As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nancy Cohen gets roasted on the Bartlett Space Station

"We're nearly there!"

The hostesses, Mary, Sharon and Lyn, gather around the observation port, barely able to contain their excitement.

Hanging in the starry void like a huge, bejewelled casket, is the Bartlett station This space station belongs to the privately owned Hoatch Foundation, a scientific firm that transcends planetary boundaries. They've arranged a party on the station for the author Nancy Cohen. Many interesting intergalactic personalities have been invited, including the main characters from her book 'Silver Serenade', Silver Malloy herself, and Jace Vernon.

Oliver was probably a little miffed when he found out that the station's cuisine is handled by Botdrones. He has created a special celebration cake though, and is the only one who can fly the hostesses' little space cruiser, so no doubt he'll end up taking charge and supervising the botdrones!
"I'm quite looking forward to sampling some different interstellar food," Sharon says, reading the small holographic menu which conveys images of the actual food, along with its origins and description:
Anhunda: A type of meaty fish, usually farmed like tilapia, and Mantay Fish: Tasty wild fish caught at sea; then there are Bangleberries, Marlberries: A juicy berry like a mulberry and
Pava Melon: A sweet fruit grown in tropical climate on Stacktown.

Krellian Steak: Tender meat from range-fed Krellian cattle.

Capsilon Spice Sticks: A valued spice used for flavoring,Chaklah Bread: A loaf of egg bread like Challah.
Fried Sorgut Bellies: Popular junk food, Mog Soup: A nourishing soup on Elusia made from brookworms, Peratoes: Root vegetable like a potato grown on Kurash, and Pickled Ochart’s Tongue: A delicacy made from the tongue of an ochart beast found in the outer provinces.

The bar offers such exotic beverages as Melarian Brandy: A prized brandy from the mountain province on Melaria, Stentorian wine: A common label red wine made from a blend of grapes and other fruit from Stentoria’s extensive vineyards. and Talusican Ale: A popular type of ale.

"Don't think I fancy the mog soup," Mary says, the other stuff looks very appetizing though."

"Mmmmm wonder if they have any Anraatian mead?" Lyn murmurs.
On the space station, Silver and Jace stride down the main concourse lined with shops and bars. They enter a lounge where a boisterous crowd gathers to celebrate their defeat of the evil terrorist, Tyrone Bluth. The heady scent of Talusican ale mingles with pungent smoke from outlawed joyfa bars. In a corner sit a couple of rangy Dorians with their speckled skin and hostile glares. Everyone steers clear of their table. Two Elusians wave to Silver and Jace to join them at a long table. This slim-shouldered pair wear robes that change color with their emotions. Right now, they show tangerine to radiate affection. A blue-skinned Sarcoid female grins a greeting. They input their orders into a screen at the table and a botdroid delivers their drinks.

Silver is dressed in a jumpsuit, her favorite TechVix LD-6 Sharpshooter Special laser rifle slung over her shoulder. She has platinum hair which she wears in a tight braid down her back, and violet eyes.

Jace wears a linen shirt under a vest, leather pants, and polished black boots. He has a patrician nose and a jaw set at an arrogant pitch. Jet black hair sweeps in tousled waves to his nape. He carries a Laker Super 7 laser pistol tucked into his waistband.

The hostesses arrive in the lounge, trying not to stare too hard at Silver and Jace, who acknowledge them with a casual wave. Oliver carries the special celebration cake he's made for Nancy, They spot the table laid ready for the Guest of Honor, Nancy Cohen and Oliver places the cake in position.

Suddenly everything goes dark. For a moment there is a stunned and apprehensive silence, then a scintillating purple haze slowly forms, solidifying to reveal the stunning sight of Nancy, in the most amazing, shimmering gown which seems to glow with a purple fire within the fabric. Her hair is swept up in an exotic style that defies artificial gravity.

There is rapturous applause, then the lights brighten, and holographic words appear on the bulkhead behind her, revealing the secrets of her latest book 'Silver Serenade'.
A beautiful assassin and a desperate fugitive join forces to catch a
terrorist and prevent an intergalactic war.

Ace pilot Jace Vernon is forced to flee his home world after being framed
for murder. He seeks justice, but S.I.N. agent Silver Malloy gets in his
way. The platinum-haired beauty counters his every move in the quest to
clear his name. As he makes it his mission to break her, he doesn't count on the personal consequences of success.

Silver refuses to abort her deadly mission even if it means killing the one
man Jace needs alive to prove his innocence. Her resolve wavers when Jace's charms melt the barriers around her heart. Can she help him win his case, even if it means betraying her own people?


Despite the coolness of the woods, sweat dribbled down the back of Silver Malloy's neck. Her muscles ached from hours spent in a crouched position, but stealth mattered more than comfort. She'd waited for this opportunity for months-no, make that years-and wasn't about to lose it due to a lapse in technique. This first kill might be her last, but at least she'd complete her revenge.

Using her rifle scope, she scanned the dusty street that stretched below her hillside vantage point. The few scruffy inhabitants who trudged between the ramshackle buildings didn't interest her. A lucky tip had brought her to Al'ron, a watering hole for space travelers. Those who visited here were not often welcome elsewhere. They came to buy arms, men, and equipment to carry out lawless raids against innocent victims, and Tyrone Bluth had earned the reputation as the cruelest bandit of all.

Silver couldn't wait to end his reign of terror.

Raucous bird cries and the drone of insects rang in her ears, augmented by the auditory sensors in her gold drop earrings. She ignored them-her concentration centered on the only saloon in town.

Squinting, she watched the set of double swinging doors, eager for the slightest hint of movement. The spicy scent of tangleberries tickled her nose. She stifled a sneeze, unwilling to lose focus, even for a moment.

Someone staggered from the saloon. Her pulse accelerated as she recognized Bluth, the leader of Tyrone's Marauders. He sported a wide-brimmed black hat, militia-style clothes, and a weapons belt bristling with armaments. A hostile scowl creased his ugly face, a face that had haunted her dreams

Shutting one eye, she took careful aim through the targeting sight of her TechVix LD-6 Sharpshooter Special.

Her gut clenched, and she steeled herself to fire. Just as her finger twitched on the trigger, a shadowy figure dove into her. The impact knocked her to the ground. She dropped the rifle, but not before it discharged a
wild shot.

A heavy weight toppled across her body, forcing her spine down against the packed earth. Tiny pebbles dug into the small of her back. Brittle pine needles pierced her skin. So much for the protective jumpsuit she'd worn.

"Let me up." She shoved at the bulk immobilizing her. Unable to break free, she aimed a string of expletives toward the man whose furious green eyes glared down at her.

"Who the devil are you?" he demanded, his thick dark brows inched together in an angry scowl.

"I could ask you the same." Silver's hand scrabbled in the dirt, searching for her fallen weapon. "Are you one of Bluth's men?"

"No." His thighs pressed her firmly to the ground.

"Then get off me so I can finish what I started."

"Only after you tell me why you're here."

Panic seized her as she faced the possibility of failure. "All I need is one clear shot, then we'll talk." She thrust at his broad chest, but he wouldn't budge.

"If you're worried about Bluth getting away, it's too late."

"What?" Silver lifted her head to peer over the crest of the hill. Sure enough, Tyrone Bluth was nowhere in sight.

The villain had torn apart everything meaningful in her life, and now she'd lost her chance to even the score.

Silver Seranade
Available from THE WILD ROSE PRESS

Author Bio
Nancy J. Cohen is a multi-published author who began her publishing career
writing futuristic romances. Her first title, CIRCLE OF LIGHT, won the HOLT
Medallion Award. After four books in this genre, she switched to mysteries
to write the popular Bad Hair Day series featuring Florida hairdresser Marla
Shore, who solves crimes with wit and style under the sultry Florida sun.
Several of these titles made the IMBA bestseller list. PERISH BY PEDICURE
and KILLER KNOTS are the latest books in this series. Active in the writing
community and a featured speaker at libraries and
conferences, Nancy is listed in Contemporary Authors, Poets & Writers, and Who's Who in U.S. Writers, Editors & Poets.

Nancy J. Cohen
Silver Serenade: A Futuristic Romance released July 2010
Killer Knots: A Bad Hair Day Mystery

QUESTION: How many Dorians does it take to put the lights out? Leave your answer or comment to be in the running for a download of Nancy's book.


  1. Wow, this is a fun party. Thanks, Oliver and company, for the fabulous cuisine. I love my gown! And I feel so safe with Silver and Jace present. What are y'all gonna order to eat?

  2. Hi Nancy, and welcome to your Roast.

    We're so pleased to have you here for your special celebration and are looking forward to learning more about your newly released book 'Silver Serenade' and to meeting Silver and Jace.

  3. Hmmm, I'm torn between the Mantay Fish and Krellian steak - while I'm making up my mind, I think I'll have Parva Melon to start with.

    What are you having Nancy? You do look lovely in that gown, by the way, it really suits you and Oliver can't seem to take his eyes off you.

    No, it's OK, Oliver, you can relax. We order through the 'Autorama'

  4. I think this is also a goodone from Nancy.i enjoyed reading the excerpt.

  5. Hi Kim - yes that's a great excerpt isn't it. I can't wait to rad 'Silver Serenade' myself.

  6. Hi Nancy and welcome to your roast! Oliver is always happy to be part of the celebration. Isn't that right, Oliver? He's a natural charmer, so beware. It looks like you're off to a wonderful start for your party and Silver Serenade does sound fantastic! Hi Kim. Have some food and drink. I believe I'll try some of the fish. Air kisses, Lyn. We made it safely here after a few air bumps.

  7. Love the excerpt. I will try some mead;-)

  8. I'm in the mood for the steak with a bit of brandy, maybe some marlberries for dessert. Just keep your eyes on those Dorians. I don't trust them. Rumors are they're working with the Weavers, and those fellows are bad news.

  9. Mead is always good, Wynter. On Earth, it's known as honey wine. Did you know that's how honeymoon got its name? You're supposed to drink mead for one month following your wedding to ensure fertility.

  10. So Jace is totally hot, but Silver seems like the perfect girl for him! Great outfit nancy - enjoy your celebration!

  11. Hi Wynter, what a pretty name. Welcome. Nancy, I had my first sip of mead in Ireland at a dinner in a medieval castle, and the Earl himself told the history of the mead. It goes all the way back to the sixteenth century. Sharon puts her finger to her lips. Shhh. Just don't let Lyn know Oliver has a private supply in the space ship. She has a bit of a problem controlling herself and often gets...well. drunk!

  12. Welcome, Traci. Have something to eat and drink. Yes, Jace and Silver have me curious. Can't wait to meet them!

  13. Hey, Sharon, was that Bunratty Castle in Ireland? I've been there. Fabulous feast. Speaking of feasts, have you tried the chaklah bread on the space station? It's good dribbled with Elusian honey. Notice how Jace is sitting with his back to the door? I hope he isn't expecting any unpleasant company. Keep your weapons handy, folks. You'll never guess where I've hidden mine.

  14. It sure was, Nancy. I loved it at Bunratty. What a quaint town and village and the banquet was so authentic, being entertained by dancers and the feast. I'm a real believer in legend and lore, so Ireland is the home of my heart. Outside of Dublin, I loved it. Dublin was too much like other big cities, and the rest of Ireland is so mystical...

  15. Lyn blows air kisses back to her sister hostess.

    Hi Sharon. I see we've had some more guests arrive. Hello, Wynter and Traci.

    Mmm, Yes, I believe I will try some of that Chaklah bread with Elusian Honey. I love honey. Probably why I enjoy mead so much. Oliver, did you programme some mead into the autorama? You know how a love the stuff. Not that I allow myself to get tipsy or anything, perhaps a little - er- merry!

    Mmm, Nancy, (whisper)are those Dorians the ones with the funny speckledy skin? They look a bit sinister. I hope your weapons easily accessible. I've hidden mine in my boot. (I knew this oversize footwear would come in handy for something!)

  16. Shhhh...Lyn. Seems you've been nipping at the Mead already. You know we're supposed to keep where we positioned our weapons a secret! Have some more of the Chakla bread and honey and try to sober up. You know if Mary sees you this way, she'll prop you behind the bar and tell everyone you're a grinning droid...

  17. I was only whispering Sharon, and I've only had three flaggons of mead so far. Talking about Mary, where is she. I hope she hasn't been waylaid or lured somewhere she oughtn't to be!

  18. Re Ireland: I wasn't impressed by Dublin either. I liked the ruins of castles and abbeys and the peacefulness of the rural countryside.
    Re Mary: The station sensors tell me South Florida is in the midst of a tropical storm, so maybe Mary's flight was delayed. Hey, Silver is signaling that she wants us to dance. I think she's hoping to angle over toward the Dorians to eavesdrop on their conversation. You know, I think she'd make a better spy than an assassin. She's good at that covert stuff.

  19. By all means then, let's all get out there and dance! We wouldn't want to rub Silver the wrong way. She might pluck us off course...permanently! I hope Mary isn't in the throws of a tropical storm or hurricane. She'll get here, no matter what. The sisterhood has faith! All right, Oliver. A bit of that mead. Nancy? Silver? Lyn...as if we need ask? LOL
    Come on everyone, let's boogie!

  20. Ooh yes, don't mind if I do. And I'm all for a quick boogie. Just let me kick my boots off - oops that wasd a mistake. Better slip them back on quick -

  21. Mmmmm! Looks yummy! And a part on a space station with Oliver--what fun!

    Best of luck with your new release, Nancy! Great excerpt!!

  22. Hi Susam, love to see you! Phew, I'm a bit out of puff from all that dancing. Just watch out for the Dorians, those speckly guys in the corner. Nancy seems to think they may want to cause trouble!

  23. Lyn, Lyn, Lyn, you must remain sober. I love this place, I wanna try some of that steak. Any thing for the non alcoholic drinker. You know what it does to me.
    Nancy, you look just lovely, and Jace and Silver, what a couple.
    Mary slaps Lyn on the hand as she tries to help her with her tight top. Man this dress is tight.
    But Nancy you look lovely!!!

  24. Sharon, why did you lock me in the closet. I didn't mean it when I said you have a bubble butt. It's just nice and round and very squisshy.
    Mmmmm what is this I am drinking, it tastes fantastic and makes me feel like dancing. Thank goodness Lyn put her shoes back on. It can be very shocking to see her feet, I know she doesn't realize how huge they are, but she has a heart as big as her feet!

  25. AAAHHHH! Who are those strange beings with the weapons, hey get your grubby paws offa me. HELP!
    I was only teasing, Lyn, Sharon, where are you? Nancy who is that?
    What can I do? Mary is being dragged out the door screaming at the top of her lungs. Where is everyone when I need them? As Mary's heels drag across the floor she grabs a nearby bottle of wine and whacks her captor on the head. It doesn't do a thing. He bops Mary on the head and out she goes. Who will help her?

  26. Hi Susan, welcome. Come join us for a dance...or to help rescue Mary. She does seem to find trouble! I'm tempted to let her find it for trying so hard to convince everyone I have a bubble butt. Did you know Mary Ricksen has fake hooters? Grin. Come on Lyn, stop pouting. Put your dogs back in your shoes. I know...life isn't fair. All right, one more flask of mead.

  27. HELP somebody. (They are not fake, Jealousy is a sad thing), but they are stupendous! I get a lotta attention, Hey don't put that over my mouth. Cut that out.
    Help, I'll be good I promise.

  28. Yes, we'll rescue Mary after I've had another glash, I mean glass, of mead. Serves her right to have wait a bit, saying my little feet are big! Mind you I know she's only kidding, she's such a sweetheart really, perhaps we ought to help her - eeek, I hope it isn't a Dorian who's kidnapped her!!

  29. If it is a dorian, he's pumping air into her hooters. Hee hee...pass the mead, Lyn. Looks like we caught the sister in the act. No more lying about her babies being the real thing. Wow, look how deflated the left one is. Come on, everyone. Let's chant in unison, just like the old fashioned gas pump on planet Earth. "Fill 'er up!"

  30. That Space Station doesn't sound anything like the one I keep reading about in the newspapers. Maybe NASA should read your book to find out how it should be done. As for the Dorians and lights - they are men, right? Who knows, it's never happened!

  31. Sharon, at least we are sure your butt is real. My poor hooters. Oh and HELP!!!!
    And NASA could learn from Nancy!

  32. Oh no, Mary's been taken by Wagun, Chief Overlord of the Anriat Mining Colony. He must want her for his slave force...or worse. Jace is attacking with a flying kick and a slash of his dagger. He's encountered Wagun before. Hurrah! He's chased the slaver away. Whew, I was just about to pull out my sonic grenade. Uh Oh, I recognize Captain Keelo at the bar. Don't ask him about his cargo if you value your life. Silver is laying her hand on Jace's arm to pacify him. He looks even angrier at seeing Keelo than Wagun. Come on, let's start dancin' again.

  33. Welcome kmp1976. With men, you never know. Have some mead and dance with us. Hey, where is Nancy? Don't tell me she got assassinated!

  34. Thanks Nancy, Mary glares at Lyn and Sharon. That was scary. Jace, you are the best. Thanks for letting him save me Silver. The or worse part really scared me.
    I'd love to dance if some humanoid would ask me. I picked up some soft inserts this am. at the pharmacy. Now I am gonna be a dancin' fool. If only someone would ask me.
    Look at Lyn go!!!!

  35. Sharon if you were sober. Nancy just came back from helping me with Jace and Silver. Luckily Jace was able to handle those creeps easily. He is such a man!!!
    Silver you hit the jackpot. He is a fierce defender!
    Can you tell us a bit more about the book? Please, now that I have met Silver and Jace, I have to know more.

  36. Phew Mary. Thank goodness you're all right. We didn't realise how dangerous the Dorians really are, thank goodness for Jace! What does it feel like to be rescued by such a hunk? I'm surprised you have the strength to dance after that! :)

  37. I got a shock when he held his hand out to help me up. OOhhh, so dreamy. I'm sorry Silver, I would never step on your feet, (just Lyn's cause they are so huge, poor dear), but Jace is so dreamy and strong and that determined look on his face.
    Thanks Jace, dance me? Oh yes, I'd love too!! Mary dances off with Jace, a huge grin on her face.

  38. I'd be happy to tell you more about the story. Silver and Jace are both after Tyrone Bluth, the leader of Tyrone's Marauders. Silver is an assassin for S.I.N. (Security Integrated Networkk) and her job is to end his tyranny. Jace, falsely accused of murder, needs the villain alive to prove his innocence. This celebration is proof they succeeded but not without many hazardous adventures. Keelo and Wagun are only two of the nasties they encountered. Look, Silver is talking to that Findale over there, the guy with a bony forehead and shimmering hair. I wonder if this party is a cover for her next assignment?

  39. How exciting. They are working as we speak. Wow!!!
    So Sharon, why are you looking at Lyn that way? No don't pour that on her, you say her new dress has scotchguard on it and don't worry.
    You want to get her back for something. Oooouuuuhhhhh. That foamed when it got on her head. What is that stuff Sharon?
    Lyn, picks up a plate of some fishy stuff an throws it on Sharon. Who throws something back, Mary ducks and it hits Keelo in the face. Boy he looks mad. all three hostess's run to hide behind Nancy. Who looks at them like they are nuts. Well we are just a tad. But as Mary licks the stuff off her face. She comments. This is good, what is it?
    That Keelo guy looks really pissed.

  40. You don't want to tick off Captain Keelo. His cargo manifest says he runs hospital supplies but he makes runs to the Crockers. They're a carnivorous race, and you don't want to know what Keelo sells them. Silver is coming, she'll handle the situation.

  41. Lots of fun. The menu sounds a little frightening, but very imaginative. I'm sure you look ravishing in your purple gown, Nancy. I love the excerpt too.

  42. Thanks, Kristin. I shrunk my waistline for the day just so I could fit into that gown. Silver wore a lavish dress on her first visit to the space station with Jace. They were disguised as Mynoran traders. She was in this very lounge when Bluth's men drugged her and carried her off.

  43. Mary, Lyn and Sharon, stand glaring at each other. Then they start to laugh, and hug each other.
    Then they turn to Silver for help. Hope she takes care of that Keelo guy, I don't wanna have any part of me sold to anyone for food!!!!
    Maybe we need to hide our certain big body parts? That might be adding to the problems?

  44. I didn't know this was the lounge they took Silver from. Now I'm getting a bit nervous. Just who should we avoid? Oh my poor Silver, it's a good thing she is such a strong heroine!!

  45. Hello and welcome, Kristen. Join us. Nancy and Silver want us all to dance so as to simmer things down a bit. I'm sticking close to Silver. She has eyes on every entrance.

  46. Silver has a secret connection to this space station but she'd kill me if I told you. The thugs took her to the lower level but Jace wasn't far behind. Soon station security were after them to explain the bodies they'd left there. That's when they jumped ship to Keelo's vessel.

  47. Okay, I know this might sound warped, but you actually made me hungry.
    What a way to build a world.
    Nice job, Nancy.
    Nice report, ladies.
    Keep up the great work.

  48. Secret connection? Now you got me wondering! Is that how she managed to escape? Jace was so kind to help me with that creep. Nancy I am so envious of your lovely dress and your hair, they musta done extensions?
    Is there a sequel coming? I'm getting so excited about their story. I hate for it to end!

  49. Wow! The more I learn about Silver and Jace the moor I want to get to know them, even if it's only by reading about them. I'm so glad they're here Nancy, makes me feel a whole lot safer!

  50. Hi to all our FRW friends. Nancy looks wonderful and the food. Oh mama!!
    (you too WRP friends, you are all the best!)
    Nancy is the queen today. I sure hope she has a good time. And keep those two creeps away from me. I think they want to see if my lungs are real or not?

  51. Nancy, what an imagination you have on you! How long did it take you to create Silver and Jace?

  52. No, Mary. That would be really mean to hide Lyn's clod hoppers...er...I mean shoes while she's dancing. Look at her dogs go. Who knew they could stretch that long. Don't look now, but one of the creeps has his eyeball on her. Must have a foot fetish. Oops, he's got her!

  53. It must be a bit embarrassing for her. He's sucking on her toes. She's smiling. Hmmmmmm.
    Our Lyn is just full of surprises who'd a thunk it? She acts so conservative usually. What has she been drinking anyways?
    Who is that beautiful creature Oliver is flirting with?
    Silver introduced them.

  54. Hi Aleka, welcome. Have some refreshments and drinks. I'm looking forward to the cruise! Mary, you know Lyn has chugged back too much mead again...and apparently... she's the one with the foot fetish. Look at her swoon. Right in public. It's embarrasing, really.

  55. Hi Aleka, thanks for stopping by. This lounge is getting smokier. We should ask the bartender for a private room. They're available for the right number of credits. How long did it take me to create Silver's story? I had the idea a while ago but put it aside to write my mysteries. Silver and Jace continued to haunt me so when I had a lull, I told their tale. The story took on a life of its own and led me down paths I hadn't anticipated. I particularly was surprised by the scenes on Stacktown, a planet where people go and don't return, and on Mixy's home world, Elusia. Mixy is Jace's valet who adds a touch of humor to the story. Read more about him next Thursday on the FF&P site when I blog on Sidekicks. Meanwhile, maybe we should purchase some of this mead to bring on the FRW cruise.

  56. Nancy, maybe you'd better send Jace in to save poor Lyn's honor. Look at the creep go. He's spread her toes and is plucking them like strings on a violin. Listen to her cackle. Oh, believe it or not, the feet have swollen to threefold their size! Just wait until she sobers up and we show her the video!

  57. Will there be sequels? Very likely. Silver's cousins could be featured in spin-off stories. That would be after I finish my current project. I have an overall series title but won't promote that until I actually write a sequel.

  58. Hi Nancy,
    Your excerpt is wonderful, and what a great cover for SILVER SERENADE. Sounds like you have another winner! I would stay and enjoy the party longer but I had a bowl of that soup, and now I have the runs. Gotta go, my friends.

  59. Oh, great! I'll get to meet you in January on the cruise. Looking forward to it. Isn't it funny how certain characters haunt us and stay with us until their story is told. I find that really amazing and captivating. Those kind of books make the best stories, so much a part of our heart and soul!

  60. boy Lyn is enjoying the toes sucking. I hope that guy isn't one of the toe eating kind.
    That would be awful! Lyn stop drooling and get up before you lose a toe. Or Worse!
    Love sequels, hate to see a good story end. Sequels take me back again!

  61. Nancy welcome to TWRP. Great cover and excerpt Mary, Hywela and Sharon as usual you have a lavish party with delicious pictures and Oliver, oh my, Oliver is something else.

  62. Hi Patrice and Mona! Welcome to Nancy's party. Yes, we are all so happy to have her join us at TWRP! Mona, thank you for the sweet and kind words, but this one goes to Lyn. We take turns each week, and this one is her credit. Lyn, if you weren't so drunk and so busy being...ah...maybe you could graciously accept a compliment. . Honestly, Oliver, hide the mead from her and give some to Mona.

  63. Really, Lyn, you're on the floor with your feet in the air. What's up with that. And the guy who is licking your toes looks hungry. Here, have some of my DH father's brew. It's good for sobering up quick. If you ate dinner that will help too!
    Sharon does she need AA?
    Nancy are the characters in the sequel present in the Silver's story?
    Love to see old friends.
    Be right back, gotta go get my DH insulin for him.

  64. Thanks, Patrice and Mona, for stopping by. Yes, the characters in the sequel are introduced in Silver Serenade.

  65. Compliment? Of course I love compliments. Thank you so much. Er - what did I do?

    Oh, that! Well actually the credit is as much Nancy's as mine. Her wonderful imagination was pure inspiration.

    Oh yes thank you Olver, I will have some more mead. Um - why do my feesh - I mean my feet - tickle?

  66. Sigh...you can dress them up... Really, Lyn, it's time to put an end to this floor show and sober up. People are pointing and openly gawking. Even Silver and Jace seem to ponder what to do about you. Come on, Mary, lets' heave her up. Nancy do you think a stunner will sober her up?

  67. Since we're in cyber-space, I'll have a hugs piece of that cake and some wine.

    Great exempt, Nancy. I love the world.


  68. A stunner may help. Autumn, thanks for stopping by. Ladies, I'm going to have to take a party break. Just got a new computer and have to figure it out. Will check back later.

  69. Really Nancy, Lyn doesn't usually get this way. Lyn your drawers are showing. Polka dots?
    Anyways, you get one side Sharon I'll get the other. Ooomppph! Well we got her up. Where do we get the interplanetary equivalent to coffee around here. Oliver you could stop flirting and help here. What does Sharon pay you for???
    Sharon don't hurt your back! Oh my...

  70. You think we should stun her? Won't she be pissed. Well Sharon Nancy had to take a break, computer is a necessity! See you later.
    But Sharon really, you do it. I can't, should we hold the trigger down together when we stun her. Hey, exactly what does it do to her???
    I don't know, she might get hurt, or worse angry. And Lyn never gets angry. Yet...
    So what do we do. She's fallen on her face now, butt in the air. Feet and toes still being worked over by that nut. Get outta here toe sucker, she's done for today. Lyn put your boats, I mean shoes on. Look you made me rip my top and my bra is showing. Hmmmmm. Any one have a needle and thread by any chance.
    Thanks Silver. Just a second Sharon gotta sew first. Okay now. one, two, three, up she goes!!

  71. By the way, what a spectacular guest list that has stopped by!
    Thanks everyone, party on!!

  72. Oliver just smiles and pumps his muscles. He laughs at Lyn'd undies. Hi Autumn, of course you can have some food and wine. Here you go. Nancy, we'll hold down the fort and Lyn until you figure out your new computer! The party continues...

  73. Hi everybody! Hi Nancy! What a cosmically fun party! The food looks spectacular but if you don't mind I'll pass on the brookworms! But do pour me a bit of Talusican ale, because I might need something bracing so I can follow Silver and Jace on their intergalactic adventures! Can't wait to blast off with this story!

  74. Oliver please get Alison her drink.
    And do cover Lyn with a blanket until we can figure out what to do with the dear thing. She's mumbling something. Can you hear what she's saying? All I hear is glub, glub, more...

  75. Oh dear, I do wish you two would quit playing around! I'm perfecly sober - just testing out my new floor level sensory spymatic gadget to try and see what those nasty Dorians are up to. Silver and Jace are poised for trouble and I promised I'd help them out wwith my new invention.

    Oliver - is that you nibbling my toes?

  76. *Pout* Sorry about that, Silver and Jace. You can't get the staff these days you know!

  77. Nancy, don't the ladies give a fun party? Good luck with your book!

  78. Poor Lyn, we had no idea you had some sensory gadget! You truly looked drunk. Or at least tipsy.
    Poor dear, now you rest, you've had a terrible experience.
    No it wasn't Oliver, but whoever he was he was hot!
    too bad he left...we scared him away.
    I love your knickers by the way, where did you get them? I want a pair too.

  79. Wonder what Jace and Silver are planning. What was your invention gonna help them do. I love a good invention.
    When Nancy gets back maybe she'll give us another excerpt???

  80. Hi Caroline, Mona, Patrice, Kristen, Alika, Autumn, Mona - and anyone else who arrived while I was - er - otherwise occupied.

    Mary - there's this delightful little shop in the concourse - third one down, next to the hyper-unit repair shop. I think they had one pair of knickers like these left. They also have a bra that matches - just about your size - pity it has three cups though, LOL!

    This new gadget I'm testing is ...(come here and let me whisper, can't have anyone overhearing) it amplifies peoples's thoughts and transmits them through their feet. That's why I had to lie down to listen. I didn't get any information though - there was too much noise going on around me!

    Yes, I'd love another excerpt when Nancy gets back too!

  81. I don't need three cups, only two biggies will do.
    Wow. I sure wish you had told us. We'd have stopped the toe guy. And helped.
    No one ever tells me anything.
    I never repeat stuff. Well really.

  82. What a great party. I hope there is plenty of Melarian Brandy left. It's been a long day. Cheers!

  83. Welcome to our new visitors! Glad you joined the party.

    Here's a short excerpt of a conversation between Silver and Jace to whet your appetite in case the mog soup didn't do it:

    “You’re nearly engaged to Yvette," Silver said. "We don't stand a chance. You should have told me about her from the start. All your rambling about bringing peace to the universe, and you really just want to rescue your sister and fiancĂ©.”

    “Not true. There’s much more at stake here.”

    “What’s at stake is your political clout at home. You dared to accuse me of being selfish? I should have shot Bluth when I had the chance.”

    His nostrils flared. “And then his men would have pounced on you. You know what they would have done before killing you.”

    “Is it any different from what you’re doing, bringing parts of me to life that were dormant and then stealing my hope?”

    Don't worry, things must have worked out between them because they're here together and are having a great time.

  84. Hello to all these new guests! Lots of food and brandy and wine. It's Friday night, after all. Turns out that poor Lyn had a sensory problem and was unable to communicate. The shock knocked her on her petite little feet and they began to grow. The creep took advantage and Oliver and Silver and Jace took care of him. Whew. Just another Roast and Toast. One never knows what the day will bring. Lyn, come over here you poor darling and sit with me. Are you all right, sweetie? You should have used the special signal, you know the emergency button that zaps Mary in her fake hooters and me in my petite butt. Then we would have come to the rescue a bit sooner. There there, don't pout. No one barely noticed. When you feel a a bit better, we'll all get up and boogie the night away! Come on, Mary, it's your turn to gravel.

  85. I don't know about you, but I'm beat. It is time for me to retire to my luxurious suite on the space station before our trip back to Earth tomorrow. I'll check back in the morning to see what you night owls have been doing and to notify the prize winner. Party on!

  86. Phew, Nancy, I'm so glad those two sorted it out - great excerpt. The way their cloaks are glowing orange, they certainly look affectionate enough!

    Oh hi Chrisielee, just order the brandy from a passing botdrone, there's loads of them around. Oh look they've adopted Oliver as their Manager. Isn't that sweet!

  87. Don't worry Sharon, sister hostess. I'm OK. As I said I was just checking out this new gadget but something seems to have gone wrong. Not to worry - nothing a good slurp of Anraatian mead won't cure!

    Mary dear, if you cut that middle cup in half and sew one half into each of the other two cups, that bra will fit you fine - and give a bit of extra uplift! :)

    Nancy, you've been a fantastic guest, it's been great having you with us today, and Silver and Jace as well, of course. Let's hope they've rid the station of those nasty alien types and we can all sleep soundly.

    I'm going to my own (slightly less luxurious suite) now, so I can pick the best berth before Sharon and Mary arrive (we have to share the suite, as we spent too many credits in the shopping area.)

    As Nancy says, keep the party swinging - if the guests feel like dancing all night, that's fine - and new guests are welcome.

    See you all tomorow.

  88. Another great excerpt, Nancy! Everyone, party on all weekend long. We stay open and the guests are welcome to drop in and out. Enjoy!

  89. Come on Sharon let's go with her. Remember last time she stretched across all three berths and we had to sleep on the floor. See you all tomorrow.
    Nancy you are a good sport and we love you for coming to play with us.
    Silver and Jace you two make a wonderful couple.
    What a great thing Lyn has done!
    A new gadget to use. But it hears through feet? I don't know...
    Mary mutters to herself. Cut it in half, why can't I just buy regular stuff like I always do?
    Gotta think about this.

  90. By the way. I can't wait to read Silver and Jace's story!!!

  91. Sharon wakes up and frowns. Her back hurts and her neck is cramped. Then she hears snoring coming from above where her sisters sleep soundly on the ceiling. What? She scratches her head, perplexed. Then she spies the sensory gadget that Lyn brought along and it all makes sense. Reality filters through. Lyn tricked her and she fell for it. Not a sensory gadget at all but a practical joke. The sensory gadget if touched causes the victim to see upside down until the inventer of the gadget programs it. Everything starts to spin. LYN!!!! Wake up. Sharon peers down the hall. Everyone is dancing on the ceiling and Mary's fake hooters are coming down like crators. The space ship is about to crash... HELP! Lyn, you have about four seconds to do something!

  92. When Lyn can control her giggles, she reaches across, grabs hold of the 'sensory telepathetic trans-sensory brainwave transmitter, (which actually looks like a decorative buckle on her belt)taps in a few numbers and grins at the look of relief on Sharon's face, as she slowly relaxes, realizing she is the right way up and the space station isn't about to crash or go nova or something!

    She wipes the tears of laughter from her face. Really, this little gadget was worth every one of the thousand credits I paid that three headed ginardrox, in the hyper-unit repair-cum-weird-gadget shop. The thing is - it actually works, it's supposed to be a practical joke, but I made a few adjustments!

    *Grin* I think my two sister hostesses will have to be very, VERY nice to me from now on, seeing how much I know about what they're really thinking! LOL. Pity the thing is only active for twenty Earth hours after the initial activation. It's just about had it now. Never mind, I'll give it to Silver and Jace and see if they can find a way to re-activate it. I'm sure they'll find it useful in their fight against the bad guys.

    Shall we let Mary sleep on a while Sharon, seems a shame to wake her, she's snoring so loudly. Must be hard work carrying those fake hooters around with her everywhere she goes!

    I'm going down to the dining area. I bet Nancy and Silver and Jace are already having breakfast, and I'm starving!

  93. Whew...Sharon says when she is right side up. So the whole while yesterday, we were all upside down and you were the only one right side up. Hat's off, sister. Let's not tell Mary. Go on, zap her good while we go get some breakfast.
    Nancy, Silver and Jace, thank you for making the Author Roast and Toast so much fun!

  94. *Grin* Way to go, Sister Sharon! The Author Roast and Toast just keeps on getting crazier!

    Wakey Wakey, Mary, there's a hunk at the door wanting to escort you to the breakfast zone. (Thought that would get your attention, dear friend!)

    Yes, we've had so much fun, Nancy, Silver and Jace. It's been an absolute ball. Wishing you humendous sales with 'Silver Serenade', it's on my TBR list!

  95. Good morning everyone. What a great party we had last night! I don't know about you, but my feet still hurt from all that dancing and standing around chatting. Silver and Jace disappeared while everyone was occupied. Wonder if they got a suite on the station or went off on another mission? Anyway, the PRIZE WINNER is SUSAN MACATEE. Susan, please contact me with your email address and I'll try to contact you too. Congrats, and thanks to everyone else for visiting!

  96. Thanks so much Nancy, it's been a joy having you as our guest - and I have to admit my feet feel quite sore too, especially my toes!

    Congratulations Susan! I'm sure you'll enjoy your prize!

  97. Snore, mumble, glub, blug. Mary wakes and sees a hunk standing next to her with his hand out.
    Mary gets up and sees people dancing. What a great party. Nancy you're the best. Thanks for playing along as we tease the heck out of each other. Lyn good sport, leave my hooters alone will you.
    Anyways, Nancy I hope your sales are fantastic and this turns out to help you promote your new and fascinating story.
    Thanks to everyone for stopping by and Nancy...Good luck!!!


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