As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Caribbean Queen

Hello and welcome to the Author Roast and Toast! Do you enjoy sailing the ocean blue under billowy white clouds? Limbo dancing beneath sun-drenched skies? Sipping on cool drinks and munching on great food? Or how about just listening to the hypnotic lull of the frothy waves of the Caribbean lap into shore? Then you’re in for a treat. Come sail away with us as we celebrate Danielle Thorne’s latest release

By Heart and Compass by Desert Breeze Publishing. It’s a beach party and the hostesses are getting ready to have fun fun fun!

With a loud and powerful whistle, the luxury liner docks in the marina of the private Caribbean island. Crystal blue water laps against the shores of the sugar-white sand. Hot pink flamingos prance about on stilt-high legs, squawking their disapproval of having their island home interrupted.

Looking like tourists in their safari outfits and oversized straw hats, the hostesses squeal with delight as they stumble down the plank. Sharon’s still trying to get her sea legs to balance as she carts two large suitcases. Wanting a snapshot of one of the rebellious flamingos, she stops dead in her tracks to put down her luggage so she can get to the camera around her slender neck. Mary is behind Sharon and is so busy gawking at a monkey in a tree that she smacks head first into Sharon. Lyn has her binoculars glued to her eyes in the hopes of spying a beached whale. They all clunk together and roll like rum runners down the plank, squealing and screaming bloody murder.

“It’s all Sharon’s fault,” Mary hisses, rubbing the goose egg the size of a coconut on her forehead. “She just had to take another picture. She’s already on her tenth roll of film and we’re just arriving for the beach party. Now look at my brand-new safari outfit. It’s ruined.”

“Oh, hush,” Sharon brushes the sand from her knees, stopping to hoist her hand on Lyn’s shoulder as she dumps sand from her sandal. “We look ridiculous in these get ups anyway. We just wore them for the cruise. We can change into our bathing suits for the beach party. Mary, stop scowling. You’ll get wrinkles, dear.”

“Well,” Lyn huffs, shoving Sharon aside to inspect her binoculars. “As long as these aren’t broken. If they were, sister, it wouldn’t be Mary’s hooter blowing out of the whale.”

“Good one, Lyn,” Mary jabs her in the ribs, earning her a scowl.

“All right, all right,” Sharon sniffs the sea-scented air. “This private island is a perfect place for the beach party. Let’s get things set up. Danielle and the guests are still sleeping and will be ready to party in an hour. Oh, here comes Oliver with the first of the coolers.”

Whistling a Jimmy Buffett tune, Oliver struts down the plank, carting a cooler in one hand. With his free arm, he pumps his biceps, casting a wicked wink. He is dressed like a cabana boy in his white t-shirt and conservative swim trunks. Getting busy, he digs a pit in the sand and fills it with stones. Within seconds, a sizzling fire is ready and he’s pitching on Jerk chicken, rice and beans. The curious flamingos march in a bit closer.
Sharon, Mary and Lyn set up hammocks, lounging chairs and umbrella tables.

More coolers have been presented, and the hostesses arrange plates of watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, mango and bananas. Sodas and water are on a chest of ice and a tropical punch sits with the cake, a black pineapple
upside down cake with coconut icing. Potato chips and pretzels and cashew nuts sit pretty on the tables.

A volleyball net and limbo contest await the guests. The hostesses sing, their off key singing echoing across the island.

“Limbo limbo how low can you go? Limbo limbo how low can you go?"

A monkey pitches a coconut and knocks Sharon out, just as she has changed into her lime green bikini.
He grins and claps as Mary and Lyn skid on the banana peel he’s pitched in their path. They fall atop the sand castles lining the beach that have taken an hour to build. Wet sand sticks to Mary’s white bikini and Lyn’s orange one. The monkey chitters, his huge teeth showing. The flamingos go wild and begin biting the girls with their sharp beaks.

But when Danielle makes her way down the plank, looking gorgeous in a striking red swimsuit and white lace cover up, everyone stops fighting. Oliver rushes over to escort her to her party. The monkeys clap and the flamingos gather to greet her. Welcome to your beach party, Danielle!
A huge parrot plants himself on Danielle’s shoulder and recites the blurb and excerpt to By Heart and Compass.

When Lacey Whitman buys a restored Victorian home, she never dreams discovering an antique diary will lead her back to sea and into the arms of the dive bum she’d rather forget. Her habit of living in the past comes to a screeching halt as diver Max Bertrand and the diary of his ancestor take Lacey on the quest of a lifetime: To discover and raise the privateer ship, Specter, and bring the treasure and legacy of a true hero home again. But will finding it cost her heart?


Sitting outside, one of the divers looked busy replacing the o-ring on a scuba tank.

"I'm looking for Max?"

The long haired employee didn't bother to stand, much less look up.


"I'm Lacey Whitman, and I'm looking for the Max that owns the museum."

"You call that worthless shack a museum?"

Dumbfounded, Lacey couldn't think of any reply.

"What do you want?"

"I'm looking for Max," she repeated, feeling a flash of impatience. "I have some
papers for him."

"Warrant, restraining order, or paternity test?"

After a pause in which she realized he was serious, she replied in frustration, "I have some research for the Bertrand family and someone at the museum told me to come down here."

Lacey caught herself biting her lip.

Finally, the man of absolutely no assistance put down the tank and stood up. Short

and compact, he had amazing turquoise eyes that glowed from a dark, tanned complexion.

Loose strands of sun-kissed brown hair blew about his face in the breeze.

"Max doesn't need anymore paperwork. He doesn't want to see your research, and he
is not giving dive lessons."

"I didn't ask for a dive lesson."

The diver sat back down again, crossing thick tattooed arms over himself. They stared
one another down until he won. It was cheating to look her over as if she was a sweet
little morsel, but it worked.

"I just want to talk to Max," she demanded.

He stared back with no expression. "You just did. Now get off my beach."

Lacey's cheeks were already flushed from getting the once over by this beach bum.

His insult made her red all over.

"I'll be sure to let them know at the Bertrand Museum," she threatened, as if it

She turned on her heel and stalked off but he called after her, "Lady, I am the Bertrand

Author Bio:

Danielle Thorne freelanced for online and print magazines from 1998 through 2001,

adding reviewing and editing to her resume. She is the author of THE PRIVATEER, a

1729 historical about British privateering in the Caribbean, and TURTLE SOUP, a sweet

contemporary romance set between Atlanta and St. Thomas. Her first Jane Austen-inspired

Regency, JOSETTE, has been contracted by Whimsical Publications for Winter 2010.

Her new shipwreck adventure, BY HEART AND COMPASS, is available now!

Other work has appeared with Espresso Fiction, Every Day Fiction, Arts and Prose

Magazine, Mississippi Crow, The Nantahala Review, StorySouth, Bookideas, The Mid-West

Review, and more. She won an Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest’s 2006 annual writing
competition and won the 2008 Awe-Struck Short Novel Contest.

Danielle currently writes from south of Atlanta, Georgia. She was the 2009-2010 Co-Chair
for the New Voices Competition for young writers, is active with online author groups
such as Classic Romance Revival and EPIC, and moderates for The Sweetest Romance
Authors at the Coffee Time Romance boards. She lives with four sons and her husband,
who is an air traffic controller. Together they enjoy travel and the outdoors, Marching
Band competition, and BSA Scouting.

You can visit Danielle Thorne at the following places:


Author blog:

By Heart and Compass is Available now!

Available from Desert Breeze Publishing:


To win a copy of Danielle’s book, please answer the following question as a comment:

How the heck do you get a flamingo to stop biting you?


  1. Welcome to your Roast, Danielle.

    The sun is shining, the sea is sparkling and the flamiungos are in the pink! (groan)

    Get ready, to eat, drink and party, and tell us all about your book!

  2. The book sounds great! i would say to get the flamingos to stop biting you kick it in the head a few times that should make it quit


  3. Danielle, welcome to your beach party! We plan on swimming, singing and dancing in between munching on the grilled delights Oliver has prepared. And speaking of the devil, here he comes with an island drink with your name on it. He's wildly winking. Lyn, watch out for that mischievous monkey up there ready to pitch a pineapple! Ooops!

  4. Hi Lyn and Everyone,

    Thanks for having me here today. I was up with the sunrise and forgot about the time change, but we made it.

    The food looks marvelous! And the flamingos...well, it should be quite a party this afternoon. I hope the guests check out the blurb for BY HEART AND COMPASS, grab themselves a piece of coconut cake and hit the limbo game!

  5. Lyn falls flat on the sand as she narrowly avoids being hit by the pineapple.

    She stands and tries to stop grinning. I'll get you Oliver, and Sharon, you knew that was going to happen!

    She runs over and hugs her sister hostess and Danioelle, grabs a drink from Oliver's tray and waves to Jennifer.

    Hi Jennifer, I'd watch out for the flamingos, if I were you, they heard what you said and are headed you're way! *grin*

    Danielle, you're looking fantastic, and I just love your book excerpt!

  6. It's absolutely raining pineapples, isn't it? (Jumps up and dodges one).
    Thank you, Lyn. Blurbs are almost as much fun to write as the stories. You get to pick out some of the most memorable moments.

  7. Danielle, By Heart and Compass sounds fantastic, and didn't that parrot do it justice? We made him rehearse again and again. Hi Jennifer, have a chilled drink from Oliver's tray. Let's start singing, Lyn. Limbo limbo how low can you go? Sharon demonstrates and slinks beneath the sticks as everyone applauds. Then a flamingo bites her in the butt.

  8. Thanks for the drink. It's getting pretty warm out here. (Laughs at the butt-biting flamingo.) Matter of fact, I may skip down to the beach and take a quick swim for a few. Everyone's welcome to join. 'Cept the monkeys (wrinkles nose).

    By the way, the new book was a blast to write. Who doesn't love looking for buried treasure??

  9. Hi Danielle,
    I had to stop doing the limbo to figure out a way to get the flamingo to stop biting people, but I've decided it probably would like one of the bananas the monkey is throwing around. Congratulations on By Heart and Compass! Have fun at your roast.

  10. Oh yes, Danielle, let's have a swim before the other guests arrive.

    I agree about writing the blurb, they can be quite challenging to write, but, as you say, a lot of fun.

    And the plot of 'By Heart and compass sounds so intriguing, buried trasure, pirates, romance! Wonderful!

  11. Hi Gail, welcome to Flamingo Island! Have a drink and some food and enjoy yourself. Great answer, BTW. Sharon laughs. Looks like you're about to test your theory. My, he appears to be the tallest and the boldest and the maddest!

  12. Hi Gail, come and join us we're going for a swim - you might just manage to dodge the flamingos too!

    I think there'll be more limbo dancing later!

  13. Hey Lyn, why do I know Mary Ricksen is up in the tree dressed like a monkey? How much do you wanna bet it's that one up there (Sharon points) to the grinning fool ready to pitch coconuts. Yes, it's a she and look at her...oh no! The tallest flamingo is on to her and is yanking her out of the tree and pitching her out to sea! Splash!

  14. LOL, who'dve athought she'd choose that disguise! Should have known really. Good thing she has the figure she has - she's floating nicely!

  15. Mmm...everyone. Grab a plate. Oliver says the jer chicken is grilled to perfection, along with the rice and beans. Let's dig in. All that swimming and dancing really burns up the calories, doesn't it?

  16. Mmmm yes, all that swimming and limbo dancing has made me hungry! Let's dig in while Danielle tells us some more about her characters.

  17. k i had to kick a few birds (hoping these one are disease-free since I had to get so close) but I made it back . ahhh drinks with umbrellas . Is it just me or do those ones taste better? I love treasure hunts! Is there one going to take place today

  18. Hi Gail! Should somebody get Mary out of that tree? Might want to cut back on her, uh, beverages!

    Hi Jennifer! The only treasure hunt scheduled today is in By Heart and Compass. Lacey Whitman finds a pirate-turned-privateer's wife's diary with clues to a shipwreck! But you won't have to search for your prize--everyone who visits is entered in a drawing for a free copy of By Heart and Compass AND a Walmart $10 gift card!

  19. I just realized I used an exclamation point for each sentence in my last comment...maybe I need to cutback myself. ;)

  20. ahh shucks but we could play hide the Oliver lol hehehe

  21. By Heart and Compass is a sweet romance sea adventure.

    Max Bertrand is a cynical dive instructor, who runs the museum for his pirating ancestor. (Looks sideways at Oliver) Max is a bit standoffish. When Lacey Whitman shows up with a diary leading the way to a lost shipwreck, it takes a lot of effort for Max to be able to trust her. And the adventure searching for that ship...well...it does loosen him up a bit. Much like this great punch (takes a long sip).

  22. @Jennifer--lol, I think Oliver would be pretty easy to find. He doesn't look like he would be that easy to disguise. I bet you might be able to talk him into some hide and seek. ;)

  23. Hey this sounds wonderful, Danielle. (And exlamation points are almos compulsory on the Roast, LOL!)

    Trouble with playing 'Hide The Oliver', Jennifer, is Sharon, who's his boss, might have to dock his pay if he's not around to serve us drinks on demand! :) )

  24. I wonder if our guests have anymore ideas about what to do about these darn flamingos! (Stumbling over a long-legged bird). I thought these things lived in Africa...but it seems they are everywhere these day! My parents even have some in their front yard. (It's a Southern thing).

  25. Really Danielle? How interesting. I've never seen a flamingo in the wild. (I expect they find the British climate a bit too cold for them!)

  26. Well..er...my parents' are kind of...er..plastic. But at least they don't bite.

  27. *Chuckle* You had me going there for a while, Danielle. Maybe I could get a couple of plastic ones too (Althugh the dog would probably freak out, he's a bit bemused by the cockerel we have in the garden!)

  28. Okay, Lyn, enlighten us. I know what fish and chips are, but I don't know what a cockerel is?

    Why I figured you had gnomes in your garden? I keep fairies in mine, and I have pirates next door!

  29. Mary walks up the the others rubbing her head. Every time I tried to get here something whacked in the head. I think I have a concussion!
    After I got the goose egg from you, I fell on the ground dizzy. Then someone threw a pineapple at me and it knocked me out. The worst thing was these nutty pink flamingos kept biting me and I was freaking out! Sharon and Lyn hug Mary and Oliver offers her a cool drink. What's going on with the pink maniac birds?

  30. Hey, how did the monkey get those pineapples up in the coconut tree. Thank goodness he's not throwing coconuts. Mary turns around and gets knock out by a coconut and hits the ground. Lucky her lovely natural boobs broke her fall.

  31. Unfairly accused of being a monkey, Mary lies passed out, waiting for some help. Where is the help she needs?
    Darn coconuts anyways.

  32. One thing for sure Mary, you Bounce well, sweet sister hostess! :)

  33. Poor Mary (nudges Mary lightly with her toe). I don't know whether to pass another round, chase a monkey, or share another blurb from By Heart and Compass. I think I'm going to go with another blurb (dodges flying pineapple).

    Hope you all are enjoying the games and great food. Here's another sneak peek of Lacey and Max from BY HEART AND COMPASS.

    Lacey dropped her jaw. "You think you're a tougher crowd?" she scoffed. "I survived four years of high school, volunteering as a library assistant and playing in the band."
    "You wore glasses, didn't you?" Max asked out of the blue. He leered as if their paths had crossed at some point during that time.
    Lacey had a sudden epiphany. "You were the guy who tripped me on my way to the bus," she said slowly. "You were the one who spit paper wads at me while I shelving books."
    "I never lived in Newton. And I got kicked out of high school."
    "You know what I mean," Lacey said, suddenly and inexplicably angry. "You were that type of guy. You stole my clarinet and put it up on the roof of the boys' locker room. You drew cartoon ladies with big boobs on my locker."
    Max laughed.

  34. Another great excerpt, Danelle, *Grin* I think I knew a few boys like that at school, too!)

  35. Mary, you can't fool us. We know you had on the monkey suit and were hurling coconuts. Now you know the old saying, "Monkey see, monkey do" and look at them go! Bong. Sharon knocks down a flamingo and they fall down like dominos!

  36. Sharon rubs her head and hides behind a tree before the birds can bite her. BTW, Danielle, great excerpt. And my friends in Florida have the pink flamingos and birdbath in their front yard too! They're making a come back. LOL

  37. Mary gets up and brushes herself off.Hey who put me int this monkey suit? Where is my lovely clothing? Where is everyone? Mary takes off the monkey suit and luckily her clothes are under it.
    Suddenly a small band starts to play California Girls and Mary searches the crowd for Sharon, Lyn and Danielle. Hey I've been ditched!

  38. 'Sall right Mary, we've all gone back for another swim to avoid those flamingos!

  39. The flamingos love the music and begin a chorus line, kicking up their feet. The monkeys stop and so do the limbo dancers. The birds squawk to the beat and the monkeys beat their chest like bongo drums...

  40. There's just something about the Beach Boys. Everyone is dancing and having a blast. Look at Danielle go!!!!
    Sharon butts Lyn with her bubble bum and Lyn goes flying into Mary who gets knocked down and hit with another large flying fruit. Mary is out cold again. Her head has huge bumps on it from all the coconuts and pineapples hitting her. Lyn takes off one of her extra large shoes and fans Mary trying to revive her. If it wasn't for Mary's large hooters she'd be dead!
    Things are hopping! Mary gets up and wobbles her way to a chair. Oh No she has amnesia now. Who are you people?

  41. Oliver, quick! Bring some ice for Mary. She's acting more bizarre than usual! Oh no, she thinks she's a pink bird. Look at her join them, kicking her short leg with the best of them! Go Mary go...where she stops nobody knows...

  42. Wish I could hang out, but I don't look good in a bathing suit and I have errands to run today. Just wanted to stop by and show some support for Danielle. It's really hard to like someone who's so darn cute.

    As for the flamingo question. Is this like the chicken crossing the road? Then I would say, bite first!

  43. Thanks for coming by, Ginger, (trying in vain to keep up with the kicking chorus line). I love your answer and I have to agree. If your going to get bit, bite first!

    Maybe we should try that with these obnoxious flamingos.

  44. Hey Ging! At least stay and have some of Oliver's potent punch before you skip off to run those errands. Watch out for the wild birds and monkeys. Oops, they want you to do the Charleston! Go Ginger go!

  45. Hi Ginger, it's great that you could join the party. Wow that band's kicking up a storm.

    'Beach Baby, Beach Baby....'

    Wow Ginger, I didn't know you could dance like that. Hey, does Mary still think she's a flamingo?

  46. There's nothing better than rum punch and jerk chicken!!! Mummmmm!

    Danielle, enjoy your beach party. I wish you many sales my friend!

  47. While everyone is dancing to the beat, memorize my blog!


    You can follow my blog here:

    And there's no biting pink birds over there, either!

  48. Am I a flamingo? This dancing sure is fun. I don't have pink legs though.
    Don't worry about the way you look in a bathing suit, here everyone looks fabulous!! Where am i by the way. Who is that girl with the bubble butt and the one with the huge feet?
    They are both very pretty and I don't remember them.
    Who am I?

  49. Just visited your Blog, Danielle, it's beautiful,I'll visiit more regularly from now on!

  50. Oh what a lovely bunch of coconuts, Mary sings. Then Shout is the next song. Every one is rocking and I have no clue who they are? Who's the lovely girl in the red suit and white cover up? Who is that handsome guy with her?

  51. DANIELLE--I don't know what jerk chicken is, but I know about all the rest. Sorry I'm such a wet blanket and arrived late. My mama told me always to be on time, and here I've barely made it! So, does Oliver have anything left for me? Any little tidbit will do.I especially like fruit punch--but is it just plain, or is it spiced up just a wee tiny bit? I wonder, since Hywela, Mary,and Sharon seem to be uncharacteristically acting giddy--or is that unusual for them? I know Mary likes to kick up her heels--you go girl!--but I thought sweet Sharon was a bit reserved and Hywela usually didn't dance around a beach in a swim suit. Well, goes to show you what a party atmosphere will do! So, where's that limbo thingy?
    Congratulations on your book with the fantastic blurb and cover--Celia

  52. Hi Celia, welcome to the party!

    LOL you'll have to attend a few more of our parties, you'll see we can get REALLY dizzy when we put our minds to it! :)

    Oliver usually has a variety of punches and can serve you yours exactly as you like it, you have only to ask. Oooh and do have some of Danielle's delicious coconut pinapple celebration cake!

  53. Eat, drink and be merry, Anne and Celia! Oliver serves food and drinks all weekend long here at the roast. Celia? Us reserved? Sharon flings at coconut at Celia to show her just how sweet she is. We hostesses three have never been accused of being reserved. We beat one another up, fight like cats and dogs, roll in the sand, but always have a ton of fun. Do drop in more often. Sharon grins and wiggles a finger. And rumor has it you're on the list in a few more weeks. Just you wait, girl! Wink and double wink.

  54. Mary, dear, it's all right. You are a flamingo with no name. Just like the old song, horse with no name. Drink some rum punch and perhaps you're head will clear. Your vision must be affected by your concussion. My butt is slim and trim. You just are seeing triple. But Lyn's feet, well now, dear, you're right on with that conclusion! Ha ha
    Let's all dance with the birds. Danielle, do tell us what jerk chicken is. It's not bad!

  55. Beautiful write-up. Hand me one of those tropical drinks. The one with the pineapple slice.

    You girls look great in your bikinis. What is your secret, pray tell?

    Q. How do you get a flamingo to stop biting you?

    A. Grab him by the neck and start dancing the flamingo until he lets go.

  56. "Tiny footsteps ... in the sand...!"

    Lyn dances around on her dainty little feet and runs to hug Mary but gets bounced back by her huge bikini clad basoom!

    Don't worry Mary dear, you're not a flamingo. You're a .....swan! Don't listen to purty Miss bubblebutt over there. Yes, do tell Danielle, we all want to know mor about this jerked chicken. (Sounds a bit cruel to me!_

  57. Wow, you ladies sure know how to throw a party. And everyone's back ends look fine--things always look bigger in the heat. Maybe you need another swim...after you dance off some of your punch!

    Thanks for dropping by, Anne and Celia!

    Jerk chicken, or jerk, is a Caribbean spice blend, usually very spicy AND sweet with habanero peppers. Meats are rubbed down and then smoked. In the early days of the Caribbean, meat was smoked on racks called buccans. That's where the word "buccaneers" comes from. Those buccanneers were originally herding horses and cattle and the like. But we all know those things changed! I love jerked Chicken--and pork is awesome with Caribbean seasoning as well. I'll post my favorite rice dish that goes great with tropical fare.

  58. Hey Laurean, that's a great answer! And so much more humane than biting back!

  59. Hi Laurean - great to see you here - love your answer!

    Danielle, this jerked chicken sounds wonderful, I must ask Oliver for some at once. Wow, we do learn a lot on the roast - fascinating history AND a recipe!

  60. Laurie, welcome! Come dance and do the limbo with us, girlfriend. and yes, you can have the punch with the pineapple...just beware...its been soaking up the rum. LOL Wow, look at Laurie do the Charleston in her bikini. The birds take lessons. The jerk chicken recipe is fascinating. A friend of mine ordered it at the Bahama Mama, but I never quite knew its rich history. I'll have to order it the next time. Oh, wait. The restaurant is called Bahama Breeze. It's a chain. Anyone ever been? I love it there, so islandish!

  61. Well, I cannot wait until it's my turn at R&T--but I may not sleep the night before wondering what you all cook up for my party. I hope you understand what kind of party I'm throwing--if you live in football country, you'd know for sure. I hope Oliver finds some nice Levi's--some men can wear these with great success, and well, some cannot. I believe he'll look fi-i-i-i-ine!

  62. Not like we need anymore glorious food (Your roast sounds like it will be very interesting, Celia!), but if you enjoy rice and would like to try it Caribbean style--jot this one down. It's delicious. I serve it with blackened or jerk chicken breast.

    Caribbean Rice:
    2 Tablespoons of oil
    3/4 cup of coconut
    1/2 cup of minced onion
    2 cups of rice
    4 cups of chicken broth
    Optional: 1 peeled and cubed mango
    Optional: 1/4 chopped chives

    Heat oil in a large saucepan and add coconut. Stir lightly until light brown and toasted. Add onion and stir one minute longer. Add rice and stir in broth. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low and simmer 30 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in mango and chives.

    *I do not use the mango, but I do use the chives. It's yummy!

  63. Hey Danielle, great to meet you!

  64. Hi Helen, thanks for coming by. Very nice to meet you, too. ;)

  65. Wow! These flamingos are so weird. They keep biting me when I stop dancing. I'll have some of that delicious rice. It would go well with the jerk chicken.

  66. Hi Helen, join us. We're getting ready to do some run runners and see where the birds run! Celia, I live in Pittsburgh, STEELER country, so I know a thing or two about football country. Rest assured, your party will be fun and no need to lose sleep. We never hurt our guests, isn't that right, Danielle? Wink wink!

  67. Hey, one of the coconuts is open and the inside is so sweet. The pineapples are delicious too. Danielle your beach party is the best!
    I just love the beach boys music. What a great day in the sun!
    How about another excerpt? What a great story.

  68. Hi Helen! I've missed you!
    I remember you! Oh Lyn, Sharon, Mary throws her arms around them. I missed you too!
    What happened to me? Where have I been?

  69. Mary, Mary, (wink)...I'm worried that the tropical life doesn't agree with you. I wonder if Oliver packed his hostesses some asprin for the boat ride home?


    My Favorite Mini-Excerpt:

    A bolt of sunlight split off from its retiring host just as the moon came up over the water. The beam shot directly into Beggar's Rock, and Lacey watched it illuminate the enormous cavern deep within. She lifted her chin up to see over the water and her breath caught in her throat.
    "Glory Be Molly Goss!" she cried, forgetting everything else around her.
    She laughed, even as tears welled over her eyes and streamed down her face. For rising and falling and rising up again from the newly flooded cavern floor, danced an enormous wooden ship with sails furled and a decayed Union Jack fluttering in the breeze.

  71. Mary, thank God you're back with us. Have a seat until you get your bearings. Sharon pitches a water baloon at Danielle and drenches her to the bone. Ha! Just in case you didn't know I was here! Everyone, Oliver has filled baloons and it's time for a water fight. Afterwards, we'll do some keroke singing! Here come the flying monkeys! Who knew they could run like wild winged horses?

  72. I waited until everyone was distracted, and snuck aboard the liner. I'm on a lounge chair sipping a frozen mudslide, while strangely enough...a group of about 15 flamingoes gather around me. Calmly eating from a large bowl of algae wrapped shrimped I prepared for them. Apparently, they were just hungry. Guess, they bite when the hunger pangs kick in.
    Danielle, By Heart and Compass sounds like a great read. I also like how you started your writing career. Seems like it was a natural progression. Most authors I'm familiar with, start from an entirely different career and drastically careen into writing. Interesting.

  73. WW, Sharon runs to give her a hug. You are brilliant. So the pink beasts were hungry? Who knew they wanted shrimp! Great going. Here have some more to drink and a piece of jerk chicken and rice. We're just about to have a baloon fight and do some keroke singing. You'll join us, of course?

  74. This was fun, and the book sounds wonderful. I'm so glad I stopped by. :)

  75. Hi Lisa, welcome! Allow Oliver to fill your punch glass and your plate with chicken and rice. And don't forget a piece of Danielle's cake! Poor Mary and Lyn are off searching for more shrimp in the bay to keep the flamingos happy. Good thing Witchy Woman knew the reason for their obscene squawking! LOL Those things can really hit a nerve!

  76. Hi WW and Lisa, too. (Watch out for those pesky flamingos!)I know I'm dripping wet from the water balloons, so please excuse.

    Thanks for stopping by--for the feedback and comments. Yes, becoming an author was dream and a goal since I was a child, and it did take a very long time. But I have a wonderful family I'm raising, and putting them first and waiting for the right time has made everything that much sweeter!

  77. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks, I think I will have some chicken and rice. Balloon fight, check. I've been meaning to knock over Lyn's straw hat. That bright color should be against the law. As for kareoking, I'll wait until more friends greet Danielle, otherwise---I'd clear everyone out! The sound of a screaming donkey comes to mind.

  78. Hi Danielle. What a beautiful setting for your beach party. And of course, the "sea girl" would party on a beach. Perfect. Your new book is wonderful, your very best yet. I loved every word of it and I wish you great success with it and all your books. Linda

  79. Sharon is only too happy to hand WW a baloon. Wow, look at the fire behind that pitch! Not only did you know off Lyn's canary yellow hat but you knocked her out as well. The flamingos go wild. Hi Linda, welcome. Have some fruit punch and food and how about a limbo? Mary's still catching shrimp and oops! It takes a lot of shrimp to satisfy them. LOL Maybe Danielle can sing for us?

  80. Hi Linda (waving)...thanks for coming by, and for the kind words, too. There' no one I'd rather sit out under a palm tree and chat with. Minus the monkeys!

    WW--I'm not that great a singer, but I do like to do the Karaoke if a bunch of really bad singers get up with me!

    I'm all for beach songs--but if I'm going to embarrass myself if has to be "I Will Survive". Ultimate karaoke song.

  81. Okay everyone. Oliver has plenty of punch and has just grilled more jerk chicken and rice. The party will go on all night long and so will the fun. Stay as long as you like and if you want, you can even sleep under the stars. The flamingos and monkeys have finally quieted down, and my sister hostesses, Mary and Lyn have exhausted themselves in the water fight and are slowing down. Oh, here we go...I will surviveeeeeeeeeeeee echoes across the sand.

  82. Wow what a great swim I had. Hey people I almost drowned! Luckily the Duke saw me out there and saved my life! He carried me to shore, His spirit is 22, ah, cradle robbing, but then I\m young again too. Lyn could you ask Cuddles to help me, these darn monkeys won't leave me alone!
    Sharon thanks for the new food. I haven't eaten all day, I'm famished. Mary will eat on the sand star gazing. Most likely I will pass out till morning when the music begins again and the guests keep coming and, flamingo's eat shrimp that's all we needed?
    I've been bit all over!
    Mary takes her plate and walks away coming, Lyn and Sharon? Danielle rests on a lounge chair. Nite special Author!

  83. Yes, after that last swim and song, it's time to sleep beneath the stars. Oliver will make breakfast in the morning. As the saying goes, tomorrow's another day. Nite all. Thanks for coming to the Author Roast and Toast for Danielle Thorne's beach party.

  84. *yawn* Goodnight, ladies. Thank you for being such great hostesses. I hope you have a lovely if not zany day at the beach. Best wishes and sweet dreams. I appreciate you letting me share some excerpts and information about BY HEART AND COMPASS, too!

  85. Danielle sang Gaynor's I Will Survive, and received thunderous applauses. And I think "No One" will ever be the same again after Oliver's rendition of Mr. Roboto.

    Since, Oliver took the stress off me--I will now sing Joan Jett's I Love Rock N' Roll for Oliver, Cuddles, those readers still around, and for Mary who's tending to her bite wounds. "I saw him dancing there by the record machine!" Mary screams. Not sure if it's the antiseptic she poured on, or my singing. Well, at least the monkeys are dancing!

  86. First of all, congratulations to the author, Danielle, on her newest release, and congrats to the ladies for creating such a snazzy soiree.

    I love beaches. Spent the last of July at the caribbean in P.R., but there's just something to having that stretch of white sand and frothy water all to your lonesome that makes it more romantic and exotic.

    Oliver must have really liked serving at this get together.


  87. LOL Witchy Woman. I always loved that song by Joan Jet. Wow, you sure can belt it out. And Oliver too! Evie, thanks so much for dropping in and for your kind words. We appreciate them so much! Well, it's time to brush the sand off and go have some breakfast. Oliver is rustling up bacon and eggs, and let's hurry before the flamingos and monkeys awake! Mary and Lyn still snore by the lapping waves. Oops, there goes a coconut from the trees. They won't be sleeping for long.
    Danielle, it's been a fantastic beach party. Best of luck with By Heart and Compass.


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