As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Jennette Green's European Holiday at the Moulin Rouge

The hostesses are on holiday and have been touring Paris. They've seen the Louvre

the Arc de Triomphe
The Eiffel Tower

and taken a cruise on the Seine.

Paris is such a beautiful city. Mary and Lyn have arranged for Jennette's roast to be held at the Moulin Rouge. The cabaret that made the can-can famous.

"There it is! I hope we aren't late. We have to make sure Jennette's table is the best in the place. Man, look at the big windmill! Why do you think they put a windmill on top of the place? Mary stops jumping up and down when Lyn gives her 'the look'.

The limousine pulls up to the portico, and the girls spy the words Moulin Rouge in lights on the top of the entrance. Red carpet lines the walkway, the atmosphere reminiscent of a gala movie premiere. Men in dark suits and ties and women dressed in lovely evening dresses.

"That looks like Gerard Butler that you are so in love with Mary," Lyn points to a handsome man with dark hair and a scruffy three day old beard.

"I like him better shaved. His face looks dirty. But, wow he is hot!"

Lyn drags Mary into the entrance as she slips sideways in her high heels. Someone behind them chuckles.

"If Sharon were here you'd never act so silly." Lyn, points out. "She better get back soon, it's not the same without her, she can control you. Watch out your floppers are popping out again. That dress is too low cut for you. All the men are staring at them. I saw one lady smack her husband in the head. Pul-lease!"

Mary discretely fixes her dress. The lovely Emerald green dress is covered with sequins on the bottom and the skirt flares as she walks. She loves the empire waist gown. Emerald earrings and an emerald necklace accentuate her dress.

Lyn is lovely in her dark blue frock. Lovely and slinky it hugs her figure like a glove. Sparkling diamond earrings match the sparkling Swarski crystals that surround her waist on a gold chain belted around her. The long chain hangs to her knees and beneath her long dress toes peek out and you can see flashes of her huge gold platform shoes as she walks.

They walk down the long entrance hall they see the word 'Feerie',in bright lights at the end their excitement triples as they spy Jennette waiting for them. She looks fantastic in her crimson Armani. Soft, lush, folds, billow around her as she moves. The form fitting dress flares at the waist and drapes to the floor around her. In her ears are brilliant rubies that match the antique necklace around her slim neck. She looks just fantastic. Her escort is a handsome fellow with steel gray eyes and chestnut colored hair. He is a true gentleman and leads the three of them into the theater. White linen tablecloths are covered with expensive china, crystal and candles in gold candelabras. Jennette greets her guests with a smile, signing her book for those who ask her to.

Oliver is serving champagne in crystal flutes, smiling and looking as sexy as ever, despite missing Sharon so much. The table before them is laden with Pâté, cheese, chèvre cheese, brie, camembert cheese, crackers, Chicken Divan

and fresh fruit, with French pizza and toppings of crème fraîche, capers olives, ham and feta. There is a special chocolate gateau with Jeannette's cover on it, in sugar paste,

Nougat glacé (light vanilla ice cream with bits of nuts and fruit served in a red fruit coulis)
Profiterolles, Tarte tatin served with chantilly cream,
Pain au Chocolat and chocolate eclairs.

It will all be washed down with sparkling apple cider, French wine,
Café au lait (with a decaffinated version for those who prefer it) Chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) and Tisane or herbal tea

"Speessss, Lyn, do you think you can do the can-can. They invented it here!"

"I think I could kick pretty high. But, I don't want anyone to see my thong." Lyn lifts one shoulder and smiles.

"Thong?" Mary dissolves into a fit of laughter.

"Quiet, now, the show is about to start. Jennette and her date are coming to the table, behave will you. Look it's the cast of Feerie to begin the cabaret show."

Applause fills the packed theatre.

A lone clown on the stage bows and speaks.

"Please welcome author Jennette Green, she has a new release, 'Her reluctant Bodyguard'..."

When the renewed applause dies down he bellows. "Let the show begin." Curtains open and we welcome visitors who join the party!

For your chance to win a copy of 'Her Reluctant Bodyguard' leave a comment and tell uswhat song you'd like to dance the can-can to.

by Jennette Green


Alexa's dream job becomes a threat to her life...

When English pop star Colin Radcliff asks Alexa to write his biography and tour with him in Europe, she's thrilled. It all seems like a fairy tale come true—until she begins to receive death threats.

To her dismay, Colin puts her under the 24/7 protection of his Italian chief bodyguard, Jamison Constanzo—a man with whom she’s clashed from day one. If only she could spend more time with her perfect man, Colin, rather than spending all of her days with this black-hearted thorn in her side!

Alexa struggles to control her flip attitude toward Jamison. Why does opening up her heart to him feel almost as dangerous as dealing with the stalker’s threats?

But when the killer strikes, Jamison is the only one she can turn to…


Alexa crossed to poke her head into Jamison’s room. He’d just unzipped a giant suitcase—black, of course—and draped a clump of black, button down shirts on the bed. Some looked to be made of cotton, others of a silkier material.

“Are you color blind?” she wanted to know.

He glanced up. “You’re here to help me unpack?”

“Of course not!” Alexa felt embarrassed, but didn’t retreat. “We need to hash out

rules so we can live in peace.”

He pulled out a pile of black pants. Some jeans, some slacks.

“Would you stop that?” she demanded. “I’m trying to have a serious conversation.”

“I can’t unpack at the same time?”

Alexa gritted her teeth. “I have no desire to see any of your black…unmentionables.”

An actual smile curled his lips, and he stopped pulling items from his suitcase.

“Then wait in the sitting area. I’ll be five minutes.”

Alexa narrowed her eyes. She didn’t want to stay here, but she didn’t want to retreat, either. And she wanted to assert her rules first—before the bodyguard had a chance to make a power grab. “I’ll make it snappy,” she said, averting her eyes as he pulled smaller black items from the suitcase and tucked them in the dresser. “I have one rule. You leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone.”

“Fine.” Jamison pulled a thick book from the bottomless suitcase and placed it on the bedside table. What was that? War and Peace? Certainly appropriate for their living situation.

“Well then,” Alexa said, pleased. “I’ll leave you to sort your outfits by color. I’m never sure—does black silk go with black cotton?” With this saucy comment, which likely sailed right over his unfashionable head, she turned to leave.

“I have a rule.”

Alexa turned back. She should have known her triumph had been too easy.

“You don’t leave this apartment without me.”

Alexa fell silent for one long beat, absorbing the full, horrifying implications of his statement. “Excuse me? I’m supposed to be chained to you night and day?”

“That’s what twenty-four/seven means.” He flipped the suitcase shut. The rasp of the zipper sounded like machine gun fire in the suddenly silent room. “If you want to run the stairs, I go with you. If you want to shop, I go with you. If you want to sight-see, I go with you. Think of me as your shadow.”

“Hence the black,” she said sarcastically. But further words evaded her. A sick feeling dropped into the pit of her stomach. She and Jamison, joined at the hip for almost five weeks? They couldn’t breathe the same air without fighting! Her fairy tale had officially transformed into a nightmare. She muttered, “We’re going to kill each other.”

“I promise I won’t kill you, princess. It’s not in my job description.” How could he look so amused?

Buy Paperback from Amazon
Kindle Version

Romance that touches the soul


"Writing has always been a passion of mine. I wrote my first story over thirty years ago. Since then, I've written numerous stories and have had several articles published.My first love, however, is writing romance novels. I write both inspirational and edgy).

In October 2008, my first historical romance, The Commander’s Desire, was published by The Wild Rose Press. It has received numerous accolades, including a "Top Pick" rating from "Romance Reader at Heart" and numerous five star reviews. In addition, the hero of the novel was designated "Reader's Favorite Hero" for 2009 at a popular blog. Also, a Thai publisher has indicated interest in translating the book and publishing it in Thailand!

I am blessed with a wonderful, supportive husband, and three terrific children who put up with my crazy writing hours. When I am not writing, I love reading, photography, making videos, and creating and managing my websites."


Her Reluctant Bodyguard
"There are no words. Honestly, there are no words to explain how much I loved this book. This is probably one of the absolute best books I have ever read in my entire life. I just don't know where to begin."

Rebecca Lynn, The Pen and Muse ...full book review http://thepenmuse.net/?p=1251#comments

Travel on a journey of romance into medieval Scotland...
Princess Elwytha wants revenge on the monster who murdered her brother. In a false exchange for peace, she offers herself in marriage to the enemy Prince. The plan? Kill the Prince’s battle-scarred Commander—the man who ended King Thor’s life with one filthy sword thrust through the back.

To her horror, the Commander agrees to take Elwytha as his bride...




  1. Good morning Jennette, welcome to your Roast. I hope you enjoy your party at the Moulin Rouge.

  2. Lyn, Mary and Oliver :), thank you so much for having me on the Author Roast and Toast today! What a fun blog you have posted, and I am thrilled for the party to get started. I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone today, and also giving away an ebook copy of my new release, Her Reluctant Bodyguard on Saturday! :)

  3. Hi Jennette, my you look so nice today. Who is that handsome fellow that brought you here today?
    Hubba,hubba, what a hunk!
    Lyn stop pinching me, I'm being good, I didn't even flirt with him.
    I have my eye on that guy by the front. Woooooohhh!
    Jennette, where did you get the idea for the story?

  4. Hi Jennette

    Yes, I agree with Mary, you're looking very lovely. Don't mindMary here, she can't take her eyes of your escort. She was trying to flirt with Gerard Butler before you arrived. Just can't help herself. I promised Sharon I'd make sure she behaved, but she's incorrigible. What's that Mary?

    Oh? How can you be that word when you can't even pronounce it? Well, sweetie, some thiangs are just innexplicable! :)

  5. Well you have to admit my added charm. (Mary stands up straighter and they pop up higher).
    I use what I have, and the guys love me. Well, most of them.
    Try that with those feet. HeHe!
    Sharon, she would never expect me to behave!!!

  6. *Grin* I think you're right Mary, just stay as delightfully quirky and flirty as you are, we wouldn't want you any other way!

    (And I have to admit my tiny little feet are no match for your enormous hooters!) :)

  7. Lyn and Mary, you both look lovely as well! What an elegant party at the Moulin Rouge. I am enjoying every moment! As to my escort (giggle), he is Clive Owen, and he's to star in the coming movie of The Commander's Desire (http://au.video.yahoo.com/watch/4832480/12890721) (a preview, made by a fan). :)

  8. Mary, you asked where I got the idea for my new release, Her Reluctant Bodyguard. It was a combination of factors--I watched Ella Enchanted, and several other videos, and the idea popped into my head--especially Jamison, the plot, and everything, and I just had to write it. Something similar happened when I wrote The Commander's Desire, and another future romance/drama that I am in the process of rewriting.

    It's like a character/plot emerges in my imagination, and I just HAVE to write their story. I need to know what happens.

  9. Not bad Jennette!
    I'm still looking for Gerard Butler, I want to talk to him for a while. Snicker. Ya know.
    Lyn don't worry, no one can see your huge clodhoppers under your beautiful dress. Just be glad it's floor length. Although those feet probably get you places faster.
    Jennette, the show will begin in a bit. Can you can-can! (Don't try it Lyn)

  10. I'd like to try the can-can. Although in these heels, I'd probably fall flat on my face... LOL

  11. If Lyn wasn't wearing that thong she could can-can, although--never mind.
    So tell me about your H/H what makes them special?

  12. JENNETTE--you are one talented lady. Oh, I'd love to see the Moulin Rouge--I've been to Paris twice and did not see it at all. How exciting--all those high kickers--wow, I wish I could do that? The foo for your party is absolutely stunning--chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, and...cheese. Excuse me while I table-hop--I see my friends Mary and Hywela over there!Oh, and congratulations on your book! Celia

  13. Thanks for stopping by Celia, you are gonna have one heck of a party next week!
    Jennette picked out the most delicious, yet devilishly bad, food for us today. I'm gonna gain 10 virtual pounds! I love chocolate.
    Go, Jennette. go!!!

  14. Thank you so much, Celia! :)

    Mary, what makes my H/H special? They're special to me, because they come to my imagination as full-bodied, flesh and blood real people with attitudes, hang ups, etc. I try to portray them as realistically as possible and stay true to their own unique voice. I live the story with them, and try to tell it from their perspectives in the best way I possibly can. :)

    By the way, have you noticed that Lyn has quietly disappeared? Wait! Across the room, is that a bit of a blue dress and Swarski crystals twinkling behind that potted palm??? What is she doing? Is she spying on someone, or having a secret rendevous??!!

  15. If only I hadn't let Mary persuade me to wear this thong! I'd love to try the can can, my little feet are just right for high kicks! Anyone know where I can by a pair of frilly 'unmentionables'?

  16. Lyn sneaks back, smoothing down her dress.

    Er hello, anyone miss me? Great video they're showing next door, Jennette. 'Her Reluctant Bodyguard' is fantastic, but now I want to read'The Commander's Desire as well!

  17. Hi Celia! Lyn waves wildly. Great to see us, coma and sit by us over here! The show hasn't started yet.

    Yes, so much yummy chocolate - it's Jennette's main character's favourite!

    It's great when your characters arrive and demand you tell their story, isn't it Jenanette!

  18. I enjoyed the trip to Paris, Ladies, and your excerpt Jennette.

  19. Thanks Bianca, good luck on your new release too!
    I know what you mean Jennette, your characters have to mean a lot to you I meant, what drives them?
    I never made you wear the thong, you picked it out, not me.
    You love showing off your toned tush. It's the feet you hide. But, maybe for today, you can forget they are big. (shes Still in denial)
    You changed your undies so you could can-can with me? AWWWW!!!
    Just do it barefoot, your feet are huge, but very nicely shaped, no calluses, hammer toes, or ingrown nails, they look fine. So kick a way.
    Jennette, come on let's practice.

  20. Hi Bianca

    Weloome to the party and good luck with your release as well.

    Gosh just look at Jennette - she's doing the can-can like a professional dancer, wow!

  21. ...Returns flushed and hanging on Clive's arm, and limping from twisting my ankle doing the can-can in these ridiculously high heels! I need a double shot of chocolat chaud with extra whipped cream to put me all to rights again. :)

    Thank you so much for stopping by, Bianca, and for your kind words about the excerpt! :)

    Lyn, I'm so glad you enjoyed Her Reluctant Bodyguard. The Commander's Desire is soon to be re-released in a new, revised version. The print version will be out in October, but the kindle version is publishing even now, and the page should be fully operational in a few days, to my understanding. Here's the link, for anyone who is interested:


  22. Ooh, fantastic, Jeannette! I've put the live link to this and the video on the main page!

  23. Mary,

    That is a good question--what drives my characters?

    Usually the story starts out with a dilemma or a significant change about to happen in the character's life. The characters are driven to solve the problem, but even more, to overcome the problems so they can finally find love and be happy.

    Many of my characters have past hurts that they have to deal with, and it affects how they tackle problems now. Many times, these past wounds create obstacles that they must surmount in order to achieve the love and happiness that they want so desperately. This is especially the case for Alexa, the main character in Her Reluctant Bodyguard. Alexa is much like me in a number of ways, and writing her story actually helped me out, too, a little. I love to believe in a happily ever after, and I want the reader and the main characters to finish the story in a better place than when they started it.

  24. Lyn, thank you so much for posting the links!

    Now are you going to get out there and show us how the can-can should be done? :)

  25. Mary comes back to the table and plots down.
    I can't do it, It's too hard. I can't kick too high. My dress will be ruined.
    Wait here's one of those drinks you suggested, maybe I'll get better at the can-can. I love the way they do it and I need to loosen up!

  26. I adored "Her Reluctant Bodyguard". Glad to see it's getting the attention it deserves! :-)

  27. Rebecca,

    Thank you so much for stopping by!!! :) I am so thrilled that you love Her Reluctant Bodyguard so much. Your review continues to be such an encouragement and inspiration to me. :) Thank you.

    God bless,

    :) Jennette

  28. Phew, all that high kicking has made me out of puff!

    mary dear, don't worry about the can-can, I'm not surprised you can't kick your leg up so high, being so top-heav- I mean hving such a rounded figure. Never mind. just sit here and enjoy the show.

    Hi Rebecca, thanks for calling by. What a wonderful review for 'Her Reluctant Bodyguard.' Who wouldn't want to read the book after seeing a review like that - and it's so well deserved!

  29. I am resting.
    You'd better not try the can-can you might kick someone with your well endowed feet and we'd be sued.
    When Sharon comes back she would be very upset. So...
    Where's Cuddles these days?
    Junior has gone over the Rainbow Bridge, but he sent me a puppy to help me over his leaving. Nibby wants to be on the blog too!
    Maybe Cuddles can teach her to behave?
    How about another short excerpt Jennette?

  30. Roo late Mary sweetie, I've already been high kicking and everyone said I had a very dainty turn of foot! :)

    Cuddles was trying to dive bomb the can-can dancers from a great height, not very becoming behaviour for a baby unicorn, so I told him not to get so excited and to go and find a quiet corner to talk to Nibby and tell her all about being a Roast mascot.

    Yes Jennette, let's have another excerpt - please, pretty please43!

  31. You ladies all look divine. I feel under dressed.

    I'll eat quietly and stay out of sight. What a spread!

    Jennette, loved the tour! After your blog, I'm ready for a trip.

  32. Gorgeous pictures. Mary and Lyn. You have outdone yourself with the wonderful pictures of Paris and the delicious food. Just looking at these eclairs makes me hungry.

    I have been to Paris many times and love it. But I have never attended a Moulin Rouge performance. Jennette, your book looks delightful. Wishing you a lot of sales.

    Olivier, mon cheri, un petit champagne, s'il vous plait.

  33. MM we would love to have you even in rags! You are such a good soul.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Lyn, are you wearing your contacts. Because they look huge to everyone else.But...
    Yes, another excerpt. Don't want Lyn to realize she is unable to see the huge proportion of her feet!
    Some of us have big hooters, some big butts, and some with huge feet.
    We aren't all perfect!

  34. Mona, whatever you said to Oliver, me too!
    Hidey Ho!!!

  35. Mary and Mona, thank you so much for stopping by! :)

    As requested, here is another excerpt. (It actually comes a bit before the excerpt in the blog.)

    As a bit of background, Alexa and Colin have now received several death threats, and Colin has just told her that she is going to need 24/7 bodyguard protection...from Jamison, her nemesis. Here's her response:

    A feeling of doom overtook Alexa, and she grasped for straws…for freedom from this undeserved prison sentence. “Don’t you need him to guard you?”

    “I have Mart, and I’ve hired another guard for me, plus others to police the concerts. I’ll be fine.”

    With a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, Alexa glanced at Jamison. His dark eyes regarded her steadily. He wasn’t afraid to be chained to her. In fact, was that a dare in the black depths? Instantly, she stiffened her spine. “I mean,” she said stiffly, “it will be fine. But not pleasant.” The understatement of all time!

    “Good,” Colin smiled. “Your luggage is already in your rooms. Here are your keys.” He pulled them from his pocket and dropped one into each of their hands. He lifted his glass. “Cheers.” And then he strolled away.

    Alexa gasped, unable to help herself, and glared at Jamison. “You’d better stay out of my space.”

    “Want me to buy tape and mark it down the middle of the flat?”

    Alexa curled her lip. “You are so childish. I just meant, you stay in your space, and I’ll stay in mine.”

    He put down his glass. “How about we go check out our quarters?”

    It was a challenge. Alexa finished her cola and did the same. “Fine. Let’s get the rules hashed out right now.”

    In silence, they rode down the elevator to the second floor. They walked side by side down the empty hall. Alexa felt extremely uncomfortable with him by her side. She could not believe that she would be forced to live with this man.

    Jamison stepped in front of her to open the door.

    “Excuse me, but do you have to be rude?” Alexa said. “I was here first.”

    He sent her an annoyed look. “I need to check the flat to make sure it’s safe. It’s my job.”

    She crossed her arms. “Oh. Well, go to it, then.”

    He turned unexpectedly and all at once he was too close, for she had crowded behind him, eager for a first peep into the room. Alarmed, she staggered back so fast her heel snagged on the carpet. Only his strong hand on her wrist stopped her flailing descent to the floor.

    He hauled her upright and pulled her within inches of him. Like in the kitchen late that one night, his potent masculinity accosted her, accelerating her pulse. The black gaze bored into hers. “Let’s get something straight right now, princess. I am not your servant. Don’t treat me like one.”

    She twisted her wrist, breaking his hold. An old judo self-defense move. Alexa struggled to regain her pride. “Touchy, aren’t you? Is that your short complex coming through again?”

    “Do you want to start an argument right now?”

    “Well, I don’t want you to carry me across the threshold, if that’s what you’re asking,” she returned sarcastically.

    He set his jaw. “Come in when I call you.”

    Of course, Alexa did no such thing...

  36. Hi Mary M. Come and join the fun, as Mary says, it doesn't matter what you're wearing for our parties - I'll call Cuddles and with a touch of his horn, he'll transform you into the belle of the ball!

    Mona. it's always such a pleasure to have you call by. So glad you like the pictures - do help yourself to a virtual eclair or two - I'm going mad on the profiterolls!

    Oh Mary dear, you mustn't be so envious of my little feet, and go around telling people they're big. Folks know you're telling fibs 'cause you're a bit jealous!

  37. Wonderful excerpt, Jennette, this is such a sizzling, thrilling read.

  38. Jennete, great excerpts. thank you for posting another one.

  39. What an entertaining excerpt. LOL. I loved the bit about being color blind.

    And what great food! You-all sure put on a splash!

  40. Thanks Barbara and Mona. We try to have Oliver make whatever our guests request!
    Jennette, that was a great excerpt.
    Lyn, Is that Jessie James? Am I seeing things. Maybe he likes Paris?

  41. Oh, I want one of those, Jennette! A Jamison, that is.
    Looove the excerpt. And the trip to Paris was
    delightful, de-lovely, and delicious.
    Joyce Henderson---

    posted by Mary for Joyce

  42. Delightful post and wonderful trip! Thank you for taking me along. :-)

  43. Hi Barbara and Joyce, so glad you could join the party.

    What's that Mary? Jesse James - did you invite him? Weird how he always manages to sneak into any party we hold. Oh I do hope he's going to behave. We can't have him causing havoc in Paris!

  44. Maeve! Great to see you, do have a glass of champagne and some of Jennette's delicious chocolate gateau. (Don't worry, it's very rich tasting but has absolutely no calories!) :)

  45. We'll have to get the Duke to come in if he gets crazy.
    Jennette, tell us what other books you have published?
    Readers want to know!

  46. (Jennette rushes back in after a trip to the alternate universe, where she has to chauffeur all of her kids home from school...)

    Lyn, Mona, Barbara, Mary and Joyce, thank you so much!!! :) I'm so glad you like the excerpt.

    Yes, I have loved this trip to Paris, and the Moulin Rouge. What an absolutely fabulous party--I've had a wonderful time.

    Who's that??!! I think I see James Caviezel over there, about to give the can-can a whirl too! I think my ankle just got better!!! :) Come on girls, let's give the Moulin Rouge one more show to remember...

  47. Maeve, thank you also for stopping by, and for your kind words about the excerpt! :)

  48. Too right Jennette! Oh look, Mary's already up and dancing with the Duke! *Sigh* I s'pose that just leaves me with Jesse James. Oh well he is kind of hunky, not sure about the spurs though!

  49. Mary,

    I've only had two books published so far--The Commander's Desire, and Her Reluctant Bodyguard. I do have several other books in the works, including a futuristic romance, with lots of spellbinding action and romance, and another historical, set in regency times. I also have a paranormal series/trilogy that I need to do a thorough edit on. So much to do and so little time! :)

  50. Don't worry Jennette, the party lasts all weekend. They have opened the grand room. So we can stay here even after the show. Which starts shortly by the way.
    Talk to you later, I have to watch to learn how to do this can-can right!
    Lyn, don't worry, you have big feet, but they are not both left. Know what I mean. You can do the can-can!1

  51. Wow Jennette, you're a busy lady - and I know what you mean about not having enough time. I'm especially interested in your futuristic romance, as that subgenre is my speciality!

  52. Yes, dance with Jesse, Lyn! I'm going to make a beeline for James. :) Hopefully I won't trip over my heels in my haste...

  53. LOL, Jennette, pick up those skirts, gal! :)

  54. Lyn, the futuristic romance takes place 1,000 years in the future, during an earth-wide ice age. In some ways it's a bit barbaric, and in others it's more high tech. Lots of "feudal" type warlords/barons. It's got plenty of conflict...just talking about it makes me want to go and do that edit right now! :)

  55. Wow, sounds just my type of story , Jeanette, can't wait to learn more.

  56. Thank you, Lyn, for your interest in the book. I still haven't formed an official "blurb" yet, but tentatively it's named "Protector."

    In sum, Anya is next in line for power in her territory, but power cannot be transferred from her dead father to her until she marries. Unfortunately, her interim baron and protector, Joshua, has told her she must marry a blood thirsty, enemy baron in order to form peace. She's furious with Joshua for forcing her into this position, and while enroute to the baron's land, punches out of the aircraft and parachutes to the barren wasteland, intending to formulate an alternate way to form peace. In retaliation, the enemy baron commits a horrific war act on her territory and she and Joshua must work together to find a way to save all of their people.

  57. :) That's just the beginning of all of the conflict. I'm itching now to get that manuscript's edits finished!

  58. You have me even more intrigued now, Jennette. I bet you ARE itching to get back to it. I'm the same with my current WIP, the third in tmy 'Starquest' trilogy, but it's just getting time to write these days!

  59. Thank you, Lyn. And you're writing the third book?! That's exciting. Any previews? Or do you prefer to wait until it's all written? I know I'm that way. I can't tell anyone anything about a book until I'm all finished. :)

    It must be quite late there! Aren't you eight hours ahead of us on the Pacific coast? Make sure you get lots of beauty sleep!!!

    I'll have to sign off soon, too, because it's my son's tenth birthday, and I need to make dinner for the family, and then enjoy the birthday celebration!

    I have really enjoyed this day here, and I'll check in tomorrow, too, to answer any comments/questions. Thank you again, so much, Lyn and Mary!!! :)

  60. Ladies, I wanted to come and join in the Can Can, but prior committments kept me chained to my desk. I know it was a lovely party, though. The books sounds intriguing as well.

  61. Thank you so much for stopping by, Caroline, and thank you for your kind words about my books, too.

    Hope you have a wonderful evening!

  62. Love the pictures, I have to live vicariously on other's wonderful travels. Oh well, better than than none.

  63. Lyn yawns and stretches - another beautiful day in Paris. What a night. All the guests are staying at the same hotel so we'll be able to catch up at breakfast. She tiptoes to the window taking care not to wake Mary, snoring gently in the next bed.

    She dresses and goes down to the breakfast room. Good morning, Patsy, Good morning Caroline. Oh Jennette, I'm so glad you enjoyed your party. Yes UK time is about 8 hours ahead of Pacific time and 5 hours ahead of Eastern time. Luckily, on the Roast, all time zones come together! :)

    I hope your son had a lovely 10th Birthday in the real world, and that the party went off swingingly.

    Well my book is still very rough and needs a lot of revision and rewriting. I'll probably put a bit on my blog though, when it's fit to be seen. I'm a bit like you and don't like to talk about it too much until it's finished!

    Thank you for being such a wonderful guest, we'll catch you later, the party isn't over yet!

  64. Good morning, Lyn! Well, after a very successful birthday celebration last night, I had a nice sleep in this morning! :)

    How lovely to wake in Paris--I am thoroughly enjoying my stay here! It's also lovely to be able to stay at the same hotel as friends and be able to catch up over brunch. Perhaps a little later I'll make a trip to the Louvre--anyone want to come with me? :)

    Lyn, I completely understand about not wanting your work to be seen until it is polished and ready.

    I think I'm going to slip on down to brunch, and afterward, I'll choose the winner of the copy of Her Reluctant Bodyguard! :)

  65. Look forward to seeing you later, Jennette. Enjoy your brunch!

  66. Brunch was fabulous, and now I'm fortified for a wonderful day of relaxing sightseeing! I am looking forward to it.

    In the meantime, the winner of the ebook copy of Her Reluctant Bodyguard is Mary Marvella!

    Well, I'm off now to the Louvre--and I can't wait to shop in its wonderful underground shopping mall! :) Well, I'm off...

  67. Thanks so much for being such a wonderful Guest of Honour, Jeannette, and congratulations to Mary, she's in for a rare treat, isn't she!

    Enjoy your virtual shopping spree! We'll mee you there for a cafe au lait!