As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Beach Party with Sara Humphreys

Hello and welcome to The Author Roast and Toast. For today’s celebration, we invite you to join us for a lobster bake on the sunny shores of Long Island to celebrate Sara Humphreys book

"The Amoveo Legacy"

After a long, snowy winter, grab your beach bag, sun glasses and sun screen. Don’t forget to bring your surf board and appetite. And here’s the best part. Rumor has it, once the party starts rolling, there may even be some karaoke singing from our fun-loving guests!

A Day At The Beach!Fire Island Photos

Behind the curtains, the hostesses three dress for the beach party, bickering like blue jays. As usual, Mary hogs the mirror. Donned in a flashy orange and yellow string bikini, she strikes a pose, pivoting this way and that to admire her fake hooters. Festive island music drifts through the speakers, and the girls swing their hips while getting ready. Sharon, clad in a black leather bikini, does her rather impressive rendition of “The Bump” and knocks Mary out of the way.

She spins this way and that, grinning away while snapping her fingers to the beat. “HMM. I’m sure I’ll turn heads in this sexy little number. Doncha think, girls?”

Lyn and Mary shriek with laughter. They point at Sharon’s backside, their whispers buzzing like a swarm of bees. “She’ll turn heads all right. Who could miss her? Wow, good thing leather stretches. Sure hope it doesn’t snap.”

“I heard that,” Sharon applies a coat of lip gloss to her full, sensuous lips, blowing a kiss before tearing herself away. “Aren’t my new lips stunning?”

Mary chortles. “How much Botox did that quack of a doc squeeze into them?”

“About as much silicone as he pumped into your hooters.”

Lyn, shakes it up, her big feet dancing as she belts out, “And we’ll have fun, fun, fun, 'til your daddy takes the T-Bird away” and lands in front of the mirror to admire her recent tummy tuck. Pleased as punch, she examines her new body, smartly squeezed into a hot pink bikini. She pets it and pats it while Sharon and Mary snicker. Sharon whispers to Mary. “I heard her on the phone yesterday, making another appointment to have a face lift. But still she denies it. Watch me get her. So, Lyn, where did you get your tummy tuck, sweetie? Inquiring minds wanna know.”

Lyn whips her head around in a move that would do Linda Blair proud. “Tummy tuck? I’ll have you know I slaved at the gym for months to get back my girlish figure.”

“Sure, honey. Did you take those little white pills the doc gave you, you know the ones for your hallucinations?”

Mary is back in the mirror, center stage, admiring her oversized knockers. Sharon grabs her beach cover and bag. “Let’s go, girls. We have to help Oliver before Sara and the guests arrive. Just a word of warning, Mary. We found out that silicone sinks to the bottom. Remember when one fell off and Junior and Cuddles thought it was a big rubber ball and rolled it into the pool? It sunk to the bottom like a dead weight. But the good news, your knocker made the headlines and the clinic got you a new and improved model for free. So, let’s not give the beached whales something to sprout out of their blow holes, huh? And Lyn, pull up your bikini bottom just a tad dear. Your scar is showing.”

The Best Beach PicturesThe warm ocean breeze ripples through the water, the waves lapping ashore in a hypnotic lull. Seagulls squawk and squabble, swooping down on the sand to scarf for food. Puffy white clouds drift aimlessly across a crystal blue horizon. Tropical music floats across the beach and Oliver, donned in a florescent lime green speedo, sings along while preparing the feast.

The smell of lobster drifts across the beach as it bakes on the hot stones. Butter sizzles in a pan and freshly squeezed lemon slices add to the delicious aroma.
Hot dogs and burgers grill to perfection, and beer-battered shrimp and chips as big as popsicles fry in a cage. Sharon, Lyn and Mary set the umbrella tables with bright red, green, yellow and blue beach plates. There are buckets of potato salad and cole slaw on ice, fresh fruit slices with Devonshire cream, three bean casserole, and bags of pretzels and popcorn.

For dessert, Oliver has baked chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies and a beautiful fudge marble cake. Coolers of cold beer and wine line the tables, along with cans of soda and ice tea. Junior and Cuddles sample the hot dogs Oliver hurls to them.

But hearing something in the distance, they dash off. And before long, a sand buggy pulls up and Sara hops out, waving and blowing kisses to her adoring fans. Hoots and whistles break out. She strikes a pose for the cameras, smiling her mega-watt smile. Heads turn indeed as she saunters up to the beach party in a faux tiger skin bikini and designer shades. Oliver, stunned and mute, rushes up to greet her.

Welcome to the beach party! After we show you an excerpt from Sara’s book, do come in and join the fun. But for a chance to win a prize from Sara, answer the following question:

What is your favorite part of a beach party?

"The Amoveo Legacy"

Suddenly, Sam got the eerie feeling of being watched and knew she was no longer alone in her revelries. She froze and clutched her robe closed. She swallowed hard, afraid

to open her eyes. Sam cursed silently at her silliness and slowly cracked one eye

open. There was no one in her room, the door was still closed. I’m being ridiculous.

Just as she let out a sigh of relief, she heard a clicking noise behind her. She

slowly turned around and her body froze at the sight before her. Perched on her window sill was the exact same bird she’d seen in her dream and identical to the one she’d
drawn on her canvas. Samantha stood there with wide eyes, uncertain what to do. “Holy
crap,” she whispered.

The giant bird puffed up, bronze feathers glinting in the light. It shook its head as though displeased with her response.

“Sorry. Nice, birdie,” she said through a strained, almost hysterical giggle.

The giant creature didn’t move.

It just sat there staring at her, silently watching her with glowing yellow eyes.

Sam didn’t know what to do so she stared back. Eventually her artist’s eye began to study the specimen before her. Her fear soon became replaced by curiosity. It was a mammoth bird of prey, an eagle, she thought, but reminded herself she’d have to look it up later. Its feathers shone with bright streaks in varying hues of browns and bronzes. They glinted brightly in golden flashes with even the slightest movement.

She eyed its large taloned feet and sharp, hooked beak. Sam shuddered at the damage they could likely do.
The eyes were the same piercing yellow she remembered from her dream. They didn’t move from her face. As she stared into the eyes of her feathered visitor, she got the oddest sense of familiarity. She felt like it was intentionally sitting there so she could study it, like some kind of bizarre introduction. Feeling an unusual
bravery, Sam slowly reached out to touch it.


  1. So happy to be here. Oliver, one freshly baked fudge brownie would do me good. To drink? An icy cold beer I suppose. Wide smile. Won't fib, like what's being served. C’mon, it’s Thursday night and you ladies (and Oliver) know how to throw a party!

    Back to the good stuff.(You know what I mean blog hosts)

    Sara, The Amoveo Legacy sounds intriguing. Definitely want to know more! Would love to read this.

    That said, on to the question given to win: What’s my favorite part of a Beach Party?

    Hmmm. Honestly? Soft sand. Good friends. A fire. Ocean waves. A sunset preferably. The BEST part of the beach party? Good stories. A moment everyone will remember. No regrets. The one person who shows up with the iced downed cooler (Juicy Juices too!), blender. Tons of munchies. A smile everyone depends on, can trust. Toss in a volley ball, better yet, like to toss a football? Kids flitting about (the heart always). If you’ve ever been to a quality beach party, you know what I’m talking about! Shout out from Hampton Beach, NH.

    Great blog post. Good job, ladies of the Roast and Toast and of course, Sara. Your story sounds wonderful!


  2. Good morning Sky, so glad you could come to Sara's party - and by the miracle of cyberspace and time you're our first guest today.

    You certainly have the recipe for a great beach party, I see Oliver taking notes, LOL! Here he comes now with your ice cold beer and a brownie with your name on it. It looks like being a beautiful day, so pick your spot while we're waiting for the others to arrive, and let the party begin!

  3. Good morning, Sky. Wow, that's some list and a great one at that! I have to agree with all of them. Did you say fireworks at the end of the night? That's my favorite part of a good beach party, after good friends, good weather and good food and drinks, but of course! Oliver, keep the cold ones coming for Sky, and the fudge brownies too.
    Lyn, cyber hugs and kisses, dah ling. Sharon and Lyn raise their glasses in a toast. Here's hoping Mary finds her missing hooter! The laughter carries over the beach. Oliver, keep an eye out for Sara. And make sure you play "It's Her Party" when she arrives! Cheers!

  4. Well this is good, Sharon sweetie, sitting here in the morning sun, mmm yes, I will have another brownie, Oliver, thank you.

    *Grin* I'm sure Mary will be with us soon, she can't still be looking for her missing hooter, can she?

    Oh you don't know about that Sky, come here and let me whisper...

  5. Good Morning Sky, Hywela, and Sharon! Thanks so much for having me here at the Author Roast & Toast!
    Oliver....I'd love an ice cold Corona with a lime. Oh, and if you don't mind Kitten, I'd adore a nice chaise lounge to relax in.

    I do love a good beach party. I think my favorite part is watching the sunset surrounded by people I adore. However, the sunset will be immediately followed by a HUGE Bonfire with s'mores and scary stories.

    I like this virtual party. I get to wear a bikini...and don't have to be mortified.

  6. Welcome, Sara! You look fab u lous in your bikini! We are planning on having loads of fun today at the beach party. Oliver, bring on the chaise lounge for Sara and a Corona with a slice of lime. Your book sounds fantastic! And I'm all for scary stories at the end of the party. Oliver, turn up the tunes!

  7. Hi Ladies (and Oliver)!

    Great party...not sure my bod is ready for a bikini just yet, so I'm going to hang out in a tank and shorts and enjoy the beach.

    But I will take one of those freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (Which is probably why the bod isn't quite ready) from Oliver! Got milk?!

  8. Hi Debra! Thanks for joining our sandy soiree. This beach reminds me of the beach in Westerly, Rhode Island where "The Amoveo Legacy" takes place. Actually, my family has a house there and we've gone up there every summer for over 20 years. I thought you might like to hear a bit more about the book so here's a little blurb for you. Oliver...can you help me get this sunscreen on my back?

    What if everything you knew turned out to be a lie? You find out that you aren’t even human—at least not entirely. What if, one day, you realize your world will never be the same again? These are the questions that Samantha Logan must face in “The Amoveo Legacy”. A dream on her thirtieth birthday compels her to leave her artists loft in New York City and move back to the beach with her Grandmother, Nonie. However, the instant Samantha steps foot on the salty shores of her childhood home, she realizes the landscape has changed.

    The moment she encounters the mysterious, arrogant neighbor Malcolm Drew, her life is never the same. Through a seductive courtship, he introduces her to the magical mystical world of the Amoveo. The dream walking, telepathic, shape shifters that he claims are her true heritage. However, Malcolm holds back a secret that could destroy them both. Will he be able to protect Samantha and convince her of the secret legacy buried deep inside of her?

  9. Hi Debra, so glad you could join us.
    You look great in you tanktop and shorts. Of course we have milk - Oliver is a miracle in the kitchen and has a fridge full of every kind of drink in the beachhouse. just give him a wave and he'll make sure you have everything you fancy!

  10. Hi Sara,

    You look great in that bikini! What a fantastic excerpt and I loved the blurb. The Amoveo legacy sounds like a wonderful book, can't wait to read more!

  11. Thanks Hywela. So, Oliver is not only a great bit of eye candy...but he cooks too? That's pretty sexy. He's also quite adept at getting suntan lotion evenly dispersed.

    Okay...I'm going to sweeten the pot. Today I'll also give one lucky partier a $25 Amazon gift card.

  12. Mary, after searching high and low for her lost body part. Pops it back in. I think I need this sewn in. Did you notice how luscious I look in my orange bikini. The others are just jealous. Now before I face the partygoers I have to put my plan into action. I am gonna steal all the chocolate. Let's see how that goes over with Sharon and Lyn. They can't live without chocolate.
    Mary slips Sara a large piece, tells her to hide it. There is gonna be a chocolate shortage! HEHE!
    Take that for throwing my boob into the pool Lyn. You know I never noticed the little tiny hairs growing out of your chin. Sharon too. HaHa! Granny hairs...

  13. Hi Debra, okay, so Oliver is on it the second he is done rubbing sunscreen on Sara's back! And would you look at that grin. Sara, this book sounds fabulous, so rich and full of imagination. You must be so proud of all your accomplishments. A big shout out! And on top of writing, you starred in several of my favorite soaps? Do tell. I used to be a big fan of As the World Turns and Guiding Light. Who did you play?

  14. Ahhhh! Now this is a good place. Everything is ready. No chocolate anywhereeeeee!!!!
    If I had a broom and powers I'd fly over dropping notes. "Chocolate shortage". HA!
    Sara, you do look ravishing. And the excerpt, OH MY! It was just wonderful. I am so excited about reading it! Where did the idea sprout from?
    Now where are the other hostess's?
    Let's see if they miss the chocolate.

  15. Over here, Mary. Oh, you stuffed your fake hooter back in its place. I salute you. And while Lyn and I were off...ahem...shaving off our chinny chin chin hairs, a little unicorn told us where you hid the chocolate.
    Sara, what a wonderful gift! Let's all gather around for a toast. Cheers to Sara!

  16. There's none left. Mary sighs in a chocolate stupor. Look, she points to empty wrappers. Sharon with the amount of chin hairs you two have, you couldn't be finished. Plus you couldn't have that butt unless you imbibed in eating a lot of something?
    Mary cackles and says no when Junior asks for the chocolate. Don't you know it's bad for dogs.
    The beach is so nice here. Oh look it's the Jones Beach theater. Yes, it's Jimmy Buffet playing Margarita Ville, if your nice I'll give you all tickets to get in!

  17. By the way, don't shave them, pluck them. They come in thicker if you shave them. HEHE!

  18. Jimmy Buffet? Now it's a real beach party! Who needs chocolate. Oops, there goes Mary, passed out in a chocolate stupor. Now let's get the dancing started and maybe some kareoke singing!

  19. Sara, whilst I lie here spinning from too much chocolate. I listen to Jimmy Buffet signing in the distance and I want to be taken away by a good book. What should make me read your story. Give us a scoop.

    I can't move, please.

  20. Hi Ladies! I had to pop on over when I saw my invite this morning! Thanks!

    Hi Sara! Congrats on the party. The girls throw great parties and their never ending bag of tricks and ideas keep all the guests active. I'd love to enter your contest today. The best thing I love about a beach party is relaxing with friends and enjoying the warm sun along with cold yummy beverages!

    Oliver, may I have a margarita pls? You're such a sweetheart, love.

    Sharon, Lyn, Mary, you all look like you're ready to take on that summer tan!

  21. Hey Toastettes. Love the buildup. Looks like Oliver's at his best.

    Sara, it sounds like you grabbed Oliver's attention right off the bat. Must have been that tiger-print bikini.

    My favorite part of a Beach Party is the Karaoke. Love the music and performances. Hand me the microphone so I can sing "Wastin' away again in Margaritaville."

    Congrats on your new release, Sara. Glad you are having a blast-off.

  22. Lyn appears from beneath an umbrella munching on chocolate brownies, with Cuddles following chomping strawberies covered with cream, and slipping Junior a nice battered shrimp. Who cares if Mary nicked all the chocolate - Cuddles showed us a secret stash - and besides these cookies are divine!

    Mary dear, thanks for the advice about plucking rather than shaving. Of course Sharon and I don't really need it, but we'll draw on your years of experience in such matters if we ever do, LOL!

    Waves to the newly arrived guests. Hi, Deanna and Laurean, hope you're enjoying the party.

    Tell us a bit about your acting. Sara. We get a quite a few U.S. programmes in the U.K. , I can look out for you!

  23. Deanna! Of course you can have a margaritaville. It's a beach party, doncha know. Have some food and celebrate with us. The fun has just begun! Oliver, make it a good one.

  24. Laurie! You got the mike, girlfriend. Get up here and let it rip. We love a good beach party with all the trimmings! Let's all take a listen or a turn!

  25. Sharon takes off her shades for a sec to shoot Lyn the high five. Good one, Lyn. Chuckle chuckle. Oliver, another margarita if you please. I'll just sit here and work on my tan and listen to the kareoke singers. One more margarita and I'll be up there singing my heart out to Beach Boys. Let me just wet my whistle and get my lungs tuned up. And we'll have fun fun fun...is that loud enough? Dare I try out for American Idol?

  26. Dropping by as I put off housework - beach party sounds much more fun. And reading too.

  27. Sharon, I am way too shy for singing up in front of everyone but I do love watching and listening.

    Sara, I think you'll do a great job singing when it's your turn. Oh, and I wish you best of luck with your book and hope your sales skyrocket to the top!

    Oliver, my glass is empty again, darn it! I think it evaporates on me in this sun!

  28. Waving madly to Sheila and Deanna. Oliver, margaritas all around, please! And keep the music blasting. We love it.

  29. There they go drinking again. I hope they don't embarrass me like they always do. I can see it not. Well Junior, just make sure they don't drown will you. And Cuddles, if they get too bad you can nullify their drunkenness. I hate when they jump on the tables. Dancing and shaking their booties.
    Oh look someone put a sign on Lyn's back that says kick me. That ought to wake her up! Sharon you can be soooo naughty.

  30. Mary, get up there and start singing. We wanna see you shake your hooters.

  31. Hey gals! I am loving this party. Thanks for coming and big thanks to Oliver for all of his....talents ;)
    I love Karaoke! My favorite songs to sing are "I Will Survive" and "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" and "Me and Bobby McGee".
    I miss acting sometimes but writing has been a fantastic creative outlet. I was never a soap star...just a working actress.

    Oliver...I'm getting a bit red. If I'm not careful, I'll resemble the main course.
    How about a bit more lotion love? Oh...and another Corona--with a juicy wedge of lime. Please.....

  32. Hi Sheila,

    I don't blame you for skipping the housework, parties are SOOO much more fun.

    Oliver, have you filled Sheila's glass? And I'll have another Pina Colada please. Oh, I see, you're busy! You sure you have enough lotion for Sara there? You've only used about half a gallon so far.

    *Psst Sharon - don't you think Oliver enjoys his work a bit TOO much sometimes? :)

  33. Hywela....Oliver really is such a catch. **sigh**
    By the way ladies...one rule of thumb when plucking....if it's grey--die it don't pluck it.
    If you pull one grey hair, six more come to it's funeral.

    Hey Oliver...how about some of that lobster with drawn butter?

  34. *Sigh* you're so right, Sara, I don't know where Sharon found such a treasure. Don't we all wis we had a butler like Oliver!

    Interesting information, love the idea of six greys going to a plucked one's funeral - but I refuse to believe you know anything about grey hairs, LOL!

  35. Yes, Oliver, keep those drinks and lobsters coming'! Sara, what a fun party. Tell us more about your characters and how you create them.

  36. Hywela...I know more about grey hair than I care to admit. Thank God for my hairdresser :)

    Keep those Coronas coming Ollie boy.

  37. Thanks Sharon.
    Samantha, my heroine in "The Amoveo Legacy", probably resembles me...or what I'd like to look like. Malcolm...well I think he's just dreamy. Gorgeous, sensitive, fiercly devoted and protective. Yummy.
    I definitely find inspiration from real people in my life. Nonnie--Sam's Grandmother--is a compliation of my Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. In fact her name-_Helen Costigan--was my Great-Grandmother's name. I often use family names in my work.
    I love rooting all of that fantasy is fragments of reality.

  38. Mmm...what a delicious mix for success, Sara. All the best character traits, some of yourself for knowledge and power, and all that family history. A recipe for success. I can't wait to read it!

  39. Mary grabs the microphone and begins to sing. Everyone suddenly gets quiet. She sing a soulful version of Memories. Then belts out a modern rendition of My Boyfriends Back. The crowd roars as Mary holds her chest out and her head up. Literally, she has to hold them up, one of her bathing suit straps snaps, looks like it was cut too.
    Mary leaves to find a new suit. Darn I looked hot in that. She notices Sharon smiling as she passes her. She cackles and Mary wonders, did she do it? Who cut the strap. That is the question!!

  40. Lyn saunters up with a big smile on her face.

    The more I hear of your book the greater it sounds,Sara. Malcolm sounds an ideal hero, I fancy him already!

    She sneaks up to Sharon and whispers discreetly, "See Mary go! She'll be lucky if she manages to keep her modesty intact! *Grin* That'll teach her to pin naughty notes on my back!"

  41. Sharon and Lyn you ought to get up there and sing for Sara too.
    Lyn a little bit heavy on the make up there girl. Your lips can possible be that big. Unless you had silicone injected int there???So besides the tummy tuck you did your lips too. Sharon fess up, no varicose veins. What's up?
    Mary runs from Lyn as she chases her. Sharon trips her and she falls back on Lyn. Yup. One lip is smaller now that you fell on your face sweetie. Sharon I never realized you had big feet too!
    Where did you get the title idea from? I love the cover.

  42. What a fun day! Thanks for giving me my favorite part of a day at the beach...the scent of sand, the taste of lobster, a good book - this one sounds excellent!
    Ann Yost

  43. Hi Ann, glad you're enjoying the party. You're just in time to hear Sharon and me sing a song for Sarah.

    Wait, where's everyone going? You can't go for a swim now, you'll miss our song!

  44. What a great day at the beach. That water was refreshing! Sorry for floating out there for such a long time...but I just couldn't help myself. I don't know about you but I feel positively sexy when swimming in the ocean. I think the best part was hearing the beautiful music carried in the wind.
    Although, I can see that I missed some drama. You gals are ruthless! (lowers voice) Okay...who cut the strap? The poor girls bazooms were almost the main source of entertainment.
    But wait...>Sharon & Hywela...what are you going to sing?
    Anyone up for a group rendition of "Summer Nights"?

  45. Hi Sara, so glad you're going to join us for a 'Summer Nights'chorus. I thought for a moment everyone had gone into the water to get away from the sound of Sharon and me singing. Can't imagine why they should though! :)

    Strap? You say someone cut Mary's strap? How awful! No, I'm not grinning, I'm just pleased to see Oliver setting up the fireworks for tonight's finale!

  46. I cut no straps, Sharon crosses her heart and grins. Now, yes, girls, let's do it. Group song, just for Sara. You, too, Ann. Oh, what fun fun fun. Ready, gals? On the count of three...

  47. Oliver is probably the envy of every one of his friends. He got to sing with all of us girls...all by himself.
    I'm looking forward to the fireworks.
    Hmmm...I didn't have fireworks on the beach in Book 1. Perhaps in Book 4? Book 2: Amoveo Heart is written and Book 3: Amoveo Fire is in process....Book 4: Amoveo Soul is in development....perhaps back to the beach we shall go.

  48. *Grin, I think Oliver probably has a little crusth on you Sara!

    Your books sound wonderful - and what stunning titles. Definitely going to have to go on my wish list!

  49. Thanks Hywela. Book 2 is in the capable hands of my literary agent here in NYC. Things are looking very good...so I hope to have a release date for that very soon.

    I really enjoy writing about the Amoveo people. Each new character, and every new love story is a treat for me to discover---and I hope for the readers as well.

  50. Quick give me something to cover my ears with. I'm gettin' nauseous here. The singing is horrible. Please stop, have mercy, no more!!!

  51. Here's a little blurb and excerpt from Book 2: Amoveo Heart.
    From the outside Kerry Smithson appeared to have it all, beauty, brains, money, and fame. However, inside Kerry harbored a crippling secret. Blinding pain and mind numbing visions had become a way of life, which she suffered in silence. She’d become adept at avoiding even the lightest of touches, no matter what the cost. However, her world is turned upside down from the moment she encounters the disarmingly handsome Dante. Little does she know that Dante harbors a secret of his own. One that would change the course of their lives and intertwine their fates, forever.

    The music from the small band flowed lightly around Kerry and the rest of the wedding guests. She sipped the cool, crisp champagne as she watched Samantha dance with her new husband. She could feel their happiness mixed with the late summer breeze. Her gaze drifted over the small group of guests gathered around the bride and groom. They all had that same serene look while they watched Malcolm and Samantha share their first dance as husband and wife. He towered over her as he twirled her around the dance floor and the sound of her laughter peppered the air. The two of them hadn’t taken their eyes off each other for one second. If Kerry didn’t know any better, she’d swear they were reading each other’s minds. She chuckled quietly and sipped her champagne from the delicate crystal flute. The guests were limited to only thirty or so close friends and family members. Her own parents had sent their regrets from Europe, which was something of a relief. Kerry could only handle them in small doses and didn’t want their chilly demeanor ruining such a beautiful day for Sam.

    “May I have this dance?”

    The deep voice rolled over her like sudden thunder in the distance. She jumped with a yelp and splashed champagne onto her red satin gown. “Shit,” she hissed under her breath. Kerry brushed at the droplets which were now making dark stains on her dress. She shot an irritated glance at Malcolm’s best man, Dante. “I don’t dance.” Something about this guy threw her off balance. Kerry prided herself on her ability to stay in control and this guy rattled her.

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I’d have that effect on you.”

    The amusement in his voice made her want to punch him square in the mouth. Or kiss him. Shit she was in trouble. She glared at him through narrowed eyes and put on her most stuck up and obnoxious tone, hoping she could frighten him away. “Don’t flatter yourself, Tarzan. I got startled. That’s all.”

    He had moved in next to her without a sound. How long had he been standing there? He didn’t go away. Instead, he moved in closer, just a breath away from her. She felt the warmth of his body along her bare arm and all the little hairs stood on end. She was terrified he’d touch her and at the same time worried he wouldn’t. She quickly turned her attention back to Malcolm and Sam, trying to ignore him, but failing miserably.

    He was a difficult man to ignore. At 5’ 10”, she was usually taller than most men and this guy towered over her, even in her Jimmy Choos. He was massive, well over six and a half feet tall. A solid wall of muscle and had a handsome, masculine face with the most enormous amber eyes she’d ever seen. His thick auburn hair was almost the exact same color as his eyes. Not that she’d noticed him or anything. Kerry scolded herself. There was absolutely no point in getting all hot and bothered over some guy she’d never be able to touch. I must be the oldest living virgin that isn’t officially a nun. She drained what was left of her drink. Her goal was to be as horrible to him as possible and get him to go away. Dante smiled as though he knew she was doing her best to upset him. She could feel his gaze wander down the length of her body.

    “You’ll dance with me. Maybe not today,” he whispered into her ear. “But eventually….you and I will dance.”

  52. I love reading! Aren't books the best thing ever invented? And authors, they are the best!
    There's two books I need to buy!!

    Thank goodness the awful screeching stopped. Mary comes back in a cover up. No more strap cutting for me. Ahem. Thanks Sharon. I'll get you. Lyn, you always side with her.

  53. Mary...how are your boobs? I hope you didn't sprain anything when your strap broke.

  54. Poor Mary, you always were tone deaf, dear. If only you could hear properly you'd have loved the singing!

    Oh that excerpts fantastic, Sara, I love it. Sadly I'm going to have to curl up and go to sleep now, but I'll be with you again first thing!

  55. I hated when the excerpt ended. What a great story!!!
    You are gonna sell a million, I know it! I wish you the very best of luck and thank you for playing along with us. I really love those nuts, I do. I love to tease them too!

    Thanks for being such a great guest. Not that's it's over by any means. The lights are dancing in the wind. Over dancers and partiers. Everyone loves you Sara!

  56. Actually they are already hanging as low as I hope they will go. Age, you know, gravity, it has an effect on hooters. They give me nice high ones and silicone implants, I wish.

    And I am not tone deaf, you two cannot sing. But I will listen, if you will leave my boob in place for the rest of the evening. I hate looking for it.
    I'm getting tired too. Be back after I take a swim...

  57. I'm thrilled you liked it :) Thanks for the vote of confidence...I hope you're right!

    Mary you are a pisser!
    All of you ladies have been so very kind to me here in cyberspace.

    A bikini??? In reality my stomach is a white as my ass. It hasn't seen the light of day in...well...ever!
    Four babies have done a number on me.
    This whole party has been a hoot.

    I love night time at the beach. Oliver has gotten quite a blazing bonfire going and set up some sitting logs squarely around it. Perfect.
    Anyone want a s'more?

  58. I haven't been to Jones Beach in many years. I'll sit by the fire. Maybe someone can tell a ghost story!
    Lyn scares easy, and Sharon too!

  59. No I won't scare anyone by putting on a suit. I'd rather picture myself in the picture with the huge boobs.
    But a nice fire on the beach. Ahhhh!
    Junior and Cuddles are asleep. Lyn is snoring over there, and Sharon, she is, hey, where is Sharon!!
    I guess she's sawing wood somewhere around here.
    You Sara, are the perfect guest!

  60. Why Thank You Mary :)

    I do love scary stories. When I was a little girl my Dad would tell us "The Monkeys Paw". It scared the snot out of me. The funniest part is that I can't remember how it goes. I think I blocked it out.

  61. Hey Gals---Before our party winds down...I wanted to tell you about a very special SUMMER LONG CONTEST I'm having!
    It's the 2nd Annual U.S. Military Wives (and families) Contest!

    Last year, as a special thank you to our service members and their families, I held a very special contest for Military Wives. It turned out to be an incredibly rewarding experience. I had the privilege of meeting several incredible women and their beautiful families. It's so easy to forget that there are real people who are deeply affected by the conflict overseas. Hearing the personal stories of these families helped me remember that our troops are husbands, fathers, brothers and sons who are immensely loved and sorely missed.

    I have decided to make this an annual contest. I am very excited to report that ASMBA-STAR, an outstanding organization for Vets and their families, has agreed to continue their partnership with me.

    This contest will run from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. Once again, a portion of my annual book sales will be donated to ASMBA-STAR.

    Who is eligible? This year I've opened the contest up to ALL U.S. Military Families. Moms, Dads, Sons, Daughters, Wives, Husbands, Sisters, Brothers. If you have a family member that is serving our country...tell us about them!

    How do you enter? Send an email to sarataneyhumphreys@hotmail.com with a picture of you and your family member in uniform. Tell us a bit about what branch he/she serves in, where you've been stationed, challenges and so forth.

    Please put "2nd Annual Military Families Contest" in the subject line.

    Once a week, beginning Memorial Day weekend, I will pick one entrant to be highlighted on my blog. These weekly entrants are semi-finalists. Labor Day weekend I will select three winners.

    Second Prize: A $25 Amazon Gift Card, a signed copy of "The Amoveo Legacy" and a Team Amoveo T-Shirt.

    Prize: A $50 Amazon Gift Card, a signed copy of "The Amoveo Legacy" and a Team Amoveo T-Shirt.

    Grand Prize: A book signing event at their local Bookstore and the winner will be the special guest of honor. 5 Free Signed copies of "The Amoveo Legacy. (1 for them and 4 of their friends) A $100 Amazon Gift card and a Team Amoveo T-Shirt.

    I hope you'll help me spread the word about this contest. I look forward to meeting more incredible families! You can support our veterans and their families by purchasing a copy of "The Amoveo Legacy" or donate directly to ASMBA-STAR .

  62. Sharon sits up as the sun slowly rises on the beach. Oliver is cooking bacon and eggs on the open fire. But still the sizzling coals are nothing compared to the snorts and snores erupting from Mary"s open mouth. Lyn is wheezing. Oh, not again. Cuddles and Junir have one of Mary's hooters and are playing volley ball. There it goes...where it stops nobody knows!

  63. Sara and Sharon sip coffee as the sun comes up on the water. Thank you so very much for being our special guest at the beach party. You've been a delight. And I salute you on your contest to support our troops. Here here. Wishing you mega success with all your books. They sounds captivating.
    What's that out there? Could it be a whale? And tell me that isn't Mary Ricksen's hooter sprouting out of its blow hole. Yep! Just another R&T!

  64. Oh the food, the fireworks, the bonfire, Mary's hooter, Sharon's screeching. As she says, just another Author Roast & Toast...

    The aroma of sizzling bacon wafts gently over the sleeping guests, and Lyn sits up to watch the sun rise over the sea. Mary's still snoring. Aw, I can't wake her, she had a stressful day yesterday, bless her. Just as well she can't see what's been happening to her hooter. Ah there are Sara and Sharon - Oliver's serving them breakfast, I'll go and join them.

    Morning, Sharon, Oliver, Sara - thank you Oliver, just what I need to wake me up - a nice cup of Earl Grey.

    Sara, you've been such a delightful and entertaining guest of honour, it's been a joy having you here. The Amoveo Legacy series sounds amazing I've just loved hearing about your books and reading the excerpts - and what a great thing to do for your troops and their families. Wishing you spectacular success and a ton of sales.

  65. Sorry I missed the beach party and lobster bake! Just wanted to congratulate you, Sara, on your release, and wish you much success.
    Oliver, you never fail to astound. Not many men can pull off a Speedo with such panache.

  66. Hi Cate how lovely to see you, don't worry, it's open house at our parties as you know. So glad yous topped by to greet Sara - and I'm sure Oliver will rustle you up some refreshments, especially if he overheard your compliment about the speedos!

  67. Hi Cate how lovely to see you, don't worry, it's open house at our parties as you know. So glad yous topped by to greet Sara - and I'm sure Oliver will rustle you up some refreshments, especially if he overheard your compliment about the speedos!

  68. What a party ladies! I've finally recuperated :)
    So the winners are....

    Sky Purington wins a $25 gift card and Debra St. John wins a free ebook or paperback copy of "The Amoveo Legacy"!

    This was a blast...Thanks Gals...and Oliver.

  69. Thanks, Sara! We'll post the winners. What amazing and generous prizes. Thank you so very much, and wishing you the best of luck in all you do.


This is an interractive blog - please feel free to pop in and comment throughout the Roast as much as you like - and remember to leave your email address if you wish to be put in the draw to win this week's prize.