As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Skhye Moncrief's Scottish Roast

The castle stands beneath the cliff, facing the loch, silhouetted in the last rays of the dying sun.

Within its ancient stone walls, Lyn, Sharon and Mary are excitedly putting the last touches to their long tartan skirts and crisp lacy blouses. Oliver has been busy all day preparing a feast for their honoured guest, Skhye Moncrief, and her guests. The tables are laden with food, including choice wild organic salmon, with the freshest of organic salad leaves, creamed potatoes and various steaks and other delicacies, together with green beans with Arran mustard sauce.

Whistling 'Over the Sea to Skye', Oliver polishes the glasses and checks the bottles of Amaretto and pineapple rum - everything must be perfect when she arrives. With a smile he places the heartshaped cake he has spent many hours baking and decorating as an early Valentine's treat for Skhye. Cuddles and Junior, sporting their little Scottish tweed tams, play hide and seek in the great Dining Hall. Everyone is so excited.

Skhye Moncrief, Author of such fascinating and enthralling fantasies as 'He Of The Fiery Sword', 'Ancient Musings', Forbidden Eternity', 'Naked On The Staircase' and 'Sacrificial Hearts', has made it clear that she loves Scotland - and feels that all men look great in kilts so Oliver is dressed to please!

All at once the haunting skirl of the pipes drifts down from the battlements. Lyn, Sharon and Mary, closely followed by Oliver, with Cuddles and Junior at their heels, rush outside and look skywards and the rush of wings sounds overhead.
A mighty dragon lands in the courtyard and Skhye, radiant in a midnight blue gown, descends from its back and walks to where the four wait to greet her, with Cuddles and Junior, overawed by the magnificent dragon, hiding behind them. Skhye exchanges hugs with Sharon, Mary and Lyn, then turns to Oliver who bows low and offers Skhye a lavish box of Mozart Kugeln, together with a large spray of white heather.

Arm in arm, the three hostesses lead their honored guest back into the castle, Oliver calls Cuddles and Junior, now recovered from their fright, and follows, his eyes shining with admiration, completely besotted by the lovely Skhye and excited at the prospect of the evening's festivities.
"Be a good boy," he tells the dragon, " perhaps, in a little while, the monster of Loch Ness will come to talk with you and keep you company."

Once inside the castle, Oliver holds up his hands for silence, after plying Skhye's plate with goodies.

"Honored guests, may I present Skhye Moncrief." When the applause dies down he turns to her "Please tell us a little about yourself, Ms Moncrief." Graciously she complies.

"Well, I'm a Texan that believes men do look best in kilts." (Oliver grins and winks, flexing his biceps. She winks back.) "Unfortunately, my husband disagrees.

I blog http://blog.skhyemoncrief.com/ about reference books.

I hold a BS in geology. Writing lured me away from finishing my thesis in (bioarchaeology) anthropology. Archaeology just dislikes the way we authors misconstrue fact. But the sacriledge is so enjoyable. Still, there's nothing like scratching around in the dirt looking for fossils or potsherds. I'm so detail-oriented that I suffer from an adrenaline rush when told to make a map. I guess the easiest way to describe myself is as a person who finds nature incredibly pleasing and intriguing. The same about reconstructing human prehistory and history. Yes, I am certifiably geek. I have been a member of Romance Writers of America over 5 years. I'm a member of From The Heart and FF&P RWA chapters.

I have a toddler who runs my schedule. Good thing I've got a few manuscripts socked away. My husband dotes on me. I've always been able to do whatever I wanted. Hence, my history of being on permanent vacation in graduate school.

I guess I should say what writers/authors always say: I wrote in junior high and high school. It's funny how I forgot I wrote fiction back then. But when I remembered in 2001, I jumped back on the wagon and it's California or Bust ever since. I love to write. I can write for 14 hrs 7 days a week. I forget everything and sit with a laptop. I worried I had lost my mind. But the baby took care of the worst part of the addiction. "

The applause rings out again before Skhye and her guests settle down to enjoy the feast spread before them. On a table nearby are piles of Skhye's famous books, which she has kindly offered to sign, after the meal. Oliver has already stashed away all his copies in readiness!


Washington, D.C., 2006

There was no way the contraption would eat Twila Deeds. She stared at her deceased brother, Danny’s, monstrous computer, Jaws. Every kind of gizmo was plugged into the behemoth.

What an inheritance, she thought. The eighteen-year-old kid had vanished six months ago. The government had written him off as dead, or rather, the FBI had sworn Danny’s disappearance had nothing to do with his youthful lust for computer hacking. They bequeathed Jaws to her as proof Danny wasn’t under investigation at the time of his vanishing. Just what every girl needs: A psycho computer that could test the limits of anyone’s sanity. Now, what to do with the unruly beast? Soothe the demon. “I’d like to say a prayer for Danny.”

The tower’s “on” button flickered red.

Red for blood.

A chill tickled the hairs on her arms to icy attention.

Danny has to be dead. Danny can’t be dead. Maybe Jaws knew where he was. She pushed the button.

The computer hummed to life. A blue spiral swirled into a five-pointed star set inside a circle on the monitor’s black background.

Why had Danny gotten into this hocus-pocus witchcraft mess?

Turning Jaws on isn’t wise. She knew the FBI was lurking. They always waited for Danny to attempt something stupid, or brilliant. But she was one-hundred percent dumb. “Save my little brat brother, world, and let Jaws chomp the heck out of anyone holding him hostage. Jaws can set you free, Danny.”

Rectangular icons lined up in one of Danny’s weird Tarot-card layouts across the star symbol.

The Celtic cross. She’d seen him play with the cards enough to recognize the spread. “Lord. What was Danny up to?” Weird stuff. Time to turn Jaws off. She selected the off choice.

Jaws’ screen went black.

Dead. How ironic.

The monitor’s pentagram flickered back on.

“No. I’m finished, Jaws.”

The Tarot cards popped back over the symbol.

“What now?” She tried to turn the computer off again.

The sun’s rays radiated on one card. A star spun in another. Symbols moved here and there within the boundaries of the cards.

“Why Tarot, Danny?” Only fools asked. She spotted The Fool card in the spread. Coincidence? Or more irony? But Danny could have struck gold here. Maybe Jaws would reveal her future with these cards. She clicked on the card.

The screen went black.

“I’m waiting, Jaws.” Why did her life always seem to go this way? Life gave her nothing. She always ended up waiting what seemed like forever. For nothing. Studying literature hadn’t panned out. Who wanted to teach a high-school room full of Dannys? Dealing with one had been a chore. Even now, she waited for acceptance into a Masters program to get the appropriate credentials to teach at a junior college. A wise girl would have applied to easy-entry local universities. She must have lost her mind with her parents’ death. She applied to two prestigious programs thousands of miles away. Like she could ever dream of getting into Oxford. So much for recovery from denial after her parents’ funeral…and now Danny was missing. “I’m still waiting, Jaws.”

A knock rattled down the hallway.

Prize question: Where has Oliver hidden his copies of Skhye's books?

SACRIFICIAL HEARTS is available in e-format at http://www.
thewildrosepress.com/sacrificial-hearts-p-708.html or in print at AMAZON
You can purchase Skhye's other books HERE


  1. Good morning, Mary, Lyn, & Sharon. I LOVE what you've done with this post! And Oliver is lookin' mighty fine in his Scottish weeds. Oh, my favorite candies are sitting here in a big ol' box! I'll definitely gain a pound today. Everybody better grab one because I can't stop eating them...

    I'll be away from 9-1:30 CST. So, don't think I've just vanished.

    Have a great morning with the kilted hunk. ;)

    CONTEST ALERT: I'm giving one lucky winner a wee sterling-silver claddagh pendant on a ss chain Feb 14th. Join me here to learn how to enter:



  2. Greetings Skhye and welcome to your Scottish banquet. Can you hear the pipes a calling'? Oliver is thrilled to pieces and beyond happy to see you again! So dig into those candies with both hands and we'll keep the kilts flappin'! Evil grin.

  3. Anything to keep the kilts flapping. I say open the doors and windows to ensure there's an updraft!!!

  4. Indeed, yes. Fear not, fair maiden. I have Oliver at just the right angle to ensure he receives the draft quite adequately. Wicked wink.

  5. Mary is so pleased to see Skhye, she still remembers that birthday present. With a big smile she watches Skhye greet her guests.
    Mary is on the alert for Sharon's mischief today. Those last two pies really got her. That lamb she dumped on me was heavy too.
    But I have an ace in the whole. Muddles, Cuddles mean cousin. He's visiting at my home blog waiting to see if I will call on him for help. But don't tell Sharon.
    Mary puts on her best face, and mingles with the guests. These gowns are just too beautiful to ruin.

  6. Hi folks, hi Skhye, are we all ready for some fun? Oh Oliver, stop making eyes at Skhye, you know she's a married lady! LOL!

    Lyn ducks as a bun sails over her head and hits Oliver square on the butt as he turns. Oh, oh, the party's hardly started and Mary and Sharon are at it already" Ladies, truce, please, truce!

  7. Sharon saunters about in her elaborate gown, hugs Lady Skhye, Lyn and Mary. Holds out her hand to Mary for a truce. Not to worry, dearheart. The food if far too delicious to ruin...just yet. We will behave like the ladies of Scottland we are. Now, Oliver, give us a whirl. Yes, I do believe you will make Lady Skhye proud. And of course, Junir and Cuddles are both the handsome little guards of the castle. Let the party commence.

  8. HeHeHe!
    I didn't throw it. She did it.

  9. Yes and for now we will act like grown ladies. Just for now though.
    And I didn't throw the bun. But I looked.

  10. Hi Skhye. Cool excerpt! That computer frightens me a little, lol. Thanks for hosting this Highland shindig, ladies! Don't tell anyone, but my husband has been known to wear a kilt (a real one folded, wrapped and draped by yours truly) at our local Ren Faire. I've got the pics to prove it! Tell Oliver to watch those back drafts!

  11. Hi Allison.

    Come and sit over here while Oliver pours you a drink and makes sure you have everything you want. He does look nice in his kilt doesn't he - I bet your huband does too. I'll bet you have fun pleating it for him!

  12. You pleat his kilt. Oh Alison, how cool! Now I surely would like to see a picture of him all kilted up.
    Now that would be fun.
    Oliver hows about some refreshment for Princess Alison?

  13. Welcome to the banquet, Allison. Oh, good. Oliver has seen to your refreshments. There's plenty of food and the mead cup is never empty. What fun you must have with your husband and his authentic kilt!
    Oh, Lyn, are you going to break your mead drinking record from last week? We lost count after three jugfuls when you passed out at the king's feet and began kissing his toes!
    Better beware Mary...when you least expect it...like a bad dream...I'll be there. Sharon walks away singing a Scottish song of the battlements...

  14. Mary, you know how she is, just can't stop herself. Listen in.
    "Muddles I have a task for you. Come off of my blog and come here. Don't let Cuddles know you are here until later, okay? I have some undercover, so to speak, work for you Muddles.
    Stop sneezing, I know you are disguised as Cuddles, but the fireball when you sneeze will give it away. Be careful and wait for work from me."
    Muddles, He, He, He!

  15. Sharon! Are you insinuating I'm a lady who can't hold her mead? Shame! *hic*

    I only drink it because it has honey in it and honey is very, very good for you!

    Mary, is that the Muddles I think he is - twin brother to Cuddles' friend, Sniffles? Oooh hecky thummp! We're in for chaos if he and Junior and Cuddles get together - specially if they get involved with Nessie and Skhye's dragon!

  16. Yes, Lyn, that's the one!
    Muddles is a trouble maker. Ha!
    He's just a baby dragon, but he's gonna help me.

  17. Oh glory! Now we'll have problems!

  18. He of the Fiery Sword best come to the rescue then, fair maidens! Oh, shivers. I do so enjoy a fight on the battlements. On guard, Mary. And, Lyn. Don't be ridiculous. Of course I would never insinuate any such thing. I'm spelling it out loud and clear, dear lassie girl! Ha ha!

  19. Oliver looks yummy in his kilt!

    Wonderful excerpt Skhye! It gave me a chill.

    I know what you mean about toddlers helping stem the writing addiction. Mine keeps me balanced! : ) Good luck


  20. Hi Lynne and welcome. Come and sit here by me. We can watch the wind tip kilts as we sit here.
    Have a drink, something to eat and relax.

  21. OMG! I love the excerpt, Skhye. Okay, now I have to blow the budget yet again this month and buy another book!

  22. LOL Sharon, can you tfight two people at once - a sword in each hand? Yikes, yes she can! He of The Fiery Sword will be very proud of you if he's around!

  23. Hi Lynne, thanks for calling by!

    Now I know why Mary chose the draughtiest spot!

  24. Hi Tiffany, thanks for calling by, has Oliver filled your glass? Do help yourself to the refreshments - I think there might be a couple of Mozarts left!

  25. Double, bubble, toil and trouble, or something like that. Now to put my plan in action. Lyn let's talk, I see she's fighting you too. We don't want to hurt her, but she needs to be teased badly. (grin) HA,ha, ha!

  26. Of course I can Lyn. I am woman. Hear me roar...

  27. Welcome, Lynne and Tiffany. Yes, Oliver will be happy to fill your glasses with mead or whatever suits your fancy. And have him fill a plate for you or rfill your own. Tis a banquet fit for a king and most certainly the Queens and Ladies. Oh, Mary, what's up your sleeve, dearheart? Sharon blinks her eyes oh so innocently....

  28. LOL Wow. I didn't know you were writing an autobiography! Your heroine really does have a lot of you in her, doesn't she? Sounds really neat!

    And lucky for me I was eating lunch or that delicious spread would have had me drooling (not that Oliver didn't alread in his Scottish garb).

  29. Yes, that's it Muddles, do it when she's standing directly next to Skhye. Then everyone will get a chuckle. But whatever you do, no sneezing and no fire! Promise? Good. Just stand by, I'll give you the signal. Have you seen your cousin Cuddles yet? He and Junior are outside chasing a werewolf. You can join them as soon as we're done with the...well you know.

  30. Hmm, Sharon looks like Xena, Warrior Princess standing there on the battlements, and Mary is plotting something, I know she is.

    Cuddles, come here boy, that's a good unicorn. I think I'll just sit here and help myself to another glass of mead.

  31. Hi Donna, nice to see you here - are you sure you couldn't manage a little poached salmon? Or a glass of *hic* mead? I do agree, though, Oliver as eye candy does sort of leave one drooling. (But don't tell him I said so!)

  32. Hi Donna, welcome to the roast for Skhye. Already had lunch? There's always room for dessert. Well, and there's Oliver. Oh, did you think he was dessert? He certainly thinks he is. Mary Ricksen, what have you ordered this Muddles to do? Hmmmm?

  33. Hi Skhye and girls!
    Oh, how I wish I were there with you all and Oliver. He's such a dear, sweet man, and looks delicious in that quilt.
    Skhye loved your excerpt and your books sound fabulous. I don't know where that sly Oliver hid your books - in his bed perhaps??
    Patrice Wilton

  34. Hey Skhye, great to see you! And Oliver is looking yummy...

  35. Hello Patrice, you're welcome to stay and partake of the festivities - and Oliver will be delighted to help you to whatever you fancy (I mean foodwise of course, LOL.

    Hello Helen, grat to see you here. Yes, Oliver is *sigh* his usual dishy self, isn't he. SSShhh don't tell Mary you've seen me. I'm hiding. When she and Sharon go sword to sword I don't want to be caught in the middle!

  36. Lyn, you candy butt.

    Okay Muddles, after you're done just run back to my blog and hide.
    Are you under the bleacher where they are standing? Ready, set, GOOOO!!!
    Muddles blows a huge blast of air under Sharon's billowing skirts. Up over her head they go. HA HA HA, cute bloomers Sharon. Those little hearts are so cute. HA HA! Mary falls down laughing. Sharon's face says it all! Uh Oh Mary runs and hides, Sharon is gonna kill her. RUNNNNNN!!!

  37. Welcome to the castle, Patrice and Helen. Oliver, I do believe their glasses of mead are empty. And for that matter, so is mine. What's that? Oh, Lynn needs a refill. Hmmm. I hear drinking mead sharpens the defenses for a battle of swords and wits. Are you ready, Mary Ricksen? Stop hiding behind Muddles and Cuddles. Come out, come out, wherever you are and put your best sword forward...

  38. Hey Skhye. Great books, can't wait for the next one.

  39. All right, Mary, strip down to your bloomers. I hereby challenge you to a dual and we can't be master swordswomen in these long skirtsts. Grab your sword and come on out on the battlement. Sharon waves to Beth. The she winks at Lyn. Save me a glass of mead. May the best woman win!

  40. Mayhap she doesn't realize everyone saw her drawers.
    Mary sneaks up behind Sharon. She grabs the mead out of sloshed Lyn's hand and pours it over Sharon's head. Mary ducks the sword Sharon tries to strike her with and with a quick grab takes the weapon and throws it into the moat. The most monster calls to the Nessy, and they all come to join in the mayhem. Sharon tries to grab Mary but the magic lotion she uses makes Sharon's hands slide off. Sharon's cheeks are puffed up like a balloon, boy is she pe-oed.Nothing will stick to Mary, so even a lamb can't mess up her dress. Mary struts, round one to Mary. Lyn, stop snoring.

  41. Afternoon, Ladies! Oliver looks yummy! Nothing quite like a man who has the courage to wear a kilt :) Love the excerpt. I want it just so I can find out what happens next...

  42. I am well aware everyone saw my pretty drawers. And by that same token, they are well aware you are a yellow bellied coward who isn't woman enough to fight me with a sword? Ha, I got it. You're afraid, admit it. Sharon swipes the wet hair dripping down her face. Grabbing a pitcher of Scottish ale, she dumps it all over Mary. Even if it doesn't stick, she'll smell bad. No one likes to smell like stale ale. Sharon grins and takes a bow.

  43. Mary,

    Thank you. I must say the view is excellent! And the mead is pretty good too.

    Skhye, I'd love a ride on that dragon later.

  44. Ahem, remember the magic lotion. That stale ale now is fresh. Well it's better than stale ale.
    I am a lady, I don't fight with swords. Mary chuckles. I fight with food. Mary grabs the punch from the table and adorns Lyn with it. Can you run Sharon? Because I'm running. Coward, yes, that's me.

  45. Uh Oh, the police are here. Did you call them on me or are they gonna dance Sharon?

    Lyn, close your mouth. Snoring with her mouth open, you were supposed to help me.

  46. Mary is getting concerned, where is Skhye? Has she been kidnapped or what?
    Sharon, truce, we have to see if our guest is in trouble?

  47. Hi, Lyn & Mary! Throw an actual bun? I thought you were somehow eluding to what you were doing to Oliver's buns!!!

    Allison, I'm so jealous. My husband is just silly with his fear of the kilt.

    Sharon, falling o'er soused to the gills is just where you want to be when the winds are whipping up kilts. All you need do is look up...

    Never fear, Lyn, Arthur (my dragon) is quite rational. That is when his soul mate isn't seducing him!

    Yes, Lynne. Toddlers can squelch the writing addiction in one big howl. It's amazing how much one has to cook, clean, and put toys away with a toddler afoot!

    Awwww, thanks, Tiffany. We really need to get you down here in Houston where you can get in on booksignings with us...

    Donna, I was never a lit major. EVER. Just took two classes in 04-05. And I'd never actually journal private stuff. I know not to! *snicker* But I like to think I can make sense out of life's illusions. Don't we all? ;)

    Patrice! Well, did you find the books yet? I want to know what you had to do to get Oliver to hand over one. *snicker*

    HI, Helen! I haven't heard from you yet. You won a prize at my reader group. Hint. Hint. :)

    Thanks, Beth.

    Mary & Sharon, real women fence in the buff. So who cares about the bloody skirts?

    Thanks, Pen. That means I ended with a great hook. :) You made my day.

    Should I note the word verification is "reekfuln" of which could be interpreted as reek full and wild/insane/tipsy/etc.? All the better for a good read, eh? Thanks for brightening this dreary rainy day. :) ~Skhye

  48. Lynne, to really ride him, read HE OF THE FIERY SWORD. You'll find there's a lot of riding in the middle. Xh-hmmm. The strong-willed dragon in man's cloak eventually buckles to desire...

  49. I'm alive, Mary. I just had quite a few of replies to make. :)

  50. Oh Skhye thank goodness you're okay!
    Sharon might fence nude, but not me.
    Who says women fence nude, I never heard that.
    Sharon you look kinda cute all messed up and covered with punch. Cuddles and Junior are out sleeping next to Arthur. Muddles and Sniffles left. But look people are dancing. Oliver ask Skhye to dance will you.

  51. Here Sharon, here's some of the magic lotion. Sharon puts it on and immediately she is sparkling clean. Little does she know her skin will turn blue with this version of the magic lotion. But not right away.

  52. Hey if y'all can use magic lotion, I can make up saying like real women fence nude. *snort*

    And it looks like everyone is wasted enough to dance the Schottish. I hope that's how it's spelled--as if slurred by a drunken sot. LOL

  53. Lyn blinks and rubs her eyes.}

    Hmmm, I was dreaming of dragons and Arthur, and two crazy women sword fighting on the battlements. Hold on, no that wasn't a dream, it was real. I just sat her for a moment and took a sip of mead - ah well.

    Oh look at Skhye and Oliver go! Oliver, you really shouldn't twirl with such gusto in that kilt - don't look Cuddles!

  54. Lyn, what kind of guest would I be if I didn't get his kilt flying HIGH?

  55. Mary - sorry to leave you to fight Sharon by yourself - but you didn't look as if you needed any help - and I'll have you know I don't snore! (That must have been Cuddles or Junior - or was it Sniffles and Muddles?)

    Skhye, your Arthur is wonderful, oh and I didn't know you could dance like that! Go girl, go!

  56. Hee, hee Skhye - as the Guest of Honor, you certainly do know how to make a kilt fly HIGH! :)

  57. Skhye, have some mead with us, fair lassie. And then a spin around the drafty floor with Oliver. Oh, that Mary is a she devil is she not? But she refused my challenge to slice and dice. Ha. Sharon waves to pen. Everyone, eat, drink and be merry. Our fair Lady Skhye is alive and well and here to grace us for the rest of the night. Here here!
    Oops! What do you mean I'm turning blue? Mary Ricksen? Sharon screams for the Scottish police, is it Scotland Yards? to arrest Mary for trying to poison her. They cart her off. It's not as bad as it seems, Sharon bellowes after her, her cackle so loud it echoes off the cavernous walls. Sharon winks at Skhye. See there, real men do wear kilts!

  58. Heeeellpppp! Helpppp! Help!
    Hel, boy when you are tossed over the shoulder of a handsome Scottish policeman you get a wonderful view. See you in a while. Whoo Hooo!

    I'll be right back as soon as they realize I have slid out of their arms. Magic lotion, yeah!
    But I'm gonna hide from Sharon cause the blue, changes to red before it fades, in a day or so. But it's not poisonous. It's a plant die I got from an old crone with a big nose. She said it was harmless.

  59. Lol Sharon, that blue does -er -um suit you.

    Now what are we going to do if Mary's locked up for the night? Crumbs, do you think they'll give her bail. Lyn tries to empty her pockets - oops no pockets in this here skirt. What are we gonna do?

    Skhye, any ideas? We can't let poor Mary languish in the cells all inight - can we?

  60. Oh, hold your horses, panic's over, I think Mary's enjoying it!

  61. Mary, never ever trust an old crone. Bwah ha haaaa. If you don't believe me, read FORBIDDEN ETERNITY. Talk about secrecy. LOL

    As for prison and a night crawling with rats, Lyn, I'd say Mary's headed for... working her bail off. :) Mary, what do you think they'll take in trade? And don't tell me you're going to recite ghost stories. BECAUSE, the prison's full o' ghosts already... See where bun throwing will get you! But grabbing buns might be the answer in the end. Hmmm...

  62. Mary gazes into the handsome policeman's eyes. "A kiss Lass and, I'll turn ye loose. Just a wee kiss?"
    She leans forward and smacko, lightning strikes, fireworks explode, and she faints in his arms. Whata kiss! Whew! I'm back and Leam is waiting for me. He's the one who let me go. Ain't he cute?

  63. LOL, Skhye, I think you're right about her working her bail off. These Scottish Police aren't so frosty after all, I don't know what she said to him, but he's grinning like a Cheshire cat!

  64. Sorry for the colors, Sharon, blue is pretty on you.You're beautiful no matter what.

  65. LOL Mary. I would nver put you in a shall we say sticky situation you couldn't get out of. Cheers. a kiss is still a kiss...

  66. Skhye, did you come armed with your sword? And Lyn, is the British police called Scottish Yards and what all does that cover?

  67. Aww, they love each other after all! (Lyn is sick in a bucket!)

    Aw, it's OK Sharon and Mary, we're all soul sisters and I know you wouldn't really kill each other!

    In answer to your question, Sharon. (Lyn get's Cuddles to produce a Mortar Board and spectacles to make her look clever)

    Scotland Yard, now called 'New Scotland Yard' is the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police, located in Westminster and is responsible for law enforcement within Greater London. It actually is not concerned with Scotland at all and excludes the London City district, which is covered by the City of London Police.

    So now you know!

  68. Eeek - I don't believe it - an errant apostrophe! Kill Cuddles, Kill!

  69. Mary screams apostrophe!! Get it quick, before I miss use it. Oh, Lyn Here's a bucket for you. Oh! there was a hole in it and, gosh, hmmm, your beautiful shoes. Snicker, snort, smells lick a brewery in here.
    Take a deep breath Lyn, here's some magic lotion for you too.

  70. See Sharon the blue has turned to red and it will disappear shortly.

  71. Well I think I'll go home now. My police escort is here. I will pop back in and visit, later. Sharon and Lyn I was only teasing, you both will change back to the right color shortly and your dresses will look as good as new. But Sharon I have to admit to having a bit of the devil in me. So I can only try to behave in the future. Thanks for the ride, the kilts are all so colorful! Kinda windy too.
    Shkye you are the best. I didn't do a thing to you. I controlled myself. Oh yes, here I come officer.
    Yup, later.

  72. Oh, I'm so glad you killed that apostrophe, Mary, darned things get everywhere if you let 'em!

    Thanks for the magic lotion, I'm feeling a little blue -er - what was that about Sharon turning red! Aaargh, too late!

  73. Errant apostrophes? Well if you can kill them, please obliterate my typos. My headache back and my vision is a wee bit blurred.

    So, Mary was thrown o'er the shoulder of some English bobby then necked for her bail? MARY! We're supposed to be talking about Scots and other Gaelic-speaking cultures today! :)

    Someone wave your magic wand and make my headache pills work faster...

  74. Thanks for the very smashing history lesson, Lyn. And considering you're head was in the bucket, you did good, girl. I suppose I learned that way back when in my school days but well...we won't go there. LOL Well before we leave let's have a group hug with Skhye. Sharon, Lyn and Mary and Skhye smile for the picture. Just as it is about to be taken, the storm that has been threatening all day breaks, water gushing all over them from the caved in ceiling. Suddenly, Nessie rears his head and enters the great room. Just another Friday at the Author Roast and Toast. We'll be here. Stay and be merry for as long as you like and chat with Skhye. Thanks for joining us today, Skhye. All your books are masterpieces!

  75. Oh Nessie, really, you just have to try to steal the limelight! Oh, and there's your friend Arthur P Dragon!
    The group hug is supposed to be for Skhye and the hostesses!
    Cuddles, run over to Skhye and touch her with your horn, to make her headache go away!
    Yes, as Sharon said, your books are wonderful Skhye, and it's been an honor having you with us.

    The party's not over, Oliver in his kilt will be happy to look after anyone who wants to stay the night.

  76. Mary looks at the lotion in her hands. She has three bottles. The one she used. The harmless color change lotion, it made everything clean when it sat on you for a while. But the third bottle, Hmmm, when would she use the third bottle. Marked as May Cause Havoc. She puts it in her pocket and then watches Nessie and Author together. Probably distant relatives.
    Mary takes out her first bottle of magic lotion and puts a dab on Cuddles horn. It can only help that headache that is hurting Skhye.

  77. Oh Mary, hi, you're back. (Not to mention your front)

    Mmm, I wouldn't mind a little of that magic lotion either - I may - just - have had a wee bit too much mead!

    What's that bottle you're hiding in your pocket?

  78. LOL on the Nessie and Arthur relative theory. :) One just never knows what I've cooked up in my story world.

    My daughter has been hooked on THE WATERHORSE. That's a really cute movie. No dancing kilted hunks though. :( That kelpie acts like a crazed puppy though!

    Thanks for the group hug and for keeping me chuckling all afternoon. I started feeling better, took out my contacts, and my vision seems to be back to normal. Sorry about the typos!

    Now where is that candy?

  79. Oliver rushes up, sending Mary, Lyn and Sharon flyingin his haste, and produces another large box from his sporran. (You didn't think he only had the one lot of Mozarts's did you?) He kneels before Skhye and unwraps one for her before placeing it reverently between her lips.

    LOL don't worry about typos Skhye, they're perfectly acceptable on the Author Roast (in fact they're almost compulsory! :) )

    So glad you're feeling better and we were able to make you chuckle.

    Haven't seen 'The Waterhorse'. Love kelpies though.

  80. Seems like I am always picking myself off the ground. Oliver!!
    Enjoy the candy Skhye. What the heck is it? Never heard of it.

    What bottle, oh this, this is...nothing, never mind.

    Shoot my front? What's wrong with my front now? That's the only part I never had to worry about. 'Tis a bit saggy now, I'll admit. But eh, I've passed my prime. They weren't perfect but they have always been mine.

  81. Oh, thank you, Oliver!

    Mary, I can only get that candy in Nov & Dec down here at World Market. It averages $2 per piece. It's layers of pistachio paste like marzipan, chocolate centers, & some light-colored layer probably marzipan. One of the layers is liquered, and the whole thing is dipped in chocolate.

  82. YAAAAYYYYY, I made it! Almost too late, but I had to work. Sheesh. Working really messes with my social life. Oliver looks great and the blog was wonderful Skhye. (The ages old question, what is under the kilt?)

  83. LOL, PL. Yes, that is one of those great mysteries! Glad you could make it.

  84. Fun post, Skhye...loved it! And loved reading a bit about your life...you're a fascinating lady. Hope you have tons of success with all your stories...and with your toddler. :)


  85. Hi Patsy and Linda, lovely to see you both. Is Oliver looking after you? There's still plenty of food and drink. For the answer to your questin, Patsy, wait til the breeze gets up!

  86. Welcome, Patsy and Linda. Oliver, get these fine ladies some mead, that is if Lyn left any, and some of those delicious chocolates of Skhye's. Sharon sighs, but takes a second to drool. Really, Oliver, was it really necessary to sleep in the draft? Oh, would you just look at all the blue ribbons pinned on your prize!!!

  87. Sorry I'm late to the party! The kids kept be busy last night playing monopoly, but this morning I just had to come say hi and see the dragon.

    Skhye, you've got me wondering what's up with that computer and since I just got my e-reader (Nook) in the mail yesterday, I think I'm going to have to test the B&N online store and download your story. :)

    Quick wave to Sharon, Lyn and Mary before I go shopping!

  88. Hello Stacey - so glad you popped in, let Oliver give you a quick shot of mead before you go shopping! :)

    Yes, that is such a good excerpt isn't it, I know you'll enjoy reading 'Sacarificial Hearts'. Skhye is an amazing writer.

  89. Thanks, Linda! Glad you could make it by.

    LOL SHARON! He's a blue ribbon winner if I've ever seen one. ;)

    Let me know if you liked the computer, Stacy! I sure wish I could own a Nook too. But I love my Sony e-reader. :)

    Lyn, use the door to kick up a breeze. ;)

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

    And Patrice won! Congrats, Patrice. :) Email me at skhye@skhyemoncrief.com for your pdf of SACRIFICIAL HEARTS. Everyone have a wonderful weekend. ~Skhye

  90. Thank you, Oliver, and Lyn. I have no doubt about Skhye's writing abilities, despite her self-professed geekiness. *grin*

  91. Lyn rushes in and fans the door vigorously! *Grin*

    Once again Skhye, it's been wonderful having you as our special guest, and thanks for bringing your dragon along. (Not to mention enticing Oliver to wear his kilt!) You have a wonderful weekend too!

    Congratulations, Patrice!

    Have a good shopping trip, Stacey.

  92. It's slick, Skhye. I've waited 3 years for an e-reader and finally used some bonus money I earned at work. Two years ago everyone gave me money for Christmas to get an e-reader, but I decided to buy author pens instead. Love the pens, but glad to have my e-reader now, too.

    BTW, the download worked pretty cool! Looking forward to reading the story while I exercise later.

  93. Hi Stacey. Good for you, treating yourself to a guilty pleasure! You go, girl. Congratulations, Patrice. Skhye, as a parting gift, you can take Oliver's blue ribbons, which means you get to disengage them from his salute to you. Have a good one. Wicked wink.

  94. HI Skhye,
    Great post. You have so much fun. Say Hi to Oliver. I hope he didn't put your books in the dragon's litter box.
    Are you staying for the weekend?

  95. Hi Amber

    Oooh, perish the thought! Not sure if Skhye will be back, but you're welcome to stay as long as you like, Oliver will make sure have as much to eat and drink as you like and I'm sure he'll be his usual entertaining self! :)

  96. LOL about the litter box! Nobody touches those ribbons. They're MINE. :) Love the salute. I've got to get busy and bake--gluten-free breads to make it through the week today. :( So, y'all be good!

  97. Thanks for popping back, Skhye, bet you had fun collecting those ribbons! Try and find some time to take it easy now!

    Don't forget we're here every Friday and you're all welcome to join the party!

  98. Oh so sorry to have missed the roast, Skhye. Those of us who like 'em kilted do need to be more on top of our game. lol

    I wish you many sales and lots of contracts.

  99. Never too late Catherine - Oliver will give his kilt another twirl -just for you!

  100. Hi, Catherine! Never fear. I believe we are on top of our game given we like 'em kilted!!!

  101. Mary walks in and sees that there are still partyers here.
    Wow and a dragon snoring. My goodness look there is still a line of people buying Skhye's books! Amazing!
    You're a star Skhye!