince What's His Name was definitely too fast. Both times. I am sure you agree. LOL

  43. No Chardonay, Oliver. Come on, in Russia we do like Russians do. VODKA, Nadztrovia!! Cheers. Don't get drunk if you are going to drive the troyka. On second thought, go ahead have another--giggle-- we'll have ablast. Shhh

  44. Yeah, Linda, my novel is good. Word of honor, it's everything you want in a book, sweet, passionate, emotional, funny, professional, realistic,... And it's taking you on a fabulous trip in Minsk.

  45. Sandra, so happy to see you here. I know this exceptional party does wonder for authors.

  46. Josie, first you visit Russia through my books, TO LOVE A HERO and Prescription In Russian, and then you book a cruise in the Baltique Sea.

  47. Careful, kids. These are no Easter eggs you crack while saying in Greek: Christos Anesti, Christ is risen. These are Faberge eggs extremely expensive. Poor Mary must have sold her books, and hmmm, her.... I mean her... just to buy them for me. You are a sweetie.

  48. Sharon, try the vodka. Say Nadzhtrovia and bottoms up. Yeah. Oh it burns? Of course it does. It's vodka dahlinn.

  49. Hello AJ, sorry about the nasty weather you are facing. I used to live in Cincinnati and had my share of tornados. Have a shot of voka. Iy'll lift your spirits.

  50. Mary holds her eggs and let's one fly. It whizzes past the girls and hits a big guy with a uniform and a very unhappy face. Mary hides behind Sharon's butt as he approaches. She hands an egg to Sharon secretly and she whams the guy on the other side of the face. The girls look at each other and run to hide behind AJ and Lyn. Mona shakes her head laughing. Here he comes!!!!! Yikes!

  51. I admit it Mona I sold a set of boobs for a lotta money. Thank goodness I have spares!!
    Watch out for that big Russian guy with egg on his face. I tossed a glass of vodka at him. Thought it might help, I think he's an undercover agent or something. The other guys are sneering at him. UH OH!!!

  52. I'm drinkin as fast as I can. Bottoms up and gurgle gurgle.

  53. Don't hide behind me. Woah, there's an egg in my hat....I mean hair.

  54. Mary and Sharon sweet nostess-sister-friends, Mona's rightt. These Faberge eggs are far too pretty (not to mention expensive) to risk breaking. I'm throwing chcolate eggs, grin, I can et 'em when they smash then!

  55. Throw an egg in here then. **opens mouth** mmmmm mmmmm good.

  56. Hi AJ, sorry didn't see you there - open wide, here we go! Oops!

  57. Girls, the more of this Russian vodka you drink, the better the aim OOPS another one of those big hunks sporting a fur hat bites the dirt. Helpppppp

  58. LOL Bubble butt and frizzy hair! hahahaha loved the post today ladies! Love Mona's work as well.

  59. I found a bowl of real raw eggs. Mary passes the fresh eggs out and the look of thrill on Sharon, Lyn, and AJ's face spurs her on. She takes her first egg and whop it smashes on one big fellows head. Sharon lobs another, Lyn is bowling 250 and AJ is still trying to get the imitation Faberge egg outta her hair!

  60. Lastnerve, you love Mona's work, and she loves you big. You deserve a shot of vodka. Oliver, take care of the lady. She like Mona's book. Give her a double for her bottoms up.

  61. Did they show the wedding reception? Daddy Charley is supposed to throw a party for Willy and Katy. At least he said so. Is he keeping his promise?

    Did you take note of all the hats at the wedding? Hey girls your next A T &R party should be a British wedding, or a renewal of vows. All men in red uniforms. All women with big heads, I mean big hats!!! Lyn, you should be the excpert. No vodka. Only scotch for the ladies, I mean scots in kilts.

  62. Sounds good, Mona. We need some mead as well, of course.

    There were some very big hats gtoday, some very pretty, some a bit bizarre.

    Yes, Kate and Wills are having a party tonight, the older Royals are leaving them to it Yes we saw the newly weds arriving back at the Palace for the evening 'do.' but didn't see them get out of the car, unfortunately.

  63. Pass the mead, I wanna try it Lyn!!!
    I hear it's yummy!
    Run for cover girls, they're throwing snowballs back at us!!!!
    Mona is just standing there looking fab and laughing!!!

  64. Hi Mona,

    Just "flying by" to say your novel sounds really cute. I know...from all the available adjectives, I happen to choose the word cute.

    I'm also hoping I can have some orange caviar...never had that before! Oliver I'd appreciate a "couple" glasses of champagne. Had a hard day at work, and need to unwind.

    THWACK!!! He,he. I just threw a snowball at Mary. "Sorry Mary dear." I'm not wearing my glasses...I was really aiming for Lyn.

  65. Lyn ducks and throws one back at Witchy.

    Hi Witchy, welcome to Mona's Roast.
    Nowe look - Mary thinks it was me who threw that snowball!


  66. I'll egg her for you Witchy!!!
    Plop, oh that was bad...
    HERE SHE COMES! Sorrry LLYynne!
    Mary's hooters bounce as she runs!

  67. Sharon happens to walk by and accidently gets struck. When Sharon glances up...Mary and I simultaneously point at Lyn.
    Course...you know what happens next. You got it!!! Sharon throws one at Lyn. I can see Lyn searching for us. (But what she doesn't know is that I'm using an invisibility spell). She'll never get us; unless...my spell weakens.

    And the only way that's going to happen is if I have another 2 glasses of champagne. Lyn will never get us! (Evil Cackles).

    "Mary!...Will you keep the giggles to a minimum? She's going to figure out where we are!"

  68. Hi Witchywoman, where are you going with your broom? Can I come with you for a tour? We may better aim the eggs from up there.

  69. Mary R and Mona look lovely in fur! Mona, watch our Mary R. She has something else behind her back. I want one of those lovely eggs, not the ones Mary is throwing.

    What a great Rx!

    This party is getting too rough for me, I know some of you are drunk, because I see 2 of you.

  70. And put the glass down Witchy!
    She probably can see us double like Mary Marvella does. Then she'll egg all four of us!!!
    Or stomp on us!!! Which could be bad!

  71. Mona stole your broom WW, look she's up there flying around. And plop, crack shot Mona! OH! Right down the cleavage! In AJ's hair, on Sharon's butt, and the top of Lyn's new shoes.
    Mona, I didn't know you had it in you. Let's get her girls!
    What we can't because she's our roastee. Hmmm... Remember this Mona, I'll get you my pretty!
    Lyn, if you keep throwing those eggs down my ahem boddice, I'll be making scrambled eggs!
    Stop laughing Sharon!

  72. I'm going to shower and put on new fur underwear. With my long johns. Then I'll put on my dry cleaned fur coat. So I don't freeze.
    Then ladies were off to find our places to sleep. Hey, where we sleepin"?

  73. Mary Marvella I think the term drunk is rather harsh. I prefer the term: sobriety challenged.(Lol).

    Of course Mona, hop on! I'm just flying above Lyn. She keeps getting pelted by snowballs, but has no idea who's throwing them. (What a HOOT!)

  74. Hi WW, fabulous magic snowballs. Love it girl, wow they pack a mean after punch

  75. Mary, looks like we're sleeping wherever we can hang our furs. Hmmm. Mona has the hunk with the big hat!

  76. Mary M, help yourself. Take an egg before you go.

    Mary R, Sharon, Lyn, AJ, thank you so much for a lovely party. It was a long day for me a royal wedding and a Russian party is too much in one day. Again thank you so much.
    Dasvidania. Goodbye. A bientot. Hasta la vista!!!!

  77. WW my pretty, here are your two glasses of champagne sweet thing.

  78. Hey Everyone - better late than never. Love the pics and the fur coats are just wonderful - we could use a few of those in Idaho this spring. This was a great one!

  79. Breakfast is served my lovelies. Potato cakes, bacon and orange juice and vodka. Mona love, heaping platter for you my pretty.

  80. Sharon wakes up wearing a fur hat. Lyn, Mary and AJ are snoring, empty vodka bottles in mouths. Mona is hurling eggs to silence them.
    Hugs Mona, and a huge thank you for being so fun. Best of luck.
    Love and more hugs

  81. Hi Mona,
    Great excerpt, such a lovely kissing scene. Can't wait to get my hands on this book.
    Any man who is an Officer and a Doctor, can put his shoes under my be any time.



  82. Lyn sits up, startled.

    Oh thank goodness, it was only a dream. I dreamt I was imprisoned in a huge snowball which turned out to be a Faberge egg!

    Good morning Sharon, (hugs Sharon, and blows a kiss to Oliver. 'Morning Oliver, breakfast smells wonderful, you are such a treasure!

    Waves to Patsy. Good morning Patsy, you're just in time for breakfast!

    Mona, you're looking just as lovely as you did yesterday. You've been an amazing guest and such fun!

  83. Potato pancakes and vodka! And Oliver's special recipe, I am sure! I'm sorry I missed breakfast--and what a wonderful day for a party. All the best to you, Mona, may sales of your books soar, and good to see all of you again. Unfortunately, it's been a while since I've had time to stop by!

  84. Hi Liana

    Lovely to see you - no you're not late for breakfast - it tends to go on all day at the Roast - until lunchtime anyway!

  85. I had fun ladies. Mona you are such a good sport. I love that!!!
    You are a wonderful author and a wonderful, interesting, individual. With a heck of a lot of fans!!!
    Good luck Mona, and I hope you sell a ton of books.

  86. What a roast! Show me the eggs & vodka, Mona!
    Feast time! And Oliver...sigh...


  87. Hi Steph, so glad yuu came. (Just ignore AJ's snoring, she's had a hard day!)

    Yes, our dear sister hostess Sharon's butler does seem to have that effect on the ladies! *Grin*

  88. I took a holiday and missed Mona's roast! But like everything else, a good roast can be savored later.

    I totally enjoyed the pics and the goings-on.


  89. Such a fabulous post. I loved all the pictures thank you.


  90. Hi Marybell

    Thanks so much for your comment on Mona's Russian Celebration.

    Do hope you'll stop by for our future 'Roasts' too!

  91. What a fabulous roast - and with caviar too. Do pass the crackers, Oliver! A vodka cocktail? Well, thank you, it would be rude not to toast to the success of this fablulous new book. Chin Chin everyone!

  92. Hi Janice,

    Glad you enjoyed Mona's Roast.
    (and your virtual caviar and vodka cocktail LOL!


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