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As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012. We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011.

This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning. It's beyond hard to have to go on without her, but we know that she would have been the first to insist that 'the show must go on.' She is, and will always be with us in spirit.
Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you.
The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. Let's raise a Toast to you as well as all our guests.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Catherine Bybee Releases Binding Vows

We are thrilled to welcome special guest, Catherine Bybee, to our Roast today.
Her latest book Binding Vows
is available in print and e-book from The Wild Rose Press


Duncan MacCoinnich’s task… Travel to the twenty-first century Renaissance Faire, deflower the Druid virgins, and go home. Only his job is not so easily accomplished with the virgin in question, Tara McAllister.
Time is running out. The evil is closing in on them both.
Tara finds Duncan irresistible after what was supposed to be a mock Hand-fasting binds them.

When Duncan whisks her to his home in Scotland she could accept that. But, can she forgive him for taking away her modern life when she finds herself in the sixteenth century?
And is it love they feel? Or something else?


“Did you bring me out here to seduce me?” Now why had she asked that? She regretted the question almost immediately.

When Duncan’s answer didn’t come quickly she glanced up again. He was measuring her question and deciding on an answer.

“I believe ’twas part of my intent.”

“Well, I have to give you points for honesty.”

Tara busied her hands to cover up her nerves. Hands shaking, she attempted to cut off some of the cheese.

Duncan placed a hand over hers and removed the dagger from her fingers. He sliced the cheese and handed her a bite.

Tara felt a spark when their fingers touched.

“I have made you uncomfortable. I am sorry.” His voice was as polished as his moves.

“It’s okay. I really do applaud your honesty. It’s refreshing in this day and age. So many people lie to get what they want.”

“Truth is important to you?” Duncan looked away.

“Yes. I’ll be honest with you.” Tara took a long suffering breath and slowly explained what she needed to say. “Having sex with someone I barely know isn’t on my list of things to do today.” The air thickened while she awaited his reply. Her shoulders tensed.

With a straight face he asked, “What about tomorrow?”

The mist drifts lazily and the forest is dark and ominous. The horses begin to chomp at the bit and prance, she knows they are close to the castle.

Glad to have made it there safely, her men boisterously talk in the courtyard about this evening's big event. Her man at arms, handsome in his kilt lifts her down from her Palfrey while they lead their Coursers to the stable. The threat of wolves hastened their arrival.

Catherine looks lovely in her stunning damask dress. The jewel tone velvet shimmers in a stunning dark blue with side lacing and a bodice that' s a bit too low. Her sapphire ring has a huge stone in it and her necklace has three tiers of valuable hand cut stones. Delicate satin slippers cover her feet.

Suddenly Oliver opens the door and rushes to her. His kilt flapping in the breeze and his white shirt crisp and formal. He pushes past her escort and falls to his knees in front of her, while he reaches for her tiny hand he holds it gently in his huge paw. Tears of joy fall from his cheeks as Catherine places one smack on his surprised lips. He gets that I'm gone look in his eyes.

A handsome young Laird stands by the door watching Catherine enter. His kilt has a brooch with his clan crest on it for a pin. He chuckles as Catherine walks to the entrance. He knows she is a time traveler. He turns his face as Catherine passes, she is in for a surprise and he is the one who is going to do the surprising. He flexes muscular biceps and checks his sword in it's sheath. He is ready.

From inside the keep Mary, Lyn and Sharon wait for Catherine to come in. They are nervous and hope that the gathering will please Catherine.

"Sharon, did you know that you have dirt on your face and Lyn, your dress is on backwards."

Mary shakes her head. Lyn doesn't like the tone of voice Mary is using and bops her on the head. "You deserve that, you are so bossy." Lyn comments. "Yeah, she's right and I'm gonna kill that maid, she did this on purpose cause I wouldn't let her sit at the high table." Lyn realizes. "Help me you dingbat, she's almost here!"

Mary and Sharon knock heads as they both bend to help Lyn. "Ow, that hurts," Lyn exclaims. "Well you're the one with the big head," Mary counters and then comes to her senses. "Sharon and Lyn, you both look fabulous, is everything set for the feast?" "Yes, the food is being brought to the tables as we speak."

Sharon describes the setting. "There is a huge roasted boar, roasted chickens, pheasants covered with a rich buttery sauce as well as salmon, eels and herring. Large bowls of greens, peas, large loaves of stone ground bread made of barley and rye, and pottage cover the wooden sideboards. Ales and honey sweetened water fill golden goblets. For desert custard tarts in their "coffin" line the table, the food is delicious and plentiful."

Junior and Cuddles are waiting by the high table, this would be the best place to get some good food and soon Catherine would be petting and paying attention to them.
Cuddles stretches his wings and raises his ears alert for trouble. Junior watches the entrances for villains or scoundrels. Both of them alert and wary. Lairds and their lasses fill the tables awaiting Catherine. There are druid virgins in the group, and since they are in danger the animals keep an extra special watch. There will be no deflowering on their watch! Hopefully

Finally ready the three hostesses check the honor guard at the entrance to the keep. Nine strong young men stood at attention wearing only the kilt of their clan. "She'll never get past them without a good look," Sharon chuckles. Bare chests show six packs and eight packs too!

Finally Catherine enters regally and kisses the cheeks of all three hostess's, smiles sweetly to the honor guard, touching each chest as she passes and enters the great hall. Behind her the men she has touched groan with desire. Oak trestle tables in tiers fill the hall. Oliver steps up to Catherine and offers her his arm. She takes it and he leads her to the high table. Over a hundred people stop talking as Oliver raises his arm for their attention. Catherine stands raises her goblet and clears her throat in the hush. "Failte! (welcome), " she toasts, "Slainte! (good health), Alba gu brath! (Scotland foreve)" she shouts to the guests.

A roar fills the room and the stomping of feet shakes the entire place as they repeat her mantra. "Alba gu brath!" The toast rouses everyone with excitement. The room fills with toasts and the roast begins!

Now the important question for you to answer: "How does Santa deliver when you have no chimney?"

Multi-published bestselling author Catherine Bybee is first and always a wife and a mother. But her passion is writing. Anything and everything romance.
Having spent over a decade of her life working as a RN in urban Emergency Rooms, she wants to escape when she picks up a book. If it doesn't have a happily ever after, she's not interested

SOUL MATE Available Now ~ Red Rose Publishing

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KILT WORTHY Available Now ~ The Wilder Rose Press

~~Voted Best Trailer by You Gotta Read Reviews JUNE~~

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  1. Wow, I'm the first one here? Mary, you generally beat me. Lyn? Catherin, welcome to your roast. I am really drawn to this book after reading the excerpt. Oh and all this food in this lovely castle. Lovely, just lovely. Oh Oliver? Stop pumping your biceps and finish polishing the silverware. What's that? Cuddles and Junior, yes, such galant little knights.

  2. I'm here, I just didn't want to be first. You look lovely in your gown.
    The castle looks wonderful. The guests are just starting to arrive. Yes, Junior and Cuddles are on alert. You never know what could happen.
    This book is gonna sell like crazy!

  3. Mary, thank God. Thought I was all alone in the castle~ Well...bats her eyes...there is Oliver, and our little watch knights. Yes, I agree. Catherine's book rocks! Mary, why is it we always trip over our gowns and wind up looking like we rolled in the mud?

  4. Ever hear of the three stooges, well we are the three toasted, I mean toasters so we're under a lot of stress. But we clean up well.

  5. You ladies are a riot! Congrats, Catherine!

  6. You look lovely Emma. So wonderful after just having a baby. I know it's early but most drink ale here. I understand that Cuddles can time travel and will be able to bring back whatever drink you prefer. Cool huh?
    Go mingle and welcome to Catherine's big bash!

  7. Hi Everyone, sorry I'm late. Oliver murmured something about an emergency - turned out he'd forgotten where he hid the cake. It's oK now, that little varmint Cuddles had spirited it away - he loves seeing Oliver get his kilt in a twist!

    I agree, Catherine, your books sounds fascinating, I love that sort of time travel.

    Hi Emma, glad you could join the party Oliver, I think Emma has an empty glass ... no don't just take it away from her, fill it up please! You know I love you Oliver - but one word to Sharon, and well, I don't need to say 'auction', do I?

  8. Morning All! Ooh, I just love the sound of this book, Cathy. Congrats on the release! That last line was terrific. ;)

    So, looks like another great party. Love the castle setting. Unfortunately I can't stay to play. Have a good day!

  9. Hi Lyn, we were so worried about Catherine's cake. And welcome Emma and Cindy! Oliver!!! Sharon places hand on hip, pouts her lips. What's this I hear from Lyn about you misbehaving? Don't start singing Ain't misbehavin' to me. Remember the my lips...

  10. Thanks for stopping by Cindy. Come back for a bit of refreshment if you can later.
    Oh, Oliver, stop weeping, Cindy has to go.

  11. *Brushes hair over her shoulder and faces the room. "My, my... I do know to be fashionably late.. but I do need my beauty rest after my journey.

    (and I'm on the west coast and the kids did just leave for school.)

  12. Sharon, Lyn and Mary... My dears... You didn't get the memo did you?

    Oliver, be a dear and fetch me three swatches of leather.

  13. So glad you could make it Catherine you look lovely in your blue dress. So beautiful.
    Leather, gulp?
    Lyn, Sharon, stop stomping on my feet as you step back? I'm sure the leather is...fine?

  14. The great hall is starting to fill. Oliver if you would please help Catherine up to the high table. Make her comfortable and fulfill her every desire.
    Me, Lyn and Sharon, are still greeting guests. When she is ready she can toast to start things rolling or gulp whatever.

  15. Relax, Mary... The leather isn't for tieing you up, although I think maybe for my next roast when I'm playing with men who like to remove their kilts more than leaving them on, the leather will be used for such.

    I do think I'll let you stew just a little longer about the need for leather at this point.

    Oh, Oliver... how nice of you. *takes the goblet of wine from his hand and lets the heavy boquet trickle down her throat.

  16. Thank you, Mary. The baby helps me stay in shape.

  17. Whew, I wasn't afraid of being tied up, I thought you were gonna... Oh well, never mind, I'm just glad you made it. How was the trip here, was your horse okay, were you scared in the dark woods?
    Junior go say hi to Catherine, what?
    She's very nice don't worry, the leather wasn't for you either. but you and Cuddles will have to be alert. I've heard the clan MacDuff is riving in the area, and they'd love to snatch the princess Catherine. So keep an eye out for trouble!

  18. Wow...I'm not sure if I want to feed my stomach or my eyes. Do I stand at the entrance, or go to the sideboards.

    Maybe if Oliver could tear himself away from Catherine, he could bring me a plate of food and wine over by the entrance. I'll even share with the honor guard.

    Catherine, you look beautiful, and I LOVE that excerpt. Especially the last line. *grin* Perfect!

    Hello Sharon, Mary and Lyn--you've outdone yourselves again.

    Answer to the question: Without a chimney, Santa sprinkles a little magic dust, does the ol' finger to the side of his nose, and clicks his heels three times while saying "The children were good, The children were good, The children were good." Of course, this only works if the children were actually good. LOL

  19. Hello Catherine, and welcome to your roast.
    Memo? What memo? Leather? Oooh heck.

    Oliver, can I have one of your chocolate martinis please? I'm starting to get worried!

  20. Hello all! And Catherine dear. since I was here when we inserted you to our zany scenario, seems I should make an appearance now. Your new story is one I know I would love.
    Don't you look sumptuous in your gown, and what a lavish do! Warning, watch your back. It gets crazy over here. :)

  21. Hi Stacey, you made me giggle with your answer, that's a good one!

    Come on in and sit by the log fire, it's cold outside. Yes Catherine looks lovely, doesnt she. I'm afraid you'll have to pluck the hem of Oliver's kilt to get his attention. He's a bit distracted at the moment!

  22. Emma, love. You look wonderful. And I see you did read the memo. So good of you!

    My goodness, Mary, how can one be scared in the dark woods when surrounded by knights?

    Oliver, please help Stacy out. No, it's okay, I'll be perfectly fine for a the few minutes it takes to make her comfortable.

  23. I wish everyone would get inside the castle. There is an ominous feeling in the wind and I'm worried for Catherine's sake and of course any young druid virgin here is in danger too!

  24. I think Oliver is going to be a very busy boy as he tries to please all the ladies attending this fine roast. But he does seem to be the right man for the job!

    Catherine you look lovely as do all your guests. The book sounds divine and I can't wait to read it.

  25. Oh, Lyn, no need to gulp that martini. *wink

    Thank you, Beth. My maid took extra time with my mane today. She 'did' get the memo.

  26. Stacey and Beth welcome, please enjoy yourselves. But watch out this evening danger lurks in every corner.
    This is the Scottish highlands and the clans are fighting. Anyone here is in danger. Of course we have guards but I heard there was some infiltration into the ranks from those darn McDuff's!

  27. ROFL - oh, Catherine, if only, right! An honor guard of kilted lovelies.... that was wonderfully done, ladies! Best of luck with BV, Catherine, it's such a fun read!

  28. Hi Beth,

    Lovely to see you again. Make yourself at home, Oliver will be with you as soon as he's attended to Stacey. And Caridad, hi therem yes come in and shut the door to keep the draft out. No, we're not worried about the McDuffs, after all we have Cuddles and Junior to protect us - and Oiver of coure! You're right Caridad, as far as Oliver is concerned, the more ladies he has to tend to, the better he likes it!

  29. God's teeth - Oliver can you send a memo to Blogger and tell them to stop messing with my ability to log on!

    Nice of you to join us, Caridad. I know you're quite busy these days with Mick and Cat. It would be nice to see them join us. Although, Cat does have a tendency to dissapear on us, doesn't she?

    Angel is a sucker for those who are kilted. She has her eyes on Duncan's brother, Fin. They do look a lot alike.

  30. Sharon walks in and drops her wine glass. Did someone say leather? Eyes gleam. Where? Catherine, how lovely you look and welcome. Yes it's a grand party in your honor. Hello, Stacey and Beth. Now that the formalities are out of the way, what's this about leather???!!!

  31. Well I'm worried. Lyn you always think so positive, but I know those devils are here, just waiting to try to grab Catherine and all the other women here! So beware ladies, it's a frightful night out there!
    Junior and Cuddles, please stay alert. Sniff out the bad guys with that horn Cuddles.

  32. Maybe it's to protect herself. You know she's in danger. I hope so, I can imagine if she has us flogged. She is the princess of the night you know.

  33. LOL, Catherine! It is a little hard at times to keep track of Cat, but maybe Oliver could help. Or possibly Cuddles and Junior.

  34. *claps hands to gather everyones attention.

    Thank you all for joining me today. Before we sit down for our feast, I'd like for Mary, Sharon and Lyn to please step up so that I may disclose what the leather is for.

  35. Mary steps up to the high table and gulps. I'm ready Catherine, do your worst, I can take it. Where are you two chickens?

  36. *snicker
    Come now, Sharon and Lyn. This won't hurt a bit.

  37. Hello Catherine. Congratulation on Binding Vows. Cute excerpt. Hi Mary, Lyn, Sharon, I miss you ladies. Haven't seen you for a week. And I miss Oliver. I...I have a question I don't dare ask Oliver, but Oliver isn't bashful. Are you wearing something under your kilt...I mean what are you wearing under theis kilt. I have seen pictures og Sots in kilts with ..I mean without.. Of forget it.

  38. I mean what are you wearing under theis kilt. I have seen pictures og Sots in kilts with ..I mean without.. Of forget it.

    Of dear I am so nervous asking this question I completely mess up my typing.

  39. Very well. Mary I'll show you what must be done with the leather so you can show the others.

    My memo was very detailed about this event. Only virginal maidens are to wear their hair down!!! And since all three of you ladies failed to heed my request, your hair will be bound and lifted from your back with a simple strap of leather. I realize it isn't very flattering, but those are the breaks.

    Don't think for a moment that I believe that any of you ladies are chase! You all had your minds running in the gutter about how the leather was to be used.

  40. Oliver is a traditionalist, there is just him under that kilt. Same as every man here. Maybe we can do some peeking?

  41. Mona, lass... just take a little peak. I won't tell! Oliver, don't looks so alarmed. You LOVE the attention.

  42. Whahhhh, I just had my hair done. I never got the memo!
    (Although I'm a bit relieved I thought you were gonna flog us, or make us wear chastity belts.)

  43. Good thing I have my hair up already. *crooks a finger* Oliver, sweetie, come over here so Mona can verify for herself

  44. While Mary keeps the ladies in attendence in compliance with my requests, I'm going to slip back to my own time to 'use the facilities' and return once everyone is readied for the lavish feast to begin.

    Oh, Oliver... you can't come with me until the end of the evening. You must stay here and entertain all the women. Yes, I know it is difficult but I've seen what's under your kilt, love. You have all the stamina... I mean ability you need to address all their needs.

  45. Hi, everyone! Sorry to drop by late, Catherine. i came just as quickly as I could when i found out we were roasting you. No one writes about kilted Highlanders better than you do. Hee Hee

    Duncan is the best, no offense to Oliver. I'd love to give them a chance to compete at being the best...

    You all look lovely, I feel a little under dressed, but this is my most effective outfit. GRIN

    Congratulations on your busy year, Catherine. Keep those hot men coming. OOps!

  46. Sharon returns with fresh wine winking. Oh if we must we must, Catherine. Holds hair up and grins. Hello, Caridad, Angel and waving madly at Mona!!

  47. Kicked back, stuffing the cake and winking at Oliver. On the watch for ever present danger. Got my trusty cloak of invisibility. Ha! Take that ye bad old McDuffs!

  48. Frances Sevilla, EditorDecember 11, 2009 at 1:54 PM

    I'm waiting on the edits to the sequel to Binding Vows. Can't wait to get Silent Vows into print too. This is a great series for those of you who haven't read Binding Vows yet and for the record so is the next one.

  49. Wow Beth where can I get one of those! You must know some wizard or something huh?
    Eliza you look fine, (Sharon, take her into the dressing room and fins a dress for her. That slinky black dress is drawing attention to her. And If I'm correct that's Angus McDuff, standing behind her.) Oh my!

  50. Welcome, Eliza. Yes come join the fun. Catherine's just about to brand us I think. Ah, a man in a kilt when the wind blows....... Not you, Oliver. The ladies have all seen your biceps shall we say...

  51. WOW! Catherine, a great compliment from the most important guest here for you! Oliver, please Frances is a lady. Stop bending over in front of her and bring her some refreshments.
    Lyn is not here Oliver. OLIVER, are they taken by... Sharon the McDuffs have struck again. She is the third woman to be taken. Her hair was still down, they must think she's a druid virgin!!! Junior, Cuddles, call out the guards!

  52. Is Santa still stuck in the chimney?
    Maybe he saw something? Oh, my, what will we do?
    The dinner is about to be served, the wenches are bringing in platters filled to overflowing with food.
    Is that the Lone Ranger and Tonto, Help!! Hi Ho Silver! the Lone Ranger fills the room with His words and gallops off with Cuddles and Junior to save Lyn from those McDuffs!

  53. Great excerpt! I've got to buy this today! Love the decorations, Sharon, Mary, Lyn, and Oliver.

    Huge prize: a cache of Time Guardian treasure. To enter, join me at:

  54. The door flies open and Lyn and Cuddles fly in, closely followed by the Lone Ranger and Tonto and someone who looks suspiciously like - the Duke!

    Ooof those Macduffs, they're so insulting, they said I wasn't what they were looking for! Hmmph , as I told them, drawing my trusty dagger from my boot (yes, I'm wearing boots beneath this long, flowing dress, a lady needs to protect herself!) as I told them - they're not the only kilts in the Highlands!

    Oliver, another of those martinis, please I need to calm my nerves before going back with these cowboys to wreak my revenge on those Macduff's - huh, insult a lady, would they! I'll give them something to moan about!

    Oh,, wow, a lot of guests have turned up, hello Mona, Eliza, Angel.
    Bows to Frances

    Good day, Frances, how nice to make your acquaintance. (I'm always VERY respectful of editors!)

  55. Mary rushes to Lyn for a hug and trips over Lyn's boots. Landing flat on her face Oliver steps on her to get to Lyn first. Mary raises her head and mutters under her breath. Knives huh? Couldn't be that she wasn't a druid or a, well you know.
    Oh Hi Lyn, so glad you made it back, did you get help from the Lone Ranger and Tonto? Looks like they are having a good time and look Tonto has exchanged his loincloth for a kilt!

  56. Hello Skhye, Muse Sister, so glad you came by to say hello to Catherine - I'll bet Oliver and his kilt were part of the attraction, too!

  57. Excuse me whilst I go clean up. and this was a new gown too. Sigh, Mary walks to the dressing room, again.

  58. Hugs back Mary. How's Catherine, is she still OK, I suspect the Macduffs will be back for her if we don't stop 'em. Yes, they weren't very pleased when I told them I'm not a - *cough, cough*! Oh Oliver dear, what did you put in this Martini, it's very potent!

  59. Boy, I leave to freshen my makeup and look at all the fuss.

    Mary has obviously had a few too many! Tonto and the Lone Ranger are in a different century, love. Although the MacDuffs are atop horses and appear to be dressed rather haphazardly these days.

    I did love the tight leather bit, Eliza... but you realy should be wearing that 'under' your gown. *grin

    Lady Frances, so nice of you to join us. Can you be a dear and tell Cassy to run over to Tara and remind her that she really does need to leave her hair down. My lord, how will Duncan and Fin know to protect her if they don't identify her as the virgin she is!

  60. Well I opened the time portal again and you never know who will show. Thank goodness the Lone Ranger showed. He's useless now, Look at him in his cups over there.
    Junior, Cuddles, be on alert. They have no idea if Catherine is either!
    I am worried!

  61. Catherine, you never know who will show when the time portal is open.
    Just imagine.
    But beware, you are in danger.

  62. *pats Mary on the head. Yes, yes, Mary I know, but really you should replace that drink with a little water for a time. Don't you think?

    Did Mona and Oliver dissapear? Or is it just me?

  63. Funny you should say that Catherine, I don't drink this is me normal1 Ha! Oh Oliver, your job is to take care of Catherine, not swap stories with time travelers, or wenches.
    Remember the McDuffs don't know whether Catherine is a druid virgin or not!

  64. Don't worry Catherine, Mary's time portal is a bit awry, and somehow she always seems to let the James Gang and the Duke through. (Sigh, we're used to it now.) Drat, that leather is a dead giveaway isn't it!

  65. Oliver, your hair is a little messy, love. Mary, why don't you help smooth out all of Oliver's hard edges. I know it's a tough job but someone has to do it.

    The leather is a give away... but necessary in this situation.

  66. That's for sure, I don't mind the leather head, I ain't no, well I've been around, you know. Anyone who knows the James Gang.

  67. In my time, we'd call you a cheerleader and the James Gang the football team. LOL

  68. Hey, watch who you're calling a wench. Oliver and I were just talking. :)

  69. *snort That line if soooo old, Stacy. Besides, no one else is talking to Oliver.

  70. Beth is whispering in Oliver's ear from behind her cloak of invisibility. :)

  71. Poor Oliver, trying to please all these demanding women at once. *pats the bench and purrs* Come sit by me a moment, dear, you look tired *eg*

  72. *Beth follows. Ha, but no one sees her.

  73. Boy would I like to borrow that sometime. What's the gossip at the party? Just who is a druid virgin and who is a plain ole wench?
    besides me. With that cloak I could find out who has infiltrated our circle of protection for all druid virgins?

  74. Beth is wise to wear her cloak today. Why is Oliver smiling like that when Angel's hands are in her lap. My goodness.

  75. Oliver's a good boy - I'm simply telling funny stories. Though still being a virgin at my age would be a tragedy.

  76. Sharon rushes in, heart all a flutter. My goodness, she reaches for fresh goblet of wine. How many of those Macduffs are there? I lost count. What a fun game! Wink wink

  77. Doncha just hate it when they you're not the one they're looking for. Dang.

  78. I just got some news. The McDuffs don't care about virgins, they want the wenches, (like us), run for your lives!!! Unless the one who catches you is hot!

  79. They have Emma and she is smiling??
    My goodness Beth are you using that cloak till you see a McDuff you want?
    Damn they just got Cindy and Mona, what's going on? They look happy?

  80. "Grab the wenches!" yells a McDuff, "forget the damn virgins, they are a PIA, we want willing women. We have three of them, lets grab the rest, there are a bunch of honchos in hats and boots, they wear guns. But they are all too busy eating. Even the Indian is falling asleep. You tied up the dog and the flying thingee didn't you Igor?"
    Drooling and covered in scars Igor nods to his master, Angus McDuff is riving for women forget the cattle. We need warm bodies with big breastises, grab what you can and lets get outta here."

  81. Where is everyone? Has the McDuff got you all. Oliver is that you hiding under the trestle table? What happened, didn't you try to save anyone. I don't get it. No sign of a struggle. Hmmmmm. This is odd!

  82. Mary stops dead as she hears a disgruntled voice in her head.

    What's the point of having a telepathic doggie if you don't listen to him? Quick get me and Cuddles untied so we can go find out what's going on with the MacDuffs - by the way, why are you still here? Oh never mind, just get us untied, this leather binding stuff is ruining my fur!

  83. Junior, JUNIOR! Where are you? Mary follows Junior's directions and finds them. Go Junior and Cuddles bring them all back! Please!

  84. Mary clambers onto Cuddles' back, and bravely the little white unicorn and the big black dog set off into the night...

  85. Pops back into the room with a little fire and flare.

    My lord, do all these men think I'm the druid virgin who needs to be saved? If I were the big 'V' prior to this day... I'm certainly not now.

  86. Ohhhh! This is so fun cuddles, I see everyone! They are all dancing and kissing, oh my, Catherine. They are after you aren't they?
    As Mary lands and invites the entire McDuff clan back to the castle. Luckily they didn't go too far. the grand room is full again! Yey!

  87. Love it! Catherine, you are as beautiful as you are talented. Binding Vows is high on my TBR list.

    A lovely party, as always, ladies.

    (And Oliver in the kilt? Drool-worthy)


  88. Well Catherine, it looks like things are slowing down. They are all snoozing. It was a pleasure to host you and I know Binding Vows will go through the roof with sales.
    I will be back to check later. Only one person answered the question, that was Stacey!

  89. Oh, my that's true, isn't it. Stacy did answer the little question that hung in the loop. LOL
    *waving at Lynne.

  90. Lyn falls down in a heap, gasping for breath. Oliver is dancing with his Boss - wow how much of that special martini of his did Sharon have?
    Hi Lynne - grab a MacDuff - er - I mean a goblet of wine and a platter of food and join the mad dance!

    Just step over the snoozing bodies of those who've had enough - they're too far gone to mind!

  91. Catherine, it's been a real pleasure hosting you today, I can see I'm going to have to read 'Binding Vows' now, I wonder if Santa will bring me a copy?

    If you want to carry on partying, that's fine, folks often keep going to the wee small hours at our roasts When you've had enough, Catherine, Oliver will bring the carriage round for you. Your palfrey will be quite happy trotting along behind, she's had a good feed and rest in our stables.

  92. *Hanging on for dear life... looks like the MacDuffs are making it a personal goal to rid the world of all druid virgins. Who knew that meant to leave the dance floor with them one minute, only to return them the next with smiles on their faces and hay stuck to their gowns?

  93. Wow! I can't believe how this party is rocking!!
    I thought I was fairly early today, too.

    Catherine, so glad to visit with you on this site--glad I was checking Facebook---And with such wonderful people --waving at Sharon---Helloooo! I just came from your site-- and from Emma's interview on Skhye's site, and Emma's interviewing Eliza. You ladies just get around! Or maybe that's me . . . :-)

    Congrats on your book, Catherine. Sounds like another good one.

  94. Mary walks in with a daze on her face. Smiling, waves to everyone and then grabs her Braveheart looking McDuff and pulls him a room upstairs.
    "Just to talk you know."

  95. Oh, Lyn... I know what it is like to join you all so late. The West coast has a way of being behind you by about three hours... So I'll poke in and out (no pun intended) to wave at the late arrivals.

  96. *waving at Julie. These knights have a way of boasting until the wee hours of dawn. Be sure and grab whichever MacDuff is available and enjoy!

    Oh, Mary... hon, do be SAFE, if you know what I mean. *wink.

  97. Oh... BTW ladies, I'm running a contest for those of you who already picked up your copy of Binding Vows and can send me an e-mail with the very last line in the book. Check out my website for details.

  98. Catherine, you have been so much fun! Best of luck with this delightful tale. I must have it! Thanks to all for making Catherine's party such a fine Scottish gala.

  99. Thank you Sharon. I see that Cuddles is starting to doze in the corner. Good thing Junior is still awake.

  100. Junior is looking for a female McDuff doggie himself.
    If it's three hours behind you were at the castle early!
    Enjoy Angus they say he's the best with a sword!

  101. Good Lord, I guess I'm not the only person who wanted to be in Catherine's place today with that handsome man! Awesome turnout!

  102. Well Crikey! I've been gone all day and came home to find your email. Congratulations, Catherine. Wonderful post. ;o)

  103. Hi folks, I'm still here! We're actually about five hours ahead of Eastern time, but who's counting! Those MacDuffs sure know how to make a lady smile, don't they|!

    I mean, they tell some very funny stories - what did you think I meant! LOL
    Hi Julie, Eithne, Mary. if you can find Oliver among all these recumbent females, he'll be happy to offer you some refreshments - won't you Oliver!

  104. "Those MacDuffs sure know how to make a lady smile, don't they|!"

    Now, what was I supposed to think?!! I mean, I didn't even need to find Oliver today, since those McDuffs were hanging around. :-)

  105. LOL Julie!

    I thought Oliver was looking a bit miffed, I reckon he's a wee bit jealous!

  106. Junior, you naughty dog. LOL

    Oh, my Lyn... you must be burning the midnight oil. lol I gues we know why the MacDuff men were all primed and ready.

  107. It's about time we had some handsome hunks don't you think.
    Ain't it grand how a touch of a key can bring in the men!
    There's still a lot of hunks, the McDuffs number in the hundreds. Take your time ladies.

    They show, I mean tell, great stories Lyn.
    Catherine, share now.

  108. Junior is telling stories to his new girl doggie too.

  109. Yes, it's getting late here, Catherin, but I;'ve a few minutes before I need to turn in.

    I think I'll go and find Oliver. The MacDuffs are all handsome men, but Oliver is - well cute as well as goodlooking, and I hate for his nose to be put out of joint. And of course he'll be driving you home in the carriage ...

  110. The book sounds wonderful. Nothing like a hero in kilts.
    Best of luck.

  111. Oliver has been playing the room, don't you worry none about him!

    I hope you pick it up and enjoy it, PL.

  112. Lyn you're worried about Oliver, no problem. Who do you think is entertaining the McDuff wenches!
    Oliver! Sharon has no clue. I hope he doesn't get himself into trouble.
    He has a curfew.

  113. Lol Catherine, you do know our Oliver and his flirty ways, don't you!

    HiPtsy, so glad you could stop by. I agree, Catherine's book does sound wonderful.

  114. Oh, Oliver, I do find myself starting to tire. I think it is about time I turn in. Would you be a dear and bring the carriage around?

    Ladies, I hope you don't mind me running off.

  115. Goonight Catherine, it's been great having you here.

    I know Oliver will drive the horses carefully and make sure you reach home safe.

    Hope Binding Vows sells loads for you.

  116. Julie raises a languid hand good-bye as one of the McDuff boys hands her another drink.
    Oliver is nowhere to be found.

  117. A toast to you Catherine!! good-night.

  118. Hello Julie. What? Oliver hasn't returned yet? Well he does tend to take his time when driving our guests home!

    There are still plenty of goodies left, just help yourself - that's if you can hear yourself think above all the snoring!

  119. Sharon wakes up in front of the hearth. Propped on one elbow, wonders where she is. Then she sees all the kilts all askew on the floor and smiles. Those Macduffs really know how to party down.

  120. *Rolls over and places a soft kiss to Oliver's cheek.
    "I know you need to run along, don't be sad, we'll see each other again when Myra's story is released."


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