As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Moonlight Celebration

Hello and welcome to The Author Roast and Toast. Today we are spotlighting Moonlight And Magic -- Book 5 in the Devon Falls Series with our featured guest. So come roam with us deep in the forest of Devon Falls and let your imagination run wild.

Amidst a beautiful backdrop of snow-capped mountains and glistening glaciers in the forest, the three hostesses groan and moan, trying to keep up with all the work the Wolf Shifter Oliver has lined up for them. Teeth chattering, fingers numb and toes frost bitten, they trip and fall, fumbling with drinks, appetizers and trays of food.

Sick to death of their moaning and groaning, the Wolf Shifter Oliver glares at them, a plan formulating in his head. To get them to help prepare the feast, there is only one thing to do. Grinning, bearing his fangs, he snaps his fingers and a whip appears in his hand. The girls gasp, their breaths coming out blue.

Mary passes out cold, her bubble butt smacking the forest floor with a resounding thud. In her clumsiness, she knocks Sharon down. Although feather light and barely making a sound with her petite form, Sharon manages to hurl into Lyn, latching onto her hair as they tumble down in a heap. The hostesses shrieking cause the warbling hoot owls to screech in protest, wings flapping as they run for cover. The hostesses hiss and spit like cats as they sit on the floor of the forest, big scowls on their flaming red faces, blue lips snarling as they fume.

WITCHYS WIKKED     GRAPHIXSick to death of them, Oliver snaps his hands and a ring of fire appears like magic. Too stunned to do anything but gape, the now mute hostesses stare at Oliver in wonder. In a trance, Sharon, Lyn and Mary stand up, awed at the magic of the moment. With a snap of his fingers, the Wolf Shifter Oliver commands each to jump through the hoop. He points at Sharon. “You, first.”Animals Comments

With a gulp, Sharon takes a running leap through the ring of fire, coming through the other side a lion. Gaining her metal of courage, she growls a robust roar that reverberates through the forest. Next the Wolf Shifter points at Lyn. Mary slaps her hard on the butt to get her moving, anxious for the show to get rolling. With a whoop, Lyn takes the leap, coming out on the other side a tiger. Testing her new vocals, she lets loose with a fierce growl that rumbles through the forest. Mary is next. Not wanting to be left behind, she takes a running leap, coming through as a burly bear. Joining her shift sisters, she erupts with a loud growl. The hostesses run off through the forest to do their chores, hand in hand, singing a chorus of “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”

An hour later, it’s show time. From the flaming coals, Oliver removes steaming platters of lasagna and bubbling pots of cappuccino. There’s plenty of white chocolate candies and a decadent red devil’s food cake fit for a beast to sink his or her teeth into.

From deep in the woods, the werewolves howl, the screech owls hoot, their warbling echoing through the thicket. A cold gust of winter air swooshes through the bristly pines, a slight dusting of snow covering the ground. And then a nightingale calls out, announcing the arrival of Raine Delight. Preceded by a rare and exotic sleek white tiger, Raine Delight gallops into the thicket on a beautiful white horse, his hooves clomping on the pinecones and fallen twigs.

Oliver dashes to greet her, his furry arms snaking around her wait to hoist her down. He treats Raine to a bone-melting grin, his white fangs gleaming as he hands her a winter white rose. Looking drop dead gorgeous in a plush red velvet pants suit that hugs her body, she saunters into the party, blowing kisses to her adoring fans. While she greets her hostesses and guests, Cuddles and Junior, the two little Elk Shifters, give us a sneak preview of Moonlight & Magic, unveiling it with their horns. And if that’s not enough to get your blood pumping, there’s a teaser of Moonlight and Magic.

Please answer the following question and leave a comment for Raine. Tomorrow, she will choose a winner and give the winner a prize. Good luck!

Question: If you could choose someone to play your very own tiger shifter, who would it be and why?

The forest grows as black as spades, the glint of a hunter’s moon gleaming through the undulating pines. White twinkle lights shimmer in the trees, the sound of the night predators thrashing in the thicket. A blazing fire crackles and hisses, smoke billowing upward in a tantalizing blend of mouth-watering aromas. Hoops of flaming fire appear like magic for anyone brave enough to enter the forbidden forest. The rare and exotic white tiger sits at the entrance gate, guarding the forest with primal possession. He opens his mouth and roars. Welcome to Raine Delight’s celebration, The Greatest Show on Earth!

Book 5 in the Devon Falls Series can be read alone
Coming to Aspen Mountain Press

Dixie Sinclair was bored and just about ready to give up on love ever finding her. Her cousins all had love matches and frankly, she was tired of being the one always alone. Impulsively making a wish to find love before her next birthday, she never expects to find the one man to turn her inside out and make her believe in love all over again.

Michael Barnes is a rare white tiger shifter and with no pride of his own, he roams from place to place, trying to find the one place to call home. What he never expects is to find the one woman who is destined to be his mate. Can he find a way to win Dixie’s heart while teaching her the delights of love...one chocolate kiss at a time?

Sneak Peek Unedited Excerpt:
The sun shined brightly as Michael drove into Devon Falls. He looked around as he drove up Main Street and wondered if he could finally find a place to call home. “Wow…look at this place.” Michael said to the dog on the floor of the rental car. Sadie looked up and yawned before going back to sleep with a snore. Grinning, Michael took in the snow covered buildings to the people bustling around. He was charmed by the way the small town seemed to make him feel like he was welcomes. If Damien has told me the truth then I think I finally found the one place that will ease this loneliness inside, Michael thought as he spied the Dragon Inn up ahead.

Finally reaching the parking lot, the Dragon Inn looked imposing yet even he felt the magic that surrounded it. It made him wary even as he patted Sadie on the head and opened the window so she could get fresh air. “I will be back soon Sadie. Man the fort and bark if you need me.” Michael said as he stepped out of the car, shivering as the artic air seemed to have froze the blood in his veins. Blowing into his hands, he cursed himself that he didn’t get any winter clothing before he started this trip. “Living in Miami for the summer really didn’t prepare me for winter at all”, Michael muttered to himself as he walked to the front door. Steeling himself, he hoped Damien would still welcome him and remember the invitation he made when they crossed paths in Europe a year ago.

Come to Devon Falls, Mic. Here you can be free to be yourself and you never know, you might find the one person who will love you no matter what, Michael remembered Damien saying in Prague as he pushed open the door and breathed in the warm air that had him shuddering as his body started thawing even as he shut the door behind him. Finally warmth and sniffing the air, the scents of bread baking made his stomach growl in anticipation even as he tried to stomp the snow off his boots before venturing into what looked like the common room and courtesy desk.

He was just about to turn to walk over to the room he spied when he came in when a loud “MICHAEL” seemed to bounce of the walls. Turning around he spied Damien walking toward him, smiling broadly.

“Dang man, it’s been too long since I laid eyes on you. How have you been?” Damien asked him as he clasped hands with the one person he considered friend and smiled back, relieved to see that he was welcomed after all.

Michael grinned and said, “I decided to see what all the fuss was about in this town of yours, Damien. From what I saw on the way in, it looks very welcoming and intriguing.” Relief flowed in his veins as the knots in his stomach eased a bit as Damien guided him over to a private area where coffee bar was set up.

Find out more about all Raine Delight's Books at her WEBSITE



Jenna never expected to see the one man to make her heart spin and her body clench in repressed desire walk into her Candy Shoppe. With just one look, Marc du Bree captures her elusive heart and takes her on a journey that will either make her his for all time or have her run as fast as she can away from him! Will Jenna be able to accept Marc’s secret or will Marc lose the one woman he has been searching for?


Jenna wondered what Marc’s surprise was and when she was finally told to open them, her eyes widened in pure delight and awe as the front window came into view. Full of falling snowflakes, candy cane hearts raced up the windows as two lovers sat in a chocolate sleigh with a candy kisses blanket wrapped around them. Gasping in pleasure, she walked to the window and saw the horses looking like they were trotting depending on how a person looked at them . Twirling back to Marc, she saw the love shine in his eyes and the uncertainty at his gift to her.

“How…When…” Jenna couldn’t get any questions to come as her eyes welled up. One tear leaked out when she saw the lovers’ faces for the first time. Full of passion, love and acceptance it almost brought Jenna to her knees as she saw what Marc couldn’t tell her in words; the depth of his passion caused her heart to swell in delight and as the sun rose, they kissed deeply, secure in the passion that brought them together.

“Don’t be mad but Raven helped me by showing me the flyer you obsessed over . You were stressing over it so much that I wanted to make it easy for you to enjoy the holiday.” Marc said as he watched her walk to the window and try to see to full effect

Book 1 in the Devon Falls Series

Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press

Where to Buy:
Fiction Wise Books:
Amazon Kindle
: http://www.amazon.com/Devon-Falls-Sticky-Magic-eb


  1. If I could have any guy be my very own tiger shifter I would want it to be Evan Lysacek. Just watched him win the gold. He's got the rugged looks and the graceful movements that would make for a great tiger shifter.

    Loved reading the post and the new book sounds great.

  2. Hi Beth. You're up bright and early. Thaks for dropping by to help Raine enjoy her party. Sit here by the fire and let Oliver bring you some of this delicious food - and would you like something from his Martini menu? Don't worry, he doesn't bite, LOL!

  3. Good morning, Beth and Lyn. Or should I say...ROARRR! We are going to keep warm and toasty in the forbidden forest today, so enjoy the food and drinks! Our little bear seems to be missing in the woods, huh, Tiger Lyn? Ah, well, we'll hear her growling soon enough. And we look forward to Raine prancing through the hoop any minute. Until then, let's have fun.

  4. Hi Sharon, all I would say is look behind you little lion! We never know where dear Mary Bear may be hiding! LOL

    Yes, can't wait for Raine toarrive for her party!

  5. Oh, Oliver, wolf shifter, do bring us some cups of cappuccino and some white chocolate yummies!

  6. Hello everyone and thanks for coming by. *looks around in amazement*

    Wow..look at the place. It looks amazing.

    I will be in and out today since I am at the EDJ today *pouts*.

    I appreciate y'all coming out and meeting Michael today.....my new Devon Falls hero and shifter. He is a bit shy so please don't worry if he doesn't talk much right away. :)

    Raine D.

  7. Welcome to your celebration party, Raine! We hope you have a lot of fun and we will be gentle with the white tiger! Can Oliver fix you a drink or bite to eat? Your books sound amazing, so full of adventure!

  8. Well I would love a white chocolate Carmel cappuccino please.I love those. :)

    Oliver is a sweetie thanks. *blows on the cup and sips gingerly*.

    Thanks a bunch for the compliment Sharon. Devon Falls is a fun place and to my imagination the skies the limit on what I can create there. :)

    Raine D.

  9. Oh, Oliver is right on the ball, getting your cappuccino, Raine! I'll have one, too. I was just reading through your blurbs and excerpts for the series, and one sounds better than the next. Imagination is good! Congratulations on your success!

  10. What a wonderful idea for a series Raine. Your characters sound very easy to empathize with and I loved the excerpts. Ooh yes, and Michael - watch out Oliver you have competition! LOL

  11. Mary walks in carrying the extras Oliver handed her. "Boy he's bossy on Friday's ain't he?"
    Hello everyone, Mary innocently air kisses everyone, lastly Raine.
    She takes back her autographed book and puts it into her pocket. With a big smile she takes a chocolate and lets it melt on her tongue.
    "They have no clue." HEHEHE!

  12. Mary is a shift changer, but she likes shifting into a, yup you guessed it a werebear! I'll scare the heck outta these people. Ha Ha Ha, but later. I have to be stealth now. There is an evil force here and Mary is trying to figure who it is. Maybe they can work together?

  13. Hello Mary Bear

    Hmm, what are you up to I wonder - and hey, where did you get those chocolates?

    Oliver, a chocolate Martini please. Mary's gone and mentioned the 'C' word!

    Drat, Cuddles ran away with my copy of 'Sticky Magic' before I could ask Raine to sign it. Now I'll have to go and find it. Hope Cuddles hasn't gone too deep into the forest!

  14. And there she is, groping her way out of the woods...Mary Bear! Grumbling about something or other. Ha. And no doubt with a trick or two in store. Hmm. Well, Tiger Lyn, I know you are several hours ahead in the UK, and although it's barely noon in the US, as they say, it's cocktail hour somewhere! Oliver, I'll have a James Bond martini, please!

  15. Junior is with him. Wonder what those two are up to. Hello Lyn and...Sharon. You look lovely today. I have yet to meet out guest.
    Where is she from? Does she want to bring her characters here with her today? My back is killing me from lugging bottles of wine here. I think we are gonna have to kidnap our guest and keep her here for the day? Huh?

  16. Aw and there she is. My sweet petite friend, What you shift into a what. HHHAAA! You're a were what? Penguin, no a weregorilla!

  17. Liona and tigers and bears, oh my! Mary, why is your back hurting you from lugging wine? You are Bear woman shifter...let me hear you GROWL!!! And yes, Raine. We would love to meet the white tiger!

  18. ROARRRRRR!! How about you, were- gorilla-woman? Tee Hee Hee. You need to growl too.

  19. I am Lion, not lioa! And I am woman...ROAR!!!

  20. ROOOOWWWWRRR - who's this gorilla woman?

  21. Mary Bear, sweet shift sister that she is, thinks she turned me into an ape! Ha Lyn...see that little red bushy tailed squirrel hanging by its tail with the bubble butt, that's our dear Mary. The hot chocolate I was serving the other day at my mansion has magical powers! Lyn suddenly turns into a laughing hyena, frightening a tree of screech owls out of their wits...

  22. Mary can't stop chirring from a limb of a tree and Hyena Lyn can't stop cackling...just another roast and toast!!

  23. Mary forcibly lifts her hands and sends a spell Sharon's way.
    I used bubble butt first, can't you come up with your own material! Ha!
    It temporarily freezes Sharon until Mary changes both her and Lyn back.
    Whilst Sharon is frozen Mary and Lyn paint her with red and white stripes. Mary them uses her powers to turn Sharon into a harpy. Not much of a change but very funny none the less. She can try to change but it's a four hour spell. Even I can't take it off of her. That's what you get girl.
    Whilst Sharon flops around on her chicken like legs and tries to itch the hump on her back, Lyn finally cracks up laughing!! HAHA!

  24. I think our guest has been kidnapped while we were messing around. Sharon squawks and Lyn laughs.
    Someone told me they saw her carried off by flying were-penguins!
    Very strange, we've never had a guest disappear? What are we gonna do?

  25. Lyn stops laughing as she realises what Mary'a done.

    I think you're in trouble Mary - don't you realise a harpy is one of the most dangerous creatures in mythology? They bear a permanent crudge - I'd be careful or she'll peck all your hair out - or worse!

    Do you really think Raine's been kidnapped by a were penguin? I'm going to change myself into a were unicorn and go off with Cuddles to try to find her. Perhaps I'll meet Skhye mOncrief on the way - she's the authority on were penguins!

    I'm steering clear of Sharon while she's a were harpie, She may be my friend, but I don't like the look of those fangs!

  26. Hmm... Wonder what would happen if I go through that ring of fire? Will I transform into an owl...I do love owls! A black cat...oooh, those are beautiful indeed.What the heck...here goes.Hi Raine, I'm sorry to say, haven't had the pleasure of reading your books;yet. I read something about moonlight and then magic, hence the magic drew me!

  27. who was that owl that just flew out of the fire ring? Oh Witchy woman, hope you like flying. I know she's a harpy but here, this is a harpy knot. I got us each one, she can't touch us this she turns back. Then she may try to get me bad!

  28. The harpy sweeps down from the tree, landing on Mary'd head, plants her talons into her head and plucks her hair off, leaving her as bald as a newborn, with a open mouth just as winy. The harper soars over its victim, her bald head gleaming under the moonlight like a beacon, and brands her with its talons as a nesting ground for vultures... Vultures swoop down on Mary's head and begin pecking and scratching.

  29. I would be careful, I hear harpy's smell bad. Just saying. Should I find the antidote or let her ugly up?
    Far cry for the petite, willowy, thing she usually is, huh? HHHHAAAAAA, Mary laughs and puts her harpy knot on an unbreakable magic chain around her neck. She is safe,so is Lyn, but...

  30. That wasn't me, gosh I hope you didn't hurt a guest harpy girl. I have a harpy knot and you can't touch me. NA,NA,NA,NA,Na! Tee, hee, hee!
    I heard our guest was kidnapped. So what do we do about it?

  31. A flap of wings soar past the harpy. It's the Witchy Owl Woman. The Harpy Sharon waves. Do join the party. Oliver is werewolfing about somewhere with drinks and snacks. What would you like? Cappuccino or martini or anything you desire.

  32. Mary takes Lyn aside, "Yes, I made a mistake, she is outta control. Look she just slimed that hot guy."
    Mary reaches into her magic bad and pulls out a rather large bottle.
    When she takes the top off, fumes, burn her eyes. "Here Cuddles" Cuddles flies over the harpy without it seeing and drops the contents of the smelly bottle on harpy Sharon!

  33. Hmmm. I wonder if Hyena Lyn has had any luck tracking down the penguin nappers that abducted Raine from her party? We are all curious to know what is a EDJ, Raine?

  34. A white cloud fills the room and suddenly Sharon walks out of it. Whew changed back to normal. Odd she never had a big wart on her nose before. UH Oh! Lyn I'm gonna go and look for Raine.
    Let Sharon shift into whatever she wants to.

  35. Good morning or should I say afternoon? This looks like a fabulous party. Even with all the hair Oliver is still a hottie. *fans herself* He might nice to have around if it gets chilly.

  36. Thanks Mary for the harpy knot.I'd like a Martini, but since I'm an owl now--I really don't see how I could drink it from a glass. Maybe Oliver can use a medicine dropper & pour it into my mouth (ROFL). Witchy owl swoops atop the platter table, hop, her beautiful silky feathery white wings stretch out and hit...what the?! Is that a were-penguin? And by the way, I'm surprised I can still talk in my owl form.Must be that magic in my blood thing.

  37. Hi Witchy Woman#~

    Do you like my disguise? Lyn preens her glossy black wingfeathers.

    Oh look, Wolf Oliver has poured our drinks into dishes for us to suck up with our beaks!

    Yes in our virual blogworld at the roast nothing stops us talking! LOL

    Well, I thought being disguised as a werepenguin might flush out Raine's kidnapper, but no luck so far. I'm off to search for her again!

  38. I didn't realize it's already time to pick up the "owlets" from their beginner's flying school. I guess I should probably answer Raine's question. I would choose Jonathan Rhys-Meyers from The Tudors to be a tiger shifter. Have you seen that man? Really...no explanation necessary. And what a fine tiger he would make. Lyn your disguise is genius, love the black wing feathers. Please do not touch my dish; I'll be back to drink it a bit later. Can't drink before flying you know!

  39. Fly safeely Witchy Woman, hope to see you later.

  40. Sharon is back in lioness form, roaring her arrival. Witchy Woman, glad you have a way to get the martini to your owlish mouth! Beautiful feathers, BTW. Hello, Katie Bug. Love your name and might we turn you into a Katy Did Bug? LOL Allow Oliver to bring you a beverage of your choice. Lyn, hope you find Raine. And where is Mary? Oh, there she is, overy yonder, trying in vain to get the peckers off her gleaming bald head. The screech owls protest, chaos in the wild...

  41. Hello ladies.....sorry EDJ got me and finally gave me back to y'all. :)

    I want to introduce Michael Barnes, the newest resident of Devon Falls. He is a bit shy and doesn't like people too much but he is getting better...with help of course fromhis friends, Damien and Rodrick.

    Michael *nudges him* say hi to the ladies here. They are eager to meet you.

    *sighs when Michael turns beet red and shuffles his feet.

    I swear I need to get Dixie here to get you to talk. *watches as his face brightens up and a wide smile crosses his face*

    Now will you say hi to the ladies and Oliver?


    Hi ladies......*Michael says before walking to the corner and watches the proceedings with a wary stare*

    *sigh* Sorry guys....he is a bit of a loner but I am working on it.....

    Raine D.

  42. *Rod pops in and smiles*

    LADIES.....I am hoping you are enjoying yourselves today. It looks as if the party is going smashingly well.

    Well to introduce myself.....I am Rod Dracon a wolf shifter and my story is Haunting Magic. Raine is a dear, dear friend and asked I keep you all entertained...until she can get back that is from catching Michael. *sighs* He seems to not like parties either. I think it is time for me to educate him on the ladies and that they like sociable men......what say you ladies?

    Rod who leans forward and stares at Sharon, Tiger Lyn and Mary with a smile on his face.

  43. Lyn will you kick Sharon, She is drooling again. I don't know who the poor baldie in the corner is, but it ain't me. You didn't get me, you balded some poor guest Sharon. You really need to get control of yourself, now you're a Lyon? Ha!
    Maybe a kitty.
    Just don't embarrass us by bothering, oh he's cute. WOW!
    Lyn look at Sharon go! She is so easy.

  44. Hey Raine, thanks for introducing us to Michael. Aw, don't be shy. We don't bite unless you want us to. Aren't you a cutie. And why, hello, Rod. My, this party is heating up. Would you like to drink? I mean dance? Sharon roars with pleasure...kicks Mary and Lyn out the way...

  45. Lyn and Mary roll down a steep incline and land in a heap at the bottom. As they look up Sharon laughs and walks away with two hunks one on each arm.
    Mary looks at clueless Lyn.
    Do you get it yet. She's possessed or somethin'. I know I cause trouble but Sharon, she's somethin'!
    Raine, it's a good thing you left the guys here to keep her busy.

  46. Aw Mary, see I told you it was a mistake to turn Sharon into a harpie! I think She's still partly harpie even though she looks like a lion again - oh and drool doesna't look quite right on a lion, although with those two handsome hunks she's run off with it's no wonder she's drooling! *sigh* let's hope she soon turns back into her normal, sweet self, I'll miss her otherwise.

    Hey she could at least have let us get properly introducedto Michael and Rod. Ah well, as Katie bug says, Oliver's looking pretty good even with a furry face! Hi Katie, lovely to see you, have a large slice of red velvet devil's food cake!

  47. Mary tries to figure out what the EDJ is? Maybe she can hide there from Sharon.
    She's downright scary today! She's hanging onto those guys for all she's worth.
    And look her eyes are golden Lyn!

  48. You did this to me, Mary Ricksen, turned me into a wild harpy, so there is no telling the extent of my rage and fury. Lyn, did you have luck finding out what an EDJ is?

  49. *blinks*

    Well I see Rod finally got Michael out of the corner. *wipes brow in relief*

    Ok here is Damien, a dragon Shifter from Fiery Magic. I have to warn you Damien is taken but Alicia let me borrow him for today's party. :)

    Damien...go on charm the ladies....

    **Damien clears his throat softly and smiles at Mary & Lyn* I see Rod left the two loveliest of ladies here besides my Alicia of course.

    So ladies.....what is the drink of choice here? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Damien says as he snakes an arm around each of Lyn and Mary's waist.

  50. We're not sure that the real Raine was returned from being kidnapped. Could this be her alter. Which one went to EDJ.
    Could it be, no, that's where those demons are right Lyn? The Environmental Demon Judges, I hear they have to check in daily? Could it be???????
    Not only is she a shifter she's a demon! Watch out girls!

  51. But if those are demons with her they are really hot. Whew!!!!
    Some of the best looking males I've ever seen!

  52. Wow Mary things are really getting hot here, A mad half harpie, demons - and hot males! wow!

  53. Oooh and a hunky dragn shifter - hey Mary, perhaps he's save you from the Harpie, LOL!

  54. The loveliest o them all? The harpy woman frowns, snaps her voodoo magic and turns Lyn and Mary into toads. Ha! Who's the prettiest of them all now, my toadsters? The harpy bats her eyes at Damon...

  55. Don't worry Lyn and stop that croaking. Here drink, ribbit, drink this. Ahhhh! Mary and Lyn return to their previous forms.
    Yeah, well I shouldn'ta turned her into a harpy. It suits her too well.
    I can't stop looking at her nose, it's huge!!!Especially on that willowy petite feathery figure of hers.
    What a honker!

  56. Sorry Sharon since your hands are full with Rod and Michael (pssst....Michael looks a bit scared of you so I suggest letting him go), Lyn and Mary are my choices tonight. :)

    I hope there is no hard feelings, dear.


  57. Well dang finally got home, day job is all done and my two kids are off watching a movie.

    So what did I miss?

    *looks around*

    Spies Rod and Damien talking to Sharon, Mary and Lyn. Michael is off on the side with a wide eyed glaze as he sees Raine.


    Well dang, you all seemed to have scared my poor white tiger.

    Ladies do I have to send the boys away or do I need to bring out my half-demon of lust and his lover out?

    Raine D.

  58. Bring 'em on Raine, we can handle 'em! *grin*

    Come here Michael, good tiger, we didn't mean to scare you!

  59. Well, the harpy casts aside all wicked spells and returns as Sharon. Must go prepare dinner now for the troops. Raine, feel free to drink and mingle. And thank you for introducing us to your charasmatic characters. They all sound hot! Best of luck in sales and your writing.

  60. Well dang it...where's my martini dish? Sharon probably drank it! Sharon!!!!!! Oliver dear, another dish please.Witchy owl looks over at Michael, hoot, hoot! Hey there, my... what a beautiful white kitty! Witchy Owl drinks the last of the martini. Hops of the table, takes flight, spins head 360, have to look out for evil harpies. Takes flight, hides behind an old oak and shifts. Brushes leaves off black satin robe, and rushes back to see Michael.

  61. Hello Witchy woman - please take note I'm back in my tiger form! (Rubs her head against that of the beautiful white tiger)purrrrrr!

    Don't worry about the harpy, I think she's otherwise engaged just at the moment. I'm sure Oliver will pour you another drink, and there's still plenty of food left. It's so nice that you stayed at the party Witchy, but do you really feel safe in your owl form sandwiched between two tigers? :)

  62. Lyn,
    Did Sharon take Rod and Damien? To answer your question, I feel perfectly safe alongside tigers in my owl form. I am a witch after all; one angry roar in my direction and they'll shrink to plushie tiger size. :)

  63. Well I hope you two birds have a great time. Flock together and all that.
    Raine watch out, when there is one harpy there must be more!
    So of them are pretty magic too! Ever read Piers Anthony?
    I hope you have fun today and good luck with sales! It's been fun.

  64. I'm afraid so, Witchie, LOL, one hot guy doesn't seem to be enough for our Sharon I dunno, Oliver, can't you keep a tighter rein on your boss? LOL

    I'm glad you're witch's powers are strong enough to protect you when you're in your owl form. 'Course I'm full of red velvet devil's food cake, so I'm not hungry, and Michael is far too much of a gentleman to try to eat you!

  65. Sharon rushes in, blushing in her womanly form. Oh, what an adventure, girls! Witchy Woman, of course I didn't take your drink, but harpy woman most definitely could have. Here's another on the house. Oh, Oliverrr!

  66. Mary, your so funny, flock together and all that.
    O.k., so the harpy Sharon's gone and Oliver needs to go on break; with me. I'll be dancing & flirting shamelessly with Oliver.
    (Big grin) bye ladies!

  67. Well if you and Oliver are going to dance the night away, Witchy woman, I'm just going to stay curled up here next to this delectable white tiger!

    It's been great having you at our party WW, be good now, and don't do anything we wouldn't do! LOL

  68. Goodnight Raine, I hope you enjoyed your party, and here's wishing you many sales with your latest release when it comes out, it sounds fantastic!

  69. Winner is Beth of a $5.00 Gift Certificate from All Romance Books or 1Romance Books.

    Email me Beth at rainedelight @ yahoo DOT com with your preference and email addy.

    Thanks for having me guys. It was fun.

    Raine D.

  70. Thanks Raine, and congratulations to Beth. Thaks for being our special guest, Raine.