As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Celebrate Beltane With Traci Hall

The Pleiades star cluster rises just before sunrise on the morning horizon.
Celebration includes frolicking throughout the countryside, maypole dancing, leaping over fires to ensure fertility, circling the fire three times (sun-wise) for good luck in the coming year, athletic tournaments feasting, music, drinking, children collecting the May: gathering flowers. children gathering flowers, hobby horses, May birching and folks go a maying".

MySpace GraphicsBeltane, like Samhain, is a time of "no time" when the veils between the two worlds are at their thinnest. No time is when the two worlds intermingle and unite and the magic abounds! It is the time when the Faeries return from their winter respite, carefree and full of faery mischief and faery delight.

Beltane is about honoring Life. It is the time when the sun is fully released from his bondage of winter and able to rule over summer and life once again.

Celebration includes frolicking throughout the countryside, maypole dancing, leaping over fires to ensure fertility, circling the fire to start.

Lyn, Sharon and Mary check their cloaks. Earlier they fought over the mirror as again as they primped for the evening. All of them dressed in long Gothic dresses. Over their dresses they each drape lovely velvet capes on their shoulders. One trying to outdo the other they each primp to look beautiful. Checking every angle Lyn touches the bold color on her lips, "ahhh perfection!" She declares.

Mystics CommentsMystics CommentsMystics Comments

Sharon slaps Lyns, hand as she reaches for her lipstick.

"Ouch, why'd you do that?"

Sharon declares. "You always use my lipstick and every time you close the top before you turn the lipstick down. That's my third one this week!" While Lyn and Sharon are discussing the lipstick Mary slickly applies some of the object. Smacks her lips together and says, "Come on let's go, you two are gonna make us late,"

Sharon knows something happened. "Hey you too Mary, stop using my lipstick it you'll ruin how it conforms to my shapely lips." Under her breath Lyn whispers, "Yeah, people can see them flapping better." "What?" Sharon jumps in.

"Nothing, let's get going."Mary urges them.

Oliver appears at the door dressed in his own velvet cape, he drops his hood and scowls. But he looks mighty good in his own Gothic garb.

Photobucket"Ahem, Ladies?" Swiftly Lyn races in her size 14s, Sharon, shakes her booty, and Mary's holds her hooters, as they make a run for the woods. The clearing is in readiness as they approach. Celebrators wait patiently for the evening to start.

The Beltane fire lights up the evening sky as the Celebration begins! Tarot Cards, Scrying bowls, Pendulums, Rhune stones, crystals, magic wands, staffs, Cauldrons, and drums are everywhere in town. Before the Beltane fires die down everyone will take a piece of wood to light their home hearths.

Wiccans of all ages dance and mingle. The evening's festivities are only a precursor to the mornings celebrations. The fir Maypole stands ready and decorated for the circling that will ensure that spring brings new life to the world.

Wonderful fruits of all types fill the tables. Marigold custard, herbal salads, fresh vegetables, fruit tarts, Beltane cakes, honey and yogurt, tempt the revelers. A huge angel food cake is decorated and frosted for the occasion. Vanilla ice cream for everyone!

Sharon's ready to roll. The food is ready. All varieties of fruit, marigold custard, fruit pastries, herbal salads, lots of green things, Vanilla Ice Cream, and wonderful Beltane cakes line the tables.Beef ribs drip juices over cooking fires while spicy sauces wait to coat them.

"We look pretty good don't we ladies?" Lyn twirls in her long flowing robe.

"The food is fabulous Oliver, as usual." Mary pats him on the back. While she places a Do Kiss Me sign there, Sharon and Lyn chuckle. "He deserves that!" Sharon tries not to laugh.

"Boss?" One of Oliver's eyebrows raises.

"Look It's the carriage of the faery Queen, the beautiful maiden of the Isle of Mighty, and it's magnificent! Look it's Traci!"

Gracefully Traci steps down from the luminous carriage and before she knows it, it vanishes.

She turns to take Oliver's offered hand and walks to the clearing in the mystical woods as she embraces her fellow Wiccan's. Radiant in a brilliant white floor length dress. The material shimmers as she removes her cloak and approaches the hostesses. She waves and smiles while she takes the hand of many of her teenage Wiccan friends.

Landscapes Comments"Hello," Traci says. in a sultry voice. She turns to the gathering and raises her hand for silence.

"Welcome one and all to Beltane!" She smiles. "We have everything we need to celebrate. As soon as dawn arrives you couples will all return to celebrate with us. Let the festivities begin!"

The crowd roars and Traci waves to everyone.

She turns to the hostesses as they stand tall and ready for the magic to begin. "Thank you for all you have done, you all look so lovely." They gush with pleasure at her compliment. Sharon calls Oliver who turns and kisses Traci on both cheeks. Having seen the sign on his back, she grabs him an kisses him until his eyes glaze over. Mary snickers and claps her hands, her sign works!

As Traci faces dawn the clearing is suddenly bathed in beautiful white flowers.

It's Magic!! White Wiccan Magic!

The hostesses of the AR&T welcome Traci and wish her the best. Today's question is:
If you could have a magical power, what would it be and why?


Rhiannon’s scalp tingled as she practically melted beneath the hot lights on the Crystal Lake gymnasium stage. Her English teacher insisted they get community service credits, whether they wanted them or not.

Dressed like Little Bo Beep, her red hair twisted in tight ringlets—more Orphan Annie than Bo Peep, in her humble, unheard opinion—Rhee cringed. Her best friends in Las Vegas would die laughing at the photos of Rhee in pantaloons and a huge white apron that would never make the fashion guide in CosmoGirl.

“Baa, baa, black sheep have you any wool…”

Rhee rolled her eyes as Corey, dressed just as ridiculously as she was, sang his heart out. Unfortunately, even that slight movement was enough to make her large white mobcap fall down over her forehead, blinding her just when she needed to take a few steps forward.

Shoving it back with the hand that held her crooked staff, she bonked herself in the eye and warbled, “Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.” She knew what the crowd was thinking even without reading their collective minds. Don’t quit your day job. The snickering in the gym did nothing for her self-confidence.

Jared, in a rich farmer’s costume, took her by the elbow and stopped her from falling off the stage.

“Thanks,” she muttered.

The past four months, even though they’d broken up in December, had been filled with flirtatious looks, lots of hot eye contact and a few moments of almost picking up the phone to call. They’d even started “accidentally” meeting at the clearing on Sundays. She’d been tempted to do a love spell…thank the Goddess she’d talked herself out of that très bad idea.

Janet, Jared’s twin, pranced out on the stage in a fabulous dairymaid costume. Rhee grudgingly noticed that Janet sang beautifully and danced like a professional. Was there anything that Janet couldn’t do?

Looking down, Rhee saw the pink ribbons on Janet’s left slipper slide free. Janet, en pointe, twirled and the satin ribbon trailed behind like a pink tripwire. Jared stood next to her, unaware that his sister was in danger of slipping and breaking her slender neck, or at least spraining an ankle. Rhee had a split second to make a decision—let Janet fall and enjoy the brief seconds of her nemesis’s humiliation, or do the right thing and somehow save her from the embarrassment.

If she was a good person, Rhee told herself, she wouldn’t have to even think about doing the right thing.

Janet whirled and dipped and the ribbon tangled beneath the slippery sole of her ballet slipper. Her voice quavered as she realized the problem.

Too late.

Rhee concentrated on the bale of hay next to where the blond star stumbled, facing the audience while psychically inching the soft hay so that at least when Janet fell, she’d land on something besides the worn wooden floor.

Janet’s feet went up in the air, she was cut off mid-note and it brought the house down.


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  1. Thank you, thank you - I am so pleased to be here with Lyn, Mary and Sharon- what a Beltane! And Oliver - he's a hottie, haha. Can I keep him?

  2. Traci, as the King of this faery land, if you so much as look at him with those beautiful eyes of yours, we shall have a royal sacrifice of magikal proportions.

  3. Traci, lovely lady, I'm always ready to don my Celtic princess outfit (no really, I've got one) and come party in the forest with your glorious self! I totally feel for Rhee and honestly, I would have hesitated, too, but I'm glad she did the right thing (sort of, lol). The magical power I'd love to have? The power to travel back and forth through time, of course!

  4. I think I'd be greedy. I'd ask for more magical powers!
    Traci, my you look lovely in your white dress. The field of flowers you magically made appear is beautiful!
    Sharon and Lyn will be here soon. Lyn tripped over her feet and Sharon tripped over her. They got into a cat fight and messed up their makeup. You understand that fixing their faces takes time. Ha, ages!
    Is that them I see?

  5. You brought the king with you. Oliver will have a very hard time trying to flirt with you now. Maybe we could have the king taken hostage for you temporarily?!

  6. Hello Tracy and welcome to your Beltane celebration. We're so happy to have you here and to learn more about your book Wiccan Cool. Yes, Oliver is a bit of a hunk isn't he! *Sigh* sadly I fear Sharon will never let him go. Goodness knows I've tried! LOL!

  7. Oh, hello dear Mary, how nice to see you could make it! (Lyn stage whispers - "it doesn't actually take Sharon and me that long to fix our faces - sweet Mary had to start yesterday though!" Lyn cackles like a broody hen!)

  8. Hi Gregory and Allison. Welcome to Traci's Beltane party. I'm sure Oliver will be along in a moment to serve you whatever refreshments take your fancy - when he's finished oggling Traci that is!

    King? What King? You know I don't think Oliver's even seen him!

  9. Oliver will see the King, he goes everywhere Traci does and is very supportive, as well as very, very, nice!
    So when Oliver sneaks that kiss we are gonna have to kidnap him. Yeah, where can we hide him. He's gonna be hard to catch, he's stealthy all right.

  10. Hi Lyn, your lipstick is smeared from ear to ear. Was that intentional?
    Lisa got any ideas?
    That was a great excerpt wasn't it. I have an idea, why don't you take off about three layers of that powder you have on your face. Other than that, you look as lovely as always Lyn. Is Sharon still primping?

  11. HI Mary - HAPPY to drop by - don't follow the dark world - have enough of my own world of the spirits but great posting - lynn romaine

  12. Hi Lynn! OOOH! What dark and interesting spirits have you seen!?!

  13. I will also don my Celtic witch gown and dance in the forest with you all. And you all can share my lipstick anytime you want. LOL.


  14. LOL. I don't think I would dare ask for any magical powers. They would be sure to come with some awful catch!

    But I sure would like to try some Beltane cake. What's it like? Does anyone have a recipe?

  15. Nice roast and toast - you certainly covered everything I've ever heard about Beltane...the whole Wiccan festival thing is fascinating and the book sounds just great!

  16. You gals are all nuts here. Such fun! I love the whole concept of taking the Beltane festival and twisting it into fiction. So many fun ways to go with that and Wiccan Cool for YAs sounds right up my alley!

  17. Hi Lyn, you look beautiful in your Celtic dress! With that red hair and your flashing eyes. Watch out Oliver. This is a powerful Celtic With here. She has magic you cannot imagine!
    I saw one online I will try to find the recipe for you again Barbara. Have something to drink. We have a massive list of drinks to pick from. Chocolate daquiri maybe? Best to try the Maywine for luck!

  18. Hi Ann and Clover! Thanks for coming by!
    I've read the previous two in the series and let me tell you Traci knows teenagers thoroughly!

  19. Hi all! How very fascinating. I'm jiggy with the May poll thing and going A'Maying and gathering flowers, but leaping over fires is rather worrying. Swell and super fun over here though.

  20. Hey Beth, I love all things mystical.
    Faeries, wizards, vampires, everyone is welcome!
    Actually you would make a lovely tree nymph Beth. You're nice and cute! Perfect to be a good faery of some sort. :0)

  21. Sharon flies in, befuddled. Oh, dear. It would seem one of wicked powers abducted me for the past little while. Never mind. I'm here. Welcome to your party, /Traci! What fun and what a party going on. Congratulations on your release, and oh yes, it sounds delightful. Mary and Lyn, thank you darlings for holding down the fort in my abduction. Yes, Oliver, a wine would be nice.

  22. Hello, Gregory. How nice you could join us. No need to worry about Oliver. He is the perfect gentleman, isn't that right? Oliver? Stop that!

  23. Mary, dear. That lipstick is such a flattering shade on you. One can see your lips flapping all the more. Air kisses, darling.

  24. Traci, what an enchanting theme for your party. I love it. Tell us about your creative muse.

  25. Imagine that Mary, Lyn. Saying how much time we need to do our makeup. Hmm. Meanwhile she's the one who is in the mirror until you ever so nicely give her the boot and send her sailing. And who said big feet have no advantage. You go sister!

  26. Nice toast. Very Midsummer Night's Dream. I love your Rhee. Who wouldn't want to see the perfect girl fail for once, right?

  27. Hi Sharon, so glad you're OK sweetie. Don't worry, we know it takes a long time for you to get into that butt flattening girdle of yours. You weren't really abducated by wicked powers were you? OK, that's your story and your sticking to it? Well, I'm glad you're OK anyway. I've spent the last half hour looking for my shoes. They're so big I stepped right out of 'em!

  28. We've had a lot of visitors - I hope Oliver's looking after you, Lynn, Lyn, (My namesake!) Barbara, Ann, Clover, Beth and Kristin.

    Phew, yes, please Oliver, I will have some more mead! Thank you.

    Now what were you saying about kidnapping the King, Mary?

    Traci, I like your character Rhiannon, where did you get the idea for her from? I'm particularly interested, being a Welsh horse lover, since Rhiannon is the Welsh goddess of horses!

  29. I think you're right Lyn, she got stuck in her girdle and couldn't get her hands out when she pulled it up. By the way Sharon, Lyn's feet are at least have nicely polished toe nails. It draws your attention away from the dune buggy's she has for feet.
    Kristin is gonna be the new FRW president, I'm pretty sure of it. And she is adorable.
    I'm feelin' old. And I just am glad I have these perky hooters. Guys love them big. So there.
    Traci where are you?

  30. Sharon gracefully turns to show off her flattering figure. Passing Lyn, she whispers, "the only reason your feet shrunk is because you tripped that vamp over there and promised him favors. Ta ta darling...

  31. Thank you for the fabulous party and the great cake. I will continue to merely oogle Oliver, while saving myself for the King! Sigh!

    A true sacrifice!

  32. Gracefully Sharon turns to show off her figure. From the front you would never guess her butt is that huge. She hides it well. Bustles, things like that work well when your butt is enormous compared to the rest of your body. Oh well,,,
    Watch out Sharon!!!
    Lyn pushes her into Oliver, who drops his tray of drinks, and you guessed it. New makeup for Sharon.
    Lyn, that was daring. You know she will get you.

  33. Oops! Sorry Sharon.

    Oh dear Oliver. Poor dear Sharon is so clumsy!did your cloak get damp? Hmm. not too bad, let me wipe you down with my shawl. Mmmm. love your aftershave dahling! Perhaps I'd better help you get another tray of drinks.

  34. Interesting... I never knew about Beltrane...Guess there's a lot of stuff I don't know about so it's fun to read this. Thanks, Mary!

  35. As King of this here land, I cast this spell upon you, Traci:

    I have decorated the Wiccan altar with lengths of ivy and rosemary, and placed three lighted white candles on it.

    I have burn Wiccan incense containing rose petals.

    I have taken a clear quartz crystal and a rose quartz crystal that have been left outside in the moonlight from last night. I now hold one crystal in each of my hands.

    I have spoken out loud a declaration of devotion and fidelity, repeated our wedding vows and other promises that have been made between us.

    I have clasped both hands together so the crystals touch; visualized as clearly as possible your love and pure devotion to me, the King.

    I then cast the two crystals into a glass bottle containing fresh red wine.

    Drinking from the chalice, I have visualized a peaceful, fulfilled life together as a couple into the future.

    Now......Don't screw it up! I have Llama's ready.

  36. Wow! Powerful Greg. I guess you like having her around. I can understand that and King Gregory you are the best FRW husband. I have watched you support Traci and it's a beautiful and touching thing to see.
    OH NO!! Sharon and Lyn, quick come with me. I have just heard that Noneron, the rogue faery, has gathered some other magical forces and they are headed this way!
    Oliver, what'll we do? Do we have any forces?

  37. Mary, your lips are flapping a mile a minute and I dare say they are alarming a few warblers. Lyn, did the spell wear off, dear? Your feet are growing by the second. Ah well.

  38. This was cool reading. I never heard of Beltrane. I love time travels. Thanks for sahring, Mary.

  39. Very nice, Gregory. Llamas? I was once attacked by one. I still have some trauma issues. I'll just hide over by the tree over there and rub a few crystals to ward them off. Oliver, stop laughing and bring me my wine.

  40. LOL Warblers are getting upset? Heck I just got chased by a flock of them. Wait, they are landing on me! That's so cute they are singing with my flapping lips.
    We keep borrowing your lipstick because we love the shade too. I didn't know it would make me flappy.
    Don't hide Sharon, those crystals won't help. Put your hood up on your cloak and no one will know it's You!!
    Wait there might be a rear bulge that they will recognize. HeeHee.
    Yes, I know they will recognize me by a frontal bulge too! Poor Lyn the front of her shoes is uncoverable. But ain't we lovely!

  41. What a fun post! Hmmm..what magical power would I want? I really want the power to make the house clean itself. That would free up lots more time for celebrating Beltane and other fun stuff.

  42. To answer a question about the creative muse, it comes often in dreams. Especially after spell punch and cake! Where's oliver to fill my glass? Is Sharon hogging him again?

  43. I'd wish for powers to get $$$$ and a book sale!

  44. Crap, I spilled food on my costume!

  45. Hi Mary, here let me sponge you down. As soon as Oliver's finished filling Traci's glass, I'm sure he'll come over and make sure your costume isn't stained. I'm sure it will be OK, and such a pretty one!

  46. Hi Joelle, Autumn and Judy, so glad you could join the party. Are you going to dance around the Maypole?

  47. King Gregory -

    I just loved your mystical incantation - methinks you may be a little too worried about our Sharon's Oliver though, he's all flirt and no action really (sorry Oliver sweetie, but you know it's true, you're such a gentleman underneath it all!)

    I would really love to hear more about those Llamas.

  48. I'm glad to drop in on this magical celebration. What power would I want? To heal people, because then they could fight their battles and pursue their lost loves and enjoy life. I'd like to be able to relieve pain and suffering in the sick and injured. Back to the celebration. Is there dancing?

  49. Hi Nancy.
    What a great wish!

    Dancing? Sure there's dancing. Feel free - and if you really want to get into the spirit of Beltane. the Maypole's just over there. Oh, hello Oliver, I'd love some more mead. Oh, you were coming to escort Nancy to the Maypole? OK then.

  50. Feeling the mischievious vibes coming my way!! Great Party!

  51. Traci, have you and the King been dancing round the Maypole? Why not sit over here for a moment and enjoy a glass of mead, Oliver's just bringing some over!

  52. Hi Traci,
    I didn't recognize you floating through the woods in that lovely white dress. I was frolicking with Oliver behind the bushes, until you came along! Now if I had a magical power it would be to create such beautiful prose that I would soon be as famous as you.

  53. Yes to the mead and Patrice, stay out of the bushes

  54. Blowing kisses to all the new guests dancing around the maple tree. Traci, I think it very cool to dream about stories and characters. I've done it for one of mine. So glad you're having fun. Oliver, keep the mead coming, and the dancing too!

  55. What great answers we're getting today. Nancy, let's find a magic fairy to make your wish come true. Lovely. Sharon raises her glass. Here's hopeing! Cheers!

  56. Oh, dear! Mary, don't look now, but it would seem the warblers have pecked off one of your fake hooters whilst you were dancing around the maple. And there it is, glowing like a neon light from the tipety top!

  57. Hi Ladies, back again. What a fantastic turnout! Sharon, my lips are plump and sweet!

  58. They are real and that grabbing at them hurts. They are gonna make me bleed!
    I need a witch, help!!

  59. This party is getting wild. That swinging through the trees has got to stop Lyn, you are gonna fall!

  60. Wheeeeee, this is fun, Mary. I'm only trying to rescue your silicone boobie from the top of the Maypole!

    Wheee - catch!

  61. I've been dodging mischievous faeries all darn day - they are dragging me everywhere when where I really want to be is drinking and having fun at this party! Pink sprites in feather boas, silver griffins and cross dressing giants - not for everyone else to see - I've done my best to keep them from party crashing.
    Rhiannon is a great character because she is, at heart, a teenager who just wants to know what's going on. The Wiccan aspect to the stories just adds another layer to her daily drama, lol.

  62. Geez, if I had a magical power it would be creating a no -smudge lipstick, or a dura-bra for Mary, or a love spell for Sharon! Seriously, if I had a magical power it would have to have something to do with making everyone happy. Perhaps I should channel Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality and wish for World Peace????

  63. King Greg, your poetry brought me to tears of joy. You know that as much as I like to admire the eye candy, my heart belongs to you!

  64. Lyn leaps from the branches to land at Traci's feet, springing gracefully on her little toes (her own that is, not Traci's).

    Oh I'm glad you dodged the faeries and sprites Traci. One never knows who will try to gatecrash our Roast parties! LOL, I was just wondering if Rhiannon had any Welsh heritage, because of her name!

    What great power wishes! Sadly Mary really needs that bra! We keep telling her so much silicone defies the laws of gravity *&grin*!

    World peace and the power to make everyone happy? That would be fantastic and everyone would vote you World President!

  65. *gasp* you don't want me to rule the world!! hahaha - I actually had Rhiannon tell the horse goddess rhiannon story in this book...it was fun to re tell the fairy tale!!

  66. Kathleen PickeringApril 9, 2010 at 8:16 PM

    You know I love celebrating w/you, Traci! Happy Beltane as well. I can honestly say, this is a first!
    xox, Piks

  67. Oh that does sound like fun! You mean the one where Rhiannon manages to outwit the man her father wants her to marry, and win the man she really loves, Pwll, after outracing him on her horse? Aren't these old folk tales wonderful!

    - I'm going to have to read it now, aren't I!

  68. Hi Kathleen, welcome to the party, what can Oliver get for you?

  69. They lie Traci, they are mine I'll prove it when I see you. Isn't Jealousy a terrible thing. Sorry I was away, my BIL cracked up his carriage and we had to save him. He is a troll. Honestly!

  70. Sharon, your bubble butt is blocking my view. Ouch, Lyn just kicked me with her size 16 shoes!
    My boobs are my own, King Gregg stopped plastic surgery for boobs years ago.
    The king and queen are so in love. It's so, so, beautiful to see! He called her and told her that a passage in her novel he just read, was the best thing he has ever read in his live! Ain't that so special. He is the best king we could have to reign. I promise you.
    But poor Queen Traci, can't even look?

  71. Traci, did you notice the picture of you in the field of flowers. It's you!

  72. Sorry I'm late Traci, and of course' the gals: Lyn, Hywela, Sharon, and Mary. I have a plausible excuse for my being tardy, and here it is. I was circling the fire 3x for good luck, which I shouldn't have done after drinking, when I suddenly felt hot. Yes, that's what I thought; that maybe I had been thinking of Jared. But, it was only my right calf that felt hot. My rich velvet robe had caught ablaze. Then, that's when I saw them--the faeries laughing and pointing. I think one of them was called Mary, at any rate I know they're to blame. Long story short, I threw off my robe & dumped it in my cauldron of apple cider.
    To answer Traci's question: Lol, if I had to choose another power, besides controlling the wind element, I'd like to magically fill my book sheves with all the newest releases. Ha,ha. TGIF, ladies!

  73. Of course' I meant shelves! What are sheves anyway? Must've been the smoke that irritated my eyes whilst I typed.

  74. Hello, Kathleen and Witchy Woman - thanks for stopping by, lol - nice night for a little enchantment! That said, I am going to drink from my silver chalice and sleep in my beautiful field of flowers.
    great day, Huzzah!

  75. A magical dawn breaks over the forest, turning the field of beautiful flowers to a soft blush pink.

    Traci, Witchy woman, the other lovely lady guests and the three hostesses walk to top of the hill to see the sunrise. They bathe their faces in the morning dew, to increase their beauty and ensure it lasts for the coming year.

    Down below, the faithful Oliver checks the still smouldering fire to ensure each of the revellers will have a stick to take home to their own hearth. (He's also cooking breakfast to make sure none of the guests go home hungry.)

    Thank you Traci for being such a great Queen of the May and Guest of Honor and for bringing the King with you, and thank you to the guests for joining in with such gusto!

  76. Wow Tracie,
    I enjoyed that Roast and Toast. Love the excerpt too.


  77. Hi Margaret,

    Welcome to Traci's celebration.I do believe there's still some mead left and some cake and other goodies. Oliver will be with you in a moment!

  78. Everyone blames me for everything!
    Great time Traci!
    We loved having you!

  79. This was the best party ever!!!! Thank you to everyone who came and to my wonderful hostesses and of course Oliver, lololol. Mwah, mwah * throwing kisses and magical faerie dust for happiness and blessings upon everyone *


  80. A warm thank you to Traci for being a fun and delightful guest. We enjoyed the party! Thanks to everyone for helping to make it another memorable R&T! Until next time...

  81. If I could have one wish, it would be to be thirty years old again, gorgeous and sexy enough to steal Greg away from Traci! Love for NYC, Pearl

  82. Hi Pearl, I hope you managed to indulge in some of the goodies from the feast, there's always plenty to go round.

    I think most of us would agree with wanting to be thirty again, gorgeous and sexy, although Traci might not be so happy about having Greg stolen away from her. LOL!

  83. No matter how sexy you were, you couldn't get Greg away from his soulmate, Traci!
    Besides you may not be 30, but you are darn young and sexy Pearl!
    Congratulations Joelle!

  84. You had me at Oliver - LOL

    What a great post! I found you through The Cozy Page's links. :)

    Just wanted to tell you that my latest release, "Love Divine" (erotic romance) takes place on Beltane, 420 A.D. It's more about co-existing than any one religion, but you may like it just the same.

    I'm going to put this blog on my list of faves -


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