As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Linda Conrad celebrates her latest book at the Rio de Janeiro carnival

The girls are in beautiful Rio de Janeiro for Carnival. Today they welcome a new sister hostess, A.J. Best.  All three are excited and not only do they have a new hostess to greet but they're looking forward to meeting best selling author Linda Conrad, and laying on a special celebration party for her.
The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a world famous festival held before Lent every year and considered the biggest carnival in the world with two million people per day on the streets. The first festivals of Rio date back to 1723.

 “Listen to this girls.” Mary reads the comment to them off of her computer screen. “I told you it had something to do with Lent.”

Sharon tries to wiggle her bubble butt into the tight costumes Lyn has bought at the last minute.

All feathery, Lyn is in blue, Mary peacock and bronze and Sharon is in cerise and green.

 “I have no clue what squeezing myself into this costume could possibly do with Lent. Anyways, that is not important right now, you know what the problem is.”

 “What,” Mary looks at her cluelessly.

“Surely you jest.” Sharon grimaces. “Lyn, is the problem, you didn’t order shoes large enough to fit her ‘tiny' feet.”

Mary eyes Sharon in the bathroom. “She does look grand doesn’t she though? If only for her feet. And her denial over her feet."

“If worse comes to worse, she can wear her flip flops.” Sharon points to the offending footwear.

“What’s up sisters? Is Tami here yet? Oh my goodness Mary, could you squeeze those into something smaller.” Lyn gestures to Mary’s large hooters and her tight top. “If it weren’t for feathers, we’d be near naked.”

All three laugh as one.

“Mary you’ll be fine. Don’t worry. AJ is a doll. And she has this fantastic cat, Thor. He’s got some special talent like our own sidekicks. Wonder what it is?” Sharon blows up at an errant feather on her head that keeps tickling her nose. “I dropped off her costume, it’s such a pretty shade of  lime green.

A knock at the door and all three rush to open it. On the other side is AJ new sister hostess for the Author Roast and Toast.

Mary, Lyn and Sharon throw their arms around her. All four start to cry.

Oliver shakes his head as he carries a huge tray of sushi, crab, shrimp, cheese, hearts of palm and  Sirloin skewers to add to a delectable salad bar.

Deserts include key lime pudding and luscious rich carrot cake with her new book,‘
Secret Agent Sheik’, on top,
in the icing.

He has a mini bar set up to make caipirinha the local drink of liquor plus crushed ice, sugar and lime juice, the local version of a Mojito. Delicious fare for Linda’s own Rio de Janeiro ball for Carnival 2011.  The three sister-welcomers step back and take a look at their new co-hostess.

“Well,” AJ tilts her head and smiles. How do I look?
“Your costume is fabulous.” Lyn smiles encouragingly.

“Yes and the green and yellow color is wonderful on you, you have the body of a 20 year old!” Sharon exclaims.

“You have fuzzy hair. You look like you put a mop on your head.” Mary tells her honestly.

Sharon and Lyn each punch Mary hard in both arms.

“OWWWW,” Mary whines, “I was just trying to be honest. Did you want me to lie to her? Besides, I have this beautiful headpiece she can wear. It will cover the frizz and she’ll look perfect.  And here, Lyn’s shoes have arrived."
She hands the large footwear to Lyn, who hides the size on the box with her hand.

Everyone notices but no one says a word as she tugs them on.

"Tact,” Sharon tells her. “Just a little more tact next time.”

“Okay,” Mary hugs AJ. “We all have issues sweetie, these are mine. Make it through the day without losing one or both, it’ll be a miracle.” Mary raises her hooters and tries to cover them better. “It’s the costume.”

“Sure it is dear.” AJ grins at her and all four hostesses join Oliver at the parade site. AJ can hold her own!
They all arrive at the parade site.

The carnival parade is filled with people and floats from various samba schools. A samba school can either be an actual school or just a collaboration of local neighbors that want to attend carnival.

The purpose of carnival is for samba schools to compete with fellow rival schools; this competition is the climax of the whole carnival festival.  Each school chooses a theme to try and portray in their entry. The samba schools work to build the best floats and costumes to represent their themes, and to include the best music they can from their band called the bateria.

The group reaches Linda Conrad’s float, covered with titles of her many published books. Linda sits on top, looking exquisite in a beautiful golden costume, ready to wave to all the partiers.
“Everything is ready for the ball Linda. Good luck.’ Sharon yells to her. “We’ll be here if you need us!”

Linda blows kisses to them and the parade begins!

“We love you Linda!” The hostesses bellow and they all begin to walk and dance in their beautiful costumes.“Stop singing La Cucaracha Mary, wrong song!” AJ laughs and they all dance alongside Linda’s fantastic float!



"Working together doesn't mean we have to like each other..."
Jass O'Reilly doesn't trust ex-agent Tarik Kadir.  A bedouin from an ancient tribe, the dark and brooding Tarik isn't who the lovely CIA agent wants by her side as she tracks down rogue nuclear weapons.  Besides, the mysterious sheik is just too handsome for an agent--the passion burning in his eyes just a little too hot.
Tarik knows Jass doesn't want him by her side as they delve deeper into the sultry Rio nightlife. Well, tough.  But before the Carnivale is over, he will have to question everything he thought he knew about his mission, his job, and his family.  His own heart, he just might find, is the traitor.


            What is Tarik saying?

Jass struggled to come out of her haze and listen, but the blood boiled in her ears.  With her pulse screaming through her veins as though she were pulling down five Gs, her body throbbed with passion.  And all because of the masculine body currently lying suggestively between her legs.

            Geez.  She bit the inside of her cheek hard enough to snap herself out of it.  They were supposedly working a sting.  She was Celile.  But he was not the real Zohdi.

            Work.  Work.  Work.  This was an important assignment and not the most intimate experience she’d ever had.  Worse even than the idea of taking a risk with her career, there’d been a camera trained on them this whole time.

            She’d lost her mind.  But, oh man, what a terrific way to go insane.  The sexual chemistry between the two of them left her soaring.  Tarik’s mere touch jolted her with an intense excitement, sparking a conflagration that had sent her down in flames.  His naked and aroused body surprised her, but it shouldn’t have.  He was so much more than she imagined.  The most potent male she’d ever seen.

            Like spontaneous combustion, she’d found herself wet and set to explode.

            But they were only acting at their mission.  Right?

Remember the mission.

          “Hold on.”  Tarik left her long enough to drag the covers up and over their heads, covering them completely from view.

How could he remain unaffected?  Well, not totally unaffected, she’d noticed.  He was hot and pulsing…and huge.  He’d been ready just like she was.

            But his mind had stayed in the game.  A trait she’d better learn how to mimic.

            “Laugh,” he demanded in a raspy whisper.  “Or giggle.  Anything that makes it seem as though we’re doing what it looks like in this bed.”

            His words actually made some sense through her clearing fog.  At last.  She wiggled out from underneath his body and rolled over to face him—while both of them remained hidden under the covers.

            Watching him closely, she opened her mouth and let out one of the loudest moans imaginable.  “Ah.  Ah. Ah.”  She forced the volume higher.  “Oh, Zohdi.  Oh.  Oh.”

            Finally, she wound herself up and screamed incoherently.  A thing she had never done during the throes of passion in her entire lifetime.

            Tarik actually smiled as he murmured low, “Nice work, agent.  I’d like a repeat performance someday.  But not for the cameras.”

            That did it.  He had to move away.  Now.

            “Get out of bed and turn off the lights, Zohdi.”  She gritted her teeth.  “And then bring me a robe.”

            Why hadn’t the man thought to turn out the lights in the first place?

            In a hushed tone, Tarik answered.  “Okay, but I’m betting turning off the lights won’t help.  The camera is probably NVC, night vision capable.  Most surveillance equipment is set up that way.  I’ll gladly get the robes.”  He scowled and rolled out from under the blankets, leaving her covered and furious.

            Seconds later he pulled down the covers and immediately threw one of the terry bath robes over her.  “Get up, Celile,” he announced in a loud voice.  “You need a shower and I have work to do on the laptop.”

            “What did you say?”  It was easy to fake a little indignation.  She felt every bit of Celile’s part.

            Tarik turned his back.  “Get up.”

            “Well, isn’t that romantic?  You bastard.”  She shoved her arms into the robe and stood.  “I’m going.  But if you think for one minute that you’re in for a repeat performance tonight, you are out of your mind.  You and your damned laptop can sleep out on the terrace.”

            Grasping the robe around her like a shield, Jass marched into the bathroom and slammed the door.  Once alone and out of camera range, she leaned both hands heavily on the countertop.  Hanging her head and breathing in and out through her mouth, she tried to calm her shaky nerves.

            Realization began to sink in.  He had actually picked a fight in order to save them from having to sleep together tonight.  The whole scene back there suddenly became clear.  Everything he’d done in the bedroom—stripping himself and not her, carrying her to the bed and covering them from view—all of it was done for her benefit.

To save her from embarrassment.

by Linda Conrad
Harlequin Romantic Suspense
Releases in April 2011 and will be available everywhere, including Kindle

ISBN 978-0373-27722-3
Copyright 2011

Linda Conrad bio-

Bestselling author, Linda Conrad, has written thirty contemporary novels for Harlequin-Silhouette Books. To date, her books have been translated into more than sixteen languages and sold in over twenty-two countries.

Linda's sensual characters and passionate stories have brought her numerous awards and superlative reviews. Over the years her workshops and articles have helped other writers learn new skills and techniques.

Linda’s books have appeared on the both the Walden Books Series Bestseller lists and on the BookScan Top One Hundred.  Her books have been honored as the winner of the Reader’s Choice Award, Write Touch Readers Award, Holt Medallion Award of Merit,  Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award,  and the Maggie Award for Short Contemporary Romance. 

Linda, her husband and dog, KiKi, live by the sea where Linda enjoys boating, shopping and telling the stories in her heart.

To learn more about Linda and her books visit her website:  




  1. Hi All!

    Sharing caipirnhas (the local drink) with you today is my pleasure. Enjoying the sun and a samba with the girls here will be great fun!

    Have a party!

  2. Welcome to your Roast, Linda, so nice to see you - and you look so beautiful in that costume!

    What a lovely day and how gorgeous all the dancers and floats look.

    Thanks for introducing ne to caipornhas, I've never tasted the drink before and it makes a change from my usual Welsh mead! LOL.

    Looking forward to learning more about you and your books. Let's relax and enjoy the carnival until the rest of the hostesses and guests arrive!

  3. Welcome Linda, such a festive and grand carnival it is! I'm delighted to be here to celebrate the release of your new book. You look gorgeous in your costume. I've tried a mojito, so, I''ll partake in the local. Enjoy and let's party on.

  4. Air kisses and hugs, Lyn dear. You look so ravishing in your sexy frock of feathers, no one will even notice your feet.

  5. This head piece is killing me. I think I may have had one too many of crappinas, no ciropina, no Caipirnhas yeah that's it.

    Welllllcome Linda - I've been waiting for you all night! I could barely sleep. But that could be because I was thinking how I need to go buy your book.

  6. Huggles AJ, our new sister hostess, a warm welcome sweetie. You look ma velous dah ling. But really, hon, lose the headdress, please!

  7. Hello dear sister hostesses Mary and AJ - may I say how lovely you both look too! I think your headress is really nice, actually AJ, it hides your birdsnest - er - I mean hair perfectly! And those feathers are great for disguising your butt Sharon sweetie. Let's have a group hug - ooh these feathers tickle!

  8. I'm not sure if I should take it off though. What happens if....nah. I'm keeping it on. I didn't have time to do my hair before the roast.

  9. Whoa, Linda! Your excerpt left me breathless! This book sounds exciting and HOT! Can't wait for the release!

  10. Well I am having a difficult time walking this week. Seems my boobs grow every week, just a bit more.
    Linda I am so looking forward to this one. I always dreamed of an Arab sheik stealing me away. After I saw Lawrence of Arabia and got hooked on a dark hot devil of a man!

  11. Mary dear, here have my headdress. **spuring** I've installed wheels so you'll be able to get around no problem.

  12. You ALL are beautiful in your costumes and headdresses! I love being here and sharing drinks with everyone.

    Tks for the welcome!
    Party on!

  13. Awe, you are so sweet Linda, and you look amazing in that costume.

    Mary, perhaps you could consider a bustle to sort of distribute the weight more evenly? LOL! If only Sharon could part with some of her bubble butt - no wait, how about these huge shoes you made me wear, they should stabalize you perfectly!

  14. Hi Allison, so glad you could join us at Linda's carnival party! And isn't that excerpt wonderful. My wish list just keeps on growing!

  15. Wheels, I'm gonna need a trailer!
    Linda you are so sweet and you are a wonderful author. I hope, no I know, you will sell a ton of books.
    AJ put it back on your head, have mercy on us please! HehHehHeh!

  16. Welcome Allison, Oliver is running late due to a case but will be along shortly. In the mean time, more of the local punch.

  17. Yes group hug to welcome our new sister AJ

  18. This caiirniahanansss are killing me!
    Whoo Hoooo!!! Mary swings on a tree limb and falls flat on her cushions. They do serve a purpose. AJ did you push me or was it that sneaky Lyn? Angel eyes and a little devil inside eh!

  19. I was trying to be polite Aj sweetie but for once I'm forced to agree with Mary, put it bak.

  20. What an excerpt Linda! I can't wait to read this!

  21. Sharon snickers from behind her feather mask. Mary lands on her fake hooters and they go rolling, knocking out a float of drunks and boy are they mad when they chase her. What's that, they're escapees from a nut house!

  22. LOL. That was a fun excerpt! And a great party. I've been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but never to Rio!!

  23. My boobs or the guys are escapees? I wish they weren't removable. It's horrid to lose just one and walk lopsided. Although they are easily replaceable. Who knew??
    This party need some excitement. NO! LYN DON'T STRIP PLEASE! We'll find another way. Oh, your feet are so cute, huge, but cute!!!

  24. Hi Melissa, hi Barbara, so glad you could join us for our party to celebrate Linda's soon to be released book. Doesn't it sound wonderful!

  25. *Waves madly at everyone* I love carnivals!

    Linda, your work sounds absolutely fantastic. Congratulations on such a successful career!

    AJ, nice to 'meet' you. No doubt, you will be a wonderful addition to the lovely hostesses at this blog.

    I hate to grab a slice of carrot cake and dash but time is flying and still lots to do.


  26. I love this blog :) it is so much fun and Mary, I totally dig the blue feathered headress, lol. Linda - you've delivered another sexy sheik!

  27. LOL Mary you have such a wonderful imagination - or is it magnifying vision! Anyone can see my little bare feet are tiny. And I wasn't stripping, just taking my shoes off they're so heavy! There isn't much else I could remove - apart from these feathers. and they're staying put.

    And you wanted excitement - don't look now but I think those inebreash, inebree, enibriat - those drunk guys are after you!

  28. How about another little excerpt Linda?? Tease us please!!!
    Sharon who are you in the corner with over there. All I see is feathers!! Did you steal the Duke???

  29. Hello sky *Lyn waves back* Yes, have as much carrot cake as you want, there's plenty to go round, Oliver always makes backup cakes! :)

    We're all excited by Linda's book - who wouldn't be intrigued by a dark and brooding Bedouin!

    I think you're wise not to lingter too long though, this party could get a little crazy!

  30. Hi Traci

    Glad you could join the party. Thank you for the kind words - so glad you enjoy our parties. Yes, Linda certainly makes her sheik sizzle doesn't she!

  31. Glad to see so many of you here! The party is just starting and Linda is lookin' hot!!
    Did you all notice Lyn's feet. Tiny ha!
    And stop trowing my hooters around like basketballs Sharon. Or I'll balance trays on your ample posterior!
    TEEHEE You can't catch me? Who remembers who said that??? This character always made me laugh!!!

  32. Linda, What a great excerpt, full of sensual tension and conflict. I have to get this book. No wonder you've been one HQ best selling authors.

  33. I can't put it back on. The birds started meting while I was reading the excerpt. I knew I should have brushed my hair when I got up this morning.

  34. Mary, you should have used my wheels. I filled my hat with some of that good drink.

  35. LOL you guys are insane! Why are there feathers flying all over the place? Did someone have a pillow fight or something? Linda, I'm so glad to see you here, I love love LOVE your books! You're one of the best in romantic suspense. I especially loved "In Safe Hands and Safe with a Stranger." I can't wait to read your latest book!


  36. Take it off take it off. But watch that big boob over there, oh sorry Mary.

  37. Mary rushes to AJ using globs of vaseline she slicks down AJ's huge afro and sticks the feather head dress back on. There, oh wait lopsided. Better? Mary looks at the bottle she thought was vaseline. Elmers glue. UH OH! Mary hides the bottle under one of her hooters she had good intentions. Hope it comes off! Smiling she picks up an errant boob and dances down the street...

  38. Sky, don't leave. Can you scare the birds away while my head dress drie out. Oh crud she's gone. Cry.

  39. Don't worry, AJ, I lovr birdfs, Ill take them away for you and let them go free.

    Hi Val, lovelhy to see you - and you too Mona! *Waves*

    You know I'm going to have to get that book of Linda's it sounds fantastic!

    Mary dear, to you know what you've done? You've stuck your boobs to your chest. Now you're 'stuck' with 'em. Ah well, I suppose that'll solve the problem of them always getting lost!

  40. Mary- I didn't know you knew the gingerbread man.

  41. Man, my scalp itches. Hold on, I can't get to it. My headdress is stuck. Sharon your big butt should give me plenty of leverage. Get this off of me.

  42. Gracious, take a time out to have a few more pieces of sushi and what happens? Chaos! Heh heh
    I love it!

    Thanks all of you for the nice words about my writing and this excerpt. This was a fun book to write.

    Here's another tiny excerpt for you, Mary. Enjoy...

    "You think you can ignore the raging passion between us for the rest of this mission? I believe you're wrong, but let's say you're right. I promise you that after the mission, we will be revisiting not only what happened between us, but also this whole conversation. Take those words to the bank."

    She opened her mouth to disagree but he leaned in and hungrily glued his mouth to hers. Tangling his tonge with hers, he clutched her hips and dragged her close.

    She'd already noticed how hard he was again, how much he wanted her. Now she felt the truth. It was hard to miss. Her body yearned to take him in, to suck him right back inside where she wanted him to stay.

  43. I've just re-read my last post! Oh dear - I didn't know caipirnhas were alcoholic - I don't normally type that badly! (well that's my exchse ad I'm sticking to it!)

  44. Ooh Linda, another red hot excerpt. This book sounds such a page turner!

  45. Girls, pass me one of those caipirnhas and lend me a headdress, please. My hair is always a mess and I long for the return of wearing hats. My hair cries out for a hat.

    Congratulations, Linda.

  46. Hi Caroline, nice to see you - here's a nice feathered headdress for you, LOL they hide a multitude of sins don't they!

    Here's your caipirnha to sip while you read Linda's excerpts.

  47. WOW Linda, look how many of your fans flew to carnival to party with you. Sharon waves madly to Melissa, Barbara, Traci, Mona, Sky, Val and Caroline. Feathers and headdresses do amazing things for troublesome body parts and bad hair days and make such wicked fun. Every BODY grrrab a costume and get wild and crazy.

  48. Hey AJ, Sharon accidently on purpose bumps her petite little behind into her, sending her flying into one of the drunks that have broken outt of the looney bin. Aj's head snacks into his chest and she sticks to him like glue. OOPS

  49. Sorry AJ who knew it was super glue

  50. Linda, you got a winner. Fabulous excerpt m'dear. I must read this book!!

  51. Ladies, ladies! I'm reporting in on official butler duty. What can I get y'all to drink, name your poison. Linda my lovely, you look most fetching and more than a little desirable. Give us a kiss, sweet lips.

  52. That's no drunk, itt''sss Josh Halloway. Look at AJ, you hussy you, stop pushing everyone away who is trying to de glue you. Ouch! I didn't know she could kick like that!!!
    Okay, stick to his chest see if I care. Come on Gerard, Let's go watch the parade. HehHeh!
    As if...
    I am glad the hooters have been glued on, that's a plus, I am getting tired of chasing after Sharon as she throws them out to sea. She pushed you with that butt AJ, you are lucky you survived. And Lyn, did you think those feet were small. Maybe it's her glasses. What a bunch we are. Well group hug and let's get back to the guys. Well you and me AJ, and Linda with one of her sheiks, (don't tell C. he looks pretty strong to me, oh wait there he is dressed as in flowing robes!!!)
    Here's to you C.!!!We are only borrowing Linda!! Honest! Whoo Hoo!

  53. Kisses to the hostesses with the mostess, Sharon, Lyn and Mary. A big welconing smooch to our new sister hostess AJ. Big group hug.

  54. Oh Oliver dear, there you are. We've missed you - do you know we hostesses have had to dish out the refreshments ourselves! Your boss lady, Sharon wasn't looking too pleased!

    Yes, let's all have a group hug - if you can take your eyes off Linda for a moment, LOL!

  55. Mary sweetie, how many alcoholic drinkeepoos have you actually had? You know I don't wear glasses - and you also know how small my feet really are!

    (Poor Mary, she just a tad jealous of my little tootsies!)

    Don't look now Mary - is that the Duke and the James Gang I see riding over yonder hill?

  56. Caroline - you can have my headdress. I'm still stuck with the birds....Hold on, my headdress is stuck. Can you please help me get this off?


    Linda - wow, hot, hot, hot, excerpt. Mmm, wish he were kissing me.

  57. Ah man, I'm stuck to a drunk dude. At least I have a good view! Three pack and some goodies.

  58. Oliver - I need some goo unsticker and a Long Island Ice Tea with twirly straw while I'm stuck to this here man.

  59. Oliver darlin' how can I hug you with my head stuck to this dudes chest. Cause I don't want you hugging my butt, but tis smaller than others we know.

  60. Here we go then, AJ my pretty, a nice potent Long Island with swirly straw. But as far as unglueing you from your smiling buddy, no can do love. Me thinks you're a match made in heaven. Cheers

  61. But Ollie dear - my back is starting to hurt. And this guy (points up) won't massage it.

    HEY Thor - come massage mommy's back!

  62. Ladies, Sharon knocked one and all out with her barge of a butt andd got to Jessie, her one true love. Who knew they'd all fall like dominos. Hmmm. I dare say perhaps it's time for smaller portions. The chick can eat and the calories go straight to her...you know...

  63. Oliver thank God you are here! Sharon is butting everyone, Lyn is in denial about her feet again, AJ is stuck to some dude's chest and she doesn't seem to be struggling. Look out below!!!
    And me, my hooters are glued to stay!
    No stun gun today and yes I left it home.
    Sharon needs one of whatever you give her to make her nice and some for Lyn to help her see better. AJ, well I'm not sure did you see her do that turnover and now she's kissing the dude!
    Me, I'm just being good here. Reading Linda's excerpts. Helping with the FOOD! Remember that's your job. Sharon is gonna be mad if the guests don't like the food!
    Linda is still dancing up and down the street, signing books as she waves to her fans. Wow, what a life. She's been sambaing all day. Did you read the two excerpts, boy can she write huh!!!
    Is there a ball this evening or do we just keep dancing all nite long?
    AAAHCHOOOOO! Feathers in me nose!

  64. I wasn't kissing him Mary - I was making sure that he didn't have tonsilitis. He was having a sore throat.

    Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  65. AJ, here's another Long Island to eas the ol' back pain. I dare say this is some dilemma you got yourself into your first day. TSK TSK Drink up, love. Wink

  66. I'ma not in a dilemma - I'm in a pickle. Or at least close to one. **slurp**

  67. Oliver shrugs his shoulders to Mary. Not my problem. I made all the food, caught a deranged serial killer in my real job and am not about to serve as referee to you girls. No can do sweet cheeks. don't look now but here comes the duke and he's eyeballing your hooters.

  68. Sharon where are you? Oliver is bein' mean to me. I think.
    I feel dizzy what's in those caipinahsnanssses anyways?
    Mary falls flat on her face. Luckily the hooters are glued on today. AJ falls on top of her. Lyn, made the drinks today? Mary sighs, "am I poisoned??"

  69. The Duke helps Mary up, and with a touch to his hat he and the James Gang dance down the street. Wait Dukey! Wait!!

  70. RIP

    I finally pulled my hair off that man - now it's 12 inches on one side and 4 inches on the other. Now what am I going to do? Aw, crap.

    I'm off to the hair stylist.

  71. Key Lime Pie! Oh absolutely yum. I am so impressed with your successes, Linda. Congratulations!

  72. Good luck AJ. I'm off with the guys. See you all in the morning!!!
    Party on dudes!

  73. Feet hurt from dancing. Eyes blurry from the caipirnhas. Head is starting to pound. There is a ball tonight, but I think you may find me under the float for the rest of the night. {hick}

    Have fun you guys!

  74. So much revelry and frivolity!

    It's all right for some - I'm in another dimension an' it's awfully late here. Nothing wrong with my eyesight, by the way, Mary dear, I'm keeping an eagle eye on you or you'll be stealing my Jesse James - oh no, I see Sharon's already done that, and you're back with The Duke. Never mind, find me somewhere safe and cosy to sleep, would you Oliver, there's a dear. If you weren't already spoken for I'd go for you like a shot. (Now, now, don't look so scared.)

    I dunno what we're going to do about your hair AJ, we need to grow it more even by next week. I'll see if some of my special horse serum 'Cowboy Magic' will help. It works wonders on Harri and T'pau's manes and tails.

    Sharon - oh of course she's headed for the hills with Jesse.

    And Linda - she's amazing, look at her strutting her stuff, feathers fluttering like butterflies! It's been a wonderful day, Linda, and If you want to party all night, that's fine. We often have guests after midnight and through to the next day too, sometimes.

    I'm going to bed now, to dream of sheiks and secret agents. And I'm putting your book on my wish list for Mother's Day! (My furbabies can read lists if I leave them in the right place!)

  75. Great costumes, lovely ladies and Oliver. What a day! Can you believe it? The Author Roast & Toast is a "forbidden site" at my work. The first line drew me in, and it went deliciously downhill from there!!!!!

  76. Hello Bianca

    So pleased you were able to join the party - as I said, we can party all night and all the next day, so work isn't a problem. Everyone's welcome whenever they can manage to pop in - and there's always heaps of virtual food!

    Gosh - 'a forbidden site!'That makes us sound much naughier than we really are!

    Yes, that is such an enticing excerpt isn't it! Linda is an amazing writer!

  77. Breakfast is served my lovelies. Mimosa for starters, along with bacon artistically wrapped arounsd dates, fresh fruit cups and cream.
    Fluffy scrambled eggs, pancakes and sausage, buttery croissants, blueberry muffins the size of fists, coffee and Irish cream, chai tea and hot cocoa. Dig in. I'll serve Linda, there we go then, love.

  78. I am so glad to be here today. I was in the hospital last month and while I was there YOU in the forms of your wonderful books paid me a visit and I read 5 of your books while in there. Thanks for being there or better yet..thanks for writing the books so I had something to think of besides being in the hospital. I loved the outfit you have on. susan Leech garysue@dejazzd.com

  79. I need a celebration like this as it will be a good recovery for me. I am going to dig out my beads now and see how I can dress up to look just so festive today. Oliver thanks for the drink offer but a glass of sparkling water will have to do for me today but I will sure make up at eh food table. So hard to act ladylike at such a spread..I want to try everything. Yummmy

  80. I need a celebration like this as it will be a good recovery for me. I am going to dig out my beads now and see how I can dress up to look just so festive today. Oliver thanks for the drink offer but a glass of sparkling water will have to do for me today but I will sure make up at eh food table. So hard to act ladylike at such a spread..I want to try everything. Yummmy

  81. I was so busy dressing for this affair I forgot to tell you where I am coming from. I am in the cold state of Pa where we have had temps in the teens and it's SPRING. ha ha susan Leech, 1273 Strahan rd., New Columbia, PA 17856 I am now going to the food tables. ha susan L.

  82. Hi Susan

    How nice to see you here, sorry no-one chatted to you, we were all too busy stuffing our faces, as the saying rather inelligatly goes.

    I do hope you're well on the road to recovery - if there's one thing that helps a stay in hospital it's a good book, and Linda certainly writes plenty of those.

    It's pretty cool where I live too, in the UK, but the spring flowers are starting to show their faces.

    The atmosphere at our Roasts is always warm though, so stay a while and enjoy the spread Oliver's laid on!

  83. A nice sparkling water it is then, Susan love. And a platter with a sample of everything. Enjoy.

  84. Hi Susan, small world. I'm from Pittsburgh and it is a typical March day, cold and windy. With a few spring flowers popping their heads up, hopefully warm temperatures are rright around the corner. Enjoy the party and platter of food Oliver has made for you. Linda's books are awesome. Sticck around, the fun never ends.

  85. Susan, there is nothing an author likes to hear more then the words you wrote. I am sure Linda is very happy to have a fan like you!!
    Well so much for non alcoholic. Why do I have a hangover and how did my removable books get glued onto me?
    Why is Tami's hair shorter on one side?

  86. Books? Don't you mean boobs??? Still a little touched by liquor? And what's wrong with my hair. Linda help!!!

  87. Yhessssssssss! I mean bosoms, to put it nicely. They aren't floating in a pool of water or in a whales blowhole. Like they usually are!!
    Your hair looks fine. Hmmmmm. I try to be good and there you go, I fibbed. Whoops. Another Author Roast and Toast and we all made it through. Group hugsss??
    Linda sell a million!! You my friend are a delight to be with!

  88. Hi Linda,
    Glad you made it to Rio and back, with a hot, sexy shiek in tow. Wow, you do write hot! I'm loving it. Good luck withyour new book - what a great cover.

  89. Thank you all for the kind words about my books. Susan, THAT is exactly why I write. To take you away from the pain or boredom of everyday life!

    Sorry I've been AWOL most of the day, but with hangover and messed up hair and all I still had to travel 3 hours to give a workshop to other writers.

    I even missed the bloody marys! Owww.

    It's been fun! Invite me back some time!

  90. Hi Patrice,lovely to see you here again - make yourself comfortable and help yourself to some of this lovely food OLiver so lovingly prepared!

    I agree about the cover - it's lovely, and those excerpts - hot, hot, hot!

  91. Thank you for being such a super guest, Linda, you've been such fun to be with - and we've loved hearing about your book.

    Yes, thankfully we all seem to have survived another Roast and Toast unscathed! Even Mary's intact(although not much 'in tact' LOL.

    You're welcome here any time. Oh look, I do believe that's Oliver rushing over with a bloody mary with your name on it!

  92. Your book sounds wonderful Linda. Love the cover. Another fun party. And what a feast you had!

  93. Hi Sue

    Alwas nice to see you - thanks for all your support. Yes, Linda's book looks and sounds great, doesn't it!

  94. Hi and welcome Sue, you are always a breath of spring. Allow Oliver to fill your plate and govblet.

  95. Linda, what a fun party it was. Thank you for playing along with us, you were great fun. Best of luck and mega sales.