As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tailgate Party for Celia Yeary

Lyn and Mary drive up to the parking lot at the Cowboy's Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. A fantastic party has been arranged, a traditional tailgate party for our guest this week, Celia Yeary.

"Hey Lyn, this SUV is really cool, I am so glad you let me drive." Western music fills the air and Lyn bobs her head to the sound of LeAnn Rimes as she sings, "Swinging'

"Mary, you don't need four wheel drive for this so take it off, you're sliding all over the road. We should have had Oliver drive."

"Puullleeasse Lyn, we're here already, hold on to your pants. No wait those short, shorts, will reveal more than you want if you try to hold onto them." Mary laughs and ducks Lyn's hand as she swats at Mary.

They find the right party in the lot and pull up to the circle of SUV's, stationwagons and trucks. Lawn chairs, umbrellas, coolers and tables are setup and filled with food. Grills are blazing and the aroma of Jumbo Texas shrimp, burgers, steaks and hot dogs, make their mouths water.

Oliver is handsome as ever, even though he misses Sharon. He looks smashing in his tight jeans, cowboy boots and checkered Western shirt. He just shakes his head and laughs at the two of them. He will have to take the boxes of Celia's new release, Texas Promise, and set up a table where she can sign them.

Lyn is dressed in shorts and a sexy, blue top, Mary is wearing a T shirt that says, 'I don't know why they say I have ADHD, oh look a chicken'. Her big boobs make the shirt tight across the top. She is wearing her favorite jeans, and brown suede cowboy boots.

Lyn has on large, white, cowboy boots, and a bandanna about her neck. They both look great.  Too bad Lyn doesn't know much about a Texas Tailgate Party. She is in for the time of her life, Texas style.  She is dressed to participate in the half time show with the cheerleaders.

Lyn eyes the baked potatoes and drools over the vast array of toppings, from cheese, red hot chili, and hot peppers, to the standard sour cream and bacon. Mary dips a huge chip into fresh Mango salsa, then her eyes water as she tries the hot tomato salsa.
Large pans of Texas chili, are cooling in the shade of an umbrella.
"Oh look Mary, guacamole, pecan pie, and what is that, Blue Bell Ice cream? Mmmmmmm." A dozen strawberry covered coconut pound cakes and huge chocolate sheet cakes, wait for that made in Texas, Blue Bell, ice cream.

"This peach iced tea is wonderful Lyn. I see you like the home made beer? Look at all the varieties, try the Fosters, you might like it. Look at that - Texan wines!"

"Oh look there's Celia, boy she looks great." Mary nudges Lyn. As they walk to where Celia is talking with friends, they both look around them, amazed at all the things to eat.

Folding tables hold a further array of foods, including potato salad, cole slaw, and chips.

Lyn and Mary pass them by and run to hug Celia and congratulate her. Celia looks radiant in her snug, well worn jeans, her black leather cowboy boots and her own T shirt that says, Kiss An Author on it. She hugs them both, then Oliver, just a tad too long. So Mary pulls him away, and sends him to set up the book table.
Lyn blows a whistle to get the attention of the dozens of guests.

"Hello everyone, welcome to Celia's celebration. Please enjoy yourselves before the game. I know you men are looking forward to the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. I got my white boots, my shorts, and my top, I'm ready." She holds up her hands to silence the whistles and cheers.
"Let the party begin!"

Blurb FOR: Texas Promise:
After two years, Jo Cameron King’s life as a widow abruptly ends when her husband returns home to Austin. Unable to understand her angry and bitter husband, she accepts a call to travel to the New Mexico Territory to meet her dying birth father whom she knows nothing about. Her plan to escape her husband goes awry when he demands to travel with her.
Dalton King, believing lies his Texas Ranger partner tells him about Jo, seethes with hatred toward his wife. Now he must protect Jo from his partner’s twisted mind, while sorting out the truth. Jo’s bravery and loyalty convince him she’s innocent. But can they regain the love and respect they once shared?


After a few minutes of puttering around in the kitchen, she heard the boots on the stairs.
"You're going? Tell me you're not making this trip. Who's going with you? Surely you're traveling with someone." His voice rose once more.
Now, she really did fly off the handle. There was no reasoning with him, no normal conversation. All he could do was accuse, question, and demand. Well, she'd had enough. She slammed out the back door into the twilight.
In instant motion, Dalton slammed out right after her.
"You come back here and answer me!"
She whirled around and leaned from the waist. Pointing a finger at him, she said, "You... you can go to... perdition!"
He came close, spread his legs, and hooked his fingers on his hips. Thrusting his head toward her, he said, "What? I've never heard you talk like that. And the word is 'hell,' lady, 'hell!' Say it! Tell me to go to hell!"
"You... you can go to... hell! There, I said it! That's the only place for you now! It's certainly not with me! You... you abandoned me! And, and you humiliated me! Furthermore...you--" The tears bubbled up from the crack in her heart, spilled over, down her cheeks, and into the corner of her mouth. Sobbing and shaking, she made one last attempt at getting her point across. "I...I ha-a-t-e you!"
Before she could swing around and run to the house, Dalton captured her with firm arms, but ever so gently. He kissed all her tears away from her face and her eyes. Last, he licked and sucked every teardrop away from her mouth. He reached in a back pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. "Here, blow," he instructed, as he held it to her nose.
She did, and then leaned forward to wipe her face on his shirt. In doing so, she smelled his strong scent, male smells, mixed with sweat and grime. Oh, how heavenly. She burrowed her face in his chest.
Dalton's resolve unraveled. She felt it. He hugged her tightly, lifted her chin, and kissed her full on the mouth. He turned his head this way, and that way, gaining complete entrance by thrusting his tongue into the warm, wet cavity. Around and around he swept, tasting the moisture from her mouth, and feeling the texture of her recesses and teeth. Pulling back, he whispered as he smoothed her damp hair from one side of her face. "Now, you're going to do what I say and stay here, aren't you?"
She shook her head. He placed his big hand on the back of her head and manipulated it up and down, mimicking 'yes'. Again, she shook her head. And once more, he bobbed her head up and down. Her forehead bumped his chest each time. A small giggle escaped from her throat.
Dalton sighed heavily. "All right, then, Miss Priss, I'll go with you."
Miss Priss. The name he called her when they were children, usually when he knew he'd been beaten but still wanted to play.

Bio: Celia Yeary
Celia Yeary is a seventh-generation Texan, and her life revolves around family, friends, and writing. San Marcos has been her home for thirty-five years. She has five published romance novels, four “coming soon” novels, and published essays with a local magazine. The author is a former science teacher, graduate of Texas Tech University and Texas State University, mother of two, grandmother of three, and wife of a wonderful, supportive Texan. Celia and her husband enjoy traveling, and both are involved in their church, the community, and the university as retired faculty.


  1. Good morning Celia, welcome to your Party - looks like it's going to be a beautiful day and I hope you'll sell lots of books here as well.

  2. Hi y'all, Lyn and Mary! My lands, I have never in my life seen such a swinging, wild party! Lyn, I always thought to myself "I don't know why she doesn't try out for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, with those legs and that hair and those....well, my mama always told me to say "bosoms". Anyway, all eyes will be on yours today!
    Mary,you'll pick up so many cowboys today, you'l head will be spinnin'!
    How do y'all like my outfit? I just love boots and jeans, but I especially like them on men--give me a cowboy any day. Did you see Oliver. Wow!
    Sharon, darlin', here's to you sweetheart!
    Let the party begin!
    P.S. How did y'all get the cover of my newest novel TEXAS PROMISE on that cake? That is way cool.

  3. What a party my friends. Only Mary, Lyn and Sharon know how to throw such a lively bash. I wanted to stop and say hello before going out in five minutes. I will stop again later in the day. Celia, your book cover is so yummy. Have fun and behave, girls. Oliver, keep an eye on them and come here. Give me a kiss.

  4. Howdy Celia, Lyn and Mary. What a fun party you have going already. The only this it needs to make it complete is our sweet Sharon but I know she's here in spirit. I confess I'm not a football fan but I am a food fan and this spread looks delicious. I'll begin with dessert if you don't mind. So, Oliver, I'd like a a BIG YUMMY HUNK--I think I'm describing the server here-- of that chocolate cake that has Celia's book cover on top. I've already devoured a copy of that and it's yummy, too.
    Enjoy your day, Celia, and sell loads of books.

  5. Hi everyone! Today is gonna be very special. Lyn is gonna be with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. (That ought to be a riot!)
    She looks pretty good too.
    Celia those jeans make you look marvelous!
    Throw the shrimp on the grill. Grab a beer or a glass of wine and have a rockin' time! Yea Ha!!!

  6. Celia, the shrimp are huge!!! thank goodness they didn't get oiled!
    Lyn is gonna improvise, that outta be a riot!
    But, I'm stuck on the chocolate cake, yummy! And no calories!

  7. MONA--did you get that kiss? We've had a devil of a time keeping him out of the hot salsa and chips and the tub full of iced down Budweisers! He's supposed to be pushing our Texas wines! thanks so much for stoppiing by and saying hi! Celia

  8. LINDA--well, come on in! We're so glad you came. Now, that chocolate cake is actually a Texas Sheet Cake and if you haven't had a real one, you haven't lived. Please--top it off with a big scoop of Vanilla Bean Blue Bell Ice Cream made right here in Texas over in Brenham. If you every go through there, stop by the dairy and they'll give you free ice cream.
    And thanks again, a HUGE thanks, for being the first to read TEXAS PROMISE. I saved every word you said. Have a care and come back when you can...Celia

  9. MARY--please keep me away from the cake and ice cream. I could barely squeeze into these jeans today, I do to admit that, but that is the truth. And they're brand new! I'll bet you're jealous. Ha! Celia

  10. Wow, Celia, great excerpt. I love the cover, too. I can hardly wait to read this book! Good luck with your tailgate party. Umm, could you pass the barbeque, please? And a slice of pecan pie?

  11. You do look pretty hot Celia. But with my boobs, ahem.
    But, Oliver says there are no calories in the cake today. So eat up and I like strawberry ice cream on my cake. Doesn't Blue Bell make the best ice cream!!

  12. Hi Celia - you look GRREAT Celia, the cowboy style really suits you. Sorry I've been away - I've been practicing for this cheerleader thingy!

    Glad you like the cake - Oliver specialises in celebration cakes and always tries to get the Special Guest Author's cover on their cake.

    Hi Mona, Linda, and Caroline, how lovely to see you. Do help yourself to whatever refereshments you fancy.

    Runs over and hugs Mary - hi sweetie, did you know you have strawberry icecream all over your chops! *Grin* Actually, I think I'll have some icecream too, I could do with cooling down a bit after all that 'rah! rah! rah! :)

  13. Good Morning Ladies! I absolutely adored the excerpt and had to giggle at the term "Miss Priss". That's what my husband always calls our daughters when he's trying to aggravate them. Great tailgate party and the food sounds so good, I'm going to have to track down some lunch. Well done, Celia, Mary and Lyn! Have a glorious day. :-)

  14. CAROLINE--Oh, I forgot about the pecan pie! Really, that's my favorite pie in the whole world, and right now the Texas pecans are being harvested--they are so good.!
    Hang around and eat all day, if you want--I'm going to. That is, until the game starts--can't miss Lyn dancing and shaking her booty with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! So glad you came by--Celia

  15. Hi Maeve

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes, all this virtual food makes one hungry, doesn't it!

  16. LYN--oh, thank yewwww for the compliment, sweetie. I think I look good, too, even if I do say so myself. I wonder if Tony Romo will notice me? Nah, he's still stuck on that Simpson girl--or was that last year?
    I'm so pleased with all these scrumptious preparations you and Mary set up. Honestly, you outdid yourselves. I sure hope Sharon is happy with what we accomplished in her absence--even though we're missing her "zing", I think we did all right. Celia

  17. MAEVE--YOU'RE RIGHT, the term Miss Priss was usually used to aggravate or at least tease. I've been called that many times in my life, because I always wanted to be "fixed up". So I was called prissy or Miss Priss. I'm so glad you're here, and I thank you for coming. Celia

  18. Yes, Sharon is sorely missed at our Roasts, but as you say, I'm sure she's with us in spirit. She sounded good last time I spoke to her across the pond, and is determined to get back on the 'net' again as soon as she can.

    Oh by the waym, the cover of 'Texas Promise' is beautiful - are those flowers 'Texas Bluebonnets'? They look a little bit like our British bluebells.

  19. Lyn--the cover is beautiful, isn't it? I absolutely love it. I asked for Texas Bluebonnets and the artist, Jennifer found the perfect thing. However, when she e=mailed me she called them "Bluebells"--which are not a Texas flower, but probably is in the east where it's a little cooler and more humid. I teased her about it--she's not British, though. She just said bluebells. Right picture--wrong name! Celia

  20. That's so interesting, Celia. I think British bluebells are different, but they are also quite similar, and I think both species are beautiful - especially when they lay spread out under the trees like a carpet of blue!

  21. Sharon sent us a note telling us her quest is going well. I can't wait to see how glad Oliver will be to see her.
    Lyn, that's just practice, wait till the real job starts.
    You'll be up there shaking your booty and kicking up your heels. Now there is only one thing we have to worry about.
    Yes, it's those huge clodhoppers of
    yours. Don't kick anyone in the face, butt, or anywhere else!
    We don't want to be sued or anything.
    Yippie yo kye eh! Is that it?

  22. Now Mary dear, I'm not jealous of your enormous hooters (even if I don't believe they're really real) so you shouldn't try to make out my feet are big, when evryone knows they're tiny. (I even have to wear childrens' sizes sometimes, if they shop doesn't stock small sizes)

    Oh I can't wait for our dear sister hostess to come back to us, I hope it won't be too long.

    Now...do you think I need more cheerleading practice? Have I got my pom-poms right?

  23. Hello, Celia! What a fun event! congratulations on your roast & I'll toast your book with a glass of that Texas wine, please! This is a great concept and I love all the things you chose for your roast! Best of luck with Texas Promise! Oh, 'cuse me, I want some of that shrimp...
    Denise Golinowski

  24. Mary passes a huge plate of mouthwatering shrimp to Denise and she grabs it an runs!
    Now Lyn, you remember the doctor told you that you were not visualizing things well. If it makes you feel better to think your feet are tiny. (BRAAAAHHHAHAHA), it's okay. (We're supposed to humor her).
    I never denied my hooters are big. I am proud of these jugs. The guys love them. I just deny they are fake. Go ahead touch and see, no wait, on second thought, whatever.
    Celia how about another short excerpt to grab us?

  25. DENISE--can you believe I'm a part of this group? I am chaste and sweet, and just listen to this rabble! Why, my ears turn red everytime I read one of their exchanges! Oh!!!
    Buy, hey, I'm so glad you came by, and please do have a glass of Texas wine--you wouldn't believe that Texas is becoming a very big wine-producer, would you? And by all means, try that shrimp! Celia

  26. Chaste and sweet, what does that mean?
    I'm a bad girl...
    But, I'm fun! I think. :0)

  27. Lyn, are you ready? It's almost halftime and you'll be in front of the crowd. Hope you know the routine!
    Hey, did I just hear Jessie James and the Duke are here? After all, we are in Texas!!!

  28. Hi Denise - how lovely to see you here. Don't worry about poor Mary, She tends to be a little delusioal, but we love her to pieces.

    What's that - Jesse Ja,mes and the Duke? Wow, I might have known they'd be here! Oh dear, I'm all a dither now, and I have to go on in a minute - now where are my pom-poms? Anyone seen my pom-poms?

    Celia, your book sounds wonderful, let's hear a bit more from it, while I find my pom-poms!

    "I haven't been there for you, have I, Jo?" he asked in a soft voice, so quiet and sad.

    "Oh, Dalton, let's not get into anything serious now. I feel too good this morning, but I do need to go to the bushes, and I need to wash my face. After last night at the creek, I really don't want to go down there alone."

    "I'll walk down part way with you. I think it's cleared out because we're here."

    Jo stood from her bedroll. Dalton nearly gasped out loud as she removed her pants, so that she only wore the chemise and pantalets. Unperturbed and unembarrassed, she reached for her boots, pulled them on, and walked toward the creek.

    What a sight, he thought. Most of her legs showed and the boots came up to mid-calf.

    The chemise showed off her pretty, round breasts, and they swayed a little as she walked. Her soft, white arms were exposed, and she swung them as she strode off in front of him. Her round, sweet-looking bottom, outlined to perfection by the sheerness of the fabric, made him want her, just by looking.

    By God, he would kill any man who ever touched her besides him.


  30. That was wonderful Celia, thanks!

    Lyn are you ready, they're on!

    As we watch Lyn cheerlead with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, there will be no laughing, a little snicker is enough.
    Wow, look at those feet go!
    She knocked the girl next to her out cold. Are there weights in those things? They are making room for her! WOW! She's really hoppin', watch out, ooohhhhh!
    Well a least she got up and kept going. Very nice job Lyn! But, keep your day job, okay?
    You did have a good time shakin' that booty didn't you!

  31. Hi Celia, I just had to stop by and enjoy a few minutes of this delightful tailgate party. I'm such a sucker for delicious food anyone else has fixed. I wish you all the best on your newest release Texas Promise.

  32. SANDRA--THANKS for coming by and joining in the celebration. We're glad you're here-Celia

  33. Celia, what wonderful excerpts! It sounds like it is a sizzling book! And what a wonderful party--it is lunchtime here, and I am drooling over the Jummbo Texas shrimp. And Blue Bell ice cream--it is one of my absolute favorite brands of ice cream in the world! Now let me go search out the biggest bowl I can find... :)

  34. I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream. My elder brother used to say that so many times.
    I have no clue why.
    Go, Lyn, Go! Oliver, stop laughing at her.

  35. Phew, that was fun. I'm not telling where my pom poms were, or who hid them, but I'm staring hard at Mary! I knew that figure wasn't all yours! ;)

    Great excerpt Celia, this sounds like such a wonderful read!

    Hi Sandra, thanks so much for stopping by. Help yourself to virtual refreshments.

    Oooh hi Jennette, great to see you. Enjoy your icecream

  36. Good job Lyn, did they offer to hire you? If not there are plenty of other cheerleader groups.
    Must be those tiny feet of yours...
    What do you do store stuff in those huge shoes?
    I'm lookin' for the Duke now. There he is, on line to get Celia to sign the book he just bought!
    Remember Minnie Pearl?
    HHOOOWWWDDDYYY! Nice flowered hat too.

  37. Hi y'all,
    Glad to see everyone here...but you're right, Sharon is sorely missed. GET WELL SHARON!

    Oliver is scrumptious--the food looks great, but Oliver looks even better. LOL

    Love the excerpt, Celia. I was right there with her when she said, "I HATE YOU!" LOLLOL But I know it will all come out just fine. Great party here! Congratulations on all your many successes. I must eat a shrimp and leave...I think I see Oliver beckoning to me from the window...

  38. Hi Cheryl, welcome to the roast won't you stop a while?

    Yes the 'Western cowboy' look does suit Oliver doesn't it. Poor lad, he misses Sharon as much as we do!

    Oh you're right, those are really great excerpts of Celia's latest book. I really want to read it.

  39. Hi Cheryl, welcome to the roast won't you stop a while?

    Yes the 'Western cowboy' look does suit Oliver doesn't it. Poor lad, he misses Sharon as much as we do!

    Oh you're right, those are really great excerpts of Celia's latest book. I really want to read it.

  40. CHERYLLLLLL!!! Hi, friend. Would you believe I'm at a Dallas Cowboy game instead of a Texas Longhorn game? Well, that's where the party is.Grab a handful of that shrimp before it's all gone. Thanks for coming by--Celia

  41. JENNETTE--WELL, you just go grab two big bowls, fill one with shrimp and one with ice cream. I'm glad you liked the excerpts, too. I'm so glad you came by to visit. Now, I need to go referee between Lyn and Mary before they get into one of their little tiffs--it's all about the size of "certain things." Celia

  42. Hi, Celia, Lyn, and Mary. It looks like ya'll are having fun. My boots hurt my feet, but this is one fine party.

  43. Hi Elaine, so nice to see you here. Sit down and rest your feet a spell. Oliver will bring you some refreshments - not sure where our Mary is - she was last seen chasing 'the Duke' I think!

  44. Yum, I can almost smell that food right across the pond here, and yes, your bluebonnets look very like our bluebells, also similar to our 'grape hyactnth' (sp)
    It sounds like a great party you are having there.
    I agree the book cover is gorfeuos.

  45. ELAINE--I know what you mean! I've been stnading around,visiting, and I need a rest--plus these tight jeans are even tighter since I've stuffed myself today. One more glass of wine, and it's off to the game.
    Thanks for coming by--Celia

  46. Hi Sherry, always nice to see a fellow Brit, and to have you join in our party. By the miracle of the internet we can all get together regardless of distance!

    Yes,the bluebonnets to resemble grape hyacinths now I think about it. they're certainly very pretty and look gorgeous on Celia's cover.

  47. SHERRY--oh, you should come to Texas sometime for a tailgate party! I love bluebonnest, and I have seen grape hyacinths around Texas--odd isn't it?
    Thank you for visiting us! Celia

  48. Sorry I was away. Had an emergency, I'm a shakin'
    But I'm back to say Lyn you look wonderful as a cheerleader and Celia you are one hot cowgirl!

  49. LOL, I know what sort of 'emergency' you've had Mary, you disappered into them thar hills pretty darned quick when the Duke turned up! *wink*

    Thanks for the compliment though sweet sister hostess, you look pretty good yourself, and doesn't Celia look great. Wow, I see a queue forming at the table where Celia has her books. Her hand's going to be tired from all that signing! Even Jesse James has bought a copy!

  50. Well it involved the Duke he came here, didn't you see him leave. We needed him an Doc Holiday to help us with an escaped mental patient. He's gone now. So the Duke and I, well, he looks 21 now and at that age, Hubba Hubba!
    You mean I have to stand on this long line to get my copy signed. Geez! There's just no winnin'!

  51. LOL, that's a likely story, Mary sweetie, yes, we did see you leave with the Hottie Duke, and you were gone a mighty long time!

    Yes, I'd jump into that line quick before it gets any longer! :)

  52. Lyn and Mary-- you two are a real pair! It's been a really fun day, and I never thought I'd look so good in a pair of jeans. Wow. Now, if I can just keep that girly-girl look, I'll be in high cotton!
    Y'all did a bang up job, and I predict we'll have some late comers because of the digests--that sort of thing. I cannot thank you enough for all the energy and love you put into this party. I am very impressed and very grateful for all your hard work. And now...back to my lounger and my romance book--but I shall return! Celia

  53. I have no idea what you are talking about the Duke and I were just talking that's all. What, okay, button up. Hmmmmmm.

    And by the way, I don't have huge boobs, Sharon has a small butt and Lyn has the tiniest feet. But, you will never hear that from me again.

    Celia, you may have visitors all weekend! Everyone just kinda sleeps where they are. Then you can choose who wins the prize! See you going to talk with the young Duke some more. HeHe

  54. Here I am, better late than never! And I'm hungry after reading about food and seeing all those pictures of food. Especially pecan pie. I've been thinking about pecan pie for days. Sigh. Oh to be extremely skinny and be able to eat to my heart's content.

    Enjoyed the tailgate party, Celia!!!

    MUDDY WATERS coming Oct 22

  55. Hey, Maggie--so glad you stopped by. Did you get pecan pie? I thought it was all gone. If there's any left, I'm taking it home. Whew! It's been a long day--
    See you later! Love you--Celia

  56. Lyn yawns and stretches - ooh it's great to sleep out in the open on a balmy Texas night! Mary lies nearby, snoring gently and Oliver is, as always, up with the lark and preparing the barbeque for breakfast.

    Oh look, there's Maggie! Waes madly! Hiya Maggie, eat as much Pecan pie as you like! At the Roasts, everyone has a slim, youthful figure and the food is compltely calorie free!

    Celia, you've been a wonderful guest, and we've really enjoyed having you here and hearing more about your latest release. Thank you so much for your kind words, it's a been a real pleasure. As Mary says, we may well get some late comers, so stay right where you are, chill out on your loungere and enjoy your read.

    Wishing you many, many sales with 'Texas Promise'!

  57. Thanks Celia, for really participating, it makes the work worth it. And we love you!

  58. Celia,
    WHAT AN AWESOME PARTY!! I am so sad I missed it! Grrrr... I loved the pictures and the tailgating fun. And the food!! You must have another tailgate soon!


  59. Hi Stephanie! Great to have you come by! Glad you liked the Roast - we'll be having another one next week.